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The Hoax of Female Empowerment (Reprise)

March 30, 2011

Davis"Commander in Chief" was canceled after its first 2005-2006 season but it has been replaced by numerous shows featuring female role models that disparage men and seek fulfillment in careers rather than family. After yesterday's article, a reader wrote, "There is so much anti-male bias throughout our western culture today that I can't see how any woman could view any male in a positive light. I am afraid any man in America who marries an American woman is doomed to disappoint her. Marriage today for men is a very risky business." I am reprising this article because it is as true today as it was five-and-a-half years ago. Although they think they're being liberated, young women are being sabotaged by the Illuminati.

By Henry Makow Ph.D.

In "Commander in Chief," a new TV-series, President "Mackenzie Allen" (Geena Davis) juggles her responsibilities as Leader of the Free World and mother of teenage twins and a six-year-old-daughter. Her husband has a supporting role, her Chief-of-Staff.

This show prepared the public for Hillary Clinton's 2008 Presidential bid. It also contributed to the false sense of entitlement young women have today, making it harder for them to form successful families.

The success of this behavior modification campaign in the media and education is confirmed by recent British statistics (below) showing the rapid disintegration of the nuclear family. It is also confirmed by unprecedented sexual depravity exhibited by young women today, expressing their total confusion and despair. (I will elaborate below.)

The White House Project, a lobby dedicated to putting a woman in the White House, sponsored an advance screening of "Commander in Chief" in New York with the lead writer Stephen Cohen and prominent women journalists in attendance. The President of this organization, located at 110 Wall Street, Marie Wilson, is also co-founder of "Take Your Daughter to Work" organization.

Nearby at 120 Wall Street, you'll find "Girls Inc." an organization with chapters all over the US dedicated to making girls "strong, smart and bold." It encourages young girls to be self absorbed and ambitious and to make marriage and family their second priority.

Search "Girl Power" in Google and you'll get an assortment of these elite-sponsored projects. Type "Boy Power" and you'll find, "Lawn Boy Recalls Power Mower" and "Lazy Boy Introduces Power Recliner."

Only a nation subverted by the agents of an international financial cartel empowers its young females at the expense of its males. International finance is dedicated to destabilizing society by destroying the family and submerging the US in a world dictatorship. As I will show later, this has been the Illuminati banker goal for 200 years. But first I will explain why "empowering" females leads to a breakdown of heterosexual marriage and family.


I do not believe that all young women must marry and have children. However this is the healthy and natural instinct of the vast majority, and is necessary for the perpetuation of society. To encourage them to pursue high-powered careers before they establish strong families is doing them and society a deliberate injustice.

Henry Kissinger once said, "Power is the greatest aphrodisiac." Women are attracted to powerful men. Powerful women repulse men.

Heterosexual marriage is based on a woman surrendering worldly power to a man who is dedicated to her and their children's welfare. Trust and surrender is the way a woman empowers and loves a man. Men want power. Women want love. This exchange -- power for love -- is the essence of heterosexual marriage.The man earns this trust through a patient process of courtship. The woman must consider her choice carefully.

When women challenge and usurp male leadership, marriages fall apart. Masculinity is defined by power. Give women power in an intimate relationship and you have "phallic" women and emasculated men. The glue is dissolved.

Femininity is defined by love and nurturing. To a degree, a woman sacrifices worldly ambition for her husband and children. Women get love by making this sacrifice. Men get love by accomplishments.

Young women no longer know how to sacrifice. By "empowering females" young women are conditioned to behave as males.

Everyone suffers as a consequence but women suffer most. Their lifespan averages 80 years yet their peak years of fertility (and sexual attraction) end around age 32. In other words, they have approximately 12 years to marry and start a family or they may be alone for almost 50 years. Men whose sexual attraction increases with age and confidence have more time.

A British actuarial study reported that marriage is in terminal decline. In the period from 2003 until 2031, the proportion of those never married by age 45 is expected to rise from 14 to 40 per cent for males and nine to 35 per cent for females.

The statistics for children born-out-of-wedlock are devastating. "More than 42 of every 100 babies were born outside marriage last 1994 the figure was 32 per cent and in the early 1970s it was less than 10 per cent."

According to the report, children brought up by married parents fare better than those raised by cohabiting or single parents. Yet the Illuminati UK government has abolished the married couples allowance and its tax credit system favors single parents.


"Girls Gone Raunch" a thoughtful article in Canada's Macleans magazine confirms that young women today equate female empowerment with sexual depravity. Encouraged to compete with men, and spurred by examples like Paris Hilton and Britney Spears, they have adopted a promiscuity more common to single males.

"I was pretty stunned by what I saw in high school students," said Ariel Levy, the author of a study. What she observed was girls everywhere, even at the most progressive schools, doing their best to look the "skankiest," trying to "look as slutty, willing and wanton" as they could. Snapping their thongs and baring their cleavages, these girls had astoundingly gone any sexist male one step better: they were treating themselves and each other like pieces of meat.

