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Heterosexuals are the New Jews

December 11, 2004

newjewsRecently a young man informed me that "masculinity" is responsible for war and violence.

He is parroting the feminist ideology taught in schools and mass media.

Hitler blamed "the Jews" for Germany's woes. Now feminists make men the scapegoat.

Natural heterosexual behavior is made to seem pathological. Male family leadership is held up as the model and source of all domination and oppression in history.

If only mankind can be unsexed, it will enter a new era of peace and prosperity, they preach. Destroy the Patriarchy!

Isn't this convenient for the real imperialists, the Lucifer loving plutocracy based in the City of London?

Clearly feminism is their psych op, covering for their crimes and sowing gender confusion on a massive scale.

Society is reeling from declining marriage and birth rates and social problems caused by family breakdown. The toll in human suffering is incalculable.

The Rockefellers fund feminism, just as they funded Auschwitz, eugenics and Zyclon B gas.

Like European Jews in the 1920's, we are facing the specter of genocide. Since the 1960's, we have been subjected to an undeclared propaganda war designed to neuter and destabilize us by making us adopt homosexual behavior. (See also "Playboy and the (Homo) Sexual Revolution." )

Even homosexuals tell me they have a developmental disorder caused by "too much mommy and not enough daddy."

Nevertheless, last week the Canadian Supreme Court legalized same-sex marriage implying gays not only are equal to heterosexuals (which as human beings they are) but also are the same (which they are not.)

The difference is that heterosexual marriage is a union dedicated to procreation. This is something the elite wishes to undermine.

The tiny percentage of marriage-minded gays could have received a separate and equal marital status.

Instead, under the Masonic ruse of "equality" and "tolerance," our leaders chose to desecrate the most sacred institution of the vast heterosexual majority.

There is no tolerance or respect for us, only a subtle relentless psychological persecution.

In France, it may become illegal to say this. Last week the National Assembly forwarded a law to jail people who make "sexist or homophobic comments." Who will define these terms?

We do not realize that an alien force has subverted Western society. It is the Masonic "Communist-Capitalist International" which consists of Jewish finance and Anglo American/ European aristocrats, joined by marriage, money and belief in the occult. (See "Rothschild Conducts Red Symphony" )

This invisible force controls the Western world using Freemasonry, the media, intelligence agencies, corporations, think tanks, and professional associations.

It is unveiling its neo feudal tyranny (New World Order) and imposing its false and perverse conception of reality on us.

Our politicians, cultural and business leaders are its puppets. At worst, they are traitors and whores; at best, cowards dupes and opportunists.


I constantly hear about young women who fanatically pursue careers instead of family. Later they can't find mates because they are too old and men are too passive.

"I live with a 20 year old female," one fellow wrote. "She is physically attractive, in second-year university with plans to get a Ph.D. by age 35. Her reasoning is that she will live to be 80 so it's no big deal to be in school till 35."

"She works as a waitress and studies. Does not have time for much else. She constantly butts heads with me. Does not matter what I say (could be any topic) she will start to fight. "

Obviously this woman couldn't care less about marriage or children. She will join the legions of lonely women whose only consolation is a job and a dog-eared copy of The Vagina Monologues.

Women must start families before going to university. Female attraction is a function of fertility, which peaks between the ages of 18 and 22. University today is dedicated to psychologically neutering the young.

Women cannot have it all. They must choose between love and power.

Heterosexual marriage is based on the exchange of female worldly power for male love. Thus, women transmute male power into socially constructive love.

A man cannot take responsibility for a family unless he has power. He will not devote himself to wife and children unless they listen to him.

Without family, life holds little abiding satisfaction for either sex. Men must be taught again to make family stewardship their primary purpose. Women must choose husbands they trust enough to follow. That's what marriage means. I elaborate in my articles "How Heterosexuality Works." (Part C-1)


The media promotes male-female dysfunction. This is the dynamic.




raymondThe hit sitcom Everybody Loves Raymond is an example. Raymond is the epitome of the emasculated American male.

In one episode, Raymond teaches his wife to play golf. Never mind that golf is a traditional male preserve, a place where men go to get away from women.

When Raymond compliments her on her swing, she rewards him with a hot passionate kiss. Onlookers groan their approval.

Raymond indulges his wife's every incursion into his realm and calms every neurotic fit. He doesn't notice that she is focused on herself instead of her family.

He is rewarded with sex. The children are never in view, unless you count Raymond.

In another episode, Raymond complains that his wife makes all the decisions. But when he takes charge, he starts a fire and panics. Cool-headed, she puts it out with an extinguisher.

It seems that "sexist stereotypes" are fine so long as they are reversed.

The same dynamic is seen in the new Swiffer Duster commercial. The male is at home dusting. His wife is a high-powered executive in the middle of a business meeting.

He calls her on her speakerphone to say he is now cleaning their bedroom. He mumbles some mushy baby talk that everyone at the meeting can hear. Oh my! Embarrassment and smiles abound.

Message: If a male forfeits his power to his wife, he will be rewarded with sex.

In real life this is dysfunctional. Women exchange power for love. When men do it, they become women.

Women are not attracted to men they can control. Yet feminism won't let them accept male leadership. The result often is marriage breakdown.


If someone were distracting you while his accomplice robbed your house, wouldn't you hate him?

This is what our mass media (and school system) are doing. They are deceiving us and arresting our development while the financial cartel consolidates a ruthless system of top-down government.

Country, democracy, true religion and culture, and family are quietly dismantled. Institutions for world government, taxation and police are erected. None of this is reported on the news or depicted on the movie screen.

Yet like bumpkins, we have a positive attitude to the media and education. Distract me some more! Tell me more lies!

Wake up people! We are the new Jews... on a slow train to Auschwitz. But it's not too late to get off, now that we know our destination.


See also "The Heterosexual Closet" and "Is this Gay Behavior Sick?"

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