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"British Israel" and Cabalist Supremacism

July 23, 2017


Far from subverting Britain, the Zionists
enlisted the British to the cause of 
Jewish world supremacy by convincing
them they were Jews themselves. 
Henceforth the "Jewish conspiracy"
was clothed as the British Empire.
The US has now assumed this mantle. 

"One might have expected that the Jews, the original self-designated "chosen", would have resented the Johnny come lately Anglo pretenders to chosenness, but far from it: Jewish supremacists welcomed the claims of Anglo-Freemasonry to tribal co-ethnicity precisely because they understood that wherever it took root, Freemasonry laid waste the surrounding Christian civilization."

by Jude Duffy

Some white nationalists portray the British Empire as a noble victim of unjust calumny by Zionists. 

In the centuries since the Reformation, Anglo-Protestant imperialism and Jewish supremacism formed an enduring alliance,  which found organized expression in occult societies like the British Israel movement which held that:

"The 10 "lost" tribes of Israel are actually the Anglo-Saxon race and are specifically the people of Great Britain. By definition, then, the Anglo-Saxon (or white) people are the true Israelites, being the descendants of Abraham and are the only chosen people of God and heirs to the covenant of God. The Anglo Saxon race is in fact a race of Israelites with a mission received from the Highest Authority
to establish God's Kingdom on earth."

The English royalty have long considered themselves descendants of King David and accordingly think and act as Jews. The British Crown claims that their throne at Westminster Abbey is the throne of David. Prince Charles, who is considered the 145th direct descendant of King David, was circumcised by Rabbi Jacob Snowman, the official mohel of London. British heirs to the throne have been circumcised by Jewish rabbis for many generations. 


John Dee, the occult magician at the court of Elizabeth I, was apparently the first person to coin the term "British Empire". From the very get go the Empire was an occult cabalist project - all its main propagandists, and indeed actors, being occultists of one sort or another. 

According to Stuart Piggot's book, "The Druids", Dee "grew up surrounded by the controversy and currents" of what became known as the British Empire - and "sought to merge the Arthurian Imperial tradition with cabalistic interpretations of Hebrew scripture".  

"Dee created the concept of British Israel, which gave the British and the Jews a common racial identity, and invoked biblical prophecy to show the inevitable triumph of British imperialism, the British as Abraham's seed were to inherit the earth."

Far from being simply an ethnocentric take on Biblical Christianity, Dee's pseudo-genealogical supremacist theory was steeped in pagan druidism, being "Christian" only in the sense that New Age pantheism is "Christian", i.e., it coopted elements of Christian doctrine and ritual, the better to insinuate itself almost effortlessly into the mainstream of British Christian life.

Dee's contemporary, the celebrated Elizabethan poet, Edmund Spenser, laid out a manifesto for British occult imperialism in his epic poem, The Faerie Queene, which called for the ruthless crushing of Irish Catholics, the forcible imposition of the English language in Ireland, and the practice of incest among the English. 


Two centuries later, another mouthpiece for Anglo-Judaeo Masonry, Marx's sidekick, Friedrich Engels, gleefully predicted the wiping out of "whole races of reactionaries" - e.g., the Gaels, the Basques, the Slavs etc., - in the cause of "progress".

Zionists talk endlessly of the Holocaust, and Anglo white nats counter by invoking the genocidal Ukrainian Holodomor, but neither side dare mention the deliberate forcible starvation of Irish Catholics in the mid 19th century by the Masonic British government - an act of genocide that a Times of London editorial of 1848 gloated would make "the Celt as rare on the banks of the Shannon as the Redman on the banks of the Manhattan".  

Despite its occult Masonic origins and genocidal policies,  Anglo-Israelism gained many adherents among British and American Protestants, who promoted the theory of the British Royal Family as the House of David, and Britain and the United States as the modern tribes of Ephraim and Manasseh respectively.

One might have expected that the Jews, the original self-designated "chosen", would have resented the Johnny come lately Anglo pretenders to chosenness, but far from it: Jewish supremacists welcomed the claims of Anglo-Freemasonry to tribal co-ethnicity precisely because they understood that wherever it took root, Freemasonry laid waste the surrounding Christian civilization.

Most reliable evidence indicates that the English share considerably more genetic heritage with the French than with the Germans, but when did facts ever get in the way of racial supremacist theories?

Benjamin Disraeli, the Jewish supremacist British Prime Minister of the mid-Victorian era, eagerly promoted Anglo-Israelism as the semi-official ideology of the British Empire - which, thanks to Jewish sponsorship, was then reaching the zenith of its power and prestige.

Borrowing heavily from Protestant theories of wealth and success as a sign of divine favour, Anglo-Israelists argued that Britain's great power in the world proved the English were part of God's chosen race. The logic was circular - the belief in chosenness impelled  the supremacist drive to be "top nation": the ensuing top nation status then being cited as evidence of chosen-ness 

Anglo-Israelism in the 19th century made huge inroads in the the Church of England; the de facto takeover of Anglicanism by Masonic Israelists prompted Cardinal Newman to desert the English state church and convert to Catholicism.


