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The Root Problem: Jews or Illuminati?

August 4, 2006

By Henry Makow Ph.D.

Israel's demonic assault on innocent Lebanese civilians naturally has increased anti-Jewish feeling. There have been sporadic attacks on Jewish institutions and the usual voices again have denounced "the Jews."

"There is coming a time soon in which we shall have to fight Jews because they are Jews and because we are not," J.B. Campbell proclaimed in  "Jewish Rule" posted on " They will leave us with no other choice, just as they left the Russians and the Palestinians and the Hungarians and now the Lebanese with no other choice but fight or die a nasty death after captivity and thirst and starvation and torture." 

John Kaminski writes, " The Illuminati is wholly Jewish, started by a Jew turned Catholic, operated by the Jews who control the money. Now used, as a convenient myth by Jewish writers to say the problem is not really Jewish."

Kaminski is referring to me. He has called me a "Zionist mole." The epithet "Illuminati mole" could be hurled back except I believe his error is sincere. People like Kaminski unwittingly serve the Illuminati agenda by making Jews the scapegoat for the Illuminati. They increase division and focus hostility on Jewish pawns and dupes. As we shall see, the Illuminati is not "wholly Jewish" by a long shot. You could get rid of every Jew and the problem would remain. (Of course this does not absolve of guilt Jewish Illuminati and their Jewish dupes/agents i.e. Zionists, Communists, Feminists, Liberals, Socialists, Neo Cohns etc.)

I refer Kaminski and his ilk to Fritz Springmeier, an unsung hero of humanity, now an American political prisoner, who has debriefed dozens of Illuminati defectors. A respected authority on the Illuminati, he says the problem is a lot bigger than "the Jews". It is anti-religious (as in satanic) not racial.

"To call the conspiracy Jewish is misleading. The father of it all is Satan. It is Satanic and it will use anyone it can." (Bloodlines of the Illuminati, p.126)


It's the nightmare that's still there after we wake up.

It reads like a horror movie script:

The trusted and respected leaders of society secretly belong to a satanic cult and are gradually turning humanity into their mind-controlled slaves. The process is designed to appear "natural." Wars, including the Cold War and War on Terror are based on hoaxes.

Humanity has a terminal disease. We are in a state of collective denial.

Every facet of Western society, not just organized Jewry, has been subverted. This includes business, education, military, mass media, government and all religions. The elite, Jews and non-Jews alike, are either dupes or agents. That is a condition for advancement.

 The Illuminati control current events and determine human history according to their "Plan.". What we call "secular humanism" is nothing but a facade for Luciferianism. "Modernism" is the substitution of their occult vision disguised as "reason" for Moral Order and Objective Truth i.e. God. Our modern world is a fraud dedicated to enthroning Satan as ruler of this planet..

The word  "Illuminati" sounds incredible but it's real.  It's plans and correspondence
were seized in 1784. Defectors testified at public hearings.

The relationship of Zionists to the Illuminati mirrors that of  Freemasonry, which the Illuminati also control. Most are pawns and dupes. "The Lodge shall be our nursery garden," Illuminati founder Adam Weishaupt wrote."All those who are not suited to the work shall remain in the Masonic Lodge and advance in that without knowing anything of the further system." (Webster, /Secret Societies/, p.210)


Humanity owes a debt of gratitude to Fritz Springmeier for exposing the
Illuminati and its methods in a half dozen major works on line

His videos are also available on line

His definitive work is "Be Wise as Serpents" (1991) and "Bloodlines
of the Illuminati
" (1999). At the back he lists hundreds of names of
members of the Illuminati organizations like the Pilgrim Society,
Bohemia Grove and the Skull and Bones and related fraternities. The
names reflect the American establishment yesterday and today. They are
not exclusively Jewish.

I'll just list a few: Astor;Ball, Bennett; Bundy; Grace; Hammer;
Kennedy; Brady; Acheson; Rockefeller; Dulles; Bedell Smith; Carnegie;
Cowles; Dupont; Harriman; Schiff; Roosa; Brezinski; Kissinger; Forbes;
Donovan; Javits; Mellon; Turner; Coffin; Heinz; MacLeish; Stanley;
Pinchot; Whitney; Walker; Steadman; Taft...etc.

A similar membership analysis could be made of other Illuminati fronts
such as the Bilderbergs, the Council on Foreign Relations, the Trilateral
Commission and the Club of Rome.

