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Romantic Love is a Hoax

October 21, 2019

We get most of our information about life from Hollywood. Most of it is bogus. 

Romantic love is a fake religion 
promoted by Satanists to stunt 
our spiritual growth by diverting us from love of God. 
God is the principle of our moral development. 
If you don't believe in God, you don't believe in yourself.

(An atheist is a person who doesn't believe in his own perfectability, i.e. "made in the image of God."
When it comes to Self-work, most of us are unemployed.)  

Our spiritual "salvation" lies in obeying God, i.e. putting God first. Romantic love diverts our energy from God to a flawed human being. 

We are in love with Perfection (God.) Human beings have good and bad qualities.  They're not worthy of the adoration that we are supposed to feel. Romantic love is a ruse. Mass brainwashing.

Usually, romantic Love is just lust rationalized, a delirium necessary to trick a man into marrying and starting a family. I'm not saying this isn't good, just that it should NOT be undertaken in a state of delusion. "Love" is asking a lot. Loyalty, trust, and caring companionship are more attainable. 

We live in a society that is besotted with beautiful women and sex. This fetish substitutes for religion. Sex and romance are sold as a way of achieving unity with God.  The orgasm is the Holy Sacrament. This is Satanism.

The mystification of sex and women (sex Goddess programming) makes men impotent. Men are too weak to approach and enlist women who have an inflated sense of themselves. Most women want and need male leadership but can no longer admit it. 

People scoff when I say Western society is a satanic cult. However, the proof is obvious. The word "God" is banned from mainstream public discourse. In fact, we are repulsed at His mere mention. Our minds shut down. We become angry. We have been brainwashed and don't know it.

If I were wrong, God would be on our lips. After all, He is the Creative Intelligence behind life. He has Instructions for us. We should be praising Him and discussing His Plan.

We can't mention Him because Cabalist central bankers have their own Plan. They want to be God themselves and they control information and discourse.  This is why love songs instead of hymns.


We don't realize that we have a great need to feel loved by God, and to love Him. This need is sublimated in romantic love which is a form of idolatry. 

Our Love Affair with God 
by Henry Makow PhD

(from Dec 31, 2014, 2009)

While making a spaghetti sauce, I put on a collection of old Paul Anka hits.

Listening to the lyrics, it struck me: If you imagine the love object is God, instead of some empty-headed girl with regular features, there's little difference between popular love songs and religious hymns, prayers and chants.

We are all pilgrims and God (Love) is our Mecca.

Screenshot_20191021-203102_SamsungInternet.jpg(Left, Frank Zappa) 

I don't have to tell you that 97 percent of all popular songs are love songs. A visitor from another planet would conclude that our religion is romantic love.

But instead of recognizing the real object of our desire, we have fixated on the opposite sex, whom we mystify and idealize to reflect our true sublimated desire.

I am not a Jungian, but I agree with Carl Jung's statement: "If you take away God, man will invent a thousand false ones."

They have taken away God. You can't mention the word in polite company. As if,
given the magnificence of the universe and the complexity of the natural world, the concept of a Creator and a Design is so outlandish that it must be banned.

The people who want to replace God (with themselves) are responsible for our inability to mention or imagine God when it is so simple.

God is synonymous with our spiritual ideals and desires: truth, beauty, love, peace, bliss, justice, and harmony.  So don't blame God for letting bad things happen to good people. Bad people are responsible, the same people who abolished God.

We are God's agents. If we don't bring about his Kingdom, it won't happen. Eventually, we'll all become extinct. 


Next time you hear a love song, imagine it's about God. You will be surprised how well it fits.

Anka1.jpg"I love you with all my heart, we'll never part, please stay with me...(God)."

"I'm so alone. All I want is somebody to love"

"Show me, you love me too."

"I'm so lonely; I'm so blue, now that you're gone."

These lyrics remind me of Christian, Muslim and Hindu mystics pining away for Divine Grace. 

We're religious zealots, just like them. All that's missing are the white robes. We don't pray five times a day. We listen to these prayers 50-100 times a day.

But we've taken a wrong turn. Instead of recognizing the true object of our desire, we have glommed on to the opposite sex. We are looking for a person to play the role of God.

Frankly, we've been misdirected. (Think who runs the music and movie business.)  And, of course, lust is a confounding factor ...


If we could just begin with the knowledge that God loves us, then we wouldn't have this desperate misguided need "for love" expressed in love songs.

"God loves you very much (your name here.)" And you love God for the precious gift of life...for the miracle of Creation.

We're never alone. God is our constant companion, a warm, glowing love at the centre of our being. Our primary relationship is with Him.

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Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

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Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at

Comments for "Romantic Love is a Hoax "

Essel said (October 22, 2019):

Of course, this analysis is essentially accurate. Modern mass media have increased the strength of Masonic effectors, suggesting that the phenomenon is recent, but it is not so, in fact, it is as old as humanity forsaken by original sin. In the 19th century, masonry developed romanticism (= fiction), which already existed in the Middle Ages (e.g. the Arthurian novel), but did not have adequate means of dissemination.
More anciently, it is simply the phenomenon of idolatry that occurs on every page of the Bible. Idolatry consists in replacing the true God, demanding and jealous by a false god of human level. Let us think carefully about this: he is in fact idolatry only of himself. And atheism, which is not a reality but a hypocritical social positioning, is the finished form. We deny the existence of the true God by mouth, to replace him with creatures, first and foremost ourselves. But Jesus will destroy these false gods "by a breath of his mouth".

However, if we really want to deepen it, the question of human love between a man and a woman remains a very complex reality that cannot be reduced to the phenomenon described here. Men are contingent creatures and are weak, need sensitive comfort, and also a part of a dream. God, by incarnating Himself, knew all this and He precisely wanted to bring Himself to their level so that His teaching would be accessible to the audience. It can nevertheless be said that, to a certain extent, "romantic love", when controlled by a sound theological formation and authentic faith, not to forget the assiduous practice of the sacraments, which are precisely designed to give us what our native weakness deprives us of, remains a small indestructible component of authentic human love.

James R said (October 22, 2019):

Regarding “Anonymous" comment below disparaging all things God and religion, I run into this a lot from people who strictly equate GOD with religion. I think people should not confuse God with Religion but most do. Religion is a man-made construct and GOD is not.