According to "The Union Jack", a 1970 book on Anglo-Israelism, by 'Helen Peters', Anglo-Israelist Freemasonry controls all the major 'right-wing' Protestant churches in the United States. This helps explain why such churches have become slavish mouthpieces for Zionism and the endless war agenda of the Anglo-American Neocons on left and right.

"The Union Jack" argues that Anglo-Israelism and Freemasonry are synonymous, and embody the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth heresy, i.e., the idea of materialistic worldly 'progress' as the ultimate goal of existence.   

Though steeped in Protesant Freemasonry, Anglo-Israelism has a constituency even within the Catholic fold. The late Catholic modernist left liberal turned Atlanticist Neocon, Michael Novak, touted liberal capitalism as the flower of "the English genius", and condemned traditional Catholic teaching on usury, contraception, subsidiarity, and just war. A few years before his death, he wrote a book celebrating the New Atheism, entitled "No One Sees God".

Arguing that the Jews have waged war against so called White Anglo Saxon Protestant culture renders modern history utterly incomprehensible. Far from seeking to destroy Anglo-Masonic culture, the Anglo Israel Jewish alliance strives to impose it as  a one size fits all model on the  whole world.


First Comment from Larry C

Henry, I'm glad to see Jude Duffy reference "The Union Jack."  It should be required reading for all conspiracy theorists.  Although it's readily available on line, I own a cherished paper copy from which I like to quote such just tidbits as:

Any Mason aspiring to true patriotism is a pathetic self contradiction and a slave to the "light" that he supposes he received from Masonry....Masonry is spiritual and political Communism dedicated to British-Jew domination of the world and is enacting the scheme of British Israel to deceive and lure the people to believe that the New Age Kingdom World Government is a plan of God.   Helen Peters, The Union Jack, p.166,170

British Israel has rehabilitated Rabbinical Judaism very successfully under the paraphernalia of Christianity so that Christianity as most Americans know it today is Judaism...The danger has never been so much that Jews become Americans as Americans become Jews through the spiritual deceit of British Israel.  The changing of the faith through British Israel propaganda has changed the allegiance to the world state.  The spirit of this world state is Rabbinic Talmudic Judaism, the instrumentality is Masonry, the framework of the world kingdom is the British Empire and the ultimate reality is the unification of body and spirit under the pseudo Christian Theocratic World Government.  Helen Peters, The Union Jack, p.140


Scruples, the game of moral dilemmas

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Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at

Comments for ""British Israel" and Cabalist Supremacism "

Tony B said (July 23, 2017):

Very good and necessary article.

I would go back one further step and make it more clear that protestantism itself was a creation of talmudic intrigue. Luther, when his slow mind finally got the picture, wrote scathingly about their influence over him saying they should be kept in places likened to pigstyes. Calvin (Cohen) was himself a talmudic Jew. It was those talmudists thrown out of Spain for trying to subvert the Church there who, after moving to and then owning Amsterdam, financed and caused the invasion of Catholic England by the genocidist Cromwell.

Below- How the Banksters Forced the US Into WW2 (scroll down)

The Palme "Murder" - Cover for Elite Depravity?

July 22, 2017

Olaf Palme was Prime Minister of Sweden from 1982 until his assassination in 1986.  As a steadfast supporter of numerous third world liberation movements including Cuba and Palestine, there were many people who wanted him dead. However the key to his assassination, if there actually was one, may have been the corruption and decadence of Sweden's Masonic elite.

"The family members are covering up the real truth about the murder; they have been amply rewarded by the Swedish state in terms of jobs and honors."

by Swedish Patriot

One of the greatest deceptions against the Swedish people was the "Palme murder" in 1986. According to the official story, he was shot in the back by a lone drug addict walking home from a cinema with his wife, Lisbeth. 

Anyone a bit versed in the cover ups by the world rulers know that murders of Prime Ministers are orchestrated. 

For instance, all bodyguards were sent home by Palme himself hours before the murder. In Sweden, the secret police and the normal police seem to be utterly corrupt and those not corrupted seem to disappear. 

Just to give you a few examples, the Swedish Ambassador to France Carl Lidbom who was asked to head the investigation stated: "It is best for all involved if the murder of Olof Palme is never solved." 

The chief police investigator of the Palme murder, Hans Holmén, stated: "If the truth of the Palme murder came out, it would shake Sweden in its foundations."


Who was involved in the murder? According to private investigator Ole Dammegård who spent about 30 years on the case, the most likely scenario was that Palme got infected by HIV due to his homosexual activities, perhaps with his close friend Ebbe Carlsson. Carlsson was at the epicenter of the murder investigation and passed away due to AIDS in 1991. 

Chief police investigator Hans Holmér, right, left his wife and moved in with HIV positive Ebbe Carlsson, left, during the murder investigation. 

After the "murder," the whole Palme family was unwilling to cooperate. It seems very likely that the whole Palme family with the deep state plotted Palme´s demise. 

