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The Politics of Christian Persecution

December 19, 2009

un.jpg(Originally posted Oct. 5 2003)

Last year, a lesbian here in Winnipeg clobbered a mugger with her handbag and he ran away.

When she reported this as a "hate crime," she was annoyed that the police had no procedure because there hadn't been any other "hate crimes."

Nevertheless a month ago, the Canadian government passed a law (Bill C-250) that will have a chilling affect on freedom of speech. It is aimed at protecting homosexuals and other minorities from anything they deem to be "hate."

Last week at a local "Prophesy Conference", 600 Christians heard an address by Berit Kjos entitled: "How to Prepare Your Children for Persecution." She said conditions for Bible believing Christians are starting to resemble those of Jews in Nazi Germany.

Thus, while gays are protected from non-existent hate crimes, thousands of honest, hard working Christian families fear persecution. But they don't count. What gives?


Canada has been the New World Order's favorite bitch ever since McKenzie King (the man J.D. Rockefeller called "my best friend") became Prime Minister in 1921.

The NWO champions multiculturalism, inter faithism and homosexuality because they undermine the hitherto dominant European Christian heterosexual majority. This is necessary to create a world where no group is able to challenge the power of the wealthy Illuminati families.

Jews, homosexuals, women and racial minorities enjoy an official monopoly on victim hood because the New World Order is using them to undermine society and bring about tyranny.

What better way to persecute the majority than do it covertly, and deny that it is even taking place?

Let the majority think they are the oppressors. And if they realize the truth, they will be afraid to mention it for fear of appearing "intolerant."

Thus Indian medicine wheels and "Gaia" are discussed in public school classrooms but the Lord's Prayer and Jesus Christ are banned. We cannot be outraged when our children are forced to learn that gay sex is normal, and when heterosexual norms are outlawed in schools.

It's just a mind-game. They can be intolerant of us. We can't be intolerant of them.


A registered nurse, grandmother and Bible teacher; Berit Kjos is a leading researcher into the United Nations' hidden agenda. Author of the books Brave New Schools and A Twist of Faith, her web site is a treasure of research on the subversion of popular culture and education.

Berit Kjos' father was tortured by the Nazis in Norway. She told the Prophesy Conference that the elite is following Hitler's advice in Mein Kampf to create an "enemy." For example, Time magazine blamed the Oklahoma City bombing on "tax protesters, Christian home schoolers, conspiracy theorists and self reliant types."

She said Christians would be persecuted if they have an uncompromising commitment to the Bible as the Word of God. They are guilty of the "sin of separatism" which the United Nations says causes hatred and war.

The UN promotes the New Age dictum that all religions are equal as a way to negate them all. In other words, this opens the field to a new World Religion dedicated to Lucifer. The official UN Chapel is Luciferian.

The UN's Declaration of Human Rights pays lip service to the individual's freedom of conscience and speech. As in Nazi Germany, individuals must sacrifice these for nebulous "community values" (like "saving the earth," "peace" and "tolerance" which the UN defines.)

Kjos says American schoolchildren are being conditioned rather than given facts and encouraged to think independently. Techniques of brainwashing developed in totalitarian countries are routinely used in American schools. These include emotional shock and desensitization, isolation, cross-examination and psychological inducements to accept alternative values.

"Like Nazi youth, they are taught to react, not think, when told to do the unthinkable," like inform on their own families.


After Kjos' speech I asked a young man how I could network with other Christians there. Manitoba has just floated a plan to include fingerprints and eye scans on our driver's licences and I wanted to organize a protest.

He replied that resistance is futile since the Bible has prophesied one world government. Elsewhere when the subject arose, Jesus' words "Render unto Caesar that which is Caesar's..." (Luke 20: 24-25) were mentioned.

I asked Berit about this. She thought Christians must prepare for persecution but they must also do their utmost to resist the New World Order. However, both in terms of prophesy and pragmatically speaking, she believes defeat is inevitable. "They are too far advanced, and hold too much power," she said.

I respect people who believe in prophecy but I don't believe anything is inevitable. Has it occurred to anyone that these prophesies of one world government and end times, and "mark of the beast" required for payment may have been put in Revelations by the elitists?

The world is an eternal contest between God and the devil; human beings were put on earth to represent one or the other. I am certain that a popular outcry against repressive government measures would be effective.

It would be pathetic if we lost our birthright due to fatalism or apathy. Ian Crane has pointed out that the government interprets lack of popular resistance as consent.


I was also disturbed by Berit's negative references to Islam. She said Muslims slaughtered many Christians in the past and still worship animistic images today. I am no expert on Islam but many Muslims impress me as genuinely devout.

In the present danger, all God-fearing people must unite. We don't have to agree on everything, only that the devil's agents control the world and are turning it into Hell.

There is only one God and naturally people in different cultures are going to approach Him from different angles. Mark Glenn has ably shown that Islam holds Christians and Christ in high regard, which cannot be said for the Jewish Talmud.

Christians and Muslims are natural allies. Muslims are being persecuted for the same reasons as Christians: they uphold an uncompromising vision of God. They will not accept the Satanic bargain that our elite masters proffer, "thou shall be as Gods."

Like Christians, Muslims know that God is Love, and we cannot be God-like unless we express this Spirit. We cannot pretend to God while completely devoted to selfish material appetites. There is nothing wrong with these appetites; only we must transform ourselves into something higher.