When Levy asked one high school student why she was dressed like that and told her that in her own day, "you would have been embarrassed, ostracized to look like that," she looked at me like I was absolutely from Mars and said, 'How did you get the guy? Charm?' "

If anything, admits Levy, women caught up in the "liberating" aspects of raunch "think of men as superior. Over and over again these women are telling me they want to be like a guy. It's really fascinating. It's fetishizing masculinity in the sense that maleness in this equation means smart, funny, capable, brave, sexually adventurous, all of that."

Levy is mystified that feminism which ostensibly aimed to give young women self-respect has resulted in their selling themselves like meat.

She shouldn't be surprised. Feminism was always about rejecting femininity and usurping the masculine role. Femininity is based on women's consecration of her sexuality to a future husband and family. Feminism taught them to behave like men and have sex without love or commitment.


"Free love" and the abolition of the family are main tenets of the Communist Manifesto(1848). The success of the Communist subversion of America is shown by our inability to comprehend that this has already taken place. Communism is a front for a scheme to assume control of the world by an ancient satanic cult backed by international bankers. They sponsor most of what ails the world today, including female empowerment.

The Rothschilds formed the modern form of this cult, the Illuminati, in 1776. Shortly afterward, defectors revealed the secret plans to subvert Western (Christian) civilization. On the subject of women, one Illuminati document explained:

"There is no way of influencing men so powerfully as by means of the women. These should therefore be our chief study; we should insinuate ourselves into their good opinion, give them hints of emancipation...of standing up for will cause them to work for us with zeal, without knowing that they do so; for they will only be indulging their own desire for personal admiration." (James Wardner, Unholy Alliances 1996, p.35)

Another Illuminati document, The Protocols of the Elders of Zion (1905) talks about eliminating the family and using democracy to manipulate and control the masses. "By cultivating in all a sense of self-importance, we shall destroy among the goyim the importance of the family and its educational value...In this way we shall create a blind mighty force which will never be in a position to move in any direction without the guidance of our agents..." (Protocol 10-5)


Obviously many people will do whatever they are told and imitate whatever is presented as "cool." They have not yet learned to distrust the media, government and education.

Female empowerment is a cruel hoax. It flatters and lures young women with money and recognition and paints marriage and family as oppression. Thus many women are deprived of a lifetime of love from husband and children.

The Illuminati-Communists advance their plan by a policy of divide-and-
rule: world war, class war, race war and now gender war. Crime, corruption, dysfunction and decadence are other weapons in their secret war waged on humanity.

The purpose of female empowerment is to dissolve the family and to increase our dependence on the media and government, which are both owned and controlled by agents of Illuminati bankers.


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Comments for "The Hoax of Female Empowerment (Reprise)"

Steven said (March 31, 2011):

I'm living in the Philippines and life is great. Your work has greatly helped me make a very happy marriage (3 years now) of course there are ups and downs as the Filipina can be very moody and emotional..but it just takes great patience and of course the right mate. I am so thankful to you.

Thanks again for your encore of "The hoax of female empowerment" this is some of your best work right here.

Now I am off to make my Wife her morning juice and thank GOD he gave me a woman who trusts and follows me; it is the least I can do for her.

Adria said (November 17, 2005):

"Rick said (October 04, 2005):I am in the worst position of all (being aged 28) and having to deal with these monsters in mini-skirts who would rather date Black guys or turn into mad lesbos. Anything to avoid contact with us!"

I say, get yourself a woman of a different race with the qualities you want and shut it up. Are you a white, heterosexual male? What else are your circumstances that you are in the "worst position of all?" All you said is that you were 28. Do you step up to the plate? Do you have a good job? Can you afford to take care of your family? Do you have good morals and a belief in God and his wishes? Do you have the opposite qualities that would complement the woman you are looking for? Then shut it up.

Jenny said (October 15, 2005):

Dear Mr. Makow,

I just read your article on "The Hoax of Female Empowerment", and I disagree
with most of it. I don't think you give women enough slack in this article
or in the other articles you've made. There was a time where women couldn't
vote, wear pants, or even choose who she would marry! Now, we can do
whatever we want in life as individual beings, without the dependence of
others - but, it sounds like you see this as a threat.

Yes, you have mentioned that you believe that it is okay for some women to
go to work, but you don't mention that in all of your articles.

If there is something wrong with a woman working outside the home, then the
question to ask is such: What is her man doing? The potential answers to
this question:

He's at work too (makes enough money, but doesn't mind her working)

He's at work too (but not making enough money)

He's NOT working (he's a bum!)

He's NOT working (he's sleeping with another woman)

He's NOT at home (same as above)

He's NOT at home (divorce, separation, jail, dead, became gay, stopped
caring, left because "she got pregnant",etc.)

He's a LOSER (all the above, except the first two)

So, you see, sir, while some women in today's society are empowered out of
defiance, many more are empowered for survival - because there are not
enough men, these days, who will willingly carve out success for you. A
woman's gotta carve it out herself!

