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An Appeal to the Illuminati

September 23, 2006

By Henry Makow Ph.D.

God is trying to realize Himself through mankind. This is the essence of all true religion. The Creator has infused human life with snowflake perfection. Man need only discern this design to discover indescribable beauty, peace and happiness.

A loving bliss is at the heart of human life. Our worldly desires for money, sex (romance) and power are vain attempts to conjure it. But the more we pursue this counterfeit, the further we stray from the true source. The pursuit of worldly desires tends to enslave the soul. Bliss requires that we outgrow these desires.

A relatively small clique is enslaving humanity. This is the London-based central banking cartel that controls the credit of most nations and is the mainspring of the Illuminati which controls Freemasonry. It has filched the government's credit card and can buy anything/anyone and charge the taxpayer. 

Few mortals could resist this temptation to own the world. The Illuminati want to be God and define reality according to their own dysfunction and arrested development. They want to expunge our belief in God (natural and moral order) and ensure mankind does not evolve as intended. Lucifer is their god; alienation,  revolution, dysfunction and decadence are their form of worship.

They want us to miss our Divine Rendezvous and languish in a drab prison cell with a television blasting money, sex (romance) and violence 24/7. Prisoners themselves , they would induct us into their private hell.

Look at the mass media which they control. Do you see anything that warms your heart and reminds you of what it means to be human? Anything that expresses and fosters love for people? Anything that ennobles, (truly) educates, uplifts and empowers? Anything that encourages you to join with likeminded people and work together?

Ironically their gazillions of dollars cannot buy them what they really want. Like you and I, they want to be loved. Right now they hate people and people hate them. But if they were genuine benefactors, rather than  "philanthropists" with a perverse secret agenda, they would be loved.

We are their debt slaves. Our governments owe them trillions supposedly. In fact, they owe us trillions since we paid interest in real money for their imaginary loans. Let's make a deal. We'll forgive their debt if they relinquish control of the world's central banks.

Aaron Russo's film "America: From Freedom to Fascism" makes clear that we must return the moneymaking function to democratically-elected governments. This is the key to ending the cycle of war and depression that has afflicted humanity for centuries. This will remove the dead hand thwarting  mankind's spiritual and cultural development.

We are approaching a very critical period. More and more people recognize that 9-11 was a controlled demolition, a premeditated mass murder. Look at the video "9-11 Myths: Demolition." In the rubble, the steel central columns stick out like proverbial sore thumbs. They were cleanly sliced at a 45-degree angle by thermite charges, like a buzz saw cuts a mighty oak.

It's hard to believe the perpetrators thought they'd get away with this. Using state terrorism, they are imposing a 1984 tyranny to protect themselves from prosecution. They are fomenting a gratuitous "clash of civilizations" a "never ending war" to further control and degrade us.

I say to them. Find your bliss in the only place it exists, in the service of God and love of humanity. You cannot cheat the truth nor feel good without being good. Your path leads to hell and you will not escape the inferno.

Right now humanity is lost and demoralized. But the tide is already turning.  The truth is the most powerful force in the universe. Choose to be loved. Rejoin mankind and help us assume our Divine destiny.

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Comments for "An Appeal to the Illuminati"

Richard said (September 29, 2006):

With regard to Manny's assertion [below] that the notion of God seeking self-realization through mankind is an Hegelian idea, I beg to differ. Hegel is a Johnny come lately.

The sufi explanation of the reason for creation is that God, who is love itself, longed to experience the nature of his own being. In order to experience this love, God as transcendant, the Hidden, brought forth creation, the Manifest ~ these are two of the 99 names and aspects of God known from the Qur'an in Islam.

These aspects can be seen in nature through qualities, actions, and attributes which are often paired, such as advancement and delay, abasement and exaltation, the giving of life and death. All aspects of creation are composed of paired opposing characteristics and derive from God's love, itself the original principle behind the whole of manifestation. Love (al Wadud) is one of the 99 beautiful names of the Divine which stands alone, unpaired.

That is why the fulfillment of the purpose of life lies in the realization and manifestation of the love principle.

"I was a hidden, a secret treasure, desiring to be known. And so I created mankind."

