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Reclaiming Male Power in the Viagra Age

July 27, 2015


Women used to align their interests with men and society. A square peg fit into a square hole. But Masonic Jewish bankers convinced many women to be "independent." As result, women are deprived of their natural biological and social role and risk isolationMen must reassert their leadership for everyone's sake. 

"Men represent the active principle; women the passive. We have the power and if we don't use it constructively, we will continue to fail women."

Men should focus on women who "look up" to them. If you're looking for your "equal," you're probably still looking for yourself. 

by Henry Makow Ph.D.

(slightly revised from Oct 24, 2001)

You've heard of the "Stone Age," the "Iron Age" and the "Information Age." This is the "Viagra Age" -- the era of male impotence. Television commercials say 1/3 of all men suffer from "erectile deficiency" attributed to high blood pressure, prostate cancer, or diabetes.

I suspect that often the real culprit is feminism. Women should empower men but for a long time they've been doing the opposite. Instead of taking the Viagra pill, men need to reclaim their masculine power.


In the workplace, a man can accept leadership from a competent woman. But in the intimate sphere, a man who takes orders from a woman is not a man, and usually can't perform like one. He sees his mother and feels like a child again.

Power is synonymous with masculine identity. Impotent literally means "powerless." We would never say a woman is "impotent." Rather, she is "infertile" or "frigid" reflecting her passive or receptive role.

A man cannot love if he does not have power. He exercises his power on behalf of his wife and family. Women take away male power and wonder why they aren't loved.


I felt liberated after I finally understood the power dynamic. I decided to look abroad for a traditional woman. After a misstep in the Philippines (described in my book A Long Way to Go for a Date), I married an educated, intelligent Mexican woman from a secular Jewish background similar to my own. For the first time in my life, I have found contentment and so has she. We have an almost frictionless relationship.

She tells me what she's thinking but she never tells me what to do. She avoids the 4 C's: complain, criticize, control and compete. In the past, women constantly blackmailed me by making childish scenes. I found myself cringing in expectation of this. It doesn't happen.

The division of labor reflects our preferences. I do all the shopping and cooking. 

The gesture of a man opening a door for a woman illustrates how men and women should relate. We all know a woman can open a door herself. But when a man does it, he is affirming her femininity, beauty or charm. When she accepts this gesture, she is validating his masculine power. This trade, woman surrendering her power in exchange for man's love, is the essence of heterosexuality. In order to develop emotionally, men and women need this mutual validation as much as sex itself. Sex is an expression of it.

Under the toxic influence of feminism, women open their own doors. Neither sex's identity is validated, neither matures emotionally. Men feel redundant and impotent; women feel rejected and unsexed.



The following are some practical tips to help men restore their power.

  • The best way to select a woman is to make a reasonable request. If she clicks her heels, salutes and says, "Oui, mon Capitain," she's eligible. (I'm exaggerating.) On a summer day, before I remarried, I met a young woman who was rollerblading. I asked her to take off her sunglasses so I could see her face. She obeyed. That was a positive early sign. Courtship is the process by which a man earns a woman's trust (love) so that she will accept his leadership. Men express love in terms of benevolent power and perceive a women's love as her acceptance of his protection. A woman wants a man to make her feel secure.

  • Feminism misleads men to pursue "independent" women and reject the women they actually need. If a woman wants to be "independent," she doesn't want you. If her dating profile says "Are you man enough for me?" or "I'm high maintenance," decline the challenge. Life is too short. Marriage is not about independence. It is about two people becoming one and that only happens when a woman surrenders leadership to a man.

  • Men give their power to a woman in hopes of getting love, sex and beauty. For a while she is flattered, but ultimately she cannot respect a man she can control. Women trade power for love. When men do it, they become women.  A woman wants to be drafted not petitioned. She wants a man to have a wholesome vision of his life, in which she has an essential place. This vision need not be elaborate or complicated. It could involve a life focused on mutual values and interests, like children, music, health food, church, or the outdoors.

