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Henry Klein: Zionism is the Curse of Jewry

April 28, 2017

Henry Klein (1879-1955) represented the majority of Jews who just 
wanted to assimilate. However, as he explained in this 1945 essay, the
As result, Jews have been finagled into advancing "globalism" and no doubt they and not Freemasons will be blamed for it.

Klein overestimated the ability of the Arab world to resist the
Zionist incursion.. But he was right that Israel represented aggression and endless war. 
Most Jews are unaware they are being used in a diabolical plot. They are more effective as "useful idiots." 

by Henry Klein

"Make the Jews world conscious, say their leaders. Make them dream of Palestine and a world state. Don't let them become nationalists in thought. Don't let them consider themselves citizens of any nation except the Jewish dream nation in Palestine. Make them internationalists."

That's what they did with the Jews of Russia and elsewhere in Europe; that's what they are doing to most of the Jews in the United States. The principal medium through which this is being done is political Zionism.

What is political Zionism? In my opinion, it is the curse of Jewry. What was once a beautiful dream for orthodox Jews who might want to spend their declining years in Palestine, has become a lurid nightmare that threatens the extinction of Jews, Christians and Mohammedans alike. 

Leading Jews in the United States were once opposed to political Zionism and to a Jewish nation in Palestine. ...It was a capital offence in Russia after the revolution of 1917  to advocate Zionism in that country. Zionism was considered hostile to the economic and political philosophy of communism in that it produced a state within a state. 

Leading American Jews felt that Jews should be loyal to the United States and not to an independent nation. Ultimately, these leading Jews changed their views. They adopted the notion they once condemned; not because they believed that American Jews wanted to go to Palestine, but because they were induced to believe that a Jewish nation in Palestine was a symbol of Jewish world power and they favored such power. They did not realize that Jewish political power was broken as a result of the murder of Jesus.

The Balfour declaration in 1917 gave Zionism a great boost. Great Britain promised the Jews a "homeland" in Palestine. In return, the political Zionists helped drag the United States into the first world war. Great Britain had also promised the Arab self-determination and protection in Palestine, against the Turks, two years before. 

A "homeland" was not then interpreted as a Jewish state. That interpretation has been put on it by those who have made a business of Zionism and who dream of a recrudescence of world power for Jewry. The Jews as a mass have no such dream and no such ambition. They are content to live in peace and happiness where they are. They have no desire to return to Palestine or to rule the world. Only a handful have that mania. Many Jews now in Palestine would like to leave there if they could.

What has political Zionism led to? It has led to the collection of vast sums of money from Jews throughout the world. It has led to the establishment of pro-zionist organizations in most countries. It has led to the slaughter of Jews in Europe and to the threat of revolt by Moslems against Jews and Christians though there are many Arab Christians. 

The entire Moslem world is waiting to drive Jews and Christians out of the middle east and Africa, if Great Britain rescinds its White Paper of 1939 and opens the door to wider Jewish immigration and the further purchase of land by Jews, in Palestine. There are about one and a half million Arabs in Palestine including Christians and about five hundred thousands Jews. The total Moslem population in the middle east and Africa, is over two hundred and fifty million.

There are about five million Jews in the United States, according to Jewish records. In my opinion, that is only half the total number. There are about two and a half million Jews in the City of New York alone and probably another million in New York State. There are probably one million Jews in Chicago and about half a million in Philadelphia. That makes five million. What about Jews in other cities and states? If the Jewish records include only orthodox Jews, than I can understand the total of five million. Otherwise I estimate the total at twice that many.

Of these ten million Jews, not over one per cent, is actively interested in Zionism or really knows what the movement means. All they know about it is what the pro-zionist propagandists tell them in the controlled press and in the publicity stuff they put out in different countries. Besides this, the Jewish people know they are shaken down regularly and systematically for contributions for Palestine. Most Zionist organizations are represented in the Kehillahs [Jewish government]. There are a few organizations and individuals outside the Kehillahs that are propagandizing and grafting on their own account. Cultural and spiritual Zionism has been overcome and suppressed by the political Zionists...

Will the madness for Jewish world power by the handful lead to world conquest or only world destruction? So far it has led only to destruction. Can world conquest by the Sanhedrin compensate for all the destruction that has taken place? If the Moslems revolt, a religious war will  start and further world chaos will follow. There is no telling how long such a war would last and how far further destruction would go. There would probably be no organized system of religion left after it was over.

The Moslems know the Protocols. They have been reading and studying them for at least a generation and their knowledge of their contents has evoked hatred among them. Their representatives protested at San Francisco against granting Jews any further rights in Palestine and they protested several times to the British government. They protested to President Roosevelt. They know that political Zionists are forcing their program in spite of all their protests, and they warn that any overt step to establish a Jewish state in Palestine with or without the aid of any nation, will be met by violent opposition from them. They are against a Jewish state as well as Jewish world power and they intend to stop both.

I warn the Jewish people to heed the Moslem threats. Stop the madness of the Sanhedrin and the graft and propaganda of the political Zionists. They constitute the poison in the Jews' cup.
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-------------------------- The Sanhedrin's Tyranny 

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Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at

Comments for "Henry Klein: Zionism is the Curse of Jewry"

Tony B said (April 28, 2017):

Is there any way for you to tell if your Jewish visitors are growing in number? I wish every English speaking Jew in the world read your site every day.

Below - Rothschilds Financed Hitler Takrover? (scroll down)

Home Prices Ready to Crash?