Yes it is probable that Jewish Sabbatean heretics like the Rothschilds
are the mainspring behind the Illuminati but there is no shortage of  non-Jews who want a piece of the Satanic action.

Did you know Doonesbury's Gary Trudeau is Skull and Bones?

Ned Lamont who is seeking Joe Lieberman's Senate seat is the great
grandson of Thomas Lamont, the Chairman of J.P. Morgan, who financed the
American Communists. These guys run the show. We get to choose which
satanist we want.

It's frustrating that people like Kaminski can only see the Jews and not the gentiles. Then they blame all Jews regardless of their guilt and let guilty goyim off the hook. They seem to need a simple black-and-white solution to the world's problems. They can't face the
betrayal of their own ethnic leaders. Easier to despise Jews than confront the powerful rich. I invite Kaminski et al to read Fritz Springmeier and step up to the next level.


For exposing the Illuminati, Fritz Springmeier was framed for a 1997
bank robbery and sentenced to nine years in jail in 2003. If you want to
do something positive, write to him. 

They tried to make Springmeier out to be a Ted Kaczynski Unabomber. Read
this interview  with Springmeier and see how intelligent he is and how evil they are.

Here are some excerpts:

Who are the Illuminati?

"The Illuminati are the movers and shakers of the world. They are an
elite group of bloodlines - I call these tribes or families - there are
13 major bloodlines. They are what are called "generational satanists".
That means that they have practiced their secret witchcraft for many
centuries and they have passed their religion down from one generation
to the next. They lead double lives. They have one life that the world
sees and then they have a hidden life that the world doesn't see. There
have been very few people that have been able to break through the

"The top 13 bloodlines are the Astor, Bundy, Collins, Dupont, Freeman,
Kennedy, Li, Onassis, Rockefellers, Rothschild, Reynolds, Krupp, Russell
... then there is a 13th bloodline which is the Merovingian bloodline. I
just simple call it the 13th and then there is the Van Duyn Illuminati
bloodline. The 13th bloodline, the Merovingian, is extremely important.
It includes the royal families of Europe."

What is their goal?

"Ultimately [their goal is] to bring in what people have termed the New
World Order with a man who will hold the world's attention and carry the
title 'The Antichrist.' That's the ultimate goal and I am not trying to
wax religious on people but that's just the simple fact. When you get
into deprogramming people you will see that a lot of the things they
have been programmed to do tie in with a very sophisticated plan to
unify the world under the reign of the Antichrist."

"[Princeton historian] James Billington (/Fire in the Minds of Men/)
traces how all the revolutions were started by this occult elite. The
term revolution came from the occult idea that we were going to revolve
ourselves back to the Golden Age. There is this great quest for the
Golden Age, this millenialism. That's what communism is about. If you
look at the early founders of communism - they were trying to revolve
us back through revolution to the Golden Age that had been lost.'s
always for a socialistic, communistic type utopia, [a cross between]
/1984/ and /Animal Farm./"

Why do they use trauma-based mind control on their own family members?

"It's really essential. If you are going to participate in the
Illuminati secret life, being a programmed multiple [personality] is
basic. There are a few in the Illuminati who aren't programmed
multiples, but considering what one has to participate in. You've got a
number of standard rituals involved - St. Weinbald, St. Agnes, Grand
Climax, Walpurgis, Beltane, all your solstices and equinoxes, Lamas, All
Hallow's Eve, High Grand Climax -- all of these standard rituals. /These
rituals are very horrific. They involved human sacrifice. Sacrifices of
babies on the High Grand Climax. On various Sabbats you've got a young
female or a male being sacrificed.

This is not something that the normal mind is going to be able to
handle. The mind control and the creation of multiple personalities
where you get a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde effect - is very crucial to this
thing continuing from generation to generation. They will be trained in
alchemy, in Indian sorcery, Druidism, Enochian magik, Gnosticism,
Hermetic magik, cabbalism, Plato, Sufism - they will know all the
different branches of occult systems."

What is the function of trauma?

"The Illuminati take a small child about two years old, and they begin
traumatizing it with the worst traumas that are imaginable so that they
can create these amnesia walls. They find these dissociated pieces of
the mind that are just like ...floppy disks, then they put in their
programming to the dissociated parts of the mind as to what they want
that part to become... [Elsewhere he says mind control was behind Josef
Mengele's experiments; that Mengele was Illuminati and continued his
work in the US after the war.]

