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Neocon Jews Behind Chinese Tech Exec Arrest

December 13, 2018


US companies also violated the US
boycott of Iran but their executives
were not arrested.  Neocon Jews are trying
to embarrass Trump and exacerbate
relations with China and Iran.

Trump says he is willing to intervene if it helps secure a trade deal. Meanwhile China may have detained a second Canadian in retaliation for Canada's arrest of Huawei executive Ms Meng Wanzhou, who has been granted bail but could face a lengthy prison term. 

by Brabantian

These last few days we have seen a masterfully-played hand by China, against the foolish decision of Canadian authorities to play along with a US neocon and 'Israel first' game against China.
Canada's arbitrary arrest of a leading Chinese citizen, Huawei executive Ms Meng Wanzhou, at the request of USA neocons acting behind the back of US President Trump, was an act of pure political malice, violating a number of principles of international law. 

And clearly absurd, when no less than 25 other banks and institutions have been 'violating US sanctions' and admitted guilt via paying fines, but never suffered any executive arrests. As Columbia University Prof. Jeffrey Sachs has noted, these banks include JP Morgan Chase, Bank of America, PayPal, Toronto-Dominion Bank, and Wells Fargo. He says the US, not China 

China swiftly followed the politically-motivated arrest, on charges threatening Ms Meng with 'multiple 30-year prison sentences', with its own swift arrest in China of former Canadian diplomat Michael Kovrig, working for a questionable NGO, the 'International Crisis Group', possibly indeed violating Chinese laws in its 'non-profit' work.
China in effect said, 'You want to play the 'strict application of law' game? Well, we can play that game, too!' Plus Chinese boycotts of Canadian goods, leading to Canadian stock share prices sinking ...
And all of a sudden a Canadian judge, at first hostile to this Chinese defendant, suddenly found 'good reasons' to release Ms Meng on bail ... 'independent judiciary' of course.
President Trump was reported to be furious after learning of Ms Meng's arrest, but still felt too weak to immediately order her release, against the neocon and Israel-firsters who seek conflict with China, plus to terrorize the world over Iran sanctions, and to humiliate Trump himself ... Trump though is now saying he 'may intervene', however, given the shifting winds...
Also in China's sights now over this affair, is the 20th richest person in the world, Jewish USA political kingmaker Sheldon Adelson, the political controller of the USA's Republican Party, Bibi Netanyahu's close friend, and, as China well understands, a major force behind the USA's anti-Iran policies, and the people who arranged the arrest of Huawei's Ms Meng Wanzhou
When Adelson decides on whom in the USA to support politically, or whom to destroy, he has two key questions - Will you support Israel? Will you support actions against Iran?
Iran, though a brutal country of stonings, floggings, and slow-torture hangings, is the major rival to Israeli hegemony in the Mid-East, plus the leading nation doing 'interest-free' anti-usury Islamic banking, a must-hate country for the neo-con and Rothschild-tied clans.
Anti-Iran Billionaire Sheldon Adelson has been allowed by the Chinese to earn even more billions from gambling casinos in Macau China ... leading the Chinese to realize that indulgent relations with Israel, and letting neocon Jewish billionaires earn huge money on Chinese territory, still does not stop Jewish leaders from sponsoring attacks on China
It would not be surprising if, at this very moment, Chinese government inspectors are reviewing their files on 'violations' of Chinese and Macau law by Sheldon Adelson's casinos and hotels
Perhaps Chinese officials may show up soon, and repeat the line of actor Claude Rains' character in the 1942 film 'Casablanca' -"I'm shocked, shocked, to find that gambling is going on in here!"

Brandon Smith thinks trade tiff will expand to a war on the US dollar and the greatest financial crisis in history. He describes arrest of Meng Wanzhou in terms of DARPA's "linchpin theory" and distracting us from the bankers. 

"The G-20 honeymoon ended even faster than I imagined.

The arrest of Chinese CFO of Huawei Technologies, Meng Wanzhou, has immediately destroyed any possibility of legitimate diplomatic negotiations going forward, and this seems to be by design.   The 90 day "truce" set apparently by verbal agreement during G-20 is likely over mere days after it started. National Security adviser and CFR ghoul John Bolton admitted in an interview with NPR that he was aware that Canada was preparing to arrest Meng at the request of the U.S. while he was eating grilled sirloin with the Chinese. The claim that Trump was not aware of the situation, to me, sounds absurd.

