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New Orleans: The Strategy for World Government

September 2, 2005

new orleansBy Henry Makow Ph.D.

Three of the worst catastrophes in American history have taken place during George W. Bush's watch. Is this a coincidence?

They are Sept. 11, the Iraq War and the devastation of New Orleans.

The purpose is to shock, degrade and demoralize Americans so they will accept the loss of national sovereignty.

The agent of the Illuminati bankers, the Council on Foreign Relations, is demanding "an economic union" of Canada, Mexico and the United States by 2010. This is but a stage in the Illuminati's long-term plan to impose their dictatorship upon the world.

As you know, George W. Bush is a member of one of the Illuminati's oldest chapters in America, the Skull and Bones Society.

Unbeknownst to Americans, the United States belongs to the Illuminati, a satanic secret society directing Freemasonry. Their symbol, the pyramid and "all seeing" eye, is on the U.S. one-dollar bill. So is the year 1776, which refers to May 1, their anniversary, not July 4 as people think. The symbol was put on the dollar by FDR, a 32-degree mason. Most American presidents, cabinet members and congressional leaders are Freemasons and/or members of the CFR.

Foreign bankers sponsor the Illuminati and control us through their monopoly on credit. Our money is created in the form of a debt that the government owes to them, plus interest. Taxpayers are on the hook to the tune of $140,000 for every man, woman and child. Americans are being readied for a debtors' prison i.e. the New World Order.

I appreciate that this sounds outlandish to the uninitiated. However history can be understood in terms of an all-powerful clique based in the City of London that actively seeks the degradation and enslavement of humanity through "revolution," war, sickness, starvation, depression, and now "natural" disaster.

New Orleans

Weather has become a weapon
in the 21st Century. The US Air Force even admits it, this quote is from the Air University of the US Air Force website:

"Weather modification will become a part of domestic and international security and could be done unilaterally... The ability to generate precipitation, fog, and storms on earth or to modify space weather, ... and the production of artificial weather all are a part of an integrated set of technologies which can provide substantial increase in US, or degraded capability in an adversary, to achieve global awareness, reach, and power." (US Air Force. Air University of the US Air Force, AF 2025 Final Report, Thanks Steve!)

I don't know how the levees were sabotaged 12 hours after the hurricane passed but I do know that this fits perfectly into the Illuminati agenda. (Similarly, I didn't know how JFK Jr.'s plane was sabotaged until recently.)

Last week, I commented on how an exhibit of humans at the London Zoo encourages people to think of themselves as animals and a "plague species." After the hurricane, Drudge Report referred to New Orleans' residents with this main headline: "Trapped Like Animals."

Everything seems designed to deprive Americans of their sense of entitlement, and their belief in themselves, their country and government.

I'm sure you noticed how the media played up comparisons between the aftermath of devastation and "a third world country." These scenes "resemble refugee camps in Somalia or Iraq," reporters said. Afghanistan offered assistance. India, which refused US help after the tsunami, is sending water purification systems. NATO and UN agencies are leaping into the breach left by the US government.

In an emergency, response speed is of the essence. As you know, help was very slow in coming. Thousands were drowning, stranded, hungry or sick. There were helicopters but remarkably few rescue boats which would have made a big difference.

Agent provocateurs may have been planted to shoot at rescuers: Coast Guard Lieutenant Commander Cheri Ben-Iesan said, "there are people just taking pot-shots at police and at helicopters, telling them, 'You better come get my family."'

Why would anyone shoot at potential rescuers? These provocateurs caused rescue efforts to be suspended and provided an excuse to declare martial law.

Governor Kathleen Blanco called them "hoodlums" and issued a warning: Hundreds of National Guard troops hardened on the battlefield in Iraq have landed in New Orleans.

"They have M-16s and they're locked and loaded," she said. "These troops know how to shoot and kill, and they are more than willing to do so, and I expect they will."

Thus, a disaster is turned into a proving ground for martial law. Victims, denied help, become looters, potential "insurgents." FEMA jammed local communications, an indication that the disaster was exacerbated deliberately.

