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Is Alex Jones Controlled Opposition?

March 23, 2012

bullhornjones.jpegThere are more controlled opposition
 patriot leaders than real patriot leaders. 

[Editor's Note: This is an ongoing debate in patriot circles. I invite readers who are familiar with Alex Jones' sites to comment on whether he spins the NWO and downplays the Jewish role.  If he is controlled, what is his mandate?]

by Tony Blizzard

How it works:

HOLLY BRONFMAN LEV IS Edgar Bronfman Jr's sister. As founder of the Bet Lev Foundation and 100% owner of Lev Group Ltd, Holly Bronfman's legal affairs are conducted by the high-powered lawyer, Elizabeth Schurig, who also "happens" to handle the legal affairs of Alex Jones.

Schurig's legal office is located at 100 Congress Avenue, 22nd Floor, Austin Texas 78701. Of particular note, on January 3, 2008, Schurig changed Jones Productions LLC to the same address as her legal firm, 100 Congress Avenue.

The "Governing Authority" of Jones' Infowars LLC and his Jones Report LLC are also at the address of Schurig's law offices.

So now Alex's corporate addresses are a Bronfman's lawyer's address?

jonesjewish.jpegAt the very least, the Jones revenue-streams from his Jewish sponsors present far too many obstacles for him to discuss world Zionism to any realistic degree. Sponsor revenues aside, Jones' Jewish connections are, indeed, profound, wide-ranging and number far too many for him to dare report the facts and dynamics of the Zionist control, influence and subjugation of much of the planet...even if he wanted to.

The above was sent to me by a friend.

Many others could easily be added to this.  Such as World Net Daily, Michael Savage, Birch Society, etc.  As I've been writing and saying for around 50 years, there are more controlled opposition patriot leaders than real patriot leaders.  That goes for terrorists even more so.  The U.S. has yet to see a real terrorist other than the Bush, Chaney, Rumsfeld, Israeli and American military (at the top, not the U.S. grunts), Mossad, FBI and CIA - all likely involved up to their eyeballs on 9/11.

If someone or some group purporting to be patriotic or nationalistic gets plenty of media time, has lush Internet sites, has lots of state of the art media props, or lots of advertising support, etc., you can bet they are compromised. 

On the other hand, if they are obviously struggling financially and have media technology that is fairly old, not sexy in any way, they are likely to be what they claim to be.  It's an old story.

The real tip off is that those who most hate patriotism, as it stands in the way of their agendas for world conquest and control, are the creators of the nation's money (as interest bearing credit/debt), the world's greatest profit machine, so they finance lavishly those who are willing to compromise the truth.

ajsatansign.jpeg(Jones makes sign of Baphomet)

Meanwhile die-hard patriots with nothing but the truth they may come by, one way or another, have trouble staying afloat with enough cash to keep some little media project alive.

These facts alone are enough to warrant the support of every real American for HB2990, the bill which will, if enacted into law, destroy for good the criminal money control - including outlawing totally immoral compound interest - creating a level economic system for all Americans to use free of charge, putting us all on an equal economic level.

Remember that when you see media full of red, white and blue but that seems more interested in what's good for Israel and/or globalist corporations and their finance-friendly banks. 

This results in our constant wars of conquest in the Middle East and holding every nation in the world (other than a few Islamic ones not yet conquered) in debt to bankers who furnish NOTHING to create this fictitious debt.

Note- all comments are attached to the archived article. Use the url below article.

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Comments for "Is Alex Jones Controlled Opposition?"

Nathan said (March 25, 2012):

I just read the article on your site about Alex Jones. I've speculated for a while now that he could be a spoon-feeder meant to thwart, divert, and deceive the real patriot movement. Recently, I discovered something quite fascinating. I found a facebook page established by a Mason asking other Freemasons to join him in supporting Ron Paul for President. Although listed as a mere 3rd degree Mason, the man was familiar with the Eastern Star, Shriners, York Rite, and Scottish Rite. He encouraged these members and other members of the Masonic community to join him in endorsing Ron Paul. I found it interesting that a "low ranking" Mason knew of these other esoteric societies. Besides his endorsement of Ron Paul, I was fascinated by discovering Judge Andrew Napolitano and Alex Jones listed among his "likes." You can check it out for yourself at this link

Harry said (March 24, 2012):

We're ALL controlled opposition. Who the hell can step out over the line as far as it takes without the support of the rest of the herd? Fact is, most people love their servitude and won't present the united front necessary to offer any serious threat to the Illuminati.

