James Wesley Howell - His Current Status (Below)

Howell Implicates Hillary, CIA in False Flags, Trump Assassination

August 30, 2016

(left, Clinton body count. Attorney Brenda Corpian beaten with an inch of death after Howell interview.)
This explosive story has gone under the radar.

"Brenda Corpian," left, a pseudonym, is the attorney who broke the story
of James Wesley Howell seeking police protection after refusing to 
execute a CIA plot to bomb the Los Angeles Gay Pride Parade June 12,
to coincide with the Orlando CIA psy op. 

Roughly two weeks later, Corpian interviewed Howell in prison
where he told her he had seen Hillary Clinton and Huma Abadin
at the CIA's "Islamic Terror" training camp in Virginia. The interview
was terminated at that moment and about 15 hours later Corpian was
severely beaten by three men and left for dead in a dumpster. She was found 
by a homeless man and is expected to recover.     Howell told her that
Clinton was "especially interested" in "Michael" who later was arrested
for attempting assassinate Donald Trump. 

Here is the Corpian-Howell interview: 

When interviewed at the LACJ (Los Angeles County Jail) by our staff attorney and investigative reporter, Brenda Corpian, Howell further elaborated on his original statements. Brenda was allowed to speak with Howell as a licensed attorney considering representing him.

Brenda: You originally mentioned three other people you went thought training with. However you only mentioned the names of two of the people you trained with. Do you now remember who the third person was?

Howell: "Your guy got that f@#$%d-up. I told the cops what I knew -I trained with four other people - not three. We were part of one group - there were at lest 8 groups that we seen - maybe more."
Brenda: Do you know what kind of activities these other groups were being trained for?
Howell: "I don't know. Probably the same s@#t we were learning - I mean, we sometimes trained together on some stuff."
Brenda: What kind of training did you receive at the camp - what did you train with others to do?
Howell: "The usual stuff I guess - making pipe bombs, mixing chemical explosives - ya know, military s@*t."
Brenda: James, could you be more specific - what do you mean by military (expletive)- were you ever in the military?
Howell: "No I never made that trip but I have seen a lot of deep s*%t. I think everyone had his or her own thing going on. They taught several of us how to shoot - others were taught how to blow s**t up. All of us had to take our turns in the gas room...."
Brenda: The gas room?
Howell: "Yeah, it was really f@#$%d up. We had to go in to this room with gas masks on and take them off after they shot the gas in - it was jacked up."

It appears that Howell and others he was trained with went through an abbreviated version of what the Army dubs basic training. Additionally it appears that selective training was given to others for specific assignments.
Howell and Omar were trained to handle automatic weapons and explosives. Howell witnessed at least five other people being trained to shoot what Howell described as "long rifles" - most likely sniper rifles.

Howell Identifies Sandford - Suspect In Assassination of Donald Trump In Las Vegas NV.

Howell: "We all called Dan the chemist. He seemed to get off to making bombs and setting things on fire....I remember a time one his firecrackers came within inches of blowing some ball bearings through Michael's legs....man that Brit was pissed," said Howell.
Brenda: Brit? Who is Michael?
Howell: "The guy in Vegas. Weird mother f@$%%r - we called him the Brit because he was from England or some place like that...we went and partied one night with him....he has a nice Beamer."
Brenda: I am not sure I understand what you mean by 'the guy in Vegas?' Beamer--do you mean BMW?
Howell: "The guy they arrested for trying to grab that cops gun to shoot Trump with -- yeah a BMW - you know - beamer. I am in to lowered Honda's and Acura's. I have a sweet ride. If I ever get out of here maybe we can go for a ....."
Howell definitely made it clear while he was talking to Brenda that he knew Michael Sandford - recently arrested at a Trump rally for trying to disarm a Las Vegas metropolitan Police officer - a gun Sandford later claimed to the U.S. Secret Service he would have used to shoot Donald Trump.
Brenda reported that during the time she talked to Howell he seemed scared one moment and at other moments he was flirting with her. It was obvious to Brenda that Howell was very scared of what might happen to him while in custody but tried to add levity to the conversation to appear somewhat tough.
Brenda wrote in her story that, "I doubt very seriously that the recent reports that Howell is bi-sexual are accurate. The whole time I talked to him his eyes were glued to my breasts-he made no attempt to hide the fact that he was turned on by my chest."