April 27, 2017


(left, Vancouver) 

House prices are going through the ceiling in many large urban centres worldwide. But UK-based contributor Sandeep Parwaga

warns that this presages a crash.

(Editor's Note- I don't agree with the assumptions expressed below. A house is an excellent investment, although not in inflated markets. As long as interest rates remain low, I don't see a crash. Posting this for a change of pace.) 

by Sandeep Parwaga, PhD

Robert Kiyosaki famously said ''A house isn't an asset, it is your biggest liability'. It seems to be a hidden truth many haven't heard of. In the Anglo-American sphere, people are thought-trained that owning a property is the highest aspiration in life. I realized what a fraud this was. Tragically, this belief encouraged the 2008 mortgage crisis, and may be fuelling the next. 

Nothing has changed today, as debt-based bubbles have bloomed all over again, including in the car loanstudent loan, and housing sectors. Are we facing another disaster? The housing market is yet an old but familiar indicator. 


The global housing market is in a state of total madness. Prices have been going up irrationally over the years. With real jobs and wages declining, it becomes harder for younger, first-time buyers to purchase their own home. At first sight, I thought that this would never change, but there may be something sinister on the horizon. The situation is reminiscent of the pre-2008 crisis. It is happening all over the world, including in the UKUSACanada, and Australia. A couple of factors has fuelled this situation.

  1. Quantitative easing and low interest rates have caused the flow of large amounts of capital into the housing market and lead to a massive increase in prices. When interest rates will inevitably go up to counter inflation, the consequences will be horrendous for the housing market.
  2. Though banks claimed to have tightened their lending rules, it doesn't appear to be the caseLoose lending is still a problem in the housing market which inevitably increases the number of sub-prime mortgages on an immense scale.
  3. Investors are an integral part in the dynamics of the housing market. When they sense that things turn against them, they could be the first to exit early. I predict we will continue to see this happening, as government policies make it less attractive to be a property investor. Fund freezes have returned in the UK at several fronts and are yet another worrying sign. Also, as the economy in foreign countries stymies, foreign buyers will eventually decline as well.
  4. The market thrives on supply and demand. Unfortunately, this has become a massive illusion. People are less and less able to afford a house. How can demand be going up? Besides the demand side being a fraud, I suspect the supply side is too. Banks have loosened their lending rules to construction companies again that are building properties which will eventually sit empty. China is famous for this and may be a lesson for the future. The central bankers need to keep the housing market in an artificial supply and demand scenario to keep the game going, including through schemes as in 2) and 5). Any downturn could lead to a crash.
  5. Government help: In the UK, the government rolled out the help to buy scheme, which allows buyers to only put down a 5% deposit. It doesn't take a genius to see that this is absolutely crazy as these buyers are massively over-leveraged.
  6. Prices will eventually see a stagnation and decline, like it is starting to happen in the UKChina, or Canada. The price can't go up forever, and has to have some relationship to the reality of average people. People who took out mortgages on high house prices could get suckered once this happens. Owners would be paying more on their house than it will be worth, called negative equity. This could be another flashpoint.


Some may have been curious with the above quote from Kiyosaki. If this would be taught and spread it could change people's attitudes towards property, and prevent future disasters. Let me give some points to explain the quote.

  1. a house, in reality, is like a car. You use it and therefore it depreciates its value. Unlike cars where the price only goes down, house prices are going up due to market forces i.e. central banker policy, not due to its inherent value. 
  2. An asset, to my knowledge, does not bring with it the high maintenance costs in order give it a value. A house is a major liability due to its maintenance costs. 
  3. An asset generates wealth. As above, a house over time costs you on top of the basic commitments. Therefore a house cannot be termed an asset. 
  4. Let's say you own your house and rent it out. Ok, the rent generates wealth. But if something disastrous happens to the house and it requires substantial amounts of funds to fix, part of the initial wealth generation will inevitably go to fixing the house. You lose the wealth and are back to or near zero. Tenants may also be unreliable with payments. Hoping that this doesn't happen is speculation, which is not a characteristic of an asset.
  5. You own your house and are seeing a massive increase in the price over the years. You made a profit. As highlighted above, this is mainly due to market forces. This is in par with a speculative gain rather than a sound asset. 


The bubble phenomenon has engulfed the housing market again. I am sensing that when the housing market unravels, it will be crashing worldwide and be worse than 2008. Collateralized debt obligations have returned in the UKUSA (even under new names), and Canada. And like in pre-2008, they may be a warning sign that something is going to happen. I'm not an expert by any means, but it is quite obvious that we have been indoctrinated and mislead on a massive scale. The mentality that we should all own a house because a house is an asset is logic defying, and it is time that people get informed because it can change tragic outcomes. I am not saying a house isn't a great thing. I want to own my place too, but one has to be realistic about it. See it as your dwelling, not an investment. 

Not everyone will be able to ever afford a house. The winners in the market are those that are informed. Unfortunately many will be hurt. As for me, I will wait for the circus to unwind, have little to no debt, and in the meantime invest in safe assets and save the money to buy my place outright. So before you commit to a house at this time think hard, and don't assume that things will stay as they are, because they won't.


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First Comment from Jerry:

Your piece on the housing nonsense reminds me of a quote by none other than Paul Warburg who said:

"The world lives in a fools paradise based upon fictitious wealth, rash promises and mad illusions. We must beware of booms based upon false prosperity which has its roots in inflated credits and prices."