The detainment of Meng and the targeting of Huawei comes with a host of significant potential consequences. First, as noted the trade truce is likely dead on arrival.  While Trump continues to claim that progress is being made and that "soybeans are being sold", we have heard this kind of rhetoric for the past several months.  These claims are designed to produce headlines that create a steam valve for stock markets, bringing them down slowly instead of collapsing them outright.

Second, the possibility of further escalation of tariffs is much higher (U.S. farmers should not expect a reprieve anytime soon, despite rumors of "progress").

Third, there is a chance that China will retaliate by snatching up U.S. corporate representatives (many of them just as embroiled if not more so in criminal enterprises). This is a development I realize the average liberty activist could not care less about, but the average American will see such actions as a slight by the Chinese against the U.S. as a whole. The narrative once again turns to the idea that China should be our focus rather than the banking elites.  Thus, the false East/West paradigm is further entrenched in the American mindset.

If this trend continues, the trade war will eventually expand into a war on the U.S. dollar itself, and when it does, the U.S. will suffer the worst fiscal crisis in its history. Without the world reserve status of the dollar as well as continued foreign investment in U.S. debt, what's left of our economy will disintegrate.

Meng's arrest is a deliberately engineered "linchpin." I have written extensively in past articles on DARPA's "linchpin theory," which is a kind of propaganda exercise more than a theory. According to DARPA, overly complex systems invite growing instability, and like a chain of dominoes, the smallest part of that system could be knocked over by a minor event causing a chain reaction that ends in total collapse.

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

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Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at

Below- Satanist Insider: "By the time you wake up, there'll be nothing left to wake up to." (scroll down)

The Occult Plot to Idealize Women

December 12, 2018

( Left. Isidore Marie Auguste François Xavier Comte (1798-1857)

Over 160 years ago, the Freemason August Comte
wanted to perfect society by removing men from procreation.
 Disguised as "gender equality," women would be elevated to "goddess" status.
This occult (satanist) plot has succeeded in destabilizing society 
because women are naturally hypergamous
(seeking someone of higher status and power.)  
Men express God's love for women. But women are passed over if they are not receptive.
Men are emasculated when women are put on a pedestal. 

"In a word, the new doctrine will institute the worship of Woman, publicly and privately, in a far more perfect way than has ever before been possible. It is the first permanent step towards the worship of Humanity." [ Worship of Humanity = Satanism]

"M. Comte aims at establishing ...a despotism of society over the individual, surpassing anything contemplated in the political ideal of the most rigid disciplinarian among the ancient philosophers." John Stuart Mill

from Feb 19, 2014

By Henry Makow Ph.D.

In 1852, Illuminati philosopher Auguste Comte said social progress required that human reproduction "depend solely on the woman." He implied women should use artificial insemination to shut men out of procreation. 

"If in human reproduction, the man contributes merely a stimulus, one that is but an incidental accompaniment of the real office of his generative system, then it is conceivable that we might substitute for this stimulus one or more which should be at women's free disposal..." he wrote.

The goal seems to be to eliminate sexual attraction altogether.

"Woman, even in her physical functions, may become independent of men...The highest species of production would no longer be at the mercy of a capricious and unruly instinct, the proper restraint of which has hitherto been the chief stumbling-block in the way of human discipline."  (System of Positive Polity,1851-1854, Vol. IV, P. 60, 61.)

download (95).jpegIn a chilling presentiment, he wrote, "A female friend, if well chosen, who could make herself a member of the family, would in most cases do better than the father himself." -(Vol. IV, P. 195.)

The Illuminati believed they could control society by using women to emasculate men. This they called "the emancipation of women."

"The change would complete the just emancipation of women, thus rendered independent of men, even physically. it would no longer be possible to contest the full ascendancy of the affective sex over children which were its offspring exclusively." ( Vol. IV, P. 244)

Mankind would be members of one great family as "the offspring of a spouse-less mother." (Vol. IV, P. 359)


The first step in the "worship of humanity" (Humanism) was to make women goddesses.

dowd.jpg"By substituting goddesses for gods, we sanction the legitimate preeminence of women.... In a word, the new doctrine will institute the worship of Woman, publicly and privately, in a far more perfect way than has ever before been possible. It is the first permanent step towards the worship of Humanity. (Vol. 4, 446; Vol. I, P. 205.)

