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Memorial Day Requires a Rethink

May 24, 2015

us_mercenaries.jpgMay 25 is Memorial Day in the USA

If central bankers start wars
for profit and to advance NWO tyranny,
re veterans heroes 
or have they been deceived? 

My annual Memorial Day piece --

Wars are the closest thing to hell on earth. What do you expect? They are devised by Satanists. Why do we accept them as natural and inevitable? Why do we perpetuate the myth that veterans were "defending our freedom" when in fact wars deprive us of freedom? 

In the Red Symphony, Illuminati Jewish insider Christian Rakovski stated "Wars are revolutionary" :

"Revolution" really means, "overturning" Western civilization. Replacing God with Lucifer. 

"Christianity is our only real enemy since all the political and economic phenomena of the bourgeois states are only its consequences," Rakovsky, says. 

Peace is "counter-revolutionary" since it is war that paves the way for revolution.

Revolution really means, overturning Western civilization. Thus, war is a self destructive enterprise contrived by folks who want to degrade and enslave us.

By Henry Makow Ph.D.

When the United States and England loaned Mexico money in 1903 using its customs revenue as collateral, Illuminati banker Jacob Schiff cabled his English counterpart, Ernest Cassel:

"If they don't pay, who will collect the customs?"

Cassel replied:

"Your marines and ours."   (The Life of Otto Kahn, p. 22)

Marine General Smedley Butler (1881-1940) confirmed that he was "a high class muscle man for Big Business, for Wall Street and the bankers."

In War is a Racket (1935) he wrote: "I helped make Mexico, especially Tampico, safe for American oil interests in 1914. I helped make Haiti and Cuba a decent place for the National City Bank boys to collect revenues in. I helped in the raping of half a dozen Central American republics for the benefits of Wall Street. The record of racketeering is long. I helped purify Nicaragua for the international banking house of Brown Brothers in 1909-1912. I brought light to the Dominican Republic for American sugar interests in 1916. In China I helped to see to it that Standard Oil went its way unmolested."

Flash forward to 2011 when NATO fomented and led a "revolution" in Libya, one of only four countries that didn't have a Rothschild central bank. Now Libya does.

They don't call it imperialism anymore. They call it "Our mission in Libya." Soldiers aren't mercenaries; they are "missionaries." 


All wars are organized by the Illuminati bankers to collect or incur debt, plunder or profit, and to advance their program for "world government" tyranny. They appeal to our patriotism to sucker us in. We are told we are fighting to "preserve freedom" when the opposite is actually the case.

wpoppy.jpg(White Poppy - stop legitimizing war.)

So how should we regard veterans? Certainly, a few are heroes, but usually in a bogus cause.

I think we have to regard them as dupes and mercenaries. We have all been duped for a very long time. That gives Memorial Day a taint of  pathos and cynicism.


On Nov. 11, we are mostly commemorating World War Two. While we were losing fathers and sons, Allied and Nazi central bankers were huddled together in Basel at the Bank of International Settlements (BIS) mainly financing the Nazis.

The BIS handed over to the Nazis the national treasure of Czechoslovakia, Holland and Belgium to ensure the war could go on.
This gold, worth $378 million at the time, was the basis of loans to the Nazis and was never returned.

The BIS accepted and stored Nazi plunder -- art, diamonds and precious metals including dental gold and wedding rings from concentration camp inmates. 

The US Federal Reserve, the Banks of England, France, Italy, Japan and the Reichsbank were all members of the BIS. The Nazi Reichsbank had most seats but the BIS President was a Rockefeller factotum
Thomas H. McKittrick (1889-1970). (Significantly he has no Wikipedia entry.)


mckittrick,jpg.jpg(Thomas McKittrick, left)

Questioned by a US Treasury Dept official in March 1945, McKittrick said that the war had been a charade all along, with Germany taking the fall.

Asked why the BIS worked with the Nazis, he replied, "In the complicated German financial setup, certain men who have their central bankers' point of view, are in very strategic positions and can influence the conduct of the German government..."

Then he spelled it out, albeit in an euphemism. The war's purpose was to reposition Germany for the banker New World Order:

"McKittrick went on to say that there was a little group of financiers who had felt
from the beginning that Germany would lose the war; that after defeat they might emerge to shape Germany's destiny. That they would "maintain their contacts and trust with other important banking elements so that they would be in a stronger position in the postwar world to negotiate loans for the reconstruction of Germany."

This quotation is from Charles Higham's mind blowing book,
Trading With the Enemy, 1983, p. 37.

