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Illuminati Hooked Boomers on Porn to Destroy Marriage/Family

November 7, 2018


Pornography as Social Engineering, May 1964

At age 68, I am starting to appreciate the damage 

I did to myself by my youthful addiction to PLAYBOY.

It wasn't called sex addiction then but it was. 

PLAYBOY made me see women as sex objects.

That's a cliche but the implications were profound.   

When you dehumanize them, you cannot see who they really are. 

You cannot relate and are much less likely to succeed. 

We put them on pedestals because 

they had the keys to sexual "paradise." 

Whenever we want anything more than 

to be true to ourselves, we become its slave. 

Women don't like slaves.

The Illuminati are responsible for spreading this dysfunction. 

They deliberately destabilized male-female relationships 

by making us focus on appearance & sex, like homosexuals.

Born from Cabalism and Satanism, the Illuminati created Communism, whose goal always has been to destroy the nuclear family.

Women have exchanged the loving roles of wife and mother for meaningless careers. 

Part 1- PLAYBOY and the (Homo) Sexual Revolution 

by Henry Makow Ph.D.

(Revised and updated from Nov. 2001.)

In the rearview mirror, it's now clear porn is used as a form of political and spiritual seduction 

I doubt if women were always seen as sex objects. They had to sexualize women. PLAYBOY undressed the "girl next door." 

PLAYBOY was presented as advanced thinking. But in retrospect, it was really social engineering.  With messianic fervor, Playboy took its message of sexual freedom to the American male who, in the 1950's and 1960's, still consecrated sex for marriage. But the freedom was illusory. PlAYBOY's aim was to undermine marriage and hook men on sex for its own sake.

To do this, they had to prevent them from finding true satisfaction in marriage. In Judith Reisman's words, "Playboy was the first national magazine to exploit college men's fears of women and family commitment. Playboy offered itself as a reliable, comforting substitute for monogamous heterosexual love." ("Soft Porn Plays Hardball," p 47)

After 18 years of marriage, I know that marriage is the most reliable and satisfying venue for sex. Outside of a committed relationship, sex is

just masturbation.


At age 11 in 1961, magazine pictures of women showing cleavage or leg had a magical quality for me. Pretty soon, my friends were stealing PLAYBOY from newsstands. I was also tempted.

With some trepidation, I approached my father. In the spirit of the times, ("sex is natural, repression is bad") he bought me a copy. Pretty soon I was a subscriber, in more ways than one.


My father's decision vastly increased my trust and confidence in him. But sex became a religion in my imagination. Sex was something sacred that took place between angelic creatures in secluded garrets. The beautiful buxom centrefolds pasted on the inside of my closet doors filled me with a near-religious awe.

PLAYBOY packaged this religion of sex. There was no interest in real women as flawed human beings. The subjects of love, marriage, children, and ageing were ignored or disparaged. There was nothing about true masculinity and femininity. The religion of sex was curiously asexual.

Nevertheless, it took over my subconscious. My erotic dreams often involved PLAYBOY pictures. I can relate, albeit in milder terms, to porn addict "Mike" who wrote on this site that he prefers packaged porn to real sex.

This is the reason so many men, especially prominent Jews, have fallen victim to #MeToo.They don't know how to form a permanent relationship, which is what women want.



Women who were not beautiful became invisible. I could not take them seriously. My first wife was plain looking. She had spoken to me twice before we became neighbors at the university library. I had absolutely no recollection.

The fixation on physical beauty was psychologically emasculating. How did I approach someone when I was mesmerized by their beauty? Attractive women remained mystical goddesses. I put them on a pedestal. I was too needy. I couldn't see women as vulnerable human beings inside a  shiny shell.

I lost touch with my masculine identity, my feelings, and critical faculties. I wanted love but didn't know how to get it.

I was part of the (homo) sexual revolution, part of a generation of sexual fashion victims. Despite the example of my father, I didn't grasp the eternal model of masculinity: A man's backbone is his work, my dad said. He leads and looks after the woman and children he loves. (Love is key here. Satanists hate love.)

Unconsciously, men and women are still looking for this kind of relationship. Feminism is a lesbian philosophy teaching women to usurp the male role. Both sexes are lost.  had no identity, goal, or motivation. I spent my time looking for them in social action and eastern religion.

