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Bankers Bash Bush, Pump Global War

July 21, 2006

aaakristol.jpg By Henry Makow Ph.D.

[Note:  I now believe I was mislead by Neo Con attacks on Bush, and believe he was/is on board with the attack-Iran plan. ]  

Israel's demented assault on Lebanon might be explained in terms of the frustration of London-based Illuminati bankers with America's failure to attack Iran. They hope the war in Lebanon will spread to Syria and Iran, eventually sucking China and the U.S. into World War Three.

Banker toadies are not shy about this goal. On CNN, Glenn Beck declared Wednesday, "World War Three has begun" and wondered when we would have the "Duke Ferdinand moment." He is referring to the assassination of Arch Duke Ferdinand, a false flag operation that started World War One. According to The Red Symphony, Leon Trotsky, a Rothschild agent, masterminded it.

Newt Gingrich echoed Beck's insane rhetoric. He said recent events "could be accurately described as a third world war...The ideological wing of Islam is irreconcilable to modern civilization...The free world must stand up to the barbarism or be defeated by it...In this crisis of is possible to win a first decisive victory."

Through their agents, the bankers are pushing for a "war of civilizations" between Christianity and Islam, and ultimately between China, which stands behind Iran (via North Korea) and the USA  which backs Israel. The ultimate goal is a depopulated planet with a world government dictatorship.

The Illuminati bankers need to turn their monopoly over the credit of the world's greatest nations into a political and social monopoly such as (their previous drafts) Communism and Fascism. (Significantly, the central banks of North Korea and Iran are among the handful they don't control.)

War is the principal means by which the banking cartel degrades and enslaves humanity. Specifically, the bankers want to destroy our sources of identity and power, i.e. nation, race, religion and family.

They used the same dog-eared playbook to start World Wars One and Two so let's recall their strategy. The bankers cannot destroy us themselves; they need their enemies to destroy each other. They have been doing this for centuries. Albert Pike, the Supreme Commander of American Freemasonry, predicted the Third World War "between political Zionism and Islam" more than 100 years ago. He said their agents on each side will drag their countries into the abyss. "The war must be conducted in such a way that Islam and political Zionism mutually destroy each other," Pike wrote in 1871.  


The problem is that elements in the US government and military are beginning to recognize the Illuminati plan. They sense the agenda is for the US to be brought down a few pegs.

Apparently North Korea intended the recent missile tests as a warning. They have missiles capable of reaching Japan and possibly the US West Coast. Today we learned that Iranian observers were present at these tests.

Iran sells North Korea billions in oil. Guess how North Korea, an impoverished country, has paid.  Iran probably already has nuclear weapons and the missiles to deliver them. How else could it promise to inflict grievous damage if it or Syria is attacked?

Faced with this threat, George W. Bush and Condie Rice are acting with restraint. Believe me, I am no fan of theirs. But we should be suspicious of the changed tone and frequency of  criticism of the President in the central banker-controlled mass media.

The conservative foreign policy establishment is "beside itself with fury at the administration," according to an article in The Washington Post Wednesday. The "final straw" was the U.S. decision to offer direct talks and potential benefits to Iran as an inducement to curb its nuclear program.

Bill Kristol and colleagues have taken credit for starting the Iraq War but complain of a failure to move aggressively enough. On FOX Tuesday Kristol (pictured above) said, "we have to be ready to use military force against Iran."

But the president has his backers among some politicians and pundits. According to The Washington Post::

"GOP lawmakers, meanwhile, appear to be lining up closely with the president on foreign policy. It has not helped the neo conservative case, perhaps, that the occupation of Iraq has not gone as smoothly as some had predicted.

 Some prominent conservatives, including William F. Buckley Jr. and George    Will, have been sceptical of the mission in Iraq and, in Will's case, much of the ability of America to build democracy abroad. In his syndicated column yesterday, Will referred to the neo conservative complaints in observing that the administration is "suddenly receiving some criticism so untethered from reality as to defy caricature."

However, with the support ush and Rice are giving the Israeli aggression there is no assurance they are not becoming "untethered from reality." See "Nuclear War Coming Soon?" below.


