Sexual Frigidity Is Caused by Feminism

September 14, 2009

surrender1.jpg (This reprises and revises an important article I wrote in May 2004.)

Marie N. Robinson MD, a Cornell educated psychiatrist devoted her New York City practice to the treatment of frigidity. Her book, The Power of Sexual Surrender (1958) is a revealing study of the feminine psyche. It is out-of-print. Why? It is politically incorrect.

Dr. Robinson says that millions of American women suffer from frigidity. While she explores many different causes, she notes that frigid women universally adopt the feminist view. This view, that a career as a wife and mother is demeaning and men exploit woman, creates an "emotional logjam" which obstructs sexual response and psychological development.

Dr. Robinson writes that a woman's identity lies in an "essential feminine altruism."

Her self-expression and power are based on making her husband and children her first priority. Similarly, her sexual satisfaction and spiritual fecundity depend on self-surrender.


Robinson says men and women are different by nature. Men are designed for mastery of the external (physical) world, and women for mastery of the internal (spiritual) world and the home. These are not social stereotypes, as feminists argue.

"Women are designed for duties different from those of the marketplace, another kind of stress entirely," writes Robinson. They "tend to lose their essential womanliness if they stay [in the marketplace] by choice." (149)

According to Robinson, modern women have an identity crisis because they think they are no longer needed as women. Before the industrial revolution, the home was the centre of all life and a woman was its heart. She nursed and trained the children, prepared clothing and food, and helped with farm tasks.

The industrial revolution seemed to make women obsolete. Children were not needed and were even considered a liability. Everything could be bought in stores. The home was empty. Children went to school, husbands to work.

Woman's response was to turn against her own femininity. Mary Wollstonecraft wrote a feminist manifesto Vindication of the Rights of Women (1792) that proclaimed women were identical to men, and promoted maleness in women.

According to Robinson, "the feminist credo thoroughly discredited feminine needs and characteristics and substituted male goals for female goals."(53)

The other response to the industrial revolution was not feminist, but "Victorian." Robinson says Victorian women took "revenge" on men by denying women had any sexual feelings. They "were amazingly successful in convincing men in general and even the scientists of the day that frigidity was indeed a basic attribute of the female." (54)

Thus, feminists and Victorian women both laid the foundations for modern female neurosis.

"The depreciation of the goals of femininity, biological and psychological, became part and parcel of the education of millions of American girls. Homemaking, childbearing and rearing, cooking, the virtues of patience, lovingness, giving ness in marriage, have been systematically devalued. The life of male achievement has been substituted for the life of female achievement." (55)


The feminist-Victorian antagonism to men was handed down from mother to daughter so that "to millions of women, hostility towards the opposite sex seems almost a natural law. Although many a modern women may pay lip service to the ideal of a passionate and productive marriage to a man, underneath she deeply resents her role, conceives of the male as fundamentally hostile to her, as an exploiter of her. She wishes in her deepest heart, and often without the slightest awareness of the fact, to supplant him, to exchange roles with him." (emphasis mine 56)

Robinson says that if feminism had brought women happiness, the game might have been worth it.

"But it hasn't been. The game has brought frigidity and restlessness and a soaring divorce rate, neurosis, homosexuality, juvenile delinquency all that results when a woman in any society deserts her true function." (56)

Dr. Robinson writes that once the emotional "log jam" is removed, a woman's natural instincts will flow and health will be restored. Essentially this involves "allowing herself to trust her husband in a very deep sense. It means that she finally realizes that she no longer has to fear or oppose his strength, but that she can rely on it to protect her, to give her the secure climate necessary for the full flowering of her femininity." (153)

For a profound vaginal orgasm, Robinson writes, "the excitement comes from the act of surrender. There is a tremendous surging physical ecstasy in the yielding itself, in the feeling of being the passive instrument of another person..." (158)

On the other hand, the woman who mistrusts her husband's love and, as a consequence, her own femininity has a "difficult, painful, frenetic" approach to life. She is at war with herself. In bed, she has to feel "in control all the time."

Robinson regards the clitoris as a masculine vestige. She implies that a woman may still be frigid even if she is sexually active and mechanically adroit. Feminine sexuality depends on "absolute trust" in a man, which allows a woman to fully receive and fully respond.