FBI / Homeland Security Partner With A Radial Islamic Terrorist

According to Howell, he first came in contact with Imam Abu Taubah, AKA Marcus Robertson, left, a former marine who is the leader of what Howell believed was an ISIS cell group training and operating in the U.S.

Howell, Mateeen and Sandford were allegedly recruited by Robertson through an online fundamental Islamic knowledge seminary course, which Robertson conducts.

"I had no idea that the CIA was involved until I arrived at the camp in Virginia with others to start our training....I have read about places like the camp...but it was not what I was expecting....I don't think anyone else was expecting it either," said Howell.

Howell was unsure of exactly how many people were at the camp with him and or what particular missions, if any, the other recruits were being trained for. "People came in and out. Omar, Dan and me were always together--we knew what we were suppose to do."

It appears Howell and his fellow conspirators were told very clearly to "keep their mouths shut" about what they were going to do and to not ask others about their assignments - roles, if any.

Brenda's interview came to an end when someone at the jail abruptly shut off the phones Howell and her were speaking through.

Although it is normal procedure for a client (Howell) and their attorney (Brenda) to talk in privacy in an interview room, the authorities despite Brenda's license to practice law in California, would not allow Brenda to speak with Howell in an attorney/client interview room.

Additionally, the phone interview should not of been monitored, which is obvious it was because after Howell had already described two people and was half way through naming the last name of a third person, the phone system was shut down and Brenda was rudely escorted out of the building.

Senator, Former Clinton Aide and a High Ranking Federal Law Enforcement Agent Have Regularly Met With Robertson

Brenda: You have mentioned Dan, Omar and Michael - did you recognize anyone else that you may have known previously or seen on TV or read about?

Howell: "They often meet with Abu. They seemed especially interested in Michael. The Senator was often accompanied by a woman who I have seen on television hundreds of times, she doesn't work for the government anymore but I think her husband does......yeah her name is Hu..."end of interview.

According to Brenda's report, Howell claims that Robertson was seen several times meeting with a current US Senator, a high ranking member of Homeland Security and was releasing the name of a woman that we have a good idea of her identity from his description of her and what was heard of her name before the interview was abruptly ended.

Frankly, both Brenda and I are not completely convinced that Howell was completely honest with her during her interview with him. However, many things that Howell said are consistent with the recent Fox report concerning Robertson and a 365 USA News report concerning some very strange recruitment activities that are being done by the FBI according to FBI Director James Comey.

However, we are completely convinced that Howell definitely knows Sandford because at the time of her interview with Howell, he mentioned several pieces of information that included specific information concerning the vehicle Sandford drove to Las Vegas which had not yet been reported before Brenda's interview with Howell.

Brenda was concerned that Howell may have embellished part of his story to impress her.

-------------------Corpian's Website

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Below- My Short Romance With the 'Al Right'" (scroll down)

James Wesley Howell - His Current Status


Thanks to the courage and initiative
of blogger Stephanie Sledge,
a record of James Wesley Howell's status 
and whereabouts has been established. 
She responded to my appeal Saturday
for information about Howell, who 
claims he withdrew from a CIA operation
to target a Gay pride parade June 12, the
same day as the Orlando psy op. 
Bravo Stephanie! James, you have not been

If you now think everything is above board, read the First Comment below and see the interview an attorney Brenda Corpian had with Howell before she was nearly beaten to death. Howell told her that he had also trained with Michael Sandford, the young Brit who was arrested for trying to assassinate Trump.

by Stephanie Sledge
The Government Rag 

Yesterday morning, at approximately 10:30am, I began calling the list of numbers you had published in the article to see if I could get some answers. ...
(Stephanie Sledge, left)

So, I moved on and decided to call Sean Carney from the District Attorney's Office in LA County. He just happened to answer his phone as he had forwarded his office calls to his cell phone. I just happened to catch him at the right time for some answers.

I was told by Carney:

"Howell's Preliminary Hearing is scheduled for September 8th at 8:30am at the DIV 31 (Airport Courthouse). He has obtained a public defender by the name Samuel Jones."

I then continued to ask questions about Howell's situation including where he was being held. Carney told me "Howell is currently in the custody of the LA Sheriff's Department."

I explained there were concerned citizens wanting to know why there had not been any news coverage or updates about this case/suspect and therefore, I was asking questions to help understand the status of the arrestee and his case updates.

I asked him what official charges Howell was facing. He told me he did not have that information handy as he was driving and I caught him on his cell phone.

After speaking with Carney, I went online to confirm the update.