While we can´t confirm what happened exactly at the murder scene we have lots of reports that indicate the true chain of events. Dammegard has discovered that people who had vital information about the Palme murder have died in droves, either by real murder, suicide or sudden illnesses. 

For example, of the three medical coroners the chief medical coroner, Milan Valverius died in a "suicide" along with his wife a few years after the murder.  Valverius stated that he couldn´t recognize Palme when the dead body arrived for autopsy and he also admitted that Palme´s wife dictated the content of the autopsy report... The two other coroners are still alive and worked together in other scandalous murder cases in Sweden during the 1980s where the elite needed cover ups. 

Their former boss is an old Jew, Jovan Rajs, and the younger one, Kari Ormstad, has become Chief Of Public Health in Norway. Her Norwegian family name "Ormstad" means "City of snakes" and she has been proven a liar too. Jovan Rajs has been found out to have falsified most of his science and he "coincidentally" got his Professorship after his assistant autopsy on the "Palme corpse". 

The Palme Family Part of Masonic Jewish World Conspiracy

Palme relatives L-R: Nazi August Von Knieriem: IG Farben lawyer Rajani Palme-Dutt: UK Communist Party(UKCP) founder, Comintern member (Moscow), Indian Communist Party supervisor; Hella Wuolijoki: Finnish Communist Party founder and aunt of Palme:  Clemens Palme-Dutt: Controlled (w. his brother Rajani) the famous club "Apostles" at Cambridge which created the "Ring of Five" KGB spies, UKCP Founder w. brother Rajani, headed colonial bureau of UKCP and tried to form communist connections in India, China, Egypt, Ireland and Palestine.  Involved with Comintern and Indian Communist party.

Olof Palme´s lineage shows the darkest pits of crypto Jewish treason against mankind going back several hundred years to tsarist Russia when his family "converted" to Christianity. Just like many of his ancestors Palme was completely fake as a person. Palme´s grandfather Woldemar von Knieriem trained Alfred Rosenberg and moved the whole Riga polytechnical school to Moscow after the Bolshevik revolution. His uncle was Chief Lawyer at IG Farben during the Nazi years - acquitted at the Nuremberg trial after Rockefeller intervened. Some other Palme relatives founded the Communist party in India and created some of the most famous KGB spies in the UK. Another Palme woman became the founder of the Finnish Communist party. So we have Palme relatives doing damage to Russia, Finland, Sweden, Germany, India and the UK. Quite exceptional for one family to achieve all of that.

Olof Palme´s Sexual Inclination - Pedophile And Bisexual?

Eva Bengtsson, then 14, claims she was raped by Palme and other top politicians

When Olof Palme suddenly came out as a Social Democrat in the 1960s after having been a Secret Service Agent and informer for the CIA, many people wondered about his intentions given his upper class family background. The truth is that he was just another Frankist Jewish puppet who was known abroad as the "homosexual arms dealer". 

Palme was identified by Eva Bengtsson, then 14 years old, as having been present with other top politicians in the so called "Brothel Scandal of 1976" which Palme himself completely denied in a public hearing. The Swedish documentary "Call Girl" in 2013 hinted at the same facts. The Palme family didn´t press charges.

The "close" relationship between journalist Ebbe Carlsson and Olof Palme can´t be denied; nor the fact that Palme was treated by the most famous HIV specialist in Sweden, Professor Elias Bengtsson, regularly at the Roslagstull Hospital. Bengtsson asked for the autopsy report but was denied. He also reported that the relationship between Palme and his wife wasn´t good. 

Conclusion - The Palme Family Covers Up The Murder With The Full Support Of The Elite

Lisbet Palme - covering up the murder?

Almost every private investigator agrees that the Palme family was directly involved in the setup of the "fake murder" and the cover-up. Around 30 witnesses report strange people (including some with "german sounding" language - Hebrew?...) with walkie talkies around the murder site. They were all ignored by the police investigation. 

The national alarm was delayed for several hours after the murder, leaving plenty of room for Palme and his accomplices to leave Sweden. One report states that a car with black windows drove to Borlange and took a French jet plane that Ambassador Lidbom had arranged. According to Dammegard, Lidbom was later found dead in his sauna with a big hole in his head - the official report states that he "died in front of his television"...

The family members are covering up the real truth about the murder; they have been amply rewarded by the Swedish state in terms of jobs and honors. Private investigators, honest police men, patsies and upright doctors have died in scores after the murder. 

Dammegård reported that the actor playing Palme in a Palme murder documentary stated that he was "5 meters from the murder scene" when it took place... The most likely scenario is that Palme escaped from Sweden and then lived incognito with HIV after having some plastic surgery. His family supported him in his decision and the person killed was a double. Probably the woman at the murder scene was also Lisbeth´s double considering the witness reports. The second scenario is that Palme wanted to commit suicide due to his HIV infection but then the cover up would have been much simpler.

Implications Of Palme Truth - Too Big To Handle For The NWO

This murder story from Sweden demonstrates how corrupt our pedophile Masonic traitors and crypto Jewish leaders are. Sweden is perhaps outstanding but other countries have them too. The Jewish diaspora made it possible for ultra criminal people to mix into the population of every country and then subvert them from the inside just like they subverted Judaism millennia ago. 