Dr. Robinson says there is nothing in life more important than love. She believes marriage is the key to human development. The power of love is felt in the world through this relationship.

"Love means, in its very deepest sense union; union between individuals...It is the most basic and profound urge we have and its power for good is illimitable... the lover partner becomes as important as oneself...This fact is why real love never leads to domination or to a struggle for power..." (129)


The significance of The Power of Sexual Surrender is profound.

By coercing women to abandon their femininity and usurp the male role, feminism throws a spanner in the natural heterosexual mechanism of humanity. Millions of women are condemned to loneliness and frustration. Similarly, men are deprived of the role of protector and provider essential to their development and fulfillment.

The triumph of such a wrongheaded ideology, and the suppression of the truth, signifies that control in the world has passed to a malignant force. As I have shown in previous articles an amoral elite power fosters feminism as part of a long-term agenda to dislodge western civilization from its religious and cultural moorings.

Tax-exempt foundations, the elite media, the CIA and the Communist Party of the USA are all behind the promotion of sexual dysfunction in the guise of feminism.

The purpose is to destroy the nuclear family, decrease population, stunt human development and destabilize society. We are a luxury the super rich can no longer afford. Our government is part of this agenda that aims to create a materialist, totalitarian "New World Order". Feminists who oppose the NWO are in fact its unwitting agents .


I encourage women to have careers if they want to, but if they also want marriage and family, career should be secondary. Naturally men and women should be treated equally in the work force.

Robinson's book confirms my thesis that woman wants love and man wants power. Heterosexual marriage is based on the exchange of female worldly power for male love.

A woman who seeks power is neutering herself and her husband. She will not receive love from a man whose identity is based on power. She cannot love someone she competes with. He cannot love her. This is the dilemma of feminists today.

As Marie N. Robinson confirms, woman loves by entrusting her power to the right man, her husband. He uses it to champion her interests. Thus she both empowers him and channels male power in a socially constructive direction. A woman's real power is love, the power of self surrender.

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Comments for "Sexual Frigidity Is Caused by Feminism"

Tim said (September 20, 2009):

Why would this be? Because you're a woman, you've hit 40, your ova have gone stale, you're childless, unmarried, you've been a shallow, self-centered career-minded b*tch since leaving college 20 years ago and there will be nobody to give a sh*t about you when you're 80?

No, it couldn't be that.

Eduardo said (September 18, 2009):


I found your page and i salute you for your courage - talking about such a loaded and prejudiced theme - sex relations.

When one criticizes women he is a machismo
When a women criticizes men she is always right, and if you contradict, then you are a machismo

I am from Portugal, Mediterranean area Latin - here women have all the power in the house like in Muslim countries - and they are often covered

Honorable and revolutionary Portuguese author Moises Espirito Santo defines Latin machismo as a reaction of powerlessness of men, because women rule the house and they are the owner of the land - the husband always moves to the wife┬┤s village.

So machismo, its primarily violence and degradation of woman is a poor reaction of a poor powerless man...

I am a comics author - every time i say bad things about man ok when i say it about woman i am a bastard machismo

This happens all the time in our cultural place

Esther Vilar says that the power now relies in the most frigid - women - men are supposed to be more sex oriented then they are in the hands of woman

And woman don't like prostitutes because they do openly what all women do in secret - they sell themselves to the most powerful rich man etc etc

Please tell me what do you think of this and if you can get a copy of Esther Vilar books

David said (September 17, 2009):

It's so obvious where the point-of-view gap exists between male/female readers like Corey and Victoria. Corey is juvenile in his blame distribution of course...he must be young and still coping with the lack of substance in the modern mating manure. He has no empathy for the poor young sluts, because he cannot see the avalanche driving their easily predictable behavior.

Victoria on the other hand, is so close. She makes only a few mistakes in her post. "that is the impotence of men who refuse to rise to the challenge of the stronger women of today." Ha ha, using the word impotence when speaking of men, then repeating the lie of "the stronger women of today." Ha ha. Jobs, degrees and credit cards make Strong Women! Then she slips in Freud.