First, I went to the LA Sheriff's Department inmate search page and found the following information:

Booking number: 4679768, James Howell, Male, DOB 03/31/96, Age 20

When clicking on the booking number provided, the following information is available about his case:

Name: James Wesley Howell
Hair: Bro
Eyes: Blue
Height: 6.00
Weight: 170
Arrest Date: 06/12/16
Arrest Time: 0553
Booking Location: 1965
Loc. Desc: Santa Monica P.D.
Bail: $2,000,000.00
Grand Bail: No Bail
Housed: TTCF (Twin-Towers Correctional Facility)
450 Bauchet Street, Los Angeles, CA
Court Date: 09/08/16 
Court Time: 8:30
Next Court Case: SA09315901
Court: LAX Superior Court Dept W31
11701 S. Lacienega Blvd, Los AngelesUPT
Hold Agency: KY
Hold Name: Kentucky
Case# UNK
# of Hold: 1
Note: Hold agency may be a warrant in another state. Howell's name does appear in a quick search in the Kentucky court system. His name appears to have the cities of Louisville, Simpsonville, Goshen, and La Grange attached to him. He also shows up with the same DOB in the case of Commonwealth vs. Howell, James (W/M/DOB 03/31/96) Jefferson 16-CR-001067.

This evidence presented should be enough for any real researcher and/or investigative journalist to question where this young man came from, where he has lived, and so forth. Was this man another stalked man, set up from the FBI, just like Jared Lee Loughner? What are his official charges? There are a thousand more questions to answer, however, for today, I will present you with the answer you are currently seeking... "What has happened to James Wesley Howell..."

In Addition: I am seeking an individual and/or individuals who will be willing to attend James Wesley Howell's Preliminary Court hearing on September 8th at 8:30am to verify whether this man will actually appear in court, what official charges he will be facing, and the outcome of the hearing. However, I would assume some local media may also come to the court hearing and write some lame-duck news story but I want some real facts...

See snippets of my research on James Wesley Howell below. Feel free to comment and add more research.

Is Howell unprotected after asking police officials for protection after he claimed he "backed out" of bombing the Gay Pride Parade after learning Omar Mateen (Suspect) in Orlando shooting was murdered? Howell allegedly also claimed he and Omar trained together at a ClA camp in Virginia.

More questions people... more questions....

Reach Stephanie here;  [email protected]

First Comment from L:

Henry, regarding your article about James Welsey, Howell.....did you not hear what happened to the female attorney the letsgetoffthebs sent in there to interview him? [Her name is Brenda Corpian, the author of their story.] She was found in a garbage bin beaten within a couple inches of her life. Last I heard they weren't sure if she'd make it. They were guarding her room in the ER with security guards. [She was almost murdered because Howell had given her compromising information.]  I don't know if she made it or not. That's prob why no no one is touching this. Stephanie Sledge from the govt rag just wrote an article saying she would look into it....after the article you wrote ..... Someone needs to do it...just would rather it be a collective effort so far there's not just one (female) target.

Brenda Corpian (pseudonym) Expected to recover 

Related - Lawyer Almost Dies After Howell Implicates Hillary 

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Comments for "James Wesley Howell - His Current Status "

William said (August 30, 2016):

Stephanie - Your courage, unfortunately as rare as it is admirable, may become a life-threatening activity should the PTB decide that you have become more of a threat to the exposure of their criminal activities, to put it mildly, than you are worth alive. While I am at the end of a life which the PTB threw under a bus at about the same age as Mr. Howell is now, after their unsuccessful attempt to stitch me up as a "Lee Harvey Oswald" (why do their patsies and 'lone nuts' always have 3 names, eh?) to cover the murder of an undercover BNDD drug agent in 1969, and while I would be otherwise willing to do, as Mr. Dylan once said, "one good deed before I die" (LIly, Rosemary, and the Jack of Hearts from Blood On The Tracks) by attending JWH (John Wesley Harding's?) preliminary hearing, I quite possibly might be disappeared before I could become a very discreditable witness, due to my having something in common with Mr. Howell, in that I also wore the blue and yellow in the Twin Towers because of some extremely bad luck, a mistaken identity by complainants before the fact, and an unloaded Glock 21 in the proximity of a convicted felon who did almost 4 years in max for possession of some bad pot back in witch burning country 45 years ago. BTW, from what he is wearing, JWH is probably not in the general population at the Towers, and, may in fact not actually be held there. And, if you think that just showing up at some kangaroo court in some high rise building near LAX with a helicopter pad on the roof could ever do more than the symbolic gesture, such as having all those lawyers stand around all those polling places back in 2004 when they were rigging it for GWB43, instead of getting one good hacker before the fact to blow the cover on the electronic vote rigging, then you are perhaps as naive as you are courageous. No offense intended. You're in, sadly, good company. And as far as why all those other journalists aren't covering this, the answer is that the wise one pick their fights. And some serious psychopaths in high positions have nothing to lose by pulling another arkancide to try and cover their Lady MacBeth's blood trail back to the chalk outline around the big blood stain on the stone floor of the castle. So, you get points for guts. But please mind how far you venture near the black widow's lair unless you have a good elven blade and some intrepid backup.

