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America's Media-Driven Descent Into Depravity

October 21, 2006

By Henry Makow Ph.D.

"...We aspire to corrupt in order to govern… We have taken from the people all the gods of heaven and earth, which had their homage. We have torn from them their religious faith, their faith in monarchy, their honesty and their family virtues…" (Giuseppe Mazzini, 1805-1872, Revolutionary, Founder of Italian Freemasonry and the Mafia)

Many prime time TV programmes today would have been considered obscene just 20 years ago. They present outrageous and shocking behavior as if it were  normal and this creates cognitive dissonance. Thus they condition us to accept depravity as the new societal norm.

Thursday at 8p.m. I sat down with my wife to watch one of her favorite shows, NBC's "My Name is Earl" starring Jason Lee.

My wife likes this show because it deals with morality or "karma." The premise is that Earl has a list of people he has wronged and believes he will be rewarded if he makes it right with each one.

Thursday's episode may have been a departure but what a jaw-dropping one! It was a sneak attack in what Senator Jesse Helms called the "systematic psychological warfare" the Eastern Establishment is waging against the American people. 

Wrongdoing: Earl had sexual intercourse with the mother of his good friend Ralph.

Flashback: He and Ralph have a band. One night after a gig they were partying at Ralph's house with some female groupies. Ralph's mother served rice crispy squares. Everyone else wore nothing but their underwear.

Eventually the group paired off to have sex. (The new party norm?) However Earl's partner had passed out. Not to worry. Ralph's mother, a woman in her fifties, came on to Earl and he was too drunk to resist.

Monkey see; monkey do. Call me old fashioned but this portrayal degrades our image of motherhood and family, something the Illuminati-owned mass media want to happen. (The Illuminati is the top rung of  Freemasonry. ) When motherhood is degraded, we are all degraded. 

Readers inform me that often recurring themes on prime time TV are incest, intergenerational and gay-lesbian sex and even bestiality.

Ralph  resolves to kill Earl and gives his friend 12 hours to settle his affairs. 

Earl appeals to Ralph's mother. Sure she'll speak to her son; Ralph will do anything for her but, in return, Earl will have to provide regular stud service.

Please do not mistake this for a porn flick. This is prime-time TV watched by children and their parents.

Resigned to his fate, Earl visits his parents to say goodbye. To his surprise, he finds Ralph alone with his mother. Ralph is wearing nothing but a bathrobe. (He spilled some tomato juice on his pants.) Ralph has determined that he can avoid killing Earl by having sex with Earl's mother. When Earl's mother bends over to get something, Ralph makes suggestive sex doggy-style gestures. Earl apparently is so morally compromised he cannot intervene.(Similarly, I wonder if anyone expressed their disgust to NBC.)

Off camera, Ralph gropes Earl's mother's breasts. Flustered she comes rushing out and leaves the house. Ralph describes how he came up behind her and grabbed them in an "under over" action.

Ralph now determines that Earl can live if he marries his mother. The wedding takes place and Earl is expected to consummate the marriage. Not being drunk he doesn’t want to.

The tables have turned. Now Ralph is threatening to kill Earl if he doesn't have sex with his mother. At this point I switched channels.

You can see an excerpt from this episode at the show's NBC website.  Listen carefully and you'll hear Ralph say to Earl, "Don’t touch me with the hand with which you fondled my mother."

When a man wants to really offend and insult another, this is what he says he'll do. Earl has broken a visceral human taboo yet the show treats it as if Earl had broken a favorite fishing rod.

As Luciferians, the Illuminati wish to break all natural and spiritual taboos in the name of "freedom" and "rebellion," no matter how destructive and dysfunctional this is. "Do what thou wilt," is their motto.

Last week, President Bush apparently was granted power to suspend Habeas Corpus and throw anyone he disliked into jail. There is evidence he was complicit in 9-11. Now you know why Americans are paralysed to act. Like Earl, we are so morally compromised we cannot defend Mother Liberty.

America is in the grip of a satanic sex cult that "corrupts in order to govern." Unconsciously we have been inducted into this cult.