The Illuminati can take a particular child and manipulate things from
behind the scenes and open all the right doors for this person, and they
can get them the grants and the schooling and everything they need and
adding impetus to this person's career is the mind control that is
steering them in that direction too. The end product is you end up with
somebody who is an engineer or a lawyer or a politician who is very
highly qualified for what they are doing.

A very conservative estimate - I shouldn't even say estimate because I
have computed it from about seven different angles - a conservative
figure is 2 million Americans have been programmed with trauma based
total mind control."

The Ultimate Goal?

"The whole long-range goal of this, and when I say long-range, it's not
going to take them long to get us there at the rate they are going - the
end goal of all of this is to eventually create /an entire planet of
mind controlled slaves that can be controlled by one super computer.
They are manipulating our thoughts and our attitudes, and steering us,
herding us (they consider us animals - the Illuminati consider
themselves god, god men and us to be the animals) they are herding us in
the direction they want to us to go."


Let's not fall into the Illuminati's divide-and-conquer trap. Springmeier says this is "a war against evil not race." He says that, as a virtuoso with an old violin, a "Master's hand can turn anyone into a beautiful thing." He says that many members of Illuminati families have
found Christ and broken free. Similarly many Illuminati dupes, whether Jewish or not, can be reached by a message of Truth and Love. We can all be deprogrammed.


*Note-1 Mel Gibson's* recent anti-Jewish outburst/recantation reeks of
an illuminati stunt designed to legitimize Jews at the expense of
Christians. Remember Mel Gibson is an actor. He is also a billionaire. I
doubt if there are any billionaires who aren't tied in with the
Illuminati. As many Christians recognize, /"The Passion of the Christ"/
is a Satanic film.Satanists enjoy watching Christ being flayed for 90
minutes. I suspect the ADL pretended to object in order to increase its
notoriety. We learn Mel's security guard for the last 10 years is an
Israeli. <,2933,207059,00.html> Whatever
his father's politics and religion, Mel Gibson is no Christian.

*Note-2 Svali,* an Illuminati defector, has been reported missing.
Does anyone have any information? See also "Illuminati Defector Details
Pervasive Conspiracy <>"


Also, my "Why Do the Illuminati Hate Jews?"

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

Comments for "The Root Problem: Jews or Illuminati?"

AJ said (August 12, 2006):

Surely the zionist have a lot to do with the new world order but they are only one arm on the
illuminati octopus. I don't disagree with the information that pertains to the zionist involvement
but I surely can't agree with the knit-picking and name calling that is cropping up because of
it. We need to be working together, not at each others throats. We are right one the edge of
world war 3 and this kind of division is only preventing us from stopping it. One of the only
researchers who has gone to great lengths to expose the zionist is David Icke, who doesn't
get involved in this name calling shit and that should say something about him. "But then
again he is an agent because of the reptilian thing," some would say. Most who would say
that about him haven't read his books or reasoning behind saying that and my point is that
people need to look before they leap. Get to know the guy you are pointing your finger at and
calling an agent before doing so. You might find that you really are on the same side fighting
the same enemy - your arguing over what you call the enemy is allowing the enemy to get
over on you and the rest of us
Aj. Bruno
One Heart Books
Healing The Planet of The new world order

David said (August 11, 2006):

I don't know if you are familar with this web site:

but I believe you will find a wealth of interesting,and accurate information.

Remember, when it comes to the NWO all roads lead to Rome.

Revelation 17:1 And there came one of the seven angels which had the seven vials, and talked with me, saying unto me, Come hither; I will shew unto thee the judgment of the great whore that sitteth upon many waters:

2 With whom the kings of the earth have committed fornication, and the inhabitants of the earth have been made drunk with the wine of her fornication.

3 So he carried me away in the spirit into the
wilderness: and I saw a woman sit upon a scarlet
coloured beast, full of names of blasphemy, having seven heads and ten horns.