Glen said (August 30, 2016):

Henry, you found a real winner in Stephanie Sledge. I became familiar with her work in a radio interview about her book APPLEZEBRA11 with Popeye from Federal Jack. As far as I can tell she was the only one to call the assassination attempt of congresswoman Gabrielle Gifford a staged event. Probably one of the first false flag gun events to take place under O in his sick quest to grab our guns. For those who have not heard analysis of the event I suggest you listen to this radio interview. Again, I would like to say Stephanie is a top notch investigative reporter and you could not have a better person on the case. Here is the link..


B said (August 30, 2016):

The government will most likely have him of heavy medication to zombie him out in the court..like several of the other

Below- "Lilith" Gave Her Body to Satan (scroll down)

My Short Romance With the "alt right"

Pepe Pinochet.jpg

(left, Pepe the frog is the mascot  of the alt right. Here Pepe Pinochet drops leftists into the sea from helicopters.) 

The "alt right" movement is a reaction against political
correctness and the Judeo Masonic (Communist) agenda.

Pete Nesbitt found its irreverence refreshing
but as the Pepe mascot suggests, he discovered an
ugly underside. 

"It's not a "hate group." They are just tired of being the target of hate from the other side, so they are giving it back in kind.
...for a couple of weeks I was a true believer!"

By Pete Nesbitt

First the good, then the not so good, then the ugly.  That's the format of this article and also how my three-week excursion into the depths of the trendy, fascinating but ultimately disappointing "AltRight."

A Trump supporter, I was impressed by how he had stolen the Republican presidential nomination from the GOP establishment, mainly by using Twitter. For months, he generated headlines day after day by sending out 144-character tweets whose outrageous tone earned him generous coverage in all the major media. 

The Tweets cost him nothing and were Trump's primary tool in vanquishing 16 highly qualified opponents, most of whom outspent him -- some by as much as 100 to one. Before long I was following a trail of inflammatory pro-Trump tweets that led me to the AltRight community. Excited at my discovery, I opened a Twitter account using a comedic name and a cartoon face, the AltRight being a "safe space" for irreverent anonymity.


The good: The AltRight makes AlterNet and other formerly edgy liberal outlets read like an old lady's Bingo card by comparison. Its hive mind is merciless in shredding opponents, which include social and political totems as well as the occasional liberal tweeter foolhardy enough to venture into their turf. It calls out feminism, diversity, mass immigration and any other form of liberal shibboleth as scams in the most uncompromising, often vicious terms .

It unabashedly and often humorously lionizes Hitler, Mussolini and other right-wing dictators and jokes irreverently about ovens, gas chambers and mass extermination, presumably as an antidote to the left's relentless and tiresome 24/7 media campaign against Christianity, nationalism, race, masculinity and the nuclear family.

Much of the AltRight assumes that the history of WWII was written by the victors and therefore is not only suspect but 100% wrong. In their view, (shared by a cadre of online historical revisionists) the good guys of history were bad and the bad guys were good.

The AltRight doesn't dilute its message, but stays focused on a limited set of issues, very effectively hammering them again and again and again, often with outrageous humour. The nationalist AltRight is way funnier than the globalist left, by any measure. There is a genuine sense of community in the AltRight, shared by men and women who obviously care deeply about these issues and greatly value the discovery that they are not alone.

AltRight tweeters deconstruct Islam without compunction, documenting the faith's obscure scriptural references to killing infidels, marrying children and the like and illustrating their points with graphic images of radical Islamic terrorism. They also wage robust war against Islam's perceived enslavement of women, as characterized by the hijab.

The AltRight regularly showcases, to inspiring effect, forgotten masterpieces of White cultural achievement, including paintings, sculptures and poetical and philosophical gems.

