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Women Duped to Seek Power, Not Love

September 2, 2009

womenpower2.jpg (Slightly revised from August 2007)

by Henry Makow Ph.D.

While on a visit to Toronto, I saw a beautiful young East Indian woman helping her brother move into a university residence where I was staying. She spent eight hours hauling heavy boxes and furniture. 

"Doesn't your brother have any male friends who could help him?" I asked her.

"Oh, I'm a great believer in equality," she replied cheerfully as she hoisted a book shelf.

Equality! What a boon for women. In the bad old days, women wouldn't be allowed to do hard physical labor like this.

This is a bright girl in a Pre-Med program yet she had been easily duped to deny her femininity. They told her femininity was "socially constructed" and she had to be "independent." Since when are biological instincts socially constructed? More likely "independence" is. Yet, here she is, stunting her natural development by postponing marriage and children for career. Under the guise of "rights" for women, feminism has been a vicious lesbian attack on femininity.

Women were intended to carry children, not pianos. Equal does not mean identical. We all have an equal right to dignity and fulfillment but our paths are not the same. Men are fulfilled by supporting and leading a family. Women are fulfilled by devotion to husband and family and by experiencing their love. (Of course, women can have careers but they should be secondary to family.)

The East Indian girl's charm and beauty would inspire many a man to nest. But with all the study and heavy lifting, her bloom will fade and she'll gain weight.  By the time she graduates, she won't turn heads any longer. 

I see teenage girls driving motorized lawn mowers for the city. Don't tell me the masculinity this requires won't invade their character.


I hear from men who say most women still have their feminine instincts but can't overcome societal and family pressure. Here is an anguished cry from Brian, a 29-year old Californian: "Ya can't... understand the damned frustration I feel about the degradation of the natural roles of man and woman today. Some days i'm made to feel like a caveman that refuses to evolve.

"I've never had a problem getting attention from the opposite sex. I however have never found a real woman who would be one. My last was a 26-year-old Accounting Major. 2 years we were together. I knew she was feminist, but who the hell isn't out here. It wasn't, however, until I met her parents that I saw what I believed to be the root of it all. It was obvious who ran the house in her family, her mother. Her father was just a goofy big kid. In her home she was encouraged to go to school and be independent if verbally then by example. I could tell that there was no way in hell she could ever be appreciated [by her parents, friends] as just a mere homemaker to her family.

"She however inside was a real woman. I treated her like a man should. I was in control. As I must be in any of my relationships. She loved me for it. I saw how she looked into my eyes, and when she was with me she knew who she wanted to be. I think it was finally pressure from her family and friends that led to the  end of the relationship. ...I suppose what I'm saying is most of the women I meet do want what I'm trying to give them. They just don't know how to accept it either in them self or in front of the world."

A lot of men can identify with Brian. They can save valuable time by checking out the family power structure in advance and passing over women who do not have good relationships with strong fathers.


Other women are so sexually confused, can they be called "women" any longer? They don't know how to love.

I sat down with Greg, a tall, handsome, fit, smart, successful Toronto contractor and custom builder. He is 40 and a dream catch for the "oops I forgot to have children" set.

He just ended a three-year relationship with a career woman in her late 30's due to issues of power and control.

"She wanted to wear the pants and treat me like a servant," he said. "She was always calculating who did what for whom, and what was 'fair and equitable.'"

Now you'd think a woman nearing the end of her fertility would snap up a man like Greg who wants to put down roots and have a family. You'd think she'd know how to make him happy. But this woman didn't. For example, she demanded he nurse her when she was sick but said he was "on his own" when he was ill.

"As I became more successful, she actually felt threatened. She was losing control.," said Greg. She talked about having children but her actions belied her words. Instead of reading about child rearing, she brought books home about getting the corner office."

Now she and her unmarried friends sit around bashing men and complaining about the lack of good men. "Half the people in my age group are single," Greg says. "It's really scary."

Men have been feminized. Greg should not have engaged in a power struggle. He should have said at the outset, "You can have power or you can have love. You cannot have both. You can be my right arm or you can leave."

A woman who really loves a man will accept these terms. (She wants love not power.)This is how marriage takes place. Of course, he will consult her. He wants her to be happy. We love the people who love us.


In heterosexual marriage, the male wins a woman's trust (i.e. love) through courtship. In return she gives him the power to love her by deferring to him. This exchange of power for love is how a man and a woman become one. It is the psychological key that allows us to grow. Sex is the symbol of this permanent and exclusive bond.