~ 13th century muslim sufi Jalaluddin Rumi

This is an allusion to the hadith qudsi in which God declares, "I was a hidden treasure, so I wanted to be known." The universe performs a service as God's mirror in order that God might behold his attributes. Mankind fulfills a special role in this universe in reflecting God's recognition of the hidden treasure (i.e. God) within themselves.

A hadith is a saying of the prophet Muhammad transmitted outside the Qur'an through a chain of known intermediaries. There are two kinds of hadith: hadith qudsi (sacred sentence), a direct revelation, in which God speaks in the first person by the mouth of the prophet, and hadith nabawi (prophetic sentence), an indirect revelation in which the prophet speaks as himself.

The same notion of the hidden and the manifest as two aspects of creation, one recognizing itself in the other ~ more correctly, one recognizing the other as him or herself, the unitary divine, dates back at least several millenia to the post-Vedic period in India. Purusha and Prakriti are male and female attributes, the manifestation of consciousness out of the plenipotentiary void. God manifesting in order that the manifestation of Divine consciousness may become self-aware and experience Divine love.

This is ancient wisdom that continues to manifest across the boundaries of culture and time. It is certainly not to be mistaken for dialectical materialism. This notion that you expressed in your essay, Henry is the pith from the core, arguably the most profound mystery accessible to humankind, and one of God's greatests gifts to us.
In your response to Cliff ( now inexplicably missing from your site) you wrote: "I identify God with spiritual ideals which I believe are the only reality and are absolute. I am talking about justice, love, peace, beauty and truth." This is beautifully stated. You might be interested to know that among the 99 beautiful names of God found in the Qur'an, are included, al 'Adl ~ the Just, al Wadud ~ Love, as Salaam ~ Peace, al Musawwir ~ the Shaper of Beauty, al Haqq ~ the Truth, and al Ahad ~ the Only. For more about this, as well as the intimate connections, indeed the linguistic identities, between some of the Hebrew names of God and those found in its Semitic sister language of Arabic, please see .

Perhaps if people could realize that God truly is One, this would inoculate them against some of the machinations of those would attempt to use one religion or another to manipulate or exploit them for selfish and nefarious purposes, such as war.

Manny said (September 29, 2006):

I have been enjoying your columns for some time and admire your courage in speaking out about the sinister forces at play in the world.

In your most recent column, however, you asserted that the essence of authentic religion is the notion that God is trying to realize himself through mankind.

The idea that God's self-realization is contingent on the historical process is actually a Hegelian concept which is antithetical to orthodox Christianity. The tradition teaches that God transcends the created order and is not dependent on it in any way. Man was created out of gratuitous love, not from God's need to realize himself.

I hope you won't find this email pedantic. It's just that our understanding of God is important and Hegel's theology is not only heterodox, but has occult roots. See Glenn Magee, Hegel and the Hermetic Tradition (Cornell Univ. Press, 2001).

Thanks Manny,

I don't mean to suggest that God is dependent on man. I am confident that He is sufficently familiar with human nature to spread His bets. It is really man who depends on God to realize himself.

I do not rely on Hegel or anyone for my conviction. I feel God working patiently on me, and don't believe I am unique.


Max said (September 26, 2006):

I join you in making an appeal to the Illuminati. What most people seem to forget, have a hard time accepting or otherwise don't know, is that approximately 1-2% of the US population are in some ways in the lower
circles of the Illuminati. I've seen numerous
corroborations to this account:

These individuals are often the shills, agent
provocateurs and the like found throughout the
internet who are attempting to hide the obvious truth.

It's an eye opener when you can definitively ID
someone you know as a match fit. After extensive study of these individuals, including a confession from one,it is clear that many are scared, trapped, threatened to contribute to the globalists cause and are only offered the empty promise of a New World Order (hence its public use). I have grown to feel sorry for these
individuals who are forced to lead a troubled life of lies filled with inhuman behavior that leaves them empty and desperate. Using Gods love of forgiveness is the path I choose; I just desire my freedom, not revenge.

Gary said (September 25, 2006):

had the opportunity to talk with Steven Greer in Mt. Shasta a few weeks ago (founder of the Disclosure Project)

He's looked into some of the darkest corners of human endeavor and met with many movers and shakers, as well as those that I'm sure left him feeling in need of a bath.

So, I was impressed when he expressed his feeling that everyone is educatable.