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Comments for "America's Media-Driven Descent Into Depravity"

Aaron said (October 30, 2006):

I thought you might be interested in the following story, about the videogame Bully. IMO, it's just further evidence of the moral decay of western civilisation:

The video game maker that sparked uproar over a hidden sex scene in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, is courting new controversy with its latest schoolyard title Canis Canem Edit (aka Bully) - featuring boys kissing.

That sexual twist came to light only after Take-Two Interactive Software Inc. released the Teen -rated game on October 17, having weathered protests from anti-violence advocates who tried unsuccessfully to block its sale to minors.

Bully stars 15-year-old Jimmy Hopkins, who must navigate cliques, fights and young love at his new boarding school, along the way winning brawls, completing missions and plying girls with candy and flowers in exchange for kisses.

But Jimmy can also use the same approach with boys. When Jimmy approaches a tall, blond boy with some flowers, the boy replies: "I'm hot. You're hot. Let's make out.",2106,3843562a11275,00.html

Daniel said (October 27, 2006):

Hi Henry, I did explore your site and found many of your articles very informative and interesting. In regards to your article on television, many of your points are the same points my wife and I share. We shake our heads on how the norm for society has changed so much. There are so many things on TV
that we just shake our heads in disbelief, so many satanic signs and symbols, so much degredation of the family. Yet, when we point it out to people, it is as if they never saw it or just change subjects. I find that
I come across that aspect more often than not, people are just aloof and don't want to know.

To me this is the very strongest point of The New World Order's existance, our reaction to what they do. I will approach someone
and tell them of a NWO operation or event and they react with disbelief and denial. Even when giving them conclusive proof they run away and deny that it is real. How does this happen, how does one become so numb that when they see with their own eyes something wrong and walk away. To me this indicates manipulation and mind control on such a massive scale that it
boggles the mind, and clearly indicates the NWO is at work. Again, thank you for helping me to educate myself, and therefore become more effective at being able to enlighten and educate others. Keep up the great work.

Anne Marie said (October 27, 2006):

"Tesco condemned for selling pole dancing toy". Pole dancing "toys", for children no less! Yes, they keep lowering the bar, just when you think
they couldn't go any lower. Oh yes, they are definitely toying with us, as they think that life is a game; which it certainly is not! How low can they go?! Don't ask, the answers are mortifying. Absolutely petrifying. Soon our children could all be slithering on their bellies
to whet the insatiable, grotesque appetites of those perverted reptilians! I don't have to bother cursing them for they are already
damned; many of them just don't realize it yet. Tragic really...

Marcos said (October 26, 2006):

Not only America but we face the same here in Brazil ... Homossexuality, pornography and eroticism are commom place at our TV. So it is violence.

A recent poll from a very important agency concluded that the majority of the audience have simpaty for the "Vilains", instead of the "Heroes", and their evil deeds are often lauded.

This is really disgusting.

Aaron said (October 25, 2006):

One thing that I find more disturbing however, is how once clean shows have now lost their moral compass, and are now embracing pornographic themes.

I was shocked when a recent episode of The Simpsons had a scene where Homer was going to shoot a gay porn film in his home. Another episode had Bart looking for a stash of porno magazines. This never would of happened in the first few seasons. What the hell is going on? The Simpsons used to be clean, family fun, with lots of smart pop culture references. Now, we simply get moronic, pornographic humour.

South Park and Family Guy are even worse. In fact, I now wonder who is in control of South Park. One recent episode labelled all 9/11 conspiracy theorists a bunch of 'retards'. Sure as clockwork, many of the sheeple were rabbiting off this phrase in forums only a few days later. Other important issues like global warming received a similar dismissal. The techniques used seem to be taken from a course in propaganda101.

I've tried to make others wake up to this type of thing, and they act like I'm making a big deal about nothing. They are like the proverbial frogs heated up in a pot of water.

Something is seriously wrong, and most people seem completely blind to it.

Faye in Ohio said (October 24, 2006):

Its everywhere! Children are like "blotters", soaking up things they see 24 hours a day. They are too young to separate good from bad. It all
looks good to them.

Parents are almost helpless. Some don't care, others can't fight it.

"For the children", is a worn out liberal political phrase, which really means "forget the children"!

Someone is running the show, and it isn't GOD!

Consuelo said (October 24, 2006):

I'm familiar with the program thought I stopped watching it some time ago.