So, take it easy on us women. In the Bible, God put the blame on Adam for
the great sin of disobedience that Eve started first.

IF "female empowerment" is such an awful thing, then it would be best if you
helped history repeat itself...and wake up some of these men!


J-Suggest you don't marry a bum.


Sylvie said (October 7, 2005):

I personally believe this giant hoax was created to manipulate the Socio
economic dynamics around the world.
Women were told trhough the Medias,?Governments that "they needed to go to feel worthy...and to bring some money home.....would garanty them
Independance.......And Women fell for this Lie..
It only brought pain...Debts..break down in families.......And the Male
bread winner, did not get any pay it would justify the women
to seek work and leave the children in Day care.....
Good plan by the Evil people at the top .....they have succeeded!!!!!

Brian said (October 7, 2005):

For years, I’ve been propositioned by ‘empowered’ women and have had to listen to them making specific mention of their material possessions, real estate holdings, job status, and financial success: As if they were a man courting a woman. For years, I couldn’t figure out why but discovery of this site has answered a lot of my questions.

Other times, I’ve been told right up front what they want and expect, that they don’t cook and what type of gifts I should get them and this is before I’ve even asked them out. Am I on a Home Shopping episode and don’t know it?

Ladies, do us all a favour by turning off the television (it isn’t called programming for nothing), disposing of all the idiotic “women’s” magazines (which set down the rules of “fashion” and offer 'life' counseling) and refusing to read opinion pieces by the various feminist 'experts'. It’s all lies and disinformation whose purpose is de-stabilization of relations between the sexes.

I’ve also experienced “empowerment” in the workplace as well, having been sexually harassed on numerous occasions by female bosses and colleagues. I’ve never complained or lodged a formal protest because I knew I’d never be taken seriously and would have been scorned regardless. Women tease/act covertly and men react overtly: This is a basic fact of socio-biology.

And, oh yes, Louise, men also experience the so-called ‘Glass Ceiling.’ In our case, we are discriminated against if we are not married, if we don’t partake in golf, don’t fit in with the fascist corporate regime, are perceived as being too introverted, care too much about our customers or just don’t like to lie to them.

It goes on all the time. We just don’t spend our lives belly aching about it. We go out into the job market and find a company that more closely shares or reflects our values. This whole Glass Ceiling myth has always eaten a hole in me – as if women were the only ones suffering in the workplace. Men have just been out there longer and, thus far, we’ve suffer in respectable silence. What did Voltaire say? “Most men live lives of quiet desperation.” Today, even more so.

Tony said (October 7, 2005):

Women, like men, are realizing they’ve been sold a bill of goods. The only thing I can add is that to get women to change, men will have to change first by developing a spine and thinking about the bigger picture instead of selfish desires. We can ignore power hungry whores and pay attention to thoughtful women that have discretion. Reinforce good behavior and show your contempt for bad behavior and let the cards fall where they may. It's really the only courageous thing to do. If they are overly feminist, don't befriend them, don't date them and don't have sex with them. Sooner or later, they will get the point. Like I said, women are easily manipulated and the harsh responses from these women expose that. Use it against them, for their own good and ours. Also, hate very easily turns into love with women, so press all the buttons.

Lashara said (October 7, 2005):

I just read your article, "The Hoax of Female Empowerment," and was very impressed with your insight. Then I read all the comments posted and was so disheartened. I literally want to weep for all these poor women who are so blind and fooled by the lies of this world. One commenter said that the "Christian Right" is all about suppressing women. That could not be farther from the truth. TRUE Christianity celebrates men AND women and their differences. God created us BOTH in his image. But each sex got mirrors different aspects of Him. We females represent his beauty and his love, nurturing, compassion, etc. Men represent his power, courage, strength and sense of adventure, etc. Neither is superior, just DIFFERENT.

So women being envious of men and becoming like them says that who we are as women is not enough, not good. So in trying to emulate men and "empower" themselves, they are only succeeding in destroying women's true strengths. And yes, I do believe that men should be the head of the household. We each have our role. It doesn't mean that men are better or superior to women, it is just what they were created by God to be. And if you truly understand that scripture, you would know that God is commanding husbands to be responsible for their families and to love their wives as Christ loves his church. If a husband loves his wife in that way, he does not lord over her his responsibility of being head of their home and treat her as less than a man. But he looks to her for help and strength and most of all trust and respect to be the man she wants and needs him to be. He loves her and cherishes her.

But it does take two. BOTH men and women need to follow the instructions. Wives RESPECT your husbands (for they NEED it, like the air they breathe) and Husbands LOVE your wives (for they too NEED it, like the air they breathe). That is the most healthy marriage you can find. I used to buy into all these lies society entices women with.