My Houston correspondent writes: "Houstonians I've spoken with are only concerned that looting may transfer here and affect them personally. People are locking down their houses even tighter, and I've heard at least one man remark, 'I've got my Smith and Wesson .44 in my truck.' Stupid Americans are primed to demand martial law!"

Looting would have been limited by a timely rescue response. Americans rightly expect to be protected in times of emergency. But even some local police were seen looting or simply quit.

"They indicated that they had lost everything and didn't feel that it was worth them going back to take fire from looters and losing their lives," Colonel Henry Whitehorn said.

Whether it's Iraq, (a gratuitous war America is predestined to lose,) or Sept. 11 or New Orleans, Americans are betrayed by their leaders, abandoned, humiliated and sometimes killed.

This is not an accident. It is part of a relentless process of demoralization designed to make them accept world government. Hollywood is part of this attack on the American psyche. The scenes of New Orleans resemble those in the film Day After Tomorrow where the country freezes over and Americans storm the Mexican border pleading to be allowed in.

America is being overextended. The "last great superpower" is compared to a third world nation and folded into the NWO. An Alfred E. Newman lookalike presides. The CEO of the NWO, Henry Kissinger explains the agenda:

"[America's] insistence on predominance would unite the world against the United States and force it into impositions that would leave it isolated and drained." He concluded, "The road to empire leads to domestic decay because, in time, the claims of [executive] omnipotence erode domestic restraints."


Wars, depressions and "natural" disasters are going to continue as long as foreign bankers control America's finances, and with it her political and cultural institutions.

They need to destroy, degrade and demoralize us so we will accept their world government. They have to subjugate us because otherwise we will repudiate the national debt, money (credit) they created out of nothing.

They weaken us by corrupting us. The stock market keeps millions focused on money while the media bombards us with sex, violence, social engineering and propaganda.

America cries out to purge the organized evil that lurks within.

What can we do? Let's make an extra effort to be kind and en-couraging, to treat each other like brothers and sisters.

Nothing aggravates the Illuminati more than Jesus' admonition: "Love thy neighbor."


FEMA Blocks Relief

USS Bataan docked in New Orleans waits days before allowed to rescue. Scroll down.

State Corruption: Worried About Looting? You ain't seen nothin yet!

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Comments for "New Orleans: The Strategy for World Government"

Roy said (September 9, 2005):

I been reading your articles for a long time now, and I believe this Hurricane was a man made storm. I tell some people I know that there are some powerful evil men, centered in London , the elite bankers, who want to control the earth. But most just laugh and call me a nut. It's a shame that most Americans will learn the hard way, whether 1 year, 5 years, 10 years, maybe even 50 years from now that they are getting set up.

Robert said (September 9, 2005):

The NO disaster was a combined, but not necessarily joint, effort of the Bush administration and the Yakuza crime family, the latter using scalar technology to control the path and intensity of the storm. First, please find below reference to the Yakuza's involvement. Second, find the first indication that explosives were used to blow open the levees. Third, for use possibly as a poster in your office is a photograph of a few of the world's most feared criminals, the truly dreaded Yakuza, along with a listing of their areas of expertise. You recall, of course, the use of explosives at Oklahoma City and The Trade Towers. Best wishes, Bob [email protected]


Georgina said (September 8, 2005):

The evidence screams out that the New Orleans levy "breach" was no
accident. Witnesses ("testifying" on television recently) said they saw
the barge hit the levy and felt and heard an explosion (as from
dynamiting). One man looked into the tv camera and said the "ground
shook" blocks away. I can testify, as a member of a "sailing" family
(commercial freight) that a barge hitting an embankment would not and
could not cause such an explosion.

And that pathetic idiot Barbara Bush... what further evidence do we need
that this was a planned disaster? - blathering on about how fortunate the
poor of New Orleans are. Who does she think she's kidding? That alone
makes Stew Webb's claims about this family all the more believable
( I watched as the two former wrinklybutt wastrel
ex-"leaders" were hauled into the oval office to put on yet another fake
show for a largely unsuspecting public, and all I could think to myself
was... (based on the Lawrence King scandal, Anita Broadrick, and the woman
in Texas who died shortly after filing a complaint in Court against the
current "pretender")... all I could think was ... "3 rapists". How far
this nation has fallen, and largely due to our own gullibility.

