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April 2, 2008


You know Henry, this illusion regarding the liberal, welcoming, open minded Scandinavians is a misnomer. In 1978, this may well have been the case, but it is no longer.
I am neither Muslim nor do I have brown skin, and yet, like very many white Non Danes I know, I am subjected to a deep and underlying prejudice from a race of people with whom we Brits are supposed to be cousins.
As for the Muslim immigrants placing a burden on the Danish welfare state, this is a crock of Danish Cheese. Any study of the welfare benefit system here in DK will show that an enormous number of Danes are claiming in one form or another Social Security Benefit. A well informed Danish friend of mine quoted recently that approximately 3 million Danes out of a population of 5.4 million are in receipt of social benefit in one form or another (The Danish Social Welfare Portfolio has a myriad of benefits available).
If there are large numbers of immigrants on said welfare, it's because they are channelled there by a system designed to ensure always, the primacy of Danes in Denmark.
I have many Muslim friends here, and most if not all of them work. In fact, many have more than one job. This would be unthinkable for a Dane. The thing is this; Anyone who is not Danish, and especially those with darker skin will find real professional advancement hindered and obstructed. Most Muslims and other immigrants are generally either given menial jobs at the low end of the wage bracket, or denied work altogether. If they do find employment, they are the first to go if the company downsizes.
A very close friend who served with me in the Police Force and who by some bizarre twist of fate moved to DK around the same time as me, has been able to find only the most mundane employment. He has experienced the above treatment first hand. He is  intelligent and industrious by nature. A good father and a decent man. He just happens to be Black as night.
You know Henry, I'm not one to use the `R` word carelessly, and am probably as Politically Incorrect as it comes. But the clear truth is that Denmark is a Racist State, and Danes generally (with many genuine exceptions of course) are not only racist, but deeply xenophobic.
Denmark like the rest of the world, is in trouble economically. The State won't admit it, and the people won't believe it, but it's true, and fairly soon, they won't be able to hide the fact. As I have written time and again, Muslims have been brought here to Europe for a reason. To be the `New Jews`, or scapegoats. Everything I have seen these past ten years convinces me of this fact. This is just as true in my own country, the UK, but for the time being, at least there, in daily life, Muslims can progress in society, worship in a real Mosque, and be who they are, whilst still living a nominally at least, British life, and are not vilified to the degree they are here (although, gradually, the propaganda lies are also there causing the same desired resentment).
The only long standing values I can see here are materialism and consumerism.
As for personal liberty and free speech, what `BS`. There is no personal liberty here in the `Anglo Saxon` sense anyway. This is a Totalitarian State, wrapped in a wooly blanket, masking itself in a cloak of constitutional democracy. As for free speech, yes, if you are a Dane, and you accept the consensus, otherwise, it gets like the `night of the long knives` (without the knives. Danes stab each other in the back in other ways).
The majority have no tolerance for anything at home which is not Danish. I have experienced first hand the Danish concept of tolerance, like waking up on Xmas morning to see the words ' Merry Xmas, F--k Off Home ' scratched onto the hood of my car (some years since). This is just one of many many such experiences. I am a strong man and more than a match for the Dane, but what about my friend and his two Mulato children openly referred to as niggers, as are all blacks here, and often quite openly.
As for a deep pride in Danish tradition and history, give me a break. No one I have spoken to anytime recently has any notion whatsoever about either. History is barely taught in schools here, and Danish tradition to most I know, or have known has more to do with their peculiar form of social etiquette (or the lack of it) than anything else.
Compared to the UK (which had admittedly gone too far the other way) DK is the least multicultural and inclusive place one could imagine.
We knew an Iranian Professor some years back. A terrific man and incredibly qualified. he couldn't get a job in any of the Universities because his `Danish` was not good enough. Nonsense! His command of the language was more than adequate. An American girl who moved here with her Danish husband, had worked as a Dental Nurse in Chicago for six years. She was told she would have to be re-trained in the `Danish` way of things. A British man in his 40's who had owned his own haulage company back in `Blighty`. Again, no job offers even as a driver for him. He was also told he would have to re-train in the `Danish` way. The same for an Irish `Roofer` we knew, again, re-train the `Danish` way.
If non Danes are supposedly `stretching the system`, why not give them a chance to thrive?  Because there is a deep aversion in the Danish character to competition, particularly outside competition. You only have to compare DK with Holland for example. Roughly the same size, both northern countries, and yet the Dutch are far more cosmopolitan and outward looking in their world view. Here in DK, one can barely find a foreign company or store (excepting the odd German or Swedish company, always carefully dressed in Danish clothes). Even ToysRUs failed here. Why ? Because it wasn't Danish.
Danes truly believe everything they have, produce, create and do is so much better than anywhere else. It lies deep in their social programming, and if one dares to criticize the country in any way, most take it very personally.
Muslims don't mix with Danes because generally, having accepted State Propaganda as an inalienable truth, Danes treat them like pariahs. A Muslim woman cannot wed a non Muslim, and most marriages between Muslim men and Danish girls are doomed to failure due to the feminist indoctrination of society, and the usual ostracism of the couple by the Danish family. I have two good Muslim friends who have both suffered this.
As for the Muslim `Rape question`, it happens here, no doubt, and it is evil and contemptable, but it's scale is nowhere near the epidemic level one would imagine considering the native hysteria involved, and why should all Muslim men be tarred as potential rapists, because of the vile acts of a few, whose crimes exclude them from the body of the `faithful` anyway. It reminds me a little of the propaganda back in time when black males in America were depicted as being the natural predators of white womahood. It was nonsense then as it is now. Yes it happened, but it had nothing to do with skin colour.
