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Let's Discuss Non-Violent Resistance

March 18, 2019

(In this TED talk, Jamila Raquib demonstrates that non-violent resistance is both an art and a science. It is more effective than violent resistance.) 

Communism is
a fait accompli 
in the West.

The mask is dropping.
How do we react?

"This battle is also taking place on a spiritual plane. It is a battle over what kind of people we are. This is a war between God and Satan for the soul of man. "

by Henry Makow PhD

If you define Communism as a satanist central banker monopoly over everything, communism has been a fait accompli in the West for quite some time. 

They control the corporations, government, media, universities, churches, military and justice system. They use Organized Jewry and Freemasonry. The only thing they don't control is the Internet and that is changing. 

They do this because they have the government's credit card. They control the medium of exchange, credit and currency creation. 

Credit is the lifeblood of society. Our lifeblood is poisoned. The only way to heal is for the government to create credit. 

The most powerful forces in Western society are dedicated to destroying it. Isn't it obvious? 

It's everywhere we look. 

-The migrant and immigrant invasions designed to disenfranchise people of European descent. 
-False flags like the recent attack on two NZ mosques designed to pit disarm whites and pit them against Muslims.  
-A children's crusade against bogus "climate change" designed to institute Agenda 21.
-A Democratic Party and media that have slipped the moorings of sanity and is gaslighting the public daily. 
-The disgraceful Judge Kavanaugh and Jossie Smollet spectacles are jaw-dropping yet the perps suffer no serious consequences. The Democrats and RINOs have crossed the line into treason countless time but the word "treason" loses its meaning when it becomes the new normal. 
-The treatment Trump has received is unprecedented.
-Britain is unable to remove the shackles of the EU. 
-The absurd attack on gender, marriage and family by normalizing homosexual dysfunction. 
-The attack on "white privilege" and the heritage of Western Civilization. 
-The normalization and promotion of miscegenation.
- Censorship, slander and intimidation of conservatives. 
- Liberals scream racism while condoning South African murders of whites. 
- PC control over cultural expression. "Art" is no longer free. It either corrupts or is agitprop.  

The list is endless. Western civilization is collapsing like a cheap tent. You can't have a culture or civilization without God. God is the Moral Order. 

There are not enough good people willing to stand up. Not enough people paying attention. 

What have we seen by way of resistance? The French "Yellow Vests" are rioting in the streets. Macron is banning these protests. The Communist-controlled media suppress this news. Brexiteers are marching and promising actions like blocking main thoroughfares. Germans are protesting. Italy, Hungary and Poland have overthrown globalist governments and are instituting reforms. Trump is trying to do the same. This resistance enjoys Zionist patronage, which is also banker controlled. But we have to use what we can. 


This is the first time a fully armed populace has been subverted ... because their minds were taken over first. 

While there have been many murders (Andrew Breitbart, Seth Rich) and assassinations (JFK), plane crashes (JFK Jr., Paul Wellstone) and mass shootings (Paris, Nice, Orlando, Christchurch) none targeted Communists. Central bankers like Jacob Schiff and Norman Montagu walked to work every day. 

The movie "Michael Collins" recalls how Irish nationalists beat the Illuminati but men today are too feminized for that. They need a uniform, a little flag, a gun, a pension and some guff about "serving their country" before they will lay down their lives.

Anyway, it's just as well. Violent resistance won't work. [I am not talking about armed self-defence. I endorse that.]
First, we can't win. Only a tiny percentage of the population is even aware of the problem.  The enemy has been preparing for violent resistance for decades through mass surveillance etc. Plus they could wreak havoc by simply shutting off the credit tap.

 They want violent resistance. That's why they stage mass shootings and stoke the flames of hate. They turn up the heat.  They want political gridlock and a race war, any excuse to disarm the populace and institute martial law.

Let's not play their game. Corny as it sounds, we need to love, not hate. Most liberals are dupes. Let's extend a hand to them. They are not the enemy. They are banker dupes.  

The Illuminati are all about divide and conquer. They do not want us to love one another.  I propose a dating service where liberals and conservatives can meet and mate. My wife is a liberal. They are good people. They are just uninformed and deceived. 

This battle is also taking place on a spiritual plane. It is a battle over what kind of people we are. This is a war between God and Satan for the soul of man. 


As I say above, non-violent resistance is an art and a science. Here is a list of 198 methods of non-violent resistance.    Which of these do you think is most effective? (Curiously, they don't mention tax revolt or withdrawing your money from the banking system.)