Serge in New Brunswick, Canada said (September 8, 2005):

Hi! How are you? Me again. It is not pretty
here in the Atlantic Provinces here in Canada, 18 wheelers are doing
some road blocks because of the price of gasoline, and now store are
closing its doors because of lack of foods and procurements. Service
stations are only serving police and ambulances because of lack of
gasoline. It is not pretty I can say that again,
some service stations have only one day of gas left I think, so over
here we feel the brunt of the gasoline crisis and Katrina also,
because of Oil refineries in the gulf. Do not know what is going to
happen, but something has to give.

Christine said (September 8, 2005):

As Stanley Monteith says on his website:
"One of the most difficult concepts for Americans to accept is that there are human beings dedicated to coercive population control and genocide....Most rational men and women, however, find it impossible to believe that such programs are really part of a "master plan" to kill off large segments of the world's population.

Here is another article demonstrating that the power elites are dedicated to lowering the population (that is, murdering as many people as possible):

This website points out that the proof for the existence of weather weapons is demonstrated by the fact that the USA has already signed treaties for them, and obviously, nations do not sign treaties for non-existent weapons. Also, there is some discussion of the creation of natural disasters as a means of population control.

Here is an article on Katrina the hurricane as a weather weapon:

One can see why New Orleans was an excellent target - it was vulnerable due to its levees, and from the ruling elite's perspective, that it was a Catholic city was a bonus, since they wish to destroy Christianity.
One of the few good things about Katrina is that the mainstream media has FINALLY admitted that thousands of people die in American hurricanes:

It seems to me that they are also tipping their hand about their genocidal/eugenic policies, now that the
husband of a Spanish official trapped in the Superdome has denounced the current situation as "genocide" on TV. Of course it's genocide. Why else would they create weather weapons and then frustrate efforts to save their countless victims - to make the skies bluer?

Sorrowing in Virginia,

George said (September 7, 2005):

Dear Mr. Makow;

Amen. Putting all the pieces together, one sees this entire operation in
America very different than those who hear but sound bites on National T. V.

Bringing in Mexican Troops (Foreign army on American Soil) to do......
humanitarian work.. Hundred of Mexican Army soldiers in the first
arrivals, hundreds more in the 2nd Arrival. Can not America itself provide the
water needed, the food, the medical aid, the search and rescue operations?
And the come THIS WEEK, when last week the President refused teams of medical
doctors ready to come from one country, teams of expert search and rescue teams
from another, offers of aid, food, water and medicine from a host of others.

But this week enter hundreds of Mexican soldiers.

Can no one see what this means?

They say there was no planning by Fema and the Federal Government.

THERE WAS PLANNING, and it was obvious, devious planning to prevent
aid, help, salvation, care, concern to these Americans in need. It was a planned
killing off of people and a planned taking of property.

What other atrocities the US has accomlished in this, we know not what.

Thanks for the informing article, let us hope it gets to the masses of Americans
who still trust a government that is out to kill them all.

Luther said (September 7, 2005):

In the aftermath of flooding in New Orleans, it should be clear to people in the USA that they don't matter! The Bush administration has left thousands stranded to die, and even blocked emergency volunteers! Radio communications were shut out, and the National Guard sent in to keep aid workers out!

FEMA is worthless and has exposed its uselessness to the entire world, now the president has the nerve to mount an investigation! It is a sick joke that President Bush, who quickly cut the necessary funding to prevent a disaster of this proportion, now wants to investigate to see "...what went right, and what went wrong!" Jesus, Bush the Neo-Con illuminati puppet president has allowed thousands to be abandoned and drown in flood waters because of their skin colour. Now, has sought one photo-op too many, since celebrities have come in to help survivors. This was all an intentional display to show disdain for Americans, and show they are viewed as being no better than livestock.

