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The Cry of a Young Pakistani

November 5, 2011

terrorists operate under the guise of Islam.
They are not religious, but are
 Satanic psychopaths and a
branch of the world wide Illuminati.

by a Young Pakistani

In Karachi, Pakistan's biggest city, Islamic terrorists are building bombs and killing people with impunity.

They wantonly kidnap innocent people for ransom and use the money to buy arms. Most often their kidnap victims are tortured and killed, their bodies are tossed like garbage out onto roadways.

The Pakistani government does nothing to stop the terrorists (nor the Taliban) from seeking refuge within Pakistan. These terrorists operate under the guise of Islam. They are not religious, but are Satanic psychopaths and a branch of the world wide Illuminati.

Our government is not in control of our own nation. It is doing nothing to repair the flood damage and electrical grid. Its heath care system is a bad joke. It is easier to abandon public buses than to repair them because NGOs will donate new buses.

These same Satanic psychopaths would love create a nuclear war with India. The City of London has already tried several times to instigate such a war.

Any Pakistani leader that stands up to them is quickly assassinated if lucky. Others suffer the fate of long painful torture before being beheaded.

Nobody, not even foreigners are safe in Pakistan from the kidnappings and the Pakistani government does nothing out of fear.

President Asif Ali Zardary does not listen to his people. We view him as a dictator. He does not care that we are hungry, jobless, or about the torture and deaths done by terrorists.

He is a corrupt man and has failed miserably to bring justice and lift the ensign of peace. As long as he is president there will be no peace as he is interested in the proceeds of Afghan opium. This is why he secretly supports the Taliban.

The Pakistani government is always playing dramas in front of the international media seeking money from charities and foreign governments to help Pakistan's affected areas and needy people. But little or none of this money goes to the needy. It ends up in the pockets of corrupt politicians and government workers.

Our people protest and shout for peace, justice and for the basic needs of life.

Honesty is necessary for the success of democracy and justice, but there is little among our leaders. The corruption is so bad that our economy is at a standstill.

I suggest that all N.G.Os, charities nor governments donate not a single dollar to Pakistan. Do not trust the Pakistani leaders.


Christians and Hindus suffer outrages and crimes that go unpunished in this Muslim majority nation.

"Anna" a 12-year-old Christian girl, lured by deception by a friend, was kidnapped, beaten and raped repeatedly for eight months by a gang of Islamic militants. Devastated and traumatized she was forced to sign documents that attest to her marriage and conversion to Islam.

Months later she managed to escape and return to her family. The magistrate of the area had registered a complaint against the Muslim men.

But instead the police forced Anna's parents to consign the girl to the "legal husband" and tormenter, or they may be subject to criminal proceedings.

Anna's parents now have to live in hiding,to rightfully protect their daughter from a living hell.

There are over 1000 similar cases reported every year with Christian and Hindu children who suffer terrible violence and abuse by Pakistani Muslims. These perverted Muslims see them as objects or goods and treat them like animals. Not one of these perverts has been prosecuted by the law.

After the American and British invasion of Afghanistan, opium growing has flourished to the extent that it grows 95% of the world's opium. Much of it is shipped through Pakistan and Iran. This creates chaos and out of control crime. Heroine addiction is fast becoming a major problem here.

The American and British military gladly encourage the opium trade. The Taliban buy arms with the opium and shoot and kill NATO troops with bullets bought with the drug money; the very opium the common troops are unwittingly protecting.

I respect and honor the people who died for Pakistan fighting corruption. Do you westerners have this kind of courage to stop the oil and opium wars? Do you have the courage to take on the CIA, Blackwater, Mossad or the MI-6?

Will you stand up and stop the murder of millions of innocent people? Your press lies to you, literally millions have died in your unjust Hitler-like invasions. These wars are justified by lies of weapons of mass destruction and blames the true origins of the 9/11 attack on the wrong people.

Your leaders are worse than president Asif Ali Zardary. Nothing is done to punish your leaders because they are all part of the same Satanic psychopaths that we suffer from.

At least we are sending our former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif to life in prison and the possibly to be hung for his crimes. But you have done nothing to prosecute your own leaders, such as the Bushes, Kissinger, Cheney, Obama, Thatcher or Blair.

If you sit by apathetically watching the destruction that came upon us in the Middle East, these sins will be upon your heads and upon your children's heads. These unjust wars you support will be playing out in your own streets just as it did in Libya.


Note: The author, a young Christian man was born and raised in Pakistan. He wishes to remain anonymous for the safety of his family and newly wed wife.

Comments for "The Cry of a Young Pakistani"

Young Pakistani said (November 8, 2011):

Reply to Mohammad from author,

Everyone should know that the most corrupted,dangerous and deceitful peoples are living in Islamic nations. It is only
those pretending to be Muslim that are bombing and murdering the innocent. It is not the Indians, not the Christians or other religions, it is only Muslims.They are doing the work for Devil who runs the City of London.