As the lecture above states, non-violent resistance is effective. Change through elections is still possible. Look at Brazil. Look at Ontario. Despite his obsequious Zionism, Trump has made some difference. We have fewer false flags in the US and the government assault on gender has eased.

We need movements -- neither Zionist or Communist -- that promote the right of nations to be independent, free and democratic. To maintain their national, religious, racial and gender identities.  I am all for gender or racial minorities but not when they are used by Satanists to dispossess the majority. They are not the enemy. The politicians are. 

I urge my readers to research and write about non-violent resistance for this site. This may seem like a lot of bother but we're in the position of Jews in Nazi Germany in 1932.  These Jews couldn't believe they were in mortal danger either. 

We are being deprogrammed and reprogrammed. Do we need to wait until 1942? 
First Comment from G

Henry, I'm all for non-violence, but it's not the answer in every case, especially against government tyranny.  You say we won't win; I say we might.  So, I do believe this old adage is true:  "To everything, there is a season."

Gandhi's lesser-known side:

"Among the many misdeeds of British rule in India, history will look upon the Act depriving a whole nation of arms as the blackest." -- Gandhi, from his autobiography

"I do believe that, where there is only a choice between cowardice and violence, I would advise violence." -- Gandhi, from his autobiography "I would rather have India resort to arms in order to defend her honor than that she should, in a cowardly manner, become or remain a helpless witness to her own dishonor." -- Gandhi from his autobiography

Once in concert, I heard Pete Seeger, who sang countless songs about peace, say he wasn't a true pacifist.  He said, "If they came here, I'd fight."

Someone once told me he wouldn't want the karma for killing someone.  I said that I wouldn't want the karma for not protecting the innocent.  Simplistic, but the point was made.  Compassion has many faces.

The gospel of Luke, chapter 22 verse 36: "Then said he unto them, but now, he that hath a purse, let him take it, and likewise his scrip: and he that hath no sword, let him sell his garment and buy one."

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

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Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at

Comments for " Let's Discuss Non-Violent Resistance"

Tony B said (March 19, 2019):

I must disagree on the last sentence of this point: "Credit is the lifeblood of society. Our lifeblood is poisoned. The only way to heal is for the government to create credit."

Credit implies debt loaned into circulation at interest which is never created but which must be REPAID ALONG WITH THE LOAN PRINCIPLE REMOVING THE EXCHANGE MEDIUM FROM CIRCULATION - A DEMAND FOR NEW LOANS AT MORE USURY, the crux of the whole racket by which the cabal has conquered the earth.

Government should create MONEY, not credit, and SPEND it into circulation (the signoriage to the people who then need pay fewer taxes to the government) until it reaches the proper ratio with exchanges (about 1:1+) AND REMAIN IN CIRCULATION FOREVER TO BE USED BY THE PEOPLE AT NO COST TO ANYONE. The volume in circulation changing ONLY to keep the ratio, thus the monetary value, constant, eliminating inflation and deflation.

The creation of government-issued scrip (real money) made the North American colonies the most profitable, comfortable economies on earth until the Bank of England forced them to use their gold coin (loaned at usury into circulation and never in volume equal to needed exchanges) which, in a short time, made those colonies as destitute of necessities as England was, with sheriff sales everywhere and people living on the streets, just like in England at the time.

Pedrto said (March 19, 2019):

Regardless of what we think of Hitler and the purported German resistance, it has been foremost in my mind lately how Hitler was furious about KristalNacht when the brown shirted mob took up arms against shopkeepers windows. "It has set our movement back two years" he said. And it would have been exactly what the enemy wanted. I also think that an "independent" India post WW2 was what they wanted, and that a beatlesque hippy movement suited them in the 60's in the West too. The ponies might have been born free, but they are all coralled on Animal Farm.

I do know that they do not have God on their side, unless this is also what God wants. I trust in natural laws and the destructiveness of evil upon itself, in the long run.

George said (March 18, 2019):

Self-defense (as we spell it in the USA) does not come out of thin air. To be effective, you have to be able to defeat your opponent. That involves the possession of weapons, teamwork, and a high degree of personal toughness.

Furthermore, once the dam breaks, previous standards of kindness and civility go out the window. And mere defence won't win in the long run. As we were taught in the military, defense is a temporary measure. To win, you must go on the offence and destroy the ability of the enemy to fight. If the Gates of Hell are opened, we will all be fighting in Hell with everything we have, for everything we have. Defeat is not an option.

JG said (March 18, 2019):

Here in America we have had peaceful compliance to evil. This is how evil has won.

What we need here is collective PEACEFUL NON COMPLIANCE to all the lies, immorality, and wars manufactured by the satanic destructive forces that have overthrown our government.

