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Israel is Hated for Flattering Reasons

July 31, 2014

isr_flag-burning-prag_72414_539_332_c1.jpeg(Left, the so-called Star of David is a Cabalist, i.e. Satanist symbol)

Zionists are congenitally incapable
of admitting they are wrong. Why?
Zionism is a product of Cabalism (Illuminism.)
Cabalists have reinvented the world
in their own image, and objective truth
has no place in it.

"This war is like a thug pummeling an old lady. It offends our natural sense of justice. "

by Henry Makow Ph.D.

If they discovered they were widely disliked, normal people would engage in self examination.  They might even change their ways.

But Zionists don't do this because they are not normal. They think they are "hated" for possessing some very admirable qualities.

This is evident from Dennis Prager's recent article, "Why Do People Hate Israel?"

pg-4-gaza-1-epa.jpgPrager begins by asking why, with so many the injustices elsewhere, the world targets its criticisms at Israel, which is "among the most humane and free countries on the planet. Moreover, it is the only country in the world that is threatened with annihilation."

Funny, I missed that. It's funny that when they are pounding Gaza into oblivion,  Zionists claim they are threatened with "annihilation."

Prager continues: "Why... is the world preoccupied with 600-some Palestinians [now 1400 killed, 8000 injured] killed as a direct result of their firing thousands of missiles in order to kill as many Israelis as possible?"

Perhaps it's because only a couple of Israeli civilians have actually been harmed? While most of the Palestinian casualties have been civilians?

Israel is one of the foremost military powers in the world. It is in no danger. This is like a thug pummeling an old lady. It offends our natural sense of justice.

No, Prager explains. Criticism is due to the "leftist" bias against Western countries.
"Israel is rich, strong and Western; the Palestinians are poor, weak and non-Western."

What happened to the Jewish tradition of championing the underdog? Only when the underdog is not under their feet. 


Prager says the other reason Israel is hated is because it is Jewish and Jews are the Chosen people

"As hard as it is for modern, rational and irreligious people to accept, Israel's Jewishness is a primary reason for the hatred of it. Ironically, this fact -- just as with the fixation on the Jew before Israel's existence -- confirms for this observer the divine role the Jew plays in history. Few Jews are aware of their role, and even fewer want it. But, other than the influence of the left, there is no other explanation for all the animosity toward Israel."

gazacasualties.jpgYou see, actual Zionist behavior has nothing to do with the hatred Israel inspires. For example, the head of a UN school where women and children were sheltering gave their GPS coordinates to the IDF 17 times, yet the IDF destroyed the school anyway, killing sixteen people and injuring 160 others. The UN official broke down in tears on TV.  Wounded babies have died because Israel bombed the power plant and cut off power to their incubators.

Couldn't this be the reason people hate Israel? Seeing Israelis celebrate this slaughter?  87% of Israelis support Netanyahu's actions.  No, Israel's critics must be "anti-Semites."

What about penning 1.6 million people in an open air concentration camp after stealing their property?

In its paranoia, the Zionists likely provoked the latest confrontation by killing those teenagers themselves and then launching a crackdown on Palestinians. The false flag always has been their MO. Israel does not want peace. It wants land. So periodically, it "mows the lawn," cutting back the Palestinian ability to resist.  But, no, this is not the reason they are hated.

Nor are Zionists hated for serving the Illuminati bankers, buying all the politicians and media, and taking over the governments of the West. 

Canadians, Americans, French, British, Germans, Australians now all need "national homelands." The Zionists have taken control of theirs.

I'm glad Dennis Prager set me straight. I was under the delusion that Zionists were hated for helping to start every major war in the 20th century and setting us up for World War Three in the Ukraine.  No, Zionists are hated because Jews are God's Chosen People.


Prager says people are trying to annihilate Israel. Isn't it the other way round? I'm sure the NeoCons and Mossad are partly responsible for the murder-mayhem in Libya, Syria, Iraq and the Ukraine. 
Baruch Levy's famous 1879 prophesy in a letter to Karl Marx is coming true.

beng.jpg"The Jewish people as a whole will be its own Messiah. It will attain world dominion by the dissolution of other races, by the abolition of frontiers, the annihilation of monarchy, and by the establishment of a world republic in which the Jews will everywhere exercise the privilege of citizenship. In this new world order, the children of Israel will furnish all the leaders without encountering opposition.

The Governments of the different peoples forming the world republic will fall without difficulty into the hands of the Jews. It will then be possible for the Jewish rulers to abolish private property, and everywhere to make use of the resources of the state. Thus will the promise of the Talmud be fulfilled, in which is said that when the Messianic time is come, the Jews will have all the property of the whole world in their hands"
- La Revue de Paris

I don't think the majority of Jews, or even Zionists are privy to this larger agenda. They are easier to manipulate if they believe
they're hated for a host of flattering reasons as Prager says.  Some Jews are standing up and disassociating from this agenda. But are they enough to escape the hatred Zionists are engendering?

thanks Jews! (Video)
In this War, Israel is the Aggressor

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Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at

Comments for "Israel is Hated for Flattering Reasons "

JG said (July 31, 2014):

When Israel established statehood in 1947 a lot of things changed for the Jews and really not for the better because it had increasingly made them more transparent to the world.

