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Now, Heterosexuals are in the Closet

April 15, 2018

closet.jpgby Henry Makow Ph.D.

(Updated Nov 27, 2008)

Although 97% of the population is not gay, there is relatively little cultural support for heterosexual institutions (family, motherhood, fatherhood); roles (masculinity and femininity); and life events (courtship, marriage, birth and child rearing.)

Although building a strong family is probably the purpose of life and key to happiness for most, this knowledge is kept under wraps. Millions of dollars are spent to make women find careers but not a dime to become mothers. On the contrary, women who devote their lives to family are criticized.

If you search "heterosexual" in Google, you will get 16 million citations. Search "homosexual" and you get more than 20 million citations, pretty good for 3% of the population. ("Lesbian" got 10 million.)

Per capita "homosexual" received 100 times the citations "heterosexual" got. "Homosexuality" (10.7 million citations) got roughly 11 times the citations of "heterosexuality" (990,000.) Per capita, homosexuality got 3500 times more citations than "heterosexuality."

The fact that the word "heterosexuality" is in rare use is a shocking illustration of the cultural vacuum the non-gay majority inhabits. Our majority "default" status doesn't explain it. In terms of cultural support, non-gays are being starved or as I will suggest later, poisoned.

Another example. There are 21 times as many used books listed with the Advanced Booksellers Exchange under the keyword "homosexuality" as "heterosexuality" (24233 to 1154). Per cap this means there are 6750 references to homosexuality for every one to heterosexuality .

Heterosexuals are being brainwashed to function "on the quiet," "out of the public view," so that we don't "offend" our gay brothers and sisters. There are exceptions but generally speaking our lifestyle and rituals are not celebrated. Instead they are portrayed in a jaundiced way.

On the other hand, homosexual behavior is portrayed as cool and trendy. Kate Perry's "I Kissed a Girl" got more than a million views on YouTube.

Certainly, there is an obsession with male-female sex but mostly in homosexual terms, i.e. promiscuous and anonymous. Heterosexuals are being turned into homosexuals in the sense of being unable to establish a permanent bond with the opposite sex.

Heterosexuality is the basis of the natural life-cycle; it is not a "sexual preference." Non-gays, especially women, are naturally monogamous because heterosexuality ultimately is about procreation.

Heterosexual norms and institutions are routinely ridiculed and affronted in the mass media.

For example, in opening scene of the hit movie, American Wedding, (2003) which is aimed at impressionable teenagers, the future bride performs fellatio on the groom from under a table in a crowded restaurant.

At the wedding reception the groom's unruly friend accidentally has sex with the groom's grandmother in a dark closet. He thought he was making it with the bride's sluttish sister. The grandmother is so satisfied that she removes her objection to her grandson marrying a shiksa. In the final scene, another friend performs cunnilingus on the unruly friend's mother in a bubble bath.

This cultural assault on heterosexual norms is part of a long-term program by the Masonic Jewish financial elite to decrease population, destroy the family and destabilize society.

Far-fetched you say?

The Rockefeller Foundation is funding this campaign. Type in Google "Rockefeller Foundation" and "Women's Studies" and you will get 136,000 entries, many acknowledging support. Type in RF and "homosexual" and you will get 221,000 entries. Type in RF and "heterosexual" and you get only 11,700 entries, mostly in reference to their promotion of homosexuality.

The Rockefeller Foundation is on the vanguard of the elite's efforts to breed a slave race. For almost a century, it has funded research and lobbying designed to control population (the pill, abortion) separate sex from procreation (e.g. the "Sexual Revolution," The Kinsey Report) and destroy the nuclear family.

It has funded the eugenics movement worldwide including Dr. Josef Mengele's experiments on live concentration camp inmates. Ladies, these are the folks who are bringing you feminism. See Rockefeller, Nazis, The UN, & Genocide

The Rockefeller Foundation's agenda is reflected in government, education and the media. It doesn't matter which party you vote for, which TV network you watch, which university you attend. The agenda is the same: the New World Order, not-so-friendly fascism run by the London-based cartel of cartels and their New York branch office.