Thankes James


Anonymous said (October 21, 2019):

All this 'God loves you' is complete crock.
It is a shame you live in a fictional world - a fiction created by'religion'.
Most of the Old Testament is a complete fraud and provable lie - yet morons still believe the bullshit printed by the Catholic church.


Where was your God when the little girl died screaming in agony from
cancer or under the wheels of a truck ? Or I could list a million other examples that prove beyond a doubt that God does not give a f**k. Where was his love then?

It is truly pathetic how these sniveling religious cowards get on their\ knees and beg. Truly pathetic, weak and incredibly ignorant human beings.



Kudos Chris

spoken like a true Freemason

God isn;lt responsible foe everything that goes wrong in the world.


Doug P said (June 10, 2019):

I think that that you and all the others that talk about God have it all wrong, which is why I do what I do. You are right but you won't convince anyone with that argument (which is why I think you are wrong) and I think there is a better one, one that includes science.

True knowledge of God cannot be attained by mankind because we are in space and time and there is no proof of Gods existence in the empirical world. God lies outside space and time. I equate my belief in God with my belief that the shortest distance between two points is a straight line, I know this even though I could never find a straight line in experience to test this hypothesis, and its an axiom so there is no analytical proof. The mind bending trick that they play is that they worship science as ultimate truth, which it cannot be because science is based only in space and time.

The destruction of our belief in God is created by the destruction of reason itself, as we see the nonsensical things going on on wonder why (sex change, 9-11, fake news and ridiculousness in general which we must pretend to accept) . This is to warp our minds away from reason and accept an empirical explanations for everything and comfort to be our highest goal. Once we view the world as a mechanical state machine, there is no room for God, no need for laws. Most people cannot understand that science has limits and that it gets misapplied in popular science given in the media.

The misleading nature of the empire is usually obvious by the precepts they adopt from which to make arguments - that precept that God cannot be proven empirically therefore cannot exist is a false precept.

God is about universal love and we express this through law, which is reason. Love is love for the law, a rational rather than empirical love. The destruction of God leads to the destruction of reason which turns us into predictable state machines which can be managed by managing and meeting our desires for empirical comfort (money, reputation, etc) rather than knowledge and understanding which leads to better laws and better societies.

I also like Matthew Raphael Johnson on the web who talks about Dosteovsky and along the same lines as E Michael Jones. But Kant was the second coming and everyone missed it 8-).

Kim said (June 10, 2019):

If you want to hear love songs to God then listen to (Cat Stevens) Yusef Islam.

He is a Sufi Muslim and the CD’s are beautiful love songs to God!

JG said (June 9, 2019):

How often we worship and serve the creature more than the Creator (Romans 1:25). We have abandoned God in our government, popular culture, and schools which had led to disaster. False Gods in the form of false doctrines and reprobate role models is becoming our demise.

The New Age thinkers today continually question God and accept only the God that they have made up in their minds. They believe that he is not a vengeful or judgemental God. Therefore sin is of no consequence. This is why they get upset at the believers who call sin a sin.

We're all on borrowed time since the crucifixion of Jesus Christ who died for our sins to give us another chance to get right with God and inheret eternal life in his Kingdom.

Rosie said (January 18, 2015):

Thank you so much for this article. I realized years ago that a person can end up killing themselves by dedicating songs to mere human beings about things that only God can be to us.

A perfect example is a song by Mariah Carey that says, "I can't live, if living is without you."

After that person does leave and we play that song over and over again, we feel empty and hopeless.

But, if we sung that same song to God, it makes us feel strong, hopeful, and empowered to continue. Because with God, it is true.

Allenby said (January 2, 2015):

This one is serious stuff. While listening to Paul Anka, and many more. In ‘My home town’ he sings:

The music came from within my heart,

How did it happen, how did it start..

I only know that I fell in love…

I noticed it’s the only song that does not explicitly refer to the loved one. How strange!

Actually perceiving our relationship with God as love is what the mystics do, like St John of the Cross etc.

Below- Satanic Black Magic Rules the World (scroll down)

Illuminati Abuse Children for Demonic Power

October 20, 2019

(left, not Jennifer) 
Jennifer's father raped and beat her. After his death, she discovered
he belonged to a Masonic Order. 

"I was a sex sacrifice. My father became empowered and rich via his abuse of me and he gifted me to the Order to empower other Luciferians among them." 
"I discovered that sexually abusing a child usually opens a spiritual portal to allow in high-level demons and the most powerful are child sexual abuse demons and the highest among those are incest demons called, 'Nephilim Spirit demons.'  Demon-possessed people get superhuman abilities."

by Jennifer

I Believe Fiona, because I have been there.  I found her book to be incredibly healing for me. A Shout Out to Fiona --Thank you so very much for writing your book and sharing your unspeakable but true story!

I too am a victim of horrible child sexual and physical abuse, but not at the hands of international traffickers --at the hands of my own family members, who are very wealthy educated "upstanding" members of the church and community from a Midwest town under 500,000 population.  

I was beaten, tortured, electrocuted, knocked out, hospitalized and raped numerous times...but no one really understood or could believe or help me as a child.  At 14 my older brother got caught with drugs and had to go to a program. Our family was interviewed.  From what I said, the director recommended to my parents that I needed to go to therapy. But the therapist was a joke-she often slept through sessions and skimmed the surface.  

At that time I was too traumatized to talk about it.  One time my therapist called the ambulance when I was knocked out with a double concussion at age 17, and years later I discovered a social worker had come to our home asking questions, but never spoke to me. I did not even know about her visit until years later when I was in the process of unraveling everything --wondering how come no one cared. My therapist knew enough but did nothing.  Years later, when I confronted her, she said at that time, her training did not equip her to deal with my level of abuse --so she did nothing.

I was so childlike--I had no idea of my rights and no one around me knew how to help me.  Once a high school girlfriend's father saw my black eye and wanted to know who did this to me.  I choked up. He said, "I can help you". 

But I could not tell him my father did this to me.  On my healing journey from denial to acceptance when I first began to talk about it, I was so dissociated that no one believed me because people have a lot of assumptions of how a victim of horrific abuse is supposed to act.  I was initially emotionless --so no one believed me. 