It's all out in the open now. They can kill, maim, and torture the people of Gaza, including it's children, at will without cause or reason. The day will come soon when it won't even require a false flag event to justify murder and invasion to the public because the public now is powerless and the leaders of the world are now wise to Israel and their deceitful means.

Homemade Chinese bottle rockets flying over one of the most sophisticated air defense systems on the planet striking Jerusalem is trivial. Maybe America can give them a better air defense system this time in the name of "Israeli Security". Maybe it was those same 19 Arab hijackers that did 911 that were behind the remote controls of these rockets of mass destruction. How am I doing here?

The nations of the world including America will complain to Israel about these present war atrocities in Gaza but we all know that Israel will not leave until it's good and ready and NOBODY will command them otherwise.

John said (July 31, 2014):

My own conclusion is that Jews are hated because Judaism makes it inevitable that Jews will be hated. A racist, tribalist religion that makes it OK to slaughter all other people as being sub-human can only result in hatred.

If you hate me I will hate you back, regardless of what Jesus is alleged to have said. It is only human nature. A religion based on racial exclusivity (real or concocted) and hatred of others cannot be accepted by others. Only Judaism is like that. Some like to hedge and say Talmudism but it is really Judaism.

The ideology of hate has become congenital to Jews since over time nurture becomes nature, and Judaism nurtures Jews on hatred and contempt for non-Jews, goys or cattle, fit only to live to be slaves of the "chosenites". Some Jews escape by refuting Judaism but the exceptions are too few. And it is very difficult to escape because that Judaism has been grafted into Christianity through the Old Testament.

Christians should reject the Old Testament since The New Covenant cancels the old one but there is a lot of confusion about that, unfortunately. If there ever was an oxymoron, Judeo-Christian is as oxymoronic as it gets.

Below- American Expat Considers Returning Home (scroll down)

Israel Created Hamas to Avoid Peace

July 30, 2014

blame-hamas.jpgIsrael does not want peace. Israel created Hamas

as a pretext to wage war on the Palestinians.  Hamas' rockets

are mere peashooters compared to Israel's air force but they provide

another excuse to kill Palestinians.

(Editor's Note- I re-post this for its timeliness, but reserve judgement.)

From 9/6/11

by David Livingstone

(abridged by

The Israelis created Hamas.  But before we explore why, let's be clear  that Israel does not want peace.  They want all of Palestine, and their belligerent settlement practices confirm that.

But the Israelis are posturing as being willing to talk "peace", only to actually stall that peace process, so as advance the further colonization of Palestine.

So anything that can be offered as an excuse, will be.  The most convenient ploy, presented with the sycophantic assistance of the media, is that of "terrorism".

The masses are naive, and fail to suspect the Machiavellian extremes that certain leaders will resort to.  This includes creating a false enemy, in this case, Hamas, whereby the right-wing leadership of the Israelis can point the finger to some "enemy" to blame for supposedly stalling the process.


The West's sponsorship of Islamic terrorism is nothing new.  After the collapse of the Ottoman Empire in 1924, the British and Americans filled the vacuum by providing their own versions of "Islamic" leaders.  This started with the creation of the Muslim Brotherhood through a grant from the British.  

Under British sponsorship, the Brotherhood today represents a powerful force in the Islamic world, and is behind almost every act of terror in the name of Islam. 

More correctly, the Brotherhood has been a tool shared by numerous Western intelligence agencies, starting with the Nazis, followed by the CIA, but also the Russians, French, Germans and Israelis.

Since the Truman and Eisenhower administrations, the Muslim Brotherhood has been used to rally naive Muslims under the banner of Islam.  In the post-war era, the Americans and others have been able to manage the Brotherhood like a rabid dog on a leash to keep the "atheist Communist threat"  at bay.

With the collapse of the Cold War however, the Brotherhood has been used as the bogey man which the Americans can chase into the Middle East and Central Asia, starting with Iraq and Afghanistan.


Israel's long-standing relationship with the Muslim Brotherhood was instrumental in the founding of an offshoot organization, Hamas.

According to Robert Dreyfuss, author of "Devil's Game: How the United States Helped Unleash Fundamentalist Islam":

"And beginning in 1967 through the late 1980s, Israel helped the Muslim Brotherhood establish itself in the occupied territories.  It assisted Ahmed Yassin, the leader of the Brotherhood, in creating Hamas, betting that its Islamist character would weaken the PLO."