There is no one that can deny that aid was kept out of the city for days, when it was known that immediate response was necessary. Instilling a police state and occupation by troops was a higher priority than human lives being saved!

The whole world viewed this contempt for human life. The Russian PRAVDA magazine described how Bush abandoned the American people after he turned the presidential election into a mockery. I say this is all part of the overall plan, using America to destroy America. Unfortunately, Americans are not yet convinced they have been had on numerous occasions, including the serious events you have already described! What is it going to take for most people to see the falacy and the 'opposites' cited in the US government "Newspeak'?

This president is not there to represent the interests of the American people, quite the opposite. He only represents the interests of the illuminati, the global secret society based in the financial district of London. Most of your articles explain how these individuals feel about humanity, and wish to keep them blind and obedient so they are controlled.

Each way you have described, shows that our minds are meant to be kept busy so illuminati methods are not questioned. America does wish to purge organized evil such as this from her shores, yet fall short everytime in viewing the solution. It's not that this is a 'super power' more deserving of what every other country owns, it lacks compassion for others as human beings. Until Americans learn to "Love thy neighbour", this nation will be lost like countless other civilizatons before it.

Jahanzeb said (September 6, 2005):

your piece on new orleans and its aftermath encourages the conventional mind to think out of the box. whether or not the levees were damaged intentionally or weather was manipulated to cause such wide scale destruction still remains doubtful despite the amount of evidence available. however I am convinced that the downfall of america with regards to a superpower has started. Whether its engineered or an act of God, the empire is rolling downwards. THis is no surprise as many great empires did come to an end, the greek, british are a case in point. I still need to be convinced as to why an "organization" would such a thing intentionally? maybe the oil companies will profit, the red cross will profit, and similar other organizations. I dont know about america or canada, but the way media has covered this event in the europe comes to show that this is a slap on americas face and has exposed its true side. I have lived in the states, and majority of it is pretty hollow. This event has proved that the american dream is farce and there are thousands out there living the sub standard life, there is racism either subtly or in your face, despite the civil rights act. as hitler once said "whatever grows, has to come to an end".

Nona said (September 6, 2005):

seek psychiatric help. Grow up and face your failures as your failures, quit trying to blame someone else because you have a tiny dick or something loser

Lilian said (September 5, 2005):

I heard ONE time on TV in the middle of the night that a man who had a home
close to the 17th St. Bridge said that he saw a barge hit the levee (or
whatever it's called) and THAT'S what broke it. He said the homes immediately
started flooding. This happened AFTER the hurricane had passed.
Was it done on purpose.....probably!

Carol said (September 5, 2005):

believe you are right about the NO disaster being a "plot" to enable a martial law mentality to be brought into the US. I still disagree that the ancient base of the Illuminati - London - is the HQ of this organisation today, and I think there is more than one faction at work here - at least three are in existence, and none of them are interested in the ordinary humans in this world!

We must prepare for the worst conditions possible coming in the next few years. The whole world is going to implode, and we will all return to our ancient human rules of the jungle.

Dave said (September 5, 2005):

You mention in this article how the scenes from “The Day after Tomorrow” seem re-enacted in reality in New Orleans. Well, I wanted to share with you my feelings relating to another big movie that came out this summer – the War of the Worlds. I have to say this is without doubt the scariest movie I have seen in a long time. And it wasn’t scary because I was like a child – scared by the evil aliens who are incessantly searching out Tom Cruise and Dakota Fanning.

I was scared and remain scared to this day because as I have been reading your articles and others on,, etc., I’ve been noticing that these evil men, this band of insatiable pirates – the Illuminati and their subordinates – use movies to “predict” the future. Their vision for our future is truly frightening. Put in the context that the Illuminati serve Satan and Satan is simply interested in our absolute and utter destruction, this movie can be clearly understood more than just as a piece of bad art.