If Christians still think Muslims were behind the attack on the World Trade Centre, please wake up. This is classic "Protocols of Zion" divide-and-conquer. Pit the stupid Christian goyim against the Muslims and let them destroy each other. The Neo Cons and the Mossad had been signaling this attack for a decade. How can Christians be so stupid as to fall for it, and imagine Islam and not Masonic Zionism (i.e. NWO) is their enemy?

Islamic militancy is encouraged and funded by the New World Order through Masonic groups like the Muslim Brotherhood and by the Saudi Arabian government. Here is a report that shows Saudia Arabia is behind extremism taught in British mosques. The New World Order funds the Taliban through the Pakistan Secret Service.
Here is a report that shows the British may actually be training the Taliban. All of this to create the mythic bogus "war of civilizations."

Here is a recent example of the Masonic Muslim Brotherhood fomenting violence against Christians.

Some Christians think George W. Bush is a born-again Christian. How little they understand their own religion. The essence of Christianity is to imitate Christ. Do you think Christ would have carpet-bombed the Taliban or invaded Iraq? George W. and his cronies are profiteering from oil and military contracts while American solders are dying and the country is looted. They profess to be Christian in order to discredit Christianity.


Religious people can stop focusing on the past. God speaks directly to each of us as His Creation. We have an immediate relationship to God. We need only initiate an ongoing conversation. (See Brother Lawrence, "Practice of the Presence of God")

We can bring God into our life by obeying Him. How you do this is up to you. Ultimately religion and life are one in the same. Our life is our religion. It's not what we believe; it's what we do.

It's time all people recognized our real enemy and united to resist persecution.

An example of Christians falling to the Zionist Trap

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Comments for "The Politics of Christian Persecution"

R said (December 21, 2009):

Enjoyed your article about the “Politics of Persecuting Christians”, because it illustrates many of the misconceptions about God, Bible teachings and religion that serve the interests of the satanic cabal so well.
While I appreciate sound and reasonable objection to the plans of those whom court global control, true believers of Jesus Christ are NOT looking for a God to rescue them from neither the exploits of men or of devils. We understand and appreciate the fact that we are not a part of this world, nor are we concerned with changing minds, but hearts. The costs of which, simply does not matter.

The difficulty from our point of view is that religion itself creates the very turmoil and confusion that will produce the conditions that will allow the plans of evil men to succeed. And the root of that poison grows from man’s willingness to create a god of their own heart, and justify it’s image by a bible they neither respect or read. But before one can judge God, I would suggest that we get know Him, first.

What one may not realize is that it is God Himself whom is actively working to hold back the vain and arrogant plans of men. He withstood the forces of evil for 1,656 years until only 8 souls remained without corruption, before He finally sent the flood. And today, He is again restraining that evil that seeks to destroy, but that patience too shall end, and man will have it his own way.

Unfortunately Henry, most will not recognize those things written in the Bible as they truly are, and will write-off warning as superstition and ignorance from a soul that simply lacks the logic to discern that god is who we say he is. And this my friend, will be the heart that your adversary seeks.

With respect and love, I encourage you to seek the true God, while ignoring the god the fantasies of men have created.

Steve said (December 21, 2009):

I've come to the conclusion that there is One top God of Light and Free Will and there will be no religion between Him and me zapping my energy of devotion to him. Many religions can suggest some good ideas, but I won't waste my time or energies on them. My whole being is directed to God in gratification for me being to experience this super like video game of life in His holographic universe. I had an epiphany 28 yrs ago that I was just a view point for God so He can experience things from another frame work and I'm honored to do so. So he gives me free will to see what happens, a good game for Him and me. Just want to go to the top dog don't need no satan that wants to control me. Curious, my Firefox spell checker wanted me to correct satan to a capital 1st letter, LOL Just my opinion, God day, Steve

Ray said (December 21, 2009):

As you point out, there is a big difference between Jesus and his historical teachings and what we know as Christianity..
The historical record of Jesus is much more sparse than the Bible would have us believe and the teachings of Jesus themselves have been augmented by forgers seeking to make his teachings seem to conform to later theology. For one, the teaching that Jesus was himself God is a doctrine invented by whoever wrote the Gospel of John for nowhere else is he proclaimed God. "Jesus, Interrupted" is a book which covers the invention of Christianity in some detail and in a scholarly manner. The ludicrous mentality of Christianity's most ardent followers as well as the irreconcilable diversity of conflicting teachings inherent in it should be enough to convince most people that devout Evangelicals and Pentecostals do NOT have the truth on their side. (see the Pentecostal Bedlam video on You Tube and watch mega evangelists Hagin and Copeland cavorting like drunken fools under the control of the "Holy Spirit". If The Holy Spirit was truly living in and motivating these people why have they collectively murdered millions over the centuries who disagreed with them or presently, so mindlessly given themselves over to Zionism with its potential to start WW3? Does this legacy of violence, viciousness, bigotry and sheer idiocy seem anything like the mind of Jesus?? The Bible itself says "By their fruits ye shall know them". The fruits of organized Christianity over the last 1700 years clearly shows they are NOT of God.