4 And the woman was arrayed in purple and scarlet colour, and decked with gold and precious stones and pearls, having a golden cup in her hand full of abominations and filthiness of her fornication:


Dave said (August 11, 2006):

Another well discerned viewpoint on what's really going on. So many people are polarized on the Israel vs. arab world confrontation madness. Most in the U.S. and Europe are beguiled into supporting Israel since Zionists and Jewish dupes control the media and shape their opinion. The rest either support the arabs, are indifferent, or are aware as you. The latter category probably is 5% but growing. Wish more people would read your articles. Usually, I pass them on to people and get no feedback. Most of these people buy the Zionist's agends. The mainstream churches are 501(c)(3) quiet except for the spiritually lost Hagee's Cornerstone Church, Pat Robertson, Falwell, Bennett, et al. Wish more people could understand that it is the Rothschild Freemasonry Illuminati's masonic master plan for New World Order, using their Hegelian Dialectic over and over to achieve their ends. No doubt the latest airline "terrorist" situation is another example of this. British secret agent moles probably infiltrated an anti-Israel arab group and entrapped the suckers with the explosives just to keep the world terrorized. Keep up the fine articles. Have you read Rev. Ted Pike's book on "Israel - Our Duty ... Our Dilemma"? Pretty informative re eschatology.

Elizabeth said (August 9, 2006):

So much of what Mr. Springmeier says in his video lecture and online book about the 13 families is based on his encounters with people who claim to be eye witnesses to sensational activity. For me, establishing his credibility on what can be verified is important in order to gauge the accuracy of that which I would not be able to verify. So far the evidence is not in Mr. Springmeier's favor. I am still keeping an open mind but commentators like Mr. Springmeier should not assume "the masses are all asses" and will simply believe he is credible without trying to verify what can be investigated. Henry, I believe your website tends to have appeal to a number of reasonably intelligent people and just like me they may wish to verify at least some facts before believing a writer is credible. Keep up your interesting and thought provoking commentaries.

Chris said (August 9, 2006):

I fully agree that the Rothchilds/Illuminati cabal are very visible and are indeed very influential. But the Vatican/Jesuits are more dominant(although more covertly--which is the clever part about it). This is because they have a longer history and because they wield control over the world's knowledge.

You may overlook the "keepers of the secrets" aspect of this, but this is the most important.

Question? Why did the US attack Iraq? A liberal would say, because of oil; an avid alternative news reader would say to protect Israel and establish a base--or even, to stop Saddam from trading in Euros.

Sure, these were benefits of attacking, but not the reasons. The real reason was to erase history.

You see, Saddam declared himself King Nebuchadnezzar incarnate. He wanted to build Iraq to the glories of Babylon and showcase ancient relics to reveal secrets of civilization from 7,000 years ago.

No wonder one of the first things that the American army did was to destroy and loot the Iraqi museum. Among the secrets would have been the origins of Sumer and accounts that would've discredited the Old Testament/Torah.

The Illuminati bankers are merely the financial arm. Rothschild just happened to be the strongest one of them and thus trustee of the Vatican's wealth. The long term plan will be for the Vatican to fool everyone into thinking that it can solve the world's problems. It will strip its walls to feed and shelter ALL the world's poor. It will establish peace (by ceasing its own wars). It expects everyone to give it power; then it will transfer it to a some pure blood descendent of Yahweh.

You'll see (The Vatican will have Jerusalem very soon).

David said (August 9, 2006):

You know my position on Fritz Springmeier. I think he’s a fraud and a scoundrel. I’m disappointed to see you refer to him as an “unsung hero of humanity” and “American political prisoner” in your latest article, “The Root Problem: Jews or Illuminati?”

I began reading Mr. Springmeier’s book, “The Illuminati Formula...”, about a year ago and thought I should investigate the authors. I discovered that Fritz Springmeier had changed his name at least once, served time in prison, had divorced twice, and had been arrested on drug and firearm violations. Fritz’s ex-wife will also blow the whistle on Cisco Wheeler, whose real name is Linda Johnson.

I’ve personally spoken with John Stevens, a reporter for The Oregonian who followed Mr. Springmeier’s arrest and conviction for bank robbery, and also Pastor John Torell, who has personally met with Mr. Springmeier and done his own research on the man (he is the author of the web site I refer to below). In addition, I’ve corresponded with Sue Ford in regard to Mr. Springmeier’s authenticity. You may know Sue (a.k.a. Brice Taylor) as the author of “Thanks for the Memories...”. She has met with both Fritz and Cisco Wheeler.

None of these sources would vouch for the reliability of anything Mr. Springmeier has said or written. To the contrary, his credibility was seriously questioned.

This does not mean that everything he has written is false. I’m sure some of it is helpful (as far as it is consistent with other, more credible sources). But when we are dealing with a group as slippery as the Illuminati, extra care should be taken. We are patching together testimony of defectors, whistle-blowers, and other sources – some of which are fakes, some are plants, others are trying to make a buck. My take on Springmeier is that he’s somewhere between a plant and a huckster. Please be careful. He may not be what you think he is.