We all know the truth about how the Jewish Frankists, the Illuminati and their Masonic agents have hijacked the world. We understand how the Rothschild cabal wanted to cover up the truth of Palme or else people in other countries might start to ask questions about their own leaders. That is why the truth about Palme won´t come out until the traitors are flushed out of Sweden´s government and deep state.

PS: The rumor states that Olof Palme lived incognito in Switzerland after undergoing plastic surgeries and that he died in Toronto in 1996... Lisbeth coincidentally became Unicef chairman of Sweden shortly after the murder and travelled extensively to Switzerland "on business to Unicef HQ in Geneva"...


Palme´s Fake Autopsy Report - Hans Liljeson, Retired Lawyer

Scruples, the game of moral dilemmas

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Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at

Below--Insider: Protocols Largely Realized (1976) -scroll down)

How the Banksters Forced the US Into WW2

July 21, 2017


The article Wednesday about the bomb in the British Pavilion at the NYC World's Fair

in 1940 reminded me that the British had a task force of 1000 people in NYC that would stop at nothing, including murder, to inveigle the US into World War Two. 

"If a Republican nationalist like Robert Taft had won the GOP nomination in 1940, Churchill was prepared to make peace with Hitler and abandon Stalin to his fate. The Jewish holocaust wouldn't have occurred because of Hitler's wish for good relations with England. In a repeat of World War One, American intervention prolonged the war with disastrous consequences for mankind."

By Henry Makow Ph.D.

After Britain's humiliating retreat from Dunkirk June 4, 1940, Winston Churchill defiantly declared, "We shall fight on the beaches...we shall never surrender..."

His bravado was based on his certain knowledge the United States would back Britain to the hilt.

The vast majority of Americans were against intervention. But, with the full cooperation of the FDR administration, a covert British propaganda and "dirty tricks" campaign, employing almost 1000 people in NYC (mostly Brits and Canadians), had hijacked democracy . It illustrates how London-based central bankers control the American people to this day.

wilkie (20).jpg

The Republican Party was against intervention. Thanks to the British, the Republican Presidential nomination June 28, 1940 went to an unknown pro-intervention pro-conscription "internationalist" Wendell Wilkie, a lifetime Democrat who had never held public office.

On the eve of the costliest war in US history, (one million dead or maimed, $2 trillion in 1990 dollars), Americans were not given a choice. There wasn't an anti-war candidate. Does this sound familiar?


More than propaganda was involved. The organizer of the Republican convention, Ralph Williams, an "isolationist" (doublespeak for nationalist) conveniently died May 16 and was replaced by a lifelong British agent Sam Pryor who packed the convention with Wilkie delegations and supporters shouting, "We want Wilkie."


True, Williams, left, was 70 years old. But historian Thomas Mahl says that the British mandate included murder and he implies this took place. Heinrich Muller, the Chief of the Gestapo who worked for the CIA during the Truman administration confirms that the British killed many Americans who got in the way. (See Gregory Douglas, The CIA Covenant, Nazis in Washington, at p.107)

" [Wilkie's] nomination exempted President Franklin Roosevelt from the normal pressures of an election campaign," Mahl writes in his explosive book "Desperate Deception: British Covert Operations in the US, 1939-44." (1998)

Walter Lippmann wrote, "the sudden rise and nomination of Wendell Wilkie was the decisive event, perhaps providential, which made it possible to rally the free world...Under any other leadership but his, the Republican Party would ... have turned its back on Great Britain..." (164)

A Foreign Policy For Americans_Taft.jpg

If a Republican nationalist like Robert Taft had won the nomination, Churchill was prepared to make peace with Hitler and abandon Stalin to his fate. The Jewish holocaust wouldn't have occurred because of Hitler's wish for good relations with England. In a repeat of World War One, American intervention prolonged the war with disastrous consequences for mankind.

The Illuminati game plan was for a long two-front war that the Nazis would lose. Although Mahl doesn't mention the Illuminati by name, his book exposes its modus operandi, which I will detail later.


The Rockefeller and Morgan empires are part of the central banking cartel. At the highest level, all intelligence agencies (MI-6, CIA, Mossad, KGB) answer to this cartel, not to their national governments.

"British Security Coordination," (BSC) part of MI-6 handled the Illuminati campaign to frog march the USA into World War Two. It was financed by the Rockefellers and Morgans and housed rent-free on the 38th Floor of the "International Building" of Rockefeller Center.

"This was a convenient address," Mahl writes. "Several British agencies promoting intervention were also housed here. The British Press Service was located on the 44th Floor. The British intelligence front group Fight for Freedom located its operations on the 22nd floor in the same building, also rent free." (11)

Wendell Wilkie had been an organizer at numerous Democratic conventions. He was the President of a Morgan-controlled insurance company and a member of the "Fight for Freedom" executive. His whole campaign was financed and organized by the Morgans and British intelligence but made to look homespun.