Whatever Warburg was he was no fool watching as he did the crash of the roaring 20's. I think we are all going to wake up to a world very different from the one we went to sleep in any day now? Reminds me of the scripture:

"Look, I come like a thief! Blessed is the one who stays awake and remains clothed, so as not to go naked and be shamefully exposed." Rev. 16:15

Sandra writes:

Oh, please. What is this business about buying a house as an "investment" we never hear the end of?  We need a place to live, right?  If we do not buy a house, then we will have to rent one or else rent an  apartment, unless one enjoys all the advantages of residing under a bridge.  There are no other options. Couch surfing with one's spouse and family?  I don't think so.  This was barely touched on. 

The disadvantages of renting are just as numerous as owning your own house, if not even greater.  You are still paying for the repairs and taxes, only it's indirect.  A landlord can decide he wants to re-do all the suites in an apt. block, which happened to someone I know.  Total renovation even though the suites were all perfectly livable and in good condition. (I've seen some of them.) The tenants were not given a choice whether or not to have their particular suite renovated.  The increase in rent was ghastly and quite a few of the tenants are old people.  

Suppose large numbers of people decide to heed the advice that buying a house is a "poor investment".  Where do they go?  Who do they sell their house to, if nobody wants to be a homeowner?  Who's going to own all those houses and apartment blocks?  Are a few very rich people going to come along, buy up everyone's house, and then rent it out to them?  Instead of dealing only with the government (who you pay your house taxes to), you then have to abide by the landlord's endless rules and regulations, too.  If you want a dog or a cat, you'll have to pay extra rent, for just one example, if they let you have one at all.  

There's no free lunch.  Life is hard and staying alive is expensive. 

Thanks for listening.  As you can see, this topic is like waving a red flag in front of a bull where I am concerned. 

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Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at

Comments for "Home Prices Ready to Crash? "

Chad said (April 28, 2017):

This article is not factoring in the bazillions of Chinese who’re feverishly buying properties in the United States. More specifically, California. So long as someone can pay the mortgage and with the competition for homes increasing, you won’t see a crash any time soon.

In my part of the country, the Chinese are driving the prices of even a dump to over a million dollars. Where does it end? Are Americans getting priced out, likely. This is why you see controls in countries such as Canada and Australia, limiting foreigners from going whole hog on property purchases.

I’d suggest this article primarily applies to the domestic audience. Rich foreigners? Eat your hearts out.

Alan C said (April 28, 2017):

All paper assets can disappear overnight with stroke of the pen a new law or fear and market panic. I personally am looking into paying the taxes on my 401k now that I have passed the penalty stage and would rather start accumulating RE that can be paid back in a 10 year time frame rather than 50 plus years in paper assets.

Yes RE may be headed for a crash but ALL markets are cyclical and the value only matters when you buy or sell. Today people are financing everything from cars to education and they are not saving or investing, so they are perpetually in slavery.

The word for borrowing money for a house is called a Mortgage which means "death pledge" and can result in a triple payment of the original amount borrowed. However due to the rising values most people who owned for an extended period and upgraded property have done ok especially when they pay off the the loan. Now they are only burdened with property taxes and maintenance.

Renters will never be paid off and car and education loans on average rarely get a good return. My bet is still in favor of owning and investing in the tangible asset known as Real Estate.

Tony B said (April 28, 2017):

Houses are like everything else. Sometimes a good investment, sometimes not.

As a young man about to be married in 1955 I bought a new, three bedroom & carport, California tract house on the usual size lot. If memory serves, the announced price was somewhere around $5800 but on a 30 year loan of $53.10 per month at ???? maybe 5%, I don't remember. Two bucks an hour was a decent wage in those days, a buck fifty would get you by.

In a short time I discovered that I would never live there long enough to pay the place off; that I was just a renter but a renter who also had all the responsibilities of keeping the place up and livable. The only solution was to make double payments (no interest on the second part) bringing down the almost all interest payments in a hurry. But that sacrifice was part of the reason my wife decided not to stay and I walked away from the place as a bad deal even though it was only a few years old.

Now, in my old age, I had a few bucks in my pocket at the time I wanted to settle for good so I checked in places with an economy of few jobs for what I wanted at my price and was able to cash out an old, worse for the wear, place for less than half what most people today pay for a new car. Two bedroom house, shop almost as big as the house on a little over half-an-acre so the dog could run. I have replaced the plumbing and some of the electric, put metal roof on everything, always paying cash for the materials and doing the work myself. My income was meagre but sufficient. Still is. My only regular bills are utilities. Property taxes here reflect the lack of jobs - almost nil. No matter what happens I have a roof, I heat with wood and can make as big a garden as I wish. My water comes from a good well - garden watering is almost free - which I didn't know I had when I bought the place as it had been closed off for years when city water was cheap. All it cost was a submersible pump, plumbing and wiring, My work was "free."

My neighbor took down lots of chain link fencing in his yards, had it loaded on a trailer for the dump. When I inquired he gave it all to me for hauling it off. Again, I put it all up on my property myself. Rusty or not, it keeps the dog in. Note that almost all my costs have been "one time" costs and not a cent for labor. Most would say this place is a bad investment with lousy resale value. I say it's my home and I don't care if it isn't worth a dime to anyone else, it's a really good investment for me.