He also expressed this interesting idea - his feeling is that a new evolutionary cycle began about 150 years ago, but that it has been largely highjacked by...let's call them the control group - and that this planet is 50-75 years retrograde of where we ought to be in terms of technological advances in all areas.

He also mentioned that he has been approached by people inside this group that have expressed to him that at least half of these insiders have now acknowledged the destructiveness of this path and would like to see this control effort thwarted and the natural evolutionary cycle be allowed to go forward.

The idea that one can create a hell on earth, and somehow be spared it's consequences, doesn't make alot of sense does it?

interesting times, Gary

ps I came across this quote last night -

"The test of a first-rate intelligence is the ability to hold two opposing ideas in mind at the same time and still retain the ability to function. One should, for example, be able to see that things are hopeless yet be determined to make them otherwise." - F. Scott Fitzgerald (1936) �The Crack-Up�

Clifford Shack said (September 25, 2006):

How do you know that the Illuminati are not serving God?

You are presuming that you know who God is.

I suggest that none of us do. Nor do we know who Satan is.

"Satan" is Hebrew. It denotes someone or some force that impedes progress.

There is the strong possibilty that the Illuminati is serving God and we are impeding their progress.

Are not the Illuminati the realization of God within mankind. Both are centralized all-powerful invisible forces that no one seems to believe in. Why are they invisible?

There is a Yiddish expression: "If God had a house people would throw rocks through
His windows"

As far as 9/11... That was a necessary evil that would have resulted in a lot of rock-throwing. The members of the Illuminati do not relish destructive acts like 9/11 or the attack on Pearl Harbor for that matter. It is the business of transforming a national consciousness and direct it in a specific direction which will eventually benefit all of mankind for a
thousand years.

Clearing the transport routes for the energy needs of the Far East for the next hundred years would not be a popular referendum on Election Day. The newly discovered commercial-grade oil from Central Asia which will supply China's oil in the future was not left up to voters. Yet through manipulated events those same voters would send their sons to die for the safety of the Central Asia- Chinese oil route via 9/11.

Is the Illuminati ordained by God? I'm careful how I answer this question. I don't want a
rock through my window.

Nevertheless this question is explored on

Gee Cliff,

This sounds like the Illuminati itself. I can't believe it is coming from your mouth.

As you may know from my writing, I identify God with spiritual ideals which I believe are the only reality and are absolute. I am talking about justice, love, peace, beauty and truth. I'm sorry you have such difficulty understanding this.

Frankly I'm mystified by your email. 9-11 did not take place to aid China.

Jean from Hungary said (September 25, 2006):

I may be too pessimist but I`m afraid no "Illuminati" will hesitate between love and power. Psychologists know well that an unloved child will, at last, adapt by suppressing her/his need for love. While a beloved child enjoys love and will also be later in position to be a loving parent, how many "Illuminati" have been loved by their progenitors in their childhood?

The "Illuminati" do also their best to eradicate love from our own lives. As a professional therapist, I know about the confidential European statistics showing that one of the favourite schoolyard activity of the 10-12 years boys (!) is to exchange pornographic videos downloaded with their mobile phones. Torture and animal porn videos are the most valued... While, in the EU, many children use a mobile phone (made extremely cheap by the "Illuminati" owned manufacturers to that effect) from the age of 8, the puppet politicians say it`s impossible to suppress the download function on these devices since it would be against the "free market" laws... Most of these porn addicted little boys are led to see girls as mere sexual prey and are more or less unable to feel love and tenderness for their girlfriends. A good way to prepare a whole generation of sexually distorted and frustrated neurotics unable to establish a love based relation with a wife and, thus, to any children born in such unloving relations.

The "Illuminati" don`t want us to love our children since a loving parent cares about what kind of world her/his children will grow up in: those who don`t care about their children are far more more likely to stay all their lifes enslaved by -as you say it in your article- �the pursuit of worldly desires". Remember, all the "Illuminati" need is slaves...

Bill said (September 25, 2006):

We must always remember their power is transient,.that darlness flees in the presence of light.

I like this verse: 'Be not overcome of evil, but overcome evil with good.' - Romans 12:21

And another reads, "Be not weary in well doing for in due season ye shall reap if ye faint not.

Evil can and always will be overcome by Good.

Of late I have been working with people who intend to make it happen with God's help - and it is very refreshing.