While Comte himself was supposedly not a Freemason, he certainly was an admirer. According to one source, "Comte looked to Benjamin Franklin as inspiration for his own notion of a "religion of humanity" and referred to him as a "modern Socrates."

Aside from springing from a similar ideology as Freemasonry, [Comte's philosophy] positivism played a particularly strong role in French Freemasonry in the nineteenth century.  Part of the reason for this partnership was positivism's own political undertones of resistance against authoritarian means of knowledge, most notably from the Church. "


With the "Enlightenment" the Illuminati embarked on a multi-generational project to wrest humanity from its natural and spiritual moorings, and re-engineer it into a large penal colony that serves their interests.

For religion, which seeks to obey the Creator's Design, the llluminists substituted the religion of man, or Humanism.

Man becomes "his own God" as he makes the world a heaven. This is just a ruse to re-engineer him according to elite specifications.  Comte is known as the "father of sociology" - an indication that the social sciences are really devoted to discovering the means to create a totalitarian society.

Any substitute for God is satanic. As you can see, mankind is very deeply immersed in the occult. Auguste Comte is proof that modern social trends -- the idealization of women, the destruction of marriage and family -- are satanic in origin. Humanity indeed is satanically possessed.

See also Goddess Feminism is Satanism   by Rich


This article is indebted to  Erica Carle for her article on Auguste Comte in 2010.

Related - The War on Men- 10 Ways Masculinity is Under Attack


Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

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Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at

Comments for "The Occult Plot to Idealize Women"

John Galt said (December 12, 2018):

My reply, as a 78 year "young" man, having a great deal of experience with many women, has August Comte done a massive survey asking women how they feel about not having Men around, and more than just as company? Is he suggesting Women do not enjoy sex with Men? Is he arguing from the point of view of a HETEROSEXUAL man who was a failure or success with women?

Has he considered WHY the UNIVERSE "decided" on 2 sexes, not just one, in MOST biological species?

Further regarding his THEORY, and yes it is just a Theory, can he provide his TOTAL REASONINGS and ESPECIALLY, sufficient EMPIRICAL EVIDENCE to prove a society of only Women "procreating" without Men would be successful...........Such as, but not limited to, what would he suggest for the male children being Born.

I suspect but will not, as a RATIONAL being, PRESUME to KNOW his answers :-)

Glen said (December 12, 2018):

I think the plot to "idolize women" is more than that. I believe it is more about the Satanic worship of the male/female, or dual sex being known as Androgyny: Androgyny– A combination of male and female characteristics. In biology, androgynous refers to having both female and male characteristics; hermaphroditic. Or, being neither distinguishably masculine nor feminine, as in dress, appearance, or behavior. The word became nominalized (that is, made the transition from an adjective to a noun) in the mid-nineteenth century. In psychological terms, a mixed personality style in which an individual displays psychological characteristics typically assigned to men and women, as opposed to one or the other (for example, nurturing and aggressive).

Are many of the women in high places really trans gender's? Are the powers that be shoving their hermaphrodite worship down our throats? According to occultists, only gender-neutrals can rise to godhood. The fallen angels they worship are seen as androgynous, and this is driving the modern transgender program. I hope you will pass this video along as I feel it makes quite clear for the elite, it is all about the Satanic worship of the hermaphrodite.

George said (March 7, 2017):

Auguste Comte had a truly gigantic influence on philosophy. His personal life was a mess, as was that of Karl Marx, Rousseau, Nietzsche, and many other important cultural figures. As for the issue of whether he was a Mason or Illuminist, there is, IMHO, another way of looking at the situation. The so-called Illuminati may not be particularly creative. Marx lived in terrible poverty, resulting in the deaths of some of his children. He was apparently not lavishly subsidized. One may rather think of the Illuminati as latching onto ideas that serve their purposes and promoting them. They do not have to reward the creators of those ideas.

Dee said (March 7, 2017):

Henry, it's not only the use of psychological and social engineering that is diverting masculinity into femininity (or some version thereof)....
One of the main culprits is food pharming, in which the deliberate spreading of glyphosate (in Monsanto's Roundup, to name but one) throughout our food supply is but one of the estrogen imitators in a multitude of sources, toxifying our diets. So dramatic is the inclusion of these that the sperm count of the average male has reduced drastically over the past few decades. Just speaking of glyphosate, it exists in stupendous quantities, even in meat... because the animals eat the food.... and we eat them. It's in non-GMO grains because it is used as a dessicant, to ready seeds for harvest, by killing the plants. It's everywhere.
I posed a question to Dr. Stephanie Seneff of MIT, of whom you must know, as to what the presence of these estrogen imitators in everything might be doing to females, who also eat the same food and live in the same environment: might the sexualization of women, who literally now objectify themselves rather than let men do it for them, have some relationship to our chemical diet?

