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Good News! Why the Media Embraced "9-11 Truth"

September 8, 2006

By Henry Makow Ph.D.

Last week
TIME Magazine and The Washington Post ran almost balanced and sympathetic stories about "the 9-11 Truth Movement."

These publications define reality for millions of unsuspecting Americans. Why would they legitimize a conspiracy view that implicates their owners, the Illuminati central bankers? Why would they publicize discrepancies that they have been covering up for five years?

Imagine you're in a meeting with the central bankers who control the American mass media and government. You're the successor of PR whiz Edward Bernays.

"Edward," they say, "the matrix is starting to unravel. A third of Americans believe their government was responsible for 9-11. Damn the Internet! What are we going to do?"

If I were Bernays, I would reply: "Depends if you're planning another false flag terrorist event, martial law and an attack on Iran. If so, I would continue to ignore and marginalize this movement. You don’t want to give them a huge boost in credibility at this time."

"Eddie," they reply, "it's too late for all that nasty stuff. Nobody that matters believes in the terror threat any more. Israel got a bloody nose in Lebanon and can't attack Iran. The military has its hands full in Iraq. The generals are in revolt. Plus the Internet is full of stories blaming the Mossad and Israel. Anti Semitism is on the rise. "

"Don't panic boys," I tell them. "I have the answer. What we need is a "Time-Out" to restore everybody's faith in the system. We need a return to the Democratic Party, a return to the sanity of the Carter or Clinton eras, a break from those mean ugly corrupt Republicans."

"How do we do that?" the bankers ask.

"Think Daniel Ellsberg and The Pentagon Papers. Think Michael Moore and "Farhenheit 911" We need to shift responsibility for 9-11 onto Dubya's shoulders and away from Silverstein and the Mossad, the neo-cons and us. We need to reposition the 9-11 Truth-ers in the mold of the 1960's anti-war movement and focus everyone on hating the 'government.' Then we'll elect Democrats in November and [New Mexico Governor]Bill Richardson, or someone like him, in 2008. It will be a time of renewal, a kinder gentler fascism. We'll have time to plan the next step."

"Where do we begin?"

"Why not do a TIME cover story on those kids that made the Internet movie "Loose Change"? They don’t mention the dancing laughing Mossad agents with explosives in their van who were arrested 'documenting the event' , do they? Portray the kids as participating in the "great American tradition of self reliance and non conformist anti authoritarian dissent. They're fighting the power." [exact words TIME uses] Maybe we could bring Bob Dylan in on this."

"Eddie, this is dangerous. That film shows that Larry [Silverstein] ordered the demolition of WTC 7 the same day. Are Americans so stupid as to believe that this 47-storey building was wired for demolition, and WTC–1 and WTC-2 weren't? Surely they'll figure out that all three were demolished and a plane was supposed to hit WTC-7. We'll all be hung for mass murder."

"Guys. Don’t worry. The people believe what they're told not their own eyes or common sense. We won’t mention WTC-7 in the article. We'll just focus on a couple of points and have our paid flunkies, I mean 'experts' refute them.  It'll be our experts and against theirs and the people will be confused. They'll blame Dubya and think the media is objective and doing its job."

"Is one story enough?"

"Put another one in The Washington Post focused on David Ray Griffin. We'll call it something like  "The Disbelievers." Mention the Mossad a couple of times in passing but not the German Intelligence (BND) Report that says the Mossad organized the whole event (with Bush's foreknowledge.) The important thing is to emphasize that the 'government' did this. It was an "inside job." Dubya will take the fall in the public's mind."


At the risk of sounding optimistic, the mainstream coverage of the 9-11 Truth movement may indicate that we will not have an Iran attack and another false-flag terrorist event soon. I think the bankers are scared they are losing control of the American mind. Dubya has been very useful to them but it's time for him to go.

The only danger is that he and Cheney will do something desperate to hold on to power beyond their second term. But, without the cooperation of the media, they can't succeed.  I think they know it and will take their money and exit gracefully.

For once, I am making a prediction that I hope will be correct!

Americans Blame Bush for 9-11 Attacks

WASHINGTON (CNN) -- The percentage of Americans who blame the Bush administration for the September 11, 2001, attacks on New York and Washington has risen from almost a third to almost half over the past four years, a CNN poll released Monday found.

Asked whether they blame the Bush administration for the attacks, 45 percent said either a "great deal" or a "moderate amount," up from 32 percent in a June 2002 CNN/USA Today/Gallup poll.