As I have said, feminism is designed to destabilize society by coercing women to abandon the feminine role and usurp the male one instead, undermining heterosexuality and the family. Like all aggression, this perverse assault on gender difference is disguised as an act of "defense" (of woman and homosexual rights.) Rockefeller social engineers want women to have careers instead of family, and this is happening in millions of cases.

The ultimate goal is a banker-run totalitarian "New World Order." What we think of as "money" is really central banker "credit." They want to consolidate their fraudulent monopoly, eventually controlling you with their "credit" card in your body.

In order to sabotage marriage and family, women have been filled with mistrust for men and marriage. They been duped to seek sex and power instead of marriage and motherhood.  What women really want is power expressed as male love. They will get it when they are finally able to trust a man, their husband. 

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Comments for "Women Duped to Seek Power, Not Love"

Suraj said (September 4, 2009):

Your recent article on feminism is very articulate. I have been observing that this feminism (which is an ego based farce) has permeated virtually every single country in the world. I travel a lot and the more socially apt countries are now conforming to this madness, all in the name of feminine liberation.

If ladies truly want to be free and be treated like an equal, try construction jobs and start lifting heavy weight with absolutely no complaint (I tell them this by the way). You know what is stupid? That ladies want to be treated like an equal but at the same time want us men to open the door for them..I have seen this crazy disparity.

I have had quite a hard time finding a good lady with traditional values.

In the meantime, keep up the work you are doing. There are those of us here who agree with you and
support you.
support you.

Christine said (September 3, 2009):

Greetings from Virginia, the home of the Bible Belt. Right now they are making a fuss over a college thesis written by Bob McDonnell, who is running for Governor of Virginia. The college thesis was written 20 years ago.

He merely stated that feminism was harmful to women, and it is unpleasant to watch the way McDonnell is being made to grovel and apologize for stating the truth. There are lots of us down here who agree with him.

As a housekeeper, I used to work for career women and after awhile, I couldn't stand it and gave up. It was heart-rending to watch them leave their defenseless children home alone in the summer while they worked. Young people are innocent and naive - there have been stories of thieves knocking on the door, and attacking and tying up such young people.

And it was infuriating to hear that such mothers resented their children. They go off on holidays by themselves and can't wait for the children to go back to school so that they don't have to deal with them anymore.

There is a quiet movement amongst some young people to return to the traditional role of the husband working outside the home and the wife working within it. That is as it should be, and it is gratifying to see that at least some people are returning to sanity.

Steven said (September 3, 2009):

The poor East Indian girl you write about in your latest article...There is another cost to all this "equality" sic hard labor for Women. Hysterectomy. I know first hand, my mother was a nurse and after years of moving heavy patients on her own; they butchered her and removed almost everything that biologically made her a Women.

She was only 39. It was very painful and emotional for her and it really changed her as a person. Especially in my young eyes, I could see her sadness. Fortunately she already had 3 children and a husband who loved her or it would have been a life ending experience as far as the feminist world is concerned. No career.

My point is that Women can delude themselves as much as they like, but they are not physically made for this type of heavy work nor most of the jobs I see them being pushed into nowadays. Men AND Women knew this instinctively once upon a time and that is why Men helped there Women and Women happily accepted.

The very same reason that prevented Women from working in heavy industries. It could have killed them with no modern surgical techniques available. Feminism named this as the "glass ceiling" I am quite strong and can carry the most heavy objects, but my ex-wife just had to hold "her end" of that solid couch...Fridge, TV...She behaved like a 800 pound gorilla when she was actually 5'2 and 90 pounds.

If you try to help them, today's women perceive you as being a sexist pig towards them. "You think you're better than me!" There is a reason why Men treated Women delicately and it is not a societal construct but common sense!

But I guess common sense went out the window along with having children and raising families...On second thoughts, maybe these dehumanized Women should get the Hysterectomy right out of college, they aren't going to use the body God or (nature) gave them anyway. Of course, Men were entirely involved in the construction and planning of there bodies so it must be all our fault when we try to help out. It was all part of the societal conspiracy we created and implemented to control them correct?

You can go to to become more like a male. An oxymoron if ever I read one. (No you cant make this sickness up) It actually exists.

Jo said (September 2, 2009):

I married in 1956 at what is now called a traditional Latin mass. I so loved my whole life having my husband talk with me about problems but in the end he made the final decision. I was relieved time and again that he took this on.

He was a Marine Corps pilot and was gone from home a good deal. He would be gone a year at a time when going overseas. I was so shocked by women who actually believed it was good to live alone, find them selves, etc. I knew what my vocation was, it was being married and having children.