  • There is a book entitled: Why do I Think I am Nothing Without a Man (1982) The author, Dr. Penelope Russianoff, tries to help women overcome this feeling. The truth is, this feeling is grounded in reality. Self-fulfillment for a woman is when the "self" is her husband and children. Women are God's creatures, they self sacrifice and serve; in return, they are deservedly cherished. If the "self" is her personal satisfaction and career, she is already full and filled. Her husband and children are secondary.

  • A man wouldn't be attracted to so many beautiful women if he asked, "to which woman can I entrust my spirit?" Similarly, the sex act is very invasive for a woman. The man's spirit invades her being. She is empty and receptive. At the same time, she gives him emotional and spiritual protection. He expands into the space she creates by her acceptance. A man and a woman are like a sword in a sheath. He strengthens her. She shelters him. They become one.


A man can reclaim his identity by recognizing that his power is non-negotiable. It represents his ability to love. It is the essence of his masculinity.

A man should focus on women who are receptive to him and ignore the rest. She may be behind a counter rather than an executive desk, a barista rather than a brain surgeon.

A single man should be aggressive and quickly sift without concern for rejection. Be wary of feminists and women who are from broken marriages or hate their fathers.

A man must be prepared to offer the right woman a profound relationship. She is not interested in "hooking up." She does not want to be "gamed." She is the ground on which he cultivates a family. He "husbands." Single men are so passive and juvenile today that single women are climbing the walls.

Men represent the active principle; women the passive. We have the power and if we don't use it constructively, we will continue to fail women.

Makow - What is Feminine? 
----------  Psychiatrist Explains how Feminism Causes Frigidity

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Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at

Comments for "Reclaiming Male Power in the Viagra Age"

Dan said (July 27, 2015):

This article takes me back. I remember applying the casual test that you explained in the roller girl incident, on an 'internet dating' date in 2003. It was in a restaurant. I merely asked "would you pass the salt please." She said, "you can reach it".

That saved me days, perhaps weeks of finding out the hard way.

Lee said (July 27, 2015):

The male-female relationship as you describe it, power/respect vs love/trust,

Is also the same dynamic of the relationship God wants to have with people - minus the sex aspect of course.

The parent child dynamic is the same thing, minus the sex aspect, again, of course. Which is why it works the same way for God as our parent and us as His children.

P said (July 27, 2015):

Henry, just want to say that God brought me the right woman; and just as you wrote, virtually frictionless; and that it IS possible to have a deep true intimate relationship that compliments one another without the power struggle.

Takes faith on her part, ( and ours), and thus far have had the most amazing relationship in my life. I hope other guys and gals can also experience this, knowing how to solve any friction amongst themselves, in love.

Paul said (July 27, 2015):

As a man who has struggled much with gender confusion and gender roles due to sexual abuse endured at the hands of a woman for years and years, it is refreshing to know that there is even scientific evidence to show that women are different from men and that it is okay for me to be a man in this hostile world. When women want equality with men outside of the bedroom, men will have equality with women inside of the bedroom. Neither of these equalities is good for any species and especially the human species.

Michael said (July 9, 2013):

A wonderful article, Henry. Well done. My (second) wife and I have a correct balance in our relationship. She acknowledges me as commander and chief, without rancor. I treat her with love and respect, always, and she in turn gives me respect and adoration. So unlike my first wife, where she always had to control every damn thing of every damn day. In time, I felt neutered and discombobulated. She is a miserable person now (the mother of my son) and a hard cold emotionless automaton. Thank god that is over! Anyway, your message is courageous and please continue to propound it.

Scottie said (July 9, 2013):

We live in a manipulated culture that portrays heterosexual marriage as boring, out-of-fashion and un-cool, yet at the same time this culture of ours is embracing homosexual marriage as cool and hip. There's a war going on now against heterosexual institutions and marriage. Look at Hollywood and especially TV shows. Most men are portrayed as fat,stupid, ignorant and.uneducated, while the female is almost always shown in a domineering manner, bossing her husband around like a child..(everybody loves Raymond,.King of Queens etc...) As I have said countless times, the Illuminati are socially engineering us on a daily basis.

One way they are doing this is with the mass media. For example have you ever wondered why people refer to television shows as 'Programs' or 'local programming' ? Because it subconsciously programs us and molds our behavior. The Illuminati doesn't want strong healthy functional families.