 People doubted me "how come you are not angry?" I was numb.  I went through a very intellectual stage processing it --so no one believed me because I seemed too clinical.  I went through a new age "spiritual" phase so no one believed me. I went to dozens and dozens of therapists but they could not relate or help. 

  My story made some therapists extremely sick that they refused to continue to see me.  My abuse affected me intellectually such that I had a difficult time learning how to read. I am dyslexic probably from trauma-- and I have a very difficult time writing, so please forgive my writing errors.  Decades later, I'm still trying to figure it all out.

Both of my parents came from large families, so I have lots of aunts, uncles, and cousins, who were older because my father was one of the youngest.  I reached out to them with my story and was disowned. Then finally, my father's oldest sister confessed to me similar things had happened to her--so there was a pattern, as I too was the oldest daughter. She was a fragile dissociated woman who died not too long after she confessed to me. Then I realized I had two other cousins --oldest daughters, who had committed suicide -- it was all buried under the rug.

Another reason people did not believe me, is because as an adult I became a prima ballerina and model.  I have performed all over the world to adoring audiences. Dance saved my life, as a child every time I felt suicidal I would dance, which became a constant activity.  I was recognized as a child prodigy of dance at age 10 and began serious training, by 15 I was professionally performing.   As a model, I have won competitive cover model contracts and I have modeled for international art photographers, painters, and sculptures.   I move with poise and grace and my beauty somehow hides my pain or makes it unbelievable to people.

Here's the dark side, I thought it was my beauty and position as a dancing star in my late teens and twenties that attracted the billionaires of the world, some whom I have dated.  I have been to private parties at the Bohemian Grove.  I have met and had experiences with so many of these people, too many to mention-- including Donald Trump, Jeffrey Epstein, and Henry Kissinger. 

"They" seduced and manipulated me into their world from a different point of view from Fiona... But I heard and saw things...not child abuse directly but many times "their slip was showing."   I didn't understand it until later when I could put the pieces together.

As my connection to God grew; I healed and became more grounded. I did not want to be part of "Their" world anymore.  However, as I attempted to move away, I constantly ran into some billionaire from the pack that became obsessed with me and demanded to have sex with me, when I said no, they became furious and plotted revenge on me. I didn't understand.  It's not like I am the most beautiful woman in the world, there are younger and more beautiful women than me...

Then on my healing journey, in 2013, I met Christian exorcists who cast out demons in the Name of Jesus Christ.  I studied demonology and exorcism extensively and discovered that sexually abusing a child usually opens a spiritual portal to allow in high-level demons and the most powerful are child sexual abuse demons and the highest among those are incest demons called, "Nephilim Spirit demons."   Demon possessed people get superhuman abilities. Regarding Scientology, I discovered they are adept at conspiring with one's demons to the detriment of their client's true spiritual healing.

Luciferians attempt to access the power of Nephilim Spirit demons by either having sex with a close family member to draw in the demon or having sex with a victim of child sexual abuse/ incest to become possessed via "sexually transmitted demons."

Then in 2017, at my father's funeral, a strange man made a short eulogy; we all discovered my father had secretly belonged to a Masonic Order. Then I understood, I was a sex sacrifice.  My father became empowered and rich via his abuse of me and he gifted me to the Order to empower other Luciferians among them. I wonder if I am tracked and am on some sort of list. They did not want me dead, they need to use me because I am, or was a vessel to them. Also, my father came from an old-world Bavarian aristocratic family, with a two-headed creature on their crest, symbolizing their ancient connection to the dark forces.

Therefore, it wasn't my beauty per se, that "They" were attracted to, it was their Luciferian desire to have sex with me to get possessed by the powerful Nephilim demons, but through the greater power of God's son Christ, I was delivered and healed.  Nevertheless, Luciferian agents are very sore losers and They continually harass me.


Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

You can find this article permanently at

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at

Comments for "Illuminati Abuse Children for Demonic Power"

James C said (October 21, 2019):

The idea that spirit beings can have sex with physical women and produce viable offspring is what the apostle Paul referred to as a Jewish fable (Titus 1:14). It was common teaching among post-Babylonian captivity Jews who had been educated in Babylonian traditions and it eventually became part of the Talmud (see Yebamoth 103b; Haye Sarah 126a,b). Also known as the "Seedline Hypothesis," it is the ideological basis of the heresy claiming that all Jews are the offspring of Satan and Eve.

It is also one of the most widespread and pervasive of all fetishes. Its adherents incorrectly cite John chapter 8 as their proof text, yet they absolutely refused to believe what Christ plainly said about the Jews of His day: "I know that ye are Abraham's seed" (John 8:37).

Elsewhere, Christ plainly says that spirit beings cannot, or do not, have sex. The Sadducees presented Christ with the hypothetical case of a woman who had been sequentially married to, and had outlived, seven brothers. The Sadducees mistakenly posited the idea that the wife and the seven brothers would have physical bodies when resurrected so they asked Christ: "Whose wife will she be?" (Mark 12:23), meaning which of the brothers would have conjugal rights. Christ plainly answered: "When they rise from the dead, they neither marry nor are given in marriage" (Mark 12:25). The most obvious inference that can be drawn from Christ's statement is that conjugal rights are, or will be, a nonissue to both angels and the resurrected. Christ was clearly saying that spirit beings do not have sex.

IMO, the dark entities that the Bible refers to as demons are doing everything in their power to somehow get into the human family, thus hoping to escape their ultimate fate (Matthew 25:41).

BH said (October 20, 2019):

Sounds like they're are becoming "possessed" by doing things that cause them to become dissociated, experience a DID like state of mind (or lack of state of mind depending on one's perspective):

"Therefore, it wasn't my beauty per se, that "They" were attracted to, it was their Luciferian desire to have sex with me to get possessed by the powerful Nephilim demons..."

Mike M said (October 20, 2019):

Yes, exactly Henry, dead on, many of these Nephilim demons, once walked the earth in FLESH: but the great flood, killed many.

They're the offspring of human women and Fallen angel (once a Watcher) not part of creation: they are in Hell now, as lower-level demons, but can get back into our realm through portals, like witchcraft & Black Magic & divination devices.

Incubus is a common name for one: that will rape young girls, even today, their female counterparts are succubus.