Israelis would do well to consider that Iran already has nuclear weapons. (Possibly they know this and the issue is just an excuse for war.) Some observers believe the Illuminati plan is to sacrifice Haifa and Tel Aviv to their Satanic god in a second "holocaust." The Illuminati created Israel and feel it is theirs to destroy.

It doesn't help that Israel has squandered its moral capital on this outrage, and Israeli children are photographed writing greetings to Lebanese children on bombs. The truth is that anyone who supports this carnage has no moral protection from receiving the same treatment. Don't underestimate this. We are dealing with occultists who want to degrade us to the level where our slaughter can be justified to God.

This is a public relations disaster for Israel and its supporters. A tsunami of worldwide anger will hit Israel, overcoming  the media stranglehold and all other inhibitions. The Israelis will say it's because they are Jewish. That's 90% of "anti-Semitism" in a nutshell: the refusal of many Jews to see what they are doing to arouse antipathy.

According to the BBC, Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah said that the two Israeli soldiers "were captured  to pressure Israel to release the thousands of Palestinian prisoners in its jails," especially women and children.

The destruction of a country because of the capture of two prisoners by a citizen militia is indefensible. To call them "abductions" is laughable. POW exchanges have been going on for centuries.

Of course the real reason for this excess is to create an atmosphere of turmoil, despair and panic that will trigger a series of events, a "Duke Ferdinand moment" leading to a regional or global conflagration.

Israelis had better realize they are entering a quagmire. They are pawns in a deadly game, and pawns get sacrificed. Jews appear to have learned nothing from World War Two.


The US is like the turkey reading the Thanksgiving menu and exclaiming, "wait a minute."

Let's support George Bush and Condoleezza Rice in their refusal to attack Iran, and vent our anger and contempt on the Glenn Becks, William Kristols and Newt Gingrich's of the world who want to shove us into the nuclear oven. They are scoundrels, impostors and traitors.

These days I am having  deja vu. I am experiencing what it must have been like before the first two world wars when the same shady cast of characters was frogmarching  Americans into costlly and gratuitous infernos.

We cannot be complacent. They have never yet failed to manipulate us.

Are we too naive to recognize that  modern history is nothing but the process by which the Illuminati transfer total power from the feudal aristocracy to themselves, using liberal democracy as a transitional step and facade? 

Incredible and bizarre as this sounds, will  humanity recognize before it is too late, it is in the grip of a well organized long-term Satanic conspiracy?


Pike's Letter to Mazzini 1871

"The Third World War must be fomented by taking advantage of the differences caused by the "agentur" of the "Illuminati" between the political Zionists and the leaders of Islamic World. The war must be conducted in such a way that Islam (the Moslem Arabic World) and political Zionism (the State of Israel) mutually destroy each other. Meanwhile the other nations, once more divided on this issue will be constrained to fight to the point of complete physical, moral, spiritual and economical exhaustion...We shall unleash the Nihilists and the atheists, and we shall provoke a formidable social cataclysm which in all its horror will show clearly to the nations the effect of absolute atheism, origin of savagery and of the most bloody turmoil. Then everywhere, the citizens, obliged to defend themselves against the world minority of revolutionaries, will exterminate those destroyers of civilization, and the multitude, disillusioned with Christianity, whose deistic spirits will from that moment be without compass or direction, anxious for an ideal, but without knowing where to render its adoration, will receive the true light through the universal manifestation of the pure doctrine of Lucifer, brought finally out in the public view. This manifestation will result from the general reactionary movement which will follow the destruction of Christianity and atheism, both conquered and exterminated at the same time."


"Dump Condie: Neo Cons Claim She is Exercising Restraint"  Insight Mag

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Comments for "Bankers Bash Bush, Pump Global War"

Jean said (July 25, 2006):

Zionist senator Arlen Specter threatening G. Bush to sue him in federal court for a procedural question. This has all the appearances of a zionist blackmailing. Would the zionists blackmail G. Bush if he was ready to join the war in Lebanon and attack Syria and/or Iran?