I was a "modern" woman, unlike my poor mother. I wasn't going to let some man tell me who or what to be. And I never wanted "a man to rule over me." But being a Christian, I had to come to terms with what Christ teaches us. I can't just pick and choose to follow what he says based on what I think is right. As our Creator and Savior, HE knows us better than we know ourselves and commands us to live in ways that benefit us and bring us a freedom this world can never provide.

I thank GOD I realized this truth before I destroyed my marriage. My husband is an honorable man who provides for both me and our future family and would lay down his life for me if need be. He deserves my respect for that. And he needs me to support him and trust in him to lead our family.

Allowing him to be a Man has freed me to be a real Woman. I am more free than I ever thought I could be. And for all of you "womyn" who think I am insane or completely misguided, I challenge you to try it. I have tried your way. And I have SEEN the proof in my own life and in others that it doesn't work. I challenge you to live as a TRULY empowered woman.

Mary said (October 6, 2005):

I was listening to Jack McLamb tonight reading your article. What really struck me was the comment similar to something like we fool ourselves and we miss out on the love and family we really need.

I started to cry. You are exactly right! Yes, I have God, I have my daughter, and I have my parents, and I love all of them more than anything else.

When I was in my early 20's I started a business with my dad, I worked obssesively. I was independent and makin' money, I didn't "need no sorry a**, cheatin', blood suckin', lazy man".

My business is gone. But what is even worse, is I have no male to share my life with, no male to share the responsibilities with, no male for my daughter to really depend on and look up to (other than my dad - but he is tired and has "raised his kids"). Everything I worked for is gone - gone in a heart beat. Thank God I have my Creator, my daughter, and my parents.

Well, this is my apology. What you say is true and I feel it every day. The proof is also in the condition of our country.

Thanks for speaking the truth.

Mariko said (October 5, 2005):

I agree completely with your article. It is frightening to think how women
are being manipulated to lose their femininity. As an 18 year old woman
myself, I can see a lot of this manipulation by simply looking around my
school. I hope that in due time, my friends will wake up like I have and see
what is being done to them.

A Friend said (October 5, 2005):

was waiting for a small reference to the PsyOp Commander In Chief for some time now and I'm glad to see it got top billing on your website. I knew it from the moment I first saw the commercial that it is nothing more than a conditioning tool meant to soften the US to a White House run by Hilary Clinton and/or Condoleeza Rice. Shows like this and Desperate Housewives would be almost entertaining if they weren't so destructive. Several of the Housewives are really towing the Femi-Nazi line, like the red-head Bree Van De Kamp and Felicity Huffman's character Lynette Scavo. Bree is a neurotic, disconnected and dysfunctional mother and wife that drives her family crazy yet she cannot see the effects of her actions, while Lynette was in hell staying at home with her kids until she sabotaged her husband's career thus making him (get this) order her back to work so he can stay at home. Not one single positive role model for the girls of America that glue themselves to the TV every Sunday night.

"Womyn," as your reader Rheya spells it have no idea how they have been used to destroy society. I see how these young women dress and it's appalling. I was at work a few weeks ago and a woman was walking around with her no-older-than 11 yr old daughter wearing very revealing shorts that said "Spank" on them. I really wanted the mother to make a comment on why I was looking at her child because she would have expected a sexist comment but I would have told her she was a horrible mother.

Read this next sentence very carefully: Men do not want to marry whores. A whore has no self respect, is not interesting and certainly is not worth living or dying for. After a whore is used she is thrown to the side lucky if she ever gets a returned phone call. The contradiction is amazing: these trashy girls have this sense of entitlement as if they are special yet they loan their bodies to whomever and place it on display as if it is the only thing Men respond to. Real Men, like myself, respond to the true virtues of femininity- beauty, grace, honesty, humility, strength of character. If she's showing off her goods to everyone then what will be sacred in your relationship?

Men have to step up and be Men. We're not just overgrown boys trying desperately to hold on to adolesence. We are to lead, carry ourselves with dignity and treat everyone- especially our women- with the utmost respect. We can't hold the ladies to high standards if we can't set the example.

Rheya replies:

Destroying society"?? Men are the most destructive force on this planet. They always were. Womyn are having to take on male characteristics just so to fit in and not be controlled as property and incubators for the dominant males. Some of us are wanting to see womyn getting back to their roots ie: back to our real selves--beautiful, genuine, feminine aspects of the All That Is. We are trying to liberate ourselves from the puritannical patriarchy. Sexuality is sacred for ALL, not just for the bedroom. It was worshipped long ago in reverence, not viled, hindered, and disgraced by the patriarchy.
I agree with you that men need to set an example such as integrity. But Im wary that men like you simply want womyn back in their place--second after men. They need to realize that the blames lie in men. Womyn have been suppressed since Goddess worship was suppressed by male oppressors spreading their versions of spiritual truths based on male supremacy, so long ago.