I have written more than two dozen articles about how heterosexuality works. (See "Cruel Hoax") They resound with many people. Agree or disagree, I haven't had a single interview or mention in the mainstream media. This is not sour grapes. It merely illustrates that our "free and open" society is a fraud. We have freedom of speech. Being heard is another matter.

It is a misunderstanding to think Communism is dead. Communism was always an instrument of the New World Order and still is. See "Wall Street's Utopian Hoax: Communism and the New World Order."

Communism takes many forms, all designed to advance the rule of the  central banking cartel by infiltrating and subverting Western culture and institutions. Feminism is designed to destroy the family (a long-time Communist goal) thereby creating docile and facile people.

"Women's Studies" which originated in Communist Training Schools, is devoted to the indoctrination and psychological neutering of young women at university. They learn that men ("the patriarchy") are the cause of the world's problems. Gender roles and family are social inventions to oppress women. They devote their few precious years of fertility to starting a career instead of a family.

From "Women's Studies" feminist militants fan out to all departments of university and society to act as dreary Rockefeller "change agents" and Commissars. They demand that the record of civilization be recast in terms of women's oppression and research and policy conform to feminist diktat. See "Remove Feminist Professors"

I was expelled from the University of Winnipeg for teaching the work of an unrepentant heterosexual D.H. Lawrence. Meanwhile, two lesbian instructors who showed lesbian porn to high school girls at summer school and told them to use zucchini to satisfy their sexual needs are still teaching. See "Give Back the University of Winnipeg"

I urge you to read Dr. Charles Socarides' book "Homosexuality: A Freedom Too Far" to understand the true nature of homosexuality and the insidious campaign to mainstream it. As a psychiatrist, he treated homosexuals for 40 years. See also "Is this Gay Behavior Sick?"

The cry of "equality," "tolerance" and "diversity" is the classic underhanded Masonic Jewish Communist- elite method of subverting society. They champion some minority whom they portray as victims. They divide and conquer, putting their minority agents in power. They call this "progress" when in fact it is social disintegration and tyranny.

Their claim to champion "equality" is belied by the fact that their proteges far outnumber anyone else per capita. This is about power not justice.

In today's context, "tolerance" etc. really means non-gays must embrace homosexual behavior. This is also seen in their attempt to force schools to adopt "gay friendly" values.

Resistors are typically accused of "hatred" and "intolerance." There is a clear distinction between accepting differences without rancor and not wanting to adopt those differences yourself or to see society subverted.

The continuing assault on heterosexuals is seen in the demand for same sex marriage which is really about redefining and destroying marriage. Few gays want to marry.

Gay adoptions are criminal. Heterosexual children need heterosexual models. So is the policy of Big Brothers to allow gays to mentor fatherless boys. They don't let straight men mentor teenage girls.

Homosexuality is a developmental disorder. The elite's policy is to use it to subvert heterosexuality. I elaborate here.

In conclusion, our political and cultural leaders are sell-outs and frauds that have embraced a collective death wish for society. They think they have sold out to "the corporations." But the corporations mostly belong to one interlocking cartel. This is controlled by people who actually believe in the Occult. Their agenda is to subvert Western Civilization and create a world dictatorship dedicated to Lucifer.

The promotion of homosexuality is designed to weaken us so we will submit to this tyranny. This is behind the lack of cultural support for heterosexuals.

We live in a world where only minorities have identity to undermine the collective interests of the majority. In the Protocols, the author writes, "we shall undermine all collective forces except our own."

We can resist by reaffirming the traditional family and the elements necessary to make it strong.The most important ingredient is strong responsible male leadership and willing resourceful female collaboration and love.