Being married to a wild Marine is not an easy task. He was drop dead good looking and had a wonderful personality, I and many women knew this.
Our marriage lasted for 50 and one half years and then he died of pancreatic cancer, quickly.

It has been two years and five months since he died and I have missed him every single day and some times every minute of a day.

I am so glad I did not go to college, I educated myself. I did not have my head turned by anyone.
We raised four children, we lost one in a miscarriage. I loved every moment of raising my children in spite of the problems we endured at times. I still love them all totally and they are now here for me now that our fearless leader is gone.

So many women are so stupid. They have degrees from so called fine colleges but they just don't get the sheer enjoyment of marrying a wonderful man and having a wonderful life.

Eddie said (September 2, 2009):

Henry your latest article hits the nail on the head as women have indeed become socially engineered with an agenda that has unfortunately crept into University calenders with courses for female dominance, or whatever; yep there are
courses today which amounts to feminism and they call it this and that.

There was a time the men and women accepted a role in marriage, and it worked with a mutual respect, love, and an understanding that each partner had a role in marriage that was well defined and accepted because it worked for
a means to an end within the context of a harmony for the betterment of a family life.

All were happy, as husband and wife would sit around the dining room table over coffee and discuss as equal partners any problems through debate to arrive at a solution with a sense of mutual respect and together would arrive through
discussion at the course to take, but they did it as a couple.

In today's world the female has been socially engineered, or brainwashed into taking a different role which conflicts with the male - thus the destruction of the traditional unit
of family which was a deliberate agenda that was placed into society years ago by the elite.

Carl said (September 2, 2009):

n my opinion, the effects of two back-to-back wars should not be overlooked as a critical factor in the development of human culture in the early 20th century.

Many Europeans prior to the Second World War were brought up under the auspices of totalitarian governments; whether Nazism (Hitler Youth) or Fascism (Children of the Wolf) children were indoctrinated from an early age to accept specific roles, attitudes and syncretic religious beliefs.

Fathers and mothers were expected to be domineering, strict and emotionless tyrants whose immediate families were to support them always -- no matter what. A distorted view of Christianity served as the all important glue that bound this unholy mix; I speak from experience because such was my own upbringing.

Consequently, the offspring of these relationships being adversely affected by this generational anti-Christian upbringing and were ripe for the attractive and ostensibly altruistic cultural alternatives promulgated by such new age slogans as: "let it all hang out", "if it feels good do it", "no religion", "tune in, turn on, drop out", etc.

We all know by now that the global wars were fomented and financed by the malevolent power brokers of the world, from which this whole ugly process began; Henry, your work in researching and revealing this fact has been instrumental!

Personally, I have found my answers and means of healing and forgiveness through research, prayer and a renewed belief in God; there's no use in hatred, fighting and pointing fingers at one another for that is Satan's ultimate pleasure and goal.

The battle against evil is both spiritual and eternal. We must always be cognizant of the frightening reality that "the earth is the devil's playground."

Andrew said (September 5, 2007):

Have you ever heard of Dietrich von Dittfurth? "At the Wilhemsbad Convent, the main Illuminati representative was Dietrich von Dittfurth..." ttp:// He was active and alive in 1782 around the end of the America Revolutionary War. In a book published in 1925, The Mystery of Freemasonry Unveiled, Cardinal Jose Maria of Santiago, Chile wrote, "' Women,' Dittiforth used to say, (he was one of the Illuminati chiefs), have a very strong influence over men, so we can reform the world if we reform women.'" p. 229 (Sixth Printing 1998) Part V, Ch III

At the International Anti-Masonic Congress of Trent 1896 it was resolved (like a finding of fact by a Common Law Judge in a bench trial), "11th. 'That to break up the family irremediably, Freemasonry tries to pervert women, not only making them enter their lodges, as they always succeed in doing but because it is the soul of the movement called 'feminism' or 'emancipation of women' destined to bring disturbance and disorder into families based on the vain desire for completely unattainable reform." p. 188, id.

