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Heterosexual Society is Under Siege

June 15, 2003

Gay teens - Prom Night(This updates "The Other Attack on Our Manhood" Sept. 19,2001).

Heterosexuals are under attack in many places.

In Canada, the government plans to introduce legislation to "change the legal definition of marriage" in order to allow gays to marry. To satisfy marriage-minded gays, less than .5% of the population, the meaning of the central heterosexual sacrament will be altered. This is an obvious sleight-of-hand designed to undermine heterosexuality. They could have given gays a separate but equal-to-marriage status. Instead, they are telling heterosexuals that their marriages are identical to homosexual ones.

In Vancouver, parents narrowly blocked homosexual activists from placing their books on kindergarten curriculum. In the U.S., the American Psychiatric Association came under heavy pressure to remove pedophilia from its list of mental disorders. Newsweek featured same-sex couples attending their high school proms. "Instead of sparking controversy, schools are saying, what?s the big deal?"

The campaign to change the heterosexual norm is intensifying. Straights need to realize that they are under siege from big government and big business.

The majority of homosexuals are good people who want to be left alone. Homosexual organizations, however, are funded by elite foundations and corporations to destabilize society by shredding its heterosexual fabric. I will expand on the reasons why next week.

Gay activists pretend they are seeking "tolerance" and "equality." But privately they admit that their hidden agenda is to reshape society in their own image. They don't care how much harm they do.

"The end goal of the feminist revolution is the elimination of the sex distinction itself," says Shulamith Firestone (The Dialectic of Sex, 1972, p.11)

"Heterosexual hegemony is being eroded," writes Gary Kinsman. "The forms of sexuality considered natural have been socially created and can be socially transformed." (The Regulation of Desire: Sexuality in Canada, 1987, p.219)

"In a free society, everyone will be gay," says Allen Young, a pioneer of the Gay Liberation Movement. (John D'Emilio, Intimate Matters: A History of Sexuality in America, p.322)

"In one sense the right is right." says gay historian Jonathan Katz: if gay and lesbian liberationists ever achieve full equality, they will do away with the social need for the hetero/homo division. The secret of the most moderate, mainstream gay and lesbian civil rights movement is its radically transformative promise (or threat, depending on your values). (The Invention of Heterosexuality, 1995, p.188.) Emphasis mine.


Gay and feminist activists find common ground because they insist male-female distinctions are artificial, ignoring all scientific evidence. While many heterosexuals might consider themselves "feminists", feminism is a homosexual movement. It believes that men and women are not only equal but also the same. Only social conditioning makes us different. Homosexuality is love of the same. See also "Playboy and the (Homo) Sexual Revolution."

Today, gay and feminist activists want "people" to make love to "people" regardless of their sex. They depict normal heterosexual behaviour as pathological. Men are abusers and the heterosexual family is oppressive. The way to social justice is to abolish heterosexuality altogether. (Isn't this "hate"?)

Illuminati-Marxism spawned both the Gay and Woman's liberation movements by transferring Marxist class conflict to gender. The "patriarchy" (male-dominated heterosexual family) is the root of all evil and must be destroyed ("transformed"). Women (the proletariat) and anyone else deemed "oppressed" (gays, certain favoured minorities) must be handed position and power on a silver platter.

The Illuminati's "revolutionary" goal is the "new world order" or authoritarian socialism run by monopoly capital. It is big government in the service of big business, left in the service of right.

It always was. In the words of US Communist leader Bella Dodd the rich sponsored the Communist Party. They sponsor homosexuality and feminism to "destroy the bourgeois family" and create "new types of human beings who would conform."

Why have straights endured this attack passively?

1) The gay-feminists have waged their war with impunity by claiming a bogus victim status. Straights can't even defend their own sexuality for fear of accusations of "homophobia" and "sexism." These days anyone who does not want to be gay is homophobic.

2) Typical Marxists, they practice deceit successfully. They attracted widespread support by pretending to champion women when in fact they always had a revolutionary homosexual agenda. Now politicians and media are in massive denial because they have empowered these radicals and put them in charge of education. The situation is comparable to the liberal refusal in the late 1940's to admit the government was riddled with Soviet spies. This was part of the same phenomenon of Rockefeller Communism.


Many public schools virtually "break the ice" for gays. For example, the Grade Seven curriculum in Ontario introduces 12-year-old children to oral and anal sex.

Phyllis Benedict, president of the Ontario Elementary Teacher's Federation said the union is "trying to promote a more positive [homosexual] environment in schools." (National Post, Aug.16, 2001)

This extends to undermining the heterosexual family by reading books like "Aasha's Moms" and "Two Dads, Brown Dads, Blue Dads."

On the other hand, heterosexuality is virtually a taboo. Our children's textbooks have been rewritten to eliminate any hint that men and women might be different, live in traditional families, or behave in "stereotypical" ways.

As a university lecturer, I tried to teach novelists like D.H. Lawrence who portrayed male-female love in positive terms. I was accused of "sexual harassment" by feminist activists and lost my job. (Sexual harassment is now defined as anything that makes a radical feminist uncomfortable.)

As heterosexuals, we cannot explore our sexuality because homosexuals may be "uncomfortable." This has led to the demoralization of society. We cannot celebrate men as masculine and women as feminine. We do not celebrate heterosexual love, the greatest gift that life offers us.

This daily denial of our sexual identity amounts to persecution. It used to be 'live and let live.' Now illuminati-sponsored gay and feminist activists will not let us live.

In an episode of the TV show Friends, Rachel avoids paying a speeding fine by flirting with the handsome traffic cop. Ross takes the steering wheel and is stopped for driving too slowly. Ross tries to flirt with the male cop. The message is that we can all go both ways, even the cop. This is the reality behind the gay activist demand for "equality". It is no longer enough to tolerate them; we must become them. It doesn't matter if we are comfortable as long as they are. (See also Pat Buchanan's "Mainstreaming Deviancy." June 9,2003


In Rochester, N.Y., Rolf Szabo a 23-year employee of Eastman Kodak Co. was fired solely because he objected to a pro-homosexual office memo. He did not adhere to the company's so-called "Winning & Inclusive Culture" designed to promote "diversity." This example of Soviet-style thought crime is not isolated.

Homosexual behaviour makes straights uncomfortable. Most men find the sight of two men kissing viscerally repulsive.

Gay families are not the same as ours. The adoption of straight children by gays denies the children's natural instincts and will probably affect their psychological development. Heterosexual children need heterosexual role models. In 20 years these children will be suing the government for millions of dollars.

In conclusion, it's time to recognize that homo and heterosexuality are in fierce competition. The gay model does not fit heterosexuals and vice-versa. There can only be one model. The issue is: will ours be a heterosexual society that tolerates a 4% gay minority?

Or, will it be a homosexual society that persecutes a 96% straight majority? History has many examples of minorities that have persecuted majorities. Take Communism for example.

If straights don't establish the norms, gay activists will. When gay/feminist activists demand "equality," they are demanding that one model fit all. They are saying that we are the same. We are not.

Rejecting the homosexual model is not "intolerance" or "hatred." It is defending our natural birthright, and our families.

Heterosexual society is the victim of a most insidious form of persecution, psychological warfare. The real "haters" are gay-feminist activists, and the politicians, media, corporations and foundations that sustain them.

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Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at