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On the Brink of Nuclear War

July 16, 2002

n the summer of 2002, most Americans seem blissfully unaware that the world teeters at the brink of a nuclear catastrophe.

The latest Debka-Net-Weekly "intelligence" bulletin reports that Sadaam Hussein is in the throes of a decision: whether to launch a preemptive strike on U.S. forces surrounding Iraq, or to wait until the Americans strike first.

Based on its detailed inside information, most certainly originates with the Israeli intelligence agency Mossad.

Hussein's considerations are as follows:

If he waits, the U.S. will be fully prepared and he cannot predict if his armed forces will remain loyal. On the other hand, if he attacks first, he will give the US and Israel a pretext to strike with everything they have, even nuclear weapons. His best option may be to use nuclear weapons first. Israel would be a tempting target.

In Debka's words:

"Military preparations [that] Saddam has set in train [suggest] that he is inching closer to his crucial decision. They all signal his active contemplation of biological, chemical - and even a variety of nuclear - weapons against long-range targets... Many experts believe Iraq has set up secret stores for its nuclear devices, such as radiological bombs...Persistent reports suggest also a nuclear weapons unit equipped with cruise missiles developed in Iraq from the naval missiles bought from China and Belarus."

Yes, Iraq apparently already has nuclear weapons, although Debka doesn't say how sophisticated they are. So much for the argument that Hussein must be removed before he gains "weapons of mass destruction."

Indeed Debka states that one of Hussein's current options is:

"A mega-terror strike against the United States or Israel with conventional, nuclear, chemical or biological weapons - that would attain such calamitous proportions as to undo America's military and political position for the Middle East. Whatever the surface appearances, therefore, the immediate horizon seems to hold greater promise of conflict than of diplomacy."

Jews and Arabs are in a genocidal embrace of tragic consequence both for the inhabitants of the Middle East and for the human race in general.

It was set in motion in the Balfour Declaration (1917) when Rothschild and the British elite promised the Holy Land to both Zionists and Arabs. The declaration called for a Jewish homeland while at the same time it defended the rights of the indigenous Arab population. The intention was for the Zionists to serve as the vanguard of imperialist interests in the Middle East, a role the Zionists were only too eager to assume.

According to Ralph Schoenman's book "The Hidden History of Zionism," which is online, Israel always planned to expand its borders and to disperse the Palestinians. He cites the diaries of former Israeli PM Moshe Sharett, which describe longstanding plans to "dismember the Arab world, defeat the Arab national movements and create puppet regimes under regional Israeli power." George W. Bush's current plan to dismantle Iraq and redraw the map of the Middle East along fragmented ethnic lines apparently has been the secret Israeli agenda for 50 years.

Whoever fires the first shot, it seems that Israel and the United States are the aggressor in this the first major imperialist war of the 21st Century. The attack on the World Trade Center Sept. 11 precluded any need for public debate in the United States. For this reason, the Mossad (with the cooperation of the CIA) most likely is behind the attack.

I am just guessing here but the elite probably has a double agenda in case the US and Israel do not execute this war to perfection. That agenda is to discredit and undermine both countries in order to further the fascist New World Order. After the slaughter of millions of people, including tens of thousands of American soldiers, humanity will be traumatized and ready for "permanent peace" guaranteed by the United Nations, which is controlled in turn by the elite banking and oil cartels.

The elite seems to divide into two "house teams" -- Left and Right--for most conflicts. (Thus it backed both Nazi Germany and Soviet Russia). Thus John Pilger inveighs against America's perfidy in The Guardian and NWO stalwart Michael Gorbachev cautions against America's folly. Hidden History of Zionism author Ralph Schoenman's career seems to have been underwritten by the NWO sounding "Bertrand Russell Peace Foundation." No doubt the elite's second team has provided Iraq and its allies Syria, Saudia Arabia and Iran with enough funding and weaponry to ensure that the upcoming war will be sufficiently costly and devastating for both sides.

If Islamic terror did not exist, the US and Zionist expansionists would have had to invent it. Perhaps the Hamas should have taken a page out of the Israeli play book and practiced "targeted assassinations" i.e. singling out the principals instead of the uninformed and manipulated public. This policy was followed with great effectiveness by the Irish nationalist Michael Collins, and recorded in the movie by the same name.

What is the way out of this imbroglio? Clearly Americans must prevent George W. Bush's attack on Iraq. Once it has begun and loses are incurred, it will be too late. There will be an unthinking patriotic reaction. The American people must realize they are being used as mercenaries by malevolent one world interests, who also are measuring the US for a coffin.

Similarly, Israelis must join their courageous "refuseniks" in renouncing the occupation of the West Bank and Gaza strip, and any expansionist designs. They must reaffirm their support for a Palestinian state, acknowledge Israel's injustices against the Palestinian people, and compensate them generously. In the same spirit, the Palestinians must recognize Israel's right to exist along its 1967 boundaries.

The Middle East is the Crucible of three great world religions which each state that all men are brothers and should live in peace and love. This is the wish of humanity. Satanic forces are at work to ensure that this doesn't happen. The consequences for you and me and all mankind will be tragic.

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Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at