But the Clinton administration did not get off lightly either. The latest poll, conducted by Opinion Research Corporation for CNN, found that 41 percent of respondents blamed his administration a "great deal" or a "moderate amount" for the attacks.

That's only slightly less than the 45 percent who blamed his administration in a poll carried out less than a week after the attacks.

Still, most Americans appear to be fatalistic, with more than half -- 57 percent -- saying they think that terrorists will "always find a way to launch attacks no matter what the U.S. government does."

The poll was carried out August 30 through September 2 by Opinion Research Corp. with 1,004 American adults questioned by telephone. The sampling error for the questions was 3 percentage points.

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Comments for "Good News! Why the Media Embraced "9-11 Truth""

Cheryl said (September 14, 2006):

What a brilliant, arrow-sharp analysis. I couldn't figure out what was going on.

And, as you know, the CBC put on their own (highly edited) version of the leading conspiracy theories last Sunday night (Sept. 10) on "CBC SUNDAY" at 10:30 pm.

Of course, they backtracked Tuesday night with an 'op-ed' piece by stooge Rex Murphy.

God bless you and yours --

Robert said (September 13, 2006):

Henry, though Keith does not go far enough for me, this is a step in the right direction. I, among many here, believe that Bush and Cheney planned and conducted the whole 9/11 scenario. The over-the-top demonstrations of "patriotism" here have been obscene, an obvious orchestrated attempt by the perpetrators to overwhelm and suppress the doubters and truth-seekers. The manipulative exploitation of children is particularly offensive. I can't view "news" footage of our President without becoming sick at the realization that my Country is "led" by a mentally, physically and spiritually impaired psychopath. Bob

David said (September 13, 2006):

Hi Henry. Found this. Very disturbing

"In the context of 9/11 it also needs to be pointed out that Rabbi Dov Zakheim was Chief Executive Officer of System Planning Corporation's International Division until President George W. Bush appointed him Undersecretary of Defense and Comptroller of the Pentagon. Not long before Rabbi Zakheim rose to power over the Pentagon's labyrinthine, bottomless accounts, he co-authored an article entitled "Rebuilding America's Defenses: Strategy, Forces and Resources for a New Century" which was published by The Project for a New American Century in September 2000, exactly a year before 9/11; in this article, on page 51, it is stated that "the process of transformation, even if it brings revolutionary change, is likely to be a long one, absent some catastrophic and catalyzing event - like a new Pearl Harbor"! Voila! 9/11!"

Anyone else done any research on this stealthy, never-mentioned "undersecretary of defense" (authority) and controller of the Pentagon (funding/power)? TIME TO PUT THIS NAME AT THE FORE OF CHIEF SUSPECTS---and, without apology, here is a obviously Jewish/Zionist (Rothchild agent) man of authority, with the remote-control expertise (CEO of System Planning Corporation--aircraft remote control tech!), with authority just under Rumsfeld, the PNAC policy WRITER (talk about central figure!), and the power of shifting funds within the Pentagon itself! This suspect shows Motive, Means, and Opportunity...all in ONE MAN! I believe he could very well be THE MASTERMIND OF 9/11! (Amazing how he is never mentioned in press either).
POST ANYTHING ON THIS MAN!! Time to indict, not an Arab, but a Jew!



I am familiar with this information but in case others aren't, I will post your email in full.
No doubt he is one of the players who would need to be indicted and jailed before they could flee to israel.


Steven said (September 13, 2006):

The other night Rex Murphy was on the CBC and he blasted all the statements, accusations and theories concerning the activities of the new world order movement through out history. Basicly he supported the official fairy tales fed to the gullable public. This is to my way of thinking strong evidence that the establishment is attempting to defend its cover stories and ridicule its critics. Like they say he who denies it supplies it. What is needed in the short term is to get the public to recognize this. If the official history is true it needs no defence by the likes of Rex Murphy and his ilk.