Vickie said (April 28, 2017):

This is the first time responding to one of your articles and am doing so because it is right up my alley! I would like to preface that I am a 20 year veteran real estate agent, real estate investor and also a fan of Kiyosaki. I have read all of his books and agree that an asset puts money IN your pocket and a liability takes money OUT . A piece of real estate can be either!

However, to parallel to investing in stocks, etc. please know that the intrinsic value of real estate is never ZERO nor a negative number! You can also go short on a stock and OWE just as you would if you were upside down on the mortgage. Now, how much the property is collateralized for (over collateralized ) is really the crux of his article. The author does not mention buying real estate with saved cash nor substantial down payments.

The property can be insured via both homeowner's insurance and a home warranty policy, to hedge against some of those disasters mentioned in the article, and even if the house burns down to the ground the actual land still carries value! You can always plant crops, pave it and charge for parking, etc!

And don't forget about the tax write-offs you get for maintaining the investment property, this includes mileage too!

However, your own home (personal residence) should NOT be construed as an investment - you have to live somewhere! If you aren't living in your parent's basement, (the millennials are living in their parents basements in record numbers) then you only have two choices, own or rent. However, purchase what you NEED and can AFFORD - don't try to keep up with the Jones'! Many mortgages at these interest rates are substantially less than what a similar home would rent for.

What is the price of being at the mercy of the landlord and his/her whims? Before I entered into this profession, I rented a lovely home for 5 years and the landlord suddenly, after 5 years of on-time (and advance ) rental payments, gave us a 30 day notice to vacate because his daughter was getting married and he wanted to give the house to her! How about the renter who pays on time and then gets evicted due to foreclosure courtesy of the landlord not paying his/her mortgage? Owning at least gives you some control ( yes, you still have to pay the mortgage and property taxes) but at least they can't take it out from under you! (eminent domain is another story). You pay = you stay!

All real estate is said to be local, and it has been my experience that demand is UP only in certain desirable neighborhoods (that are priced well) and the inventory is limited. The first time and first move-up market homes in these desirable neighborhoods are "flying off the shelves" in our area. However, the more expensive and overprice homes linger on the market.

As interest rates increase, affordability decreases thus followed by lowering of list prices to offset this. The man who has cash is king when interest rates rise - thus free to demand exorbitant rent!

I disagree with the article in reference to loose lending Self-employed/small business owners ( who employ 70% of the American workers and foster the economy) are still a pariah in the mortgage world. This is the globalist way of restricting capital. FHA lenders will require the seller to remove a second stove in a house if it's not zoned for multi-unit in an attempt to thwart in-law and multi-generational co-habitation. Agenda 21.

First time home buyer grants are needed to get their foot in the door - however, their "sweat equity" includes extensive home buying and foreclosure prevention counseling. This is a Good thing! And they fuel the entire housing industry!

And remember, the landlord is unlikely to give you the property after 30 years!

TW said (April 27, 2017):

I'm not sure how a crash couldn't be inevitable, Henry. How can anyone say with a straight face that the dilapidated shack, sandwiched between two other houses no less, shown at the beginning of the article is worth $2.4 million?

Interest rates cannot stay low forever. Once they start to steadily rise, this madness will cease. Those who were silly enough to pay these outrageous prices will suddenly be in over their heads when it comes time to renew their mortgages and they find they can no longer afford the payments. Wages have not kept up with the insane price inflation of homes. Not even close.

The current situation is twisted and we need a sense of normalcy restored. I don't know why Canadians are so smug and think a crash cannot happen here.

Dan said (April 27, 2017):

As for a crash, in the US we have a 'boom / bust' economy, so I've lived through several real estate booms and the crashes. Enough to see that the beneficiary of the crashes are a handful of buys that can afford to buy up billions of defaulted mortgages for peanuts from HUD. NOTE: there was US real estate boom during the late 70's -early 80's that crashed in 1985. The scam back then had been selling 'YUPPIES' (young upwardly mobile people) overpriced houses on a 'balloon' mortgage, on the gamble that they would make more money exponentially each coming year.

In fact when the economy slowed down, not only did income freeze, it shrunk due to double digit inflation. Tens of millions defaulted on homes without earning any equity. The nation was full of repossessed real estate during a recession. Billions in real estate ended up being held by HUD, who in turn put it up for auction in 1989. HOWEVER - it was auctioned in huge package deals to the highest bidder - and there were only four real estate conglomerates with the money to grab up billions in UNDERVALUED housing. See how it works? It's a racket.

We can now forecast that given Fred Trump's 1974 Brooklyn block busting deal with Lubavitcher 'Bunny' Lindenbaum may be repeated on a national scale down the line.

So I would be very careful about investing in a house. Don't gamble that economy is going to keep rising and that interest rates will stay low. They can turn on a dime.

Below- Insider- Illuminati Want Us Dead (scroll down)

Rothschilds Financed Hitler Takeover?

April 26, 2017


" World events are staged and managed by those 
who hold the purse strings," said former UK 
Defence Minister Dennis Healey.

The Rothschild Syndicate's backing of Hitler 
is a prime example.  

by Henry Makow Ph.D.

In the depth of the Depression, the Nazi Party's appeal to many Germans was food, a clean uniform and a gun. 

The Nazi paramilitary  SA (Sturmabteilung ) grew from 400,000 men in 1930 to over three million by the end of 1933. The cost of supporting all these people was steep. If a suppressed 75-page booklet, Hitler's Secret Backers, (1933) is correct, the check was picked up by the Rothschilds. Their only stipulation was that Hitler adopt "an aggressive" foreign policy. 