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Comments for "Now, Heterosexuals are in the Closet"

Hamid said (November 30, 2008):

Thanks a lot Henry this is a master work, mostly because it explain many issues in a easy and understandable way, even the links are very informative.

Along Side with This Huge Mind Control Campaign of adopting The Homosexuality that you perfectly explain in this article, there is a systemically interfering with our body functional, specifically on our hormone system, more specific on the men testosterone production both on men and women, creating the men become feminine behaviour and looks, and the women become more feminine or more horny!

Here in Denmark one of the word’s best specialists in reproduction is the professor Niels Erik Skakkebæk from Rigshospital (Copenhagen’s university Hospital). Is trying unsuccessfully to convince politicians to act and quickly regulate and impose new laws to force corporations not to use the destructive chemicals in their products which have been identified in details by so many famous experts around the world that are just undeniable. Prof. Niles compares the problem with that of Global warming. “I want to have a “National advise committee” that could clarify, where we lacks the knowledge to stop this development. However I lately got a refusal from Health ministry, « says he.

The lead scientist of the Growth and Reproduction Klink of Righshospital Anna Maria Anderson in a research gave a mixed of hormones destructive stuffs to pregnant rats, thereafter so many rats were born with breast organs, while %60 of them had defective penice. The stuff has with a great possibility the same effect on mankind, the results can be a very likely explanation of those tendencies, we have seen on dropping men seed quality, damage in boys sex organ, and testicle cancer «explains she.

These hormone destructive stuff each one alone are not too effective that is why they are approved by the authority. But these stuff are every where, all over our food, cosmetic, cloth, plastics and so much more, so we are bombarded by them.

Senior scientist of Denmark Teknisk University Ulla Hass under an EU project is conducting a research to see which 10 hormone destructive stuff we are getting each day. And how dangerous they are when we take them all together called “Cocktail effect”.

Mary said (November 30, 2008):

Henry: I agree with your article totally. I've seen this in the school system and have experienced it first hand while in college. In one class that I had a few years ago on Diversity, while completing my Master's Degree in Family Life Education (Future Educators for--Families), the group being discussed was Alternate Family Styles (Homosexuality). When I asked, "What is it called when you are Not Homophobic, which is an unrealistic fear of Homosexuality, but that because you do not see Homosexuality in the Natural World--Nature, the Animal kingdom, etc., and for That reason (because even plants are male and female) you question whether Homosexuality is simply a 'Sexual Orientation,' and therefore is natural and not abnormal?" The professor's response: "That's Xynophobia." I didn't know what 'Xynophobia' was and had to go home and look it up: Racist, a fear of Everything. As Family Life Educators, many of us will be teaching the teachers (whether in schools or the community).

Anon said (November 29, 2008):

In response to your article, "Now, Heterosexuals are in the Closet", I'd like to bring to your attention an event that happened at SUNY New
Paltz in circa 2000 that seems eerily similar to some of the stories
you recount:

"Meanwhile, two lesbian instructors who showed lesbian porn to high school girls at summer school and told them to use zucchini to satisfy
their sexual needs are still teaching." At SUNY New Paltz, members of the Women's Studies department held a 'seminar' called 'Revolting
Behavior' which included workshops on "Sex Toys for Women" and "Safe, Sane & Consensual S/M: An Alternative Way of Loving.". Although our
society has learned to tolerate this sort of thing in their backyard, supporting it with tax payer money proved to be pushing the limit.

One could even speculate that these kinds of productions are part of a bigger plan to break down the judgment mechanisms of young students.
Why are such fringe, for lack of a better term: 'deviant' forms of behavior getting not only attention, but financial support?

Carpetbagger said (November 29, 2008):

The University of Manitoba's women's studies program is way over the top, and before enrolling I was unaware that there was even such a
program there. Listening to part of a lecture it was immediately apparent that even a non english speaker would consider the prof a biased shrieking harpy.

