Anthony Weiner: A Lesson for all Men?

September 15, 2016

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updated from March 12, 2008


by Henry Makow Ph.D.

Anthony Weiner was a rising political star who destroyed his career because of an addiction too sexting. He had to resign from Congress in 2011 and lost the New York Mayoralty race in 2013 because of sexting inappropriate pics and messages to young women who were not his wife. His wife since 2010 by the way was Huma Abedin, Hillary's chief aide rumoured to e the designate Secretary of State in the unlikely event of a Clinton presidency. She divorced him two weeks ago when he had yet another setback, this time including his three year old son Jordan in a picture. 
downfall contains an almost Biblical  lesson for all men: Don't be controlled by your dick. It will ruin your life.


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Sex is a powerful force. Either we control it or it (and woman) controls us.  Like Samson, Weiner forfeited his power for sex. The bankers used it to control Weiner; they also use it to control us. 

Men are fighting a powerful meme created by the banker-owned media. Although sexual attraction is totally based on our natural instinct to propagate, the media divorces sex from procreation and turns it into an entertainment and commodity. 

It proclaims anonymous sex is an end in itself, meaningful and liberating, and in Spitzer's case, worth $2000 an hour. This elevates the nubile female-prostitute to the level of goddess. Who else gets paid that much?

Sex is an appetite like food. If you don't get food, you will think of nothing else. It's the same with sex. The answer?  Men have got to marry women who like sex and "forgeta 'bout it."

It's time we deconstructed anonymous sex. Somehow the females have got the upper hand. Much like the diamond cartel ,they have hoodwinked males into thinking that a commodity as commonplace and plentiful as p---y is rare and precious. It's not.  In Andy Warhol's words, "Sex is the biggest nothing in the world."

I'll never understand why a man would ever pay a woman for sexual gratification. Why shouldn't she pay him? Sex is just as necessary for her. What fools we men are.

I wouldn't pay ten cents for anonymous sex with anyone. Not this New Jersey nose job. Not anyone. And you couldn't pay me $4000 to service some stranger.  (Not that they'd ask.)

The "prostitution ring"  charged Spitzer between one and three thousand an hour!  It charged
$10,000 to $30,000 a night and would consider selling off their chattel for a large lump sum.

Eliot, didn't anyone tell you that all cats are grey in the dark?

The excitement for a man is a woman's response to him. How responsive can a woman be to a stranger? How satisfying can it be when the meter is running?  In casual sex, both parties are miming what they think should be happening, rather than admitting that the experience is empty and degrading.


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Masturbating is a far better solution for single men than anonymous sex. Do I have to list the advantages? You have your flawless woman and fantasy. Afterward, she's gone instantly. And there's no chance of pregnancy or STD. Oh yeah. It's FREE. And often it's better.

Let's deconstruct the fertile female while we're at it.  Having lost her ability to love men and children, young women today are in danger of losing their purpose and identity. They have become scrawny men, with narrow shoulders, vestiges of a couples of feed bags on their chests, and an unsightly jungle below. 

Young women are pretty much physically identical. As one wag said, "Put a clock in it." Yet despite the tedious repetitive nature of the product, they have been selling it to male yokels like Florida swamp land.

The only thing that truly differentiates women is beauty, grace, talent, character and personality.  Yet most young women today seem content to compete strictly on the basis of sex appeal.

I love feminine women, the kind that marry and sacrifice for husband and family.  The kind that understand that femininity is the opposite of masculinity.

We live in a culture that promotes arrested development by inflating the status of women and teaching men to pander to them,with sex as reward like a dog treat. Of course women tire of this, and men end up neutered and alone.

Eliot Spitzer spent too much time overachieving and didn't develop emotionally. Part of that requires we get sex out of our system.  Realize how mundane it is. That there is no "there" there. With all the sex available, will men finally learn that casual sex is a bore?

Men must also realize that no woman can give them what they really seek--- themselves. You get that by serving God (i.e. a spiritual ideal.)

Romantic love also is a crock. Women are just companions on the journey.  Real love is based on meeting mutual needs over a long period of time. It is based on sticking with someone when they're down, like Mrs. Spitzer did.