The community serves as an excellent news source. I did not read a single online newspaper the whole time I was an AltRight tweeter and my compadres, with their clips, quotes and memes, kept me better informed than ever.

The AltRight empowers and encourages its young men to be courageous and physically and mentally fit and to stand up for their women, their racial integrity and their homeland. This I admire a great deal.

Most significantly to my mind, the AltRight has pushed the White Genocide narrative into the mainstream, where it belongs. Globally, Whites of European heritage are indeed a minority and the Jewish-owned mainstream press never tires of heralding their impending extinction. This is not racist theory; these are facts that White people need to confront, even if they choose to do nothing about it.

The not so good: 

There is little deconstruction of current events. After HRC delivered her much-anticipated AltRight speech on August 25, the AltRight was so busy congratulating itself on being in the spotlight that they missed the event's most obvious inconsistencies. Why did HRC plug the AltRight in the first place? 

And why did she single out Alex Jones of Infowars for a plug that was surely the highlight of his career? Maybe it's just too hard to deconstruct things in 144 characters, but I found the community's navel-gazing response to the speech extremely disappointing.

Along the same lines, when San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick refused to stand for the national anthem to protest Black oppression, the AltRight predictably ganged up on the QB for being anti-White. No one but me thought to check out the identity of his agent (pro athletes do what their agents tell them to do). Sure enough, his agent is Jason Bernstein, consistent with one AltRight narrative that the Jews foment Black-White hatred. My tweets pointing the finger at Bernstein were ignored, drowned out by the knee-jerk cacophony of anti-Kaepernick odium.

And then it got ugly: After three weeks of excitement quickly turning to disillusionment, I decided it would be interesting to toss a few ideologically suspect tweets into the mix, to see what would happen. I hit a nerve when I tweeted a photo showing Mussolini's corpse after he was beaten by a mob in Milan.

"Communist scum" tweeted GrimReaper, referring to those who killed Il Duce.

"The outcome of war. Winners and losers." I replied.

That was it; that was all it took. GrimReaper unleashed a torrent of abuse at me, accusing me of disrespecting Il Duce, and immediately reported me to a half-dozen AltRight troll-reporting hashtags with names like #trollalert and #scum. Rather than defend myself from the impending onslaught, I deleted my entire tweet history, leaving my account open just to check on the movement from time to time.


I highly recommend a tour of the AltRight for anyone who hasn't been there. Wear your seatbelt; it's a wild but entertaining ride, unlike anything you've read before. The easiest way to get started is go to the hashtag #AltRightMeans and there you'll find hundreds of AltRight accounts to follow. One of the funniest is a wise guy named Spectre.

You'll need a glossary; they have their own Twitter lingo. The online Urban Dictionary provides definitions.

Good luck if you go, but remember: the AltRight has its own code of what's politically correct and what isn't, and transgressors shall be banished to the ovens!


First Comment by Anthony Migchels 

Nice perspective on the alt-right. Here's some more:

- The Alt-Right has many good points about race, but they go overboard: many of them are outright social darwinists (hence Hitler's popularity), a vicious ideology that I resent profoundly. People of Spirit reject it in favor of the brotherhood of man, which does not at all imply that whites need to surrender their countries and racial integrity, but does require us to see our brethren as same in the Spirit.

- Making everything about race ignores the bigger issues. For instance, the fact that we are all complete slaves to Usury and its gory offspring (States and Big Business).

- Because they hate Islam so much (which is silly, considering what the West has been up to over the last few centuries, or when you compare the Old Testament to the Qur'an (the former is even much worse than the latter), they are a little too happy to buy all the Mossad/CIA's rather transparent Gladio operations. Surely most of them realize 9/11 was an inside job, but this does not jive well with their Islam narrative, which is why the Alt Right cannot be considered Truth Movement material.

- What I like best about the Alt Right is the people themselves. Working/lower Middle Class white guys, who have been severely mauled by the Jewish war on them. Their grievances are quite real and legitimate, and they're usually bright guys, fun to hang around with. Their anti PC tone of voice is funny and refreshing.

- What saddens me is that they all love Trump. Trump will trounce Hillary at the elections (her implosion the last year is remarkable, and probably intended to drive the voters to Trump), but he has very little to offer to the working class, and his Zionism, pro Police State positions, and aggressive stance on Iran are very troubling. He will royally screw them all over, but most in the Alt Right are still very naive and apparently need this lesson.