I`m afraid the zionists and their puppet masters the central bankers are going to do some real bloody thing in a near future to involve (in a first step) the USA and Syria/Iran in a war against each other. Of course, the Bush administration know this, as well as the Chinese and the Russian governments. Is it why the Russians cooperated with the Americans to spy the Israeli communications? Could it be that the third world war has already started... not between nations but between the central bankers and the rest of the planet?

James said (July 24, 2006):

Most thoughtful article!
Your argument fits the reality and truth as close as one can get.
At the end of it all, one merely has to ask yourself who stands to make mega-billions from endless wars throughout the world.
It also reaffirms God's Word in the Bible, where all of the above is now coming to pass. Generally folks should read up and make an depth study of the how the money power operates. (I have been studying the NWO for many decades already - a big interest now),

" People shall perish for the lack of knowledge" - Biblical.

I have always said their approach is similar to exploiting 'cracks in a wall' - to their advantage without any care to humanity. Generally politics is run much alike in various areas of people's everyday lives - without them even being aware! That's the nature of the beast. Greed and World domination (666).
Grand global apartheid? Hegelian supremacy?

Interestingly every single 'war' in the 'civilised world' has been financed with money. People being expendable. (As if we all 'owe' our lives to the money power! God Gives and Takes live!)
The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion interestingly explains much of this.
The world needs a proper balance of global powers for war to retreat.
Is Global Disarmament a real possibility? - I doubt it very much!
It is the money power who say they shall take over the world "By Conquer or by Consent"?

The Clash of Civilizations (Huntington), is now upon us. Pity the role-players don't realise they are ALL being set up for a fall. But that's the nature of the beast.

Christine said (July 23, 2006):

Thanks so much for this article. The attacks on Lebanon are sickening and so is the prospect of much more carnage in World War III. These banksters are crazy and will kill us all if given half a chance.

Kent said (July 23, 2006):

It's so amusing to see your agenda (and all of the mainstream media) come to
the forefront when you say Israel is excessive in its response. All one ever hears
is that Israel 'only' had a couple of soldiers kidnapped and nothing is ever mentioned
(including your articles) about the repeated bombings of Israeli cities and the deaths
encountered there. Comical.



Wake up and smell the coffee. The Zionists instigate attacks as an excuse to attack.

"The Zionist Roots of the War on Terror"

"The Zionist Protection Racket"

and btw, we are not the mainstream media


Chun said (July 23, 2006):

The Bible says nothing about Russia and any prophetic predictions drawn from
a mis-translation of the word "rosh' ,which means 'prince' not Russ, has to
be thrown out.

Israel is not the good guy (at least not in this case). The rest of the
world does not forsake her. It is Israel that forsakes the world.
How some people who claim to love God can ever hope to stand before him and
justify their blind support for a bullying nation just because they call
themselves 'Israel'....

You know ,speaking of the Bible, the ancient Israelites were rebuked by the
prophets over and over for their mistreament of foreigners and strangers.
Are you more righteous than God?
Why is it so hard for people to understand that wrong is wrong regardless
who commits the act? It doesn't matter if they are Jews or Arabs. No one
escapes God's judgement.
As for your prophecy preacher story, I myself have heard literally thousands
of them trying to interpret the 'end time' prophecies according to the
nightly news and I used to believe all of it.

I once was a 'christian zionist' like you before I came to embrace the
preterist view of eschatology. I'm just going to say do not take part in
or even give tacit approval to evil somehow believing that you are pleasing
God. God is not pleased in sufferings of innocent people.

Dan said (July 22, 2006):

I think the most disappointing aspect of all this violence is the lack of expressed concern down here. People who support the slaughter of
innocent people in their homes either actively or through indifference can't expect anyone else in the world to stand for them when it comes
their turn. I'm talking about American's indifference to our government's war crimes.

Yesterday on Linda Goodman's Democracy Now a former Israeli air force ace was interviewed. He organized a sizable group of crack pilots, as
high as ranks of brigadier general to refuse to carry out neighborhood bombings. They were all expelled from the IDF on the spot. Where are the American generals and pilots refusing to carry out crimes against humanity? So far we've only heard of desertions of privates.
America's record of utter indifference may be the real end of "America". When the economy is crashed and people realize the whole
American project is over, no one's going to stand for them. There will be carnage here too when 'regime change' means seizing private property,
and the people of the world will have no empathy.