Stephanie said nobody is doing that research (perhaps because they don't want that information out there)... but that she suspected that there was indeed some relationship, because there was a hormonal effect going on, there had to be. At the same time as sex and love were divorced, our generations were being perpetually weakened by herbicide.... and more.

So it looks like there is a little chemical spice being added to the sour stew that is society right now.

G said (March 7, 2017):

Hard to believe this goes back more than a century and a half. You say he wasn't a freemason; I wonder if there is any record of who may have been behind him or funding him. I mean "legitimate" organizations of the day? And I also wonder if he was a self-hating man, brought to his conclusions as a result of his own experiences, or just doing the business of the Satanic agenda. Always, it comes back to nature, doesn't it? The beautiful flow of man and woman validated by how the parts fit, no special manipulations needed; risks extremely low. To go against nature is to go against God. There I said it. Comte is new to me, so I've much more to learn. Thanks, Henry.

I'm sure he was a mason-this is France! -h

JG said (March 6, 2017):

I call this "flesh worship"!

Men today have been programmed to want artificial beauty and not natural beauty. Cosmetic beauty is a deceiver and maybe that's why they love it all the more.

To worship anything or anyone other than God is idolatry.

Dan A said (March 6, 2017):

I wonder how this applies to the family law system in my country. I'm convinced that the law at least in my country is out to destroy men. It's a deviant social engineering scheme specifically designed to destroy families. VAWA locking up innocent men over and over again. CPS stealing children from families constantly. The overt hateful nature of feminists towards men. My world is fucked up my friend.

Victoria M said (February 20, 2014):

It seems to me that this attitude is the sign of an uncontrolled, massive Ego, being as it is an attempt by some deluded male to want to usurp God's power. Although the Comte is advocating a 'women's world' you can be sure that the masses of females would still have to answer to a few (or, One, himself?) elitist male(s). Surely, if God had intended for us to live in a world without males, that is what he would have created.

Contrary to the Comte, I now see being a male as a great privilege (which is why I resisted the idea so strongly as a young woman because I was not taught to appreciate the equivalent, though different, privileges that being female bestowed upon me) and believe that it would be better (not to mention, easier) for us all to simply follow God's script for this world. We might ensure that all boys and young men are reared in such a way that they willingly embrace (though, never, abuse) their privilege and are honoured for doing so and that all young women stop envying males and learn to appreciate the privileges that our sex has (and, of course, this would mean males coming to value the feminine rather than denigrating or taking advantage of it).

It would do us well to read a book such as Raymond Holliwell's 'Working with the Law' so that we might better learn how to best serve our Creator and to reap to ourselves the benefits of doing so. When, oh, when are we humans going to realize that we are subject to laws that are just as inexorable in their workings as those of gravity or mathematics? We may like them or hate them but it matters not for we are ruled by them all the same. That is the way this world was designed, and for anyone who doubts this, just try stepping off a tall building with no safety net beneath or attempting to send rockets into space using unlawful mathematical calculations.

Below- Rudolph the Hooked-Nosed Reindeer (scroll down)

Satanist Insider: "By the time you wake up, there'll be nothing left to wake up to."

December 11, 2018

Cucked Westerners deserve enslavement.
"Modern Australia began as an outdoor prison and that's what its people will have again," writes Aloysius Fozdyke,
a longtime member of Sydney's satanist
Alpha lodge. "Australians will be the first people to give away a very wealthy continent without a bullet being fired or a dollar changing hands."

Here Aloysius Fozdyke thanks me for helping him to get his message out. Why do I do it?
1. He confirms what I have been saying and no one wants to hear because they are too brainwashed, venal and craven. 

2. He is not a Jew but a Satanist, proof that the humanity is mired in a broad satanic conspiracy.  Eliminating Jews would change nothing as long as Freemasons remain in charge. 
Both Organized Jewry and Freemasonry are tools of the satanist Masonic Jewish central banking cartel. Nothing will change until national governments take control of their own credit and currency and banking systems.

by Aloysius Fozdyke

Thank you for publishing "Australia has been gifted to China". The reason I email is to advise that we know you have a large, international readership and we were waiting to see what reaction would occur after that information was released. Nothing! That's how we achieve our ends. This is why nothing can and no one will stop us. We succeed on the inherent and self evident apathy of the masses. Works every single time. By the time Australians wake up - if they ever do - there'll be nothing left to wake up to.