For more information:

Thanks David,

My assessment is strictly based on the man's work, or at least the portion I read. I also asked other researchers I respect what they think of his work. There is a danger in letting ad hominem information get between us and the man's message, even if some of it is true.


Mark said (August 8, 2006):

It is necessary to grow up within Jewish society to realise that the great majority of Jews are too timid, unimaginative or focused on the commonplace to take any role in a limitless conspiracy.
Therefore, though I laud your effort to do so, it seems to me that any clarifying statements toward that end are foredoomed,while the omnibus accusations will, if anything, stampede The Tribe
into a semblance of said conspiracy for security's sake. The broadly accepted early history of Zionism shows just this, I'd say.

Yes, this time within the times is especially scary, as anything, calculated for or not, may shake out. Baddies and mega-schemers
there will always be, however, so ultimately I must blame ordinary people for all that they pointedly ignored for decades while watching
television and looking for parking space, and for allowing their political lexicon, the DNA of civilised life, to rot into pure drivel.
Make no mistake, we're watching another phase of evolution at work.

Cris said (August 8, 2006):

I have been an avid reader of your articles for the past 3 years, but only until last fall have I started to find your shortcomings. For one, you state that the Illuminati controls all; I beg to differ. It is actually the Vatican that is behind the scenes. Want proof? Well, it started the Bank of England through a charter given by the Bank of Rome. Forget not your history! The Vatican was and continues to be the sponsor of slaughter of indigenous people worldwide. Why? To get rid of knowledge--spiritual, astrological, and divine knowledge that most humans used to posess. If you don't agree, then you will see the Vatican move to Jerusalem, which has already been given to them (from Peres).

You also consider the Illuminati to be Satanists. Here, you are wrong again. The Illuminati may practice rituals and sacrifices, but that does not make them Satanists. The Catholic church has been the bearer of knowledge since it stole it from ancient civilizations. It uses this knowlege to control the masses and to use them as slaves. Knowing how to control the mind, empower the spirit, foresee, and shape one's future were originally humanistic qualities shown to us by Satan. It was your God, Jehova that wanted to keep humans dumb and slaves. It was also Jehovah who required and still requires human sacrifices from his followers, including the Illuminati. The Bible is full of examples.


If you look at history, past and present, the Jesuits are not visible. The Illuminati and their Zionist agents are. Edward House and Bernard Baruch were the minders of at least four Presidents. Look at my articles on historical themes (Churchill, Pearson, Wilkie, WWI, Hitler) and you will see that the central bankers and M1-6 were in control. I suspect the Jesuits are part of the Illuminati in some form.


Lee said (August 7, 2006):

They're excellent movies out there that presence how mind control is being used on the masses. Charles Bronson made an old film called 'Telefon' where a list is stolen of the names of men and women who were brainwashed and programmed to be turned on when they received a phone call with a trigger phased told to them over the phone by an agent. These people were pre-programmed to commit terrorist acts in a future date, prior to WW3. In another movie called, 'Josie and the Pussycats', a threesome teen idol all-girls pop music group, learns that their music is being used to brainwash their fans, to make them dress sexy, act stupid, and worship them. The group dress like Britney Spears/The Spice Girls. References in the movie was made to the Backstreet Boys. In the movie, sublimininal messages were put on the final cut of their CDs. Even in the movie, MTV play the corporation that was behind the plot. The movie is very comical. In the movie messages was being sent via the headphones (iPods). One other thing, they show how certain artists in the past were killed because they found out what was being done to their music. They made reference to this particular (actual) artist; I can't remember his name who was a huge teen idol. He ended up on drugs. The movie is deep!

Phillip said (August 7, 2006):

You have done a great service. I don't know if you are aware of the significance of your article and link to Fritz Springmeier's Be Wise As Serpents. I have read this book before and it is riveting to say the least. It has also been one of the rarest and hard to find books in the world.

The copy I read was borrowed from Denver Theological Seminary and was a pre-print copy with many mistakes in it. Please urge your readers to access this book and they burn it to a floppy disk or to a CD and save it in their files in case it disappears soon.

I believe you are right on the money. The Illuminati is largely made up of Jews but is by no means exclusively run by them. This is especially true if one considers much of the phony Jewry made of up Khazarian peoples.