Henry, I'm 25, and educated young women are fucking hilarious. They refuse to believe that anything they've done has not been the perfect use of their time. It is a joy to behold. It really comes down to this; men do not wish to fight with women. You've written about this several times, and it's the primary obstacle of young connection. Women secretly want to be put in their place by a dominant, perfect man. Of course, any dominant young man can fuck attractive 20 year olds till he's 35. Why put in all of that effort to gradually and tactfully prove to a woman your worth and leadership ability...when she lacks the equal and opposite qualities YOU could use. My whole generation is toast. Bring on the robot lovers! Haha. Gotta laugh about it.

Your article exposing the anti-Semite set-up is great. The issues you are touching on here are the key Henry. Keep it up. The "Jews" are always being set up, despite how much it appears otherwise.

The Creator knows what he is doing/did. That's the craziest fucking part about all of this.

Corey said (September 17, 2009):

I am replying to Victoria's comment below. I will try to address some of her points.

She says "that is the impotence of men who refuse to rise to the challenge of the stronger women of today". First, who castrated the men? The feminists. You have no one to blame but yourself for the emasculation of men. Second, being an obnoxious, rude, arrogant, stuck up, immature spoiled brat doesn't make you a "strong" woman. A real "strong woman" is one who is religious, chaste and faithful to her husband, and puts her family first. Her faith in God is the source of her strength. Feminists are not "strong" women. They are simply obnoxious overgrown brats that think if they shout loud enough, people will listen. Being loud and obnoxious and being "strong" are not the same thing.

She says "The more powerful ones, secure in their masculinity, are not threatened in the slightest by feisty women". Actually, a real man, someone who is secure in their masculinity, generally doesn't want to deal with the immature childish antics of "feisty" women, who are actually simply whores. That is why we see so many REAL men rejecting American women, and finding foreign wives. And no, it's not because they feel "threatened" by "strong" women. As I already pointed out, being a selfish obnoxious arrogant overgrown child doesn't make you a "strong" woman. They are just sick and tired of having to deal with emotionally immature women, which is exactly what this article is dealing with- how feminism causes women to remain emotionally immature their whole life.

As for the rest of your rant about mothers and Freudian philosophy, it is too incoherent to even address.

Laura said (September 16, 2009):

9/14/09 article : One view: The 30's 40' and 50's Hollywood produced movies, soap operas (radio and TV) promoting adultery, fornication shotgun marriages; then the 60's onward produced soap operas, movies, sit-coms with unwed mothers (celebrity/gossip magazines incl) extramarital affairs, drug addiction, and more of the same trash; this influence over an 80 year period is another reason of family breakdown; Some church leaders, school teachers, politicians and others in leadership set poor examples. No doubt this Hollywood (CFR controlled) influence is why there are so many divorces, feminist movements, gay, lesbian lifestyles, porno, seen as normal.

Vicotria said (September 16, 2009):

Oooh Henry! You're going to take some serious flak for this article but, speaking as a woman whose life it more or less describes, it is possible for me to attest to its accuracy. Someone had to have the courage to say this and it should be no surprise that it is you - a man of moral courage.

However, there is a corollary of which few people seem aware and that is the impotence of men who refuse to rise to the challenge of the stronger women of today. This perfectly explains the great number of homosexual men who have 'come out' since the 1960's. Just as women for centuries chose to blame men for their plight rather than discovering their own hidden strengths, it seems now to be the turn of males.

The more powerful ones, secure in their masculinity, are not threatened in the slightest by feisty women (think of Spencer Tracey and Katherine Hepburn - a 'modern' woman if there ever was one - who was putty in his hands) but, for the weaker ones, it is an easy way out to blame women for the paucity of their lives. Their first target (often because of the messages they get from their fathers) is mother; an accusation beyond which they never move if they choose the life of homosexuality.

However, for those who develop sufficiently emotionally to marry, mother then becomes the perfect woman and all the man's resentment (interesting, for women, it's anger, for men, resentment) is directed towards the evil shrew that enticed him in with her feminine wiles. From my experience, he then spends all his time peeking out from behind his wife's (mother's) apron strings, letting her fight the battles which should, in reality, be his and the winning of which would do much to enhance his masculinity in both his own eyes as well as those of his wife (not to mention, his children).

In the end, who really cares who has done what to whom? In the same way that we are all responsible for the world we have created, we are all responsible for cleaning up the mess and creating a better one.

Corey said (September 16, 2009):

I read that Anon's comment [below], and she sounds like a real idiot. I assume that the only reason you post such comments, Henry, is to show how stupid some of these feminists are. I will try to address some of her rants.