According to Charles Freeman, former US ambassador to Saudi Arabia, "Israel started Hamas. It was a project of Shin Bet [Isreali domestic intelligence agency], which had a feeling that they could use it to hem in the PLO."

One aspect of that strategy was the creation of the Village Leagues, over which Yassin and the Brotherhood exercised much influence.  Israel trained about 200 members of the Leagues and recruited many paid informers.

New York Times Reporter David Shipler cites the Israeli military governor of Gaza as boasting that Israel expressly financed the fundamentalists against the PLO:

"Politically speaking, Islamic fundamentalists were sometimes regarded as useful to Israel, because they had conflicts with the secular supporters of the PLO.  Violence between the two groups erupted occasionally on West Bank university campuses. Israeli military governor of the Gaza Strip, Brigadier General Yitzhak Segev, once told me how he had financed the Islamic movement as a counterweight to the PLO and the Communists.  'The Israeli Government gave me a budget and the military government gives to the mosques,' he said."

As Dreyfuss notes, "during the 1980s, the Muslim Brotherhood in Gaza and the West Bank did not support resistance to the Israeli occupation.  Most of its energy went to fighting the PLO, especially its more left-wing factions, on university campuses."

After the Palestinian uprising of 1987, the PLO accused Hamas and Yassin of acting "with the direct support of reactionary Arab regimes... in collusion with the Israeli occupation." 

Yasser Arafat complained to an Italian newspaper: "Hamas is a creation of Israel, which at the time of Prime Minister Shamir, gave them money and more than 700 institutions, among them schools, universities and mosques."  

Arafat also maintained that Israeli prime minister Rabin admitted to him in the presence of Hosni Mubarak that Israel had supported Hamas.

Essentially, as analyst Ray Hannania pointed out, in "Sharon's Terror Child", published in Counterpunch, "undermining the peace process has always been the real target of Hamas and has played into the political ambitions of Likud.  Every time Israeli and Palestinian negotiators appeared ready to take a major step forward achieving peace, an act of Hamas terrorism has scuttled the peace process and pushed the two sides apart."

In "Hamas and the Transformation of Political Islam in Palestine", for Current History, Sara Roy wrote:

"Some analysts maintain that while Hamas leaders are being targeted, Israel is simultaneously pursuing its old strategy of promoting Hamas over the secular nationalist factions as a way of ensuring the ultimate demise of the [Palestinian Authority], and as an effort to extinguish Palestinian nationalism once and for all."


The Muslim Brotherhood, and its many manifestations like Hamas, Al Qaeda and bin Laden, serve as an ever-present and manufactured "terrorist" threat, used constantly as a pretext to justify repressive measures at home and expanded imperialistic objectives abroad.

Because, despite all the rhetoric about the threat of "political Islam", unbeknownst to the general public, the manipulation of the Muslim Brotherhood throughout the world is still a mainstay of American foreign policy.

David Livingstone's blog

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and Israeli Roots in Hamas are Being Exposed 

and Dennis Cuddy - The Power Elite & the Masonic (Muslim) Brotherhood 

Son of the co-founder of Hamas who is a Christian, says the purpose of Hamas is not only to destroy Israel but create an Islamic Caliphate everywhere on earth, and they don't care about Palestinian lives, Israeli lives or anyone else, even their own since they consider dying for their cause a form of worship.

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Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at

Comments for "Israel Created Hamas to Avoid Peace"

John said (July 31, 2014):

Hi Henry! The article about Hamas I will file under the "too conspiratorial by half" category. Just like being "too clever by half", being too conspiratorial by half leads nowhere closer to truth and actually serves to mask the truth from those who claim to seek it. Hamas was created as a result of the PLO having been infiltrated and co-opted by Israeli intelligence to the point it was seen as a collaborator organization by the Palestinian masses. The PLO leadership was benefiting from cash inflows from the petro-dollar kingdoms while doing little or nothing for the Palestinian struggle. Hamas grew out of that rejection of the PLO by the Palestinians. Israel was quite content to deal with the PLO at Oslo the UN or other cushy conferences. The emergence of Hamas was not what Israel wanted at all. Trying to rewrite history and claim that Hamas was created by Israel is bizarre.

Dan said (July 31, 2014):

It's not complicated. Hamas continues to condone the firing of rockets toward Israel, which are the excuse for massive demolition of Gaza real estate, which new Israeli "settlers" will clear and build on next year. It makes about as much sense as Osama Bin Ladin destroying the World Trade Center, NY. Who benefits?

This summer's turkey shoot has had a 25 to 1 kill ratio, with 43% of the Palestinian dead under the age of 16. As information on Israeli targets has accumulated, it's clear to me that the IDF has been carrying out a strategic military operation to demolish residential areas and shut down infrastructure - water, power - hospitals and schools are deliberate targets, not 'collateral damage' from 'stray shells'.

The IDF doesn't miss targets. The photo here is typical.