Isn't it ironic that Ultra-Orthodox Judaism from a Christian perspective would be the brand of Judaism practiced by the Karaites and the Falasha "Jews" of Ethiopia. They believe in the Torah and the rest of the Old Testament but do not teach or hold sacred the Talmud or Kabballah.

Matt said (August 7, 2006):

From my vantage point the principle player and most responsible culprit in this yet unfolding disaster in Lebanon is Israel and its minions (AIPAC, JINSA, the "LOBBY' in general here in the US). They have precipitated this crisis with clear intent to use it to obtain 'full spectrum dominance for Israel' throughout the region for the foreseeable future. They are killing people as we discourse and they are threatening a frightening escalation in the killing if the world doesn't submit to their hideous demands. The key visible players are overwhelmingly Jewish and therefore, I would suggest that this is not something to ignore. While it is doubtless true that the illuminati are predominately not Jewish, the 'boots on the ground' are Jewish and they have nuclear weapons, chemical weapons and biological weapons-- and no inhibitions about killing "arabs". Israel may be a pawn in some complex illuminati end game, but this pawn is poised to check mate the world. I don't think shining a light on the illuminati will provide any tangible results. Instead, let's mobilize to stop Israel and their fellow travelers here in the US before its too late.

John said (August 7, 2006):

I have read many of your articles and have agreed with probably 100% of what your wrote. I must however take exception to your comments regarding the Passion of the Christ being a Satanic film.....because it shows Christ being persecuted. Without a doubt it is easy
to believe that a Satanist would be reveling in the persecution of Christ. But like all unblievers, Satan and his angels will someday be forced to acknowledge that Jesus overcame death despite all the tortue. This is clearly shown at the end of the movie. And in watching the film as a believer (not a satanist) gave
me such profound recognition and confirmation of God's (yahweh's) love for me and everyone. That's what the movie was about. It's possible Mel is being strong armed and set up. It's a shame, but that's what it looks like. Sounds like he is being attacked by the
vipers. Those who call themselves jews, but are not.
We should never judge lest God judge us first.

P.S. I am not some wack Gibson fan. I am a follower of Christ.

Frank said (August 7, 2006):

Excellent short introduction to Fritz Springmeier's work. Especially in context. Maybe John Kaminski never looked too closely at Roman Catholicism! If he did he'd know that, where this issue is concerned, the J-word applies. Except it's "Jesuit", not Jews. Some of us remember the 1950s when the Jebs, as we called them, used to brag openly about how they terrorized children into obedience. As a cult-within-Catholicism it has yet to be examined very closely by anyone.* Fritz Springmeier himself brings up a motley assortment of odd groups ("Druids"?) but misses the much more obvious (and powerful) candidate. Jesuit techniques were so effective Hitler adopted them when he built the SS -- a historical fact anyone can look up. It's not "anti-Catholic", it's a fact.

Best regards,


[email protected]

* Well, Greg Szymanski gave it a shot back in April:

Richard said (August 7, 2006):

I heartily agree with your belief that the Mel Gibson thing is a stunt.
i must tell you, though, that i believe in the end that it is harmful
not just for Christians but also for Jews.

Gibson's expressed anti-Jewish statements allowed for peoples' collective preconscious - if you will - to vicariously voice their own
latent antisemitism. i think it's in the interest of the Illuminati to
deflect all the hatred onto the Jews while they continue to do their thing. Jew hating has a long established track record. Gibson's
statements only serve to enhance antisemitism because the more you talk about it, the bigger it grows in peoples' consciousness. when the
economy goes bad or wars grow worse then, " ah, the Jews."

As far as Christians are concerned, many non discerning ones endorsed the Passion of the Christ, and now their endorsement is not credible because its author is not credible but only sadly pathetic.

Always enjoy your website.

Julian said (August 6, 2006):

I believe in the sincerity of your writings, and find them constantly edifying and instructive.
Anyone who would defend the "four pillars of human identity," expose the flaws of feminism, and champion tradition and morality has to be classed as a friend of humanity and of all the races. The values that you promote are beneficial to the European races as well as the Jewish, and are contrary to many of the
currents that some White racialists identify as "Jewish." So despite the comments (on Phora at that time) claiming that you are a Jewish agent or a Zionist mole, etc. my admiration for your work and belief in your sincerity remain.