I am not a Buddhist or Hindu so I don't believe in Karma.

I watched it a few times, finding some parts amusing, and being grossed out by others.
After a few of those experiences the immorality of it overwhelmed any amusement.

It's an evil, Satanic program. It pretends to have a moral premise, actually the premise resembles Alcoholics Anonymous which promotes the idea of making restitution to those you have mistreated.

AA is not Christian. And Earl is not moral.
Interestingly, Earl is followed each week by THE OFFICE. Another program that walks the line between funny and disgusting. We stopped watching permanenetly a few weeks ago when the entire program promoted acceptance of homosexuality. It will never be on in this house again.

Xilent said (October 23, 2006):

America's [Descent]? or the EU? or both? I'll go with the place that has rebuilt the tower of babel,

& moved satan's seat (the pergamos temple), & the original "gateway to hell" to Berlin. These generational satanists are openly mocking God, the Zionist/jesuit/illuminati are all Anti-Christ! Neither the masons, zionists, nor the jesuits belong in America; Senate hearings have long revealed the open conspiracy these groups are formenting, their hatred for, oaths against, & plans of how too kill America & destroy the family unit, have been exposed yet they are allowed, if not invited by our "leaders" into the halls of power, their money buys them those we believe we elected. To see the tower, the whore riding baal, etc. confirm the conspiracy. the elite bankers are the ones financing the evils of today.

we have all been "programmed" by the masonic education system.

& this is how we are paralyzed into submission, the plan is centuries old, passed down through the bloodlines of the rich.

Beat me with the truth, don't torture US with lies.if you know the real truth, you should be really mad--expose them

Lisa said (October 23, 2006):

You know, you are truly like a "voice crying in the wilderness" but it is good to hear; your words of wisdom are like food for the hunger traveler. (Isn’t that what we are all on this earth, anyway?) Sadly, my daughter & her boyfriend, 17 and 19 respectively, have bought into the whole plate of garbage, served up on the Illuminati’s silver platter. When I speak on these things, they say I am silly, that I am old fashioned. Oh, what a wicked and adulterous generation we have become!!! And we think that God will smile at our churches, will wink at our offerings to him, all the while we are remaining silent in the face of such utter depravity!

Thank you for consistently speaking the truth in a world of ****. We have lost our moral compass, and have become a habitation of devils.

Judy said (October 22, 2006):

Henry: I just read your recent essay on TV porn. I seldom watch TV and when I do, it is just an old movie on TCM or similar. I am really shocked. But, Henry, the problem as you know is not the porn; the problem is that people are not reacting in a normal, healthy way. I know this sounds nuts but I have for a long time felt that our species was undergoing a regression, perhaps a genetic change. A lot of teachers saw this change. We used to talk about it. Some blamed it on TV (at that time relatively innocuous except for the neurological aspect with developing children); some on the pill (i.e. what long term effect does tampering with hormones have; whatever has caused this "soul" change apparently is now far gone. Is there really anything one can do but run for the hills? Thanks for your efforts.

Hushster said (October 21, 2006):

Even the smartest people are captivated by the crap on TV. It allows everyone to step outside of
themselves for a brief period of time and forget about the real world. And there is nothing wrong with wanting to distance yourself from daily troubles temporarily... unless it starts to become a habit and reality starts to become the actors on your favourite TV show instead of your family and friends.

I don't have many friends or family left because I don't watch TV. Sadly, many people I know relate to their TV's and the fake characters therein better than they can relate to me. I assume it's because I don;t have an "off" button and they can't tune in next week to see me because I'm always there... in reality.

Skye said (October 21, 2006):

[Mainstreaming Bestiality] I have seen on television the theme of bestiality being almost mainstreamed. On an episode of 'Nip/Tuck' Melissa Gilbert played a woman whose dog had bitten off her nipple and wanted the doctors to reattach it so her husband wouldn't find out. She made it seem at first that the husband would put the dog down because it was dangerous; her story to the doctors was that the animal was protecting her from another dog and in the melee her nipple was 'compromised.' Throughout telling her story she was almost enamored by the dog.