The illuminati want us isolated, poor and dependent on the government.
They do not want wealthy established families. Marriage is nothing to be looked down upon, all power to the young people forming long lasting bonds and relationships.

JG said (July 8, 2013):

Through the course of my 60 years on this Earth I learned a lot of things too late in life.

God really does send us a woman to be a lifetime mate, "to have and to hold, for better and for worse, and in health and sickness". However, like myself, we don't recognize it when it is sent to us. And then we go on from one woman to another searching for what we once had and trying to find the same thing in another relationship. That one never works out well.

After we have that "meant to be" first true relationship with a woman and it is lost, our innocence is also lost with it and it can't be found again.

Below- Psychiatrist Explains Why Feminism Causes Frigidity (scroll down)

Movie "Ant-Man: Is "Mindfulness" Satanic?

July 26, 2015

Movies used to be based on novels. But now that adults are being infantilized, they are based on comic books. "Ant-Man" is a new Disney movie that grossed $145 million in its first week. Our reviewer believes Ant-Man's espousal of "mindfulness" is part of the satanic agenda. 
I don't believe that "mindfulness" need be non-judgmental. On the contrary, I believe detachment from thought is healthy and necessary for survival. Our identity shifts from the malleable mind to our soul, which is ultimate reality, immutable and moral by nature. 

Are Eastern religions satanic?

by Aspen

One scene in Ant-Man unveils the entire purpose of this otherwise noisy, slam-bang, smart-aleck, ten-chuckles-a-minute affair. 

A brainy ex-con named Scott has been recruited by a mad scientist who discovered a technology to shrink and enlarge physical matter. The scientist wants Scott to shrink to the size of an ant and put a stop to an evil man's dastardly plans. 

However, Scott is having trouble managing the telepathic brain interface that controls the shrinking process.

 A woman named "Hope" informs Scott that he must "clear his mind of all distractions". Scott focuses on how much he loves his little daughter (whom he hasn't seen for years) -- and PING! The brain interface suddenly works like magic...or, we should say, rather, WITCHCRAFT.


What Scott is doing here is called "Mindfulness Meditation": "Mindfulness is the intentional acceptance and non-judgemental focus of one's attention...which can be trained by meditational practices that are described in detail in the Buddhist tradition...

"[This type of meditation offers] insight into the true nature of reality...namely the impermanence of and the unsatisfactoriness of every conditioned thing that exists, and non-self. With this insight, the practitioner becomes a so-called 'stream-enterer', the first stage on the path to liberation". (source: Wikipedia)

Passivity and loss of self are mainstays of satanic Eastern religions. What we're really seeing in Ant-Man is the programming of audiences to be comfortable with the increasingly important role of Eastern Witchcraft in interactive technology.

For brevity's sake, I will cite just one study amongst many which appears to demonstrate how this is happening:

"A BCI user needs to learn how to control their mental states in order to achieve the goal. Dr. Kabat-Zinn, founder of Mindfulness-Based Stress Meditation defines mindfulness as 'paying attention in a particular way: on purpose, in the present moment, and non-judgmentally'... [This study] showed that subjects that have undergone...mindfulness meditation over 12 weeks significantly improved their BCI performance compared to a no treatment control group". 


BCI is nothing more than an extended branch of satanic witchcraft. In addition to themes of passivity and "loss of self", we see in active operation here such terms as "non-judgmental" and "liberation". 

Thus undeniable and firm connections are being exposed between technology, witchcraft, "Political Correctness", and EVERY SINGLE movement that uses the label "liberation": that would include Marxism, Liberation Theology, Sexual Liberation, Feminine Liberation, Black Liberation, LGBTQ (and whatever other letters they've attached now) Liberation...and the soon coming Pedophile Liberation, Bestiality Liberation, Spiritual Liberation, and so forth.

Each one of these things is INTERCONNECTED: they are each and every one a key component of the central satanic thesis that has been subverting the globe bit by bit, piece by piece.

We may put the pieces together into one concise, clear statement of purpose:


And all those families who went to see Ant-Man thought it was so much FUN! Tell you what: if you go to see any films -- ANY -- with the sort of mindless passivity that this film promotes, it is a certainty that SATAN's creeping little ants are going to eat you alive. First your mind, and ultimately your soul.