Glen said (July 22, 2006):

It is obvious that the Isreal Zionist had preplaned and masterminded this pre-emptive attack on Lebanon. The Canadian government , EU , and the USA have been hijacked by the Zionist lobby groups , such as the ADL and the Bnai Brith ...By arguing that the Hamas and Hezbolla are not ligitimate political parties or like Harper say's " the hezbolla is not a government army. This is nonsense, the US has hired over 40 thousand mercanary contractors for Iraq and Afghanistan. These mercenaries are not government armies the are there to kill innocent people. Since when is a ressitance group or organization a Terrorist group. We did not call the French Ressitance against the Nazi army, Terrorist.

Isreal is not the victim like they try to portray themselves as, instead they are excersising state terrorism. Since 9-11 governments around the world have jumped on the terrorist bandwagon. Any group of people who are not satisfied with their existence within the framework of their corrupt government is a terrorist. The Isreal lobby groups infiltrated our govrnments with their grievances against Hamas and hezbohla and convinced our useless leaders into this form of propaganda. Canada introduced anti-semetic laws that keep Canadians from critizing Isreal's cruel and inhumane policies. What other group or movement in the world could get away with this? Are we being blackmailed into these inane belief systems?
This is all good for Isreal , because in Canada you can be charged for being too critical of an Isreali army that has been killing Arabs for 52 years. And Harper should remember that the land was hit with Hezbohla's missiles was once part of Lebanon. Canada must wake up to the lies before we are all dragged into a conflict which is not of our making.

Jean from Hungary said (July 22, 2006):

Thanks for your latest article I agree with completely. Yes indeed, the American elites cannot be stupid enough to sacrifice themselves in a nuclear war against the Chinese-Russian coalition to the only benefit of the EU-based kabbalist bankers. One of the sweet dreams of the G. Bush Administration is certainly to close the Iranian energy taps to China but the American elites are likely to postpone a war against Iran as long as they believe it would provoke in return the quasi destruction of the USA.

The problem is that soon, in 2008, there will be presidential elections in the USA and that the bankers are probably decided not to fail this time in putting their own �golem" in the White House; a deadly puppet representing exclusively their own interests rather than those of the American elites... The bankers interest is double: make the USA destroy the Eurasian resistance to the NWO and make the American elites smashing their own balls too. Then, theoretically, planet Earth would belong to seven kabbalist families, pretending to descent from the tribe of Dan and, beyond, from the Atlanteans of extra-terrestrial origin who are supposed to have ruled our planet before the biblical deluge...

Meanwhile, the gang of the �Jewish" lobbies, neocons and other �Christian" televangelists are still trying to make the G. Bush Admin. turkey jump into the oven, even if they know their chances are decreasing. They also know that, If the turkey doesn`t jump, Israel could be caught in an Iraki-style quagmire in Lebanon and that would certainly not profit politically to their colleagues, the bankers`s salesmen who rule Israel nowadays. They already imagine the ghost of a grimly smiling Sharon enjoying his vengeance...

What is stunning in this war of Israel in Lebanon is the apparent nonsense slaughtering of civilians and, in particular, of children who are bombed and burnt alive while trying to escape their villages. As well as the apparently gratuitous destruction of the Lebanese civil infrastructures... As if the IDF received the order to provoke the biggest psychological traumatism, not only amongst the Lebanese people but also in the whole Muslim world. If so, the reason could be an attempt to provoke the Syrian and, in particular, the Iranian sensibilities (everybody knows that Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has an hyperreactive temperament) in order to get them physically involved in this war. Then... the turkey should be obliged to jump in the oven as it is bound by its treaties with Israel.

Tina said (July 22, 2006):

Satan is among us and thus far like you say: �We cannot be complacent. They have never yet failed to manipulate us�. And whether Albert Pike�s letter to Mazzini was ever written is unknown but no doubt the elites are moving fast and doing everything they can to instill fear in all of us. We will all be tested�

Corey said (July 22, 2006):

I was surfing the Washington, D.C. area via Google Earth when I thought I saw a pattern in the streets. This pattern seems an awful lot like the Serifot, or Tree of Life, from Kabala mysticism. I�m sure this pattern was
placed there on purpose.