Sal said (September 12, 2006):

Excellent article again! I have always been perplexed why Alex Jones and Loose Change never brought up the Israeli connection to 911 or at least the huge spy ring exposed prior to 911 and the many Mossad agents detained shortly afterwards. Also, I hate to be the pessimistic one here, but there is no way the World or
the US will ever be the same or return to a glance of what was pre 911. The Turn of the millennium and the impending collapse of the US economy, coupled with the blue prints of a new world order by 2012 signal these demons are for real. They do not care for what the
people know or what they are being exposed to in the way of the truth. It is in fact part of their plan to give us a peak at their plans and actions. Do you not see how evil is so apparent all around us. They are in advertising, movies and on our evening news telling us that they are here and that we are doomed if do and
doomed if we don�t. Wishful thinking in times like these may be helpful for our psyche but�My prediction, look for 2007 to be a very telling year of what we are in for--false flag ops, Iran & Syria war, military draft, and Martial Law.

Kevin said (September 11, 2006):

[IN Defence of the Mossad]
Today, it matters little whose intelligence agency is involved in the implimentation of covert operations, they all working directly or indirectly for the same people at the higher levels.Remember, intelligence is always compartimentalized. Today's intelligence is largely controlled by Globalists who are in the process of attempting to organize economic
and administrative blocks like the EU, and the impending North American union. Also, recall how Governments have each others intelligence services do the dirty work for the other, thereafter, leaving the country of their respective operations. The CIA, for instance, has done dirty work in Israel.
In my view, there is little sense in advancing a fragmented or simplistic view of the situation.

Xin in Malaysia said (September 11, 2006):

Bush proved to be the most useful so far in American history of weak presidents. There are enough crimes on record to convict the family, along with war criminals associated with him.

What more can be satisfying for us all who are aghast at what is being done with impunity? There is a rage inside and a sense of helplessness. A radical act of apprehending the powerful and invincible must be most ecstatic that transcend borders. Or at least stop them.

My take is that, for the anti-Christ to be acceptable to the whole world, in the new system, say about in a decade, he will be the one who will 'wipe away' tears of frustrating anger due to war crimes against humanity.

Drew said (September 11, 2006):

Since in the minds of the democratic leaning
youth Bush and Cheney carried out 9-11 with the help of course of arab terrorists who worked for Bin Laden, will it be mentioned in the media how
the Clinton administration refused to take Bin Laden back in the late nineties? Correct me if I'm wrong but I think it was Sudan that offered to arrest him. Will the media when they play the 'let's get these bad republicans out of office' card, end up talking about this?

I think we all know the answer to that.

Liz said (September 10, 2006):

Phelan stated,[below] "I have handed my intense anger about this government over to Him, but I find the daily river of lies less and less easy to stomach.

Keep it up, Phalen, that way you stay out of the paradigm and able to see the show for clearly what it is. It is an EMOTIONAL MANIPULATION, so when you feel the emotions starting, that is your cue (like the oil light going off in your car) to check in with your Heavenly Father.

'God laughs at the plans of the wicked.' Nothing is happening that is not under His control. IF you believe in God -- not the god of G.W. Bush or the god of O'steen many of the so-called evangelicals -- there is a good web site that you may want to check out.

Sue said (September 10, 2006):

Have read all the books on the subject...have read everything I can get my hands on about bush and the bush crime family...there is no doubt in my mind that bush, cheney, wolfowitz, perle and a few higher up than they are...planned and carried out these demolitions....the facts by the 911 connision....was a coverup of both demorats and repukes....

We are destined to have another attack....with bush in the white house...he must be impeached for his crimes that is the only way to show our enemies that democracy does work...when leaders go outside the law of the consitution and itnernationl law...there is a remedy of the people...its called impeachement...if we dont do this...the United state will become rome and just like all the other empires before us...history.

Jean from Hungary said (September 10, 2006):

These mainstream media articles you mention are indeed clearly critical to the 9/11 Commission report and you may be right in that the central bankers have decided to get rid of G. Bush. However, I doubt they can wait until the next US presidential elections to have the Iranian sovereignty destroyed in order to trigger their so much needed world war. In my opinion, the resignation of T. Blair may indicate that the bankers are on the way to make G. Bush resign too. If the latter were involved in the 9/11 events altogether with the G. Bush administration, they have probably all the material to blackmail Bush. And their control over the US Intelligence has probably allowed them to suppress any material which could have been used against themselves.

One of the reasons I think the bankers cannot wait until 2008 is that the US as well as the Israeli civil and military oppositions to the war are seriously growing. Another reason is that Iran is building a multi-level aerial defense system cloned from the Russian system; only a massive nuclear attack could overcome this which would involve the irradiation of the whole Iranian neighbourhood, including Israel and such a precious ally asTurkey. So, I am afraid that either G. Bush will resign and his successor will lick the bankers` asses or the bankers will blackmail Bush to do what they want. Meanwhile, I am still naively hoping that Dubya will surprise us.