You can find this article permanently at

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at

Comments for "Movie "Ant-Man: Is "Mindfulness" Satanic?"

Chad said (July 27, 2015):

Here’s a hint. If it’s on the big screen, owned by the usual crowd, you can bet any movie that comes out is a venue for the Illuminati and NW0 agenda. The title character is just a stage figure, whether it’s Batman, X-Men or some comedic garbage. The real scene is what’s happening in the background. No opportunity is wasted to expose the audience to the indoctrination. Therefore, all we see on screen is as should be expected. It should be news if it wasn’t something Satanic.

The solution is to simply not waste your time or spend money on anything shown in movie theaters or released for viewing by the general public. The same goes for mainstream television and radio. Let’s not forget pop music concerts.

Glen said (July 26, 2015):

Actually I think it is the perfect movie for this time in America. Most citizens have the critical thinking skills of a piss ant. Most citizens have the "hive mentality" and merely run around in a crazed life in search of the next feel good moment. So many still believe if they can get their brand of "queen" elected all will be just as it should be. I have no doubt someone is trying to tell us we as Americans have devolved into a creature with the I.Q. of the common ant.

Below-Trump Repeating Ross Perot's Old Trick to get Clintons Elected - (scroll down)

Psychiatrist Explains How Feminism Causes Frigidity

July 25, 2015


Dr Marie N. Robinson's revealing study of the feminine psyche explains how the Illuminati

have neutered women and eroded our heterosexuality. The aim is to induct society

into their satanic cult and to impose

a veiled Communist police state.

"The foundation of the Christian family is the sacrament of matrimony, the spring of all domestic and public morals. The anti-Christian societies [i.e. Illuminati] are opposed to the principle of home. When they have destroyed the hearth, the morality of society will perish."  Benjamin Disraeli (Lothair, 1870)

(Revised from Sept. 2009)

by Henry Makow Ph.D.

Marie N. Robinson MD, a Cornell educated psychiatrist devoted her New York City practice to the treatment of frigidity. Her book, The Power of Sexual Surrender (1958) online here, is a revealing study of the feminine psyche. It is out-of-print. Why? It is politically incorrect.

Dr. Robinson says that millions of American women suffer from frigidity. While she explores many different causes, she notes that frigid women universally adopt the feminist view. This view, that a career as a wife and mother is demeaning and men exploit woman, creates an "emotional logjam" which obstructs sexual response and psychological development.

Dr. Robinson writes that a woman's identity lies in an "essential feminine altruism." Her self-expression and power are based on making her husband and children her first priority. Similarly, her sexual satisfaction and spiritual fecundity depend on self-surrender.


Robinson says men and women are different by nature. Men are designed for mastery of the external (physical) world, and women for mastery of the internal (spiritual) world and the home. These are not social stereotypes, as feminists argue.

"Women are designed for duties different from those of the marketplace, another kind of stress entirely," writes Robinson. They "tend to lose their essential womanliness if they stay [in the marketplace] by choice." (149)

According to Robinson, "the feminist credo thoroughly discredited feminine needs and characteristics and substituted male goals for female goals."(53)

"The depreciation of the goals of femininity, biological and psychological, became part and parcel of the education of millions of American girls. Homemaking, childbearing and rearing, cooking, the virtues of patience, lovingness, giving ness in marriage, have been systematically devalued. The life of male achievement has been substituted for the life of female achievement." (55)


Robinson writes that "to millions of women, hostility towards the opposite sex seems almost a natural law. Although modern women may pay lip service to the ideal of a passionate and productive marriage to a man, underneath she deeply resents her role, conceives of the male as fundamentally hostile to her, as an exploiter of her. She wishes in her deepest heart, and often without the slightest awareness of the fact, to supplant him, to exchange roles with him." (emphasis mine 56)

Robinson says that if feminism had brought women happiness, the game might have been worth it.