Tom A said (July 31, 2014):

This message is to Marcos regarding his racist stupid idea [below] that Muslims are the trouble makers. Marcos do yourself a favor and quit watching have been brainwashed to the point I have no faith in you. Hope is lost with people like you. Israel murders kids and you blame Muslims? God help you and the Muslims from the satanic zionist state of usarael.
For those like Marcos who are in deep trance, Palestine is occupied as a whole. Move Israel to DC and kiss more of their behinds there. Marcos will be the first to lick Israel ass.

Molecule said (July 30, 2014):

I have no doubt that Hamas was created by the Mossad. According to my source, the Lebanese Druze community played essential roles in the creation of Hamas by the CIA and Mossad. In the 70s one of their contacts was a real estate developer in the Washington DC area.

But one does not need any "special insider information" to make a conclusive determination.

First, observe that the Mossad is not stupid. Nothing gets in or out of Gaza without knowledge of the Mossad. Period. Not even a toothpick. Not even a twinkie.

Knowing this, then a simple question arises, which answers all questions:-- How can Hamas soldiers be so smart, as to be able to sneak 5 and 6 foot long rocket tubes into Gaza, past Israeli security, by the thousands, while at the same time they are so stupid as to use them?

If nothing else, the least these "Hamas" soldiers could do, would be to duct tape a few goat pellets onto the nose cones of their rockets. With goat pellets dropping down from the sky, Israel could claim that Hamas was using biological warfare.

The idea that the Mossad doesn't have the first clue where these kilometer long "secret underground tunnels" are, is absurd. As standard equipment for their search for gas and oil reserves, the Israeli Mossad has access to the most advanced tomography radar equipment. It is capable of detecting changes in ground density down to depths of thousands of feed. An underground tunnel at 10 ft depth would show up like paint stripe. All wells, mines and tunnels emit methane gas, albeit to varying degrees. The microbes that generate it are in the soil. In order for a long tunnel to provide safe passage, they would need a lot of fresh air. That would require powerful pumps, which again would be easily detected. The idea that the Mossad doesn't know where the tunnels are is completely absurd.

The actual targets to follow destruction of Palestine, will be Lebanon and then Syria, then Jordan.

Peter said (November 23, 2012):

I find it amazing that people cant wake up to how they are being
brainwashed into feeling sympathy for Zionist murderers.
The simple truth is that more people are killed and injured every year here in the UK lighting fireworks to celebrate bonfire night than these rocket terror weapons supposedly from the "evil" Hamas.

If we were to subtract the number of rockets fired by israeli special forces into their stolen country to get the party started from the much smaller number of defender rockets flying around in Palestinian airspace we would all be asking "Is this Newsworthy?" yet the western media falls over itself to portray the scrambling old farts seen running for cover whenever a camera from a film crew shows up as being terrible hard done by whereas the really hard knocks were the one suffers by the murdered and bombed kiddies and women in the Crime
against Humanity known as operation cast lead, slaughter the like of which had not been seen since the Serbian Artillery barrages on civilian areas in Bosnia.

Marcos said (November 22, 2012):

One of the worst problems with conspiracy researchers is that, because they find some proofs of orchestration of events in the top levels of politics, they think that everything is a conspiracy. That's not true. The elite must use and manipulate current social and historic situations, they seldom create anything new from scratch.

A good case is Islam. Much more than a religion, Islam has been a political and social since the VII century. They hate the west and almost gobbled up Europe several times, and still hold fast to their dream of Jihad holy war and the control of the world through Sharia law, which means the destruction of freedom for all.

While it is true that Israeli leadership does not want peace, but a continuation of conflict to eventually start WWIII for the antiChrist to arrive, radical Muslims are crazy, wild fanatics by themselves. They climb on their roofs to cheer when rockets are falling in Israel, with disregard to their own safety. They train their kids to hate jews. They give a free pass to their leaders, forget about their poverty and corruption because they are distracted hating Israel.

To support savage Muslims against the civilized society of Israel because of the errors of some of their leaders is madness.

Below- Ayn Rand: Another Communist Jew (scroll down)

American Expat Considers Returning Home


(left, in spite of Panama City's impressive skyline, Panama is very much a third-world country)

Joe Spickard explains why he has soured on

Panama as a refuge from the United States.

'I think you would be nearly better off in an American Gulag than here in a strange land and culture where no one cares and life is much, much cheaper".

by Joe Spickard


(This was grafted from an article by Joe and an email.)

I came to live in Panama about seven years ago.

It was not a closed society or did it contain an exotic culture or a center of spirituality. But it was a refuge at the time.

You see, I was convinced that the United States would undergo cataclysmic changes. And, indeed, it has. Its economy has never recovered to its former strength as its economic recession started the month that I left the States. I believed that it would become a fascist security state, and that is still becoming very true.