This probably won't happen anytime soon because the "spirit of sacrifice" has been replaced with a godless form of self gratificatiom and materialism. And, they are willing to accept all the consequences that go with it. Well, they might soon get their wish.

The early church Christian Martyrs had the courage to believe in PEACEFUL NON COMPLIANCE and practice it. They forfeited their lives and all the worldly lusts of this world for a kingdom greater than this world that can never be corrupted.

How many people today have this courage and are willing to pay the price?

Below- Brendon O'Connell - Mosque Shooter Was Professionally Trained (scroll down)

Banned Mosque Massacre Video Described

March 17, 2019

(NZ has gone full police state, threatening 10 years in prison 
for having this video saved on your computer.) 

Latest! Here is the video
Here is the NZ video: Completely fake. Breathtakingly stupid
The victims are lying down "dead" before the shooter enters the room and begins shooting.

Download and watch

Reader: "Doubtful. There's no blood, no terror... It looks like a video game without special effects. But maybe more importantly, why is this particular "shooting" all the buzz, but so many attacks on Christians go unmentioned as if their lives don't matter? It's not pushing the agenda so it's not newsworthy.  I'm so sick of these games."

This detailed description of the mosque massacre 
by JT, the president of Virginia Citizens Defence League
confirms the massacre was not faked. 
He writes: "In all the BS we face daily from the MSN, we should question 
why they would take down this video. Might it be that to see this reality would be to awaken us to the coming horrors, they have planned for us?

Still do not own a gun because you think someone else will protect you? Then send her to the knock on the door or broken glass at 3 AM..."

(Disclaimer -  The Illuminati controlled media is blaming this heinous massacre on people who wish to maintain their European cultural, racial and religious heritage. This article reflects the threat these people are now feeling. They are like Jews in Nazi Germany in 1932.
This website supports non-violent resistance and armed self-defence.) 

by JT

The mass murderer in New Zealand live-streamed one of two mosque shootings.  The number of dead is hovering around 50 and the video backs that up.  The video was taken down in short order, but I happened to catch it when it was first posted online and I watched it in its entirety.  No editing, just the raw video from the killer's point of view.  I saw it one time, so the information below is from what I can remember from that single viewing.

The video was not for the faint-hearted, as you can well imagine.

Briefly, here is what was shown in the footage.  If you don't want to know any of these details, skip down to "TAKEAWAYS":

1. The killer parked in an alley and retrieved one rifle from several in his car's trunk.  He also retrieved a shotgun, which he appeared to have slung around his shoulder and did not use in the mosque.  He then walked calmly for a short distance down a public sidewalk making no attempt to conceal the rifle (looked to be an AR-15 with large printing on it using a white marker) or the shotgun and turned onto the walkway leading to the mosque's main entrance.  A couple of people standing where the sidewalk met the walkway saw the killer, but did and said nothing.  As the killer got closer to the building, he shot two or three people standing at the entrance from about 50 feet away.

2. He strolled past the bodies and shot a few more people in the hallway leading to the main worship area.  He also shot a few people in the main worship area who were visible at the end of the hall.

3. He entered the main worship area, but stayed right at the hallway entrance to the room, and shot people grouped in the left corner and then turned his attention and did the same thing to the people grouped in the right corner.  He also shot the few people that were not in either group.  (So odd to see everyone clustered together that way.)

4. He kept shooting over and over into each group in an alternating fashion.  He probably reloaded at least 4 or 5 times.

5.  At one point a man, who came out of nowhere on the left side of the room, dashed towards the killer while the killer was focused on the right side of the room.  I thought perhaps the man was going to rush the killer to disarm or distract him.  It wasn't clear from the video if he was trying to disarm the killer or just trying to squeeze past the killer to run down the hall and out the front of the building.  Either way, he was killed immediately.  If two or more people had rushed at the same time, I think they might have succeeded in disarming him.  Indeed there is a news story that at a second mosque attack (not shown in the video), someone did manage to grab his rifle away, but the killer was still able to flee in a car, as the person who grabbed the gun didn't know how to use it.  He finally got two shots off at the vehicle as it was driving away.  No doubt a lot of lives were saved by that brave individual.

6.  After what seemed like forever, the killer causally walked out of the front of the mosque, down the public sidewalk and back to his car in the alley.  He dropped the rifle he had been using on the ground (again, it was marked, having words in large, white letters, saying something like "This happened because."  I could make out the rest).  He clearly left the rifle there intentionally so it would be found.  But he wasn't done.  He grabbed another identical rifle and walked back down the sidewalk and back into the building!  As he walked back in, someone dashed out of the building through a side room.  The killer saw him and shot him as he got near the main road.