In closing, let's learn from Eliot Spitzer's folly. Sex is used to control men. When we control our sex drive, we are free to serve a higher master.

This seems a good time to plug my friend Julian Lee's website   dedicated to teaching men the benefits of abstinence. My interview with Julian will be rebroadcast this Sunday on Republic Broadcasting at 10 pm CT

Positive review of Weiner documentary -   Huma Divorces Weiner

Anthony Weiner spent months sexting with an underage girl he tried to lure into "rape fantasies," it was revealed Wednesday -- and the ex-pol's new low could send him to the slammer.

The 15-year-old high school student went public with a trove of lurid come-ons she got from Weiner, who exchanged his "Carlos Danger" persona for the alias "T Dog" to send her kinky texts and shirtless selfies over a cell-phone messenger app.

Weiner repeatedly told the unidentified teen how "hard" and horny he was, at one point boasting that after sex with him she would, "limp for a week," the Daily Mail reported.

Weiner -- whose serial sexting cost him his seat in Congress and a comeback bid for mayor -- also shared pornographic videos with her, asked her to get naked and masturbate for him over Skype, and even told her about "rape fantasies" that grossed her out.

"It would just be him showing up at my house when my dad was out of town," the girl told the Mail.

Comments for "Anthony Weiner: A Lesson for all Men?"

Cliff Shack said (March 14, 2008):


Sex is really quite simple. The purpose of sex is to create another human being. Nothing more. This is obvious to those who are not enslaved by their ego. The ego, the thought "I" is just a mental concept and therefore impermanent and unreal. Sex momentarily fosters the delusion that the ego exists. "I" am sexy. Someone finds "Me" attractive. That turns "Me" on. Do it to "Me". Give it to "Me" harder, baby.

To the egoless, sex is a monkey on the back. A biological baby mechanism. Ramana Maharshi said the body is a thought. So sex must be how one thought leads to another on the material plane.

Rixon said (March 14, 2008):

As usual I am pretty in agreement with all you write. But in your latest point I have to differ
where you write: "Masturbating is a far better solution for single men than anonymous sex."

I studied Traditional Chinese Medicine for a number of years and found a wealth of knowledge
therein, much of which I benefited from personally.

Ancient Chinese sages taught that masturbation was not harmful for young boys but the older a man
got the more inimical it became for his health. All those 'old wife's tales' about masturbation
causing "blindness" and suchlike have some basis in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

It teaches that a man's yuan chi, his vital essence can be measured in his sexual energies. In a sense his vital life force – which determines his health and the duration of his life – is stored and expressed in his sexual drive.

Consequently every time he ejaculates he diminishes this store of vital life force and it cannot be replaced. The Elizabethan's were on to this when they referred to ejaculation as ... "the little death".

In contrast a woman's vital energies are stored in her ovaries and expressed when she conceives and gives birth.

However, when a man has sex with a woman there is a mutual exchange of these life forces and
neither has their reservoir of life force depleted – unless, crucially for the woman, she conceives and gives birth.

L said (March 14, 2008):

That was a fine article you wrote on Spitzer. All of those sentiments are mine exactly. I gave up women when I was forty. It was not easy. Forty is pretty much a prime spot. I gave up sexuality with women mostly in return for self-control. I am sixty-eight this month, and a free man. Although I have been told I am not at all an unattractive man (to women), nevertheless, women sense where I am and do not ever try to involve me romantically. I have not looked with lust at a female in more than twenty-five years. I have not been hit on by a woman for more than twenty-five years.

But I get "hit on" by babies, little children and dogs constantly. They all love me and cannot get enough of me, nor I them. It's a love affair obviously made in heaven, because it's perfect and enduring.

Karen said (March 13, 2008):

Thank you for your continued observance of men. If it wasn't for you I would wonder how to bring up my two boys in the musculine sense. I do say to them that they are men, (they are too young to really know what sex it although they know the word). One day, I may have to use a stick to beat away the women who will beat a path to their door, but I'm hoping that one day they can say 'my penis is not who I am, like me for who I am'... one can only hope!

