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Putin's Russia -- Illuminati Controlled & Corrupt

March 12, 2012


In the wake of Putin's March 4 election victory, we reprise a Muscovite's clear-sighted argument that Putin is merely a front man for the Illuminati-controlled KGB.


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By "Sonja"

(from Nov.11 2009)

People in the West see Putin and Russia through the rose colored glasses [provided by the mass media.] Well, the reality is not rose colored at all.

After gangsterism and anarchy of Yeltsin's reign, people wanted "a strong hand". And here comes Putin. In the first place everybody was suspicious. Within half-year he rose from a little-known bureaucrat to Prime Minister and President. He was appointed by Eltsin himself.

Who is Putin? He is a former KGB officer. Was born in S-Pete in a simple family of workers. His mother was Jewish. When he came to power he said: "We have to clean the mess".

KGB was given a new name of  FSB (transliteration from Russian). FSB stands for Federal Security Service. That's a key word in Russia. Its key meaning is corruption. Because the FSB rules.

We a have a hidden government of FSB. Well, in fact it's not so secret anymore because everyone knows that FSB are legal bandits. They are behind all Russian oligarchs with their multi-billion fortunes. I don't know the names of FSB bosses - they are never said out loud - but I know that at all levels FSB officials are corrupt.


Even the lowest ranks are corrupt. We have a joke in Russia: "Being a FSB official is a disease".  I have an example. A friend worked for a pharmaceutical company located in Moscow. One day (in May 2007) he had to urgently leave on business. He said he was flying to Dubai. Only three months later I learned that it was not Dubai but Mauritius.

The real story was as follows. The boss of the company received a phone call from a FSB official who demanded a sum of one million euros. He just said: "We want a million euros or we close your company".

So the boss and my friend (who was a Deputy Director) flew to Mauritius to transfer the income of the company offshore so that formally they have no income in Moscow.

In Russian we call [this extortion] the "the roof". You pay to the roof and it doesn't leak. "The roof" is normally represented by some official. In Yeltsin's time "the roof" were real bandits. In Putin's time, they are [government] authorities. The question is the amount of money you have in your company.

Russia is impregnated with corruption. Police are corrupt, law are corrupt, anybody who holds an official post is corrupt. The higher the post, the bigger the bribes.

But Putin pretended to be cleaning the mess. He chased out some oligarchs (who are generally hated by Russian people). He let people have as many bank loans as they wanted and again, like with Yeltsin, there was an illusion of change for the better. It was nothing but illusion.

And the way Russia is trying to pull through the economic crisis proves it.


Well, Putin is a very rich man now. Despite claims that he has nothing to do with business, he has his hand in resources (especially oil). Roman Abramovich (Russian billionaire currently living in London) is his associate. We call him Putin's cashier. By the way, some time ago there was a buzz in the press about Putin constructing for himself a luxury temple somewhere in Switzerland.

When he makes reports on TV he always blathers away about some mystical economic growth. There is no economic growth in Russia. One understands that as soon as he drives out of Moscow. Shabby houses, bad roads, the premises of former factories are let for rent to sell China-made stuff. What was not robbed, works on dilapidated equipment that dates back to the seventies.

In 1991, the Russian government began to sell oil to the West. Not a cent of this money has been invested into Russian economy. Part of the oil money goes on imported goods and the rest (which I figure is the biggest part) goes into the pocket of bosses who sit on the oil pipe.

The Russian government are no fools. They know that the policy they pursue is murderous for Russia. They do it on purpose. They are killing the country. It's part of the elite's plans. The next step, according to Zbigniew Bzrezinski is to split Russia into seven regions. They don't talk about it yet. But it's the agenda. They'll do to Russia, what they did to the USSR.

In the meantime PR campaigns for the Russian President work beautifully. They portray him as "a man of strong hand". Russian people are duped again. The only thing that is good about Putin is that he doesn't drink and can make more or less comprehensible sentences. Ah, I forget. He took English lessons for five years. Good boy.