7.  The killer, still taking his time and totally non-plussed, alternately walked up to the pile of people on both sides of the main area and put several bullets into each body to make sure they were dead.  Men, women, children.  Calm and methodical.

8.  Finally, about 10 minutes after the first shots had been fired, he exits the building, and when he gets to the sidewalk, he sees a fleeing woman running down the sidewalk.  He shoots her in the back.  As she is laying in the street, he shoots her twice in the back of the head.  He then calmly gets in his car, drives to the street.  As fate would have it, the woman's body was laying in the street in front of the alleyway, so he just drove over her body.  He then headed down the road.

9. He took some shots at a few people through his car's windows as he was driving.  He seemed to not have a care in the world about the police.

10. As all the above happened and the murderer drove away, there was not the sound of a single police siren.  Almost 15 minutes would elapse since the first shots were fired before the camera caught a siren on a vehicle driving in the opposite direction on the way to the mosque.  The killer did say to himself while driving away -- something like, "Things went as planned."

11. A news story said that in his manifesto, he said he chose to use a firearm in the massacre so as to cause a wider divide in the United States on guns.  I have no idea what he thought he was trying to achieve, or why someone in New Zealand would have any interest in influencing American politics.


1. Except for the shots, everything happened in almost dead silence.  The murderer didn't speak, none of the victims spoke.  There was no screaming or yelling.  No one pleaded for their life and the killer didn't give everyone a lecture before he killed them.  Nothing like you see on television or in the movies.  It was clear that pleading would have made no difference, no matter who you were.

2. Rather than trying to flee from the building (to be fair, there wasn't a whole lot of time to do so), most people huddled in a cluster in the corner of the room, not near any exits.  In essence, they trapped themselves - the proverbial "fish in a barrel."  If a window in the room had been broken out, many could have possibly escaped that way.

3. Though there wasn't a security team at the mosque, an entire security team should never be clustered together, especially at the entrance to a building.  The people at that location were the first to go and without any warning.  Instead, you need layered security, with one or more visibly armed guards at the front of the building as a deterrent, and some others inside the building, perhaps carrying concealed handguns or standing out-of-sight with a long gun.

4. This happened in New Zealand, so no one but the killer was armed inside the mosque.  While the killer was walking down the narrow hall and then entering into the main worship area, the killer would have been vulnerable to being shot.  A group of people rushing him might well have been able to overpower him.  That's a scary thing to do, but you're going to die anyway if you don't.  The quicker the murderer can be engaged, the better the chance of stopping him and saving lives.

5. This happened on a pretty summer day and in broad daylight, a time when people feel most secure.

6. If the killer isn't stopped in short order and you have no escape route, you need to be prepared to somehow survive for 10 to 15 minutes.  Playing dead is an option, but can quite likely end up with you not playing anymore.  Begging, pleading, and reasoning with a mass killer will not save you.

7. If you can flee, do so immediately, as the window of time you have will probably close quickly.

8. Have a plan when in a public place.  Know where the exits are and be somewhat near one if you can.  Teach your family that if you ever say a certain special word by itself, like "THREAT!" they are to immediately and without question stay with you, but behind you and out of your way if armed (unless you specifically direct them otherwise), until you tell them the threat is over.

9. If you are fleeing, try to run in a zig-zagging pattern through areas where there is some cover or concealment.  Just running straight down an open sidewalk is a bad plan.

9. Carry, practice at the range, and have family "THREAT!" drills on a regular basis.

10. Finally, pray that you never in a position to have to use any of your self-defence skills

Thanks to DC Dave 

VA-ALERT is a project of the Virginia Citizens Defense League, Inc.

(VCDL). VCDL is an all-volunteer, non-partisan grassroots organization dedicated to defending the human rights of all Virginians. The Right to Keep and Bear Arms is a fundamental human right.

First Comment from RG

I have watched the Christchurch Shooting video posted on your site a few times and have say it appears to me to be fake. The bodies on the left in the main room are lying dead before the shooter entered, indeed the individual positioned under the middle chair moved to under the far away chair later in the footage. The gunman fires repeatedly at close range yet there is no damage to clothing, no apparent pain as if all were already dead, no blood splatter, no damage to exposed skin such as shots fired to the head. All I can see is the blast of air, such as blew the hat off one of the alleged victims, as would be consistent with the firing of blanks. I do see evidence of blood but as we know from other false flags, blood bags are used routinely used, yet no blood from the alleged victims shot at close range? I have to confess this has all the evidence of fake news and we can see the object is to take steps to disarm the people. Cui bono?