Guy said (November 6, 2011):

We Pakies are British colony and still remain so as our all leaders goes there, learn their system in their universities then come back and blindly implement their system in their own country and they also hide their black-money there.

UK is world terrorists headquarter and root of all evil. They are
behind all wars, revolutions.They are dupes,debauch who feel that they are building a better world. No,not in a least, in reality they are building a battle-world leading us all towards hell.

Pakistan solution not in secular democracy but in Islamic democracy which truly protect minorities as long as they are paying taxes no one can touch or kill them.

Pakistan financial solution not in copycat western banking system
instead an Islamic welfare trust by method of Zakat and
interest-free-financial system with revival of tax system.

Mohammed said (November 6, 2011):

The writer is a Christian & from what he's saying, i don't think he knows what he's talking about. The Taliban operate in Afghanistan & not Pakistan- i know the borders are very
porous, but one look at any map will show that its a long way from the border regions to Karachi.

There is the TTP (Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan), which is the self proclaimed Pakistani Taliban. This TTP has links to the the CIA & Mossad and is just a phony organization.

yes, in the past, many of the older members of the Taliban had received training from the CIA but now that they are not the wests blue-eyed boys anymore(canceling of oil/gas pipeline deals), they have become very much persona non grata.
to a non Muslims, its very easy to believe this story but as a Muslim, i can tell u confidently, its NOT true.

after all- how can you westerners tell the difference between two groups of people who call themselves Muslims?
they both look alike & profess to share the same religion & beliefs?

either this guy is one of those hasbara trolls who like to cause mischief or hes genuine but got his facts mixed up.
although i live in South Africa & he is in Pakistan, i have access to people who have regular contact with those who the Taliban leaders like Mullah Omar consult with & confide in.

I am what most westerners would call a fundamentalist and i keep myself updated about whats going on there in Afghanistan & Pakistan. The rest of his story is all true but the bit about the Taliban portrays Islam & the Taliban as barbaric & bloodthirsty monsters.

what the TTP do is exactly what he mentioned cos they seem to have been created/concocted to tarnish the image of the mujahideen: that they are honest & noble and dont target/attack innocent people.

If the TTP do something in the name of Islam although its 100% against the teachings of Islam- how can you westerners tell the difference?

also, in the Indo-Pak region, theres too much of cultural & traditional customs that are totally against the teachings of Islam-how would you westerners be able to tell the difference?
its all looks the same to you.

thats why its so easy to confuse & mislead you.

Dan said (November 6, 2011):

"If you sit by apathetically watching the destruction that came upon us in the Middle East, these sins will be upon your heads and upon your children's heads. These unjust wars you support will be playing out in your own streets just as it did in Libya."

The United States is the largest exporter of war, State terrorism, abortion, sex perversion and consumerism in the world. I've told people since the invasion of Iraq that the blood on this nation is as titanic as the military debt. The debt's already bankrupted the nation but the the tidal wave of blood hasn't washed over our shores just yet. But handwriting is on the wall. The war isn't on countries, it's on demographics of populations the Globalists don't need.
Americans don't understand that citizenship doesn't exempt them from State terrorism anymore.

In Pakistan US predator drones have killed over 800 civilians this year alone.

Jul 20, 2011 – Many Pakistanis say that the United States does not have their best ... have killed hundreds, by some estimates thousands, of civilians since 2004 when they began. ... Although the United States suspended upwards of $800 million in ... same regions regularly bombed by U.S. Predator and Reaper drones. ...

They call it "Extrajudicial Killings". Bystanders are called 'collateral damage'. Ever notice they've hit a lot of wedding parties? They figure they can wipe out more insurgents at family and community gatherings.
Everything we've let them get away with doing abroad is going to be used domestically because this is a vertical top-down war, not like 'horizontal war' of nations against other nations. To Globalists, wars have no borders and everybody's a potential enemy of the State -- the global state, that is. Soon the orders to hit an individual or entire demographic group will be coming from a 'Global authority'.

. First they came for the communists,
and I didn't speak out because I wasn't a communist.

Then they came for the trade unionists,
and I didn't speak out because I wasn't a trade unionist.

Then they came for the Jews,
and I didn't speak out because I wasn't a Jew.

Then they came for me
and there was no one left to speak out for me.

Being quiet and ignoring it is a lethal mistake.

[Above is a famous statement attributed to pastor Martin Niemöller (1892–1984) about the inactivity of German intellectuals following the Nazi rise to power and the purging of their chosen targets, group after group. ]

Dozens of U.S. Citizens May Be on Obama Assassination List

Obama Administration: US Forces Can Assassinate Americans
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