The Illuminati instigate endless war to destroy, degrade and subjugate humanity.  They encumber nations with "debt" incurred to buy their armaments, and consolidate power with wartime measures which become permanent. Finally, as Luciferians, they serve their god by sowing chaos and destroying life. 

Specifically, WW2 killed roughly 50 million European Christians, wiping out the cream of another generation. It also provided a justification for the establishment of the State of Israel, world HQ of the satanist Illuminati. 

Hitler's Secret Backers was written by a "Sidney Warburg," son of banker Paul Warburg, the founder of the US Federal Reserve and a Director of the Council on Foreign Relations. He describes three missions to Hitler in 1929, 1931 and 1933 to arrange payments of $10 million, $15 million and $7 million respectively.  

The problem is that Warburg's son was not Sidney but James Warburg, who later disavowed authorship of the book. We believe it was a youthful indiscretion.


The Powers That Be try to dismiss this book as another anti-Semitic hoax. However the book is not anti-Semitic. The Rothschilds are not mentioned once. The New York financiers --Rothschild frontmen--are depicted as non-Jews.

Sydney Warburg describes his first meeting in July 1929 with a "Carter" (John Ridgley Carter) the president of JP Morgan's Guarantee Trust,  "the young Rockefeller" (John Davison Rockefeller Junior) and "Glean from Royal Dutch" (i.e. Henri Deterding). 

The book is critical of Hitler and the Nazis.  "Sydney Warburg" describes Hitler in these terms. "...he is not intelligent but unusually self centred and tenacious." Hitler's long rants made it impossible to carry on a discourse, and he carelessly "babbles about his plans without the slightest hesitation." (85)

Hitler  "couldn't get away from the Jewish problem. That was...of the greatest importance for the German people." (86) They will be removed from all public positions. Immigration of Eastern Jews and all other inferior foreigners will no longer be permitted. The rights and interests of Germans will henceforth supersede all others. (p.69) 

There is no doubt in my mind that the Rothschilds were responsible for the holocaust. 

Essentially, Hitler was false opposition. He was the arms-length creation of the central banking cartel he railed against. According to Warburg, Hitler "could tell he was dealing with someone who represented the strongest financial group in the world." (85)  He wondered out loud if the German-born Warburg was Jewish but was content not to look a gift horse in the mouth. Warburg's German name was enough.

Apparently, Hitler chose the democratic path to power because these sums were not enough to finance a coup d'etat. "Revolution costs 500 million marks," Hitler told Warburg. "Legal takeover costs 200 million marks. What will your backers decide?" (57)

After the first transfer of money, the US Press suddenly took an interest in Hitler. Seemingly speaking with one voice, it described Hitler as "the saviour of Germany and a rising name in Europe". (37)

At one point, Hitler tells Warburg that Western leaders are a bunch of old wives. He only respects Mussolini and Stalin: "Stalin is a Jew. That is a shame." (53)

Warburg was in Berlin when the Reichstag burned. "If it is true that the Hitler Party had a hand in the burning, then Hitler is the best actor I have met in five continents." (88)    


Whenever the Elders of Zion are exposed, they proclaim the document a hoax. Indeed, there are some internal references that would throw the reader off James Warburg's trail. For example, he says both he and his father were born in the USA, which is not true.  These references were planted to allow Warburg to disavow the document if necessary. 

A lot more points to his authorship. First, Warburg (left) was a natural intermediary. Born in Germany, he spoke fluent German. He was only 33-years-old in 1929 but had been a bank Vice-President for eight years. He became an advisor to FDR but left government in 1934, which would coincide with his alienation from the bankers' plot. 

In Feb. 1950, Major Robert H. Williams reported: "Last November, the widow of the late General Erich Ludendorff, on trial at Nuremberg, explained why her husband broke with Hitler. She stated that, early as the summer of 1929 James Paul Warburg had undertaken an assignment from financial circles in America, which desired to exercise solitary influence on Germany in the unleashing of a national revolution. Warburg's task was to find the suitable man in Germany, and he entered into contract with Adolph Hitler who subsequently received sums of money amounting to 27 million dollars up to January 30, 1932, and still another seven million thereafter, enabling him to finance his movement."

On February 20,1933, referring to Warburg's final visit, Goebbels confided in his diary:" We are raising a huge sum for the election (Reichstag election, March 5) that disposes of all our financial problems at one blow." (97) 

Finally, the booklet is replete with little details that reflect the attitude of a bewildered visitor. He relates a Christian sermon given to Nazi soldiers: "The enemy that Christ wanted to conquer by his crucifixion aspires to rise the Wandering Jew" ... epitomized by Stalin.  (64)  He recalls a conversation with his uncle who admits he is a member of the Nazi Party despite being Jewish. (101)  He describes Nazi "speaking choruses" - choirs that stand on street corners shouting Nazi slogans.

In addition, Warburg relates the central role played by banker Eduard Von der Heydt, someone only an insider would know about. Von der Heydt's eventual alienation from the Nazis is mentioned in the book. Warburg also knows how Morgan's Guaranty Trust communicated in a code.

Most likely Sidney Warburg is the young James Warburg who had, at that time, compunctions at empowering Hitler. 