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

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Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at

Comments for " Banned Mosque Massacre Video Described"

Bojack said (March 17, 2019):

It seems to me people would stampede for the door as they do in a fire no matter what, even towards the gunfire. I would have expected more flight or fight chaos and screaming. These people all "play dead" and even stay put when he goes out for the other gun? Where's the fire exit? Are mosques immune from New Zealand fire regulations?

As for the shooter; why not strap the other gun over your shoulder and take both, instead of risking running out of ammo? So we are to believe these all kill shots? No squirming as one would expect. The wall behind the one headshot should be red and dripping. No "pink mist" from high powered rifle fire? The amount of smoke from the rounds should have been so thick and tripping smoke alarms within 30 seconds.

I also find it peculiar the one worshipper wearing all white is the one chosen for the copious amounts of blood scene. After Sandy Hook, they needed better stage production and more realism, yet this is far from convincing to me.

Below- The "Right" is Zionist Controlled-Opposition (scroll down)

Brendon O'Connell - Mosque Shooter Was Professionally Trained

March 16, 2019

Vimeo took down Brendon's channel at 12.30 am EST Sunday

(Video, left, updates us on Brendon O'Connell's quest for UN refugee status and his focus on Israeli/Russian penetration of US high tech. He also believes white nationalists are playing into the hands of the Illuminati. He says our legislators are uninformed and he urges listeners to lobby them.)

Brenton Tarrant was no amateur gun nut. He displayed complete cold detachment when murdering 39 human beings in the first Mosque. No fear, no heavy breathing, no excitement. Just cool and calm. When driving to the second location he calmly states that if he had got to the Mosque a bit later he would have gotten more women.

On viewing his self-made horror movie, the most glaring "fact" is the "fact" he is no amateur. 

Related-  Video shows two other shooters

by Brendon O'Connell


The guy was clearly trained. No if's, no buts. He was cool as a cucumber. He has done this before. The way he would reload - step back in the narrow hallway so there was less chance of being jumped as he reloaded.

He is totally confident.

The video is very disturbing, especially the young Muslim woman on the ground in front of the Mosque whimpering "Help me! Help me!" He blew the top of her head off.

You do not handle an AR15, military-style semi-automatic assault rifle like that unless you have trained to clear jams and misfires in the efficient manner he displays. He darts back into cover, out of the expansive prayer hall into a narrow hallway to change magazines - this is not something you do naturally. This is military training. House clearing - to make it harder to be attacked while changing magazines.

It is impossible to obtain an AR15 style assault rifle in Australia. Even a well connected organised crime figure would have trouble and you would immediately risk being on the "police radar" if you tried. So where did he train in their operation, tactics and handling? He was not long in New Zealand. He cannot buy firearms in New Zealand as an Australian citizen. Who brought them for him? Who supplied them? It is legal to own the AR15 he used and semi-automatic shotguns with the appropriate hunting licenses. Some claim his AR15 magazines were illegal 30 round.

In the dock, he looks 5ft 4inches. Muscular. He looks special forces - small and powerful. How they like them. Travelled extensively. Especially in Europe. Claimed he was a simple working class lad - made his money investing in crypto, ie: he's a drug dealer. Absolutely he is. I knew a guy who worked security in Palestine when Arafat had casinos. He had no military training. He learned on the job. That's where I think that guy has come from. They claim he was in Pakistan, who knows. I just know what I saw in that video.

He espouses a multitude of this-and-that politics claiming communist then anarchist, then libertarian and now he is not sure BUT he mentioned Mao and he draws from Julius Evola and "Sacred Tradition" which was Hitler's favourite book and Steve Bannon's too. Even though drawing from pure National Socialist water wells, the word "Jew" or "Jewish" never leaves his lips. 

He was playing Serbian folk music at one stage which the Chetniks would play as they fought the Croatian fascists.

What a grab bag. I smell Bi Bi Henry. Who benefits? BiBi is about to make his own shooting video in Syria.

Wag The Dog - "Change the story, change the lead, it's not a new concept."


Related - Shooter's Goal was to Discredit Whites, Exacerbate Tension

Video shows two OTHER shooters 

Video of shooting aftermath

Another George Soros Production? 

Weird timing for Christchurch cops to "disarm themselves" eleven days before Mosque massacre!

First Comment by V

"Beware the Ides of March".

Interesting that this so-called mosque shooting happened on March 15, the 'ides of March', the famous date in which Julies Caesar was killed in 44 B.C. and a monthly date that was sacred to Jupiter as well as the Roman deadline for settling debts.