Herb said (September 10, 2006):

Perhaps this incredibly damning information is casually revealed by the illuminist as a gauge. They need to sample and test their product which is the synthetic culture in which we live.

The other week The History Channel aired a program discussing the CIA and mind control. Why?

You can watch it here:

In September of 2004, before elections, In Touch magazine, a Hollywood tabloid featured an article that stated factually that both Bush and Kerry where of aristocratic bloodlines and PBS has done many expos�s on how the US government operates. Why?

The best way the illuminist can kill resistance is to embrace it popularizing it into there synthetic culture and it will wither away like the peace movement in the 1960s. Nixon said he would bring the troops home, and the resistance died out, yet bombing escalated as never before. Then the illuminist turned resistance into the sex drugs and rock and roll counter culture. Another coup tightens the web of control.

It�s a pressure gauge and they are letting out some pressure.

Paul said (September 9, 2006):

Hi Henry,

Kudos to you for another great article.

I would like to stress, though, that the reason the Establishment is being forced to acknowledge 9/11 Truth is because of the very active and very persistent efforts of a great many Americans (and people around the world) who are tirelessly laboring to expose the truth of this event and the corruption that has seized our government.

I for one spam Congress w/ 30-40 faxes each day focusing solely on 9/11 Truth, asking why Congress has dropped the ball on rooting out the traitors in our own government who were cleraly responsible for this atrocity. I end each message I send w/ a couple sentences like this:

Remember, we know that the atrocities of 9/11 were carried out by criminal elements operating within the U.S. government and military industrial complex.

I urge you to fulfill your Congressional responsibility to seek out and reign in these rogue, criminal elements operating in the U.S. government, before it is too late and they go forward with another, even more dreadful, terrorist attacks against this nation.

If all Americans did likewise, the pressure we would put on this government to finally come out w/ the truth about 9/11 would be unbelievable, and the government would be forced to give us at least a few guilty "insiders" to be put on trial for their crimes. This crime is so enormous that we might - if we were persistent enough - even force this government to simply dissolve, in the way the Soviet Union simply dissolved w/o spilling any blood, allowing us to then move in to re-establish a Constitutional Republic in Washington, the way the Framers intended.


Thanks Paul,

The 9-11 truth-ers are the people who had the courage to say "the emperor has no clothes." They deserve our gratitude for forcing the elite's hand, and perhaps making them back down. We all have to keep up the good fight!


Gary said (September 9, 2006):

I very much enjoyed your article "Why the Media Embraced "9-11 Truth" It seems like a plausible scenario. In fact it seems like the nation is swinging towards the democratic side, and I have heard from inside the movement itself that perhaps we should side with the Dems and make them take action against the Bush & Co. I think that no mater who is voted for the same agenda will unfold, so the real question is how do we get someone in power that will truly represent us? Is voting for the Dems the answer or are we just playing into their game?

Gary Franchi


Dear Gary,

I would steer clear of the Dems. They have been in the pockets of the Rothschilds ever since August Belmont and Bernard Baruch funded them.


RC said (September 9, 2006):

This past week there was a half ass media response to a british mini series depicting the cancellation of a "gwb" (excuse me but i don't want to trigger a flag in some room ) This outcry somehow dissappeared but i was left thinking if this warning to the man from the powers that be at the crown.

Also the prior presidents outcry about the american abc miniseries where he clearly asked for the truth to be told. hmm am i paranoid or something?



Phelan said (September 9, 2006):

Dear Henry, Good take on the travesty. Nancy [below] et al need to remember 'God laughs at the plans of the wicked.' I have handed my intense anger about this government over to Him, but I find the daily river of lies less and less easy to stomach. These past two days, the msm has resurrected the Iraq/Al Queda connection because, on live TV Bush was asked what did Iraq have to do with 9/11 and he immediately answered, 'Nothing.'
He is becoming increasingly unintelligible.
God help us all.

Nancy from Iowa said (September 9, 2006):

I just read your article posted at on 9/11. In closing you say,
" I think they'll take their money and exit gracefully." Does this mean they will not be exposed and will not face punishment for their complicity? Even though you feel optimistic, I find this very, very discouraging that they will not be brought to justice. My husband and oldest son think I'm nuts for not believing the government's story, and I want to be vindicated! Thanks.