You can find this article permanently at http://henrymakow.com/2016/08/My-short-romance-alt-right.html

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at

Comments for "My Short Romance With the "alt right""

Kurt said (August 31, 2016):

The name ‘Alt-Right’ is fluid at this point and is being redefined by the Left to include controversial groups so they can smear the whole movement with their ‘racist’ slime.
The original meaning, in my mind, was an alternative to the Establishments’ ‘Neo-Con’ takeover of the Conservative movement and The Republican Party in the 1990’s.
If you want the true ‘Alt-Right’ read V-Dare at:
VDARE - premier news outlet for patriotic immigration reform
Lydia Brimelow of VDARE.com, writes: Welcome, all new visitors who may have found VDARE.com as a result of the media frenzy around the Alt-Right.

They believe, as I do, that White Christians of European decent have a right to advocate for their own interests like every other sub-group.

Tyron said (August 30, 2016):

Pretty good write up on the Alt Right and pretty accurate.

In defense of the Alt Right and their intolerance of dissent one must understand a few things.

The Political Spectrum has steadily been moving left for well over 100 years and we are now at the point where the universal natural law has been completely flipped on it's head. If this is allowed to continue, not only will it bring about the extinction of the white race, but by extension, the human race as a whole. The Jews have been behind this to the extreme by mercilessly pushing the left (Marxism/Talmudism) while propping up false opposition to it on the right.

Thus, in order to reverse this, the Alt Right has been organically formed to shift the Overton Window. The OW is the realm in which political speech is acceptable to the masses and by us giving no apologies, no mercy and tolerating no dissension is our ranks we have succeeded in shifting the political currents by hammering our way into the mainstream.

We tolerate no dissension because we refuse to be divide and co-opted by the 'Jews" and their lackeys. Believe me when I say the Alt Right has every category of political rightist and religious beliefs; Christian, Agnostic, Pagan, Atheist and so on. But we have all agreed on certain principals that affect us all to turn the table on the "Jews" and their cohorts that can be summed up as follows.

The person who would have the most amount of recognized rights in the Western World would be a Rich, Black, Jewish, Handicapped, Lesbian, Communist, Non American Citizen, and if they have a hair lip they'd get extra brownie points.

The people who have the least amount of recognized rights would be a Poor, White, Able Bodied,Heterosexual, American Born, Christian (or Rightist), Male.

Thus we promote the interests of our poor over the wealthy, whites over non whites, the able bodied and beautiful over the ugly and unhealthy, heteros over homos, the natural born over the invaders, rightists (And cultural Christian norms) over anything on the left as well as masculinity and true women-hood over feminism.

We never squabble about our natural differences when it comes to religion or not but have rather agreed to lock arms on defending our people's history/culture and accomplishments in the most aggressive, no holds bared, uncompromising way to secure our peoples, our nations future and by virtue of this, everyone else's (except for the enemies of our peoples).

Carl said (August 30, 2016):

Who are these alt right people that think the greatest Zionist who ever lived is a hero? Is it not obvious that Hitler:

1) Forever ended Caucasians ability to have pride in their race in the form of groups/assembly.

2) Followed the advice of T. Herzl and killed so many Jews, many of them innocent non Zionists, and stole their money, creating the (greatest) pretext for a Zionist homeland.
"It is essential that the sufferings of Jews. . . become worse. . . this will assist in realization of our plans. . .I have an excellent idea. . . I shall induce anti-semites to liquidate Jewish wealth. . . The anti-semites will assist us thereby in that they will strengthen the persecution and oppression of Jews. The anti-semites shall be our best friends".[6][7]Herzl

3) Refused to bomb key British targets and showed piss poor military strategy, like a two fronts war at the wrong time. Failed to deploy cutting edge technology developed by Viktor Shauberger until it was too late.

4) The mainstream media has admitted he didn't die in the bunker, proving he was one of the banker's stooges because they let him go after he destroyed Germany.


5) Does the alt right like brown eyed half breeds? I thought they had the pure blood M.O.?

Conclusion: So many people are so easily duped that even the ones who figure something out are herded into false hope/opposition groups who believe people like Mussolini are positive historical figures. The question here really is (future Henry Makow article). Why are people so stupid?

Robert K said (August 30, 2016):

Pete Nesbitt must be a young man if he is as yet unaware of how many of these "right-wing" movements are controlled opposition operations whose real purposes are to associate resistance to centralization with extremism, to gather intelligence on people in society who are disaffected, to distract people from the defects in the financial system that underlie most of our problems and fears, and to further the "divide and conquer" agenda by riling groups up against each other.