"But it hasn't been. The game has brought frigidity and restlessness and a soaring divorce rate, neurosis, homosexuality, juvenile delinquency all that results when a woman in any society deserts her true function." (56)

Dr. Robinson writes that once the emotional "log jam" is removed, a woman's natural instincts will flow and health will be restored. Essentially this involves "allowing herself to trust her husband in a very deep sense. It means that she finally realizes that she no longer has to fear or oppose his strength, but that she can rely on it to protect her, to give her the secure climate necessary for the full flowering of her femininity." (153)

For a profound vaginal orgasm, Robinson writes, "the excitement comes from the act of surrender. There is a tremendous surging physical ecstasy in the yielding itself, in the feeling of being the passive instrument of another person..." (158)

On the other hand, the woman who mistrusts her husband's love and, as a consequence, her own femininity has a "difficult, painful, frenetic" approach to life. She is at war with herself. In bed, she has to feel "in control all the time."

Dr. Robinson says there is nothing in life more important than love. She believes marriage is the key to human development. The power of love is felt in the world through this relationship.

"Love means, in its very deepest sense union; union between individuals...It is the most basic and profound urge we have and its power for good is illimitable... the lover partner becomes as important as oneself...This fact is why real love never leads to domination or to a struggle for power..." (129)



The significance of The Power of Sexual Surrender is profound.

By coercing women to abandon their femininity and usurp the male role, feminism throws a spanner in the natural heterosexual mechanism of humanity. Women have been deprived of their natural biological and social role and condemned to loneliness and frustration. Similarly, men are deprived of the role of protector and provider essential to their development and fulfillment.

The triumph of such a wrongheaded ideology, and the suppression of the truth, signifies that control in the world has passed to a malignant force.

Robinson confirms my view that heterosexual union is based on an exchange of female power for male power expressed as love. A woman who seeks power is neutering herself and her husband. She will not receive love from a man whose identity is based on power. She cannot love someone she competes with. He cannot love her. This is the dilemma of feminists today.

As Marie N. Robinson confirms, woman loves by entrusting her power to the right man, her husband. He uses it to champion her interests. Thus she both empowers him and channels male power in a socially constructive direction. A woman's real power is love, the power of self surrender.

Related- The Ego Epidemic Attacking Young Women

You can find this article permanently at

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at

Comments for "Psychiatrist Explains How Feminism Causes Frigidity"

AV said (July 27, 2015):

my ex un wife went frigid too and couldn't cope with its 'roles'. next her discontent destroyed family life and turned into hate it wanted to destroy me, and as if loving abused our children, it died of cancer, but not after making sure i was outlawed, in stead of making it better it made it as worse as possible, and i? still breathing after 15.5 yrs, still here for my children, what can i say, the fembot wasn't herself anymore..

Barry said (July 26, 2015):

While I agree that feminism makes women frigid, I do not agree that the ultimate objective is to create a veiled communist police state. In my view, the ultimate objective is massive reduction in the world’s population.

For sure, the formation of a police state is evident in increased police brutality and dictatorial governance, but this is just a stepping stone to the final destination.

Let’s step back a bit here and examine two indisputable facts: 1) progress in robot technology and artificial intelligence never stops. 2) a disproportionate number of the rich elite are psychopathic.

Put the two together and we have a very dangerous situation. For the first time in history, the elites can see a way to dispense with the useless eaters and preserve earth’s natural resources for themselves. What better way to reduce population than to destroy the family unit by “inculcating beliefs that are known to be false” (Protocols) Wars, disease and famine all serve the same purpose.

In my experience most people, especially non engineering types, are not paying enough attention to the robot revolution. They think it is just sci-fi which is a huge mistake. Despite multiple reports and warnings in the MSM about impending mass unemployment in the next twenty years due to advancing technology, most people seem oblivious to this threat. Of course, if you believe that the elites will allow billions of people to lead a life of leisure, and continue to consume resources while robots do all the work, then you have nothing to worry about.

Personally I think this group of people are living in la la land and pose a bigger problem than the elites. If they do not wake up and resist we are all toast.

P said (July 26, 2015):

Henry, just imagine. If the divorce rate would drop to just 49%, politics would HAVE to succumb. Til then, men just have to keep learning about their true purpose, women ( should!) respond lovingly, and the societal impact would be great. If not, we'll all become sluts of the flesh with no foundation, no morals, and frankly, worthy of destruction.