Warburg concludes, that Hitler's "actions will prove if he is bad, which I believe he is. For the sake of the German people I hope I am wrong. The world continues to suffer under a system that has to bow to a Hitler to keep itself on its feet. Poor world! Poor humanity!" (90) 

The bottom line is that Hitler may have been sincere, or he may have been a consummate actor, but he was false opposition. He was put into power to do what he did, kill a lot of European Christians, discredit all the things he represented (race, nation, anti-Semitism), and provide a rationale for the establishment of Israel. 

Mankind has been unknowingly colonized and mentally imprisoned by a satanic cult, Freemasonry. Our "leaders" are members of this cult. This tyranny is symbolized by the Illuminati pyramid on the face of the US dollar, the world reserve currency.  We must placate our Masters by never mentioning their name and by succumbing to their Communist social engineering. Discussing their real behavior is labelled "fake news."

We have Stockholm Syndrome.  People who betray Christian civilization are rewarded with fame and fortune.  People who resist are marginalized ("far right") and sometimes punished. Defending our heterosexual, racial or national identity is slandered as "hate."  In the meantime, the public is distracted and degraded by lies, fantasies, porn and wars. 


You can find this article permanently at .html

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at

Comments for "Rothschilds Financed Hitler Takeover?"

Tim N said (April 26, 2017):

The German economy was in a shambles in the early 30's, and the Mark barely recovering from the depression and post-WWI Treaty of Versailles. Around 1933-34 it takes off. Maybe the "secret backers" were actually the American public that were forced to turn in their gold in FDR's 1933 Gold Reserve Act. Most of it probably never made it to Fort Knox.

Why would the Banksters use their own funds if they could steal them, and use it to fund Hitlers war effort? With dollars spent going right back into the Bankster coffers

Jerry said (April 26, 2017):

What I find most inexplicable is the turning back of the ships to Europe and Germany who had Jewish refugees on board who were trying to escape. To have bankers like Warburg and Rothschilds and a number of others who controlled the credit of a nation in leadership positions could they not have exerted a huge amount of political will to prevent that from happening? The silence is perplexing and so little is mentioned about this apparent betrayal.



It was a charade. They needed to turn back the boats to impress Jews "they needed their own country."

Shawn said (April 25, 2017):

Great articles Henry. The Real Nazis attempted a coup when they realized Hitler was losing the Eastern Front on purpose. Did Hess find out the truth-and was consequently silenced? The Financial and Industrial Resources were mobilized in all nations playing an active role.

As you have so succinctly pointed out, the Synagogue Of Satan has been using Puppet Cutouts for hundreds of years-and most certainly WW! & WW!!, were created, as all modern wars and major political movements are; to further their Agenda.

Clearly, these are questions the Alternative Right Press willfully ignores when discussing Historical Revisionism.

Pizza References in Music Refer to More than Pedophilia

April 23, 2017


Pizza references in music go hand in hand 

with Satanism and/or pedophilia.

Dan writes: "This article because it educates the public as to a filthy "scene" that festers and breeds under the auspices of university art departments of the major Leftists incubators.   I knew a lot of people into that.  It has no leadership, no visible structure, and those in it believe was founded by the pantheon of 'rebels' they're given by publishers, art museums, record labels and critics.  Names ranging from Jack Kerouac and Alan Ginsberg to Betty Page and Anton Lavey.   The common cause of the whole lot was summed up by the GG Allin performance YouTube you posted. I've learned since November that this deranged fellow has become something of the latest role model and idol in that pantheon, for "art" girls like Cassandra. "

by Milan Pullmann


Pizzagate is not just about Comet Ping Pong pizzeria, pizza in pedo-Satanic context can also be found in many song lyrics, videos and on stage.

One of the groups playing in Comet Ping Pong is called Sex Stains. In their video Land of La LA they use pedophile symbol, documented in an FBI file. The video was made by Cassandra Lee Hamilton. She also directed the film The Miraculous Tale of the Children and posed in front of the photograph on the wall, where pizza is cut in the shape of inverted pentagram. On her Instagram profile is this photo:

Punk and country pizza

"GG" Allin was known for his live performances featuring coprophagia, self-mutilation and attacking audience. His lyrics expressed misogyny, pedophilia, blasphemy and racism. He believed his body to be a temple of rock and roll, and his flesh, blood and bodily fluids a communion. He said that if he would not be a performer, he would probably be a serial killer or mass murderer. In 1989 he was arrested and charged with "assault with intent to do great bodily harm less than murder" of a female. Allin admitted to cutting her, burning her, and drinking her blood.

Allin's last show was in 1993 in Manhattan. During the second song, the punk venue cut the power, after which he trashed the club, walked the street naked, and covered in blood and feces, he went to his friend's apartment, where he died after heroin overdose. Below he puts pizza on his head and reproductive organs during the show.

Alternative country/Southern rock band Drive-By Truckers have a song called The Night G.G. Allin Came to Town on their 1999 album Pizza Deliverance. On the album Decoration Day (2003) the characters are facing hard decisions about marriage, incest, break-ups, revenge, murder and suicide. Their greatest hits album is Ugly Buildings, Whores, and Politicians.

Metal pizza

In September 2014 the metal servers came with the blood-soaked Slayer pizza, created by John Hurkes, working at the Bulldog N.E. restaurant in Minneapolis. The pizza is cut into shape of the Satanic pentagram.

Opening track on Slayer's 1986 album Reign in Blood is Angel of Death, written by guitarist Jeff Hanneman, inspired by Mengele's experiments (on children). Hanneman was collecting Nazi memorabilia and putting Nazi clues on his guitars. We now know that MK Ultra and Project Monarch were based on Mengele's sadistic work.