God is not going to send the vast majority of all humans ever created to Hell because they did not believe in Jesus. He loves us just as we are, in the same manner as he commands us to love each other unconditionally, I.e. not based on what we do or believe. Hell is a fiction based on ancient myths and was grafted by Tertullian into orthodoxy in the 300's. Ever wonder why Jewish people who use only the OT have no belief in Hell? Why would God create this horrible destiny for millions and not get around to telling us about it until 2000 years after he supposedly chose Abraham to reveal himself to mankind? It amazes me how people can praise such a being rapturously when they know full well their own theology teaches that he predestines millions to the horrors of Hell without reference to anything they do.

Henry, keep seeking truth and practicing love it is about all we have to hang our hats on!

Dan said (December 21, 2009):

An 85 year old woman heads a scripture study group a local community church. December is Advent season for Catholics, traditionally a time to remember to be prepared for the Judgment of God, and everybody's heard that's preceded by the coming of Anti-Christ with his persecution and purging of the faithful all over the world, known as 'the Tribulation'. The Apostle Paul said always keep your life in order, "for you know not when it will come".

She said, "before much longer we're going to be persecuted in this country for Christianity. People already are in many countries all over the world".

This is significant to me to hear this kind of talk in any church in America. This simply was out of the question not so many years ago.

But for any Satanists out there getting off on thinking the faithful are trembling quite the opposite. You see those who are prepared will rejoice because it means the Day of Judgment is at hand.

Bonnie said (December 21, 2009):

Just because there are a lot of Christians who believe in a rapture or think that Muslims are an enemy doesn't mean Christians are naive or fatalistic...who do you think showed up to all those Tea Parties? People who have a faith, people who are tolerant that believe strongly in this country and who allow everyone to believe in their own religion, a people who have intrinsic values and morals and a belief in what is fair and right and good. In short, people of Christian faith. These people who are living in this time right now, DID NOT lie down and let Revelations "take their course."

I would take a closer look at whom you are being influenced by Henry. America and it's Christian people have been bombarded for decades now. Don't give up on us now and belittle us and call us naive etc..because we have not been able to stem the onslaught.

You are right, powerful forces are bearing down, and we are straining to our utmost to fight the good fight. We need people who are upright, writers like you who fight the good fight, not call your comrades in arms naive. We expect the enemy to do so, not the writers like you.

Muslims do not help their cause when they are infiltrating our Government (with our governments help!) and are more than happy to have Christianity submit to Šarīʿat Allāh’. They have made that more than clear and that is not a psy op created by operatives in our Government, that is an astute observation come to with logic and reason and listening to what Muslims themselves say, not what they media says that they say. So we are beset by all fronts and now it appears Christians are even being beset by so called allies.

Why don't you write an article that champions those Christians that are giving all they have, home schooling their kids, beset by modern culture at every turn...hoping for a glint of light in the news and merely finding articles by people they yourself...only to find that people like our family are being made fun of even while we are fighting so is rather disheartening. I don't know one person out of all the Christian home schoolers I know that fits the profile of that which you have written about in your article.

Joseph said (December 20, 2009):

Henry, you have gone beyond the limits of sound reasoning with this article.

I will point out two of many reasons for saying so:

1) You wrote "Has it occurred to anyone that these prophesies of one world government and end times, and "mark of the beast" required for payment may have been put in Revelations by the elitists?"

Most Christians believe that the New Testament (the entire New Testament) is the inspired word of God. If everyone who has a specific slant on scripture were to exclude passages in the New Testament that they thought might be bogus (and many people have) then the New Testament would be so nit-picked as to be unrecognizable as well as defunct as a spiritual tool.

2) You wrote "Religious people can stop focusing on the past. God speaks directly to each of us as His Creation. We have an immediate relationship to God. We need only initiate an ongoing conversation."

Here you have actually discarded the New (and Old) Testaments completely: Since God evidently speaks to each person's heart and mind there is no longer any need for "The Book". You imply that all Christians must unite to combat the New World Order: How in the world would you attempt to unite such diverse Christian sects as Catholicism with Protestantism? How would you go about uniting Fundamentalist Christianity with Mormonism; Christian Scientists; Scientology, etc.?

I might agree with you that God speaks to each person's heart but that means every heart that is not Christian as well as Christian.

This means that God speaks to Jewish hearts as well as Christian and Muslim hearts. How do people 'unite' with all of that religious baggage?

The major problem (in my opinion) is that for too long people have attempted to define and defend their God instead of the other way around: For too long people have used religion as a weapon for division rather than as a tool for uniting diverse ideologies.

It is easy to say UNITE; it is rather difficult to define what you mean by UNITE.



By unite I mean oppose the world government agenda of the Masonic Jewish (Illuminati) central banking cartel.

As for the Bible, there is inspiration and guidance but we don't have to coat check our intuition, intelligence and reason, not to mention our freedom.


Rich said (December 20, 2009):

ve been reading your essay's on Rense for quite some time and find them spot on most of the time. This one is GREAT!!!!!!!

Information does wake people up and your material helps us get to the tipping point in the battle for public opinion.

What else can I say? I encourage to keeping thinking and writing. I'm going to distribute this one to my associates to do my part to publicize the mess in which we find ourselves.

Anything else you can think of for us street level Anti-NWO fighters?


Thanks Rich,

Perhaps if we all said a prayer, every day, before going to sleep.