Below- Reader -- Fiona Barnett's Book is too Horrifying to Believe (scroll down)

Satanic Black Magic Rules the World

(Fiona Barnett, right, with daughter and husband)

Mankind has succumbed to a broad Luciferian conspiracy. The Epstein affair just scratches the surface. To achieve wealth and fame, ILLUMINATI members must agree to participate in an international CIA-Mossad child trafficking ring. "It's all about blackmail, says Hollywood Insider Isaac Kappy who also claims that Tom Hanks, Steven Spielberg, Stephen King, and Stephen Colbert are pedophiles and Satanists. See also.

Fiona Barnett's testimony that she was an Illuminati child sex slave in Australia is a reminder that while Jews are major players, the Illuminati attracts anyone who is willing to sell his soul for fame and fortune. There are over 300 Luciferian bloodlines and many are not Jewish. "Most of my perpetrators were raised Catholic," she says. While important, the focus on the Jewish role gives non-Jewish Satanists a free pass.  
A broad satanic conspiracy has spread throughout the human body politic like cancer. 

Makia Freedman writes: "It's a tough and bitter pill to swallow, but we have to face the cold hard truth: the world is run by a Satanic cult, whose members have infiltrated the top layers and power centers of Australian, American and British society (and those of numerous other countries). 
They are inter-related, and they are bound together by bloodlines and Satanism - with pedophilia, rape, murder, war and genocide to follow. Fiona warns that every organization in Australia has been infiltrated, including hospitals, psychiatry, politics, child advocacy groups - everything. The Satanists have even created a False Memory Foundation, a fake organization set up by pedophiles, to stop true victims from coming forward with their stories, by convincing people they didn't really experience what they experienced.

Satanic black magic rules the world. Only when enough of us truly grasp the enormity, horror and shock of this fundamental truth - now exposed by a mountain of evidence and a ton of whistleblowers and victims - can we hope to heal it by bringing these psychopaths to justice and restoring some semblance of honesty, peace and freedom to our world."  Source

by Fiona Barrett
(Excerpt by 

My name is Fiona Barnett. I was born Fiona Rae Holowczak, on 28 October 1969, in Sydney, Australia. I am a victim of CIA child trafficking, Luciferian ritual abuse, and Project MK-ULTRA.
Child trafficking is run as a single integrated world operation. This operation is coordinated by the CIA in collaboration with British and Australian intelligence services...Retired NYPD Detective James Rothstein was appointed to the first US task force to investigate this child trafficking operation which, he found, went all the way up to the Whitehouse. Detective Rothstein found that the CIA was behind a blackmail operation in which child prostitutes were used to honeytrap and compromise politicians, military brass, top businessmen, and key government officials. Rothstein, who arrested the key Watergate perpetrator, said Watergate solely concerned this human compromise racket, and specifically was an attempt to obtain a list of compromised pedophile VIPs and their proclivities that was held at the Democratic National Headquarters. I spoke with Rothstein who said he knew of an identical VIP pedophile ring that existed here in Australia, and that an Australian intelligence officer named Peter Osborne knew the details of this.
The Australian wing of this child trafficking operation is coordinated by ASIO (Australian Security Intelligence Organisation). During the 1970s and 80s, Labour Party politician, Kim Beazley Sr. headed ASIO's child trafficking operation. Under Kim Beazley's administration, I was prostituted, at age 6 years, to a pedophile orgy at Parliament House in Canberra, where I was raped by then Prime Minister Gough Whitlam, Attorney-General Lionel Murphy, and Governor-General John Kerr. During this same excursion, future Prime Minister Bob Hawke raped me in a suburban backyard near Canberra, and former President Richard Nixon raped me in the back of a US / CIA military plane at Australia's main military airport where Airforce One lands when it visits Australia.

(Barrett revealing the horrible truth in 2015)
After this, I was child sex trafficked from Sydney airport to California, USA, in a cargo plane. I was gassed and stuffed in a wooden crate like an animal. During this trip, I was raped by media founder Ted Turner at a pedophile party held at Disneyland, and I was trafficked to the annual summer camp at Bohemian Grove attended by notable politicians, businessmen, and other VIPs. I was raped by Reverend Billy Graham in a pink bubble themed cabin at Bohemian Grove. Billy Graham told me his good buddy Richard Nixon had recommended me to him. At Bohemian Grove, I was one of a group of children dressed as teddy bears and hunted for sport by men in the forest, to the theme song "Teddy Bears Picnic". I also witnessed the ritual murder of a woman by male guests dressed in black Luciferian robes.
I will now lay the foundations for explaining the relationship between pedophilia, child trafficking, ritual abuse, mind control practices, and the CIA's Project MK-ULTRA.


...What people must appreciate is that the Nazis were Luciferians. During their height of power, the Nazis conducted Luciferian rituals in broad daylight in the streets of Germany. Luciferianism is a secret, multi-generational religion with its roots in ancient Babylon and Egypt. Luciferians worship various ancient pagan gods including Lucifer, Molech, Baal, Dagon, Imhotep, Horus, Isis, Anubis, and Seth.

Nazism drew out and promoted those Slavics who secretly practiced Luciferianism. My grandparents and the other Slavic war criminals who were granted asylum in Australia congregated to covertly practice their brand of Nazi Luciferianism here in Australia. Over time, the descendants of these Luciferian pedophile refugees collaborated with existing Luciferian dynasties such as the Kidmans, Conlons, Overtons, Huxleys, Cardens, and Cumpstons, and infiltrated Australian government and influenced law and policy.

This explains why right is being confused with wrong, why the government bodies support the perpetrator instead of the victim of crime, and why our legislation is increasingly reflecting Luciferian pedophile doctrine. This explains, for prime example, why the Australian Human Rights Commission recently defended a pedophile who lied on his job application about his conviction and fined the employee for refusing to hire the pedophile. ... The Jesuits are Luciferians who practice ritual murder and child rape. An increasing number of Australian politicians who hold power are Jesuits.

Owing to his Jesuit training, Leonas Petrauskas assumed the role of head Luciferian priest within the Sutherland Shire Catholic diocese. Roman Catholicism stems from Mithraism, the ancient Luciferian cult in which male priests were married to boy brides (alter boys), and temple prostitutes (nuns) bore children to the priests for ritual murder on key ritual dates. The Latin mass is a whitewashed version of the high Luciferian black mass in which a new-born baby is ritually murdered, and its blood and flesh eaten. This is the ritual that occurred at Bathurst City Hall in 1985, presided over by the AHRC President.