Putin is a pawn like Yeltsin or Gorbachev. He never makes a single decision without Washington's permission. He is a corrupt official who does exactly what the world's elite wants him to. He lies to Russians about economic growth while stuffing his pockets with money.

Presidential elections in Russia are fake. Presidents are not elected - they are appointed. Current president Medvedev is Putin's associate. The scenario for him: he will not live up to Russian people's expectations, he will be blamed for crisis and he will go in three years. His part is a scape-goat for the current economic crash in Russia. Most likely that Putin will be back.  

I wonder how people still believe this political theater.  


Sonja continued:

Illuminati Killed Communism to Reclaim Russia

How the Illuminati Took Back Russia (II)

George Soros Plundered Russia for Illuminati (III)

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Comments for " Putin's Russia -- Illuminati Controlled & Corrupt"

Kevin said (March 14, 2012):

I too (like a lot of the writers who wrote you regarding Sonja's article) believed in the Putin myth.

But for those who continue to buy into the idea that the Illuminati somehow happened to neglect their interests in Russia and accidently allowed this KGB'er to become elected and now are scratching their heads wondering how to control the man; check out these pictures of Putin's $1 BILLION dollar mansion on the Black Sea. Now, imagine if the US's Obama (a man of more means when elected to office than Putin) were to construct a $1 billion dollar palace on Lake Michigan? Would Americans recognize that Obama was obviously corrupted in order to afford such a lifestyle? The same must hold true for Putin. In fact, despite some dire pronouncements, Vlad Putin has NEVER dared to stand up against Western Imperialism in Iraq or Afghanistan; did not defend the flotilla bound for Palestine; nor has he ever acted against the Banksters in Russia.

The man is another figurehead erected to either lead the people or be the focus of the peoples' wrath - those behind him really don't care which role he plays.

Oh yes, those photos:

B said (March 13, 2012):

On President Putin of Russia, he does pose as anti-NWO being pro-family, anti gay marriage, anti NATO, anti Iraq war etc. But so do many others who are bought and paid for gatekeepers. It is alarming how many people seem to have bought into the idea that he is a genuine anti-NWO figure.

It is largely down to RT news which loads blame on the US, Europe and Israel, while praising China and Russia's roles in international affairs.

Like you said the litmus test is as always, does Russia have a Rothschild central bank? Yes it does. The idea that the Illuminati somehow lost Russia to KGB (Illuminati) Putin is bizarre.

They took total control of it 1917. Russia is arguably under the thumb of the NWO tighter than any other nation on earth, with a rapidly shrinking population, depopulation, the elite's primary goal.

I have traveled to St.Petersberg and it is grim. It still looks like the USSR once you move outside of the main shopping high streets, with the endless, soulless, grubby high rise apartment blocks. The Russian military is totally depleted; it wouldn't last a second against the US.

Anyway the main thing I wanted to point out is another smoking gun of Russia being a globalist puppet state:

1) Putin has met with Henry Kissinger '20 odd times. More than any other American statesman' times according to Fareed Zakaria in this CNN interview from last weekend, in which Kissinger praises Putin as a 'patriot'.

2) In addition Medvedev met with Kissinger back in 2008:

3) Another crucial clue to Russia and China's position in the New World Order, is that neither vetoed the -- UN Resolution 1973 --which permitted the Orwellian 'No fly zone' over Libya, which they knew would lead to mass death and regime change. A simple veto, and the whole bloodbath would not have occurred.

I think especially the recent Zakaria-Kissinger interview is crucial for people to watch, and I think if you could point people on your blog towards it, it would help destroy once and for all the confusion over Russia's position in the New World Order.

Adam said (March 13, 2012):

Re: Tom re: Putin's Russia

Hegelian Dialectic: Thesis + Anti-thesis .= Synthesis

The whole purpose of the dialectic (besides the mystical/Cabalistic aspects) is to control the masses like herding sheep. Whenever people see a group or belief system as "evil" they instinctively move to the political opposite of what they identified as threatening.

An example: Many Germans in the post WWI days had seen Communism (Thesis) as a rising threat to them. Communism was so appalling to the core beliefs of Germans that many Germans aligned themselves with the most anti-Communist politician (Anti-Thesis) -- Hitler!