Luther (General Comment) said (August 30, 2007):

In the words of David Icke, '...America's presidents are selected not elected!' This leads me to believe those that do the selecting, have already made their choice and it's Hilary Clinton! Obama was just a pacifier until he started talking about how much he supports Israel and that Pakistan should be attacked with nuclear weapons! I am of Afrikan descent myself, but there is no way I would want him to be president. This week in Israel, soldiers executed an eleven year-old boy who was sitting in a fig tree. He was not Palestinian, but Israeli and was visiting relatives in Gaza. His sister watched him die and his brother too was injured, yet it was reported that his brother was dangerous, at age 22, and supported Hamas. Now it's getting too deep, but this story is on early this week, Monday or Tuesday. Hilary Clinton is picking up momentum in her campaign and I think my fears (in my last message, regarding heterosexual males as an endangered specie

Lisa said (August 30, 2007):

Thanks, Henry, for another hard-hitting expose on our upside-down, mixed-up culture of misplaced fulfillment! I have been emailing your last few articles to my son, who is 20 and in the Army in hopes that your words, and my example, will make at least one REAL MAN.

I have also been sharing them with a 20-year-old young mother, who is starting to turn off the TV and ENJOY staying at home, swapping dinner recipes, baby stuff, and basically being a REAL WOMAN... and it is a joy to see.

What else can we do but speak the truth and try and make a small difference? It is obvious for anyone with eyes to see that we are an utterly miserable lot. I remember an old article of yours where you talked about a woman "surrendering" to a man. There is nothing more attractive, nothing more compelling, and nothing more fulfilling than trading our power for protection and love. Why not give it a try? It is obvious that the other path is NOT leading to happiness but abject misery.

Jo said (August 28, 2007):

I agree with this column. I am ancient and so therefore most young women do not listen to me.
I was married to the same man for 50 years. He was a career Marine and therefore I had to do many things that were "male" jobs in the home while he would deploy.
I was always so glad to have him come home. I use to think women who got divorced for what I felt were silly reasons were crazy. I was so glad to have my husband make the final decision on so many things.
Glad to have him help me care for our four children. Glad to have him whistle at me when I dressed up and looked pretty darn good.
I think the feminist movement in this country has destroyed so much that was good and I do not understand how men even date some of the wretches out there.
My husband died this year and I miss him so. I am sure there are men out there who feel the same way as I do, lonely. Women should wise up and smell the roses, as you say they ruin everything for themselves.

Mark said (August 28, 2007):

I've had many discussions with women out there, who are weighted down with despair (American women are the biggest Rx subscribers to
anti-depressants... I recenlty met a young female MD, telling me she was taking free Zoloft samples from a drug rep, to see if it would "make her
happier"... imagine... becoming an MD didn't make her happy, the way the NWO told her it should...and now given a license to try to cure/help others...can't even cure her own depression)...

the problem is the vicious cycle that the only people women can blame ...are men !! They find feminism and career a dead end, but then have no one else to blame other than themselves, which they seldom do, so they choose to project the blame onto a man (patriarchy) in general. They have become so lost, and are just NWO tools. In the short 5 years I have been reading and keeping up with and your articles... the degradation of marriage, increase of porn, and people looking the other way instead of
becoming alarming !!

What it comes down to for Satan, and people making "choices". I can no longer accept that millions of young women are this stupid. If they can study books then they can educate themselves on who is pulling the strings,
and why. They are choosing "power" roles. They are being enticed by Satan, just as any man would be to power. Power, lust, seduction. Women have always sought power thru males, and using their femininity to lure in a mate, but these new breeds of females are psychotic and delusional. Nobody seems to dare oppose them, for fear of reprisal that would cause harm to one's
career, usually....

I applaud your efforts, and would encourage you to continue to tie in the THESIS that women need to see, hear and taste for themselves...the proof
that Zionists and the banking cartels and big money have financed feminism. Females are just simply emotional creatures, who can be "trained" into lots of different belief systems pretty easily. Feminism's destructive nature
isn't seen until women get older. What they accept as young girls, they think is healthy and good for them. By the time they wake up, fearful,
afraid, alone and disoriented, they are nearing 40...and by then, they can't find anyone to blame for their misery...but the average man near to them,and thats because we all know the evil that exists around us, remains hidden.

Carter said (August 28, 2007):

You are one of my heroes. I love your God-fearing righteousness and your guts for doing this. I was raised by a single father as my family (like so many others) was torn asunder by the second-wave feminist assault on family and decency. When I came upon your website, it was completely by accident, and it has been a real blessing. All of my life I have instinctively hated feminism and have been been called
every politically correct name in the book. Your
words remind me very much of my father's advice when I was growing up(especially your politically incorrect advice for young men). But your second opinion has given me new strength to keep exposing feminism for the new world order hoax that it is. I greatly look forward to reading your book and learning even more. Thank you again for your inspiring words and warnings about the satanic new world order. Thank God it will
be short-lived!