Most of my perpetrators were raised Catholic, and many associated with the Catholic colleges located at Sydney University....


 Luciferianism is arranged according to a hierarchical structure that vaguely resembles a caste system. At the very top sit 13 family dynasties including the Rothschilds and the British Royal Family. These are recognized by the cult as demi-gods. Below these, sit approximately 300 Luciferian bloodlines who are generally high IQ, although this tends to have been watered down in some families due to intermarriage. Below this group sit the commoners who can never attain higher status because they lack the desired bloodline.

meryl.jpgThese are your random covens based on nationality (e.g., there's a strong Scottish coven in Bundaberg), sexual orientation (e.g., Bond University has a lesbian coven), gang membership (bikie gangs), or self-styled, whatever goes these days. It is from these lines that the cult obtains 'breeders' - women who are forced to breed unregistered babies for sacrifice and sex trafficking. We refer to these bottom feeders as 'coven scum'. Their behavior is usually barbaric and requires constant management to stop them exposing the cult, and they show no respect for those in the caste above them. There is much jealousy and animosity directed by these lower members toward the blood-liners.

I stem from one of the 300 bloodlines via my biological paternal grandparents ... I was selected based on my Aryan appearance, IQ level, bloodline, flawless body, strength, skills, and teachability. Women with blonde or red hair were candidates, and this related to the appearance of the Aryans / Pleiadians that (as the history well books document) the Nazis aspired to.

Blood-liners are encouraged to marry within their caste. The father of my children is of the Gardiner Luciferian bloodline. He is the blood relative of Tony Gardiner, the mother of the current King of Jordan who converted to Islam and changed her name to Muna. Therefore, my daughters are double targets of this Luciferian cult. I have striven to protect my kids from the cult's kidnapping and luring attempts. Cult members who serve in the NSW Police force attempted to kidnap my 10-year-old child, in 2015. My efforts to fight this resulted in the NSW police apologizing to my daughter and giving her a police showbag.


Child rape, torture, and murder are routinely practiced within Luciferianism for various reasons: 

1. These acts are established traditions thought to appease their god Lucifer. 

2. Some members get off on raping and murdering kids, but not all. The ones who like it were conditioned to be sexually aroused by it through being abused and exposed to such practices as children.

3. It is believed to bestow power on the practitioner. Sodomy is called the 'fountain of youth' and is thought to transfer the child's youth to the abusing adult.

Luciferianism is a cult. Cult indoctrination alone is a strong enough influence on human behavior. But the impact of indoctrination is reinforced by fear of the consequences of betraying or exposing the cult. The number one rule of Luciferianism is - there is no such thing as Luciferianism. At age of 6 years, I was well taught this lesson. I was taken into a national park. There I witnessed a man (who was a traitor) have each of his 4 limbs tied to 4 different vehicles which drove at high speed in opposite directions. That incident taught me not to talk about the Luciferian cult I was raised in.

Mind control is a Luciferian tradition stemming back thousands of years. Luciferian offspring are trained in witchcraft, astral projection, and psychic manipulation of the physical elements. Children are tested at age 3 for whether they should be raised with conscious or dissociated awareness of their cult involvement. Children with a strong ethical objection to cult practices are never made aware of their involvement. These children are forced to dissociate through trauma, and their minds fragmented. My husband and I were two such children.

Thanks Debra!


Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

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Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at

Comments for "Satanic Black Magic Rules the World"

Gary K said (October 21, 2019):

Must watch video from Craig Sawyer of Vets for Child Rescue on Fiona Barnett and others:

Spoiler alert: Fiona is a disinformation agent

Compare Fiona's recollections with that of this woman, who is much more credible:

Elaine said (October 20, 2019):

As you can tell some of what is told about the church is way off the mark. This obviously can be understood as a hatred of the church by those people involved and whatever was taught to those mind-controlled by their controllers.
As for the info on the Jesuits, we know they're off the reservation, how far we can't know. But when we see the results of the satanic stuff going on- anything is possible and probable.

Gerald N said (October 20, 2019):

Re your article: Satanic Black Magic Rules the World - it appears the point of this article is to sow confusion and lies about the Catholic Church.
Another anti-Catholic tirade from the enemies of Christ.

James Perloff said (July 31, 2018):

I don’t doubt that pedophilia and satanic rituals are going on big-time in the highest places. It appears to be blackmail tool #1. However, I am also leery of accepting every claim. E.g., this statement that “former President Richard Nixon raped me in the back of a US /CIA military plane at Australia's main military airport.”

Nixon, who became President before Fiona Barnett was even born, had been ousted by the PTB on the pretext that he had erased 18 minutes of tapes sought during the Watergate hearings. After leaving the White House he was in poor health for a while; in any event, as ex-President, he didn’t have much clout and there wouldn’t be any reason to give him “pedophile privileges” since there was no longer anything to be gained by blackmailing him.

Furthermore, while I’m no fan of Nixon, I’m not aware of any other person accusing him of raping children (or women of any age). I’m not saying this incident didn’t happen because I don’t know; however, the burden of proof—at least some sort of proof—still lies with the accuser. I believe that, as with the sudden recent explosion of “Me too,” it is possible that some of the claims about pedophiles are becoming far-flung in order to sow confusion. Let’s not forget the views on Israel that Nixon and Graham shared which might make them convenient targets. Notice that in the PRIVATE conversation between Nixon and Graham, they also condemned the “Synagogue of Satan” as being the ones behind pornographic literature and obscene films—doesn’t sound like a chat between two pedophiles. One comes away from the Barnett article with the impression that pedophilia and sex trafficking are decidedly gentile rackets.

Tina said (July 31, 2018):

I am glad you included the article written by Fiona Barrett because we should not point the finger to only one people, when in fact, evil is a mindset, which knows no bound.

I believe Satanists are anyone who acts contrary to Jesus' way. It is my opinion that many and most present Christians' suffer from the same disease as most Jews. Christians are self-righteous and thus feel they can do just about anything and Jews have the illusion to be the chosen people.

What I am not clear with Fiona is how did she become a victim of CIA child trafficking, Luciferian ritual abuse, and Project MK-ULTRA? Did her parents sell her to these Satanists racketeers?