These bankers controlled a Who's Who of corporations which had factories in occupied Europe that underpinned the Nazi war effort and profited handsomely. 

Ford, General Motors, Standard Oil and ITT provided the Nazis with essential trucks, airplane engines, materiel and technology, often giving the Nazis preference during shortages.  In a telling example, the Allies bombed a ball bearing plant in Germany only to have the stock replaced by a factory in Pennsylvania (via Sweden.)

Higham refers to these bankers as "the fraternity." They are the Illuminati.

An earlier set of bankers masterminded World War One and kept it going. But I think you get the picture. All wars are really waged by the Luciferian central bankers against humanity, i.e "the goyim." 

In 1916, almost 1.2 million British, French and German soldiers died or were maimed in the Battle of the Somme alone.
They were the cream of their generation.

By participating in any war, we are accomplices in our own destruction. 

The military is catching on too. A recent poll found that only 34 percent of U.S. veterans of the post-9/11 military believed that the Iraq and Afghanistan wars were worth fighting. US soldiers now generally say they are fighting "for their buddies" not for their country. 

kiss.jpg(left.  Henry Kissinger said, "Military men are "dumb, stupid animals to be used.")


We cannot honor veterans without recognizing that, like us, they have been duped. Otherwise, we perpetuate the sinister power which holds us prisoner.

Ultimately, the New World Order is about replacing the rule of God with the rule of Lucifer. That's why "God" has become a dirty word. War is the principal means by which Lucifer's disciples, the Cabalist (satanist) central bankers, "change the world."

They have erected a police state behind the facade of freedom. We don't know this because our leaders in government, education and media are witting or unwitting participants. Treason to God and country is a prerequisite for success in many fields.

If honoring veterans means perpetuating a cycle of endless war, we must stop. Better to honor the dead by abolishing wars. We can do this by nationalizing private central banks, and making the bankers answer for their crimes.


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First Comment from Lance:

I'm a Vietnam veteran, and was neither a mercenary nor a dupe. Like most, I was drafted and coerced into service. And the pay, beginning at $75 per month, while in training, was hardly at a mercenary's rate. No, you can't say I was in it for the money, either.


As a former soldier myself, even I cringe when I hear people thanking soldiers for their "service"  People wax maudlin over our "heroes" in uniform who are somehow "defending our freedom".

Let me tell you a little secret.  Most people join the military because it's a job, not because they have noble visions of getting killed on some battlefield.  
When I was in the army a few decades ago, we would go through training exercises and we would drink.  That amounted to about all we did.  I was certainly no hero, nor was I defending our freedom or providing a sacred service to Canadians.

If I knew what I know today, I wouldn't have even considered signing up back then.  I was young and naive.  The only way I would muse about joining the military today is if Canada itself were under attack.  I'm not going to be fooled into putting combat boots on so that I can fight a battle on the other side of the globe on behalf on the international moneylenders.


 In the 1950s, 60s, 70s, and 80s, a certain percentage of young American men from blue collar families would typically join some branch of the US military to gain employment, free medical and dental care, free meals and housing, technical training, perhaps some college, and above all, have an adventure and see the world. 

No one of those decades had any inkling of what the Pentagon was really about and just how rotten are the scoundrels and liars of Washington DC who connive with their pals in banking and the military-industrial complex to create the pretext and excuses to wage war against innocent people in far away lands, so said scoundrels can generate obscene amounts of profit and booty for themselves, and all at taxpayer expense. 

Following the treachery leveled against US service men in the first Gulf war (1991) by its own government in which hundreds of thousands of men and women were subjected to vaccinations that caused the intentionally introduced, lab created "Gulf War syndrome (or illness)", you would think that far more young people would think twice about joining a Pentagon killing machine that had all the earmarks of satanic stewardship. 

After the traitors in our military and government, working with the Mossad, orchestrated the events of 9/11, they send US military personnel into Iraq and Afghanistan to engage in such depraved levels of barbarity, cruelty, and murderous savagery (mostly against civilians), that for the first time in the history of the United States, we have scores and scores of returning military men committing suicide because they can no longer take the mental torment that their conscience has forced upon them for their unconscionable conduct in the Middle East.

The only way you can stop this process is to stop cooperating with it and that means to stop enlisting in the military and subject yourself to the Pentagon's sorcerers (and I mean that literally). In 2005, all the signs were in place for the calling of a draft, but ultimately they decided to not follow through because the war in Iraq, I think, was beginning to lose popular support and the institution of a draft would lead to anti-war protests on campuses across the country and that in turn would lead to an eventual pullout of US troops in the Middle East (as in Vietnam). 