I married the average looking woman because I was NOT obsessively attracted to her. I was tired of being ruled by my desire. She was a feminist with a career, allowing me to pursue my own interests. Eventually, inevitably, I hungered for more.

I fell in love with a beautiful insecure young woman who exploited my idealization by maintaining a facade. I divorced my wife and lived with this woman for six years. For a long time, she infatuated me. My love was totally giving, in the hope of securing her love. Mature love is demanding; she would have responded to that.

My book, "A Long Way to Go for a Date" chronicles my slow and painful emergence from immaturity and arrested development. I am now happily married because I belatedly discovered masculine identity

I missed the opportunity to have a normal family. I have only one son from my first marriage. The social engineers scored a victory with me, and countless other men like me. 


In normal heterosexuality, sex is reserved for the courtship and procreation stage. With parenthood, sex becomes less important. Thanks to porn, we are being re-engineered to behave like homosexuals, to have anonymous sex, and to never marry or have children.

Instead of families, we have sex. Sex from cradle to grave with multiple partners. Sex. Everywhere you look. All the time. Like many homosexuals, we suffer from arrested development. 

Marriage is not having to impress a new person constantly. People are actually looking for love, not sex. Sex is just a facsimile, a way of expressing love. It is empty if there is no love to express.

The habit of grading females in terms of sex appeal is hard to break. There is something exhilarating about a lithe beautiful woman in the prime of life. I rationalize that my DNA is clamouring for a new vehicle.  But I am too old to become a father again.

Maybe DNA is our real identity and our "lives" are mere ripples on the waters of eternity. 

Beauty is just skin deep. Women, like men, are flawed human beings struggling for a breath of fresh air in our toxic culture. 


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New First Comment from David S

Great article on sex and porn and your opinion on how, "Illuminati Hooked Boomers on Porn to Destroy Marriage/Family."

I'm 70 and tend to partially disagree on the deliberate responsibility of the Illuminati for spreading this dysfunction. IMHO, It's human nature for men to be "horny".  I certainly was and still am. I tend to believe it's a meat eating and processed food culture that has the stronger biological ability to destroy marriage/families. HOW? Eating meat and processed food is a short cut to getting energized. Meat giving you a jolt of protein and white sugar giving you a bold of energy. Meat and sugar are convenience foods which I believe leads to the behavior of convenience sex: enjoying Playboy centrefolds as an adolescent and then porn as an adult instead of the long and difficult task of marriage/family that would be associated with eating grains and vegetables that take more time to assimilate.

I know this from research and I know this from experience. My experience comes from being a meat and potatoes guy for the first 33 years of my life and then 37 years of being mostly vegetarian.

The first 33 years I could briefly say I was a male chauvinistic pig. Even though I was a patriot and went to war thinking I was stopping communism from spreading. When I changed my diet, I changed my thinking. I am now a loving father with a 15-year-old daughter and enjoying the companionship of a great woman.

I've gone full circle: From seeing sex as dirty ( I was raised Catholic) to using sex as a way with women and bosting to male friends of my conquest, to now enjoying sex....( almost every day) and have formed a permanent relationship with her, as that's what we all need. To end this here is a quick lyric from the Beatles: "All you is is all you need."

CP writes

This addiction got a hold of me too and at a young age.  I was 9 and it was the October 1982 issue, Tanya Roberts on the cover. My best friends dad got Playboy and Penthouse and we read them for years. I was a horny little bastard, spanking the monkey non-stop. Then porn later. It's a struggle even to this day but I realize the tremendous amount of harm it does. It's not even about beauty either, it's a sex addiction. Some of the ugliest women are also some of the most amazing at it as well. Another harmful aspect of it is that for whatever reason, demonic spirits are heavily attached to these sinful behaviors. The angels who left their first estate and came to earth according to Enoch was because of their lust for human women. Think about that for a moment. Beings in heaven with God throw all that away, if that isn't a testament to the evil power of lust I don't know what is.

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Comments for "Illuminati Hooked Boomers on Porn to Destroy Marriage/Family"

Brendon O'Connell said (November 8, 2018):

In Iran iporn is unavailable without a VPN.

Iran has it's problems, but at least they make you feel guilty about your vices. In 'The West', we celebrate them.

Riad said (November 7, 2018):

Porn is a strong desire that enters the heart and lock its door behind it.

So, it is almost impossible for one to be cured from it.