Bathory was a metal band, considered to be the blueprint for Scandinavian black metal, a synonym for Satanic metal. In the 1990s, members of the scene were responsible for church burnings and murders. In 1997, the former drummer of Bathory, Jonas Åkerlund, directed the video for The Prodigy's Smack My Bitch Up, depicting drug use, violence and nudity. Since then he worked with Madonna, Metallica, Ozzy Osbourne, Iggy Pop, The Rolling Stones, Blondie, U2, Christina Aguilera, Britney Spears, Rihanna, Nicki Minaj, Taylor Swift and so on. On Åkerlund's page with hidden inverted pentagrams you can also find a commercial labeled Weight Watchers - Pizza. On the photo below "Aryan goddess" Taylor Swift with a fan.

Pop pizza

Lady Gaga is "obsessed with" spirit cooking "artist" Marina Abramović and she is calling her "incredible woman" and "limitless human being." In 2009 Lady Gaga released a video for the song Paparazzi, directed by Åkerlund. Then she was posing in a black metal style promo photo. Next year she released the video to Telephone (together with Beyoncé), also directed by Åkerlund. In 2011 she came with the song Pizza.

Miley Cyrus with lactose intolerance is really obsessed with pizza, no matter her handicap. She is wearing pizza themed clothes, likes to sleep in "pizza-bed" and created a number of collages with pizza, for example changed cover of Nirvana album below.

Katy Perry gave pepperoni pizza to a 10-years old girl on stage in Auckland in 2014, while touching her. In 2014 she also released very creepy video to her song This Is How We Do including people playing ping pong and her wearing pepperoni pizza outlet, having pizza nails and earrings. She wants to buy a house previously purchased by Daniel Donohue, where his son committed suicide, after he was nearly murdered in 1969 by Charles Manson.

Macaulay Culkin founded comedy-rock group called The Pizza Underground, paraphrasing The Velvet Underground songs with lyrics changed towards pizza motives. Last year they announced the second album using the child choir.

In the film Party Monster (2003) Culkin's character, Michael Alig, was the king of NY party scene and the leader of non-stop drugged-up bunch The Club Kids. He killed the dealer called Angel and was crazy enough to admit it on the record. (Owner of Comet Ping Pong James Alefantis posted an article about Alig, when he was released after 17 years in prison.)

A small role in the movie Party Monster was played by shock-rocker Marilyn Manson, the honorary priest in Anton LaVey's Church of Satan. In 2013 he stayed at the hotel room leaving erotic toys and "red liquid" behind and even pizza on the ceiling.

Example of pizza rap is here. You can find more related information at


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Below - Visit to a "Straight Bar" c. 2035 -(scroll down)

April 21, 2017


  Visit to a "Straight Bar" c. 2035

(Left. Old Point Bar, rumored to be a straight-hangout.) 

What if current trends continued, and 

heterosexuals were persecuted? 

A glimpse into our genderless future. 

George had a nagging desire to be embraced and kissed by a boy. She knew these feelings were wrong, and she always ignored them. She wasn´t ready to admit she was a heterosexual. 

by a Reader 

(Reprised and revised from Sept. 2011)


"Are you male or female?" Jamie asked George.

If this weren't the Old Point Bar, rumored to be a heterosexual hangout, Jamie  wouldn't have dared ask such a question.

Society had decided that gender was only a social construct. Love was based on common dedication to equality and diversity, not gender stereotypes and biological differences.

Even showing curiosity about someone's gender could land you in big trouble. The "sexual deviant" label could dog you for the rest of your life.

overalls.jpg"I'm a female." George replied. She was wearing the form-hiding coveralls most youths wore. Some of the females at the bar wore revealing, overtly-feminine clothes. They seemed so flirtatious... 

Jamie figured George was new to the underground straight scene.

"I'm a male," said Jamie. "I haven't seen you around here before..."

"Sandy brought me. She, I mean he, is my peer counselor at school."

Since the gender-revolution, all female pronouns had been eliminated. Everyone was a "he" and had male or gender-ambiguous names. 

"Sandy brought me here too. He has a good eye for heterosexuals. He's saved many souls from our genderless stereotypes."

As Jamie said it, he could tell George was becoming uncomfortable, even afraid.

Being at a straight bar was illegal, but raids were rare. Enough people in high places frequented such bars.

"Have you ever been to a wedding? There's going to be one later tonight in the back room."

terms to know.gif(Left. From a Minneapolis college dorm, c. 2013) 

"A wedding? What's so unusual about that?"

"This is a wedding wedding. Between a man and a woman in love, performed by a pastor. You know, the way they used to in the old days."

Most young people only knew modern weddings, where two or more people formalized their relationships by signing a co-habitation agreement. They preferred to share income and file joint tax returns. Most marriages lasted between one and five years, depending on the terms of the agreement. 

"Actually, I have to go... my mom will be back from work at 9 pm." George was curious, but she still had some values.

One thing to spend some time with heterosexuals, but another to witness one of their perverted anachronistic rituals. When she thought about the way they had sex, she blushed.  

George was in way over her head. She got up and left. 

As she opened the door, the cold air struck her like a slap in the face. Outside everything was normal again. She couldn't hear the music or the people inside. Everything was silent. 

"What was I thinking?"  She was always attracted to the stronger bigger kids who resembled boys. She had those nagging desires to be embraced and kissed by one of them. 
She knew these feelings were wrong, and she had always ignored them.