Don't lose sight of the fact that multitudes of dialectics are in play at the same time. In the case of this article, Putin is the anti-thesis to the Western powers Thesis. The fact that Russia is still controlled through a central Bank the same as we are should be enough to make you take pause before looking at Putin as a 'savior'. Also, in Judaism, if his mother is a Jew then he is a Jew -- only he knows where his allegiance lies regardless of what church he is attending.

I hope this makes it a little clearer;

anon said (March 13, 2012):

Looking at putin from the outside. Although he is ex-kgb,he does
appear to be more of a white-hat then a least he is
well aware of all the dirty tricks the intelligence agencies play,i
doubt very much that some heads of state are truly aware of what
goes on.

He is the only world leader standing up for orthodox Christianity
(the original and untainted christianity) and has prevented the
enemy from doing to syria what they did to libya.if he had been
president at the time, he may well have been able to stop the Libyan tragedy.

He is proud of his gender and not afraid to show it and has
recently prevented the promotion of homosexuality to minors.i did hear he banned the Simpson for being a corrupting influence on the young.

it is only natural to resent the leader of your country if you see
bad things around you,but from the outside he looks far better than the western leaders.a prophet is never acknowledged in his own country,and if they are not against you,then they are with you, are a couple of para-phrased bible verses that come to mind.

i,for one,am glad that he is president of Russia once again.

Tom said (March 13, 2012):

This is crap!

It should be evident to anyone with their eyes open that Putin is not playing on the same team as the West. I don’t know what the “Illuminati” is outside the West. But I do know *inside* the West the Illuminati is in control. And no one on the “same team” would so consistently f**k up their own game as Putin has proven to do.

Putin provides a crucial counter-balance that keeps the West in check. Whether you consider his precision strike against Western-funded agitators in Georgia, his diplomacy in Iran in 2007, or his recent intervention on behalf of Syria, Putin has foiled the Western over and over again.

Russia has developed many strategic alliances with all the world’s most important powers outside West. These alliances respect the national sovereignty of the nations involved.

And just yesterday, fresh off Putin’s landslide victory, the Russian Foreign Ministry called Friday’s UN Commission of Inquiry on Libya "inadequate" and is calling for international support for a Russian effort to investigate NATO (i.e. Western Illuminati) crimes there.

Putin is extremely powerful. He is a piercing thorn in the side of the Western Illuminati. Western press now warns he is a walking “dead man”.

Any early association with Yeltsin, Abramovich, etc., might have helped him gain the reigns of power. But once in power, Putin needs to be judged for his actions alone.

Thanks Tom,

IMO you are identifying the Illuminati with the West. I believe they control both sides. They need conflict and they ensure that we have it.


My response to your response – Yes, I am contending only the West is controlled. And that Putin acts in the national sovereign interest of Russian people, and as a force for international justice. That doesn’t seem very “Illuminati like” to me.


My response to your response - People need to believe in someone, to cheer for the "good" side. They hate that there is no good side, that politics and history are a charade and becoming more so. Where was Putin when Gaddafi needed him?


RR said (March 12, 2012):

Madame or Mademoiselle Sonja, to answer to you is very easy!
When all the "RESPECTED" free western media throwing mud at Vladimir, then I know that he's doing something right!
Now accusing him of being an illuminati stooge, this is called "black propaganda" Putin is an orthodox christian & we have seen the attack against orhtodox christianities laetely! KOSOVO! SERBIA! & the biggest boogy man to the "FREE" democratic press, is Russian Orthodox Church & Putin!

I don't want to insult you personally by thinking that you're a stooge for the scum Soros. But??????????

(Anon) said (November 14, 2009):

your ("Sonja's") recent article about Russia from my perspective is right on. For someone that has been over there this past summer for a month and knowing a lot about the situation, I can relate to what she said. It is true that the country is very corrupt. It is true that most Russians are NOT happy being in Russia. Wages are bad; items are way too expensive; people still live in a USSR style country with bad roads, bad housing, expensive rents, no chance of getting ahead (e.g. stagnation)...