If you haven’t seen the movie, I urge you to watch it – though this is not a recommendation of it’s cinematic value. As someone who has a clear understanding of the deeper meanings of the messages and symbols the Illuminati use, I know you’ll see what I saw.

Jean said (September 5, 2005):

The American elites are likely to be disadvantaged by the consequences of
the storm: the more than a million displaced people who became suddenly
homeless, the damage to the roads, highways and utilities as well as the oil
shortage caused by the partial collapse of the US refinery system is likely
to weaken an already fragilized American "real" economy (in opposition with
the "virtual" economy based on financial operations).

Those who can benefit from the weakening of the American economy are the
international banksters already controlling the European economy. As soon as
the levees breached in New Orleans, many of the European investment
companies began to push the selling out of the US stocks and caused the fall
of these values on the European markets. Presently, these stocks are
massively bought back by a few unknown operators at cut prices and I
wouldn`t be surprised if, in a few days, the above mentioned banksters will
have made one more step towards the financial control of the main American

Foster said (September 4, 2005):

Thank you for your courageous and vital work. I always look forward to your postings. Regading the hurricane event, I believe it was done ON PURPOSE, using weather satellite laser technology. For more information on this, I refer you to the website of Jim McCanney, independent research scientist. Read his comments over the last few days, and listen to his archived radio broadcast of last Thursday. Additionally, Sherman Skolnick stated yesterday that 25 people witnessed the INTENTIONAL BREACHING of the levees at precisely the locations which (according to McCanney) would insure the maximum amount of damage. I do not understand why the administration and other high officials have made no attempt to spin themselves some positive PR. They could have at least pretended to care, shown a truck pretending to deliver aid, etc. Instead, they almost seem to be inviting the well deserved criticism they are receiving. Why didn't they milk it from all angles? Thank you for your time

Steve said (September 4, 2005):


All the people who don't believe a hurricane can be manufactured or manipulated should read this article about military weather warfare from Global

The US Air Force has the capability of manipulating climate either for testing purposes or for outright military-intelligence use. These capabilities extend to the triggering of floods, hurricanes, droughts and earthquakes. In recent years, large amounts of money have been allocated by the US Department of Defense to further developing and perfecting these capabilities.

The US Air Force even admits it, this quote is from the Air University of the US Air Force website:

Weather modification will become a part of domestic and international security and could be done unilaterally... It could have offensive and defensive applications and even be used for deterrence purposes. The ability to generate precipitation, fog, and storms on earth or to modify space weather, ... and the production of artificial weather all are a part of an integrated set of technologies which can provide substantial increase in US, or degraded capability in an adversary, to achieve global awareness, reach, and power. (US Air Force, emphasis added. Air University of the US Air Force, AF 2025 Final Report, emphasis added)

Zigzag said (September 4, 2005):

Watching the news coverage of New Orleans told me that people have indeed let themsleves become children of the artifical womb that we also call government (soon to be One World).

We've thown away belief in the power of ourselves and God for our own survival. we've been conditioned to believe that only government can help us in times of crisis when they've shown that waiting for them causes humility, misery, and even death.

Just like they want.

People of all colour must stand united and strong with faith in themselves, God, and their fellow man.

Don't fall prey to revolution. This is what they want.

Michael said (September 3, 2005):

Have a look at the original text of the most important document in American
history - unknown to the masses. TODAY, it reads like a PARODY,
like a grotesque satire on that which the Bushists are actually DOING!
But this is no joke : it is the REASON why America was once founded!
All but forgotten now, in the midst of a turmoil of madness, corruption, evil,
vilonece, destruction, martial law, war and trillionfold waste of money: whilst a
few simple trucks with FOOD couldnt make it to New Orleans until A 100 HOURS
after the impact of Katrina. 100 hours!
The Boy Scouts could have done better!