Keep up the good work.

David said (September 25, 2006):

Your latest article "Appeal to the Illuminati" hits much closer to the source than trying to predict their next move. In fact, there are a dozen ways they can proceed to continue with their agenda.
However, they cannot escape the simple fact that what they are doing ultimately grinds down to futility. So what if they have riches and power, it is just mindless indulgence repeating over and over down through the generations. That reveals their own hollowness.

Even if they sell to themselves that they are building toward a great culmination, what would that be? Just more of the same garbage or an ultimate apocalyse that destroys the planet. Then what?

Kevin said (September 25, 2006):

Great, great article. Of course it is unlikely that it will have any significant effect on the group to whom it is addressed (but you never know). However, it does give strength to many people, like myself.........and reminds us that the 'opposition' are human too, which is easy to forget.

Dominick said (September 25, 2006):

you claim to be against the NWO, but the above passages testify against you.
manknid is NOT infused with perfection, or inherently good. no, if you took time to read the bible, it is clear that man's thoughts are always evil, that a man's heart is fallen. it is only through grace this fallen state can be overcome. your article smacks of the same new age garbage you rail against.

I'm all for Grace. Do you think we can discern the Divine Order without it?

Harry Katz said (September 25, 2006):

"This world is very interseting and beautiful. God made it beautiful and
people made it interesting.."
So long for a while!

Yes, the last few pages of my "Ask Henry" book are still in tact from
1964 or 1965. They were rescued from my parents' attic before my mother
passed away 2 years ago.
And may I ask Henry, :

What happened to you that such a dark cynicism, such a bitterness took over your soul? You were given everything in life, you had a childhood wisdom, but you squandered it. Is it simply because you had trouble getting
laid? Or is it a deep seated self hatred that we Jews seem to be born with?
Our minds become twisted heaps of wreckage over time, some moreso than others. You have lost the essence, the purity you once had. Rediscover it,
Henry. Come back to this beautiful world. Harry Katz


You're pathetic. I'll be addressing Jewish myopia again soon. H

well, Henry, at least I got you to respond but the sad reality is that you have not found happiness and you never will no matter how deeply you delve into the darkness of your soul and your make believe world of conspiracy
theories and such. Your job, somehow, is to recapture your childhood innocence, and that purity of thought that made you say, "the world is beautiful". Regardless of
what I say- and I believe that I have rediscovered this book for a reason- is to help bring you back to the light and remove some of the rancor that is destroying you.

Harry, Only Jews are so perfect that self criticism denotes self hatred. i am happy but what would I know? I am not the kind of Jew you are, who knows everything, and is never wrong.


Steve said (September 24, 2006):

I think you're missing a vital and fundamental aspect of the whole problem. You tend to incite disgust towards some nebulous Illuminati that appears to have the power to control our lives, what we watch, what we consume.

But, you fail to acknowledge who it is that is doing the consuming of all the poison that the so called "Illuminati" is pouring forth. We give these people all the power they have. No single person is force feeding the mulititudes with alcohol, drugs, television, etc. People choose these things on their own accord. And I don't buy that they choose it because the Illuminati has removed all other wholesome choices.

We live in democracy that allows freedom of information with books, the internet and many word of mouth flow of data. There is fully a whole side of life that is wonderful, wholesome, natural and spiritual. It is so apparent in fact that it is in-your-face on a daily basis. People have an innate goodness that knows right from wrong. We make choices everyday and we know full well what we are doing. When people make the wrong choice they feel it with the repurcussions of that choice.

So, good and evil are both right now and either is only a choice away. We need to stop blaming an outside source for all our ills, whatever form that might take.

I seriously think you are putting forth information that is damaging and dangerous to people. A better approach to life would be to seriously educate ourselves into the ramification of our choices and then with full awareness and responsibility make those choices. Your philosophy will simply wind people up living in some cabin, detached from the "evil" mainstream, disconnected and miserable. You need to seriously think your position through before the information you put forth causes suffering to people.

Dear Steve,

There is nothing chimeral about the Illuminati nor about the fact that it does control most of the choices most people have. Spend more time reading my archives. It's all there.


Louise said (September 24, 2006):

I have just got back from a huge march in Manchester (UK) held the day before the Labour Party Conference - hopefully Tony Blair's last one as Labour Party leader. hired a whole train from Euston, London to Manchester and because the train took 4 hours there and back I had quite a chance to talk to people and get their views.