People should have the right to form groups and discuss whatever they want of course, I'm just tired of paying for it. The womyn's centre on
campus is a fine example. Why is everybody forced to pay for a 'sex toys party' - there was one advertised a couple of weeks ago - and
free condoms and tampons? And how is the field of women's studies actually considered a legitimate field of study? And how is it not considered discriminatory?

The closest I can figure is that if enough people believe something, it is effectively and unfortunately true. And maybe it's on this point
where the recurring theme of occult crossover occurs. But what's the answer? Does a Taliban West franchise open it's doors and smash TV's,
radios and computers?

I'm in a position where it's impossible to openly fight. Unfortunately a side effect of your publications is that you are considered a fringe
lunatic by most people which in my humble opinion compromises your effectiveness to directly fight these programs. And I don't see any angry mob revolution happening due to your, or anybody's, writings either.

In fact, nobody is effectively fighting and the inmates are running the asylum. I say let it burn, and maybe roast some marshmellows while
it does. Please don't take offense either as your writings are not worthless. You are mostly preaching to the choir though, and by openly
associating conspiracies considered fringy with opposition to feminism, I think you are losing more hearts and minds than are gained.

And I can't decide if what you are doing is bravely noble, or an operation designed to further marginalize resistance.


Dear CB,

They always marginalize and smear opponents. It's part of the mind control they exercise on their dupes. If the goyim would only read the Protocols they would see that universities are used deliberately to inculcate their young with mistake beliefs.

No one likes to be told they have been deceived. But how much worse to be shown, and refuse to see.


Pat said (November 29, 2008):

can certainly relate to your story of lesbians showing porno movies to high school girls. My story takes place in a university but was corrupt just the same.

I will try to make this short but I am glad to tell someone of my bitter disappointment upon deciding to return to school at the age of fifty-five.

Went to the state university of New York and our professor had the class write out situation where people would be discrimminated against. Our professor was I am sure a lesbian and I was told be a few students that in order to get a good grade they felt that creating a situation in which lesbians were being discrimminated against was their best bet in getting that good grade.

Anwyway what I want to say is that as some of them got in front of the class and read their stories, I was appalled! One of the stories used profane language and mentioned two girls having sex in the bathroom and other situations as well which I have forgotten, it was six or so years ago. In any case I dropped out of school because of personality problems I had in getting along with the teacher. I still to this day feel sad that I was not able to get my ph.d in ancient greek history. That was my dream.

I could go on and on in telling you the problems I encountered with that teacher and in fact the whole department. She would grade my papers with large red marks all over it and when I would ask her to explain she could not explain why they were there. I even had a conference with the chairlady of the department with no results. So I decided to drop out, I was so stressed.
Thanks for listening,

Patricia Oh yes I am being harrassed by the loan department for a loan I originally had for 3,000 but with collection fees it is now 5,500. Sad since I never was able to use the money for school.

Peter said (November 29, 2008):

f you Google 'Christian Family', you'll get 21,200,000 hits. If you Google 'Gay Family' you'll get 3,450,000 hits. Sometimes we read too much into Google results. I heartily agree with your main points and you can (and do) support them very well without treating Google like the Oracle at Delphi - or God. ;) Better to stick with the 'Divine Order' or even 'Natural Order' explanation.



Considering that Christian families probably outnumber gay families by 1000 to one, the google results (15 to one) are significant. They show what's getting disproportionate attention in mass consciousness.


Dan said (November 29, 2008):

Last night I was looking through YouTube pages listings for 'demon possession'. Everyone's notice how on YouTube you'll click a link which throws you into a different though related category. I think it's called 'breadcrumbs', a tricky way to lead traffic into a topic they didn't start out looking for. Here's how it went.
'Demon possession' led to 'Witchcraft', led to 'Wicca' - in the Wicca layer were tons of videos glamorizing 'the power of goddess' and 'you are goddess', etc,
and then it led into a section devoted to homemade videos by teenage girls telling why they've 'chosen' to become lesbians. Listening to a few of those in a row I'll just say the main reason given was pretty shallow. Basically saying boys aren't as good in bed as girls.

