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The War on Terror: A Bad Movie Directed by an Evil Cabal

March 6, 2002

by Henry Makow Ph.D.

If the "War on Terror" were a movie, I would give it 2 1/2 stars. Why? The plot is unbelievable and has been used many times before. The major roles are miscast.

How's this for implausible? An international terror organization, Al Quaeda, is capable of hijacking four jetliners simultaneously and crashing three into targets. Yet, in the six months since Sept. 11, this formidable organization has done practically nothing. It can't even claim credit for the anthrax-laced letters. Apparently these came from a former US government scientist.

The international oil and banking cabal (Rothschild-Rockefeller-Morgan) that directs world events should fire their scriptwriters at the Council on Foreign Relations and the CIA for recycling a tired old gimmick. It was used in the Spanish American War, World War I, and World War II (i.e. attacks on the USS Maine, the Lusitania and Pearl Harbor). Couldn't they just be honest with the American people and say: "Hey, we want an Afghanistan pipeline and control of Iraqi and Iranian oilfields. We control Saudi Arabia and Kuwait but that's not enough. We also want to alienate a billion Moslems in order to justify a permanent military and security buildup. You see, militant Muslim believers are going to replace Communism as the enemy. We will use this to consolidate elite control domestically and internationally and bring about the New World Order."

But then, who'd die for that?

I'd venture that this evil cabal has been behind both sides of every war for the last century. It financed and controlled Nazism and Communism. You can see it at work in India fostering hatred between Muslims and Hindus.

You see it at work in the Middle East. The vast majority of Israelis and Palestinians want to live in peace. There is plenty of room for everyone, especially if you include Jordan. If the cabal, which bankrolls all three countries wanted, there could be peace in an instant. But since it controls the Arabian oilfields and feels threatened by Arab nationalism, it prefers to have the Arabs and Israelis at each other's throats. Divide and conquer. This is why it supported the creation of Israel in the first place.

I believe G-d's will is that Jews and Muslims live together in peace and mutual respect. Both sides should renounce violence immediately. Right now, the devil is rubbing his hands with glee. They are falling into his trap.

The leaders on both sides of every conflict are puppets. Osama bin Laden is definitely miscast as the evil terrorist. He seems too gentle and spiritual. The cabal did a far better job when they cast Adolph Hitler for World War II. Osama bin Laden is implausible because 1) he was (is?) a CIA operative (remember the CIA works for the cabal, not for the U.S.) 2) his organization freely operates out of London, England 3) his family was/is business partner of George Bush Sr. in the Carlyle Group, a defense conglomerate.

Dubya (from "W") is also miscast as the free world superhero and avenger.

Despite our desperate desire to believe in someone, Dubya reminds us of the spoiled rich kid who partied all the time and flunked. While the role calls for someone of the stature of Winston S. Churchill, we are reminded of Alfred E. Neuman. Instead of Churchill's eloquence, we get sound bites like this one last week:

"People don't see the compassionate side of America. For example they don't know that each year we give 350,000 tons of food to the North Korean people. The North Koreans would thank us but they probably don't know where this food is coming from. In fact, I don't know if they are getting it."

I don't want to give away the plot here, but I suspect that the reason actors like Dubya are of such poor quality is that they are disposable. I'm afraid that before we have seen the last of Dubya, he will be the most hated man in America. Like a victim of Tourette's Syndrome, his administration can barely conceal its fascist agenda. Calling the emergency measures a "Shadow Government" is an example.

The cabal makes money from war. There is nothing like war to expand expenditures and borrowing. The cabal fosters war by bankrolling disgruntled minorities and extremists. It created Adolph Hitler, Joseph Stalin, and Sadam Hussein. It created Osama bin Laden. But don't think the cabal just wants money and power. It wants to kill people, the more the better. The fewer the people, the more wealth there will be for it.

The good news is that the cabal is not racist. The bad news is that it doesn't care whom it slaughters.

War is a charade, a grim toll on humanity, a meat grinder into which millions of innocent lives and dreams are fed. World War One was good for 20 million lives. World War Two topped that with 55 million. In "The New Dealers' War," Historian Thomas Fleming, not a conspiracy theorist, estimates eight million lives, including 425,000 Americans, were lost because of Roosevelt's insistence on unconditional surrender.

"Unquestionably, this ultimatum was written in blood," says Fleming. (p.467) Hitler's generals were ready to depose Hitler and make peace but FDR would have nothing to do with them. Thus they were forced to fight to the death. According to Fleming, this policy was the recommendation of Norman H. Davis, "a J.P. Morgan banker" (p.181) and a Director of the Council on Foreign Relations.

Did America require unconditional surrender because of its hatred of Nazism? Sure. That's why Nazis were put into power in post-war West Germany. No the purpose of this policy was to kill more people (and allow Russia to conquer Eastern Europe.)

War offers many opportunities for culling the race. The firebombing of German and Japanese cities served no strategic purpose unless you want to kill two million more. Eisenhower starved two million German prisoners of war to death. Another two million anti Communist Russians who fought with the Germans were turned over to Stalin by the Allies and exterminated. We'll save Allied complicity in extermination of the Jews for another time.

This is why I'm worried that this movie will not have a happy ending.

It's set up so a nuclear or biological attack can slaughter millions of Americans, and Osama bin Laden will be blamed. The terrified public will be stampeded into accepting totalitarian rule. At the same time, millions of Jews and Arabs could be consumed in a Middle East cataclysm.

You say I'm paranoid. I define paranoia as "a condition derived from reading history." Amazing as it sounds, the cataclysms of the 20th century were part of a long-term conspiracy to destroy western civilization and bring the world under pagan elite control. The strategy is to grind humanity down by fomenting conflict and war. The events of September 11 are a reminder that the same cabal is shaping the new millennium.

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Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at