I�ve highlighted the streets and discrepancies of the Capital to the best of my ability and included a personal rendition of what I call the �Sefirot Infinity Box�.

Jason said (July 21, 2006):

Israel is beset on all sides, and bible prophecy, as you well know, predicts
the world converging on Israel. At this point in prophecy it is abundantly
clear that Israel represents the good guys and the rest of the WORLD the bad
guys. This scenario has become all the more likely as of late with a slew of
UN unilateral condemnations (ignoring the casualties that Hezbollah, Hamas
and others have claimed).

It's funny, but 20 years ago, in the 1980's I was in a church service where
a special speaker came in to talk about bible prophecy. His prediction was
that Russia, China and Iran would form a pact and move against Israel. It
wasn't long before Russia would become our "friend" under Gorbachev, and
China our trading partner, ushering in a new NON-communist era - which at
the time even, I found HIGHLY SUSPECT given that communism is the preferred
governmental style of the Illuminati.

Now we see that lo and behold, Russia and China are blocking attempts by the United Nations to sanction Iran. We know that these two nations have a military alliance and that Russia backed Iran in the Iran/Iraq war - and well for that matter, still does. North Korea has an alliance with Iran as well, with agreements on ballistic missles and the whole thing comes full
circle. The line has been drawn, yet our spineless liberal leadership, still
refuses to call a spade a spade.

Thank God that at this moment we stand by Israel while the rest of the world forsakes her. Thank God we voted Conservative (in Canada) and set back world government a couple more years.


Dave said (July 21, 2006):

In regard to Iran, we can't have it all ways. Either,

1) Iran is independent of the NWO/cabal/bankers/vatican and is a problem to be
eliminated, or,

2) Iran is controlled by a different faction of the
NWO/whatever and needs to be put in its place, or,

3) Iran is under the thumb of a united NWO/whatever
and is playing its false role as an enemy to focus attention on. (or ally depending on how your attention is being directed)

This is the core of my frustration. We dither around in uncertainty, always several steps behind while the people who are the problem are acting in clear view of the real situation and what they want.

Yes, we all agree that there is a problem and we know many of those who are part of the problem and we know they like having control but it gets very vague after that. The casual observer cannot be blamed for eventually throwing up their hands and giving up, which is the last thing the world needs.

Cliff said (July 21, 2006):

What is "demented" about defending your country against missile attacks?

Dear Cliff,

War like love is give-and-take.


Cliff replies:

Both Islam and Political Zionism have been neutralized- infiltrated by Illuminism. Don't be naive to think that a single shot has to be fired to accomplish that. Illuminism is much more subtle than that.

Leaders of both camps are masonic brothers. How they manipulate the masses under their control can be speculated upon.

To be more economically efficient Iran may have to undergo a depopulation process. Pitting Iran with Iraq helped. It appears that there is more work that needs to be done here. Maybe that is where the Chinese may come in handy for the London Boys. They can thin out the population with there infantry and not be effected regardless of how many troops they may loose.

Dan said (July 21, 2006):

There's not going to be a United States after this mid-east project is done. There may not be much of an Israel either......according to Albert Pike. This looks like the unfolding of Pike's predicted war. The purpose of which is the destruction of the three Torah-based religions.

Only two years ago I didn't see that America is really scheduled to be terminated, on schedule. It's already been sold off and scattered. Corporations have moved abroad right under our noses. American high tech has set up shop in Bombay and Dublin. American heavy industry and electronics has set up in China and Mexico.

Even as the right wing evangelicals go into high gear for US support of Israeli supremacy of the Middle East according to their version of John's Revelations, it seems a toss up as to whether Israel is another pawn in the Globalist "Great Work" to be used and destroyed in the coming conflagration.

Judging by G 8's lack of need or preference for a localized seat of government, the coming order may in fact not desire a 'seat'. They can rule from anywhere, mobile, non-localized. They've got satellites and instant non-local communcations anywhere they like.

Dan, I don't think they would have built that Masonic inspired Israeli Supreme Court building if destroying Jerusalem was in the cards.

Thanks for this. Henry

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at