Robert said (December 20, 2009):

I recall reading the Book of Revelation some years ago and thinking, "This doesn't fit with what we know of Jesus from the gospels. All this fear and terror sounds more like the rites of freemasonry." So I became a skeptic. I certainly won't be spending much time trying to interpret where we stand in the story of the world based on this text, although some correspondences between it and current events seem compelling.

Jesus said over and over, "Fear not." I'm at the point where simply following Him according to the lights I have been given seems the right thing to do. The End of the World, if it is to be, will take care of itself.

As for Christianity being concocted to reduce us to slavery, (1) Christ consistently rejected political power, and his standard in this regard should be applied to the power-seekers in any society; (2) He said, "Why don't you judge for yourselves?", which certainly spells trouble for those who aspire to run our lives; (3) He also said, "Sin no more", which, since it is through sin that we lose our bearings and become slaves, is the ultimate counsel for our liberation.

Incidentally, Jesus said His kingdom "is not of this world", never "is not of the world". Rather than referring to some non-terrestrial realm, I believe He was just telling Pilate that there was no compatibility between the world the Father envisaged for us and the filthy scheming, careerism and brutality of the political and religious establishments that were trying to eradicate both Him and his message.

Andy said (December 20, 2009):

I have been reading your articles for a long time. At first i thought you were sort of weird but then gradually grew to see that your points were usually very valid, though difficult to
swallow. My experience with Islamic, Muslum people has been that they have always been very nice, accepting of me and I never felt any dislike at all. I have been aware of the basic pieces of truth, as to what is going on in the world and the NWO putting it's agenda into place since 911. I try to tell my friends and family to read more and more about this and be educated, but no one has the time, and they sort of think that i have become odd. Well also I have very many jewish friends with whom i would like to expose the truth, but get stuck since any thing said against Israel will automatically be interpreted as an Anti semitic statement. i dont know the facts enough but it is clear to me that Anti Zionism is not the same as anti Semitism. I dont know how to seperate the two. Actually i have started dating a jewish girl who is very nice, and i want to be able to discuss the deeper truth of our world reality -that the zionist are causing the huge messes- but not sure how to present it so that she is not offended. Or maybe i need to stop worrying about offending people. seems they have no problem throwing shit on my life/belief/heritage, so why should i worry about offending someone? Well i do worry about losing my job. In many respects i can see that not many people really appreciate the truth.

Anyways thanks for your work. it is very good to read this

Rita said (December 20, 2009):

I think (hope) you are well intentioned but Christians are not stupid. We know what's going on and we are confident that Jesus Christ will prevail and in the mean time real Christians occupy their time with what he asked us to do. He has asked Christians to preach the Good News, take care of each other, especially the weak like widows and orphans and to stay pure (that doesn't include masturbating or sowing our wild oats, as you have advised) .

The Satan through the Jews tried to kill Jesus 2000 years ago. They thought they had won but death and Satan couldn't keep him down then and they never will.

Henry you are telling your readers that the Holy Bible is not the word of God, you are telling men to masturbate, you are telling them to sow their wild oats and you are encouraging hatred toward women when you describe "women of today" as "scrawny men, with narrow shoulders, a couple of vestigial feed bags (filled with silicon instead of milk, symbolic), and some unsightly jungle below."

You are in danger of eternal damnation Henry by teaching these things.

As for me and my house, we will serve the LORD.



This society worships the cult of women, i.e. sex and romance. Men need to be demystify the "goddess", and that's what my comments were intended to do.

I refer to masturbation "as compared to anonymous sex" -- you ignore that. I say I am not talking about "addictive behavior"-- you ignore that too.

If women turn their back on their roles as wives and mothers, men will turn their backs on them. This has happened to some extent. On the other hand, men have to be able to make a livelong commitment to the right woman.

I believe Jesus generally speaking expressed the intention of God but I don't believe the whole Bible is the world of God. Too many Christians use the Bible to stop thinking and evade personal responsibility.

I am as ready as you to face my Maker.


Rita's rebuttal:

I think you are "right on" with many of your beliefs about feminism and the cult of women (you've helped me a lot in this area, thank youi) but it seems to me that rather than demystifying the "goddess" you have demonized women and are encouraging continuance of the myth at the same time.

Regarding masturbation, while it probably is preferable in some ways to anonymous sex, it is not the answer. I've got news for you Henry. The goddess fantasy is alive and well, as long as men are masturbating. They aren't fantasizing about the average woman, ya know. I'm going to go out on a limb and guess most are fantasizing about airbrushed perfection rarely found outside of magazines or the internet or it may be about a woman they know but in the fantasy she doesn't have flaws like acne, cellulite etc that average woman are afflicted with. So how will masturbating help break the spell and help men "to be able to make a livelong commitment to the right woman" as you have also suggested? And don't get me started on men's addiction to masturbation. When does masturbation go from "normal" to addictive? I think you are giving bad advice.

A couple of bible verses to ponder, I hope I picked a couple from a part of the bible you liked. If not, let me know and I'll try to find better ones.

Jesus replied, "I tell you the truth, everyone who sins is a slave to sin." John 8:34 (masturbation often becomes addicting)

Do not commit adultery.' But I tell you that anyone who looks at a woman lustfully has already committed adultery with her in his heart" (Matthew 5:28). (Fantasy while masturbating)

"Flee from sexual immorality. All other sins a man commits are outside his body, but he who sins sexually sins against his own body." (Masturbation fantasy makes it difficult for men to love real women).