Why doesn't the man make enough money to support his family, she asks. The answer: Because the feminists demanded equal rights, and joined the workforce, lowering the wages. Now it takes both the father and mother to work full time, just to support themselves. So, look in the mirror, because you are the cause of your own problems (Which is something I have noticed a lot in feminists. They blame men for all of their own problems, they are so immature that they can't come to terms with the reality that they themselves created their own problems).

Stop hating men, Anon, and perhaps you will be able to attract a decent man. There are TONS of single men in America. The only way that you would not be able to attract one, is if you are turning them off with your horrible attitude. But, you yourself said "There are no decent men left". So, enjoy your life, living alone with your 10 cats.

Anyway, it is a growing trend that American men are getting sick and tired of the horrible stuck up selfish feminist attitude of the typical American woman, and thus are marrying foreign women. I myself, a 25 year old male, am moving to Thailand in 1 week for work, and I also expect to be able to find a very nice and chaste girl there. So you American women can continue to complain, but you brought this on yourselves. If the average American woman didn't have such a horrible and abusive attitude, men would put up with them. No one's fault but your own.

Mark said (September 15, 2009):

I have been a fan of your website for many years and always take a look to read your latest articles.

I thought that you would really appreciate this article:

It shows how far women have gone beyond the normal female function. Satan and his world system has been pushing for this and now it's happening for him and his hypnotized subjects. Illuminati style thought control motivates these women and makes so many others live in a complete fantasy world, where being a 'somebody' is all that matters. So long as they are happy it doesn't matter what the male wants, if a male is even considered to be a part of their 'Busy' lifestyle in the first place.

The current way of thinking, mostly in the Western society, is one of absolute selfishness with a materialistic approach toward life. Women have lost their real idea (And identity) of the purpose for them and are now trained to think that you or me are sexist male pigs who have Victorian attitudes if we question them about what they should do with their lives. This is a very sad situation for all men and it seems to be getting worse as the days go by.

So many TV shows, magazines and other media sources seduce women into being jet-set high flying independent women that it almost sickens me. They are so sucked into the belief that they need to be famous, amazing, clever and worshiped that it has now become a serious problem for them. They need to wake up and see what they really want. Love, respect, a family and to be a caring companion to the male who provides for their every need. That idea has been lost and may become a very old fashioned view to nearly all women very soon.

God created the perfect (Before they sinned) human couple, male and female, for a purpose. It was never his plan to make the woman leave the male and pursue a life of selfish gains and be lead by Satan into the realms of the Illuminati controlled mind set. But Satan came along and did just that. It has taken him a long time but now he really does have the control of so many minds and this is just part of his plan to push his group of 'Wealthy Elite' into a one world government who watch and control everything we do. The less of us humans, the easier it will be to control the NWO. How easy, then, for him and the 'Elite' to control less people and how easy to stop this production of people by manufacturing this sick female attitude toward men?

anon said (September 15, 2009):

I felt compelled to write you after reading this article because I didn't see Dr. Robinson's email address.

The reason most women today have a career and are not at home under their husband's thumb has nothing to do with Feminism, Communism or the CIA. For those who don't live in the real world, here are a few reasons for why we work outside of the home:

The whoremonger ran off with his current woman on the side and left us to support ourselves and the children.

The man refuses to work or has been laid off in the current Recession/Depression caused by white collar Wall Street Crooks who have not even been charged or imprisoned.

The man doesn't make enough money to support his family.

There are no decent men left in the single category, SO WE SUPPORT OURSELVES!

Why we are frigid:

After giving ourselves to an uncaring man for years, he runs off anyway with his new younger woman.

For those of us who are still with our man, we are tired of faking it to make him feel good in bed when the truth is he has never made us cum since we first lay down with him. But to blow smoke up his ass because we loved him, we faked it just like our Mothers did (and our Mothers didn't work outside the home, however valium was handed out like candy, so they didn't care that their man sucked in bed!). Men think they are so great in bed when the truth is - they have no clue how to turn a woman on. This is why when we finally do find a man who can make us cum - we don't know how to act!1

The man is a drunk/drug addict who cannot even get it up.

Please pass this on to the Doctor who lives in la-la land and tell her we will not be wasting our time or money on her book. We will be working!


Dr. Robinson is probably dead. The book was written in the 1950's.


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