So they start sucking up recruits from Mexico, Central America, South America and the Philippines to fill American military boots and make up the shortfall with promises of a fast track to US citzenship and other financial perks and incentives (at taxpayer expense, of course). In earlier decades, you could believe the party line that we were the Good Guys of the world and that our mission was to 'maintain the peace' and 'provide stability', and all the flag-waving crap that they throw at naive, inexperienced, and trusting young minds. But today there is no excuse.

 With the internet, anyone can find out exactly who and what the Pentagon is and understand the price you will pay if you foolishly decide to join that killing machine. You can't blame the veterans of earlier decades because we thought we were doing the right thing and assumed that the military was on the up and up. But today, everyone should know the score and we should do nothing to encourage or enable that killing enterprise-including celebrating its 'commemorative' rituals



You can find this article permanently at

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at

Comments for "Memorial Day Requires a Rethink"

Andrew said (November 12, 2014):

If all the wars of America and Canada over the last 100 years have been needless, then celebrating these stupid and wasteful extravaganzas of death and destruction is sheer folly. Of course, how do we circumvent the standard SUPPORT OUR TROOPS mind trick? We simply distinguish between our fine service people and the wasteful wars which murder and maim them. Increasingly our servicemen are sorely abused by our fascist military establishment. Notice how advertisers use models sporting prosthetic limbs as those this is cool and a mark of valor instead of the abuse it represents.

One of the strangest phenomenon are the attitudes of veterans themselves who serve in these needless wars. They always become the strongest supporters of these shameful events. This is not an easy question, yet this year Henry formulated an effective anti-venom of sorts. I know I referred proudly to a few friends. That may be why hit meter jumped.

Bruce said (November 11, 2014):

While I greatly admire the bravery of anyone who went to war, I do think that it took more courage for those few people who tried to warn us that war was not the best way to make this world a better place. That it was wrong to try kill the sons and daughters, parents, wives and children of those whom we have had a “quarrel” .

Particularly when war meant destroying cities and towns of our enemies and now forever polluting them with depleted uranium, agent orange, and our driving the people off their land like so many ground hogs and robbing them of their land as we did in East Prussia after WW2 and much of Germany after WW1. The scorn and abuse heaped upon these brave people who were against war was something that very few could fight against and very few had the courage to try to do so.

We failed to listen to those few who warned us that no war has ever made this world a better place, and we even jailed those who told us so. Even the heart break of the deaths hundreds of Canadians every day during some of the battles of World War 1, the hideous destruction of much of Europe, particularly Russia and almost all of Germany, and the atomic bombing Japan , nor the bombing of London during WW2 , nor all the wars from Afghanistan to Yugoslavia and now Syria, the Ukraine and soon to be Iran have not been enough to bring the world to its senses: that war does not work.. Hundreds of millions have been killed by war after WW2 and the killing is still going on. When will we ever learn that peace cannot be created by war?

Leonard said (November 11, 2014):

As unpopular as it is to admit this Henry, esp. Here in Amerika where war is a major industry and a religion, you are right. Our soldiers are dupes. Hollywood romanticizes the warrior and the churches hold special services to honor them. Washington creates the financial necessity to get young people to "volunteer". The Amerikan people are the most naive people in the world. They never question. They worship Molech and don't even know it. They proudly offer their sons and daughters on his blasphemous altar over and over again.

Marco said (November 11, 2014):

I think a quote by the last surviving soldier of the WW1 trenches sums up what war really is,

"I felt then, as I feel now, that the politicians who took us to war should have been given the guns and told to settle their differences themselves, instead of organizing nothing better than legalized mass murder.

War is organized murder, and nothing else."
-Harry Patch

Paul S said (November 11, 2014):

I agree that Veteran's Day requires a rethink.

The following is an interesting video that documents just what the U.S. military is really up to in Iraq.

JG said (November 10, 2014):

Henry, name me just one citizen in the "free world" that did not enjoy or had any guilt connected with the spoils from WW2 that brought an unprecedented prosperity to those nations such as the US, France, and England.

We too often take the "moral high ground" against our veterans but at the same time we are first in line to reap the spoils.

To show sympathy and honor to our veterans makes us feel complicit with their war atrocities. But, a strong dollar and cheap oil prices that were derived from these wars they have no problem associating themselves with.

As long as we're not the one's who pulled the trigger we remain righteous in our "self delusion" and still believe that this is the reason for our personal worldly prosperity.