Manu said (December 20, 2009):

This is why Christianity should be about the gospels and nothing more, you start inserting the Old testament and books as Revelations there and you get the sheep easily expecting divine intervention to solve their problems. There will be no divine intervention to destroy the NWO Zionist/Satanists, people who believe God is up in Heaven taking sides and about to come destroy the evil doers are totally misled. We are here on earth to take part of this eternal battle between the inertia towards evil and the effort towards good, but this is not something we can measure with our finite understanding of things. Does it ever pass through your heads maybe the globalist elites think THEY ARE on God´s side by taking power to administer the stupid materialist and non thinking masses and controlling them towards a peaceful and ever (forcedly) tolerant world society? Where war won´t exist because of the utter destruction of all free will?

Believe me, they are, they think they are doing God´s work, yet, as the dumb rapture Christians on the other side of the spectrum, they do not understand the true purpose of life and how neither absolute control nor total delegation of responsibilities to a higher power are compaptible with the Laws of God and the purpose of God for humanity.

So who will God then come to chastise on the end times? Imagine if it´s not the NWO who is against God in His sight, but the cowardly Christians who are not taking responsibilities and meeting the challenges that God is putting before them? Maybe it will be them who will be discarded, after all, as Henry said, what do we know about who wrote Revelations? The only certainty we have are the teachings of Christ in the Gospels and the way of life he told us we should live to enter The Kingdom of His Father, and how do we know this is the truth? Because the Satanists couldn’t have invented Christ´s teachings not even on their most enlightened day.

Peter said (December 20, 2009):

My own belief is that the NWO is the system of the Antichrist that is forming or formed. I think there will be an individual by that distinction, just as there is the real Jesus, the Christ. He will demand worship and the mark and all that stuff described in Revelation. I believe the system and what it stands for should be exposed and opposed, at the same time encouragement to
seek the living God, through Jesus.

But, and here is the good part. The nasty system being put in place is destroyed, verses in the Bible seem to portray Christians on the loosing side and this is true, the "system"; the "Illuminati" seem to have the upper hand...I like to think of it like a football game. The home team (us) are taking a licking. Some don't even know the game is being played (really its a
war)...players are injured. We're way behind on the scoreboard and the last minutes of the last quarter...the team, the fans everyone begins to seek for help outside themselves and a champion steps in that turns the opposition on its head and wins the game.

I believe that is what these verses indicate From Danial 7:21 ans Rev. 13:7, 17:14

Daniel- " I beheld and the same horn made war with the saints, and prevailed against them, UNTIL the Ancient of Days came, and judgement was given to the saints of the Most High, and the time came when the saints possessed the
kingdom..." ( the Ancient of Days here is Jesus)

Rev 13:7 " And it was given unto him to make war with the saints, and to overcome them, and power was given him over all kindreds, and tongues and

Revelation- "These shall make war with the Lamb Of God, and the Lamb shall overcome them; for He is Lord of lords and King of Kings.."

It is with this perspective that I am excited about the future. I think that this is the hope of the world..Jesus..the Real Jesus' return. But I do not believe in just setting back..war is being waged against us.


Thanks Peter

Appreciate your opinion, but I think Christians are naive in the extreme to expect Divine Intervention. I put more faith on the Illuminati discrediting itself, or fighting each other. Possibly some members will wake up and realize what they are part of.


Zahra said (December 20, 2009):

Dear Mr Makow,i t read your article "The Politics of Christian Persecution" and your writing about the NWO really impressesd me for very few people today dare to write about this Satanic order.I was also glad to see that you did not associate terrorism with Islam,a practice that is commonly followed in the West today.Muslims (and being one I can say this) are true God fearing and God Loving people,Be it Muhammad (PBUH) Isa (AS)(Jesus) or Moses we respect and love them as prophets.

This Satanic cult is indeed waging wars around the world today,their reality has been exposed to quite a degree by "The Arrivals" a document made by Norega and Abdul Hashim.

As a Pakistani,I assure you that Pakistan was never this unsafe (it's not as bad as they show on tv but still).Suicide bombs have become a common feature after American Interference since the USA has its bases in a number of areas in Pakistan.

Moreover,Pakistan's idiotic alliance with the USA has exposed Pakistan to the CIA operatives completely. Yet other foreigners and local criminals have joined the CIA today and are making Pakistan a battle ground.

In such a situation our army especially General Kiyani has taken a strong stand for the country against its corrupt politicians.In your article you implied that the ISI is involved with the CIA. Well they had their talks earlier but I can assure yo that now the CIA is sick of the ISI because the ISI is not listening and doing what they want (the whole propaganda of handing over the ISI to the federal governement ties up with this).

Moving on, You've called upon Christians and Muslims to unite,those who are God fearing and God loving.I agree with you completely.Our Quran tells us that we can find a number of similarities between ourselves but the biggest point is to unite for God,against Satanic forces and that we shall do.I am completely on board with you,if you need any kind of help in your mission I can help you too since presently i am a part of a youth movement in Pakistan that is aimed towards waking up the Youth of Pakistan.

These Zionists shall not get what they want as our religion also tells us.InshAllah God will help us and the Quran says "they plot and plan and Allah too plans and Allah is the best of planners"
Regards Zahra

Niki Raapana said (December 20, 2009):

Hi Henry!