Jones has done more than most to expose these freaks. We want to judge? Then we can remove ourselves from the economy these globalists have created... e.g. quit buying their fuel, utilizing their social benefits, participate in their political processes, etc. Until we can be independent, ourselves, we're as complicit as Jones or anyone else is.

Andrew said (March 24, 2012):

It is quite silly to read other people saying that some other guy, who talks about pretty much the same information as I read on this site, must be "controlled opposition". Especially since the arguments are so weak.

First he talks about Israel as much as need be. Does he talk about Zionism? Not using that term, but otherwise constantly.

Then the size of his crew, studio etc. He has the traffic, let's face it. He got on the radio. That funnels people to the website. He's made a bunch of DVDs. He is listenable. His predictions came true. He is quite cogent. He brings out the real news. He has sponsors. That's why.

And by the way, what is this bit about all the "Jewish Sponsors". Never heard of that one.

Is he spinning disinfo? I really don't see it. Is it a misdirection for him to say that this is an "infowar"? Well that point is well taken. We need more action plans. But maybe that is for another. In the meantime we do need good news for God's sake.

And you "real patriots", stop trying to talk bad about other, supposedly "not patriots", because I really don't care. Just develop your OWN real solutions and plans, so that people can follow them. Because I don't see that anywhere. OK?



Please forgive us for daring to question the great man's credibility.

However, if you look at the history of Illuminati Jewish sponsorship of false opposition, including Adolf Hitler, Joseph McCarthy and the John Birch Society, Jones falls into place.


Andrew said (March 24, 2012):

It is quite silly to read other people saying that some other guy, who talks about pretty much the same information as I read on this site, must be "controlled opposition". Especially since the arguments are so weak.

First he talks about Israel as much as need be. Does he talk about Zionism? Not using that term, but otherwise constantly.

Then the size of his crew, studio etc. He has the traffic, let's face it. He got on the radio. That funnels people to the website. He's made a bunch of DVDs. He is listenable. His predictions came true. He is quite cogent. He brings out the real news. He has sponsors. That's why.

And by the way, what is this bit about all the "Jewish Sponsors". Never heard of that one.

Is he spinning disinfo? I really don't see it. Is it a misdirection for him to say that this is an "infowar"? Well that point is well taken. We need more action plans. But maybe that is for another. In the meantime we do need good news for God's sake.

And you "real patriots", stop trying to talk bad about other, supposedly "not patriots", because I really don't care. Just develop your OWN real solutions and plans, so that people can follow them. Because I don't see that anywhere. OK?




Please forgive us for daring to question the great man's credibility. However if you look at the history of Jewish sponsorship of false opposition, Jones falls into the class.


Michele said (March 24, 2012):

Alex Jones came in for a lot of criticism regarding his light touch with anything to do with zionists and their control, so much so that he appears recently to make a big play of including Israel in his rants. So it hasn't gone unnoticed and I suppose he realised that it could dent his reputation. I was most concerned about his two-faced treatment of Bill Cooper who with his audio series on Mystery Babylon explained a lot of the symbolism and beliefs of the shadow minority, more than Alex Jones has done. Jones is good on facts and research, no doubt he has many connections, so it doesn't excuse the fact that he said once that Hollywood was run by the Arabs!!

An analogy for most truth movements is that like rat poison, 99% is harmless, it's the 1% that kills you! Jones is making money for himself and his sponsors - no doubt about that - so the idea that money corrupts is apposite here. I agree with the article that it is the money system that needs to be replaced. I have argued that elsewhere but no-one seems to make the connection. All the corruption, the fraud in all walks of life ranging from the science frauds and political chicanery etc would evaporate with a sound money system. To have a money system controlled by a few greedy ego-maniacs is a recipe for disaster.

Tony said (March 24, 2012):

Henry, at this point every response against my rant is only about the information sent to me. Not a single word about the very important statements I wrote following that information, nor about the few other controlled oppositions I mentioned, as though they didn't read a word which I wrote, only what I passed on from another person about Jones.

Obviously, these people are cognitively "hooked" on Alex Jones' agenda and have no desire to do anything about forcing congress to get honest money back into the world, the key to righting all the wrongs from which they think Jones is going to save them. When will Americans finally realize that all this talk they listen to just hinders them from DOING SOMETHING TO SAVE THEIR OWN ASSES?