Mohommed from SA said (November 10, 2014):

one of the things that piss me off:
when i read comments by readers about any article where a US or other western soldier has been killed. they talk about these soldiers as being brave men & women who served their country etc
why cant people admmit that their sons & daughters were desperate for a job &
with unemployment so high, they saw the military as a way out?

what's so brave about going halfway round the world to kill innocent people?
this is the thinking that allows people like Kissinger to say: "Military men
are "dumb, stupid animals to be used."

these soldiers are just being used to do the dirty work of the intl banking
gangsters and it does not help that most of the families of these soldiers
keep on drinking the orange juice served by mainstream media.
maybe they know the truth, but it hurts & they are too cowardly to admit the
reality of the situation.

and then u get these soldiers being interviewed on TV- some of them say the
stupidest things. its no wonder they are so easily fooled by the media.

if all western people refused to join the military anymore, what do u think
the Zionist banking cartel could do about it?

just imagine: in the history of the USA, there's NOT ONE war where we can honestly say the US was justified in getting involved & the Zionist banking cartel had nothing to do with it.

Al Thompson said (November 10, 2014):

Being a veteran should not be a thing of honor; but of dishonor. I have followed many wars in my lifetime and they all were about something other than what everyone thought. Young men tend to believe the older men, and these old men deliberately mislead these men to the horrible experience of war. To apply war for a political solution is simply conquest and confiscation over another group of people. Being in any military, is like being in a street gang with a license to kill whoever they choose. Their uniforms act like a mask and they give the wearer the feeling of authority when he has none. Authority comes from goodness and natural law; not from any political philosophy.

If the young men refused to join the military, then the psycho political leaders would have no one to use as cannon fodder for their insane agenda. It would be better to have no government at all then to have the "leadership" we have now turning everyone's world upside down. If the old men want a war; let them fight each other.
It is a complete disaster to take young men from their families and then make murderers out of them.

Below- Are Brazil's Marxist Schools a Harbinger for the West? (scroll down)

Illuminati Plot to Destroy Boy Scouts


The illuminati is a satanic cult that controls us by making us sick. 

Boys need male role models. Homosexuality is a developmental disorder 

Having homosexual scout masters is designed to pervert youth. 
BSA President Robert Gates, a former US Defence Secretary and 
member of the CFR is leading this attack on gender.  

by  Paul Ahnert

On Thursday, the Boy Scouts of America convened it's annual convention in Atlanta GA.  President Robert Gates addressed the convention and urged the BSA to reverse it's ban on homosexual scoutmasters. As part of his remarks, Gates claimed that court challenges to the ban would be inevitable, costly and ultimately lead to the collapse of the organization.  

Gates went on to explain that, though he had planned on not addressing the proposed policy change, the culture and laws had changed so dramatically and so quickly over the past year, he felt he had no choice.  Gates did address the concern that many churches serve as charter organizations and would not continue to sponsor a program that allowed openly homosexual men to serve as scoutmasters.  In concession, Gates suggested that each charter would be able to determine it's own policy concerning who would be able to lead within that charter.  Gates also claimed to have no hidden agenda, only the best interests of Scouting going forward.


    This pronouncement comes on the heels of an historic policy change 2 years ago, when the BSA voted to lift the ban on gay scouts.  Citing financial concerns, BSA voted to reverse it's 103 year policy to ban homosexuals from the organization.  Many major donors threatened to withdraw funding if the BSA continued to exclude membership based on sexual preference, or so the leadership council claimed. 

 In 2013, BSA voted to allow gay youth to join as scouts, but did not address the issue of gay leaders, leaving the ban on gay scoutmasters in effect.  Some families viewed this change as an endorsement of a lifestyle they believed to be morally wrong and withdrew from membership, my family included. Click here for my blog on the 2013 policy change

    The vote did not have the desired effect, as many of the donors that were threatening to withdraw funding felt that the council did not go far enough by not allowing gay leaders to join the organization.  Some churches withdrew support and charters due to the policy change, leaving troops to find new charters and meeting places.  Though few people believed that the vote in 2013 was the end of the matter, the change managed to anger those on both sides of the issue and accomplished no real benefit to Scouting as a whole.  


     Robert Gates (center) seems to be an unlikely choice to lead the Boy Scouts of America.  Gates came to national prominence when President George W. Bush appointed him to the position of Secretary of Defense in 2006. Gates served in that position until his retirement in 2011.  Prior to that appointment, Gates served as a high ranking official in the CIA and withdrew his name from consideration for the post of CIA Director in 1987, due to his role in the Iran-Contra affair.  Gates also served on the Council on Foreign Relations as a task force co-chair.  