The porn actors are actually devils who are shaped as human beings and those who follow them are not only addicted but imprisoned by the lusts that spoil their spirits. It is a battle of the devils for the souls of human beings. Since we are dealing with the world of the unseen, it is therefore not easy to needle our way out of it.

My recommendation is to repent to God, the Almighty and keep yourselves clean and pray as soon as the porn desire attacks you and continue praying even if you have won the battle. With the help of God, the Almightly, a good wife will know how to remove the porn actor devils out of you.

G said (April 8, 2018):

That was a glass of sunshine, Henry. And from the comments I can see many resonated with your experience, had similar dysfunction, disappointment, delusion. What a challenge we all have to undo the program they slimed us with. But you repeatedly set the bar at dignity and respect, at maturity and commitment, and that's the road out. Seems it's a Freud/Jung arm wrestle and Freud is goin' down.

Re all the porn and promiscuity, all I can say is I never stopped being embarrassed, even humiliated. I know that speaks to something in me that is more than physical. So Henry, we are more than our DNA. We are awareness, whether temporary or eternal, awareness, and nothing about that is physical, save that it transmits through the mind/brain. The push out of porn is a push for wholeness.

David said (April 8, 2018):

Another prong besides this two-headed beast of Kinsey-Playboy to dismantle masculinity and feminism to make all women dysfunctional is the norm in today's world of both spouses going into the workforce.

Even married women have now become W-2 wage slaves in corporate anthills like men. They have shed their feminine nature that endowed them with the gift for raising well-balanced children and making a house into a home, to just become competitors to men chasing the next promotion and pay raise.

The yin and yang that made the nuclear family the ideal vehicle for the continuity of civilization have been smashed. We are seeing the toll of that social engineering in the latest generation of snowflakes who think malicious destruction and throwing a tantrum is how grownups are supposed to act

JG said (April 8, 2018):

Pornography is a form of idolatry as is womanizing also.

I remember in the 60's some of the guys use to refer to their girlfriends as " my idol". It's the sin of loving the creature more than the creator.

The lust of the flesh is evil because it draws us away from God. Where there is true innocence there is no lust.
This sin goes all the way back to the Garden of Eden. Adam and Eve didn't realize they were naked until after the fall. Their spiritual innocence had been lost and man has been struggling with this sin ever since.

Homosexuality, Lesbianism, and Transgenderism are even worse sins because they result from a loss of a person's inherited sexual identity. This kind of sin when allowed and promoted as socially acceptable by any nation is the sign of a nation that is ready to fall.

We are a nation and world in need of spiritual salvation and NOT freshly gratification.

R said (April 8, 2018):

Thank you for posting the recent article on "male-female relationships". As a single 36-year old man, I have every apprehension about the "marriage" institution as currently constructed in a world swept away, among other things, by an irresistible wave of materialist feminism.

As much as I would like to build a family, I cannot help but question how a marriage would successfully be kept together and how slim the margin of error would be if the right partner choice was not made.

This apprehension, which I tend to believe is widely shared by many other men across various societies, is to my mind one major underlying cause of contemporary social dysfunction. As the saying goes, "perception is reality".

As you eloquently put it, though, "our 'life' are mere ripples on the waters of eternity." Learning to look inward, amidst this unfettered madness, and listen to the inner silence of that eternity may be the "individual" remedy to overcome the pull of this all-encompassing social decay.

Steve said (March 2, 2010):

When I tell people that I don't watch porn their minds are incapable of understanding.
I tell them that it is the death of the imagination, I tell them about the "pornification" of everything.
I am 36 and having woken up (bout 15 years ago) there was an anger within myself for having been asleep for so long. When I would tell people about it they would say " relax man, it's just a movie or a game or a porno" I have turned quite a few minds over the last few years and will continue to do so.
I am getting very good at shattering peoples belief systems with one conversation, it stuns them.

It saddens me to see a whole generation of men's minds and spirits wasted to pornography, violent computer games/films, drugs/alcohol, fast cars/gadgets and illuminati programming.

10 years ago I made a feature film (with my own money/have always been a poor guy) about all this stuff, "ZTS -State of Entropy" it was refused classification and banned in Australia after a mini riot broke out at it's first Sydney screening, a few very small film festivals accepted it and showered it with awards but the rest of the system just put up titanium barriers around me, funny thing is even today when 18 year olds see it, they say "dude, this movie is one of the coolest things we have ever seen".