Nathan said (March 24, 2012):

Jones' fans sure get fired up when he's knocked off the pedestal they put him on. The thing is, the best person to expose Alex Jones is himself. How about his Y2K report that the Russians had launched nuclear warheads at the U.S. ? What about the gun rally he crashed, shouting in his bullhorn (at a bunch of parked cars) so the actual speaker could not be heard, then calls the actual organizers cointelpro?

Does anyone know that Jones went on The View to (drumroll please) defend Charlie Sheen!? Rosie ODonnel got fired for saying building 7 was controlled demolition and Alex Jones gets invited to talk about Charlie this for real!? And there is also his tirade against Bill Cooper who apparently has been 'attacking [Jones] from the grave'.

The list could go on and on. Just a few of these aforementioned key words punched into a YouTube search and the list does go on and on. Is Jones somehow vindicated by his statement that Zionists had 'their fingerprints all over 9/11'? Pretty vague for the self proclaimed 'granddaddy of 9/11 truth'.

So David Icke was on talking about 'Rothschild Zionism'? So what. 'Rothschild Zionism'... as if Icke discovered this himself. Nope, just taking credit for other peoples' research as his own, as usual. This is the 'Hollywood of Conspiracy' and these guys deserve an Oscar.

Doug said (March 24, 2012):

I largely hold the same world view as Jones, I believe he is genuine, and I believe he serves a purpose for those behind the conspiracy as well. I think that they believe we must be told what is being done so that we accept their offers (this is English Law) and Jones is their primary vehicle for telling us. So Jones is neither their enemy or ours. We are being warned.

Del said (March 24, 2012):

The issue with AJ and the Jews is a red herring, to distract the debate about him from the fact that he is in fact a liar and a provocateur, and also, an important aspect of his role is to truly imprint the notion that this whole thing is "an infowar!" It's convenient to call it an infowar since then one needs to actually do nothing. The Illuminati is not afraid of information, but they would be afraid of people with ideas - that is not the same as information - as in solutions and alternatives to their way of doing things. AJ and the Jews is a perfect example of how they give the sheeple their talking points (yes, i believe that whole artificial debate is given to us from higher sources), so that the sheeple will not be talking about real problems regarding AJ.

AJ's broadcast format, this is worth noting, too, is also suspiciously close to mainstream - with the screens on the background and animated logos on the screen etc. Those are all psychological devices to distract the mind of the audience just a little deeper into hypnotic state to be mesmerized by his words and antiques.

It's encouraging to see how William Cooper gets a lot of positive mentions from your readers - he was a real person and wanted to empower people into ACTION - not to masturbate in with each other sharing more and more irrelevant and superfluous "(dis)information" (for that is what most news are - totally superfluous, what matters is the understanding of the agenda as a whole). It's obvious how AJ stole a lot of his act from Cooper, and it is Cooper who exposed AJ first. AJ has also said some amazing lies about Cooper - of this there are many examples available in Youtube.

As a whole, everything AJ says and does is a distortion of what a genuine researcher would do and say - mostly of what Cooper did and said. A distortion.

In my opinion AJ followers are totally irrelevant in stopping the Illuminati. They don't know what they are fighting against, nor what they are fighting for. AJ can rally them to vote for Ron Paul, and then to await for the next opportunity for political action once that has failed, but that will all be for naught.

But hey, at least AJ is good at promoting people like Dave Mustaine, Sean Stone and Charlie Sheen, to make people feel good about enjoying their Illuminati-offered entertainment. For that's what AJ shows really are - entertainment, for people who want to be entertained.

Bill said (March 24, 2012):

I say Alex is a patriot and a renegade and “Thank God for the Renegades.”—Steve Vaus.

Alex’s knowledge is simply amazing. If one listens you will learn that Alex usually knows as much as, and often more than, the guests that he has on his show from many different areas of expertise. He’s one of the few that can truly provide “full-spectrum analysis.”

As far as his supposedly shying away from speaking out on Israel, this is simply a falsehood and obviously spread by people that never or rarely listen to his show. I like what he says on some of those difficult to nail down topics: “I try to stick with what I can prove.”

Sure he is bombastic at times but he can be very gracious and respectful when he has an elder on as a guest which demonstrates a good and decent character. Probably people are so tainted these days that they just can’t believe that everyone isn’t somehow corrupted. I think that’s mostly a reflection of ourselves and judging by the politicians that we allow to rule over us, we are a very damaged society.