Tim said (September 20, 2009):

Why would this be? Because you're a woman, you've hit 40, your ova have gone stale, you're childless, unmarried, you've been a shallow, self-centered career-minded b*tch since leaving college 20 years ago and there will be nobody to give a sh*t about you when you're 80?

No, it couldn't be that.

Eduardo said (September 18, 2009):


I found your page and i salute you for your courage - talking about such a loaded and prejudiced theme - sex relations.

When one criticizes women he is a machismo
When a women criticizes men she is always right, and if you contradict, then you are a machismo

I am from Portugal, Mediterranean area Latin - here women have all the power in the house like in Muslim countries - and they are often covered

Honorable and revolutionary Portuguese author Moises Espirito Santo defines Latin machismo as a reaction of powerlessness of men, because women rule the house and they are the owner of the land - the husband always moves to the wife´s village.

So machismo, its primarily violence and degradation of woman is a poor reaction of a poor powerless man...

I am a comics author - every time i say bad things about man ok when i say it about woman i am a bastard machismo

This happens all the time in our cultural place

Esther Vilar says that the power now relies in the most frigid - women - men are supposed to be more sex oriented then they are in the hands of woman

And woman don't like prostitutes because they do openly what all women do in secret - they sell themselves to the most powerful rich man etc etc

Please tell me what do you think of this and if you can get a copy of Esther Vilar books

David said (September 17, 2009):

It's so obvious where the point-of-view gap exists between male/female readers like Corey and Victoria. Corey is juvenile in his blame distribution of course...he must be young and still coping with the lack of substance in the modern mating manure. He has no empathy for the poor young sluts, because he cannot see the avalanche driving their easily predictable behavior.

Victoria on the other hand, is so close. She makes only a few mistakes in her post. "that is the impotence of men who refuse to rise to the challenge of the stronger women of today." Ha ha, using the word impotence when speaking of men, then repeating the lie of "the stronger women of today." Ha ha. Jobs, degrees and credit cards make Strong Women! Then she slips in Freud.

Henry, I'm 25, and educated young women are fucking hilarious. They refuse to believe that anything they've done has not been the perfect use of their time. It is a joy to behold. It really comes down to this; men do not wish to fight with women. You've written about this several times, and it's the primary obstacle of young connection. Women secretly want to be put in their place by a dominant, perfect man. Of course, any dominant young man can fuck attractive 20 year olds till he's 35. Why put in all of that effort to gradually and tactfully prove to a woman your worth and leadership ability...when she lacks the equal and opposite qualities YOU could use. My whole generation is toast. Bring on the robot lovers! Haha. Gotta laugh about it.

Your article exposing the anti-Semite set-up is great. The issues you are touching on here are the key Henry. Keep it up. The "Jews" are always being set up, despite how much it appears otherwise.

The Creator knows what he is doing/did. That's the craziest fucking part about all of this.

Corey said (September 17, 2009):

I am replying to Victoria's comment below. I will try to address some of her points.

She says "that is the impotence of men who refuse to rise to the challenge of the stronger women of today". First, who castrated the men? The feminists. You have no one to blame but yourself for the emasculation of men. Second, being an obnoxious, rude, arrogant, stuck up, immature spoiled brat doesn't make you a "strong" woman. A real "strong woman" is one who is religious, chaste and faithful to her husband, and puts her family first. Her faith in God is the source of her strength. Feminists are not "strong" women. They are simply obnoxious overgrown brats that think if they shout loud enough, people will listen. Being loud and obnoxious and being "strong" are not the same thing.

She says "The more powerful ones, secure in their masculinity, are not threatened in the slightest by feisty women". Actually, a real man, someone who is secure in their masculinity, generally doesn't want to deal with the immature childish antics of "feisty" women, who are actually simply whores. That is why we see so many REAL men rejecting American women, and finding foreign wives. And no, it's not because they feel "threatened" by "strong" women. As I already pointed out, being a selfish obnoxious arrogant overgrown child doesn't make you a "strong" woman. They are just sick and tired of having to deal with emotionally immature women, which is exactly what this article is dealing with- how feminism causes women to remain emotionally immature their whole life.

As for the rest of your rant about mothers and Freudian philosophy, it is too incoherent to even address.