JG said (July 30, 2018):

In reference to Mary's comment, the Jews who were followers of Jesus Christ in the New Testament established the Church. They recorded the Gospels and wrote the Modern Church Doctrine along with St. Paul the Apostle under the direction of Jesus Christ.

The Ashkenazi Illuminati Jews remain a mystery as to their true identity and origin. They are followers of the Talmud and the Protocols of the Elders of Zion.They reject Biblical Judaism and Christianity. They accept only rabbinacal interpretations of the Old Testament. They are Jews by name and not Jews who are "circumcised of the heart".
The Illuminati Gentiles are basically flunkies for the Illuminati Jews. They are not really totally accepted or involved in their decision making. They are there for the hopes of worldly gain and are willing to sell themselves and others down the river to do so.

You can't accept God the Father and reject Jesus Christ the Son and you can't accept Jesus Christ the Son and reject God the Father and be complete in the Faith.
The Church is a "body of believers" where there is no division in those who are believers in Jesus Christ.

Mary said (July 30, 2018):

Nor is the Israel of God exclusively Jewish for Paul tells us that we Gentiles have been grafted into the Commonwealth of God's True Israel by our faith in His Christ, the Promised Messiah of Israel, that God took down the dividing wall of division between Jews and Gentiles and of the twain made one new man! A new creature! We are made new creatures when we are born again by faith in Christ.

This is Paul's definition of a true Jew. "A true Jew is anyone who believes on Jesus Christ and has the faith of Abraham."

What was the faith of Abraham? It was having a personal relationship with God. He KNEW GOD! God called Abraham His friend!

Paul goes on to say that if we are Christ's. then are we the Seed of Abraham and heirs of the Promise. What promise? The promise of the Lamb of God who would come and be the atonement of our sin! This lamb was promised to Adam and Eve after they'd sinned, and thus to all of Adam's race. This Savior/Lamb would bruise satan's head and satan would bruise His heel. That is what happened at the cross.

So, the synagogue of satan has gentile members and so does the Israel of God! One worships satan; the other worships the Most Holy, Loving, Saving Creator God of the Universe.

Those Jews who refused Jesus Christ ["We will not have this man to rule over us"] became the broken-off branches of God's True Israel. or apostate Israel. His true Israel continued on in time and space under a new name, for God had to put His new wine into new wine skins, lest it burst the old forms of worship and belief.

God took His Kingdom away from the Jews and gave it to a new nation that would bring forth the fruits of it. That new nation is the church. These facts can be referenced at Matthew 21:43 and 1 Peter 2:9-10 where God calls the newly found church by the same names He called Israel! That which is sneeringly referred to as Replacement Theology by the Scofieldites and other Judaized believers is actually God's Own Explicit and Documented Truth!

Love, Joy, Peace and Blessing!

My Satanist College Roommate by Sheila

October 21, 2019

(not Rachel) 

My Satanist College Roommate 

My college roommate--whom I agreed to room 
with without knowing her well--
was a programmed SRA survivor 
whose programming had "gone bad"

by "Sheila" 

When I was a junior at Southern Methodist University,  I had a very difficult time and became very depressed. My then-roommate Paula, who was my high school BFF, unofficially moved her boyfriend into our apartment and they were having sex 24/7 and I could not study.  I was a super shy and socially anxious girl and I needed to move out.  

There was this amazing girl Rachel I met.  She was brilliant.  She knew all the classics by heart, word-for-word, could speak many languages and was a die-hard feminist.  We were both considered very good writers in our journalism program.  I was so shy and dorky; I was drawn to her. I thought since things were not going well for me, perhaps becoming a Feminist could give me a cool identity. I wanted to stand out and have an identity.  Even being a part-time model did not make me confident.  I sent all the nice guys away. I could not relate to men. I was abused as a child.

Rachel was of Scottish descent and I am mixed race. French, Italian and Native American. She was very tall and large in a big-boned kind of way. Pretty long blonde hair but a large. almost masculine build. She was constantly biting her nails. 

Her dad was the Medical Director of a large hospital in Texas and was also an OBGYN.  She was very refined but also had a dangerous presence. I was drawn to her because I wanted to be something--anything but a virgin and a dork. 

She taught me that I had been brainwashed into religion and that there was no such thing as Jesus. She taught me about Feminism and I soon learned she was having affairs with about five professors. 

I overheard one of them telling another professor that F$%R$%$ her was like FE#$#$ a fat French whore.   I soon agreed to become her roommate. This would be disastrous for me. Oh my gosh, over sheltered kids from dysfunctional families should never land in this type of situation. If only I could go back.

I started noticing my money and heirloom jewelry were missing and also found drug paraphernalia in the bathroom cabinets.  I had so few boundaries at the time I did not move out.  As we became confidantes, she confided in the that SHE AND HER FATHER WERE LOVERS. AND THEY BOTH LIKED IT. 

She told me it was part of their religion and I had no clue, as an innocent and very naïve girl.  Every month or so he would come into our college town and they would get a room for the weekend. Her parents were divorced and her mother lived in another state.  She and her father had been doing this since she was a child.

Anyways, I was led into a nightmare of losing my virginity one night-- literally at her direction, and meeting a very bad guy who was an atheist who became my boyfriend. I lost all of my beliefs.  I never wanted to have sex before marriage. But once  I started, it was a way to feel love and I needed that sadly.

I later learned Rachel was close to 10 years older than she said she was--and that she had been in the military.  She told me she was being set up for an assignment but that her "programming failed"---I had no idea what that meant until a few years ago.

I eventually got away and broke contact with her.  She married a much older man from an elite bloodline and very wealthy family.  She wound up stealing all his money and he died mysteriously. Not kidding--wish I was.

Wow, was University a bad thing for me or what?! 

A reader takes issue with statement that many Illuminati Bloodlines are Not Jewish

A reader takes issue with the statement that many Illuminati Bloodlines are Not Jewish 

"There are over 300 Luciferian bloodlines and many are not Jewish." ???

Not according to Major General Count Cherep-Spiridovich's book "The Hidden Hand":

(From "Asiatic Lion") 

A Jew, Sir Alfred Mond, the ex-Minister of Health of England, in his English Review, in "The World Battle of the Jews," proved, that the stupid Gentiles are between the Jewish anvil, Capitalism, and the Jewish hammer, Bolshevism, well co-ordinated.