Marc said (September 3, 2005):

While your article raises some points of interest in governmental planning and such, and holds an important message in the ultimate scheme of things with the words of Jesus Christ, I find it quite offensive that you would look to a natural disaster in order to take a stab at the President, and other government officials in a time of national disaster. I would certainly hope that this horrific incident doesn't become a field of dreams for those who wish to spend every waking moment of their lives complaining and pointing out the unfortunate circumstances in which some people live. But sadly enough, the media has become the modern vanguard of promoting the "pointing of the finger" at political figures and governmental bodies. The media is so manipulating of many facts. I know this because the media has reported things that are simply far from the truth about the people here in Houston, TX that were sent over on buses.

Now here me out....I do not agree with everything that every governmental official or the president does and/or says but I can tell you this much: It takes time to respond. Should they have responded and proacted faster than this? Hell yes they should have. Are they doing every thing they can? Probably so. Your final idea of treating each other like brothers and sisters is incredible and I wish the world would understand that more. Every bus company in the nation should be sending buses down to the areas affected. Every millionaire and billionaire in the United States should be more than willing to give enormous sums of money to help people who don't even have a shirt to wear. These people have nothing. They leave behind their dead pets, children, wives, husbands, and homes that can never be salvaged. All cell phone communication is down. To sum this up sir, New Orleans is completely lost. We're not taking about 40,000 homes....we about taking about millions of people affected by this. We judge most national disasters by 9-11 standard....if you will. Well I will go ahead and say it: This is way larger than 9-11 and anyone who thinks it's not is out of their mind. How can it not be? The devastation in New Orleans and other areas affected will take YEARS to fix. Years! The sites, sounds, food, people, music, homes, schools, businesses, ideas, love, and historical sites will take years to regain their livelihood, if they ever do at all. It will never ever be the same. Hopefully the city is raised above sea level and then rebuilt. If not, then it would be a huge loss. This raising of the ground level was done after Galvaston was destroyed years ago. With the technology we harness today, this should not be that daunting of a task.

The place where you lost me was where I now quote you...." I don't know how the levees were sabotaged...." Well, having lived on the gulf coast, I can tell you how they were "sabotaged"'s calling a freaking Category 4+ hurricane slamming into the gulf coast and ripping everything like a chainsaw through a stick of butter. Sabotage is hardly a word that fits what New Orleans and other affected areas have gone through. This was a natural disaster, not an event with an agenda.

Yes people are shooting rescue crews. Yes people are looting. And obviously people are desperate beyond belief. Some of them are obviously mentally not well.....maybe some are drug addicts and cannot handle their inability to get a "fix." None of this is right, but I believe something has to be done to protect the people who just want to leave and live a half way respectable life until their homes are rebuilt...years from now. If someone is shooting other people, the sad truth is, they need to be taken down. They are preventing the right to live, and the right to be rescued. Sadly, their motives may be nothing more than a psychotic state of mind. I'm not saying they have to be killed, but they sure need to be stopped NOW.

I can't help but be offended that you would downgrade what may be one of the most widespread, horrific, and holistically devastating disasters ever in the United States (along with 9-11) to a political agenda or whatever ridiculous term of world government is being thrown around these days. I am well aware of the ideas of which you speak....and I more way more aware than you are of the devastation of this ordeal. I am a native of Louisiana, and I have found it to be the most depressing week of my entire life to see a city that I frequented very often as a child and young adult completely in ruin.

Here at the Univ. of Houston we have taken in hundreds of college students and made them feel as a part of our home. Our students are working day and nights as volunteers. Back in Houma, LA their are people getting no sleep in order to help the incoming survivors at shelters, civic centers. They get a meal, clothing, and a place to stay with air conditioning. They get to sing songs, and laugh, and get hugs, and they get the love of Jesus Christ, or just the love of a genuinely good community. There is so much good on which the media does not focus ever. It's absolutely ridiculous how the media acts. Acts of love and brotherhood and sisterhood are being done all over the nation. My question is...where is Bill Gates? Where is Opera? Where is Donald Trump? Why haven't they immediately offered funding? It wouldn't even dent their fortunes. I think the world has a very shallow view of what a hurricane does. And I think the media has an even more shallow view of what it means to report the entire truth. Good IS being done amid the anarchy of New Orleans.

Here is what America does not need to do right now: Bitch and Complain about who's fault this is, point fingers, and waste time.