I may return to the United States to live. There appears yet to be some time left before things go the way of Bible prophecy. The situation in Panama seems to be more volatile than the United States, as it does elsewhere in Latin America. In many ways, there is more chance of a revolution happening here in Panama before any such an event would occur in the States. Truly from political and social index charts, Panama is being compared to its not "doing so-great" neighbors such as Mexico, Columbia, and Venezuela in several aspects. 

My experience may mirror Mike Adams, of Natural News. He spent some time in Ecuador, before getting disillusioned and returning to the United States. Basically, he said that he was tired of being a "target," and wanted to go back when he blended in as opposed to sticking out. It is kind of like the proverb--"Birds of a feather flock together," to summarize his desire to return to the States.

I know many Americans down here. The rule of thumb is, that after about two, to five years, you see what it is going on here, and you figure it is no longer for you. For diehards like me, it takes about seven. I have seen quite a few go back.


The underlying motive for me, is that I never had children before, and now, I have two. I cannot see them educated down here. The educational system is broken here, and the public schools are churning out misfits in practically every sense of the word... but it is not all their fault. The parenting here is abysmal.

For instance, kids here take English as a mandatory subject for acquiring a second language skill, which is highly needed here. They take English classes from Kindergarten to when they graduate, as a senior. This is thirteen years of English instruction. However, when they get out of school...hardly any of them can speak one legible, coherent sentence of English. Who is to blame? Primarily, the parents... many of them tell their children that English is not important!

As far as law enforcement goes... there isn't any. You can truly get away with murder here. North Americans are particularly vulnerable unless they are very conservative or circumspect with their behaviour.

As far as Panama being a refuge or haven... I cannot endorse that.
But it is the same in nearly all of Latin America, as several Americans I know, have checked out other countries down here, and end up, staying in Panama. However, Panama is a third-world country in practically every category. 

I think you would be nearly better off in an American Gulag than here in a strange land and culture where no one cares and life is much, much cheaper. Panamanians treat each other terribly. As one ex-pat told me, "the lack of compassion and courtesy (among Panamanians) is of Himalayan proportions. I have never seen anything this bad--and I have traveled quite a bit. In general, Panamanians don't treat each other very nicely."

At best, on the Marsh-Maplecroft 2014 Political Risk Map, Panama is regarded as a high medium risk for societal unrest and political instability. The United States is very low risk comparatively. Canada appears to be the safest in the world.


In Panama, which is true for much of Latin America, corruption is the predominant driving force for the widespread disregard for the rule of law which is pandemic and underlies the ability to govern equitably (BTI 2014, Panama Country Report, p.10). Corruption is a very serious threat to political stability in Panama. The "rake and pitchfork" crowd can get going in a hurry down here as seen in their ability to block major road arteries and bring the country to a virtual standstill on previous occasions in the few years that I have been here. It is unnerving at times... and really, unnecessary in a true republic.

When I came here seven years ago, I was no doubt, starry-eyed to an extent. I had fallen into the trap or belief as Rabbi Meier Kahane complained about, that most Americans and Western Europeans think that folks in other countries are just as decent as they are...

Well, Kahane was right... Many folks in foreign nations aren't as decent, kind, or have the same integrity or regard for rules or a rule of law as Americans, Canadians or Western or Northern Europeans.

When I came here seven years ago, I thought that Panama was on the cusp of a third-world nation rapidly on a different paradigm to become a second or first-world nation quickly.

I was wrong.

The very same problems that plague this nation then are still the same today. Nothing has been done of any consequence. The whole first-world possibility, or even second-world status is illusory.


Hence, for now I may stay here, or I may return to the States. Living in Panama or elsewhere is not for everyone. The United States, despite the many changes which have made its older and more traditional citizens feel more insecure, is still one of the very best countries in the world to live in.

The water here is polluted and hardly potable, electricity can go out any moment for hours without warning, computer signals can go down, and the sight of trash is everywhere as many Panamanians in the urban areas believe that water availability and refuse disposal ought to be "free" services. Although the trash problems are shown on the television news everyday, as to shame its citizens, the culture remains entrenched in abject ignorance and the trash keeps piling up, even in streams, rivers, and larger water bodies.

There are some indications that the moribund economy in the States is starting to pick up some and that home prices are increasing to a level of their former values in some locales. The "word on the street" in Panama among monied Ex-pats here, who wish to make more profits selling Panamanian real estate to gullible North Americans, is that they expect another "wave" of Americans soon who are disenchanted with the situation in the States, to be able to sell their U.S. real estate, and then come, invest and live in Panama.

In my experience, along with others, that may be a costly mistake unless they do their due diligence and research carefully the nation of Panama and their culture, people, and way of life. 

It is certainly not Kansas, and not the Land of Oz, either.