I'm making a quick blog update regarding an article I wrote last week tying my local community league leaders to the Luciferians. The group says they are here to elighten us and I had to see exactly what the meant by that. I got a visit from the Aspen Institute today (searching
for "communitarian law") and so I went to their website, it turns out they have the same mission statement as our local spritually evolved
"teachers." I'm linking to Berit's research on Aspen and wanted to find something related to her attitude toward exposing Zionism along with the NWO, and that led me to you. This article and all the comments were exactly what I was looking for. Thank you.

And, yes, I have often wondered if Revelations was not inserted into the Bible by the planners, and I think you're the first other person
I've read who asked that question in print. I can't stand listening to people talk about the inevitability of it all, and yet I too fall into
moments of great despair over what looks to be an overwelming defeat.

I am certain I would get no relief from my agony of NWO knowledge by believing that the world will be destroyed according to prophecy (or plan), and yeah that sucks, but after that it's all going to be great.

As you may already know, I do not identify myself as a Christian, but I try to live as if I am one. Notice I said "try" because it's not been easy and I never live up to my expectations.

Mark said (July 30, 2008):

I appreciate your comments on Berit Kjos. I talked with her years ago for a story I wrote. Many like her are very problematic people. I strongly object to people who speak on heavy topics and then declare that it is all inevitable. Kjos and her ilk are very confused people. Their arguments are truthful to a point and then, Wham, worthless. I long ago dismissed her type. I do not care what she thinks about anything. We need to hear about hope and solutions.

I have long understood that this dispensationalist/eschatology angle is very important. And the Rapture crowd (in the event of Rapture, this car will be unmanned) needs to be met with some very unkind arguments. In the book of Matthew (details not at my fingertips, but home in my files) the destruction of Israel was predicted and happened long ago (AD 70, if I am not mistaken).

Christian nut-jobs are not doing us any good. Real Christians need to make things very, very, very hard for the Rapture crowd.

Mark Anderson, American Free Press

Stephen said (July 28, 2008):

Henry, for once I must disagree with you and agree with Berit Kjos. Her attitude is not one of fatalism but of realism. That's why Christians are persecuted. Most people don't like the truth. And today Muslims are killing Christians around the world in several countries for their faith. Where are Christians killing Muslims for their faith? And don't bring up Bush. Bush is a satanist in reality. Plus he's welcomed Islamic religious ceremonies in the White House. True Christians will oppose the satanic NWO, not help bring it on or be apathetic. Short term defeat is inevitible according to the Bible but we don't know for sure if that will be near or decades away. In the end though the Luciferians will lose big time, not by our efforts but by the return of Jesus Christ who will destroy them in the winepress of wrath.

Tina said (July 28, 2008):

n reference to The Politics of Christian Persecution

I agree that “It's time all people recognized our real enemy and united to resist persecution”.

Evangelist Christians believe that only born again can be saved and return to life. Such belief leaves many other religions out from the promise of hope.

I’m sure Henry you have also met some Muslims in your lifetime who were like minded and Godly. I know I have.

My concern is that many Christians are falling in the trap of the Zionist. In fact, I did some research on Christian Zionist and there are as many as the Zionist Jews. Thus, everyone, regardless of their religion, need to recognize how Satan works.

Some years ago, someone we know had told us that we had to decide on which side we were on and he further advised my sister and I that we needed to name our God. While I made my decision and named my God, I believe that Jesus is unbiased and I believe that for those seeking the truth, including Muslims, who so many have so much to teach us, Jesus will welcome us all in his Kingdom.

Nader said (July 28, 2008):

There's an interesting thing I've noticed about some Christians and their negative views on Islam, and that is that it's often based on paranoia, old stereotypes or exaggerated beliefs. For example, it's true that at times Muslims have attacked Christians and persecuted them, but generally 'Islam' was quite tolerant to religious minorities historically. 'Christians' or those that claim to be Christians anyways, have killed/opressed far more Muslims than vice versa. I don't think this needs in-depth discussion it's quite obvious (Spanish Inquisition, Crusades, invasion of Iraq, support of Israel, Afghanistan, European imperialism, etc...). In addition, I'm not sure what animistic images this Berit individual was referring to. Surely they must know that Islam strictly forbids the portrayal of images of God and the prophets to prevent people from falling back to idolatry; anyone with a faint idea of Islam would be aware of this fact. Contrast this to churches which are full of images and statues of various saints and prophets. A mosque on the other hand will not have any such images.
Muslims generally seem to have a much more accurate view of Christianity when criticising it, referring to the influence of the Church and others in manipulating the Bible throughout the centuries, or criticising the concept of the Trinity (which I believe was formalized in the council of Nicaea) - which we firmly believe Jesus (as) never preached. Rather we believe Jesus (as) was a prophet sent to mankind, like all other prophets (from Adam (as) to Muhammad (saw)), to profess the same message that God has sent to humanity from day one - which is the existence of only one all-mighty God (Unity), with no equals and no partners (and no sons), and that people will be accountable for their actions in the after-life.