I watched the Brendon O'Connell video and before that watched the entire 17-minute Mosque shooter live stream video. O'Connell say's the video is real but I disagree. First of all the entire video looks like a video game simulation. I have watched many cop videos in the USA using body cam footage showing real killings and they looked real which they were. There is more than enough great comments on YouTube that picks apart the video especially when he is firing through the car front window and no glass breakage is seen to firing at multiple people at close range inside the mosque and no blood is scene.

Interesting that the so-called shooter, Brenton Harrison Tarrant has only been charged with one murder so far. Which one?

Know the Daily Mail UK website is calling the '666' hand sign that Brenton Harrison Tarrant (if it is his real name) made in his court appearance a 'white power gesture'.

The controlled mainstream media also said that he travelled to North Korea and Turkey and Pakistan before. Strange travels for a white supremacist.

This event smells like another psyops like the previous ones where the controlled mainstream press has the same script, the lone angry, white male gunman. Why change the script when it works so well.

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

You can find this article permanently at

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at

Comments for "Brendon O'Connell - Mosque Shooter Was Professionally Trained"

Richard (Switzerland) said (March 17, 2019):

In order to shoot a semi-auto AR15 as fast as shown in the video, a shooter has to train with literally thousands of rounds to do so.

Jerry Miculek and Gabe Suarez can do this kind of performance, but they are both highly talented professional shooting instructors.

Also the initial shooting with the shotgun is unrealistic, as shots are fired way too fast, given the hard recoils of a shotgun. Would expect, that when one is shooting into the front windshield of a car, the windshield would show cracks all over and pellets would partially ricochet onto dashboard, the glass directly in front of the barrel would be blow out.

Video of shooting aftermath is not showing any bullet holes nor splattered tissue and blood on the white walls, the projectile of a .223 round is expected to transit a human body without problem.

The entire video “of the shooter” looks like a complete fake to me..

Mohammed SA said (March 17, 2019):

i find it very strange that so many whites, even the white supremacists, say that its the Zionist Jews who are the REAL culprits behind the problems they face, yet they are always attacking, insulting, mocking muslims/islam.
thats a clear sign of cowardice- u go after innocent ppl bcos they are soft/easy targets but u cant touch those who u know are the real culprits.
plus, its not a very christian thing to do.

with this NZ incident, if this guy was really pissed off at the injustices done to the white race(never mind the innumerable injustices done by the whites themselves), why would he go and attack muslims and not Jews?
so many of these dumb, racist whites keep on spewing the same crap: that we muslims are invading & taking over "white" lands.
im from South Africa and theres a LOT of them here- they are stupid cowards who can only speak anonymously bcos if they are confronted in person, they JUST CANNOT justify the stuff they say online- they have NOTHING to back up their hatred of muslims/Islam.
(im a member of a few online forums and u can see the way that Zionist Jews and dumb, racist Afrikaaners control the discussions- they all jump on anyone who speaks the truth. many muslims also on those forums but almost all of them tow the line bcos they dont want to risk being banned)

whites forget so easily that apart from Europe, NOWHERE else on earth can be claimed as white lands.
they forget the brutal ways in which they dispossessed the original inhabitants of the lands they now claim as theirs.

in comparison, if we just go with their argument about us "moozlims" invading their lands, we arent killing, raping or torturing anyone in the west...unlike what western troops are doing in the Mid east & other muslim majority lands on behalf of the Zionist banking cartel that runs their countries.
these cowards keep on enlisting just for a paycheck & benefits and get deployed to kill innocent ppl -u cant see that as immoral and unjust?
what kind of humans are you?
you praise your dumb, cowardly sons & daughters for killing innocent ppl?

and what the west DOES attribute to muslims is 99% lies or false flag ops that were conducted by the VERY SAME white govts that they hold in high esteem(full of homos, pedophiles, rapists, drug addicts & alcoholics)...all done to give them further excuse to remain in muslim lands and continue stealing their resources and continue generating more refugees who inevitably find their way to the west bcos they are shown on TV & in movies that the west is full of justice & democracy...

i strongly believe that even if Mossad etc was involved in these shootings, this time there were REAL bullets, REAL blood & REAL victims solely bcos they were Muslims & thus expendable. if these were white Christian victims, i might buy that this was another false flag op with fake blood & paid actors.

but lets just see what info comes to light in the next few weeks

David said (March 17, 2019):

I believe these mass shootings are part of a larger scheme, all designed to stampede us into calling for more gun control and self-disarmament. Each new massacre more horrifying and appalling than the one before. The shooters have even taken to filming their massacres with action cameras to create "infomercials", as it were, to be used by opponents of the Second Amendment. And this latest killer even obliged by wielding an AR-15, the poster child weapon of choice of the gun grabber lobby.