Tim responds to her:

Men and women individualy are not to blame for the degradation of the family unit. They both are ! Women have been tricked into selfishness for their careers, power, and sex. Men have been tricked with their selfishness as well and stepping aside cause this is how its "suppose" to be. Well its not. the NWO bankers laugh and get richer when people blame each other. Pointing fingers does no good, cause then it makes a reason to divide the gender, in turn makes them easier to conquer. QUIT blaming one another and read through the lines. For people who do you will see its not men or women to blame but the people of any race any gender that give in more and more to the devil,greed, and selfishness inside them. Dr. Makow is simply helping both genders by providing information on how they are obviously so easily tricking us.

Peg said (October 5, 2005):

Obviously, you have never been asked "Can you really do this lab job? You are too pretty to work as a chemist. You ought to get married and have some kids." Women don't go to college and grad school just "to get a man". My one daughter is very successful in marketing as is her husband. They love their new baby. I told my daughter after a conversation about all the demeaning remarks she had heard at work, to do her job as well as she could and just IGNORE the ignorant remarks from men competing in the same field. Not sure what religion or philosophy encouraged your opinion that women's only role was to increase the population, but you are about 50 years behind times. Hopefully you do not have any daughters to discourage!!


Dear Peg.

Excuse me. I didn't say women shouldn't have careers. But I guess your filters are too strong to understand what I was saying.


John said (October 4, 2005):

Great article on female 'empowerment'. More interesting are the comments you are receiving that seem to be proving your point for you. Scary.

Empowerment to females these days means dressing like a skank and acting like one. I'm a single 34 year old. I'm handsome, athletic, good education, good job. My last relationship of 7 years went down south because she started watching too much 'Sex in the City'. She had an exagerrated sense of entitlement and had grown very masculine and controlling. Thus, the relationship disintegrated.

After 2 years of looking for quality women, all I found were youngs women into drugs, who cheat on their boyfriends, and have an even bigger sense of entitlement. Not to mention they are boring as hell.

I've since been dating an older woman - 7 years my senior. You know why? Because she wasn't brought up on this crap. My theory is there is a generational cut off with this stuff - she may be older, but she truly appreciates my presence, my masculinity. In short, she knows her role. It's the best relationship I have ever had. She simply wasn't brainwashed, like all these younger girls, I'll call them.

Becoming single, I couldn't believe the sheer amount of young skanks that would cheat on their supposed boyfriens/fiance/whatever with me, because they simply felt it was their right to have their cake and eat it too.

I fear it may be well too late for your good work to do any good, we are doomed.

Rick said (October 4, 2005):

Your commenter Louise wrote: "I, for one, welcome the day when women compose 51% of decision-making positions worldwide, because then, and only then, will the world be a safer, kinder, more compassionate place."

Right! Just like on Desperate Housewives (Desperate Bullsh*t) where all the women run the street with their deceit and machinations. I am in the worst position of all (being aged 28) and having to deal with these monsters in mini-skirts who would rather date Black guys or turn into mad lesbos. Anything to avoid contact with us!

Kristie said (October 4, 2005):

The 1950's called...they want their male chauvinism back.
"The Hoax of Female Empowerment" was stupid!!!
You are a whack job.

Rheya said (October 4, 2005):

Let me start with; this view is not surprising from the christian right. Christian males see empowered womyn as a real threat to their hold on power. We are becoming more of who we are, and men are threatened.
You wrote; "Feminity is based on women's consecration to a future husband and family." This is soo christian based male-suppression. Womyn HAVE been dismantling the "nuclear family", and for good reasons. For one, in male-based christianity, men are the "head of household", womyn are second. This is a put down. Womyn are equal AND opposite of men. The yin/yang of existence. This is something christianity doesn't teach, for this is equality. Christianity worships male supremacy thru its male deity.

I agree with Ariel, in how womyn are becoming more male-like. This frustrates many of us, with things like gender-biased language ("you guys") and male dress.
Womyn are the Feminine aspect of God/Goddess/Universe/All That Is... It's depressing to see us confoming to male ways. Maybe it's an equality attempt, since alot of men won't share power. Men are at the root of evil that has ever existed (including the devil which is a male invention of fear for mass control, based on Pan in paganism). Long before christianity, womyn were revered in harmonious societies. Goddess was worshipped.
Womyn need to embrace more feminity, BUT not as defined by christianity...

Margot said (October 4, 2005):

Although I don't always agree with everything you say on this website, as a single female I believe the male population needs to be re-educated in their treatment of women.

My day becomes better when a man will hold open the door for me, allow me to walk into a room first and actually PAY for a dinner.

I like to be busy and work, but I would love to be a stay at home mother (I currently have no children). I find the dating scene for my age group, late 20's, to be horrendous! Men expect me to pay for half of my meals, or expect me to pay for dinner because I happen to make slightly more of a salary than them.

I see the worst in my father treats women horridly too, especially my mother. He works a job then comes home and complains to my mother, who holds two jobs, and tries very hard to keep clean house. My mother who works over 50 hours a week yet my father who works less than 40, expects her to do both. Its awful.