I am preparing for my next film but don't expect anything different ( but I still have to make it), I also make music which effects people very powerfully, just me and my guitar.

What will my generation leave behind that can compare to the greatness of men's minds/spirits of the past?, I fear not much.

J said (March 1, 2010):

I have been a devoted reader of your writings since I began awakening in late 2007 and you really give me inspiration and your work is another confirmation of god in my heart. Your two latest pieces have really touched me because i used to be a victim of porn until recently. To be honest, I was on the influence of EDMA (safrole one of the ingredients in ecstasy) and I realized that the only way to break the habit which was digging a hole in my psyche and messing up my view on females was to just tell my girlfriend about everything and say with you and god I'm done with this bullshit.

I'm glad to say that on that night my life was positively transformed forever. On a drug which is supposed to make you crave the physical pleasures of sex, I found the god in me to oust this demon of obsession, see the deep meanings in relationships, and truly realize how lucky I am to have a loving girl who is taking the high road with me and will be my companion to my spiritual journey as these next trying few years will be. This changed my girlfriend too, she has had her own issues before and she told me that she had found god that night. We both intend to be with each other until the end which was something that scared both of us due to our conditioning.

With all of this experience, I feel like I still have more work, improvement, and self-healing to do in order to rid myself of negative implications of exposing myself to this vile, sickening form of social conditioning yet I am so lucky to be as conscious as I am and have a girl with mutual undying, lifelong love. We are still naturally defining our roles but I believe everything is included in the divine plan and I've had a really good insight to these next few years to come.

Charles said (March 1, 2010):

I read with great interest your latest article entitled 'Most Men Are Victims Of Porn'. Like yourself I have arrived at the conclusion that pornography is about 'mass mind control' and therefore 'social engineering'. Find out who actually owns the porno film companies and their connections to High Freemasonry, and the Secret Societies that are the occultic networks created by the British Establishment, European Blue Blood Families and the Eastern Establishment; that would be interesting to know about.

Because from that basis, it becomes a lot clearer as to who is financing and funding all of this Satanic Evil, pretending to be some kind of cultural, collectivised expression of 'sexual liberation' and 'sexual development'. When people realize that in porn movies, there are 'barely legal girls', who have just turned 18 years of age, and they are being beaten, spat on, anally raped, sodomized and degraded, insulted and ultimately are repeating sexual patterns of trauma-based 'sexual mind control' as Cathy O'Brien has talked about, and therefore by watching porn movies the 'viewer' is fueling and energizing the problem, and perpetuating the problem.

Essentially, the social engineering behind pornography and the entire Masonic Hierarchy controlling the 'Pornography Industry', is paedophilic and connected to child sexual molestation, and is horrific to finally realize.

The facade, the smokescreens and endless propaganda machines deliberately dividing up the connections between High Freemasonry, the Pornography Industry, paedophilia, and various R & D into 'social mind control' as with Project MONARCH, and therefore Project MKULTRA and finally the filth, excrement and muck that passes for 'sexual expression' is 'Cosmic Luciferian Evil' as Doctor William Schnoebelen discusses in his Christian Lecture with the Prophecy Club, as he actually believes he met Lucifer, during some kind of Masonic Witchcraft Ritual.

The article entitled 'Why All Porn Is Gay' is also brilliant in the related weblink you enclose with your current article Henry. Pretty much most of the body postures, and 'sexual positions' in porno movies are based on phallocentric imprinting, because Occultic Freemasons control, own and finance pornography, it is about male, patriarchal, anti-female, anti-heterosexual energetics, pretending to be newer kinds of 'heterosexual expression', when it is revolting, sodomistic, anal-centric rubbish that is subliminally homosexual, promoting singleton lifestyles, metrosexualism, rough sex and soullessness.

Many of the names of so-called 'pornography websites' are actually boarderline paedophilic, such as titles like 'Barely Legal' and 'Just 18', and also strange and disturbing titles that instill the impression of something rather revolting and psychopathic going inside the dark minds of the Occultic Freemasons who finance and control all of this Anti-Christian, demonic filth. Porno movies and the Pornography Industry is homocentric, misogynistic and mainly concerned with phallocentric worship, pretending to be heterosexual expression. Phallocentricism is a core belief in High Freemasonry, as is paedophilia, known as the 'Cult Of The Child' according to Doctor William Schoebelen and other researchers.