Long story short, the husband found an open container of peanut butter next to the bed, an object he then explained was used by her to cover herself with it so the dog would lick it off. If they stopped there with the story then we could say the woman had some kind of mental problem but then they proceeded to have the husband kill the dog and dump its body in front of her as if he had slain her lover. Equating human-animal relations in the context of human emotions should tell you the goal right there. What the hell?!?

I know that this show is about as reprehensible as any other filth on TV. 'Nip/Tuck' tries to tell certain stories as if to make some sort of moral statement but the show always falls short. The real goal of the show is to entice viewers with rich doctors in flashy cars, snorting coke off of women’s asses (the premier episode) and sexual depravity while breaking the viewers character.

I remember the first time I saw films of women having sexual intercourse with dogs. It was some of the most disturbing footage. I had to tell the person that I didn't want them sending me that crap because it does affect you on a subconscious level; really f*cks with your head. I believe this is the real goal of the new theme in television.

Dan said (October 21, 2006):

Alan Watt mentioned a month or so back that the FCC censors, whom we think are supposed to be protecting cultural normalcy from deviant
influences, actually have the agenda of introducing deviancy. He keeps up with the conventions of such organizations, which nobody does outside a field, generally. Quite revealing. He came up with a statement from
the censor's annual gathering, in which it was announced that 'we've successfully mainstreamed homosexuality. Now we're ready to emphasize
themes of incest and beastiality'.

I have noticed the incest meme coming up on shows during last year's season . My ex wife noticed themes during the 80's on tv that she would say were 'out of proportion'. I mean, we the public aren't thinking about some trend, and then you watch a season of television and
something is repeated on all the sit coms and dramas. Lately, it's incest----the medical dramas like CSI, and House have been featuring
that very disproportionately Every other week...the father's been having sex the daughter....on one episode the twist was the doctor discovered that the daughter was actually a hermaphrodite, and had kept this secret even from the father.....
(yeah, I hate it when that happens....). The next week it's back to lesbian love conquers all theme. And on and on.

I haven't seen beastiality yet. But as for 'normal', themes of daughters in families having sex affairs with the father's boss or friends is now considered 'normal'. A cartoon series on FOX this season had the daughter screwing the guy's boss...and he put up with it because the boss kept promising him a promotiion. That was presented to make it
seem 'normal'. The 'norm' being, 'well sure, the dad would be stupid not to get a promotion out of it, that's smart. Morality is stupid and
backward thinking.'

On 'Boston Legal', the firm founder, (William Shatner) is the 'patriarchal' figure who of course has alzheimer's, is self serving and
decadent---lately he's dating a midget. A few episodes it appeared that his character might be about to get into a homosexual affair with
James Spader....but they didn't follow through with that twist yet,since I doubt the audience is quite ready to accept that the two
characters realisitically would do that. I wasn't buying it. But why did the writers have them dancing together alone in the bosses
penthouse? Seems they are leading in that direction for another season.....

Gay / Lesbian themes on television are out of proportion. That's 2% of the population (in reality, not 10%) Yet there's a gay theme on almost every program.
Incest? 40% of television themes bringing that up? Very out of proportion.

These themes and propaganda isn't directed at us....we're too wise. It's for the kids to grow up with it in the house, and they'll think
it's normal. They're growing up hearing it presented every few days of the week.

Parents with children should really just not have a television in the house at all. I know that's not going to happen, but that really is
the only solution.

"Sanjay" said (October 21, 2006):

Over the past year I have read your articles with great interest nut always with a hint of cynicism in case you were going too far with your theories about Illuminati etc.. However, I know for a fact that there is an evil underbelly to Freemasonry and its cults because I have been at the receiving end of its secret plots for the past 19 years and continuing, which has destroyed my chances of ever living a mundane life that others take for granted.

In 1987, I was finishing off my PhD and, at the age of 25, I got married to a wonderful woman. I had a Postdoctoral position at a Leukaemia Viruses Unit after a 20 minute interview and could have spent the rest of my life in married bliss and in a small niche of reserarch where I could apply for grants etc.. However, fate had something different in store. I noticed that I was being followed in close proximity to my lab in the mornings and to my home at night, even if I finished at 12 o' clock at night which was a common occurrence. I tried to ignore this but I also noticed that more and more people at work were now being totally unfriendly to me whereas before I was a very popular figure at the suite of labs where I worked.