Men are raised these days to be ignorant slobs and expect women to both work AND maintain house AND raise the kids. THAT's why marriages are not working! The young men today have no respect for the women. I would LOVE to be able to raise a family, but the men my age treat women without respect and expect women nowadays to both work and maintain house.

Get the word across that the reason women are not marrying in their 20-30's is because as we put it...all the good decent men are either: married, gay or dead.

Meaghan said (October 3, 2005):

You will be hearing from me shortly on your sexist, homophobic website, which in essence is the mind frame that could be the end of maodren society. YOU MAKE ME SICK!

Larry said (October 3, 2005):

since men have historically been more politically
active than women - that this is a tool to cripple dissent. Yes woman can
be interested in politics too - but its more often single narrow focus
issues. And narrow issues are the ones the elites tend to play up to divert
attention from their larger thefts.

If women's interests continue to get front and center emphasis -political
concern and organization among the masses diffuse. Sure there will still be
massive political organizations, but they will be used mostly for social and
business networking purposes (approved by women) by the masses, while the
full political power of these large organizations is wielded by the elite
for its own benefit.

Considered with other behavioral modes emphasized by the media though, and
its hard to argue that debasement of the population isn't an important
objective. And given the apparent need for ever greater debasement and
manipulation of the masses, your arguments for the reasons behind them DO
look compelling. What's perfectly obvious though is the elites have a role
for us in mind that is something we would never wish for ourselves. What's
the role? Unfortunately, you can never go far wrong guessing that the time
honored roles of servitude and cannon fodder are among what's in mind for us
little people.

Kathryn said (October 3, 2005):

don't think that modern man is worth a commitment, anymore.
The modern man thinks that the money he earns, is his. The modern man tries to avoid his family responsibility. The modern man is ruled by his greed for strange sex. This is why these marriages fall apart.
Meanwhile, we have a government that tries to pit one group against another, to divide and conquer. This government would bait racism, through it's mouthpieces, and now, you are promoting this end to respect for women as equals. You don't help yourself, this way, nor do you help others.

So, in closing, let me say that I am tired of your gender dysfunction, and short sighted blaming of women, for covering their own financial ass.

You should reconsider your chauvinism, because it is akin to fascism. Further, by scapegoating women, you are obscuring the real issues of fascism, which have overtaken this nation. You are helping the PNAC/JINSA/LIKUD/AIPAC/OPEC agenda, by playing the "divide and conquer" game, between the genders. In the end, you only hurt the family unit which you say you intend to defend, by attacking a woman's ability to make a living wage in the land of high cost housing, services and gasoline.


John comments:

In order for men to have strange sex, it seems likely that women must be doing the same in approximately equal numbers.

A recent study by the Red Cross, conducted by
analyzing the DNA of blood contributions, claims that 30% of children DO NOT belong to (are not sired by) their reputed fathers. And that 25% of children who are the product of long-term stable marriages do not belong to their reputed fathers. This means that a man who has two children in a stable marriage can expect at best a 50/50 chance that both will belong to him.

So it seems that modern men are not getting much
commitment from modern women.

Carol said (October 3, 2005):

agree with you that the present situation whereby men are being ridiculed at the expense of empowerment of women is unhealthy, but I don't agree that women don't know how to sacrifice, or that the only way a heterosexual marriage can work is if the women put their total trust in the men to support them. Past experience has shown how many men care nothing for women and can mislead and dupe them into marriage, and if they are made to trust their spouses completely they are open to serious abuse. (My father did just that) Just being careful in their choice is not enough as it is easy to "con" others,no matter what sex, into doing things they shouldn't. Yet again you show how much you are a chauvenist who thinks men are the main people, with women acting as "groupies" almost to the male ego. I have been married for 35 years, and can assure you we both make decisions, and neither of us is more superior to the other.



I don't regard men as superior but as different from women. Both have an equal right to dignity and fulfillment, which I suggest is not acheived through a rigid adherence to an irrelevant concept of equality.


Louise said (October 3, 2005):

Dear Henry:

As I read your words I can picture you hunched over a desk, a ruff around your neck, writing by candlelight with a quill. Ye gods!!

Does the thought of this Church-dominated and male-dominated world being turned on its head in your lifetime really strike you with such fear? Are you so uncomfortable with the thought that not all women are passive and submissive? Do you have to rationalize the strong female by linking her to your other pet peeve - the Illuminati?

I'd like to point out that the world has seen many female leaders (presidents, prime ministers, monarchs) and to their credit, the comparative level of corruption associated with female leaders is far, far lower than that of their male counterparts. I, for one, welcome the day when women compose 51% of decision-making positions worldwide, because then, and only then, will the world be a safer, kinder, more compassionate place. But I doubt the Illuminati would want that to happen.