Pete replies:

I am 64 and and a retired investigative journalist. I did not mention the controlled opposition aspects of the AltRight for the simple reason that infiltration is everywhere so why bother mentioning it. Most of the AltRight seems sincere.

Baby, They Will Drive Your Car! by L.C. Vincent

August 28, 2016

Baby, They Will Drive Your Car! 
Rampant technology advances are moving driverless cars off the drawing boards and onto the public roadways.   Could this sign of "progress" be just another Illuminati ploy?

 by L.C. Vincent 

Best estimates conclude that driverless cars could be ubiquitous on our roadways as early as 2021, barely four years from now. But does this sign of "progress" carry any lurking baggage not clearly visible to its supporters and advocates?
I, for one, have always enjoyed driving even under the most adverse conditions.   The idea of being able to decide where I am going, when I leave and when I would return, as well as assuming the responsibility for my safe passage back and forth, has been a "privilege" I continue to enjoy.   And as many would attest up until recently, being able to drive a car has also been considered a sign of adulthood and adult responsibilities.
Perversely, Millennials seem not to care a whit for driving, for cars, or even for getting their driver's license, an act that was once considered a rite of passage.   Many of them are content to take Uber or Lyft or a taxi, bus or subway if available.  What was once considered the foundation of American business enterprise (the automobile) is fast becoming a non-necessity to an increasing percentage of youthful Americans.
But exactly what are we trading for this progress?   In order to have these driverless vehicles safely interact with current traffic (cars with drivers), driverless cars are being tested, automated and programmed according to government regulations.
This means that in the future, a record of the day, time and destination of our trip will become a part of our permanent personal files.   Of course, even now we can also be tracked via a personal cell phones, but we still have the option of either leaving those behind or buying and discarding a generic one.
It does not take a genius to perceive that a less than beneficent government could easily "suspend" (indefinitely) one's privilege (right) to travel by simply dis-allowing your access to automated transportation.   While we still have personal automobiles, this threat is simply a haze on the horizon, but as driverless cars eventually begin to replace cars with drivers, this scenario may easily be played out in cities, suburbs or countries where a non-conforming person or populace may reside.
Driverless cars provide "them" (The Illuminati), thru their governmental minions, with one more tool of social control at their disposal.  
Driverless cars are yet another nail in the coffin of personal responsibility, sovereignty and autonomy.   It fits the Illuminati pattern and programming of our society by introducing an apparent element of "progress" with a dark underbelly of social control, constraint, surveillance and punishment without recourse.
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Putin Ties with Chabad Leader (Thanks to Pablo)

August 23, 2016

Putin Ties with Chabad Leader  (Thanks to Pablo) 

download (29).jpeg

Rabbi Berel Lazar awarded Order of Merit - Kremlin

Russian President Vladimir Putin awards Chief Rabbi of Russia with an Order of Merit in the Kremlin Moscow Russia July 31, 2014

Ancient Jewish Library Welcomed to New Home in Moscow

Russian President Vladimir Putin visited Moscow's Jewish Museum and Tolerance Centre as an important collection of ancient Jewish books, the Schneerson library, arrived on Thursday. The President familiarised himself with the most valuable parts of the collection, which contains some 12,000 books and 50,000 rare documents dating from the 18th to the beginning of the 20th century.

The transfer follows years of debate with the New York City based Chabad-Lubavitch Hasidic community who demand the return of the library. The movement argues they are the right owners of the books, as the author of the collection, Schneerson, headed the organisation after moving to the United States. However the transfer of the Schneerson library was welcomed by the Chief Rabbi of Russia, Berl Lazar, who called it a big day for Russian Jews.

Russia has maintained that it will keep the collection, saying that it is a state property and part of Russian culture. The matter got into the media spotlight in January after a US judge ordered Russia to pay $50,000 (€37,000) per day until it returns the library. The decision to move the collection to Jewish Museum and Tolerance Centre was proposed by Putin himself this year during a meeting of the Presidential Council for Interethnic Relations.

Moscow's Jewish Museum and Centre of Tolerance was opened in November 2012, with Israeli President Shimon Peres travelling to Moscow for its inauguration. It features several interactive displays regarding the Jewish peoples' long and tumultuous place in Russian history. Now home to the the Schneerson library collection, the museum's new library department operates as a part of the Russian State Library.

Putin and Chabad sect in Russia. Leader of Russian Jewry, Rabbi Berel Lazar praises Vladimir Putin.