     Robert Gates' ties to both Bush presidents and the current administration, together with his membership in the CFR leaves little doubt that he is a globalist.  One major goal of the globalist agenda is to destroy the foundation of family values in order to usher in a New World Order under a centralized government.  

     Globalists aim to undermine faith and Biblical truth, believing these to be obstacles to achieving world dominance.  Interestingly, in 2010, Robert Gates was named MTV University's Man of the Year, while Nicki Minaj was named Woman of the Year.  MTV U cited the fact that Gates led the way to ending the "Don't ask, don't tell" policy in the United States Military as one of the reasons he was chosen for the honor.  


     One major result will be open access to young boys by sexual predators.  The Guide to Safe Scouting is the main safeguard against predators, but the Guide only protects from predators who have been previously caught.  Putting men in charge of a Girl Scout troop would be unthinkable as common sense dictates men have no place leading girls in an overnight outing such as a campout or backpacking trip.  Why would the same common sense not apply to not allowing men who are sexually attracted to males from being banned from Boy Scouts?  

     Financial stability and strength is cited as a probable result of policy change.  There may well be an initial influx of money from godless donors with progressive views, but the cost, in the long run, due to decreased membership and loss of support from major faith based institutions such as the Southern Baptist Convention and the Mormon Church could very well offset any financial benefit.  Churches will be forced to kick Scout troops out of their buildings. 

    A major consequence to this proposed policy change will be to the spiritual aspect of scouting.  Faith in God is foundational to scouting.  Spiritual instruction will be monitored and ultimately abolished in fear of offending those who have chosen to engage in activity that is plainly condemned in the Bible.  Currently, Christians, Jews and Muslims co-exist in the scouting community, all of whom condemn homosexual behavior due to religious convictions.  People of faith will be forced to accept sin or leave.

    The Bible teaches that a house divided against itself cannot stand.  Scouting, which requires a belief in God and declares a scout must be "morally straight" cannot allow open homosexuals in place of leadership without creating an identity crises.  How can an organization have leaders whose very lifestyle contradicts the tenants of that organization.  This is a recipe for disaster and can only lead to the BSA collapsing in on itself.


    Gates claimed that he is trying to preempt debilitating court challenges to BSA's current policy.  Gates is being disingenuous at best, as he must know that in 2000, the BSA won a Supreme Court decision allowing them to ban homosexuals.   Gates' claims to not have a hidden agenda is also questionable as he presided over the United States Military's transition from "Don't ask, don't tell" to open service for homosexuals.  According to a study by the Pentagon, sexual assault has increased in the U.S. Military 64% since 2006.  Remember, 2006 was the year that Robert Gates became Secretary of Defense, a very interesting coincidence, if you believe in coincidences.  

     According to GQ magazine, men in the military are increasingly falling victim to same sex sexual assault. Click here to read GQ article. According to GQ, more than half the sexual assault victims in the military are men.  This is directly related to the military's policy change on homosexual behavior. Is this the same kind of change that Scout President Gates wants to bring to the Boy Scouts of America?  For a man that claims to "not have a hidden agenda", Gates appears to be the right man to preside over these destructive changes in the BSA.


   As I consider what the response should be for people of faith, I cannot help but think of Revelation 18:4 ...Come out of her my people that you will not share in any of her sins.  Christians cannot remain in an organization that claims to be of God and blatantly spits in God's face.

Churches and people of faith must oppose any policy change that would allow homosexuals to serve as scout leaders in the BSA.  Churches and people of faith must cut ties with the BSA if it chooses to remove the ban on gay leaders.  This should be a non negotiable issue.  God calls us to be in the world, but not of the world.  

As society continues to slide farther and farther from God, His people will have to make tough decisions to not participate in organizations that promote sin. Our primary agenda as believers is to honor God.  The Boy Scouts of America cannot honor God if it changes policies to allow homosexual men to serve as scoutmasters. 

 Our primary agenda as parents is to protect our children and allowing openly gay men an opportunity to go camping with your boy does not seem like the best way to protect your child.  Pray for the BSA and the families that are involved.  Pray that Robert Gates is not successful in promoting his pro gay agenda. Pray for Robert Gates that he may have a personal experience with Jesus Christ and that he may come to salvation and a changed heart.  God loves all people and Christ's blood was shed for all sinners, myself included.  

Makow- Boy Scouts- A Model of masonic Subversion
Selwyn Duke - Should Men be Girl Scout Leaders? Implication only gays Can Resist Temptation 

Note:  Gatez to Boy Scouts- Prepare to Surrender (New American) 

This degradation of standards was enough for BSA leader John Stemberger to start an alternative scouting program reflective of principle rather than expediency. Called Trail Life USA, its Statement of Values includes this:

Purity: God calls us to lives of holiness, being pure of heart, mind, word and deed. We are to reserve sexual activity for the sanctity of marriage, a lifelong commitment before God between a man and a woman.