The myth of 'the brave, bronzed Aussie' is simply that, a self-satisfying myth. For the last twelve years every vote by every Australian has been for the Chinese Communist government. They intend to keep Australia as a farm and quarry, with facial recognition cameras for safety and their Social Credit system to ensure compliance. Modern Australia began as an outdoor prison and that's what its people will have again. They have so few rights and liberties that they won't miss these when they're gone, because it's better to live on your knees than to die on your feet. 

The first lines of Advance Australia Fair will only need one word added:

'Australians all let us rejoice/ For we are young and free-range'.

If you research just now much and of what quality the Chinese have taken to themselves in the last twelve years, unless you were an Aussie you'd be shocked. Australians will break new ground again by being the first people to give away a very wealthy continent without a bullet being fired or a dollar changing hands. And as Chinese holdings and their influence increases, events will transpire more quickly and change more overtly.

Every Australian politician, political party, diplomat and public master is working to give away the future. This century is the Chinese century, as the Middle Kingdom is reborn. The work of Dr. Stephen Thomas Ward and of my mentor, Petor Narsagonan is reaching its endpoint. Soon the Usher of Desecration will make the way ready for Vindex. And when I die I know that I will walk with Satan, in His world, with His Bribe for I will have become greater than the mortal I'll be leaving behind - the mortal which must die that a God will be born!

Once again, thank you.


First Comment from Jack M:

I enjoy your work but a few fact checks might prevent you drinking the Fosdyke Kool-Aid.  For instance, China's investment in Australia is a mere two percent of the overall total, and only 5.6 percent if you combine it with the investment from Hong Kong, which has 3.6 percent of the overall total.

This is dwarfed by the USA and UK, the two traditional foreign owners of Australia, with 27.5 and 14.7 percent respectively, with Belgium third on 9.3 percent.  Belgium?!  Australia is only 13th on the list for the level of foreign investment in all countries, the top one that is foreign owned being the US, followed by Hong Kong, the UK and China in fourth. Singapore is fifth and Canada is sixth. 

So who really owns what?  Everyone is up everyone else's backside in a manner so complex that no diagram could convey it.  If you want to see where the information came from look at this link:

Fosdyke is amusing to some I'm sure but as far as I'm concerned he's so full of it his eyes are turning brown.  I think he should stick to violating virgins or whatever it is that he thinks will please his infernal master.  Or get a real job.  

[AJF responds: It's great to see that Jack M relies on government statistics. I know how the Chinese are doing it so keep relying upon statistics. Aussies are super easy to work with. If you can get an interview with the Chinese government (and we did through one of their embassies) it's a whole different story.
Ardent, below, is also correct in that the Chinese can't legally donate to Australian political parties, but do you really think that's an impediment. Better still, do you really think? Take about five minutes and see how many ways you can come up with to get around something like that.
Now go back to sleep.]

Ardent writes-

Satanist Insider is so full of it.  I am sure that the Chinese are investing big in Australia.  The Chinese are investing in many foreign countries.

The Chinese may be buying land, but Australia is aligned with the US.  Just look at the amount of bases the US have in Australia.  How many bases do the Chinese have here?  None.

China and all other foreign countries are banned from making donations to political parties.

The Australian government bows to the US and Israel.  I am not happy about that, but I just want to point out that your evaluation is false and it is plain fear mongering.

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

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Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at

Comments for "Satanist Insider: "By the time you wake up, there'll be nothing left to wake up to.""

Mercie said (December 11, 2018):

The devil will promise whatever you want but once you're deader than a coffin nail, your soul is his and he won't give you what he says. You think he tells you the truth? Why should he? He's the great deceiver of man, and you, Mr. Fosdyke are just a man. You are no more special than Al Crawley to the devil. You have sold your birthright and your soul for temporary things, but hell is permanent. And, since man is made in God's image, you really think the devil is going to like you? Man, you are truly stupid and disillusioned. I pray you will wake up before it's too late. Otherwise, the devil will take your soul use it up and throw it over his shouder like a used pop can. The devil has already been judged, God is allowing him to do what he does to test the saints. Read up on your bible, the real one, not some rip off satanic one.