After losing the 1940 election, Wilkie worked closely with FDR to sabotage nationalist Republicans and was briefly considered for FDR's VP in 1944. Instead, his usefulness apparently at an end, he conveniently died in that year at age 52 of a "streptococcic throat infection" contracted in hospital.

The BSC's minions might be forgiven for thinking the Rockefellers were opponents of Fascism. In fact, the central banking cartel brought Hitler to power. The Rockefellers provided the Nazis with oil and owned part of Germany's largest industrial concern, I.G. Farben. They provided the Nazis with indispensable technology and materiel before and during the war, at the expense of the US war effort.

Charles Higham's book "Trading with the Enemy" demonstrates that the central bankers had an intimate economic relationship with the Nazis through corporations like Standard Oil, General Motors, Ford, ITT and the Chase Bank.

Defeating Nazism was not the immediate goal of American intervention. The goal was to have a long, devastating and lucrative war, leading to greater concentration of power in their hands through the Cold War and world government (the European Union and the United Nations.)


In the 1930's the American people learned how the bankers had maneuvered the US into World War One for great profit. Congress passed a battery of legislation to prevent this from happening again. British PM Neville Chamberlain called the US Congress "pig headed and self righteous nobodies."


Thus the Illuminati had to change public opinion before FDR could commit the US to war. Their main weapon was the mass media, literally owned by the central bankers or controlled by advertising from their cartels.

In 1940, publications owned by the central bankers and their front men included The New York Herald Tribune, The New York Times, PM, The Chicago Sun, The Cowles Group (Look), Time Life, The Washington Post and the Baltimore Sun. All were decidedly for intervention. Hollywood also produced war propaganda. Alexander Korda, director of "Lady Hamilton" and "The Lion has Wings" was a British agent.

Journalists achieved success as spokesmen for British Intelligence. They included Walter Winchell, Drew Pearson, Dorothy Thompson, Walter Lippmann, James Reston and Hubert Bayard Swope.

Public opinion polls were rigged or edited to give Americans the impression they favored intervention. For example, a British agent David Ogilvy put out the Gallup polls.

Nationalist politicians like Hamilton Fish, Martin Dies and Burton Wheeler were smeared as pro-Nazi and anti Semitic. They were hounded with false charges and eventually defeated. One, Senator Arthur Vandenburg changed his mind with the help of beautiful socialites working for British Intelligence.

The British manufactured German atrocity photos and a phoney map purporting to be a Nazi plan to divide South America. This map helped FDR overturn the last remaining neutrality legislation. Phoney horoscopes fore casted ruin for Hitler and American "isolationists."

Like the Communists, the British formed numerous groups that masqueraded as grass roots organizations. They included "Friends of Democracy," "The League for Human Rights," the "Fight for Freedom Committee."

After the war, the Rockefeller's Council on Foreign Relations ensured that official histories of American intervention were written. They did not want a repeat of the embarrassing revelations of how the US was tricked into World War One.


The British would have abandoned Stalin only as a last resort. British Freemasonry (i.e. the central bankers) was behind the Bolshevik Revolution but by pretending to be opposed, Britain was able to betray their allies, the nationalist White Russians. The bankers later created Nazi Germany because Stalin had become too nationalistic himself.

The bankers were going to let the two titans fight it out like monsters in a Japanese B-movie but Hitler had to lose because Germany represented a much greater threat to their plans than Russia.

Mahl's book provides glimpses into this confluence between the central bankers, the British, Jewish leaders, and the USSR.

For example, the BSC subsidized the Overseas News Agency, which was a branch of the Jewish Telegraphic Agency, founded by Jacob Landau. Banker Felix Warburg also subsidized the JTA, whose job was to publicize persecution of Jews. Landau was also on the executive of "Fight for Freedom."

Decrypted VENONA messages (wires between the Soviet embassy and Moscow) reveal that Landau was working for both the British and the Soviets. He traveled to Mexico City in 1943 and had several meetings with the Soviet ambassador.

Mahl writes: "the VENONA messages reveal...Soviet secret intelligence had thoroughly penetrated BSC and its offspring OSS" (which became the CIA.) (49)

William Stephenson headed BSC. His Second -in- Command was Col. Charles "Dick" Ellis a member of MI-6 who organized and ran the future CIA. According to Mahl, Ellis was "also suspected of working for German and Soviet intelligence services." (194) (Neither men were Jewish.)

This picture is consistent with the view that the central bankers control all Intelligence agencies and wars are just a charade. See my "Are World Wars Orchestrated?"


Freud's nephew Edward Bernays helped manipulate the masses for the Illuminati. In his book "Propaganda," he wrote:


"The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society. Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government, which is the true ruling power of our country."

Clearly democracy and freedom itself is an illusion. There is room for popular choice but the Illuminati manipulates the process to produce the desired outcome. Ultimately it serves to legitimize illegitimate power.

Wars are orchestrated to eventually produce Illuminati world government. As the Masonic leader Albert Pike wrote in 1871, the third world war will be between the "political Zionists and Islam." Translated, that means the US and Israel versus Iran and possibly China and Russia.