Rabbi Berel Lazar about Putin

"Forgiveness must be preceded by genuine repentance" from Dan

August 18, 2016

re. Zen Gardner- Forgiven Too Soon? 

forgiveness must be preceded by genuine repentance  from Dan

As for Zen Gardner I can say that forgiveness must be preceded by genuine repentance.  We cannot know if someone's repented, only they and God know. 

But we can know them by their works.   More importantly, Christian forgiveness isn't a "pass go - don't go to jail card" like the Hillary Standard.  The forgiven still has to pay for what he's done, as well as give up any position of trust he enjoyed previously.  

Another religious celebrity scandal was Father Corapi of Catholic old lady TV show on EWTN.  A former female secretary outed a sex relationship she'd had with him which included cocaine. She also revealed is lavish spending on things like a motorcycle collection. 

There have a lot of 'Christian' celebrities 'coming out' these days.  Catholic Papal Cheerleader Michael Voris of Youtube channel fame spoke a great deal against homosexuality, but he too 'confessed' earlier this year that he'd been a raging queer most of his adult life.  The fact is that that bastion of the American gay Catholicism, Cardinal Dolan's Archdiocese of New York was on the verge of 'outing' Voris, so he really had no other option but to take a gamble to save face by re-branding himself a reformed homosexual and not merely 'that Catholic Guy'.    Re-branding works in America.   It worked for so well for Voris that it actually recharged his revenue.   

Please observe that sex scandals don't have the same kind of impact they did even twenty years ago.  In 2016 if handled right, it can boost flagging ratings.

Gardner's defensive quotes here strike me as manipulative.  Probably a deeply ingrained habit.  

Personally, I equate what Zen Garder's handling of exposure with what Michael Voris did with his.   He wants to retain his position as holy man for profit.   But to my way of thinking, when such people confess it changes their authority, because there is no getting around the fact that they concealed it before.  That's hypocrisy at best, and fraud at worst, and in any case manipulative.   I think the best example of a fraud that society treated justly was the non-sexual case of Steven Glass [1], the columnist for New Republic magazine that was outed for plagiarism and presenting fictitious interviews as fact in 1998.  Not only was Glass finished in Journalism, he was banned from taking the bar exam in both New York and California.  That's righteous justice. 

I only know the mainstream stuff that came out about the Children of God cult (now called Family International), when they were exposed.  

When Berg was a hot media topic, featured on such shows as CBS '60 Minutes', they always brought up his 'Antisemitism'.  He made remarks such as "Jews are subhuman demons." In a pamphlet called "They Staged the Whole Thing", Berg wrote that the powerful Jews running both Capitalism and Communism conspired to stage WWII. 

"'They staged the whole thing!' No wonder Hitler committed suicide, maybe he found out he was being used!" [1]  

It is in this context that must mention that Berg was from a long line of crypto Jews dating back to the 1700's Stuttgart Germany.   CBS and the rest never mentioned that while they used him as the poster boy pedophile Christian preacher.  The whole thing has Shabbatean/Frankist tells all over it.  Most notably, child sex, incest, screwing every member of the cult is mandatory - that's pretty Shabbatean. 

Berg's patriarchal ancestors entered a Mennonite splinter group in Stuttgart over a decade before Frank's group infiltrated the Polish Catholic church.  I think what's known of Shabbatean infiltrations in 18th century Europe is just the tip of the ice "berg." 

Christianity has been a favorite cover for con men and perverts since the beginning.  For evidence, read the oldest Christian document that warns the faithful how to recognize predator prophets, masquerading as apostles. 

"Therefore, the one who comes and teaches you all of these things which have been previously spoken, accept him. But if he, the teacher, should turn to teach another teaching, so as to release this one, do not listen to him."

The above passage means, there is only one Gospel.  Anyone who tries to make you believe another version is a devious liar. 

The Didache emphasizes the only genuine teachings of Christ:

"Two ways there are, one of life and one of death, but there is a great difference between the two ways."

"The way of life is indeed this: First, you will love the God who made you; secondly, "you will love your neighbor as yourself." Now all the things that you do not want to have happen to you, you too do not do these to one another."

"My child, do not become strongly desirous, for strong desire is the way to sexual sin. Neither should you be a speaker of filth, nor high-eyed. For adulteries are born out of all of these."

[1] Stephen Glass Wikipedia. 

[2] "They Staged the Whole Thing!", 1340:42,43