Brian said (August 28, 2007):

My oldest daughter is in her third year of Veterinary School and my youngest daughter is in her first year of Law school.Both get up in the morning with a zeal for life and anticipating the day.

They both would have the same attitude if married with two or three children. All of their lives they have had free choices of how to live their lives and pursue their goals and dreams.

When I took my oldest daughter horse back riding for the first time at the age of eight she would not get off the horse. After pulling her off the saddle, she stomped her foot and declared “I’m going to be a Vet someday.” The freedom and opportunities for both men and women in today’s world made possible the fruition of her goals and dreams that have nothing to do with the New World Order.

The freedom to choose one’s life path and not be confined or restricted because of being a female is the most important and core essence of living in today’s world.

After having observed the limited, unhappy, depressed and confined lives of my grandmothers, my mother and 25 female cousins all in their 50s, my daughters are far better adjusted and happy than the woman you desire to exist in today’s society. My daughters have so much more awareness of the New World Order than their grandmothers, mother and aunts.

My daughters do not live their lives to please you or the bone-headed thinking of intimidated males who do not know the first thing about freedom because they are slaves to believing women should serve them.

Grow-up and mature Makow so your Ph.D. has some sort of meaning other than your fearful juvenile feelings and attitudes that keep Piling higher & Deeper.

Set yourself free by allowing your attitudes to encompass the phrase “live in freedom and let live in freedom.”


Neither of your daughters is married or have children so we will see how that transpires. Nor have they actually begun their careers. Right now they are riding the wave of societal approval.

You need to distort my message in order to refute it. I said women should put family first or they may not have one. I'm not trying to prevent anyone from following a career.

The Rockefellers didn;t push feminism because they wanted women to have freedom. They pushed it because they wanted them to have careers instead of children.

You seem like a good father and your daughters will probably be fine. My comments have a wider application than your case.

Coustana said (August 28, 2007):

Most females I know do what they do because the males they have as partners are psychologically lost. In fact, many of these *men* have been pecked down, not by women, but by their own so-called superiors or *fathers* who were busy beating their chests like He-Man, making their own sons cower, trapping their women in the kitchen, and urging their daughters out the door to, sad but basically true, find new homes.

You can say what you want, sir, but *men* believing they are little gods is what has destabilized society, not "feminism." Sons still cowering in the proverbial corner FORCE their wives to be the men of the house. The old man though, will sit on his smug *powerful* ass in his recliner until he dies, and deny his despotic failure. Daughters see this truth in their homes while they are children and run for their lives...often finding themselves in the same song different verse, 10 years later! Women did not do did this to themselves. Women are and will always be the weaker sex, and thereby, in reality, HAVE NO CHOICE when it comes to the *final competition.* Whether it be a rape or a race, WE LOSE....Sir, that is why the young lady is carrying the box. BECAUSE SHE IS TAKING women have always done, and will continue to do.

YOU are the one who does not get it. Men are the ones who have been duped, as have you. Until people wake up, realize this and begin writing where men can read it (the ones who are still proverbially cowering in the corners) there will be no real MEN of the kind who are needed today.

To blame women in any way, shape or form for the ills of our present sick and misbegotten world situation is the most laughable thing I can think of....did your mother wean you too early? Rename your website until you figure out what your problem is: because those are the kind of men you have been referring to, and are the kind who are destroying our world. Smart men don't say the kinds of things you say about women.

C- Thanks for this. I am not blaming women for anything except being brainwashed. Yes some men are little Hitlers but the majority are responsible husbands and fathers. You are never going to heal society while you degrade men. -Henry

Mike said (August 28, 2007):

It is not that women are forced to seek power but that men have given them the power. We have a generation of frail, subservient men that wish to "not rock the boat in the hope of getting some". Gone are the days of a man wishing to lead his family...

I have had the opportunity to see three 'strong' women realize that they would be alone if they had not given up the ideology of I can be just as strong as a man. Once they respected their mate the hopes of having a mate that loved them and would give them a chance to be a mother to a child they all became better wives and mothers. All three of them are extremely happy and would rather be at home being a mom, rather than working. They are all between 33 and 36 years of age. Would they do it differently? You bet they would!

Michael said (August 28, 2007):

I have had the opportunity to see three 'strong' women realize that they would be alone if they had not given up the ideology of I can be just as strong as a man. Once they respected their mate the hopes of having a mate that loved them and would give them a chance to be a mother to a child they all became better wives and mothers. All three of them are extremely happy and would rather be at home being a mom, rather than working. They are all between 33 and 36 years of age. Would they do it differently? You bet they would!