Here is what America DOES need to do right now: Get buses, supplies, food, soldiers, rescue workers, water, and love into the city of New Orleans, Florida, Alabama, and Mississippi. If everyone is so pissed off, they need to act like adults and focus that energy into something positive rather than pointing fingers and trying to create some immature political agenda out of a freaking natural disaster. It IS a natural disaster, and until you've lived through a hurricane, don't pretend like you have one iota of a clue as to what it is. Until your relatives have died, and people you love have lost everything they own from the force of a hurricane, don't try to downgrade it to a political problem. I wonder if you think that because I'm 25 years old that I have a great deal to learn about the world. I hope you do, because I do have a great deal to learn. I am doing so everyday. However, I know what it's like to live through hurricanes, and I know it's not a government created problem. Yeah...they need to rebuild that city the right way....and yes, there should have been more proactive behavior from the governing bodies of this nation. Yes, they should have made better levees. But none of this happened. And right now isn't the time for America or any other great nation to bicker over this like little children. We need help down here.

I respect your opinions about us needing to be more like Christ or at least treat each other better. I really do. I however can not help but get really agitated that you would think that any President could have walked up and stopped this hurricane. Nothing can stop a hurricane. Nothing can prevent the devastation of a natural disaster baring 175 mph winds and being larger than the state of Louisiana in size.

While I do not wish to offend you by not asking for a response, I am going to ask you to kindly not respond. You have made your points and I have made mine. This is too devastating of a situation to bicker over. I learned things from your post and I hope I gave you a closer to home perspective of what is really going on down here. I honestly hope your ideas of being brother and sister like to each other spread across the world. I can agree on that level with hope that your wish comes true now and forever. But with all the respect I can give someone who thinks a natural disaster is a political agenda that longs to promote world government, you are simply on the wrong track. Good day sir.

Mike said (September 3, 2005):

I just can't believe the worlds last super power didn't have
"one guy" to say,"This is gonna be a biggie,lets prepare beforehand and have
national guard ready to move in with food n' water".
Its like they said,"This is gonna be a biggie...but its
mostly poor black folks that couldn't drive outta,until the media
are criticizing 24 hrs a day DAYS AFTER,we'll get the "guitar playing
president" to do a "meet & greet"!!!!!!
In the u.k. ALL the rescue team proffessionals kept chanting
"How could they NOT have done this or that BEFOREHAND!?" AND as far as a
report that said a person overheard a national guard radio [ in reguards to
"looters"] they overheard the command to "Do your duty". This hurricane
aftermath is also the perfect tool to get the U.S.' own troops looking on
the U.S. population more as "animals to be controlled or culled".

Tom (formerly of New Orleans) said (September 3, 2005):

Henry Guess I am doubting everything that the "government" touches these days. The "late" failure of the levee in New Orleans seems a bit suspicious to me. If the levee had not failed it would have been just another "close call" and no need for $10 BILLION dollars to rebuild (to add on to what we already owe the banksters).
Take a look at this project (in the planning for a long time) that looks amazingly like a PAN American sea air land superport. By some coincidence the price tag is very close to what Congress passed instantaneously. ($2 billion for the peons $8 billion for Halliburton). Oh yeah Halliburton has been selected to clean up the city.

Isaac in Uganda said (September 3, 2005):


Your analysis of the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina is almost spot on. It defeats my understanding how the mighty United States was unable to 'damage control' of the calamity despite all the earlier warnings and past experience.

If it was Africa, say my home basket-case country Uganda, it would be undersatandable. But not the US!

Back to your essay, what more should we do to sensitise the subjugated world community of the machinations of the Dracula-like Illuminati? Is there a way out of our bondage?


Exposing their machinations, educating the people, and acting for God, seem like the only antidotes to this plague.