WF said (March 17, 2019):

As an Aussie I also agree that name Brenton Tarrant is suspect.

Note its consonance with 'Quentin Tarrantino'.

N said (March 17, 2019):

Hi Henry. Have you seen this? It is unconfirmed; complements of JimStone. Christchurch is a Mossad nest. We know that. I sussed the shoot-em-up was theater when I saw that AR-15 (for one thing). The references on the rifle were above the shooter's IQ level, actually PhD in history stuff. TPTB sometimes insert a clue like that to let their own agents know it's fake i.e. it may be a "tell". (Double click on "HISTORY").

HISTQRY on Twitter


HISTQRY on Twitter

Henry, it was bogus, we just don't know how bogus or what tack they took this time. But the public will buy it because it was supposedly "live streamed". Lol. Take a look at the second to last comment on the article below (interesting background from Pablo Howitt). Keep the faith and be well. Cheers.

JG said (March 16, 2019):

If the shooter here is a "white nationalist ", as the MSM has dubbed him, what nation is he a nationalist of?
As expected President Trump is already being partly blamed for this kind of people's behaviour just by his politically sovereign oriented rhetoric alone. No surprise there.

You can't blame a whole race of people for the crimes of one or a few.

I don't blame the Muslims for 911 or the world's problems. I also don't accuse them of being anti-American.

As the world continues to move away from God, Heritage, and Country what will it be replaced with?

Abdullah said (March 16, 2019):

Where are the people who were saying that Albert Pike's predictions are a hoax.

Predictive Programming - The Example of Dark Angel by Troy

March 16, 2019


Predictive Programming - The Example of Dark Angel 

by Troy

Wanted to address the long line of predictive programming in tv, movies, etc. We are told years and decades ahead of time what the plan is for us and I've just seen more proof. 

I just rewatched the Dark Angel series from 2000. A few ideologies that are in the forefront now were "predicted" or "imagined" or "anticipated" for now. The show's timeline was set in the year 2019. 

1. GRRL POWER/FEMINISM-The hero is a bad-girl to whom all men are subservient. (women kick ass and are better than men) 

2. MASSIVE GOVERNMENT SURVEILLANCE-Drones fly around watching everything. (literally eye in the sky government). 

3. TRANSHUMANISM-The premise of the show is that a group of super soldiers/genetic experiments were created in a lab where a few escaped and later in the series all are released. (Mad scientist genetic experiments to make a better human than God made) 

4. TRANSGENDERISM-Subtle, but several times the general public is angry, see them as abominations and calls them Trannies. (Normal people hate for no reason and trannies are born this way).

 5. RACISM-In the final scenes the bad guy is Mr WHITE while the good cop is a BLACK man who sympathizes with the transgenics in the end (i.e. white and conservative is bad, black, different and tolerant is good).

These are just a few examples I noticed. I'm sure there are many more subtle ones sprinkled in that I just can't think of right now. I remember watching this show because I thought Jessica Alba was the hottest chick I'd ever seen in my life at the time and rewatched to see how it held up. 

Not good. It was a terrible show and, oh yeah it happened to be directed by James Cameron who is the poster child for getting people to think about all these things. He's an over the top liberal nutbag who lives to spit in the eye of anything traditional or Christian (Terminator was awesome though). 

Not sure if you've ever looked into the subject of predictive-programming but once you do it is glaringly obvious how real and prevalent it is in mass media. We know from testimonies and documents found that our "leaders" plan the future years, decades and sometimes centuries in advance. 

For some reason, under their satanic agenda, they operate under the dictate that they have to tell us in advance what they plan to do to us so that we are aware and complicit in it. In that way, they cannot be held culpable for the bad things they do. I'd love to see an article on the many examples of tv shows, movies and novels that do this same thing where only in hindsight can we see that what is happening/has happened to us was orchestrated well in advance.

Who Shorted Boeing Stock? by V

March 14, 2019

Reader raises questions about Ethiopia crash

Who Shorted Boeing Stock? 

by V

The Ethiopian Airlines Boeing Max 8 crash leaves many questions as to an actual plane crash.

- The first pictures showed NO smoking rubble of a plane that was loaded with jet fuel. Even the Ethiopian Airlines CEO was walking among the wreckage shortly after. No scorched earth anywhere on the pictures I have seen so far. The wreckage looked as if it were placed there like the Shanksville, PA so-called plane crash on 9-11.