Your are right but the system canot acknowledge the truth and survive.


Travis said (September 9, 2006):

I've been doing alot of thinking on these things, Ive been wrestling with depression, and thankfully a a much needed positive personal
transformation. I started practicing meditation daily, and I think its helped me alot with my perspective on things.

This reality that weve been paying close attention to is definately dark. Shadow governments are no joke and have been around us for awhile. Bt, this is just one aspect of our condition. Tere is much good out
around us too. It may not be apparent in the behavior of others(most of us are stressed) but its there. At least in the universe. Life is
beautiful and its everywhere. And we are definately are part of it! that is very reassuring to me.

I feel that we have to embody our protest in every thought and action that we do in the world. the things that we buy, taking money out of banks and stuff like that, make this our basis of change. A good comprehensive organized movement of doers in our everyday life. Show
people where this power in our daily lives is! And how are individual actions reverberate everywhere!

Thank you for your ear, because you certainly have mine with your writing. God bless and keep your mind and body strong, sir

George said (September 9, 2006):

Thank you for being Mr. Makow!

I heard this statement from my father many times growing up....

"There is only one military in the world. There is only one police force. The job of politicians is to make the wars look real. All wars are economic and all wars are engineered."

There you have it in a nutshell.

William said (September 9, 2006):

Henry, I had a jolly good time reading that! A+. I hope you're right also. The old Modified Limited Hang-Out (better known as a lie) is
their best hand to play right now.

Ed said (September 8, 2006):

I had a much different take on the article. I did not find it balanced, although they did let out more information than any corporate media of the past. The flavoring was pro-government interpretation. I do not disagree with your overall assessment of the situation of the democrat fascists taking over for the republican fascists. The article tended to dismiss the evidence of 911 truthers. "But there's a big problem with Loose Change and with most other conspiracy theories. The more you think about them, the more you realize how much they depend on circumstantial evidence" is hardly a statement giving credence.

They also concentrated on the weakest part of Loose Change - that no 757 hit the pentagon. Indeed recent evidence seems to prove one did. It is a point that Loose Change: Final Cut will hopefully deal with.

It is my opinion the piece was just another hit piece on 911 truthers. It was put out only because complete ovoidance could no longer justified with 36% of the US believing our government did or assisted in the destruction.

Thanks Ed,

No wreckage on the Pentagon lawn or in Pennsylvania is hardly "circumstantial evidence." Even if they downplayed the movement, they took a huge gamble by giving it this publicity.


Ryan said (September 8, 2006):

In your article "Why the Media Embraced "9-11 Truth" you put forward the opnion that the mainstream media is picking up the 9-11 story in order to pin the blame on the patsies instead of the true criminals. In reality they are most likely trying to "own" the 9-11 truth movement and discredit it all together with straw-man theories. Do you truly believe that Cheney and Bush will take the fall for orchestrating 9-11? I know they are just taking orders from above but if they are found by the general public to have carried out the 9-11 attacks wouldn't they be lynched by the american public? If this happened would it be reasonable to think that Cheney, Bush et al. might expose their handlers which would been the end of the New World Order.

Instead the mass mainstream media will attempt to take over some of the softer versions of 9-11 conspiracies in an attempt to whitewash the overall event. At the same time they will use ridiculous theories like no planes hitting the towers and unprovable ones like no plane hitting the pentagon in order to discredit the hardcore 9-11 theories. I do agree with your idea that we will see the renewal of the democrat party, which will unfortunately put most people back to sleep.


I believe Bush and Cheney will take the fall in the public's mind and the Democrats will take their place. I don't expect them to actually accept their due.

Kurt said (September 8, 2006):

I'm smiling while I type this. You always give the realistic viewpoint
which typically is dismal. What you're saying is still realistic, but
it's nice to hear some potentially good news. Enthusiasm must be
tempered with the knowledge that the evil is still there, but if it
gives us some temporary relief, then maybe this exposure will create a
backlash that will serve to make people more aware of what the media has
hidden, and how fragile the vestige of our freedom is.

Keeping the faith,

Robert said (September 8, 2006):

Good article. I believe that it will be 2008 before we see the next attack on US soil. Part of the problem is that there are some fanatical whackos out there who are NOT in the know with the elitist at the top. Those fools will pull off there own attack without any backing from the top.

With the hopes of controlling everything, some nuts fall through the cracks that do not see the "big" picture.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at