Trail Life's Statement of Faith reflects its purpose:

We believe there is One Triune God -- God the Father; Jesus Christ, His one and only Son; and the Holy Spirit -- Creator of the universe and eternally existent. We believe the Holy Scriptures (Old and New Testaments) to be the inspired and authoritative Word of God. We believe each person is created in His image for the purpose of communing with and worshiping God. We believe in the ministry of the Holy Spirit, Who enables us to live godly lives. We believe each of us is called to love the Lord our God with all our heart, mind, soul, and strength, and to love our neighbors as ourselves. We believe God calls us to lives of purity, service, stewardship and integrity. 

Since its creation in the summer of 2013, Trail Life membership exploded, thanks to disaffected former scouts and their parents looking for a place where truth is honored and upheld, rather than attacked and degraded. At present there are more than 20,000 members in over 500 troops in 48 states, with another 300 troops in the process of becoming officially chartered. Its success is also reflected in the drop in membership of the BSA by more than 200,000 just since the change in membership standards was enacted.

Those seeking to raise up their boys in the truth of the God of the Bible thankfully have a place whose mission is to turn boys into men. 
First Comment from Richard Evans: 

When the Boy Scout's board said they'd accept "openly gay" boys two years ago, didn't everybody see this coming?  I spread the word at church that the scout troop could simply sever ties to the BSA organization and continue as they were.   Scout troops are nearly all sponsored by local churches, and fathers and volunteers actually do all the work. Who needs the Central Comintern? I also warned that if our church wouldn't pull out of BSA, parents should pull their sons out immediately, for the handwriting was on the wall.

But nobody did a thing.  Nobody ever does anything anymore.  They think they can just ignore things like this, and "well, that won't happen in this neighborhood..."   Fools!

Two years ago was the last chance to put a stop to the queering of the BSA.  Massive cancellation of Troop memberships would have threatened to collapse the organization -- and GOOD RIDDANCE. They're nothing but brand.  They don't own the forests, lakes and camp grounds.  They don't own anything but logo - which now will have a BIG FAT RAINBOW smeared across it.

I have no respect for any father that would keep his son in BSA now.

You can find this article permanently at

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at

Comments for "Illuminati Plot to Destroy Boy Scouts "

BR said (May 24, 2015):

Since I come from a very perverse country ("Israel"), having stumbled on so many perverts at work, studies, society, politics, media and military service, I draw several systematic conclusions on the subject matter of this email's title.

I think that Homosexuality vs. Sexual Confusion
are two important phenomena apart, where the latter complements the former in distorting society.

Thus I find that the purposes of confusing people of ALL ages
in to LGBT lookalikes are:
1. To camouflage the real perverts in public and in generic social circles.
2. To weaken the masculine and feminine characters,
by means of 'learning by doing',
thus making society much more controllable:
2.1 Turning the men docile.
2.2 Turning the children in to state indoctrination [Aaron Russo].

The way to restore Heterosexuality is to keep society under a dogmatic Heterosexual regime for generations (perpetuity?)- till all born humans are from a tranquil Pregnancy and are exposed only to Heterosexual exemplary behavior
e.g. NO females in "leadership", "police" or aggressive sports.

James C said (May 24, 2015):

The definition of perversion is "the alteration of something from its original course, meaning, or state to a distortion or corruption of what was first intended.

The world is awash with men and women whose intent is to normalize sexual perversion. They are by definition perverts. What parent in their right mind would knowingly encourage and allow their sons to be guided by a pervert? It would be a form of child abuse. Perverts are by definition immoral people.

Scouting is all about character building. Part of the Boy Scout Oath is that the Scout is "Morally Straight".

He is also to be "Trustworthy" - to be trusted and tell the truth always.

The perverts are planning to compel all boys and scoutmasters to be liars if they are homosexuals. That is totally against the Scout Law.

This has nothing to do with character building of young boys.The Boy Scouts of America can't have it both ways if they choose to condone perversion.

By so doing, the movement will soon cease to exist.

James, a former Scout and Scoutmaster

Below - Old Man Contemplates Dying Dog (scroll down)

Brazil's Marxist Schools Harbinger for West?

May 23, 2015

(Left, Brazil schools named after phoney Communist icons) 

Marcos, from Sao Paulo, expresses the 
despair of parents who witness the 
indoctrination of their children 
in state schools.