Pictures here.

- so-called witness from the ground said this:

"A witness to the Ethiopian Airlines crash on Sunday recounted the moments before the Boeing 737 Max 8 crashed into the ground and said he heard a loud explosion and smoke trailing behind the aircraft before the incident occurred. "

Sounds more of an 'bomb' than any mechanical problem or pilot error.

- Searchers say they found this at the crash site:

"Torn books, passports and T-shirts: Victims' belongings left behind at Ethiopian Airlines crash site."

But today Reuters said that NO body parts were recovered:

"No bodies, only small remains recovered from Ethiopia Airlines crash site - spokesman"


In the UK daily Mail website:

Down the page we can see a picture of black bags being loaded onto a truck.

"Rescue team collect bodies in bags at the crash site of Ethiopia Airlines near Bishoftu, a town some 60 kilometres southeast of Addis Ababa "


Why was there bulldozers and earth movers so quickly at the scene moving dirt and debris at the scene of a crashed passenger plane which should be roped off and preserved for forensic  an investigation.

I would also like to know who shorted Boeing stock last week before this so-called incident happened ?

Glen writes:

After very little investigation on my part I must say I agree with V on this crash. Many things don't add up. To me it looked like a slightly improved Shanksville hoax site. I would just like to list a couple of video's on the crash for everyone's consideration by Jeffersonian Girl. As you will notice these videos have to be posted on 153.NET as YouTube will no longer allow these kinds of "conspiracy" videos.  



The photo shown below is from the crash of United Airlines Boeing 737 flight UA585. Although this crash happened on approach, it would appear many of characteristics of the crash were similar. This is the kind of debris you would expect from an airline crash. "United Airlines Flight 585was a scheduled passenger flight on March 3, 1991 from Denver to Colorado Springs, Colorado, carrying 20 passengers and 5 crew members on board. The plane experienced a rudder hard over while on final approach to runway 35 atColorado Springs Municipal Airport, causing the plane to roll over and enter an uncontrolled dive. There were no survivors.[1]:x v

A Trend to Undermine Parental Authority Seen in California by CV

March 12, 2019


A Trend to Undermine Parental Authority Seen in California 

Since when are California middle schoolers (ages 11-13) 
presumed to need the services of Planned Parenthood, 
with their ID card a form of advertising for its services?

by CV

The latest bill before the California legislature requires that middle school student ID cards have printed on the back the phone numbers for 1) the National Sexual Assault Hotline and 2) a reproductive health hotline (code for Planned Parenthood).

So here are the glaring questions: Why would you spur any student to avoid going directly to her parents or her own doctor in a case where she's been sexually assaulted?  Doesn't such a move encourage this? 

Also, since when are middle schoolers presumed to need the services of Planned Parenthood, with their ID card a form of advertising for its services? Much of the sexual activity in this age group is perpetrated by adults against minors - parents have every right to know if there's been a case of statutory rape, a criminal offence!

Most concerning is that the bill would require an abortionist's phone number on student ID cards at every junior high, high school, and college campus in California, including Christian- and Catholic-format schools and universities. (forget separation of church and state!)

Do you see the modern day pattern evolving? Increasingly your relationship with your children is being usurped by total strangers who "know what's best", especially in the sexual arena, and in complete defiance of the Bible's clear command that the parents play the primary role with their children. It may be the case that a girl's father learns of her trauma, then HE calls the Sexual Assault Hotline. So be it - he is clearly "being there" for his daughter!

After all, a child cannot even get a Tylenol at school without parental permission, so let's give the phone number to him!  But it's a fact that with abortion, we have another story entirely!  It is already legal for any school personnel to transport a young girl of 15 off-campus for an abortion without parental knowledge or consent. A young girl has even died from a recent abortion when she started haemorrhaging at home - her out-of-the-loop parents did not believe it was serious.

As of 2019, California school personnel can take you off-campus in the same manner, to facilitate your sex change as young as age 12, no questions asked! (except "Do you FEEL like a boy/girl" today?) A sex change renders you sterile for life - so is age 12 the right time for this?

These changes in the legislature are not only ANTI-reproduction, they actively work to dismantle family structures that already exist. So parents must constantly work to ensure they have a relationship with their children, middle school and all the way up, that is based on open communication and mutual respect. Even if they lower the age of consent, which is coming soon.

There is no other way to maintain the integrity of the family, except doing it ourselves, one family at a time.  It starts with the husband and wife, and puts a high priority on the parent-child bond, and then on to the next generations. Add the support of a like-minded community, and there you have it!