It was amazing for me to discover how little people understand what is really going on. Coming home tonight and reading your wonderful article, made me feel at last someone understands the total picture!

Thank you for summing the situation up so perfectly - it caught my mood exactly.

Best wishes,

Louise Mclean
Zeus Information Service

Dian said (September 24, 2006):

Matt asks [below], in reference to the Illuminati: "How do you change something that has been corrupt from the very beginning?"

The simple answer is that you don't. You let God's Law give them His Justice, which is their very own harvest, sowed by their own hands, and you just change yourself. Christ said, "Resist not evil." To do so plants more because it does harm to another part of God. This is what it means to "love your enemy", for your enemy is only your enemy in his body and mortal mind, and his soul, too, belongs to God. Only love can teach love. Only peace can teach peace.
All problems are solved by the provision of their opposite. Where there is war, peace is wanting, so bring peace. Where there is hatred, love is wanting, so bring love. Where there are lies, truth is wanting, so bring the truth.

Matt said (September 24, 2006):

I like your articles, Henry, and I have been visiting your site for quite some time now. You present a lot of relevant information, but it seems like you and many of your readers have this rather naive idea that the Elite agenda is only one or two hundred years old. You talk about returning to a "democratically-elected" governenment, but what does that mean? Has America EVER been a democracy in the way that most people view "democracy"? Most people talk about democracy when they don't even know what democracy really means! I mean, which masonic system do you want to revert back to? You and your readers talk about returning to the gold standard, as if that would solve all our problems. Who do you think would own the gold? The same people who have always owned it! America, from it's creation, has been under the control of the Elite families that run the show today. How can you return to any system when that system has been corrupt from the very beginning?

If you don't understand that the plan to enslave humanity and bring about a scientific dictatorship is as old as history itself (and probably older than recorded history), then you don't understand the occult nature of this agenda. If you don't understand the occult in relation to history, you cannot understand what is happening in the world today. What is happening today didn't start with Weishaupt's Illuminati. It didn't start with the Rockefellers and Rothschilds. It didn't start with the creation of the Federal Reserve. This all goes back to the occult and mystery religions, and it's this belief system that has controlled the planet from the beginning of what we call "civilization."

Again, how do you change something that has been corrupt from the very beginning? I don't have an answer to this and I wish I did.

Dian said (September 23, 2006):

Never have I wished so profoundly to give you a huge bearhug.

You have captured the essence of it all, that those who would seek to enslave the world are themselves the endless slaves of their own desires... and look what monstrous acts they commit against mankind in order to achieve them!

Rockefeller created the medical monopoly in North America back in 1897 because he already had one monopoly (on oil and gas, through Standard Oil) and was bored with it. Each time they gain some ground they discover they have gained nothing, because love does not reside in possessions, and they have no real love of their own, only a vague sense of appreciation.

No thing on earth, no monopoly, no power, no wealth, can satisfy what cannot be attained in "things". It truly is more difficult for a rich man to enter Heaven than it is for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle.

"Desire is a trap" is an ancient teaching of Yoga; the word "Yoga" means "union with God". The desires of the Illuminati keep them forever away from the one thing they can never achieve, with all their money, all their weapons, all their secular power: union with God, Who is Love.

One is thus reminded of the quotation "What shall it profit a man should he gain the entire world, but lose his immortal soul?"

Nothing. Absolutely nothing.

There is only one Law we need to keep, for Heaven to exist here. Some of the poorest on earth know it well. It is to recognize that we are all part of the same Source, that we are all one, that to harm anything harms it all.... and to do unto our world only that which we wish our world to return to us.... because it will.

I hope that one day soon you would consent to allow me that bearhug in person. I consider it a most happy circumstance that you share your Light in my own community.

Steve said (September 23, 2006):

When I clicked on your website, this came up:

"quest for URL blocked by Microskills Admins: denied for racist/ethnic intolerance, militant/extremist."

Isn't it comfortable to know that we are so very well protected by our friendly local security forces and net nannies, from evil publications like yours?