I always read Russian news because they seem to report on a lot of things much more openly when it comes to current issues. I still have hard times believing that Putin is a pawn of the Iluminati. I always think of it like this: Somewhere the puppets have some sort of national pride, they seem to do something that benefits the country, but the Illuminati is not country-bound. They operate from outside. I am sure they are AT LEAST affecting Russia. How do you put the picture together that Russia/Putin is Illuminati controlled?

When I read Mike's response [below] I just kinda had to laugh. Sonja, who seems to be a native or at least has knowledge about the situation, was surprisingly very honest about the situation with the Eastern women. She was right about everything she said. These women are only drawn to foreigners because of the money or possibility to get out of the mess there. Finding one that is NOT like that is merely impossible. I understand Sonja's stance as a Russian women, but lot of Russian women are not very datable either.

She is right about Russian men. They mistreat their women and also drink heavy, but I know decent Russian men and their ordeal with traditional Russian women. Very bad here and there. My experience was just that because I happened to date a Russian girl. Most of those sites offering Russian women for foreigners are nothing but a money laundry. Most of these women don't even exist or are just demanding money from people that are desperate.

I don't know how the statistics really are about English (I am a English citizen myself) or other Nationals going to Russia. My dad is a Jewish Russian who lived in the USSR, and from what he always tells me is the complete opposite. I have been around the Russian community in Berlin, Germany for a while, and all of them tell me that they would never want to stay/live in Russia again. They are better off being in the West.

Those Russians that stay in Russia are either those that don't have the resources to get out or they do have a stable income and relations to influential people that they can survive there. I wasn't surprised about the story Sonja detailed. Corrupt as it can get. I don't know what kind of people go to Russia, but people with knowledge and common sense will stay out of there.
Of course it all can't be generalized, but Mike kinda made a fool out of himself.

Adolpho said (November 13, 2009):

I read the piece you posted about Putin and I have to disagree. The process by which Russia was being dismembered and looted (under the Brzezinski Doctrine formulated in the early nineties) was on its track and on the high speed lane under the Yeltsin rule. The ascension of Putin to power reversed that politics. Russia recovered its oil and gas industry, relaunched its military industry (with projects like the ICBM Topol M and Sneva missiles, the 3M-80 Moskit naval missile, etc.), stopped the expansion of NATO, and restored Russian national pride. As a Mexican, who has lived all his life under a corrupt political system composed by pussies subject to American ruling, and supported by the Military and the Catholic Church I can’t help feeling envy. After saying that, I want to remark the following:

Is Putin a saint? No, no one who has ever been a member of the KGB could be. Is he a ruthless guy who rules Russia using the old tricks he learned in the KGB military academia? Of course, can someone do it other way? Is Russian democracy a fake? Sure it is. And don’t anybody tell me that Western “democracies” are better than Russian political system. Don’t even mention the “American Democracy” which has ALWAYS been a circus! Is Medvedev a Putin appointee? Sure and so what? Did you want to have another colored revolution sponsored by George Soros. Am I wrong? Maybe. But I guess no evidence has surfaced so far to sustain the opposite. Actually, I beg that Putin is for real. It’s one of the only two chances Humankind has (the other one is the breakout of civil war and the territorial dissolution of the USA).

And finally, yes! American and Western men are delighted when visiting Russia. They are FED UP with Western feminazi women and are finding a paradise among Russian blondes. Another targeted countries for looking for wives are Brazil, Ukraine, Thailand and India. I strongly recommend Brazil.

Mike said (November 12, 2009):

Your credibility is failing fast as far as I'm concerned. You made no mention whatsover of the fact that Putin put out of busines the Jewish
oligarchs who had a starnglehold on the media, oil etc. in Russia.

Also, Putin as an ex KGB agent is well aware of the role of the Jews in the white holocaust of the Revolution. If Russia is really so bad,
why are so many English and other Europeans fleeing to Russia and marveling at its freedom.
The Jewish oligarchs are part and parcel of the Illuminati and its minions.