I am mostly ashamed of America these days, of what is has become, but I am proud to call Alex a fellow American, not to mention a fellow Texan. We have been fed poisonous lies in this country for so long by the BSM (BS media) that when someone comes along that apparently tries his best to bring us the truth it must seem vile and detestable to at least some of us and hence the attacks.

Years ago it seemed that most of the people in the public spotlight were decent, today that has been turned on its head, but Alex Jones is in my opinion one of the exceptions. Death to the New World Order and long live the Republic and Alex Jones!

Mike said (March 24, 2012):

Jones has bashed Israel many times over the years. It could very well be possible that he doesn't make it the main focus so they can't say he's a bigot. Everyone knows the NWO is made up of people of all race and colors. They are just a huge group of very bad people.

People need to stop nitpicking and look at the fruit. They need to watch his videos from the late 90s.

I don't believe Jones is a Zionist operative. It's bad to have patriot infighting over something stupid.

Al said (March 24, 2012):

f there's a photo of the man giving what I call the "Two-Fingered Finger" then you have to know he's a luciferian. So if he's one of those, then it really doesn't matter if he's a Jew or whatever. You see this in "Christian" circles too. If he's evil, then the best thing to do is to not consider anything that he says. I believe this man is there to cause trouble. Blizzard is right on about usury/interest being the main economic problem. If all countries got rid of usury then the economic problems would diminish greatly. What we have now is an economic slave system under the current banking methods.

Tony said (March 24, 2012):

I Agree with your web-sights message 100%

I listened to Alex Jones for a while, all I got was FEAR of drinking my tap water, of long thin clouds in the sky, martial law and worst of all a technologically superior and stone evil adversary bent on killing or forcefully sterilizing 90% of the population.

Later, I listened to Milton William (Bill) Cooper and was enlightened, I became fascinated with (true) history and I received a wonderful understanding of the human race as well as the New World Order / Secret Societies who are, in my opinion, just godless animals. (This is a religious battle - Do what thou wilt VS. Treat others as thyself.)

I began to notice that Alex Jones "parroted" lots of phrases what Bill used such as "whoever shoots first looses", as well as talking about the exact same subject matter such as gun rights, his love for his family and his hatred for the "jackbooted nazi thugs" etcetera.

All Alex Jones' information is outdated "Chicken feed" compared to Coopers revelations. All of Alex's shows are the same anticlimactic dribble.

I believe Alex was set up to steal ratings from and perhaps someday replace bill if any misfortune was to befall him.

Alex is alive and well and Bill is dead and gone. Need I say more?

As for me, I am with Bill, I will not live in slavery, I will not give in to evil, I will fight and win or I will fight and die.

Bennett said (March 24, 2012):

I listen to Alex Jones regularly, and can say with certainty that if he is compromised, it is by Russia Today News, with whom he has a contract and appears regularly, and not by the usual Zionist suspects. He did recently say on his show 'Russia has gotten away from the New World Order' in this video:

however, I suspect he may have bought the Putin myth.

The amount of work he has done has exposed the New World Order, and its Zionist strand, is more than almost anyone else in truth movement (in addition to the likes of yourself and David Icke).

Only a few weeks ago he had David Icke on his show, and spent most of their 45 minute discussion talking about 'Rothschild Zionism':

And when Rahm Emmanuel was appointed as Obama's 'Press Secretary' ie. handler, he was quickly on the case:

He has regularly gone in depth on the subject of Israel such as here:

The articles on your website desperately trying to make Alex Jones out to be 'Controlled opposition' have been very, very poor indeed. In all honestly, they have been a detriment to your website (although it is important to ask the question). If people think that having a Jewish lawyer makes you a Zionist, they've lost the plot.

The fact is, a remarkable number of people still think that Hitler was a hero who fought the New World Order, and that somehow 'the Jews' are responsible for all the problems of the world. These people never specify which Jews exactly, and rarely provide evidence for a Jewish Conspiracy (I always ask 'are the Jewish bakers, butchers, teachers, musicians, restaurant owners firemen, policemen and jewelers involved?' and I never receive an answer.)

These people obviously haven't read 'Wall Street and the Rise of Hitler' or 'Hitler's Traitor' (demonstrating his No.2, Bormann was a Soviet Agent).

They let the Illuminati families off the hook. And Alex Jones does not.


Two articles from hundreds hardly represents a concerted effort to paint Jones as anything. They represent two peoples' opinions. Your answer and others are rebuttals.

That is not any Jewish lawyer. You are being disingenuous.