Muslims would never ever insult Jesus or Moses, even with the current problems with Israel and the USA, because these are prophets from God that are loved and respected by all Muslims. We don't believe in any way that the Jews or Christians have any sort of 'monopoly' over these prophets, and generally, most Muslims feel like today's Jews and Christians have strayed far away from God's original message, as evidenced by their creed's changes over the centuries. Muslims have strayed as well, but that's mostly because of their ignorant cultural/tirbal practices and in many cases lack of devotion or proper understanding of Islamic fundamentals. Muslim creed, however, has remained largely unchanged in the last 1400 years, and, with the exception of some weak narratives from the prophet, the Quran itself is exactly, word for word, the same Quran that prophet Muhammad used to preach in Arabia in the 600s (the first copy of the Quran compiled by the Caliph Othman is on display in a museum in Turkey I believe). Muslim scholars can only give opinions (fatwas) but they can never force you to a certain action, we are commanded to always use our reasoning of right and wrong in situations where the Quran is not clear on a course of action (but some admitedly obey scholars like sheep).

Caroline said (July 28, 2008):

I recently found a quote about "tolerance" I thought was relevant:

In the world it is called Tolerance, but in hell it is called Despair, the sin that believes in nothing, cares for nothing, seeks to know nothing, interferes with nothing, enjoys nothing, hates nothing, finds purpose in nothing, lives for nothing, and remains alive because there is nothing for which it will die." -Dorothy Sayers

We're all doomed.

Jim said (July 28, 2008):

You are correct, nothing is set in stone. If it were, the Infinite Creator would not have given humanity Free Will. Determinism is the argument of the Atheists, and acceptance of determinism is a sign of slavery.

Two hundred years ago, atheists stated that a super mind could use the knowledge of every particles position and momentum (phase space) and precisely predict the future for all time. Hell, if you can predict what a typical woman, with a charge card in a shopping mall, will do during the next five minutes, you possess an extraordinary super mind! Weathermen cannot predict the next day’s weather, sportswriters cannot predict the winner of an upcoming sporting event, almost no one can predict the winning lottery numbers, etc… .

The only thing that can be predicted with any certainty is death and taxes, or perhaps the complete uncertainty of life itself. The Infinite Creator does roll dice, because the gift of Free Will guarantees everyone can choose the path of the Dog or the path of God.

Muhammed said (July 28, 2008):

Beautiful work as always.

One verse from the Quran that jumped to my mind:

Chapter 5, Verse 82 (Yusuf Ali Translation)
Strongest among men in enmity to the believers wilt thou find the Jews and Pagans(polytheists); and nearest among them in love to the believers wilt thou find those who say, "We are Christians": because amongst these are men devoted to learning and men who have renounced the world, and they are not arrogant.
May God guide us and unite us in Truth.

Brother Nate said (July 28, 2008):

Thank you for this insightful article. I am a former Jew, now an Orthodox Christian. I have read the Bible since I was a child, that is the Old Testament, and since becoming a Christian in 1971, the New Testament.

Both the Old & New Testaments call homosexuality and lesbianism a "sin." But now to quote from the Holy Scriptures in Canada turns a Christian into a "criminal."

The Hate Crime laws effected in 45 US states is the work of the Anti Defamation League which is dedicated to the prevention of Jewish persecution. But now they have turned the tables on us creating a coming persecution of American Christians!

Graeme said (July 27, 2008):

It's because Christendumb has always been deluded and duped by the Babylonian conspiracy! Since the time of Constantine to be precise! The majority of people that profess Christ just do so because they feel they those armchair quarterbacks(to use a football term) are ripe for delusion adn deservedly so!

The Rothschilds own and control all media so people are only going to believe what satan wants them to believe because the Rothschilds are satan's family and serve him and him only! I believe that the Rothschild/zionist plan is to gather all the jews(real and fake), goy and Muslims they can to Jerusalem and nuke 'em all!

David Livingstone said (July 27, 2008):

Thanks for this article Henry,

I've been wanting to say for some time, but without a platform for it, to what extent is not allowed to disparage any culture in our "media", including Jews, Muslims, homosexuals, immigrants, wiccans, or whatever, and yet is it considered perfectly acceptable to continually insult Christians.

You look at most of TV or moviese over the past century, and it has been grossly prejudicial against Christians, who are persistently portrayed as narrow-minded bigots.

Interestingly, this is merely the stance of Gnosticism. Gnosticism maintains that morality is the invention of an evil god. So they believe that anyone who has morals or believes in them, is "uptight".

Thank you also for defending Islam. It saddens me when I see to what extent Christians are being recruited into the Luciferian agenda, and blaming us for what should be attributed to our common enemy.

I was also shocked when I first learned of Islam. Our "culture" has succeeded in basically suppressing even the most rudimentary knowledge of Islam. This level of ignorance is the only way to foster the unfounded animosity that exists against Muslims. Because even a cursory look at Islam completely destroys any of these prejudices. I too was shocked to find out that Islam shares the same prophets of Islam, and derives from the Judeo-Christian tradition.

Muslims are taught to respect observant Jews and Christians, because they honor the same God, and while they do not accept Mohammed, we share a respect for all the prophets who came before him. Despite the current propaganda, Jews and Christians, classified as "People of the Book", enjoyed security under the rule of Islam which safeguarded their cultures.