Curtis said (September 3, 2005):

While I find all of your articles interesting, the statement:

> I don't know how the levees were sabotaged

seemed a little "over the top". After all, I seem to remember that, in
the not too distant past, the officials of the City of New Orleans had
beseached our government for aid in strengthening the levies around the
city to withstand a category 5 hurricane, and of course, our illustrious
president Bush declined any such aid. Now, THAT DENIAL could have been a
conspiracy, but I personally find it hard to believe that the levies
were intentionally damaged just prior to a category 5 hurricane arriving
at New Orleans. Anything is possible, but it is a stretch of the
imagination (at least for me) that this could have been planned.

Tracy said (September 3, 2005):

The Illuminists are hateful toward us all. But sometimes, people of color are special targets, as we clearly see from the events of New Orleans. Anguish, fear, suffering and death were assured by the non-response of our government. Those who planned and carried out the event not only enjoyed the horror show, but I am also convinced they were studying it closely- Keeping track of how long it takes people to come unhinged, how long it takes a police force to disintegrate and become lawless themselves, etc. Remember, they have similar plans for the rest of us. They want to see how things will play out when they get to our city. From thier point of view, this has likely been a smahing success. All of us, regardless of outer differences, need to help, support and love each other, especially now. There is a Cabal that has only ill planned for us. Let's completely frustrate their aims by standing together, and pointing out their treachery when we see it demonstrated, as it was so blatently done this week.

Len said (September 3, 2005):

Something overlooked by the media, of course; Hasn`t it always been these "LIBERALS" [socialists] like Teddy Kenedy, Diane Fienstien, The Kerry`s, Hillary Clinton, Larry King, Jeraldo Rivera [Jerry Rivers] and Many, Many others - Haven`t THEY been the one`s who DEMAND Social "Justice" and support for the "POOR"??? So now the "poor" are truly in Crisis in New Orleans and why do we NOT SEE these Liberals STEP FORWARD, dip into their OWN great Wealth and GIVE Generously? Aren`t they the one`s who DEMAND it of the over-taxed - under paid workers in America? The level of Hypocrisy here is so blatant and outrageous - the level of Shysterism so gross, that I cannot bear to look at it any longer. And WHERE is our "new" leader of "Homeland Security"??? Michael Chertoff? - The rebirth of Vladimir LENIN`S Soul and Body! Obviously his job has nothing to do with these New Orlean`s Victims. Outrageous. Hypocrisy is to mild a word. "Heinous" is getting closer.

James said (September 3, 2005):

This morning I was talking to a couple of firemen who are upset about the situation in New Orleans, one of them pointed out that this type of planned chaos could spread all over the US. He wants to buy a firearm to protect his family, he was the 2nd man to ask me about using firearms this morning....

Dian said (September 3, 2005):

Henry, I know you're very aware of the ritualistic nature of those PTB's...
On CNN's Daybreak, 5:00 am, September 1st, Meteorologist Chad Myers stated that Hurricane Katrina:
1. Occurred on the 13th anniversary of Hurricane Andrew
2. Was the 11th storm in the alphabetical series of hurricanes, A through K.
David Icke supports the UN-natural storm theory. So does Prof. Jim McCanney at . Add their information (and others') to the pile and you have an Illuminati stench fuming up immediately.

Nan said (September 3, 2005):

Mr. Makow I want to thank you for writing and educating the public.
This latest crisis appears on four different webpages revealing the true
nature of a Russian weather modification operation which has been going
for years. I would be glad to send you material from the Fisk archive.
These are from Scott Stevens Richard
Hoagland and Thomas Bearden. The
situation is broadcast from and then on streaming.

Marti said (September 3, 2005):

how much do you know about this technology and what are your thoughts about it being a factor in all of these hurricanes that have hit the gulf coast states in a such a short time span?? Don`t you think it a little odd that there have been so may hurricanes in one area?? I sure do!!! Something is definitely not right about this!!

Bill said (September 3, 2005):

Yo henry, I follow your comments, because I think that sometimes you're onto something.... However,this statement....."This is not an accident. It is part of an inexorable process of degradation designed to make them accept world tyranny." .....must have been made when there were no more bananas to smoke......You're reaching for straws in a place where there aren't any........take a break, and give us one......

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