Daniel said (August 6, 2006):

Just found out about your site this week. incredibly interesting. just wondered if you had any info. or knew of any sites which can give a good prediction of what to expect in the how exactly will the world war unfold, and in what time scale. i live in israel so am quite concerned of the possible destruction of my country.

You do a great job. your articles are very balanced and thorough. keep up the great work brother!

Thanks Daniel,

I guess it all depends on whether you think Iran already has nuclear weapons. Reports are emerging of an attack on Syria-Iran this autumn.
I would leave if i were you but then I believe Israel was founded for an aggressive purpose unknown to most of its citizens, and ultimately could be sacrificed to build the New World Order. ( Destruction of Israel the excuse for destruction of Iran.) The Illuminati despise all nationalisms, including Jewish.
I am just speculating and I hope I am wrong.


Jean fromHungary said (August 6, 2006):

Jews or illuminati? I may be wrong but I would say: serial-killers who are self-pretended „God chosen” jews and can be indifferently called illuminati, luciferian, satanists, „shabbateans frankists”, kabbalists, etc... The jews themselves should judge and expel from their ranks these psychopaths who dishonour them in often presenting themselves as the beacons of the Jewry.

If the majority of the jews -or at least of their religious leaders- don`t take position, how can they expect the rest of the humanity to be more clever than themselves and able to make a difference between the good and the bad jews? The terrible crimes of a few self-pretended jews are on the way to stir a planetary „antisemitism”. Im sorry for that because the jews are my brethren and also because those who feel "antisemitism" harm their own soul. „Antisemitism” can only profit to the above mentioned psychopaths who want to transform the jews in a psychologically self-insulated caste (the „us and them” syndroma) in order to use them more conveniently in their conspiracy against God and the mankind . For those who believe in being more than blood and flesh, „antisemitism” is a no-way street.

Of course, there are also many "goyims" in the ranks of the new world dis-order serial-killer psychopaths and they should be judged too. However, in my opinion, THE REAL CULPRITS ARE THOSE WHO HAVE THE REAL POWER and, in the „modern” societies, the name of the real power is MONEY. Who control (since centuries) the MONEY? Who control (since centuries) the western world politics through the control of the MONEY? Who is trying to control the minds of the ordinary people in the western world through the media and the entertainment business as well as through the education system they control with their MONEY? Who said „let me issue and control a nation's MONEY and I care not who writes the laws"?

If the jews don`t wake up, they will themselves unwittingly destroy whatever they call „Jewry” because, once the new world dis-order times will be gone, too much negativity will have become linked to what is called „jewishness” and, thus, the today`s jews` grand children will no more be wanting to be a „jew” themselves. Unless... Lucifer is going to take hold of the mankind and then, sooner or later, our spaceships will encounter other civilizations in the galaxy and these ships will have on board a Babylonian Talmud as our „peace” message ( then, it will be only a matter of time before we will be annihilated by another species to whom we will leave no choice.


Thanks Jean,

Good points but I don't notice any group of people disowning the "serial killers" who have taken control of their specific group.


Jose said (August 6, 2006):

Dear Henry,

I am writing from Spain...i am a Journalist. I recently discovered your web-site, looks interesting and provides lots of interesting information...concerning the question "Illuminati or Jews?" i do not know the answer but what i know is that Jews have played prominent role in the Illuminati.

An answer to the question you posed in your column was provided by one of the fathers of the American Republic back in 1781, Benjamin Franklin. In a letter he sent to the then American President Adams (26/11/1781) from Paris he wrote:

"....There is a great danger for the United States of America. That great danger is the Jew. Gentlemen , in whichever land the Jews have settled, they have depressed the moral level and lowered the degree of commercial honesty. They have created a State within a State, and when they are opposed, they attempted to strangle the nation financially as in the case of Portugal and Spain...they have lowered its (state) moral tone; depreciated its commercial integrity; have segregated themselves and have not been assimilated; have sneered at and tried to undermine the Christian religion upon which that nation is founded, by objecting to its restrictions; have built up a state within the state; and when opposed have tried to strangle that country to death financially, as in the case of Spain and Portugal.... For more than 1700 years they have lamented their sorrowful fate, namely that they were driven out of the motherland; but gentlemen, if the civilized world today should give them back Palestine as their property , they would immediately find pressing reasons for not returning there. Why? Because they are vampires and cannot live on other vampires. They cannot live among themselves. They must live among Christians and others who do not belong to their race....If they are not excluded from the United States by the Constitution, within less than a hundred years they will stream into our country in such numbers that they will rule and destroy us, and change our form of government for which Americans have shed their blood and sacrificed life, property and personal freedom. If the Jews are not excluded, within 200 years our children will be working in the fields to feed the Jews, while they remain in the Counting House gleefully rubbing their hands...I warn you, gentlemen, if you do not exclude the Jew forever, your children`s children will curse you in your grave....Their ideas are not those of Americans. The leopard cannot change his spots. The Jews are a danger to this land, and if they are allowed to enter, they will imperil its institutions....They should be excluded by the Constitution"