Noora2 said (July 27, 2008):

Thanks for responding Henry, I've been following your site for a a few years now and see the ungarnished truth being put there. This is unusual, as you are aware, and I pray that you continue your work. You may enjoy this article on our site
Regarding your statement, "Islamic militancy is encouraged and funded by the New World Order...," not only is this supported, but the Wahhabis (who spawned Islamic extremism) were actually founded by the same folk. There is a book entitled Confessions of a British Spy which details the history on this. It is a very typical story.
With regards to persecution, and those posing as Christians to ruin the name and religion, the following article also addresses this, and was written by the non-Muslim editor of Commerce News,
Please excuse the abundance of links. I just wish to share these with you for the sake of understanding and unity. Keep the faith,

Dan said (July 27, 2008):

Last year when I was still foolish enough to engage in conversations with groups of anonymous strangers in cyberspace on the forums, I became appalled at the prevalence of unsolicited outbursts and posts of sheer hatred for Christianity. I never invoked Christian memes or references anent web topics, though I did voice ethical and moral concerns over such things as enthusiasm for Dr. Kavorkian (the medical serial killer released from prison a couple of years ago), for euthanasia, reverence for Kinsey as a sexual 'liberator', gratuitous abortions, and stuff that would crop up. I was frequently -- invaraibly attacked hard and called a religious fanatic, or Christian.
So it's clear there's a growing mind set out there programmed to attack common decency and traditional ethics as synonymous with 'religion', Christianity. Hardcore satanist cult handlers (chiefly Anton LeVay and NSA General Michael Aquino) had already deconstructed Luciferian doctrine as getting to be a 'non-religion' and more of a 'philosophy', a 'science'. (while getting tax exempt status in all countries as a religion. Well it's easy to get your legal cake and eat it to when the systems of Gov and law are controlled by 'members of the club').

My point is that it's not simply the "Church" which is condemned - for centuries of hypocrisies, scandals, human errors. It's the ethics upheld by Christianity that are just as reviled, and that's the true target.

It's one thing to confront the institutions of 'Christendom' to account for crimes, atrocities and hypocrisies. Quite another to spit on the ethics, such as respect for unborn life, and the elderly.

I recall even 20 years ago when I read magazines for neo-paganism ranging from Wicca to Crowley, the correspondents always referred to anything Christian, like Christmas, ans Xtian, or Xmas.

Luciferianism always shows itself through the answer to a simple question: Is the human being subject to universal laws of nature, or call that Creator? Or is the human being above all law - as in 'Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law", ie, 'YE are gods!' doctrine. And it is this doctrine, this paradigm shift (and inversion) I've been hearing from secular people who think they don't ascribe to any religions at all.

It's a dangerous trend.

Noora said (July 27, 2008):

Hi Dr. Makow,
I just wanted to say thank you, yet again, for the invaluable work you are doing. Yes, Muslims and Christians are natural allies. If only more poeple could see this. A lot of people are so blinded by propaganda, but true Christians always see through the fog because of holding on to what Jesus (peace be upon him) taught: Love. When you see a true Christian, you inevitably see this attribute. I invite people to just abandon the hatred and tribalism, just let it go; its not what we were created for.
I'm a journalist for the Islamic Post, I hope you will drop by our site.

Linday said (July 27, 2008):

Berit Kjos is right on both accounts; it can't be fought, it's too powerful and it is going to win. We are following the trajectory.

Jesus said two things about the end of times: (1) Will He find any faith on earth, meaning that when he comes again that there will be hardly anyone around who will be righteous and orthodox so Christianity will be a tiny tiny minority, and (2) "The time of the gentiles is over" meaning that the gentiles have rejected Christianity. Your Pool guy's answer exhibits this. I see this answer across many many blogs and message forums. It is the stock answer. Europeans are re-paganizing. Pool guy is the blowback to what many on the European Right see within Christianity, and they are right to see it, is that Christianity has adopted wholesale political correctness and deracination ideology of Marxism. Modern Christianity is now totally against race and nation. It actually undermines nationalism leading to many men who love their race to reject Christianity. It's sad but a reality. Modern Christianity is really effeminizing to men and so many men are leaving Christianity. It is becoming a woman's religion. And Christianity is dysfunctional on so many levels its depressing.

Modern Christianity is a failure. This failure is leading to the gentiles to reject Christianity. The time of the Gentiles is over. The Second Coming is about to arrive. We have failed, like all things man has failed.

Pool Guy said (July 26, 2008):

I see often that you write of the persecution of Christians and that Christ and his followers are basically thorns in the side of the NWO. Fact of the matter is that Jesus the Christ was the latest of the immaculately conceived 'savior' literary characters and was "historicalized" in 325 A.D. as a means to control the masses. The anti-Christian-ism may be just a dig at what is most popular, to break down the social norms, but Christianity is an Illuminati tool. It is the premier slave religion, as most religions are. Blacks in America cling to this Jesus idea even though it was the poison given to them by their oppressors, and your oppressor NEVER gives you anything that benefits you. I know it's pretty poignant that the very first slave ship was named The Good Ship Jesus. Europeans forced Christianity on any and everyone to have them accept whatever ills were in store for them. Religion is indeed the oldest, most widespread and most powerful form if mind control in history.

"The most potent weapon in the hands of the oppressor is the mind of the oppressed." --Steven Biko, South African anti-apartheid activist.


Dear Pool Guy

We must make a distinction between the church and Christ's teachings which express a spiritual order which we can ignore only at our peril.


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