Amenra said (March 1, 2010):

Excellent article, I think one should take a closer look at Aldous Huxley's book Brave New World as it relates to the social engineering of the culture. Huxley wrote this book in 1932. Your article, stories and comments by the readers shows that his predictions were and are very prophetic. One might think that the world we are living in parallels the dystopia he paints. The arrested development, savage, recreational sex and the soma (Drugs) are all here. I think it would be very difficult if Aldous Huxley were suddenly brought back to life to differentiate his book from the very real world dystopia.

JN said (March 1, 2010):

Two things:

One, in response to Steve [below] on your latest article, there is actually prohibition against multiple wives in the new testament: 2 Timothy 3:2 and 3:12 for one instance.

Two, (only tangentially related to the article). I stumbled across a lecture that Aldous Huxley gave in 1962 shortly before he died. It is very interesting.

As you probably know one of the big themes in his novel Brave New World is inculcating casual sex as normative behavior into people from a young age.

Steve said (March 1, 2010):

just got through reading your article and thought i would whisper this in your ear.

polygamy saves the males. a return to biblical patriarchy is the answer. you come to all the right conclusions except monogamy. family - yes. sex for procreation - yes. stability of relationships - yes.

think about it. all the good husbands are taken. much suffering by the other women could be avoided by multiple wives.

think about it. there are no prohibitions to this in the bible. in fact David, a man after gods own heart, had 7 wives and 14 concubines. father Abraham took two women. in fact, there are sections of the law telling brothers to take their deceased siblings wife.

TOM said (March 1, 2010):

Porn, today, is something that the ruling criminal elite have engineered scientifically and are exploiting on a micro level (through, maybe, ignorant agents like 'mike') to obliterate families through Kinseyan techniques such as mind control, hypnosis, prompts and drugs (?GHB, ecstacy and the like) and other techniques that are so grotesque that don't bear mentioning. I know victims personally.

Today many of the people we see in porn literally don't even know they are engaging in the practice and being filmed etc, their memories are, selectively, completely wiped and if you think they get paid think again (so-called 'amateur' sites are to cover the arses of the criminal cartels). That's why many subjects don't look like desperate drug addicts or cheap hookers anymore (as per 60's and 70's material)....they are LITERALLY the christian soccer mom (so-called 'MILF's'), or the clean, athletic lad next door. It's diabolical but it's unfortunately true.

Another reason to "flee from sexually immorality", it is 3rd Reich type practices (the exemplification of complete dispassion), conceived by the master deceiver himself. We are dehumanized commodities to the criminal controllers of this world, and if you are attractive and perform for them (after being programmed) and most importantly make them mega $$$$ you have at least some value to these monsters.

Karen said (March 1, 2010):

Wow, something I can agree with. Nice story, and I agree.

Playboy has always been vile and so has Hugh Hefner.

In Hollywood classic movies, Lana Turner, Rita Hayworth, Marilyn Monroe, Vivian Leigh, and others, the females were stunning, so were the men, polished and glamorized, BUT they played roles of people and had personality and loads of acting, singing and dancing talent. They didn't just fornicate. And they used vocabulary most college students these days don't even understand. And the women weren't just two skinny sticks for legs with two huge balloons on top. They had gorgeous and fit figures and they looked healthy. No grunge. Yet classic Hollywood had narrow definition of beauty but that at least had class and polish, which has now reduced to filthy, scraggly grunge with no class no polish fake bodies and faces and no talent by comparison. Playboy was always vile. I remember when it launched. It was degrading in all ways but stealthy so. It pretended to be polished and intellectual while it debased both men (as jerks) and women (as objects of value if they looked a certain way and their value was only for one thing).

Now, it's loathsome and disgusting that men, older men, regularly take Viagra to hop around like rabbits one third their age. The libido declines for a reason. But sex is pushed perpetually.

Another thing about men's magazines, and porn, they focus on violence, domination, and only on sex, not on tenderness, communication, caring, etc. — those traits are seen as "sissy" and only "wimps" would dare be tender or caring.

I have no interest in men who sexualize everything and who value women on that criteria. Why should I? They are aging beasts who never learned what it meant to be human, or a friend.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at