Under the Corpus Juris system here in Europe, one is guilty until one proves one's innocence. Once an allegation is made, and an indictment issued, if the case goes to court, even the defence lawyer will see his job as not so much to prove his clients innocence, as to mitigate on his behalf. As in Sweden, there is a sense of `If it gets to court, he must have done it or he wouldn't be here`. In ratio to the number of cases put before the courts, there are very few acquittals , and who's going to believe a Muslim boy anyway ? I cannot comment with any authority on this matter, and do not condone rape in any case, but I have followed this issue for years and to this old cop's nose, it stinks.
If Muslims wish to live under the Sharia here in the west, it is because they feel they have no protection under local law. I have discussed this matter with a `Sheik`, and he was quite eloquent as he explained this to me. In fact, in contrast with `Corpus Jurice`, it would seem that an individual is afforded at least the right to be proven guilty by the state, and that a simple allegation of wrongdoing is not sufficient to cause a person to have to prove themselves innocent. Again, there is much `phoeey` about the Sharia. It's another ruse to cause fear and uncertainty.
I have known Muslims for years, and almost without exception, those I have become familiar with, display a humanity sadly lacking in many Danes. Yes, the young men are becoming more agitative, but there is reason for this. It is borne out of resentment and frustration at being kept out on the fringes of society. Danes treat each other with little or no respect and feel that they can do likewise to others.
To mention the demographic factor is fantastical. I have been writing into Danish newspapers, and discussing this topic with Danes for years. They are simply not interested. As long as they can live their selfish little lives out in comfort, they could care less about any future generations. Denmark in particular and Europe in general is about to become `Disneyworld` for adults, if it isn't already so. A vast leisure land, for hedonists. Hardly any women I know or read about are interested in marriage and family. Career, career, career. It's the beating drum of Danish society.
Even a cursory look at World War Two Denmark makes a mockery of the poor little Elsa story. Read William Shirers `Rise and Fall of the Third Reich`. The recognized (official) authority on Nazi Germany and see what he has to say about `Danish Resistance`. As an aside to this, during the Normandy landings, there were Polish, Norwegian, French, Belgien and many other units from the occupied countries. No Danes to my knowledge though. There was however the SS Dansk Friecorps fighting alongside the Waffen SS on the eastern front.
Immigration into Denmark has been somewhat checked these past five years or so. This is little more than a `fop` to the elderly generation voters. Once the EU Lisbon Treaty is ratified across the continent, Immigration policy will no longer be a Danish concern, and anyway, with Danes not reproducing, someone has to live here, and work, to pay the massively high taxes so all the old Danes can end their days in their much beloved `Plejehjems` (Old Peoples Homes). Of course, it's all a lie, and there are much darker forces behind all of this that even most in government know nothing of. The Depopulation agenda is in full swing here, and once the NWO'ers decide the time is right, Muslims and agitators (like you and I Henry) will be rounded up and dealt with.
As to the much vaunted Danish Welfare system. the great `Holy Cow` of life here. The truth is that it is primarily the Danes, with their massive drug abuse problems, Alcoholism and stress/depression levels who are placing the supposed burden. Basically, it's about a people too cowed to struggle, and who like to live in a steel security net, now seeing it stretch and strain ever more. Someone has to be at fault and it can't be them. It must be the Muslims then.
One should note that youth suicide levels here are reckonned to be among the highest on earth.
There is not one purpose built Mosque in DK. It is not allowed. However, there are many hundreds of `Strip Joints`, All Night bars, High Street Porn Shops and other degrading marks of a decaying civilisation. This must be the Danish culture she wants Muslims to assimilate themselves into. Is it any wonder that they don't. Henry, Porn Shops here are openly sited on High streets, in between the Butcher, Baker and Candlestick maker, and hardcore magazines are to found not hidden away on the top shelves, but down at the bottom, where even the youngest child can pick one up.
Imam Laban was probably the most misquoted and maligned man in Denmark. But I never read or heard him say a word that wasn't the truth, and that's the bottom line. The truth hurts. he pointed out all the things I have been writing about and they hated him for it. He stated publicly, that he did not feel it right that Muslims were being `ghettoed` in areas where there was a high level of prostitution, and he was right. But to the Danes, who have left morality far behind, he was just another `raghead` foreigner who should `F` off home asap.
The Danish People's Party, a major player in the coalition govenment, had as it's 2007 election poster a picture of numerous Muslim women in traditional dress and a caption which read (translated) "Is this compatible with Danish Values".
Rikke Hvilshoj is a Nazi, sorry, I meant `Neo Con`, full and simple. She is a member of The majority `Venstre` part of an extremely virulent right wing government, which makes the British National Party appear positively innocuous by comparison
I am no Liberal, far from it, but there is a question here of basic humanity. It reminds me a little of the Post Civil war days in the South. Providing the blacks did the menial tasks and kept themselves in their place, all was well. But when they tried to progress, well that was when trouble started.
Muslims are people, and there are good and bad in all, but to listen to many Danes talk, all the followers of the Prophet are evil incarnate and are to blamed totally for all the ills in their society and that is nonsense.
It would indeed be a sad day if great nations like Canada and the US looked to Denmark for anything. I conclude that the attached Essay, is highly selective in it's application of the truth and the facts. Statistics can be found to support almost any side of an argument, but the truth is universal, and I don't read too much truth here at all.
PS. Readers should check out the article by Daniel Pipes and Larrs Heddegaard quoted and then shamefully misrepresented by Ms McAllen. To do so see;

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