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Henry, Regarding your latest column,

October 16, 2004


Regarding your latest column, I am in agreement with most of what you have said. With the Iran situation on the immediate horizon, and with a virtual media blackout regarding Israel's nukes in America, it is a truly scary-as-hell situation. A planned World War III, written of by William Guy Carr in 1958, seems to be going according to plan.

However, I have to agree with other letter writers that a vote not cast is a vote truly wasted. You are preaching apathy and powerlessness. Instead, you should be encouraging a revolution -- a revolution where people retake control of their own brains.

People should study the platforms of multiple candidates and vote for whoever aligns most with their personal beliefs -- or they should run for office themselves! Several alternatives exists, including:

* Ralph Nader:
* Michael Peroutka, Constitution Party:
* Michael Badnarik, Libertarian Party:

I believe democracy would work if people would extricate themselves from the Matrix-like, elite-controlled worldview fed to them via the media. Again, the biggest revolution needed is psychological, internal. People need to relearn how to think and act for themselves. We should not go down without putting up a fight at the ballot box.

Jim G.

Again, as usual, succinctly put. Perhaps this article will serve to enlighten a disenchanted acquaintance of mine.

However, I still get the old mantra, "I'll vote for the lesser of the 2 evils", and "but you HAVE to vote", to which I say "Why?" and they can't answer that!!!! Talk about a mindset cast in cement!!!!!

I too refuse to vote. War vs War. What a choice. Rotten, rotten the entire structure. It's got to come down sometime - the Chinese are waiting patiently in the wings, i.e., Panama Canal, Mex border, Long Beach Naval Shipyard and who knows where else, Canada?


I agree with you 100% that Bush and Kerry represent the same interests. I will vote liberatrian for the most part as always.

Also, I want to add to what Steve said in his reply to Anti-Male Ads. Who you choose to spend your dollars with is your ultimate power of choice.

Maybe with Christmas coming up ... you could do a piece on why the concept is important. I was always taught that what you are for is more important then what you are against.


Dear Henry.Read your litanies on Rense and enjoy your guts, your courage, your balls as we Australians would say. In a world gone completely mad and only getting further and further in disaster I applaud your continued efforts? to keep spewing out The Truth. Australians went to the polls here on Saturday and foolishly returned John Howard, so more of the same will follow for us too. This is so bloody depressing to watch so many people ignore the writing on the wall, the conspiracies right under their noses and just go blithely on pretending someone else is going to save? them. I am the mother of four concerned about the appalling education system through to the possibility of what we call conscription (the draft) and everything in between the does not honour the Human Soul. I pray daily for peace for all of us, especially our beautiful children. Keep up your fantastic work, the world needs more like you. I trust and know that everything will be alright but still I walk softly and carry a big stick. ha. bless you, Kathy.

The only votes "the establishment" really pay attention to are those cast for minor candidates sure to lose. When you do this, you are saying to them, you don't own me, I think for myself. Governments want conformity; defiance rattles them.

Not voting, or voting for either Kerry or Bush is a vote thrown away.

If I vote for a third party, any third party, I send a message that might be noticed.

Maybe you can write another article now. -WR

Your article, "Bush And Kerry Represent The Real Terrorists Why I Wouldn't Vote" is an interesting exercise in venting but do you have an actual alternative as to what you WOULD do instead of just not voting because both candidates are not to your liking? What does just not voting do if you're one tiny part of a small non-voting minority?(that won't even be noticed). It's nice to "make a personal and political statement" but what's your larger goal?



My goal is to prevent people from being deceived and wasting their time and energy. I don't see a way out of the morass we are in, other than to hope the elite discredits itself on a major scale. -Henry

Since I have moved ... I must send off for a form to vote absentee, or not vote at all. Every week, it has seemed less important to do the paperwork.

It seems Americans are the only people on earth who believe that the WTC demolition was the act of enemy terrorist.

A friend of mine is a prominent physicist... [who] told me to my face that no physicist in the world believed the destruction of the twin towers was anything but a demolition. For instance, the amount of fuel on a 747 just isn't sufficient to melt the steel girders--and these girders would have had to have been melted, for the jet crash scenario to work.

As for me, I fully expect--no matter who wins the election---bombing of the nuclear facilities in Iran within 6 months. Israel has recieved a shipment of hundreds of 'bunker busting' bombs from the US--and they sure aren't intended for the Gaza strip.


Yeah, voting in the US this time isn't much of a real 'choice' at all. I guess it's what 'flavor' does one want for the Apocalypse.

A Friend

I agree with your "Why I Wouldn't Vote".

Anybody who's eyes are REALLY open cannot do otherwise than agree.

There's a VERY bad moon rising, and Hope is, certainly, very very very


There is no doubt you are right again.

I've been thinking the same thing for years

now. When you try to talk to some of these

people they look at you like you had hit them

with a baseball bat - stunned but still don't

get it. Well, when it comes to a head & it is

too late they will get it - MAYBE.

Keep trying & God Bless you, Joe

I think important differences are views regarding baby killing of viable babies via brain suction, Kyoto treaty that limits our energy use while allowing China full usage, giving our sovereignty to the International Court in the Hague.
Those, alone, are reason enough to vote for Bush.


The fasci'crats of both the major parties are nothing but TYRANTS &
FASCISTS. Who am I voting for? DUH. Michael Badnarik. The only
Presidential Candidate aligned with the Constitution. I am voting
for 'people rights'. No other man has the right to tell me what to do
with the life granted to me by God, Nature and Evolution. He is
nothing more than me and I am nothing more than him. No other man has
the right to take God's, Nature's and Evolution's Rights from me. So
throw my vote away?, you say. ROFL, Roll on the Floor Laughing, I
will vote for Right, Rights, Peace, Property and Prosperity. To do
other is to promote the current tyranny in cowardice. I'd
rather 'poop' on my vote, eat it and die, than vote for either of
those 2 nazi'crats.

Ed Ward, MD

Take a look; does anyone know anything about this man,
who appeared "out of nowhere"?

On the surface, he certainly appears to be a viable
alt to the KerryBush KreeChure. ;-)

Promised myself I'd not play the partisan card. :-(
I intend to vote my conscience.

So; in the spirit of FYI ...

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