People were swearing at me as they passed by, they would use expletives such as the word 'tit', 'bastard' and worse. Moreover, my car had horse dung placed on it on a daily basis. This, despite workig at the Estate for three years with no problems. I also noticed that the drivers of the cars that followe me used hand signsls - circle, square, triangle again and again. I had no idea who these people were or why they were shouting insults at me in the street. I was in a state of total shock. I consulted a friend who knew that I was a religous man and not a member of any organisaton and he told me that these people were freemasons and their associated cults - Soc Ros, Royal Arch etc... 3 out of 5 adults in my country (Scotland) were Freemasons or in affiliated societies. This is where my troubles started.

After 19 years of facing persecution for what I firmly believe was instigated by a Mason jealous of my education and also aware of the fact that I belonged to an ethnic minority powerless to respond, I am convinced that Freemasons and their cults are:

a) completely evil and probably highly racist at the top layers

b) led by peple at the top who are Satanic although appear to be thoroughly 'Christian' for public consumption during the day

c) bent on carrying out the plots of their bosses - the Illuminati as a secret army led and controlled and ready to murder for their 'cause'

They are a true danger to humanity and will destroy ALL faiths and all ties between husband and wife, sowing discord between them. However, if you have a true faith and remain true to it, in reality they are powerless. Only God has true power.

William said (October 21, 2006):

Watch the show called "dexter" on Showtime . Dexter is a serial killer and is the hero of show.

Ronnie in UK said (October 21, 2006):

Too right Henry, I gave up on that moronic T.V. filth years ago. We in England have a soap drama that supposedly mirrors Northern life in Manchester called ' Coronation Street ', which is still popular today from the early sixties. Normal people with traditional values were the heroes until transvestites, homosexuals and fornication of every kind were slowly introduced into the grubby soup it is today. And the crazy thing is, the viewers still regard it as a moral flagship.

Speaking about which, through the fifties until the eighties we had a champion of morality in the guise of a starchy looking spinster called Mary Whitehouse, who fought against every trend that would corrupt our society. She was regarded as a joke to a society quickly heading to the waterfall of debasement, as she objected to every bit of nudity, foul language and racism.

Today she's remembered as a prophet we all wished we'd heeded as our violent, sex crazed country is paying heavily for blind neglect of moral duty to our offspring.

She was probably aware of the Illuminati agenda judging by her fanatical efforts, but very much alone, and ridiculed by the majority. Now we're bombarded with mindless reality shows, filthy soaps and canned-laughter comedies that cannot make me laugh.

But I raise my head erect as this modern day Rome decays rapidly, and I remember a couple of scriptures from the bible, 2 Timothy 3:13 ' Wicked men and impostors will advance from bad to worse misleading and being misled.' and Isaiah 5:20,21 ' Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter, woe to those who are wise in their own eyes and shrewd in their own sight.'

Matt from Rochester said (October 21, 2006):

The destruction of the family unit is at the forefront of the Elite's social engineering program to enslave humanity under their fascist/totalitarian New World Order.

The family unit poses a serious threat to the Elite agenda, as families represent a sort of cohesive, tribal unit that is in direct opposition to the collectivist, globalist agenda. Families bond together and stick up for each other. Families give people something to fight for when a society is under attack. When the family unit is dissolved, the people in a society become demoralized and have nowhere to turn but to the state. It's all part of the socialist/communist/Illuminist plan outlined in Marx's Manifesto, to make the population completely subservient to the all-powerful state.

It's quite ironic hearing certain braindead liberals complain about how America has transformed into a "conservative theocracy," when the society they're referring to is being run according to the writings of Luciferians like Weishaupt and Marx.

I no longer watch television sitcoms, but am well aware of the trash that is being pumped into homes all across America and the rest of the westernized world. The media almost always portrays men as either sexually depraved or dumb and obsessed with sports. Because of the media's portrayal of men, men have become exactly as they're portrayed. They have become walking parodies. This is also why many women have been brainwashed into thinking it's normal to dress and act like sluts.

Because television plays such a powerful role in shaping culture and society, modern society has become the metaphorical reflection of a mindless sitcom with all the depravity and immorality included.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at