Joseph Spickard is a 'generational Christian' (2 Timothy 1:5) as his family lineage on both sides of his parentage hail from a long line of ministers and persons of faith who came to the United States in the mid-18th century and fought in the American Revolution.He is married and has two children.Mr. Spickard has been an exegete of the Bible for over forty years.He recently published his first volume on Bible prophecy, entitled, "Living in the 'End Times:' How 'End Time' Prophecy Affects...YOU!" His websites are: spickardontheprophecies and:

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You can find this article permanently at

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at

Comments for "American Expat Considers Returning Home"

Eileen said (July 30, 2014):

Finally some people starts to realize...
I've always told men and women who want to live in the third world, that it is very dangerous. But they seem to live in a bubble or fantasy world. Here (Argentina, and also Uruguay) we are much better than in the rest of Latin America, but if things continue like now, we are on the way to become like them.

There's a huge white population here (I would say 60 or 70 %), but the government always helps the amerindians, giving them allowances and benefits for every child they have. This way, the "villas" (poor settlements) are growing more and more. Sometimes, when I see foreigners go into that places (like Mormons or tourists) I feel sorry for them. Most end up assaulted or attacked, if not even dead. So, my advice is to stay in the 1st world, because it is much more safe and life really has value.

David S said (July 30, 2014):

The expatriot stories on this site are always of interest to me. Having read the article and perused Spickard's website, my only question is, why would a believer and teacher of the Bible move to a third world country seeking political stability and a better and more secure life? There are no examples of believers seeking political stability recorded in the New Testament. Jesus knew his fate far in advance of being arrested, and openly taught his disciples that he would be arrested, delivered to the authorities, killed, and raised on the third day. None of the disciples sought personal freedom but ministered where God wanted them. The teaching of Paul was to remain where one was living under the grace of God. Many were delivered up to authorities and put to death.
As storm clouds gather, the urge to leave this country is always present. I often advocate expatriation to others in conversations. But I cannot say that the Bible supports these actions, or any effort to find political freedom in foreign lands. The support of liberty in one's own land is a different story. I would be interested in Mr. Spickard's response.


Joe replies:

David, Thanks for your thoughtful response.

The Bible is full of stories in which those that fear God or are believers are "led" to go to other places or refuges to avoid traumatic changes that may affect them adversely.

I will cite just a few.

~ The parents of Jesus were warned, when he was but an infant, to flee Judea and to dwell in Egypt. His parents later returned when the threat, King Herod, was removed. Bible prophecy had predicted this far back into the Old Testament.

~ The Messianic Jewish believers in Jerusalem fled to Samaria, Antioch, and other areas north and east of Palestine when Jewish authorities stepped up their persecution of them as recorded in the Book of Acts. The Apostle Paul, formerly Saul the Pharisee, had been "deputized" by the High Priesthood at Jerusalem, to travel to Damascus to prosecute Messianic Jews there who had fled Jerusalem, and to bring them back under his custody.

~ Paul again, was apprehended by Temple authorities who accused him of defiling the Temple. Paul pled his Roman citizenship and asked to be tried in Rome... not Jerusalem...where he would have met a far different fate than he did before Caesar.

~ Jesus warned his disciples to flee Jerusalem, and to go east into the Transjordan area, when they saw the "sign" in which Roman armies encompassed Jerusalem. When Roman General Cestius Gallus surrounded Jerusalem in 66 C.E., and then "inexplicably withdrew," what followed that was about 25,000 believers and "principal citizens" quickly departed from Jerusalem before Vespasian and Titus came to destroy the city and Temple.

~ David fled repeatedly from Saul into the wildernesses of Judea and eventually to the land of the Philistines to completely escape from him.

There are several more stories of such. So yes, the Bible is a substantial witness in which believers are recorded fleeing from destructions to come, or imminent threats to their survival.

The express idea of "political stability" was never one that came to my mind. Rather, to be in a place in which God could bless me for whatever length of time that I was there. This is subjective, but I felt, as I stated in my blog article, to leave the U.S. when I did. As a result of doing so, I married a Panamanian woman, and now have two children. I certainly don't regret doing this. One of the main motivations for returning to the States, is the education of my children.

Cordially, Joe Spickard

Mark U said (July 30, 2014):


In her excellent 2011 book about Rand, “Goddess of the Market: Ayn Rand and the American Right,” Jennifer Burns tells the story.

Alisa Rosenbaum was born in St. Petersburg, Russia on Feb. 2, 1905, to Zinovy Rosenbaum, a pharmacist, and Anna Rosenbaum, the high-strung daughter of a wealthy tailor, whose clients included the Russian Army. The Rosenbaums were largely non-observant, but celebrated Passover and were by no means completely assimilated—Alisa sat out of class during religious instruction.

Intellectual, withdrawn and immersed in her fantasy worlds, Alisa yearned to leave her country behind. When she was 21, Jewish relatives in Chicago—the Portnoys, of all names—helped her arrange a visa. Once in America, she grew tired of her relatives’ insular Jewish world, and headed for the source — you could say the fountainhead — of her fantasy: Hollywood.