Americans are being frogmarched to the next world war. The present period might be compared to the 1930's when both sides armed and rehearsed. The final conflagration would eliminate a large number of "useless eaters."


From Feb 8, 2008

Thanks to historian Dave Martin for alerting me to "Desperate Deception"

See also my "The US is a "Crown" Financial Colony"

and "Was Victor Rothschild a Soviet Agent?"

See also "The Secret Persuaders"


Scruples, the game of moral dilemmas

You can find this article permanently at

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at

Comments for "How the Banksters Forced the US Into WW2 "

Dee said (July 22, 2017):

Hey Henry....

Have you noticed that all the countries targeted for "regime change" are the only ones that resisted the IMF Central banks? That list includes NORTH KOREA....
A Google search on countries without a Central Bank shows there are between 3 and 7 left, depending on how old the posting is! And all of them are countries invaded by US-led NATO (and involving CANADA) since Afghanistan and Iraq.... and Syria and Iran and Libya are on that list too...

And Rothschild started getting super-rich since his carrier pigeons brought him insider info about the defeat of Napoleon at Waterloo, and he financed the countries that were going bankrupt thanks to believing that Napoleon was winning, when he wasn't... their info was old and WRONG.

They've been pulling this scam from the beginning, starting with INSIDER TRADING!! Once a crook, always a crook....

Pedro said (July 22, 2017):

Wars without end it seems.

I haven't read Mahl's book, but Judas Goats by Michael Collins Piper has this to add on p52

"But what Mahl doesn’t mention — probably for his own good — is that much of Griffith’s disruptive activities on behalf of British intelligence were also carried out in conjunction with the ADL."...
Griffith operated out of New York City, as a key ADL trouble-maker and informant, keeping close watch on groups considered “subversive” by this powerful Zionist spy network. Or, as we’ve said, actually helping such groups along for the ADL’s own purposes. In one notable instance, acting under the alias,“Al Scheffer”, the ubiquitious Griffith came to the aid of a one-man political party in New York City and turned it into a “Nazi menace.” "

a bit more here
" Even Sandy Griffith himself, aka Al Scheffer, the ADL spy chief, attended NRP strategy meetings to offer advice. Griffith in his persona as Scheffer, met regularly with Frederick Weiss, a German immigrant who had served on the Kaiser’s Staff during World War I, and was a central figure in the American Right. Weiss knew that Scheffer was with the ADL but sought a symbiotic relationship with the prospect of getting publicity for the NRP via the ADL's influence with the news media. H Keith Thompson wrote of this ADL symbiosis in Expose "When my activities were quiet, Sandy (Griffith) would give me a pep talk and some ideas on how to get them moving again. For a time even I was puzzled. While I had anticipated that ADL agents would appear as investigators, I was not yet aware that the agents also acted as provocateurs and instigators and are often the most dependable source of funds."

Are your bowels cautiously starting a movement?. Don't worry, relax and let ADL suppositories get in first and do it right (or left) for you.

naughty link for you.

Robert K said (July 21, 2017):

A more recent study of the army of British agents operating on American soil to ensure the entry of the USA into WWII is "The Irregulars: Roald Dahl and the British Spy Ring in Wartime Washington", by Jennet Conant (2008). Dahl, who later specialized in writing children's books ("macabre, often darkly comic..., featuring villainous adult enemies of the child characters"--Wikipedia), was an RAF pilot who somehow ended up dining regularly with FDR. On becoming accepted into Stephenson's clandestine organization, a process which he said was like being inducted into a secret society, Dahl was told that he must be prepared to commit murder. In order to achieve their goal of widening the war, anything that had to be done would be done.

Americans might find it of interest that the foremost American columnists of the time--Walter Winchell, Drew Pearson, Walter Lippmann--were in close contact with this immense British pro-war propaganda spy network and "actively aided their cause" (p. 54).

Andrew said (February 11, 2008):

Henry--I love the 10 Cent Life Magazine cover for September 30, 1940. You missed spelled Wendell's name. It's Willkie. I own a real Willkie button which says America's Hope--Wendell Willkie. Remind you of ???

My dad--who left me his Wendell Willkie button--called Life the magazine for people who can't read. I was proud I read Time. My feelings of pleasure and satisfaction with Time crashed when my favorite university professors called Time the magazine for people who can't think.

With the right covers I would buy a Life Magazine today. Particularly for 10 Cents. What will 10 Cents buy today? Not even 10 Canadian Cents.

Life covers for the 1940s
Pearl Harbor wasn't bombed until Dec 7 1941. Consider the way the media in 1940 got people ready for war with only images on Life.

"Life appeared as a weekly until 1972" but with TV the "quiet elite" didn't need Life anymore. We shouldn't wonder that kids today don't read. Remember the Renaissance was all about the printing press (1440 AD), reading and learning. We're almost ready for a new Dark Ages.