Now wait a second, before anyone jumps to debate 'pro or con' on that matter, keep in mind I'm talking about girls who looked not older than sixteen, who've already decided that they're lesbians because they're having better sex with girls than boys their age.

Most people have forgotten that it used to be considered normal that no one had sex with anyone before their wedding night, for the most common people marriage didn't occur before a courtship process which involved the suitors meeting the girls Father and Mother to make his 'intentions' known to be honorable. Girls usually didn't accept marriage proposals unless the Father and family approved. Some 'eloped', but most girls cared about their family first and trusted their judgment, even if they were at first disappointed. Most often later the girl would realized her Father and family were right. And ALL the family members were involved in this process - the grandmother, mother, father, to less extent the grandfather. Sex was the LAST consideration of founding a good marriage - it wasn't even to be considered until the marriage actually began.

Teen lesbians may be throwing temper tantrums in HORROR hearing this, but I say they wouldn't be here at all if their great grandmothers or grandmothers or mothers had been teenage lesbians. They might think about that if their own mother protests them going gay because the mother says she wants grandchildren someday.

As for what these girls think about teen boys being bad at sex basket cases -- they're right about that. The solution isn't for the boys and girls to go gay based on the teen fallacy that they should each stick to their own familiar 'equipment'. Boys need a few years to mature into men, and girls have always been in the best position to make sure they do by telling them 'NO' to begin with.

Tony said (November 29, 2008):


Two most important points.

1. The family is the basis of civilization. Period. Civilization declines into nonexistence, i.e. chaos, crime, mayhem, lawlessness, etc., without strong families. Strong families force government to govern fairly and justly. Weakened families breed corrupted government wherein the worst criminals are those who govern who then protect their rapine by enacting their criminality into law.

2. Tolerance of unnatural acts is itself an unnatural act, i.e. tolerance of evil is evil. Acts in opposition to nature are evil. Flaunting unnatural acts is flaunting evil. Promoting them is evil. Tolerating such acts, let alone condoning them, is evil. Neutrality of such acts is out of the question as it is also an evil to be neutral of evil. That is just another toleration of it.

Omar said (November 29, 2008):

Throughout my life I have noticed something about homosexual men: they worship masculine power, though themselves feel unworthy or incapable of possessing it.

Similarly, as you always write, women like powerful men. I have an example that illustrates the point succinctly. Years ago I was a TA for a course in computer literacy. It was a course which many non-engineering and non-computer science students, particularly women, took to fill some basic requirements. So there was a good mix of people from different departments. In particular, departments where you will find the more attractive women on campus: art-history, psychology, etc.

So as I’m taking the elevator to the lab where the class session is, 2 geeky undergraduate boys are talking: “Did you see [name omitted] she is soooooooo hot” (a gal in the class)

“Dude, she asked me to help her with her homework “

I laughed to myself, this idiot is clueless. By immediately submitting to her wish, this boy exhibits his weakness. I have a problem in general with women trying to use their sexual appeal to garner favors of this sort, but this was just pure pathetic.

So I give the lecture, and I am at the front of class individually helping out students with questions. This girl then calls out from her desk, as if she can bypass the line of students waiting, as I’m helping others. Omar,… Omar… Omar…. She is so used to weak men just catering to her every wish she is incredibly boorish.

She keeps trying to interrupt as I’m helping another student, and finally I lay down my notebook, look at her, and sternly say and somewhat loud [name omitted], EXCUSE ME. People are trying to work. QUIET DOWN. NOW!

Her face turns red, and she quietly looks down and continues, as do I.

The student I was helping was the same pathetic boy in the elevator. I look at him and whisper,

“I’ll bet you 100 bucks she’ll ask me out by the end of the week”

I got an email that same day asking if I’d like to go out for coffee.

I refused ;) of course.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at