Wave said (December 11, 2018):

I’m starting to think Fozzie the Aussie is an old romantic. The world is now a conglomerate of corporations – nation states have been long defunct – and the political apathy he mocks really describes the apolitical structure of modern technological societies (of which, granted, Australia was the first). We have all become tools of our tools; politics and psychology are mere epiphenomena. A neat little trick pulled by the Master of Deception. The fight now is at the level of techniques and behaviours, not beliefs or ideas (which evidently matter little). Good luck Fozzie with your apotheosis and threesome with Satan and his bride, but don’t feel you need to rationalize the destruction of the sheeple before you go. The Chinamen know, and always knew, that ‘the fish rots from the head down’.

Art said (December 11, 2018):

atan arse creepers like AFoz seem to think that Satan will turn them into gods, who will co-rule in Satan's coming administration. Joke, right?

Human consciousness & form, are God-given gifts, for the purpose of seeking God.

Satan will with contempt, turn AFoz into a demon, a fitting form & consciousness, for rejecting God.

Peter G said (December 11, 2018):

There is a cliff in Sydney which is a popular place for people to top themselves by jumping off in order to manage this attraction the government have posted notices on the fence which guards the way to the cliff Edge warning people climbing over the fence of the fine that they will be made to pay for crossing over and this reminded me of the way in which the Chinese government gives the bill for the bullet that kills the citizen to the family remaining of that person.
It seems pretty Chinese the way that they run Australia now let alone when the Chinese Take Over.
Or how about the way the driver of a vehicle picks up three points on his driver's licence for every passenger not wearing a seat belt.
With a minibus full of friends like that you will lose your driving license.

They are already more Chinese than the Chinese and dont even know it.

In the shopping malls every third or fourth shop is a tax assistance service these frogs are well on the boil.

Ardent 2 said (December 11, 2018):

Hey Aloysius, Perhaps you should stick to predicting Prime Ministers. Who is going to be the next Australian Prime Minister???

Oh, let me do it for you … The short Trade Unionist who is married to the Governor General's daughter.

How hard was that???

VT said (December 11, 2018):

Good article from Jude Duffy. My main criticism of it is its apparent conflation of "conservative Catholic" and moral rectitude, or good old fashioned cojones. While it is indeed desirable (from my point of view - being as I am a conservative Catholic) that a good Catholic is both conservative (i.e. true to the traditional beliefs and dogmas that have always been held by the Church) and possessed of moral spine, it is not necessary for a "conservative Catholic" to be totally morally upright.

So can a "conservative Catholic" support gay "marriage" or abortion, you ask. Is not opposition of such moral depravity the very definition of moral rectitude?

Not quite. One can make a conscious decision to oppose murder and moral degeneracy without actually doing anything outwardly.

It is quite a different thing when you are the publisher of a Catholic newspaper and the Jewish mob starts to make your life hell. To stand up to that sort of pressure takes a particular type of moral rectitude that is different from deciding in your head that abortion is murder.

To put your body on the line takes a Jim Trafficant or a Bill Cooper, and sadly there aren't too many of those left, inside the Church, or out.

Mike said (December 11, 2018):

Hi henry, can you ask Aloysius if he still likes the devil's metal...silver.

Goddess Feminism is Satanism

December 12, 2018

hell.jpgGoddess Feminism is Satanism 

by Rich

Goddess feminism is an ancient occult belief that women are superior to men and that men are here to serve women. It teaches that men are nothing more than the work horses for women to provide for them, while a woman's true strength is to be in charge of men and society. It worships the sacred feminine and elevates it above that of man. This is one of the reasons why women studies and all things female are constantly being pushed in western society as being superior to that of the man.

Women we're strongly encouraged into the workplace for 5 main reasons
1) To destroy heterosexual relationships
2) The Central bankers/government realized that they were only taxing half the population. (CENTRAL BANK.. Item #5 on the COMMUNIST MANIFESTO!!!)
3) To get the children away from the parents so that they could brainwash them via the public school system so that the kids would no longer look to the parents as the progenitors of knowledge and wisdom, but would look to the state as the parent (Communism!)
4) To destabilize society by destroying the family. 
5) To further push the homosexual agenda onto the population by creating so many problems between male and female relationships that many, especially women, would become lesbian. 