She wasn´t ready to admit she was a hetero. 

How did she go from talking to Sandy about her academic performance to actually going to a hetero bar??? 

Her mom would kill her if she knew!

Sandy hurried to her car and drove home at top speed. Mom hadn't arrived yet. She was safe... for now.


Dan recalls Star Trek episode - "Gender is offensive to my people." 

There was actually a Star Trek Next Generation episode about a planet with a genderless 'humanoid' species.  Imagine a planet where everyone is named "Pat" and they all look like lesbians made up to look like 14 year old boys.

Naturally, the Enterprise' token 'manly' man Commander Will Riker is aroused by this, when assigned to work closely with the planet's top pilot.  As usually happens on Star Trek different humanoid species are irresistibly sexually attracted to each other.

But 'love' against the law of the genderless species, and the fling between the two is discovered and the  transgender pilot is put on trial for "gender-specificity", the species'  lowest form of perversion.   Found guilty, the tranny pilot is sentenced to "conversion therapy" to erase opposite sex (and species?) attraction.   Riker and Worf return later to break the tranny out of therapy, but too late -- the tranny's already been reprogrammed, breaking Riker's heart by saying their affair was sick.   Worf takes Riker back to the ship for a cold shower.

The episode was intended placate LGBT groups that attacked Star Trek since the 'First' Generation for being too heterosexual.  Gay reviewers complained that the ending could be construed as 'pro-therapy'.   The metrosexual actor who played complained that the part of his genderless 'partner' should have been played by a teenage boy instead of a lesbian.

I've been expecting a wave of movie remakes, replacing the female characters with twinks.

I think the reason it hasn't happened is when they try it still comes off campy,  like community theater.  It's not easy, bucking the laws of Nature, even for Hollywood.

Christian Zionists & End Time Prophesy Stir Middle East Pot by Lynda

April 15, 2017

Christian Zionists & End Time Prophesy Stir Middle East Pot 

by Lynda

 The enormous support of the Evangelical JudeoXtian Zionist churches for Trump and their understanding of his presidency is an important feature on the current schmo screen. 
All these churches (millions of cultists)  have created full-on endtime prognostications and scenarios for their (heretical) ideas of the Anti-Christ, Gog (of Ezekiel 38), the Book of Revelation etc. They are all big Israel firsters, Third Temple builders and Messiah rapture doomsdayers.  They are the goy imitation of the Chabad Lubavitch.
Here is a good potted version of their basic 'endtime' schedule of events. All Christian Zionist churches - Southern Baptists, Pentacostals, TV evangelists etc have some version or other of this synopsis.

 They have thousands of channels all over the world devoted to 'endtime' prophecies relating to their 'endtime' scripts and scenarios.l
A lot of their thinking is based upon Ezekiel 38.  They all have this idea that Gog (Antichrist and his federation) will make a peace treaty with Israel (Gods Chosen people) and break it and invade together with a confederacy of nations. The Bad Guy in this script is usually the Anti-Christ (a European or American political leader) together with Russia (as GOG) and a federation of five nations.
Now this is where it gets seriously interesting.  In the Patristics, the Eastern doctors of the Church have written about  the prophet Ezekiel following the histories of Josephus in Antiquities (1.6[123]).   Josephus recognizes that the land of Magog was the land of the patriarch : Ashkhenaz and the migration of the people of Ashkhenaz was to land of the Black and Caspian Seas encompassing the land. They ruled the ancient people of Meshech (in the land of what is today Armenia).  The ancient people of Tubal were in what is today central Turkey.  And they were all ruled by the Khazarian Khaganate of the Ashkhenaz.   
Thus they fail to recognize that (in terms of their own Biblical worldview), the invasion of 'Gog' has already occurred.  Those who invaded the ancient land of Judea and Roman Palestine are exactly the people of this ethnicity.  And the Crown of their Supremacy is on the sq mi of the City of London.  They set up the 'British' empire as an engine of world conquest and they regularly parade their tribal gods through the City of London.

And it gets even more interesting.  The '7 nations in 5 years' take down GOG mandated for for their mighty USSA ZOG involves the nations of Ezekiel 38.  I refer to: Persia (Iran), Ethiopia (which became Nubia and then Sudan), Libya, Togomorah (later Phrygia, then Turkey).
From the time the state of Israel was declared in 1948 until the Iranian Revolution and the fall of the Pahlavi Dynasty in 1979, Israel and Iran were very close.  It was only the second Muslim majority nation after Turkey (still controlled by the Donmeh) to recognize Israel. The terrible civil wars in the Sudan could well be between warlords who want to see Sudan as part of an alliance with Israel - a greater polity of satellite nations around the Rothschild state. Libya at present does not recognize the state of Israel and this is probably the reason why it is on ZOG's hit list for regime change. 
So there would be a lot of support among the JudeoXtian doomsdayers for regime change wars in the nations round about the apple of g_d's eyeball - Israel, because some of these nations  are to be part of the GOG federation which they have projected as a future threat to the apple of g_d's eyeball.  If Ashkhenazi Judaism, its invasion of Palestine under its British Empire and then it Jewish state, is in fact the GOG of Ezekiel' s 38, then yes - regime changing those nations will, in fact,  bring them into the GOG federation.
This is why I am now calling the ZOG regime change wars, the GOG wars.  My homage to the prophet Ezekiel who has much to say about Judaic 'anti-christ' scripts.