I've been through the androgynous stage in my life, and didn't really like it. I missed the feminine side of things. while my friends went through casual sex, I stood back and watched in horror as my friends went from one floundering relationship to another. I find myself alone these days wondering if I'll find my ideal, but I'm pretty happy with the way things are. reading articles about men being men, and providing for the family, keep your articles coming, it's helping me to understand what the male is about and what's needed for my boys.

M said (March 13, 2008):

Enjoyed your brilliant article titled A Lesson for All Men. My only exception might be the sentence
I'll never understand why a man would ever pay a woman for sexual “gratification.” Why shouldn't she pay him? Sex is just as necessary for her.
If sex were really just as necessary for women they would pay men, but they dont. Men have always paid for sex, either short term: in cash, restaurants, gifts;or as a life-time, financially indentured slave - by getting married.

That little itsy bit of ego gratification and
transient pleasure gets paid for either way. The
former is much cheaper and without the emotional and legal baggage. Women seem to have few skills other than manipulation.

If the man is remotely successful in life, he takes ALL the risks from marriage, and almost none from prostitution.

Excluding religious values and the desire for children there is absolutely no reason for men to marry (the nwo's destroy the "family and population" plan) and what makes most women "attractive" is very fleeting.

Those cats are not just gray in the dark, they are
rotting. As one radio show host says "women want to be loved without being needed", a one way street - their way.

Del said (March 13, 2008):

Congratulations on presenting yet another brilliant article on the true state of sex-control foisted on the common man and woman. Your
words a not falling on deaf ears.

I am happily married man with a real sweet-heart as my wife who is both strong and tender. We are involved in each others lives yet find a balance of power that is equally beneficial. She recognizes and respects my abilities and strengths, and I adore, cherish and protect her unique qualities. In a true union, we COMPLEMENT each other. We
do not compete for dominance.

We are both private music instructors, martial artists and natural leaders. This equality neither diminishes my masculinity nor her
femininity, it actually enhances it! How is this remarkably simple yet so elusive reality attainable: L O V E. Not romantic infatuation but
real love which I truly wish more people would open themselves up to.

Anyone can find this happiness if they really want it. With the arrival of our first child, my wife will happily leave the
workforce. She does so willingly for the betterment of our family, not because I or anyone else has told her to do so. This is true love,
mothering and self-sacrifice. This further empowers me to provide and keep our family safe. What a wonderful arrangement. Once our
children have grown a little, she can easily work from home or elsewhere with skills and abilities she already posses. Bottom line is
that we planned our lives together and recognize as adults should, that self-sacrifice and commitment to greater goals is much more fulfilling that empty sex and casual hook-ups.

There is much hope for all or us. If I can do it, others can as well. To quote a wise human who understood the power of love:

"You must be the change you want to see in the world."


Hat's off to you and yours! Thanks for this inspiring letter.


Andrew said (March 13, 2008):

The entire Eliot Spitzer drama (which was probably motivated as pay-back for his going after Wall Street fraud masters) is entirely overdone by the news.

I actually view Ashley and Eliot as victims in the broader scheme of things... They are very small potatoes.

I'm more interested in the motivation behind the prosecution of Spitzer. Not much news on that subject.

James said (March 12, 2008):

Male mammals are controlled by their dicks to perpetuate the species; female mammals are controlled by their urge to carry the species.
Before you even begin to say, "but we aren't animals," I beg to differ. The urge is strong enough that when Gary Hart, who was a sure
thing to become president, risked it all to "be with" Donna Rice. (By the way, I sat next to Donna Rice and I might have given up the
presidency for a few days with her.)

This is not a moral issue; it is a biological issue that has not been and probably won't be modified by social requirements. Other societies
understand this drive and accommodate it. The US live is a fairy tale land that "if you really loved me," you would have done it. Nonsense.
Men can love multiple women as easily as women can love multiple children.

We are controlled by are dicks. Whether you believe in god or mother nature, it is the way it is.

The only thing Spitzer could have controlled was his holier than thou approach to pursuing criminals.

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