Goddess feminism itself had 5 main goals as well. They said "We women are;
1) Going to put and end to God
2) Destroy the bible
3) Destroy Christianity 
4) Destroy men
5) Destroy heterosexual relationships

That is their actual stated goals of feminism. Most men don't mind what's called "equality feminism" equal work for equal pay, etc. But what is described above is part of radical and goddess feminism which is not the same as "Equality feminism" though they try and tell the public that they're the same thing...they're not. 

Doctrine of Demons

However, feminism has a far darker side to it which most are not aware of. A side which ties is direcly into demon, worship and Satanism. 

Author Betty Friedan said in her 1963 book "The Feminine Mystique" that "...housewives were slaves and victims and that the home was a 'comfortable concentration camp.' Self-fulfillment was vital, she argued, and required that women enter businesses and the professions."

However  Friedan also revealed that when she was writing her book that "..the book took me over, obsessed me, wanted to write itself. I have never experienced anything as powerful, truly mystical as the forces that seemed to take me over when I was writing The Feminine Mystique" (Friedan, pp. 78)

In the occult, letting yourself go in order to be possessed by spirits that do the writing FOR you in known as "automatic writing" This happens not only to some writers, but very often to singers, who time and time again have admitted to being possesed by spirits once they get on stage. So we can already see how the beginnings of the modern feminst agenda has demonic origins and is really nothing more than a "doctrine of demons" 1 Timothy 4:1 But this goddess feminist movement has orgins going back all the way to the Garden of Eden.

"...we women are going to bring an end to God" (Spirit Wars, Jones, 1997, pp. 180, 195). 

The goddess feminism is an occult religion akin to sorcery or witchcraft that has been pushed onto the world and especially the US. It was part of their plans for revenge as they sought to destroy Christianity from the earth and as it once spread around the entire world and very few knew about the occult and other dark religions, they now sought to do the exact opposite, destroy Christianity from the earth and have the occult knowledge spread around the entire world.

Was Huawei Exec Arrest Designed to Undermine Trump?

December 9, 2018

Was Huawei Exec Illegal Arrest Designed to Sabotage Trump's Trade Talks?

by Brabantian

Legal principles here involving Ms Meng Wanzhou are the following:
(1) 'Lex injusta non est lex' - 'An unjust law is no law at all', a legal principle going back at least to the 4th-5th century Christian Augustine. The alleged 'crimes' of Bobby Fischer and Meng Wanzhou are not viewed as 'crimes' by most of the world's peoples.
(2) The "general principle in international law that one state cannot take measures on the territory of another state by means of enforcement of national laws without the consent of the latter", along with "non-interference in the internal affairs of states" and the "political independence of any state" per the United Nations charter.
(3) The principle against 'selective, arbitrary, and political prosecutions'. There has apparently never previously been a case, where the USA requested a 3rd country to arrest and jail a foreign citizen, for violating a USA sanctions law. There have been charges against companies with monetary fines and settlements the USA extorted, but apparently never an arrest or extradition request. The criminal indictment of Bobby Fischer was egregious enough, but he was a USA citizen, so the USA was at least trying to enforce laws against its own.
And God knows there are endless crimes in the USA which are not prosecuted, because the criminals have superb political connections, so the USA prosecutors avoid fulfilling their legal obligation to present the evidence of crime to a grand jury, when the criminals have political clout that the victim lacks.
(4) The 'proportionality of law', which demands that penalty for any said 'crime' needs to be proportionate to the offence, and not draconian, 'cruel and unusual', per the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Canada and Trudeau have intentionally jailed Ms Meng with the expectation of shipping her off to perhaps life in prison (multiple 30-year prison terms), for activity that harmed no one and which most people in the world do not find unethical.
Chinese lady Ms Meng Wanzhou is accused of 'bank fraud' but this is a misnomer, as it is not the defrauding of a bank or client of its funds, but rather fibbing about bank activity as being un-related to the sanctions, in other words a fib to suit the reality that most Chinese and most people in the world do not consider commerce with Iran to be illegal or unethical. Just like fibbing about the whisky a Canadian drove into the USA in 1931, or fibbing about having given a USA citizen Fidel Castro's favourite Cohiba Corona Especial cigar.
There is a further aspect here, that the sadistic arrest of Ms Meng, a clear political act, was also designed as a total international humiliation of President Donald Trump, who was apparently uninformed by his Deep State tormenters filling the government around him, although, very bizarrely, Canada's premier Justin Trudeau did know about it. As one extreme-right commenter put it:
"Kidnapping this woman is a dastardly, devious act that in the current world climate can only be viewed as an attack on Trump's attempts to negotiate a trade deal with China. ... This is the people who actually run the [USA] government once again announcing to the world that Trump does not run the government. And of course, Trump doesn't want to come out and say "Actually, I don't even run my own government, sorry," so instead he's forced to just go along with this stuff." (Andrew Anglin)
President Donald Trump is being degraded before China, before the world, and before his own supporters, as an 'empty suit' who cannot even save one elegant woman, the daughter of a fellow billionaire, from an unjust jailing. It is a similar shame for Canada's Justin Trudeau.
Justin Trudeau needs to put aside his pink pull-over and pussyhat, man up as a Canadian gentleman, and have the Mounties ride out to that Canadian jail, release Ms Wanzhou Meng, and let her go home to her family.