(From the written records of CHARLES PINCKNEY of South Carolina, of the proceedings during the drafting of the Constitution in 1789 concerning the statement of BENJAMIN FRANKLIN at the convention concerning Jewish immigration. (Original in the Franklin Institute, Philadelphia.)

Please, would you be so kind as to either post this letter in your Web-site or comment on that? Americans should and have the right to to know about the warning that one of their founding fathers gave to them.

Thanks Jose,

This may be an example of what I am talking about-diverting the blame. Franklin was a big time Freemason and so were all the founding fathers. America was founded to be an illuminati state.


D said (August 6, 2006):

Dear Henry,

I read you along with several others including Kaminski. Somehow is seems like you essentially cite the same world problems, but in different fashions.

Kaminski said in an email to me That "you are a shill, putting the blame on various sources".

It seems your focus is on the "Illuminati", which I agree with, and your sources appear to be unquestionable. Kamininski asks to debate several people, but did not mention you. Maybe you should offer to debate him and settle your differences.

I have been around through the depression, WW 2 and have seen in a somewhat different light what you write about.

Keep up writing, you make life worth living.

Ron said (August 5, 2006):

Bottom line is , it makes no difference whether the illuminati or the zionist Jews are causing the world's woes , their controllers are satan and his demon army , and their end is coming at har-mageddon . The bible specifically states that everything the collective truth seeking community is publishing regarding the ' agenda ' , must happen first so that Jehovah's name can be exonerated beyond doubt . In full view of all life , spirit and flesh , he will prove that man has dominated man to his injury , since Eden , and that only his kingdom can rectify our sad plight.

Then , when the wicked are removed by his son , the meek will inherit the earth and his universal sovereignty will be vindicated for all time , and a resurrection of billions of innocent humans will take place . I still wish I hadn't learned of the ' agenda ' though , life was much less complicated .

Dan said (August 5, 2006):

I spent about a year continuing to research Sprinmeier's "crimes" as new information bubbled up here and there. My conclusion of my own 'inquest' is that there wasn't a shred of evidence that he was any of the following:

1. Armed bankrobber: I don't buy it--no criminal history, no report of a 'weapons cache' or life long gun obsession (they would have said that loudly if they could have used it).

2. White supremacist. I didn't get that from the writings. Also, the prosecution's alleged link was through his corresponding with and lecturing to the "Christian patriot movement"....which is an FBI COINTELPRO created and directed 'movement' anyway.

3. Anti-semite: You've obviously read his material and don't think so either. I never read "Jewish conspiracy" anywhere in it. He called an Illuminatus where he found one. The Rothchild patriarch was Illuminati. Fritz also included Albert Pike, Joseph Mengele, Walt Disney, and the Kennedy family, DuPont, Rockefeller, and all the rest of them. An anti-semite would always come up with a way to say any gentiles involved were 'secret Jews'. Fritz never said anything of the kind. It's a devil cult, based on genetic pschopathy irregardlesss of race or creed.

Larry said (August 5, 2006):

The end goal is to create an entire planet of mind control slaves? Shoot. They've already got a planet of willing volunteers.

My Dad died before I knew doodly-squat about the New World Order. He was a Mason. I never became one because, despite what Albert Pike declared, it's blatantly obvious that the Masonic god is "The Brotherhood" itself. Like you once wisely stated, Masonry is Judaism for Gentiles.

So I don't completely buy Fritz's mind control scenario other than it being yet another psy-ops to give a lot of people a convenient excuse. It's like Flip Wilson's Geraldine saying, "The Devil made me do it!"

Bob said (August 5, 2006):

It pains me to see how my family members and friends have been totally
bamboozled as to what and who is shaping world events.the illuminati are
truly masters of deception.oh and whats up with oliver stone diecting the
new world trade center movie starring nicolas cage [he must be a part of it
i think] .for awhile i thought oliver stone was a maverick in hollywood.

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