The world in which we live is undergoing a dynamic change not seen since the Romans marched into Europe and Africa, or since America was discovered. I do see an enormous change in society over the past 40 years. But I cannot call it a 'decline', for that would be passing judgement on many others based upon my personal opinions. Perhaps these changes are part of the continuous evolution of Man (and Woman). The breakdown of the 'traditional family', the acceptance of homosexuality, maybe even 'Girls Gone Raunch' are steps in a natural correction of a society that is not functioning optimally. Remember when it was acceptable to own a Black? A time when women were not allowed to vote? Did the Illuminati emancipate Blacks? Did the Illuminati suggest women might vote? No and no. (Unless you can clearly show otherwise).

As a man, I'm sure you never came face to face with the proverbial 'glass ceiling'. I have. But it doesn't seem to fit into your equation of Women's Rights = the doings of the Illuminati. Perhaps that's because the glass ceiling is a product of the Illuminati? Undoubtedly, if you, as a man, hit this ceiling, you would surely label it so.

While much can be said about the control of society by a select few, the topic of women who want to (or have to) participate in the workforce is, at best, a tangent, and at worst, a whole other topic.

Henry, maybe one day you will realise that the women you abhor for their 'worldly ambition' are actually one the same side as you, facing the same enemy. United we stand, divided we fall.

Chris said (October 3, 2005):

have read many of your articles and found some of what you say to be true,
while there is some of which I find hard to believe. Now as far as the
destruction of the nuclear family goes, from what I have seen, there is one
true cause, money, without a parent at home for the majority of the time,
things fall apart. This is not caused by some clandestine plot, but a out
of control economy based on oil and its by products. The cost of drilling,
refining and shipping oil, let alone the fact the countries that control it
squander the profits is why there is a world wide decline. In history every
large civilization has declined after it became decadent and immoral. I am
curious though to see what your opinon is on women in leadership roles of
the church. I don't mean women priests, but female senior pastors of
protestant churches. This topic is much debated, but I have yet to read your
stance on the matter. I am a Christian ministries student and a active
member of the Blue Lodge, though I have noticed your statements on
Freemasonary, I am not offended, I just have a differing opinon.

June said (October 2, 2005):

one thing I know for sure ...I am Free now husband and no kids (never had any) ...I did not miss the boat nor did I miss out on having kids for which I never wanted anyway. Happy as can be in California some 52 years later and having a good time with a man who cheats on me all the time ...but he is still a great guy and I have no expectations for him ...of him. He is free to do what ever it is he wants ...And so am I. I quit judging others a long time ago. Maybe you should do the same. Let it go!

Independence is a choice and lifestyle for those who are Free in their minds.

Pierino in Adelaide said (October 2, 2005):

Very Interesting Article Henry but not surprising at all. The female in the "true" family represents the "church" and the male represents "government" within the family unit as God intended it to be. You can understand why there is an agenda to destroy the true church and the true government. These women are doing nothing more than seeing to their own spiritual destruction. They have a clear role as described in scripture like husbands do. Anything else else is a lie. It is now a case that the lie has become the truth and the truth has become the lie for these self-interested and self degrading women. What ever happened to true femininity? As far as whether women are in "power", does it really matter who are really pulling the strings?

Mary said (October 2, 2005):

Sadly, young women are being brainwashed by the media into believing that being career orientated and "feisty" (ie belligerent and sexually aggressive) will not only result in personal fulfillment, but also make them more attractive to men.
A few years, ago a male character in a British soap opera gave as his reason for prefering one particular female character over another the fact that the former was "more into her career".
Young men are also falling for this line and are pursuing girls who exhibit male characteristics, mistakenly believing these are "alpha" females when in fact they are the least suited for the role of wife and mother.
Still, reading the comments of some of your male emailers, it is heartening to know that not everyone has been deceived by this illuminati propogated lie.

Alexandra said (October 2, 2005):

Just read "The Hoax of Female Empowerment." Another great article!

I don't think we women are really fit to be leaders. Men are the natural leaders. I say let the men have it.

I'd worked on and off at various places from 1989 to 2003, and I know firsthand that men are better suited to management positions. Women tend to get emotional and oftentimes make snap decisions based on emotion, while men are more logical. My husband noticed this too--I used to work the same place he did (at the same time) and we'd compare notes on certain people.

There is no way I would vote for a woman for president. We already had one--Hillary (I think she had bigger cajones than Bill, really--sure acts like it).

I'm not going to choose between Hillary and Condi. I vote Constitution Party. :)

Tony said (October 2, 2005):

This "female enpowerment" horsepucky begins now in preschool.
Everywhere I see soft, slothful, often overweight, irresponsible, rude,
self-gratifying to the limit, ungrateful, unruly and ungracious grade
school girls who know absolutely nothing of true value for their future
but who have delusions of being smart, tough and unharmable. It's
really pathetic. And wasteful of their lives and the world's future.

On the other hand, little boys are being made to be apologetic just for
being what they are. Possibly even more wasteful and scary for the future.

In the local school here (grades k through 7) there is ONE male
teacher. One. And he may as well be a lump on the lawn. A lifer, just
sitting it out until retirement on the tax dole, not rocking any boats
or challenging any minds (now a redundancy).