Laura said (September 16, 2009):

9/14/09 article : One view: The 30's 40' and 50's Hollywood produced movies, soap operas (radio and TV) promoting adultery, fornication shotgun marriages; then the 60's onward produced soap operas, movies, sit-coms with unwed mothers (celebrity/gossip magazines incl) extramarital affairs, drug addiction, and more of the same trash; this influence over an 80 year period is another reason of family breakdown; Some church leaders, school teachers, politicians and others in leadership set poor examples. No doubt this Hollywood (CFR controlled) influence is why there are so many divorces, feminist movements, gay, lesbian lifestyles, porno, seen as normal.

Canadian currency update for the times

July 19, 2015

Latest News-


Alex Jones - Zionist Shill by Bob

Alex Jones - Zionist Shill- email from Bob

At various times you have expressed skepticism and/or outright scorn regarding the true nature and mission of Alex Jones and his Infowars organization. I would like to share my own observations and recent experiences with same. 

I never bought the official 911 story - right from the very moments the various events of the day occurred, it was clear that the emerging story in the media didn't add up i.e. it was clearly a cruise missile that hit the Pentagon; steel-reinforced concrete buildings don't dissolve to dust in mid-air; there was no reason for Building 7 to simply collapse the way it did unless by controlled demolition, etc, etc, etc. and so on.... 

However, it's only been in the last year or so that I've become convinced of the Mossad's definitive role in the planning and execution of 911. It really was obvious all along when you look at the facts that were available from the beginning - but like most things that stare us in the face, I just couldn't see the forest for the trees until recently... 

Rebekah Roth's book provided new facts and helped connect more of the dots (God bless her but it's a dreadfully written novel - oiks! :))   I was already pretty much convinced of Israel's culpability by that point, though, and began posting terse but respectful comments to this effect on various websites including Infowars articles related to 911.  Some of these comments made it through, but many of them were blocked by moderators.  The last comment I made to this effect a couple of weeks ago on did not make it through and I've just discovered that I have now, in fact, been BANNED from making any further comments on the website..  

It all fits now.  Despite the overwhelming evidence pointing to a Zionist global cabalistic conspiracy, Jones has always refused to name the real culprits.  And despite the overwhelming evidence implicating Israel in 911, he will only point the finger at U.S. government ' insiders'.  I've also become aware that Jones is married to an Israeli Jewish woman which, despite Jones' posturing of being a nominal Protestant Christian, make his children officially Jewish according to Judaic rules of bloodline. 

None of this is news to you, I'm sure.  But I just wanted to share my direct recent experience with you as further confirmation that suspicions about Jones' true nature and mission are well founded.


One Liners about Politicians

July 2, 2015

One Liners about Politicians 

We bitch about politicians but what do we expect when they raise campaign funds privately?  If we wanted politicians to represent us instead of their donors, we would fund elections publicly for the cost of a few jet fighters. Clearly, we are not serious about democracy.

*If God wanted us to vote, he would have given us candidates. 
*The problem with political jokes is they get elected. 
*~HenryCate, VII~ 
*We hang the petty thieves and appoint the great ones to public office. 
*If we got one-tenth of what was promised to us in these State of the Union Speeches,there wouldn't be any inducement to go to heaven. 
*~Will Rogers~

*When I was a boy I was told that anybody could become President; I'm beginning to believe it. 

*Politicians are people who, when they see light at the end of the tunnel, they go out andbuy some more tunnel. 
*Politics is the gentle art of getting votes from the poor and campaign funds from the rich, by promising to protect each from the other. 
*I offer my opponents a bargain: if they will stop telling lies about us, I will stop telling the truth about them. 
*~Adlai Stevenson, campaign speech, 1952~

*A politician is a fellow who will lay down your life for his country. 
*~ Tex Guinan~

*I havecome to the conclusion that politics is too serious a matter to be left to thepoliticians. 
*~Charlesde Gaulle~

*Instead of giving a politician the keys to the city, it might be better to change thelocks. 
*~Doug Larson~

*There ought to be one day -- just one -- when there is open season on senators. 
*~Will Rogers~ 
* and from HarryTruman:   If you want a real friend - that you can trust in Washington - go buy a dog!