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Feminism, New World Order and Rockefeller's New War

March 13, 2002

by Henry Makow Ph.D.

In the 1960's, the elite media invented second-wave feminism as part of the elite agenda to dismantle civilization and create a "New World Order."

The ultimate aim is to concentrate the world's wealth/power in a relatively few hands through a global "socialist" dictatorship, administered by the UN, and paid for by you. As former President George Bush told the UN General Assembly in 1992, "It is the sacred principles enshrined in the UN Charter to which the American people will henceforth pledge their allegiance."

This is the long-term agenda of the dynastic Anglo-American international banking and oil monopolies (Rothschild, Rockefeller, Morgan) and British aristocratic families that have used foreign services and intelligence agencies to manipulate world affairs and cause havoc since the end of the 19th century. Some people call this a "conspiracy." Conspiracy is the history that isn't written.

Feminism was promoted for the purpose of de stabilizing society, and creating dysfunctional people. Stunted people can be brainwashed and manipulated. Rockefeller's new war (a.k.a. The War on Terror) is an extension of this elite agenda of world monopoly.

Feminism masquerades as a movement for women's rights. This kind of deception is typical of subversive movements of Communist origin. In reality, feminism is ruthlessly opposed to femininity, masculinity, heterosexuality, the nuclear family and children.

It deliberately promotes homosexuality which, according to experts, is a form of arrested development. Feminism neuters women, rendering them less fit to become wives and mothers. Men are emasculated, unable to create families, or make sacrifices for the sake for their children.

If feminism were genuine, it would have disappeared when discrimination against women ended. It continues as a tool of the elite agenda: depopulation, de stabilizing society, and dismantling Western Civilization.

In academia, feminists are the storm troopers of the Brave NW0, making politics supreme over science, objective fact and reason. Feminists believe western culture needs to be "reformulated" because men ("the patriarchy") created it. Essentially, this involves throwing it out.

Modern feminism is a classic Communist "popular front" subversive movement. Betty Friedan, and virtually all its leading exponents were/are Communist/ Marxist activists. Feminism has taken over the education and legal systems, the media and federal bureaucracy because dismantling our culture is the elite agenda.

The elite financed the Communists because the state is the ultimate monopoly. By controlling that, they control everything. As well, they have the common goal of destroying western civilization.

Communists use social ideals to dupe the people. In the past, Communists exploited class and race divisions to divide and conquer. Now they pretend to champion women and homosexuals. Their real aim is to de stabilize and control society.

The result of feminism is massive social and psychological dysfunction. Feminists, who would not touch a genetically modified apple, deny the inherent male-female dichotomy, the yin-yang at the heart of the universe. They are standing between millions of people and their G-d, because loving sexual union mirrors divine union.

Western civilization is Judeo Christian. Every civilization is based on religion. They are founded on the assumption that the material world mirrors an immanent spiritual order. Call it G-d.

Culture, personal and social, is the attempt to reflect this spiritual order. This is the true path to fulfillment and happiness. Civilization is a quest for G-d. There is no such thing as culture divorced from G-d.

The monopolists want to bring down western civilization because the Divine Order is opposed to the New World Order. They want to replace civilization with paganism.

If believers are accused of imposing their morality on others, they should reply, you are imposing your IMMORALITY on us.

Believers should insist on prayer and references to G-d in public institutions because while there are many religions, all lead to the same mountaintop. While we should not insist on our particular path, we should insist on the common goal. We should unite to defend civilization against the onslaught of paganism.

Sexual promiscuity and pornography are a big part of this push to paganism. They result from arrested development. The stunted human equates sex with love and obsessively fills the vacuum with sex. The elite monopolists promote this decadence and call it liberation. They are turning us into sexual misfits and nomads unable to form fruitful permanent relationships.

Monopolists control the mass media, the education system and the professions. Universities and think tanks are filled with intellectual whores and moral cowards financed by tax exempt foundations. William H. McIllany's book, "The Tax-Exempt Foundations" shows how our tastes and attitudes have been formulated and controlled. For example, Rockefeller financed the development of contraception and the promotion of depopulation and promiscuity (The Kinsey Report.) Ominously, Rockefeller also financed the eugenics movement and paid for the United Nations site.

The elite media tells us that Iraq must be contained before it acquires weapons of mass destruction. It doesn't tell us that Iraq now has the second largest oil reserves in the world, and is expected to supercede even Saudi Arabia. Could the projected 300 billion barrels of Iraqi oil be of any interest to Rockefeller-Morgan-Chase-Exxon? Might it interest their minions in the CIA and Bush administration? Who will benefit from these reserves after Saddam Hussein is toppled? These questions are worth asking, don't you think?

Last week General Tommy Franks inadvertently referred to the war in Afghanistan as "Vietnam" and didn't realize his mistake. This telling slip of the tongue wasn't reported in the US. (I saw it on a cable channel from France.) The American "victory" in Afghanistan may have been spurious. The Taliban may have melted away in order to avoid bombs and draw in American ground troops.

What was reported, however, was a "leak" in which seven countries were named as potential US first-strike nuclear targets. In addition to the "axis of evil," Russia, China, Syria and Libya were named. While the administration backpedaled furiously this week, the message got out loud and clear. According to the "Tehran Times", from Iran (a country with oil reserves of 100 billion barrels): "The order indicates the US administration is going to wreak havoc on the whole world in order to establish its hegemony and domination." (National Post, March 11)

An article in the Chicago Tribune March 3, 2002, was remarkably candid for the elite media. Under a headline "Whack Iraq? Striking Hussein is Ill-Conceived," Senior Correspondent R.C. Longworth reported that emissaries from "the Eastern Establishment" recently traveled to Chicago, to win local support for an American war on Iraq.

"About 20 prominent Chicagoans gathered recently for a private dinner to hear an emissary from the Eastern Establishment lay out the administration's case for a war on Iraq. It was a conservative crowd--lawyers, business people, bankers, a sprinkling of academics, even a retired Army general. All probably supported the war in Afghanistan, and there wasn't a card-carrying dove in the lot.''

Nevertheless, the Chicago elite unanimously opposed the war-on-Saddam pitch, comparing it to similar war-hawk assurances they received before the U.S. got into the quagmire in Vietnam. The Chicagoans were not demonstrating Midwestern isolationism. On the contrary, they argued that "a unilateral attack on Iraq would shred those alliances [with Europe and the Arab world], turning the U.S. from a global leader, respected by its allies, into a global bully feared by its subjects.''

It's about time we heard from these US regional elites. Feminism, the New World Order and the Rockefeller's new war are all part of the same picture: a ruthless, insatiable drive for world resource monopoly. Inevitably this will lead to genocide and tyranny.

The American people are good, decent and courageous. It's time they attacked the root of the evil that afflicts them. We should begin by networking with like-minded citizens, and making our voices heard. Our first demand should be an independent investigation of the events of Sept. 11. Why were there no Arab names on the passenger lists? Show us that the elite didn't perpetrate this atrocity. I don't want to believe it did. But these days self-delusion is becoming a luxury.

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Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at