Clifford Shack said (February 10, 2008):

The core of this plot can be found in the N.Y. offices of Kuhn Loeb. The man in charge of the deceptions that you refer to was a general partner in the international banking house owned by the Warburg family. William Wiseman directed America's intervention into World War II from his office. He worked with William Stephenson (Intrepid), a son of Winnepeg, to orchestrate the Pearl Harbor attack.

Jacob Schiff, who ran Kuhn Loeb before his son-in-laws (Paul & Felix Warburg) took over had a close connection to the bankers who run Japan. Schiff was especially close to Takahashi Korekiyo. Schiff made Takahashi's career when Schiff lent Japan millions of dollars to fight Russia in the Russo-Japanese War of 1904-05.

Kuhn Loeb had maintained close connections with the Japanese bankers ever since. After all, the Rothschilds opened Japan up to the West when August Belmont sent his father-in-law, Matthew Perry to the Far East (on the orders of the Rothschilds). The Rothschilds and their agents made Japan and have been sustaining Japan since Perry's efforts of 1852-54.

So when the Rothschilds needed to put the final nail in the coffin of American isolationism they had Kuhn Loeb call in the favor. The Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor was that favor. The subsequent destruction of Japan was Kuhn Loeb's reward as it rebuilt Japan into the powerhouse that it has become today.

"There are no accidents in history. If it happened it was planned that way." So said FDR who understood the dynamics of the destruction of American Isolationism more than anyone else.


Thank you for this brilliant contribution that only you could make.


Gary said (March 9, 2006):

It reminded me of a statement out of England that I had filed away - and that you've probably seen...

Between the 1st and 2nd world wars, a document came to light out of London, which is a real center for this global manipulation, called �Propaganda in the Next War�. An American Senator held it up on Capitol Hill at the time and said, �what all this about? And was ignored, or course, and this is what it said - this is before Pearl Harbor and before the 2nd World War started;

�To persuade her (the United States) to take our part will be much more difficult, so difficult as to be likely to succeed. It will need a definite threat to America. A threat moreover, that will have to be brought home to every citizen before the Republic again take arms in an external quarrel. The position would naturally be considerably eased if Japan were involved and this might, and probably would, bring America in without much further ado. At any rate, it would be a natural and obvious effect of our propagandists to achieve this, just as in the Great War, they achieved in broiling the United States with Germany. Fortunately with America, our propaganda is on firm ground. We can be entirely sincere, as our main plank will be the old Democratic one. We must clearly enunciate our belief in the old Democratic form of Government and our firm resolve to adhere to the old �Goddess of Democracy� routine.�

Ivan said (March 8, 2006):

I have been reading your articles for awhile and have come to the conclusion, I am definitely on the same page but with not nearly the as much back up material. In fact I am relying on memory of things that I have read over the years. What they did to Goldwater when he ran convinced me that something was really wrong with the media. I heard on TV that the Birchers were supporting him so I found them and joined. I am no longer connected but I did get a crash course on politics that has helped me read between the lines so that I get a feel for what is going on. Awhile back I heard that JBs were a CIA vehicle, that could be true but it still opened my eyes. I am what I consider a strong Christian in belief and desire to know the big picture so that I can correlate things in my mind. I totally agree that the Masons are running the world wide show under the guidance of their god Lucifer with roots that go back to the Tower of Babel.

David said (March 6, 2006):

"British Security Coordination," (BSC) part of MI-6 handled the Illuminati campaign to frog march the USA into World War Two. It was financed by the Rockefellers and Morgans and housed rent-free on the 38th Floor of the "International Building" of Rockefeller Center.

"This was a convenient address," Mahl writes. "Several British agencies promoting intervention were also housed here. The British Press Service was located on the 44th Floor. The British intelligence front group Fight for Freedom located its operations on the 22nd
floor in the same building, also rent free."


What I want to draw your attention to is the floor numbers.

This is standard illuminati/NWO numerology dwelling on 11.

38 = 3 + 8 = 11
44 = 4 * 11
22 = 2 * 11

The odds that these three floor numbers would be
chosen at random is obviously slim. When you add it to all the other similar patterns... well, you get the idea.

Think Outside the Propaganda Matrix, says Tony Blizzard

July 15, 2017

blizzard (1).jpg
Think Outside the Propaganda Matrix, says Tony Blizzard (left)

Most people never think "outside the box" and the box is created by their enslavers.  Whether too timid or lazy or intimidated, makes no difference.  People must think things out, investigate and act as individuals rather than one more sheep in the herd.

An example:  

When I lived in Idaho my wife and I bought an older home in a town in an area which had been a federal land grant even before Idaho was a state.  We paid off the property before long.  I got out the records in the county assessors office, found the original land patent signed in the name of the President of the United States at that time and upgraded our portion of it through all the owners from the time the patent was granted until us.  Disregarding our warranty deed (which only warrants that no one else is claiming the property, similar to a quit claim deed - deeds do NOT grant title) I had the updated land patent notarized, advertised and took it to the county assessor who understood that my wife and I, indeed, DID now have title to our property as he rightly told me he COULD NOT ISSUE US A TAX BILL (as we actually owned the property).  All that was reserved from us were mineral rights, which no one had an interest in since the gold rushes were over, and water rights, which we understood as I was running the irrigation ditches in our part of town.  