Rick from Florida said (September 23, 2006):

My dear Sir: I haven't send you an e-mail for fear that I would take some valuable time away from you, but this new article, deserves a warm and sincere CONGRATULATIONS. As a Christian male, sometimes I find myself "questioning" my God. How is HE possibly allowing all this chaos and mayhem to take place?. My heart aches profoundly, when I see our children being slaughter all over the world, while the world looks the other way.I was unfortunate to get a divorce about ten years ago, and for some unknown reason, God showed me the downright, cruel, barbaric, corrupt and unscrupulous system we have here at home. What the Family Court system does to families and in particular, our children, has not been seen since the beginning of war world two. I am sure, you are aware of it. I keep my eyes open every time I get on the "internets"(sounds familiar?) to go to your site and I am never disappointed. Thank you.

Rick, It's either fight or die. Thanks.

Richard said (September 23, 2006):

Sadly, I do not believe that the majority of the bankers nor their business comrades, political and military minions are capable at this late stage of gaining the insight you have so lucidly stated. My one hope is that certain men among them, a critical few, if not a critical mass of them, will make the correct decisions when the time comes, and thus prevent or forestall a total conflagration that could envelope the world in further darkness, such as that which could follow a nuclear attack on Iran. God knows best.

There is a corollary to the insight you have proferred, and that is an injunction not to hate the oppressors, to those of us who are gaining an awareness of exactly how the system has been rigged, and who has been rigging it.

But how not to hate, when the actions of the central bankers and our political "leaders" are so undeniably evil? For they have caused immeasurable suffering, indignity and humiliation, privation, injury, torture, death, cultural abasement, and left us facing the possible destruction of much or most of life as we know it.

One way is through our cultivation of compassion. This is not as far out as it may sound. Indeed, I believe it will prove to be necessary for our own salvation to follow the injunction "Love thy enemy." Here's why:

Now, though I believe the Sermon on the Mount to contain very deep spiritual teachings which, if understood and applied, can lead to profound, transcendent wisdom; I do not, however, necessarily believe that it provides a complete prescription for action in the here and now, especially when faced with such circumstances as those with which we are faced. Turning the other cheek in this case will only get the other cheek zapped with a cattle prod. Going the extra mile may lead one to a FEMA camp. So how can the injunction to love our "enemies" be of use in our present dire circumstances?

First we need to understand on both an emotional, and also on an intellectual, level how these mad killers came to be the way they are. You are correct, Henry, that they, as do all of us, want and need to be loved. But it goes deeper than that. Such psychopaths are the product of, at a minimum, many generations of familial and organizational conditioning, through secret societies, occult practices, and so on ~ as you have so clearly described in your previous writings.

So we need to comprehend the innocent child in each of these potentially lost souls, before they grew up to become usurers, thieves, liars, and mad killers, or in a word, psychopaths. For example, we can actually feel sorrow, pity, even compassion for George W. Bush on the one hand, if we consider the family hell in which he grew up. With his stone cold mother and over-reaching, power-obsessed father as parents, the trauma of the childhood death of his sister, and God knows what horrors of abuse and initiation he must have experienced, before and after he was tapped for Skull and Bones, and as a closeted gay man to boot, possibly a victim of ritual pederasty, his life must have been, indeed be, a living hell. Whether he would ever admit it or not.

Similarly, we can also feel compassion for George H. W. Bush if we consider his pre-pubescent initiation into the satanic A.U.V., Lodge 321 (Yale's Skull and Bones is 322) at Andover as a peach-faced lad, smeared in feces, placed in a coffin, threatened with torture or rape, all under the administrative watchful eye of Henry Stimson, U.S. Secretary of War and president of Andover's Board of Trustees, another S&B man. For more details see Webster Tarpley's outstanding book George Bush The Unauthorized Biography. Most chapters of it are available free online.

Now, all of that said, allowing ourselves to feel this compassion for the little boys, and the damaged souls who are embodied by these now dastardly men, can save us from feeling hatred for them. And hatred is a very deadly spiritual sin that leads only to an abyss.

Some might argue that our feeling compassion for them could put us in danger of becoming like these men. Quite the contrary. It would be feeling hatred that would do that, tempting us to drop the barriers of conscience, and to become that which we had allowed ourselves to hate, draggng our psyche's toward emulation of these rapacious killers. We do not need to demonise in our minds what are already clearly demonic souls. That is neither a proper nor a helpful response in our minds, or in our hearts.