Brazil is the end result of dangerous trends clearly apparent in the West.

by Marcos

Parents in Marxist-driven countries such as Brazil are delivering their kids to the wolves every time they send their kids to school. 

What can you say about a country that tried to provide textbooks and DVDs depicting gay relationships to six and seven years olds? The initiative was blocked by a Christian Congressmen, after the materials were about to be shipped. The "Ministry of Education" provides manifestos against the patriarchy, capitalism and the white western culture. Instead of studying the classics, white kids are required to learn about religious beliefs and dances from African and indian tribes. They're taught they're responsible for slavery that happened 150 years ago.

PF.jpgPaulo Freire, left, who died in 1997, is the mind behind Brazilian education. He was a Communist who stole the literacy teaching method from Frank Charles Laubach, an American missionary and linguistic genius, and adapted the lessons for the teaching of Marxism to the poor. Every teacher in Brazil must study his books and most adopt his radical views that education should indoctrinate people.  


Obviously, a free and critical education is a noble goal, but there are people outside schools who are happy. People with less education are usually more conservative and family focused. They rely on common sense and many are successful in jobs that only require on-the-job training. In a time when plumbers make more money than philosophy majors, this should be easy to see.

However, this is a no-no for Marxists who want 100% of the population in schools to be indoctrinated. It is a common measure to just let students move ahead to the next grade, even if they fail the tests. What matters is pushing kids into the system.

As result, the mass of students graduate from high school without any real qualifications, intellectual or in the form of employable skills. They only have 12 years of political indoctrination. When it's time to apply for college, mediocre students can enter by using racial or social quotas. The whole class is dumbed down to the lowest level. It really doesn't matter because often any poor thesis on Leftist issues is a guarantee of a diploma.

In this way, the Marxists are assured that main positions in journalism, education (pedagogy), history and sociology (the social pundits) and philosophy are filled by faithful militants. These areas are important because they provide the analysis of the current situation and point to solutions in the future. Of course, the solution will always be more Marxism and involvement in the agenda of the new world order. The whole scheme works efficiently because it is self-perpetuating.


In a May 2015 ranking, Brazil placed 60th of 76 countries, only ahead of miserable Fourth World nations, in spite of massive investments in the school system. In 2014, an OECD ranking placed the country in position number 35 among 36 nations. Of course, useless Masters and PhDs diplomas in Marxist political sciences will not help the real economy, Representatives of Engineering Associations asked the government NOT to build any more engineering schools, because new students simply didn't have the mathematical skills required for the course and were forcing universities to teach high school math all over again.  Scientists and engineers? Let China provide them.

The atmosphere in the schools is awful. Last week, a 12 year-old girl was raped in a bathroom by three teenage students. Teachers are attacked and beaten on a regular basis. Sexual promiscuity is promoted as a cultural norm. 


A recent survey indicated that only 12% of parents follow their kids educational routine and help with homework. The majority simply doesn't take the time to check the texts and books their children are reading. We have to remember that students are vulnerable to peer pressure, fear of being ostracized and ridiculed by the teacher and also of failing. They don't have the emotional maturity and strength to challenge this indoctrination. We have to help them, and even though there are some political initiatives against this  onslaught (such as Escola Sem Partido NGO - Schools Without Political Parties), we don't expect they will be successful. Let's take the matter into our hands.

Few parents can afford the luxury of homeschooling. Most have to send their kids to school, and the government wants them in day care from the crib.  The only defence we have is to talk to our children. Check whatever materials they are reading. Ask questions. Take your time and present an alternative view. Show them movies (it is easy now with Youtube), buy them books with a conservative approach. Teach them to think independently and to ask pertinent questions. This will take time and effort. You will have to stay away from stupid entertainment developed by the globalists to waste your family time, such as sports, video games and reality TV. You will also have to invest in your own self-development, through systematic reading and research.

Parental authority is biologically ingrained in the brains of kids. Children will respect the opinion of a loving and involved parent. That's why Marxists hate it and why we have to take advantage of it while we can.


Makow Note:  Anyone who thinks the BRICS represent an alternative to the NWO should remember that the "B" in BRC is Brazil. 

You can find this article permanently at

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at

Comments for "Brazil's Marxist Schools Harbinger for West? "

Tony B said (May 24, 2015):

Schooling is not education. There are various ways to become "educated" and various ways of understanding. One person's education is another person's waste of time.

Those things which are honestly important to life are simple to learn for almost everyone while schooling always was and always will be a form of mind control.