Is the fact that you are a Jew clouding your objectivity? Are you trying to cover up the role of the Jews as the leaders of the Illuminati and its minions?
Thanks but no thanks for your clever disinformation.

Sonja replies:

1. Mike should know that Putin would never be where he is now if he were not a pawn.
It's impossible to be a good and honest guy and to be appointed President one day.
At least not in our civilization.
Some kind of a miracle in Putin's case?
Mike should know that all leaders in Russia in Soviet times were selected by a negative characteristic especially KGB officers.
If Putin is so good, why is Russia being disarmed?
Why are Russian missiles dismantled and sent to US for nothing.
Why does he let it happen?
We are not a powerful nuclear state anymore. US can take us with bare hands.
Why are local police being reinforced, increased in number and trained for street fighting with people?
Because Russia is on the verge of a wave a mass protest!
In one of his interviews Putin was asked about his attitude to gays.
You know what he said? He said he thinks people should have sexual freedom and do sexually what they want.
Just think of it! Isn't it terrible?
Putin never did what he promised. Both his daughters are married to oligarchs.
The central bank of Russia and the Ministry of Finance are not controlled by Putin. They are controlled by Illuminati.

Putin's role is just to make impression of "cleaning the mess".

2. I've met lots of foreigners who come to Moscow and are happy because they really have freedom that they do not have in their home countries
They feel better in Russia that Russians themselves
They have a different status. Their wages are many times bigger than Russian employees'
and then - which is a shameful but very important factor- Russian girls are easily available for them. Not necessarily hookers.
Foreigners with money look attractive only because they are foreigners with money

Many Europeans and Americans are sick and tired of sexual harassment and feminism.
I told you - we don't have that blatant feminist thing here. Only few Russian women are self-sufficient. And many look forward to a happy married life.
Russian men drink and don't treat them properly.

That's the freedom Mike heard about.

Dale said (November 12, 2009):

I read your article about Putin, I think you are exactly right. The information you can access below is more Horrifying and shocking evidence that Russia is controlled by the illuminated ones.




By Joel M. Skousen


World Affairs Brief


Matt said (November 12, 2009):

I just read your article on Putin being illuminati and thought i might mention something i noticed while watching various news reports of Obamas trip to Russia earlier this year. He was giving as speech with Medvedev in a beautiful gold guild room and...right above them during this glorious photo op...the eye of providence! You can see it clearly in this video link.

Hope you find it interesting. Thanks for your insightful articles. Keep up the good work!

Ian said (November 12, 2009):

How do I comment? I don't know who "Sonja" is, however when scanning the state owned Pravda this morning, as I do most mornings, all I see are articles that are against everything the illuminati and NWO stand for. If it weren't for Russia, Israel or the US already would have attacked Iran. The roads in Russia may be poor, but the economy was looted by the oligarchs whom Russia is trying to extradite; and right now it the country must sustain large military expenditure to deal with the NWO threat. There is also the matter of attacks on the Russian economy by the international financial cabal. I think "Sonja" is a fake, not Putin.

Judge people by their fruits. Putin has supported Christianity. Christianity is the last thing the illuminati support. (Although it is correct they subvert it and use it, in Russia it was decimated. Putin has supported it enthusiastically his entire time in office.) Think about it.



The Illuminati take all sides in order to forestall and control events.


Dave said (November 12, 2009):

Many of us saw BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India and China alliance) as a counter-weight to the Illuminati/Zionists. That is obviously an illusion. This article gives us the other view of things. Sherman Skolnick pretty much gave us the lowdown on China. India is pretty much in league with both Russia and the West. Brazil I don't know about. Ahmadinejad seems involved in Masonic choreography. If it is all true and all elites are in league then we are in deep doo-doo. Matahir from Indonesia and Hogo Chavez seem to be genuine for-the-people individuals. Or, is it all just masonic choreography? If so, goodness will vanish and Earth will be in the hands of warring ruffians....the same people who stand in brotherhood today against all that is good and noble!

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