"Nothing would constitute a more needless and base betrayal of civilization than the recognition of the Bolshevik tyranny. The policy of American-Anglo-German bankers is the most dangerous element in the whole chain of pro-Bolshevist efforts. The Bolshevist funds amount to millions."(Mr. S. Gompers, in The Chicago Tribune, of May 1, 1922.) Not one single American asked him to explain, who are those "American-Anglo-German" bankers and why they are allowed to basely undermine the American Government? However, the three above enlightening statements prove, that the 300 men of the Hidden Hand are controlling the assault of both Jewish Finance and of Jewish Bolshevism against Christendom...[page 44]

"The Kaiser and Bethmann-Hollweg were quite optimistic in believing that the conflict (Austro-Serbian, July 1914) could be localized and that the solution could be left to Austria and Serbia (Dr. Paul S. Reinsch in his "Secret Diplomacy," on p. 104). No! The Kaiser was deceived, but Bethmann-Hollweg-Roths-child knew perfectly well, that he was deliberately pushing events towards war and ruin.* As a Rothschild, he was one of the "300."...[page45]

Baron Edouard A. Rothschild V. is today the "Uncrowned Ruler of the World." He controls the 300 men of the Hidden Hand, $300,000.000,000 and 90% of the World's press. Most of the "statesmen" are his obedient valets!...[page48]

According to an old wise proverb, the Rothschilds and their 300 Jewish Vice-roys are "as mean and treacherous as cats and as cowardly as rabbits."...[page53]

"He lived with learned men," said Disraeli of his father, who again returned to England in 1788. These were the "Illuminati" and the "Learned Elders of Zion" or the "300 men."...[page106]

Soult has since always shown extreme attention to Mrs. Bis-marck-Menken and to her son, the future "man of Blood and Iron." * A Jew and one of the "300" of the Hidden Hand, Soult occupied the highest posts in France until his death in 1851 and betrayed every Christian ruler.[page108]

In the N. Y. Evening Post, June 16, one S. B. Conger deceives us by saying that Bethmann-Hollweg-Rothschild was "an unfortunate, but well-meaning blunderer." No, the lie started this war as one of the "300". He read in his Talmud the "Kol Nidre" teaching that vows and oaths are not binding ona Jew, and said it. This raised the "scrap of paper" scandal...[page185]

We must daily remember CHRIST'S words and fight HIS foes Let us listen not to the "300" or their valets (whom I have made known), but to one, who dares openly accuse Satanism-Bolshevism,and whom 300,000,000 Catholics regard as the Vicar of CHRIST. Pius XI appealed to "all right-thinking men to combine infighting Bolshevism"(N. Y. Times, Dec. 19, 1924.)..[page189]

All this talk about "peace" and the Jewish League of Nations World Courts, "Outlawing Wars," "War to End War," etc., are Jewish tricks to "fool us regularly" (as W. J. Bryan said) and"to keep us busy."The only way of salvation is the trial of the Hidden Hand. How to start it. Summon to Court any one of the "300"...[page191]

The Jews are being held responsible for the crimes of the "300" about whom most of them profess ignorance. Mass pogroms are imminent unless the "300" are tried. Jews and friends of the Jews should urge their trials. When the Jews shall renounce their Talmud, which teaches:"Kill the best Gentiles"; when the daily"bleeding white" of the Aryans** by the Hidden Hand shall cease; then we can open our arms to the Jews..

Only, the restoration of a Romanov Czar,' would make impossible a Japanese assault upon the U. S. and its "Bolshevization" by the "300". All this could be attained, if a few million were spent in spreading the truth and proving, how right is CHRIST...[page193] )

Reply to Anthony Migchels: Return to Gold Standard Spells Disaster from Linde

October 15, 2019

(left, Bank of England Governor Mark Carney) 

from Linde and others

Your regular contributor is right.  In Yuri Bezmenov's stages of subversion, there is 'the crisis' and the veiled reference to the central banking cartel: 'never let the Shmucks bring the nation to crisis'.

They have been setting this up for awhile now.  The migrant invasion - all welfare dependant and on message with the 'racial narrative', the 'white privilege' narrative, the 'Islamaphobic' narrative - is still being inserted through the Global Compact and Kalergi social engineering - as mandated from the top.  What do people imagine is going to happen if a financial crisis  were to see the cancelation of their raft of benefits and entitlements?   About this time, The Owners will bring down the whole Potemkin Village of 'multi-polar' world and reveal the strength and unity of the Communist world - its Soviet, its gulags, military and weapons.

Let us hope that people who will contend for their basic necessities against the hordes of claimants in the Chaos will quickly learn what is wealth.  That is only ever what the Money scam has been about.  Americans even when they were using the colonial script knew that wealth is what the people on the land and using the resources of land can build, design, invent and make and do.  If they can build places where others want to come and live and work for the goods of life - then you have a community.  If they can create the kinds of goods and services that others want to trade for - then you have an economy.  Once there is trade above the level of barter, these transactions must be able to be converted to liquidity. Only the sovereignty of the people invested in their government can create liquidity for the economy of that population and denominate it in terms of the goods and services produced by the economy.  The sovereignty has two choices: it can create liquidity as debt to itself and monetize it - essentially loan the liquidity at interest to the population.  Or it can create liquidity as an investment in the population and its economy and spend into the economy.  The sovereignty will then receive return on the investment by way of taxation, tithe, dividend or some measure of profit.  So for the sovereignty either usury or profit becomes basis of the economy and its liquidity.

At present, the West labours with the worst of all possibilities.  A parasitic and traitorous sovereignty [read the Freemasonic Order of these revolutionised, deracinated republics] has abdicated the legitimate role of the sovereignty and empowered a vampire bankster supremacy as a third party to issue the liquidity as debt to itself, to its supremacy.  Not only is usury the basis of the economy - but the sovereign debt goes to a private interest that is Luciferian and  Talmudic in its world view. This is the interest that has been empowered to drain the lifeblood, the land, labour and resources of all nations through the monetization of debt - namely the currency issue.

The Roman Catholic Church, now in eclipse,  should turn off the latest outrage of the captured hierarchy down in the Amazon and thank God that now and at last we are coming into the totality of the eclipse.