Keep up the great work and I look forward to future articles about what is going to happen in the coming and ending years of this difficult time.

Luther said (August 28, 2007):

Dr. Makow,

The article about the way women allow themselves to be duped into bringing more aggravation into their lives in the name of equality), while love remains hidden away is quite profound.

Across the developing world now, more men are
catching onto the reality of this happening all around them. Personally, I almost feel that if Hillary Clinton gets elected as U.S. president in the next election, heterosexual males of all races and nationalities will be declared in an 'open season' with a price on their heads!

Several surveys have now surfaced to say that not
only men but women as well prefer to have male bosses, because the females have used their power for 'vendettas' against anyone they feel has made it difficult for them to succeed in the workplace.
Where has the humanity gone?

Personally, I am not a chauvinist but I feel that in North America, a war is upon us between the sexes, like the last frontier or something. If both sexes are willing to engage in this, who is going to survive? Will the family unit be sacrificed over a misunderstanding of grand proportions?



The war was created by the central bankers, like all the other wars,all part of their program of wearing us down in order to enchain us.


Geoff said (August 27, 2007):

What I think is
happening is that women are unconsciously not attracted to predictable boring men/situations etc. The jerk-type of guy who treats women badly,is adventurous etc, he's more attractive to women. So, it's not that women innately respond to being treated badly. They respond to men who are not boring, clingy, who are comfortable in their own skin, confident, funny and intelligent. A calm powerful male presence immediately puts women at ease.

Aliya said (August 25, 2007):

What an apt article and a great description of events. The phenomenon of ambitious women who seek to internalise "feminism" and absurd notions of gender equality is a very disturbing trend.

The victims do not realise how they are being manipulated to do more than they are naturally programmed to do. Society has changed the definition of "superwoman" from a sensible, capable mother, wife and a member of society to a cutthroat executive with or without a home and kids.

In the quest for equality women try so hard to physically, mentally and emotionally compete with men. In the course of equality, laboring physically e.g lifting large weights does no good to a woman's health and does not score any points. Similarly delaying children for careers, does no good to their bodies which are designed for early childbirth. It causes great physical and emotional anguish to attempt motherhood in late thirties/early forties since the body doesnt care for the degrees and professional achievements.

On other fronts, facing pressures of academia, careers, relationships and the need to be on top of the game, all but kills the feminine appeal of a woman. All this quest "to be a man" causes the greatest pain and suffering to women and yet by the time they realise it, its too late.

Its amazing how women do not realise that they can never be "men" and even the attempt to do so is absurd. If nature did not need diversity, there wouldn't be two genders, but now that there are, one has to accept the role nature handed out.

The tragically funny part is that those advocating traditional roles for women are labeled "regressive" and "degrading". As if living a life of misery and self denial is a worthy goal instead of living at peace with the truth.

John from UK said (August 24, 2007):

Feminists sit around and fool themselves that they are empowered and don't need a man and all that garbage. But then someone like me comes along and treats them with absolute disregard, as if they're nothing special - and you know what? They fall for it everytime. Their little world crumbles around them. I have another friend whom I grew up with, also a decent looking masculaine man who encounters the same thing.

These modern feminists are in fact VERY lonely, especially once they reach their 30s.

... I have met and dated a lot of women and they would never consider me as husband material because I'm not easily controlled.

These women want weak men who they can control, but can't help themselves around guys like me. So, these illuminatis can try all they want with their little social engineering schene, but you can't change the laws of nature.

My Ex of 7 years tried to castrate me so I showed her the door. The only relationship I have had with a woman that was worth anything is with a woman in her early 40s who hasn't been brainwashed into man-hating.

Most Torontonian women are infantile, left wing feminist bores, just like their American counterparts.
(second email)

I've lost count of how many women I've met that are hopeless feminists. Unfortunately for them, they are constantly trying to reconcile the real world with their delusionary one - it turns them into nutjobs to say the least. They end up bitter drunks for the most part, and they tend to look like they've been with too many men. Not sure how to describe the look, but I'm sure you know it.

Unfortunately a lot of emasculated men have pandered to these girls when they were in their teens and twenties, and they have an over inflated sense of entitlement because of it. No man is good enough for them.

Unfortunately for them, they seem to respond to men who treat them like crap, which was not something I was used to doing having been raised Catholic, my mum taught me to respect women. Unfortunately, I was treating what were essentially whores like ladies. Big mistake. I changed my ways though.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at