In Hollywood, the aspiring screenwriter Alisa Rosenbaum became Ayn Rand. An Eastern European émigré who breaks free from the claws of tradition and family, gentrifies her name, assimilates and devotes herself to creating stories about an idealized America — if that’s not the very definition of a 20th century Jew, what is?

Rand was a classic 20th-century Jew in another way as well: she was a devout atheist. She replaced God with her philosophy, just as Freud did with psychology and Einstein with physics. She loathed religion as much as the Communists, whom she loathed, loathed religion.

In a 1979 interview, Rand told talk-show host Phil Donahue that religion, “gives man permission to function irrationally, to accept something above and outside the power of their reason.”

Robert said (July 30, 2014):

Joe is disappointed with Panama. He probably lived in urban area, didn't he? Urban or at least densely populated areas are different almost everywhere.

Living in the country often gives an opportunity to experience pre-industriall agrarian society lifestyle. This is my observation from SE Asia. Morris ( is in this region now, he has interesting remarks from Malaysia, Cambodia, Laos, etc.

Lukas said (July 30, 2014):

As an person who lived in 4 different countries so far (im 35, 8 - germany, 4 - usa - 4 ireland - rest poland) I can tell you that you have to try and make your best wherever you are. An geographical location won't give you any fulfillment or happiness (with some exceptions like war, or lets say you live in North Korea etc) That really can only come from God.
What many American expats count on, is some apocalyptic event, where the USA will be in major trouble, while other countries will be doing well. But it is very naive to believe this will be the case. Especially as an foreigner with weak social ties to the local community you will be on your own. In addition the turmoil in the US will most likely spill into the majority of the world.

Ray said (July 30, 2014):

I am a US citizen who lived the expat existence starting two weeks after 9/11/2001 until January 2013, living mostly in rural Canada but also in central Mexico and Bogota, Colombia.

Now I'm living in Blaine, Washngton, on the Canadian border, and loving being back in the good old USA. What I like most is reclaiming the many rights that I had taken for granted, but which were denied me as a foreigner living in Canada, Mexico and Colombia. I also like being able to to have anything I want delivered by Amazon within a couple of days; call me materialistic.

In addition, I discovered that Mexico is going to hell, Colombia has too much poverty and street crime and Canadians are generally too anti-American for me to feel comfortable as a long-term resident.

I still love all three of my expat countries, especially Canada, which is why I live on the border and visit Vancouver frequently.

But as for the expat existence as a way of life. twelve years was enough for me.

Dave Jason said (July 29, 2014):

Joe Spickard's experience in Panama is similar to my experience in Guatemala. Although Guatemala has high crime like Panama, it does have police, tourist cops, and military in major cities like Antigua and others. It makes no sense for authorities to not protect foreign investors as they bring in needed money and human capital. In my opinion, Canada might be one of the safest countries in the world, but has the most frightful people in the world where they are even afraid to say hello to their neighbors.

Canadians are a scared bunch afraid of their own shadows. I agree that Panama and Latin American countries are not good places to raise children, but those like me who are going to remain child-free won't have those problems. I noticed a marked amount of community spirit in Guatemala, and apparently this country has the 3rd happiest people in the world. There is a huge amount of negative press that these countries receive mainly because of media sensationalism and trying to sell more newspapers.

JG said (July 29, 2014):

I really never could quite understand how some people can just get up and go to a foreign land to reside in a country that they have no cultural or racial ties to.

As long as the US dollar is strong in Latin America I'm sure there will always be takers.
It's that heavy duty exchange rate that get's them every time.

America still has some of it's Constitutional Republic left for now but will only retain it if the people are willing to fight to preserve it and I wouldn't really bet on that happening. A lot of American's today have become complacent zombies who are drunk on meds and entertainment. Their government supports them and they're really not ready to bite the hand that feeds them quite yet.

It's always been the quality of the people who make the community what it is and not government dollars or new sports arenas.

America can never be the country it once was without having a strong Anglo Industrial Capitol presence. Capitalism has been replaced with a global economy of corporate and government welfare.

Those Anglo " lilly white" neighborhoods that was once the recognized standard of the American dream where everyone flocked to are getting harder to find. The code word for these neighborhoods is "nice areas", meaning non cosmopolitan with little or no non European integration with the exception of those with large sums of money.

Anglo Capitalist America is continuing to disappear with the remnants being dead alongside their vacant factories and once prosperous neighborhoods.


July 24, 2014




that a woman

capable of so much love

for a man

should lose him

in the senseless war

in Iraq

Women like Cats? A Defense of Cats! by Annette

July 13, 2014

img142.jpgLeft, A  photo of the sweetheart who protected our family as valiantly as any dog. The kids used to sneak her into the house. They placed the crown on her and took the pic. She deserved it.