Jews have got to stop identifying with Illuminati Jews and running interference for them. They are inviting blame. Anti-Semites have got to stop generalizing about all Jews. The Illuminati actually pay anti-Semites to blame all Jews so that it becomes a racial issue and innocent Jews become their human shields.

The Illuminati Jews and non-Jews (i.e. Satanists) manipulate everyone. They control the mass media and own the politicians. Jews wittingly and unwittingly play a disproportionate role but everyone who pays taxes to support US and NATO wars is complicit. That's everyone.


Bennett replies:

On the Jews, I would say the Illuminati view them as the perfect weapon for use in their global takeover.

With their primary enemy being Christianity, and Jews being the largest minority in Christian lands at that time, who better to execute the Illuminati plan?

Their traditional position as intermediaries between the rulers and the masses, primarily as money-lenders also made them perfect tools. There is no question that
they therefore have a special role in the New World Order.

Barry said (March 24, 2012):

Your Alex Jones item is very interesting. I often wonder if the NWO is so powerful, how come they don't shut down Alex Jones, or David Icke, or Jeff Rense. The Rense website is a confusion of rubbish - is it disinformation? When people get deluged with ridiculous nonsense, they just shut down and believe nothing. Is this the idea behind the Alex Jones and Rense web sites? And how come does David Icke not get banned from visiting various countries. I have often wondered about this.

Gail said (March 24, 2012):

I have been a listener of Alex Jones for 6 years now, and one thing that I admire the most about him is that he is not anti anyone except those who are evil and want to destroy the United States and build a one world fascist dictatorship. There are not many more people who come closer to exposing so many crimes of the government than he does. Now do you seriously think that all Jews in the United States and the rest of the world are working to destroy the U.S. and the rest of us?

I am shocked at you Henry for publishing an anti Alex Jones article by someone called Tony Blizzard.Jones has opened up my eyes to the real criminals, the bankers, and he has exposed their names, time and time again. What more do you want? Or do you sincerely want people to hate Jews and not expose the individuals involved? Why do you want him to turn into a racial hate monger?

Alex Jones has explained time and time again why he doesn’t expose “the Jews”, and his wife is not Jewish. He has mentioned that his wife had one Jewish member of her family in the past, but his wife does not consider herself to be Jewish, but a Christian.

Alex Jones had a couple of guests, David Icke being one of them, who exposed the Zionists and Alex agreed with them. What more do you want?

Hasn’t Alex Jones revealed that a Jewish women attacked a synagogue, or that the head of Al Qaeda was a Jewish man from New Jersey?

The idea that there aren’t patriotic advertisers is ridiculous. Does the corporate media ever present the facts that Alex Jones presents? If so where?

Why are you pushing this divide and conquer routine? Doesn’t the opposition to fascism have enough problems; why create more? To be perfectly honest I find it sickening. How do you know that this guy Blizzard doesn’t work for the Illuminati Luficerians who run this world and want Alex arrested?

If you want him to fail, then you want the truth movement to fail. Funny thing is, rarely does Alex Jones ever attack anyone else in the truth movement, only to defend himself. He appears that he is above all that. Do you want Alex to say: Henry Makow is Jewish therefore he must work for the enemy? How far are you going to take this Henry?

Just remember, If we don’t all stand together, then most assuredly we will all hand separately. Wasn’t it Ben Franklin that said that?

I side with Alex Jones, expose the individuals, not a race of people.



I merely raise the question. Many people have interesting things to say. Frankly I don't follow Jones that closely but I think it very suspicious that he got into this field at such a young age. Young men generally don't know the their ass from their elbow. Also, we cannot discount the Bronfman connection. That is not a coincidence.


Liz said (March 24, 2012):

Alex Jones is a staunch supporter of the modern-day state of Israel. His media outfit is also funded by some well-known Zionist figures. A younger Alex Jones declares his allegiance to Zionism in this radio announcement:

There are also reports that his wife is Jewish, although I haven't researched those claims to see if they're true or not. I have always suspected A. Jones of being a shill because he does not allow criticism of Jewish interests and attacks any caller to his show who suggests a Jewish role in global affairs.

Marcos said (March 24, 2012):

The Hit piece on Alex Jones is garbage. I have heard him condemn Israeli actions many, many times. He is also a Christian, and was married by anti-Zionist Texe Mars, of all people.

We should wonder if divide and conquer isn't a better strategy to the globalists than controlled opposition. That's what they have been doing a lot lately. Just sow doubts about every person trying to do a good job. Henry, you shouldn't encourage this low level tactics.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at