Don't Give Up on Women By Michael Berg

December 8, 2018

Don't Give Up on Women 

By Michael Berg

Excellent Article Mark, But I agree with Henry that we should not be giving up on women (even if it means taking their "rights" away). Women ARE our own flesh and blood - the complementary part of our biology. Women aren't the problem. It's the system that empowered them and gave them "rights" that's the problem. We need to clean the schools, the university system, the feminist media, and the government from Feminism. Feminism creates a divide between the sexes. Feminism had made women the way they are today. Women are as much victims of this evil agenda to destroy male-female love as anybody else. I am a 33-year-old male. Married. I am a father to 3 beautiful little girls (who have my looks:). I cannot give up on my daughters - they are my flesh and blood!. The problem isn't women. The problem is the SYSTEM. women were poisoned - they are victims of it too..

Regarding fertility, Studies on fertility including feminists confessions themselves show that Feminism is a tool they use to "combat" what they call "overpopulation" by destroying marriage and family (What they really do is make Europe's native White population wiped out and replaced with the third world). All the data and the statistics show that Feminism (female empowerment)  is THE cause for the decline in marriage and fertility in the west and NOT porn & video-games as some mindless traditionalist cucks claim. For them, everything is men's fault. These cucks will never stand up to Feminism & to women's demands. These cucks ally themselves with feminism which means many men will have to depend on porn & prostitutes for sex since Feminism had destroyed the marriage contract.

Women are gatekeepers of sexuality. THEY are the ones who decide if to accept the male offer or not. Today they are encouraged by the system simply not to. Causes for the decline in marriage and fertility: 1) Feminism fuels hypergamy which means the avg men isn't good enough for many women (unless you have a degree and you make twice as much as them). 2) Empowered women are by definition "economically independent" which means they have less incentive to marry a man to be supported (Even feminists - below- admit this). 3) The divorce and marriage laws which according to the latest poll made 25% abandon the very idea of family and marriage due to the risk involved. 4) The fact that the laws and the mood in society, in general, are against men. Now thanks to #MeToo everything now days is "sexual harassment" - even talking to a girl and courting her (What an INSANE anti-Nature, anti-Life world we live in!!. How can a species even survive like that when even courtship is regarded as a "sexual offence"?!) 

Links :
Also type in google : "Overpopulation women's rights" to see how there are many studies that show that the way to destroy fertility (and thus marriage) is to "empower" women and make them less depended on men and marriage :

My point I meant in a mini article

Mark adds:

 MGTOW is not a rebellion against women. It's a rebellion against the system. All intelligent MGTOW know that women have been allowed, unfettered gynocentric authority through feminism and thus unnatural power over man. We know that we cannot fight this in any court in the land. It would be nothing more than a kangaroo court from the get-go. We know that the only way we can combat this is to simply leave the 'plantation'. We know that by concentrating on ourselves, working hard, saving our money, buying property and remaining single, we won't have everything removed from us, by a woman, granted to do so by a corrupt state. 
We do not allow ourselves to be in situations where a woman can charge us with a false rape or false sexual harassment allegation. 

We are simply 'ghosting' women today. We have become John Calhoun's 'beautiful ones', not through hatred of women, but through our God, given right to self preservation.

Forgive my pessimism, but after all a pessimist is what an optimist calls a realist. I'm merely reading societal trends here. I cannot see any positive outcome to what's happened within society. I see a dark age approaching, which never should have been allowed to in the first place.