The point is that I did what was necessary to actually OWN my property instead of whining about the government always keeping ownership and taxing at will.  Granted, I could not have done this had there not been a land patent but I took the initiative to find out if one existed and acted upon it.

Similarly, I home schooled my kids back when it was a jailable offense, moving every year so as to avoid the do-gooder sheep who would turn me in to the "authorities" in a NY second.  Now in their sixties, not one of them runs with the herd, all my grand children and great grand children either are or will be home schooled when they reach the age.  There is not a brainwashed person in the bunch.

Before my teens I began doing my own thinking, which soon branded me a rebel, a maverick.  So already at the end of WW2, being an independent thinker was being disparaged.  I suppose this propaganda program is also the reason for so much blather about peer pressure which I never understood as I didn't care what the other kids thought of me and wondered why such an idea would matter to them.

We each have our own mind.  If each uses his properly the most sophisticated propaganda cannot capture one's mind.

Barbara Kulazska RIP

July 8, 2017

(Barbara left, with Doug Christie & Marc Lemire)

Barbara Kulazska RIP  

Canadian free speech lawyer and close associate of Doug Christie, Barbara Kulaszka, passed away at age 64 from lung cancer on June 15. Barbara and the family insisted on secrecy.  Even long-time allies were not informed of her death of the funeral on June 19.
Barbara played a key role in research and drafting legal facta in the second Zundel "false news" trial in 1988. She was a huge help in Doug Christie's attack on Canada's war crimes law in the Finta case in 1990. The appeal to the Supreme Court virtually destroyed the law's usefulness to the vengeance lobby as the following of reasonable orders was accepted as a defence.
In later years, Barbara was a vigorous defender of free speechers charged with libel by Richard Warman, people like Marc and Connie Fournier (a long and complicated case) and myself.
She was Marc Lemire's lawyer in his heroic confrontation with the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal. He was prosecuted -- another Richard Warman complaint -- under the notorious Sec . 13 (Internet censorship) which was repealed by Parliament in 2012. Marc's was the first victory -- even if partial -- under Sec. 13. She continued to represent him as the  question of the constitutionality of Sec. 13 moved to the Federal Court and then the Federal Court of Appeal in 2013. She also represented Henry Makow in a complaint from the Canadian Jewish Congress to the CHRC. 
Barbara had been in delicate health for many years.
She was first trained as a librarian and then switched to law.
She died in her hometown of Brighton, Ontario, surrounded by family.

Memorial Event

* Music by Christian Klein, Dieter Kahl and Grace-Eki Oyama

* Tributes by Marc Lemire,  Christian Klein, Lynda Mortl, Paul Fromm and others.

* Tributes read from people across the world.

TORONTO. Wednesday,  July 12, 2017. Richview Library, Auditorium (1806 Islington Ave, Etobicoke, ON.  -- two blocks north of Eglinton (6:15 p.m). **** NEW LOCATION & TIME****Admission $10.00

Trump in Poland--Observations from a Polish Canadian

July 6, 2017

1707052226-Trump-In-Poland-To-Attend-20-Summit.jpgTrump in Poland--Observations from a Polish Canadian

by MG

As you've probably heard Trump was in Poland Wednesday and my did he get a welcome party ... the propaganda machine was in overdrive last night and all day today in Poland.  So he had a meeting with our President and then he made a beautiful speech about Poland being the heart and soul of Europe and our determination and will as a nation and people ... he probably won over tons of Poles with it being that he even pulled at my heart strings even though I new there was a game of emotional manipulation going on here.  Later there was a press conference with the media where he took shots at Russia and North Korea.  Finally late last night it was announced that the US is selling Poland the Patriot missile defense system.  All of this added to the already 10,000 or so American soldiers that have been in Poland since Obama sent them over here last fall; interestingly all of them are being stationed in the Western part of Europe closer to Germany and none in the east close to Russia.      

Now my take ... American and British freemasonry (like your recent article showed they always have been one and the same) are preparing Polish freemasonry to be ready again to sacrifice their young Polish men and women as a part of the Wests political and military chess match with Russia and China.  Like Poland was sacrificed before and after WW2 to the Nazis and Soviets it looks like we are being set up for a repeat; there are 2 major forms this could take  ....

1 - The more obvious is the Polish government sending thousands of Polish soldiers to Ukraine to help the Ukrainians in their losing battle against the Russian separatists.

2 - The less obvious but I think equally as possible is the sudden beginning of a Polish - Belorussian war that would be a proxy war between the West and Russia.  I don't have to explain why the West would want this war; they like every war as they see all of them as a business.  As for Russia, they might want this war because President Lukaszenko of Belarus over the last year or so has been making moves that seem to show that he wants be the like an Orban in Hungary or Erdogan in Turkey ... so a free agent in the whole chess match and not a Russian puppet state.  A war with Poland might force Lukaszenko to jump back into Putin's outstretched hands.