The same mind that was in Judah Maccabeus should be in us.  Confronting the Syrian army, he went out to them with a "small company.  And when they saw the Syrians coming to meet them, they said to Judah: 'How shall we, being few, be able to fight against so great a multitude and so strong, and we are ready to faint with fasting today'.  And Judah said: 'It is an easy matter for the many to be shut up in the hands of a few.  There is no difference in the sight of the God of Heaven to deliver with a great multitude or with a small company.  For the victory of war is not in the multitude of the army, but the strength comes from heaven."  1 Machabees 3:16-18.

The coming victory has been aborning for some time now.  St Michael the Archangel revealed the new in hoc signo vinces at Fatima in 1917  for anyone who cared to pay attention.  This is the union of the Sacred and Immaculate Hearts - for the triumph of social kingship of Jesus Christ:  omnia instaurare in Christo.    The enemies of the nations are crass materialists.  They do not see, because they can not see the strength of heaven now massed against them - a strength that has steadily been building over the decades out of the holocausts in the Communist-controlled power blocks of ZOG West and ZOG East.  As Corneliu Codreanu taunted his foes before he went to his execution: "The victory of the Legion is in the resurrection."


Jimmy M writes:

The Kazarian Mafia owns all the money printing rights. That is all the fiat krap. The make the duped citizens responsible for all the money as debts, yet the KM prints and uses for their benefit only. These grand criminals have printed 700 Trillion dollars + 300 Trillion of other currencies. Remove their rights to print, must include accountability for all the phony (Babylonian Debt Scheme). Their phony money must be given back to them in payment of their manufactured debt. All the stolen assets, companies insitu resources, etc. must then be returned to every country where stolen.

Yes, this will cause a huge collapse while the KM is totally displaced. Painful to everyone without any hard assets. The world will see/suffer 60 to 90 days of disruption. By them, daylight without debt will settle most. All debt is forgiven because it was based on sleight of hand. Every country will print its own sovereign currency, limited to its asset base, markets, resources.

If the KM is allowed to be any part of the "new" system it will never work.

Tough times will be a part of the reset. But destruction of the World is the alternative. We are seeing that option now and it is ugly.


S writes-

1. Two of the essential goals of Karl Marx and his ultimate handlers (the Rothschilds) was centralisation into the international and state controlled credit.

2. The 1988 revelation in the Rothschild controlled Economist magazine to "Get ready for a world currency".

3. After the financial crisis in 2008 there is an ongoing narrative to paint the worlds private banks as villains. Exposed money laundering. Tax evasion. FX manipulation. Metals manipulation. Benchmark rigging. Huge fines.

4. Massive global new banking regulations with Basel II, III and IV including the recovery and resolution framework (BRRD) have been implemented. This is primarily an assault on smaller local private banks to force further centralization of credit creation. Smaller banks will be a problem as they will be harder to brand as villains in the coming public money/credit debate.

5. Private banking secrecy strongholds such as Luxembourg and Schweiz are "forced" open by new regulation.

6. Bitcoin was invented or released to the public in 2008. Central banks seemingly allowing the competing cryptocurrencies, dabbling in cryptocurrencies themselves.

7. George Soros (György Schwartz) start controlling the narrative on money/credit with the organization PositiveMoney in 2010 and Institute for New Economic Thinking (INET)

8. In 2014 the central bankers, starting with the Bank of England, finally admitted or revealed, after fiercely obscuring the truth for over a century, on how money or credit is created by private banks themselves out of nothing.

Their hand may have been forced by the 2013 empirical test and subsequent paper by the economist and banking expert Richard A. Werner.,

9. Alan Greenspan talked favourably on Gold at the Council of Foreign Relations (CFR) in October 2014

The board has been prepared for the next Hegelian crisis...

-The private banks and their decentralized money creation privilege will be blamed. The private banks will not be in a healthy position to argue their case in the public discourse even if they wanted to.
-Gold will be interim money once again.
-He who controls the gold have control when all credit has failed.
-He who controls the gold can launch the new credit.
-The new money/credit creation power will be limited to a global entity since the problem and crisis will be global.
CW wrote-

It is not the gold standard that causes deflation and depression. After an artificially pumped up credit boom, the return to a money system based on tangible value (e.g. gold) is a return to normal. The crash is the liquidation of unsustainable investments, made on the back of cheap credit in a casino fiat-money system where markets can rise on fall on the basis of the Fed chairman's comments alone.

Under a system where an increase in the money supply would have to be literally an increase in the production of that material which is money (e.g. gold), any "corrections" in the market would be negligible compared to the present scenario. The money would chase productive enterprises (simple supply and demand) instead of those propped up and favored by the easy, money-out-of-thin-air interference of institutions like the Fed. The downturns in the market wouldn't thus be huge re-allocations of resources, the likes of which are needed and overdue at the present time (regardless that the bankers still benefit, because they own -- for now -- most of the gold) to get the economy back on a sustainable and stable growth path.

Deflation caused by the gold standard itself is a myth. When economic activity increases faster than the mining and production of the gold into monetary form, the result is simply a revaluation of the monetary unit to the upside -- relatively less money chasing more goods -- leading to a completely natural reduction in prices.

The problem is not the gold standard but the centralization of the money system. As long as the central bankers have a monopoly over the medium of exchange, it is a rigged system. Going to a gold standard would be an improvement for the general populace. The real solution is the abolition of legal tender laws; the complete decentralization of the money system into a free market in the supply of currency.

People could decide whether to hold gold as money, choosing to use gold-backed currencies supplied by independent banks that didn't possess the special privileges provided by the government to inflate their money supply with impunity (using paper "certificates" unbacked by the gold in their vaults, which is how we got the present system); or they could choose another metal or commodity or crypto money entirely.

What matters is that a free market in money and interest would mean the end of inflationary monetary policy for the sole gain of banks and those most closely connected to their operations. In a genuinely free market (i.e. a laissez-faire system properly understood), excessive inflation (loss in value of the currency) would be punished by the consumer's decision to simply take his business elsewhere.

That would be genuine capitalism. A market cannot approach anything resembling freedom unless the supply of its money, the good comprising half the value of every transaction, is itself freely demanded and exchanged.