Annette's Response to  "Men are like Dogs; Women Like Cats"

Oh brother Henry, I can't believe I am writing  you again over all this nonsense , but here goes again. Geeeez this business about women and cats... I won't start or even end my rebuttal on the woman part. I'm here to defend cats !

We have had four cats in our family and every one of them was an amazing loving being. The guy who wrote the article obviously not only hates women - he hates cats too !

All of my kitties were stray, abused or unwanted by neighbors. We loved them and treated them with respect and they returned everything a thousand-fold. Both of my female cats showed incredible loyalty and protectiveness.

One cat, if we were out in front as a family would run to the end of the driveway to attack any dog walking by in a show of protectiveness towards us. She put her life in jeopardy by doing that.

Other times when my husband would lose his temper with the kids, the same kitty would come and show concern and try to get in between my husband and our kids. Again the same kitty would follow me to a neighbor's where I took piano lessons and wait for me on the front porch until I came out and then escort me home.

My other female cat left my neighbors and came to live at our house because she had been abused by them. She was terrified of them and the dogs they had brought into their home, and yet in a display of protectiveness towards me, she would growl when she heard their voices over the fence. I think it was all show, as  she was very frightened and timid. But she was showing me where her loyalties lay.

These cats would follow us around the yard or house as we did work or chores just to be in our company.  Cats give back what you give them- that is my experience. 

Yes dogs have some wonderful qualities but they can be totally gross and obnoxious, and vicious. No animal control ever had to put a cat down for an unprovoked attack on a child or adult. Once again some guy had problems with women and instead of contemplating himself has to demonize not only women , but for god sakes cats too ! What a loser. I'm all for hearing genuine complaints from men, but this is misogyny and not worthy of linking to your site. The coward wouldn't even sign his name to the blog.
Remember this good for nothing cat that saved a little boy's life ?   I rest my case.

Carolyn Hamlett Replies to a Reader

July 10, 2014

Carolyn Hamlett (2).jpg

Carolyn Hamlett replies to a reader who asked
 how she had the nostalgia for America
described in this July 4 article, if she were
undergoing MK-Ultra programming.
(See, Underground Pedophilia: A Victim's Memoir)

Reader's Comment:

(Henry, off the record - I thought Carolyn Hamlett said that in 1958 she was being programmed with 'kitten' training by Illuminati handlers in secret underground MKULTRA facilities    -  did I miss something? I guess one of her 'alters' wrote the current article! )

Carolyn's Response:

Yes, you did "miss something", actually quite a few some things, but that is understandable. Many people are familiar with a few terms, such as "kitten", "programming", "alters", "handlers", MKULTRA, and yet not understand some of the very basics.  

First of all, I have never used the term, "kitten" to describe any of my programming.

I have mentioned an underground facility where one type of "education" took place. That "education" was a type of programming, but nothing compared to the complexity of other types of programming that I was subjected to.

Secondly, it appears that you are either under the assumption that programmed children do not have a life outside of the programming facilities, or that programmed children are not capable of blending in with other children and appearing normal in all ways.

It is true that some children lived at the facilities where training or programming took place. Those children had no life outside of the facility such as family and school.  I saw many such children.

There were other children who were taken from their homes at night, usually by adult family members, to various places for programming, experimentation and rituals. I was one of these children. I had a good life outside of the facilities.

Last year, Daniel Duval helped me lay down some highlights of my life story by way of 7 interviews (available on YouTube) and yet we only scratched the surface on some topics and other areas we didn't cover at all. Some of the areas not covered have to do with my early childhood programming and the areas I was used in. I was not used in just one capacity, I was used in numerous areas and experienced some very complex programming. I was fully capable of carrying out more than a double life. The only surface side effect I had was fatigue, which I ignored. Children like myself were trained to ignore pain and fatigue.

In answer to your comment that you "guess one of her [my] alters wrote the article!":

This last statement of yours most especially sounds like it is coming from a person who is totally ignorant of high level programming, ignorant of the selection process of those chosen to undergo high level programming and ignorant of the dynamics of alter systems.  

The best way I know to describe myself is that I have what some would say is a strong core personality. I do have alter systems and at times another alter or two will be in the front with my core. My core personality has always had the memories of the everyday life I led. The articles I wrote about my childhood memories are my memories, just as I experienced them back in the early years of my life.

Though I am now in the autumn years of my life, that little girl who lived in the late 1950's and early 1960's is still me. Maybe many people my age have forgotten our true golden years, but for me, those memories are forever etched in my very soul. I can not read my article about the 4th of July without crying. It's because I truly morn the loss of what America used to be! America was a country where common sense was common and the majority of the citizens were people of integrity having strong moral character. The fact that I was used in government projects did not affect my ability to love my life, my country and the people around me.  

When I wrote the articles, I was hoping to refresh the dying memories of the readers of my generation and at the same time, paint an accurate picture to the younger generations, of the days when life for most Americans was good.