Now, not to worry, our compassion will certainly not prevent us from finding these men and their deeds utterly execrable, nor of needing them to be stopped. And neither will our compassion prevent us from demanding, and working to see, that these men and the rest of their ilk (for these two men are simply being held up as illustrative examples) be held to a bar of international justice before all of humanity, and ensure that they suffer the most dire penalties for their terrible crimes. This is a matter of justice. And the hearts and minds of good men and women long for and demand justice.

Compassion furthers that goal of justice by keeping our minds clear, and our hearts safe and secure from hatred, or worse, thus giving us the ability to work assiduously and strenuously to see that justice is done.

You wrote that you "find it hard to believe that they thought they could get away with it," ie. 9/11. I believe that flight 93 was meant to target the U.S. Capitol building, and to take out a large number of congressmen and senators. Had that happened, no doubt martial law would have been declared on the spot, and we would now be living in the total luciferian cum nazi nightmare that these real "evildoers" still hope to bring to pass.

Perhaps it was one USAF General of conscience who defied Cheney and Rumsfeld's orders not to shoot down flight 93, whom we have to thank for saving us, for the time being, from complete totalitarianism. Let us pray that there are more such individuals scattered throughout the hierarchy of this corrupted and corrupting system, not just in the military, and not just in the U.S. Such potential heroes must certainly find forgiveness for their prior deeds in the eyes of God, and from their fellow men and women.

Andrew said (September 23, 2006):

Money is only a means toward an end. When people pursue money as an end in itself, for status and power, they lose contact with what is really important-with family, spiritual fulfillment and end up alienating themselves from the rest of mankind.

Jean Denis said (September 23, 2006):

beautiful, Henry. I always look forward to your new essays.

After having read your essays and some of the NWO information, and I look around at society, it seems hopeless. Maybe its not, no things are impossible with God. I see the young generation with their tattoos and dreadlocks, shabby clothes; they think they are being defiant, independent. What I see is this generation playing straight into the hands of the elites in creating some kind of mongrelized, immoral slave class. God help them, and us.

Marilyn said (September 23, 2006):

I would say that in reverse:

"In the love of God and then love of fellow man."

This orients correctly the order for which man was created, "to know, love and serve God, and to love others as thyself." It designates the
personal, rather than the general (humanity) in commanding what we must know and do.

"Humanity" is that vague generalization which leads to a new religion, Humanism, and denies God as the First Being Whom we MUST LOVE.
Humanism easily then becomes "another god who must be adored, and even before the Divine Creator." Marx and the false popes have
carried this new religion to the denial of God Himself, which is Communism, the ultimate "service to mankind." It is pure Humanism itself.

But I like your next sentence: Your path leads to hell on earth, and you will not escape the inferno.

And disagree partly with the next: "Right now humanity is lost and demoralized." Humanity was "lost" right after the first sin of Adam and Eve, and save for the Perfect Sacrificial Victim offered to God for man's sins on the Cross, mankind would STILL be lost, and God would not have forgiven His creature and restore him to the Beatific Vision. Rather, "Man, in denying adoration of God, then adores material and human
things first, for which each one will lose his soul." We cannot love man above God and reach the Beatific Vision, for that is the loss of holiness.

Of this all are guilty in varying degrees. Holiness leads to the re-ordering of priorities on this earth, and the reverse. Adore God
first, He tells us, for all the rest is vanity. Perfect Contrition is the perfect holiness, for it expresses first sorrow for the lack of adoration and love of God. Indeed, man is so weak (and will lose his soul) that he can barely lift his head to adore God the way in which God
commands us to adore Him. Mankind can only beg for mercy for its eroding spirituality. Theologians opine weakly that mankind cannot
learn Perfect Contrition. It would not be Divine Justice if mankind could not. Rather, mankind refuses the First Commandment.

However, the next sentence is again Humanism: "Choose to be loved"
ought to be "Choose to Love God above all things, man and his vanities, and then one cannot help but love others as thyself."

Those are my comments. It's difficult to be more brief. Stay with it, we are all on the road together.

Todd in New Zealand said (September 23, 2006):

Great article! But why don't you ever mention Jesus? Your making God seem kind of mystical. Of course your entilted to your beliefs, but I truly know Jesus to be "I AM".

Thanks Henry keep up the good work!

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