The female principle of the grade school is so totally brainwashed into
the program it is disgusting to watch the operation. Female touchy
feelie everything everywhere; not a damned thing being taught otherwise.

These kids are animalistic in school because they are allowed -
sometimes encouraged - to get away with almost anything. But the school
"educators" - from superintendent down to substitute teacher - will
quickly blame all short comings in the kids onto their parents, while in
reality the school undermines any decent behavior parents try to teach
their kids. Everytime a teacher comes on to me with that "it's the
parents" nonsense I immediately counter with "Well, the parents are just
about 100% products of the public schools." That leaves them speechless
- in front of me, anyway. I grin at what they say about me to one
another out of my hearing. Most of them would be total losers in the
real world. They might be good for fund raising get togethers for inane
charities - the take a short walk which is supposed to somehow help
something somewhere else type. Play acting has become an intuitive and
unrealized way of life with them - because the schools themselves are
but a pretension of real education.

Ben in Melbourne said (October 2, 2005):

I've just finished reading your latest article, 'The Hoax of Female
Empowerment', and could not agree more. Everyday I see young women acting like men. None of these women have any idea about their femininity and their societal role as women. They search for happiness in all the wrong places -
to the great detriment of themselves and society.

The most frustrating part is: when these women are confronted about this, they become even more angry and more determined to do the wrong thing. This is not a topic I can openly talk about on campus, as I am quickly branded a "sexist", or something along those lines....

It seems like I'm making many enemies (even brainwashed males) in my fight
against feminism and the Illuminati - there is little alternative.

Michael said (October 1, 2005):

I had already noticed the "Pussy-fication" of the "white
male" in the media since the end of the 80's and which has done nothing
but,steadily increase the last 15 years.For example in music,we are
bombarded with the "efeminate gay-ish white boy bands" or the "constantly
whingey-whiney white guys" like Cold Play,James Blunt,Daniel
Powter,etc,etc,etc,etc [I'm Not saying there ain't a place for the falsetto
in music,but,theres a limit!.] While the black male in music seems to do
nothing but be a success "wit da ladies & ho's & gun toting",seeming more
powerful than any law of the land....and with all that apparent power comes
sexual attraction for the females out there!Google search "interracial" and
there'll be a barrage of NOT multiculturalism...a balanced view of creeds
and colors...but 99% will be a black guy/s and a single white female !!!! By
chance!? I think NOT.

RC said (October 1, 2005):

The scriptures say "there is nothing new under the sun"

Since the days of eden women have fallen prey to there emotions and have wrecked havoc on themselves, not to mention on the rest of the world.

There is something in their female phsyco-emotional build that keeps getting them in trouble.

No i am not saying that women are the cause of
troubles because it also takes a male fool to
complete the equation.

Andy said (October 1, 2005):

I think this "Mark Jacobs" (below) basically proves everything you have ever pointed out with regard to feminism and its absurd constructs. Check
out this guys website, what a piece of work.

Mark Jacobs said (October 1, 2005):

How dare you dictate what a woman should and shouldn't aspire to become? A woman would probably have the required compassion to run a country better than a man could. It's currently a man-run world, and what a mess they've made of it. We should give more women a chance at the top to see if they improve the global state of affairs.

Chromosmally speaking, women are natural human beings and men are aberrations. For example, a man's penis is an inverted vagina. Men can be colour blind, whereas woman cannot.

Mark Jacobs
"Not everything that is knowable, is provable."

Mr. Jacobs -

You're the perfect example of what 35 years of feminism and mainstream American "education" will do to a man - knee jerk response - without looking at the merits of the argument, nor stopping to look that what you're upset about, "How dare you dictate what a woman . . . [blah, blah, etc., etc.]," was not the point of the piece. At no point in the article was there ever made mention of dictating anything to women. There was no advocation of taking away "civil rights," making laws against women, forcing them to be slaves. Yet, this seems to be the exact position you are reacting against, without thinking . . . ask yourself, "why?". The reason is simple, you have been beautifully programmed by the system to accept feminist bull$hit as valid without thinking about it. One of the goals of feminism to strip a man of the logical, rational, and analytical power represented so much more intensely in the male mind, as compared to the female, thereby rendering him helpless in the face of a rationally put together argument like the one presented by Dr. Makow. It's perfect - you don't think and run cover for NWO goals at the same time - I'd call it brilliant, if the plan wasn't so insidious and evil at its core.

Women should be able to do, within the common confines of our legal system of course, whatever they want, whenever they want - period. No one advocates otherwise. However, if women chose to live like men, neglecting their proper God-given roles, they will destroy the family unit and also find themselves ultimately unhappy and dissatisfied. Women were not meant to be in the roles they so ardently chose to be in today, and feminism is the the culprit that told women they needed to do what they are doing today - thereby destroying the backbone of what made western society great and stable.

Cannot have it both ways . . .Joshua H

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