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Now Hollywood Sexualizes Grannies

November 30, 2003

calendar-girls.jpgHollywood's Christmas fare includes yet another crude assault on women.

Opening Dec. 19 is Calendar Girls, a heart warming "true" story of Yorkshire women, age 50-60, who raise money by posing nude for a calendar.

It's for a good cause. Mary's husband John needs an operation and National Health doesn't cover it. The women will pose nude for the calendar while performing traditional activities like baking and gardening.

The trailer extols Yorkshire women. "The last stage of their growth is the most glorious." They're "changing the world one month at a time."

By "sexualize" I mean treating a person as if her value lies in her appearance and sex appeal. In other words, she must be sexually desirable to be loved.

This has driven women crazy for years. Recently prepubescent girls were sexualized by "role models" like Britney Spears. Now postmenopausal women are suffering an epidemic of eating disorders.

The Illuminati run Hollywood. They mess with our psyches by pretending the unnatural is perfectly normal.

Calendar Girls is an outrage. A woman's physical attraction is a function of her fertility. To pretend otherwise is cruel and insulting, not just to older women but to all heterosexuals.

This is part of an undeclared elite war on heterosexual institutions (marriage, family, fatherhood, children.) It began in earnest in the 1960's when Communist/ CIA provocateurs like Betty Friedan and Gloria Steinem were lionized in the media for stigmatizing mothers and homemakers.

Sexual appeal is related to one stage of life: courtship, mating and procreation. Postmenopausal women should not be made to compete with young women on this basis.

The secret of a successful marriage is that years of mutual devotion more than compensate for appearance when it comes to sex.

A friend married 30 years wrote to me: "Old naked women are repulsive. A wife of age, however, is beautiful because of history; and when a man looks at his wife he sees the young girl he married, not the age and wrinkles, as her eyes light up for him."

Postmenopausal women deserve dignity and respect. They are our mothers, grandmothers and wives. Their beauty derives from their soul. Their importance lies in the love they give their families.

Feminists, like their Communist sponsors, want to redefine nature. Hollywood is pushing the feminist fantasy that women have the same sexual pattern as men.

A women's sexual window of opportunity corresponds with her peak years of fertility.

In contrast, male sex appeal is based on power. Men become more attractive as they get older and more secure.

Hollywood portrays middle-aged women in sexual terms because there's no other reason to love them. They devoted their lives to careers not families, as they were taught. Now millions are alone and desperate. So feminists compound their hoax by pretending these women are still eligible, and can even attract younger men.


This is the theme of Something's Got to Give, another "Christmas movie" which apparently includes nude scenes of 57-year-old Diane Keaton. In one case, Jack Nicholson gets an accidental peak at her breasts.

"I've never seen a woman that age naked before," he exclaims in shock.

According to the synopsis:

"Harry Langer (Jack Nicholson) ... has the world on a string -- and a string of beautiful young girlfriends to prove it. During a romantic rendezvous with his newest girlfriend, Marin, at her mother's Hamptons beach house, he develops chest pains and is nursed by Marin's reluctant mother, Erica Barry (Diane Keaton) -- a successful, divorced New York playwright. In the process, Harry develops more heart pangs, the romantic kind, for Erica, a woman who is right for him in every way.

However, some habits die hard. When Harry hesitates to pursue Erica, his charming thirty something doctor (Keanu Reeves) becomes smitten with her. Harry undergoes a true change of heart and fights to win Erica back."

Dream on ladies. Feminists who devoted their lives to the rat race do not miraculously transform into tender receptive creatures. Their reputed maturity and sophistication do not compensate for their wrinkles and emotional baggage. This is written and directed by Nancy Myers, who also gave us the movie What Women Want. Apparently they want to fool themselves.

Admittedly Jack Nicholson is 66 and his face has more stitches than a quilt, but as long as he can attract a fertile woman, he will choose her. It's nature. Ultimately sex is an act of procreation. Men want to procreate too, or at least have the option.

Ultimately we reap what we sow. If women make independence and careers their first priority, they will end up with a pension.


Men can have successful marriages with younger mates as long as they behave like men. The biggest mistake men make is to sacrifice their power for love.

Most women will test a man to see what he will do for sex. They will see how much abuse he will take, and then try to control him.

For example, a girlfriend once said she found me "repulsive." She was testing me. Rather than dump her, I overlooked this outburst hoping to win her with my love. She tried very hard but she couldn't love me under those circumstances.

A woman cannot love a man she cannot respect. She cannot respect a man she can control i.e. who does not respect himself. Paradoxically the way to win a woman's love is to not take any crap.

A man must dedicate his life to a higher purpose and obey his inner voice. That's what women respect.

Another example. I know a man whose wife insists on remaining "best friends" with a former lover. This drives him crazy but she refuses to drop her ex. He accepts the situation, but this is a mistake. He should ask her to leave. His marriage is doomed.

You get the picture. Men cannot afford to be with women who do not accept their leadership.

On the other hand, a man must provide leadership. He must provide money, direction and vision. He must take the time to win his wife's assent. He will compromise because he wants his wife to be happy. But on essentials, he must have the final say.

Many men are too selfish. They don't give a woman what she needs. A woman will do anything so long as she is loved in return. A husband constantly needs to show his wife how important she is to him.


The sexualizing of grannies is part of a larger trend to depravity promoted by our Lucifer loving elites. Our planet has been hijacked by pagans who think man's animal nature is divine.

That's the reason for our increasing adolescent obsession with sex and nudity characteristic of arrested development.

It's the reason why vulgarity and debauchery are presented as "daring;" why music videos and movies resemble sex orgies and satanic bacchanalia. The media is initiating an unsuspecting public into the occult. Many entertainers belong to satanic societies. We are being subverted; degraded to the level of dogs sniffing genitals.

They abolished God in order to control us. Without that reference point, we are defenceless and gullible. We accept false Gods: money, sex, experts and entertainers. The media manipulates us. The movies define our social norms.

There is also a political dimension. In the Preface to Brave New World, Aldous Huxley wrote:

"As political and economic freedom diminishes, sexual freedom tends correspondingly to increase. And the dictator will do well to encourage that will help to reconcile his subjects to the servitude which is their fate."

Mankind is the interface between God and nature. God's Plan is for humanity to become more God-like. Our Divine Spirit is supposed to refine our animal nature. Hollywood should help us to evolve by celebrating what is highest in us.

God has imprinted his Plan in our conscience. We must return to that inner voice and proclaim it from the rooftops.

Send the Illuminati a message in the only language it understands. Boycott the movies and the mass media.

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