For instance, when all children are forced into these dungeons from hell, they are all forced to study and learn exactly the same things. This means that everything else in the whole wide world that can be learned is not allowed to be learned by them as their time is already taken up by force. Therefore, the few who create the curriculum are the controllers of what people will know.

Anyone who can escape schooling should be highly encouraged to do so. All children learn mountains more of worthwhile information simply by watching and listening to what their parents do and say than they ever will by mandated schooling. Why close out practically the whole world from a child's mind for the sake of what someone else, who doesn't care a whit about your child, forces into his/her mind?

SL said (May 23, 2015):

To say that home schooling is a luxury is not entirely true, in my opinion. Sure, there're lots of expensive curricula, educational materials and tutors out there to buy, but you don't have to go that route. If you have a library nearby and internet at your fingertips, an education for your kid is practically free or very low-cost.There're websites that have free curricula as well. Here's one: Join your local home school group for support and advice from other home schooling parents. The one I joined organizes field trips every month, get-togethers for the kids to meet and play and classes for things like art, music and P.E. Even without all this, education can easily take place at home.

I think a lot of parents are intimidated by the prospect of teaching their own kids - I know I was! But if you think about the risks of sending your kids to school, it's just a no-brainer to keep them at home under your own influence and tutelage. You don't need an education background or degree to teach kids. It's not always a smooth ride to home school, but it's a real joy. Parenting is a hard job to begin with, to raise a person to be God-fearing (in our case), have integrity, be responsible and be thinking adults. Then again, it's not rocket science either. Get a dry erase board, handwriting paper and markers for teaching letters and numbers. Work with flash cards, manipulatives and games for math. Always use explicit phonics to teach reading and check out some good library books regularly, since it's free. By the time they're 10 or so, they'll start doing independent study because they'll be able to teach themselves.

YN said (May 23, 2015):

In all my years in the Israeli system, we were never thought to think for ourselves/critically,
but rather the entire state apparatus is mystical down to absurdities that an intelligent child notes quite immediately and celebrates promiscuity since the 1920s, and since the 1990
this has focused on celebrating LGBT. Thus not surprising that Tel-Aviv has surpassed San-Francisco on this field.

But then the EU is also like this since 1968 - utter confusion and deception of basic terms - turning northern Europe to jungle imbecility:

Opinion = Hallucination (both are unsubstantiated concrete claims).
Tolerance = Masochism (both are self-defeating orientations).
Socialism = imposition of Retardedness by means of Fascism.
Eurabia = White-trash.
EMEA = Narco-nigerization of the white trash.
Mason/illuminati = Islam

Robert K said (May 23, 2015):

"What can you say about a country that tried to provide textbooks and DVDs depicting gay relationships to six and seven years olds?" It seems as if Marcos doesn't realize that Brazil is not unique in this respect. Canada is pushing this in a big way, led by Quebec and Ontario. In the latter province the former Deputy Minister of Education has recently admitted guilt and been convicted on serious child pornography charges.

Anybody who is familiar with how higher university degrees are obtained and protected in the West knows that the safe course is to employ Marxist terminology and concepts. This has been going on for decades; I was in university (in conservative Alberta!) in the 1960s and it was definitely the case even then.

CH said (May 23, 2015):

I would only point out that we have this in Ontario schools now and those with an agenda are pushing for more.

Diversity and the PC agenda mean chasing down the last child. This is sick and evil. So many people are asleep.

Victimhood tournaments, anti-bullying as the new bullying, LBGT: taking offense to give offence, hate crime as thought crime, SJW’s: a cacophony of envy and rancour, anti-racism as a codeword for anti-white, microaggressions:– anything to make the STATE bully someone else to pay and obey without consent. Stop working, start complaining and look to the state.

There will be visible consequences: for economic productivity, reciprocity in personal life, lower educational standards and cultural involvement, declining social responsibility, crime and cynicism in public and private interactions, corruption and state coercion, racial conflict, ugliness in daily life. You believe you can coerce and control everything through state force indefinitely without consequence. You can’t: the failures, poverty, ugliness, and collapse of communism demonstrated that.

Fleecing the productive is a sure way to make the productive disappear or at least foster the parasitic mindset to steal, lie, coerce and destroy. There’s never a problem that someone else shouldn’t be compelled to fix (taxpayers) and never a failure that more government won’t solve. It must be stopped.

Thanks CH

Surprised you didn't mention the sex ed curriculum which is key to sexualizing and degrading the new generation.


Al Thompson said (May 23, 2015):

A free public school system is one of the planks of the Communist Manifesto. These schools should be shut down as they are only brainwashing interment camps for lower learning. Any parent who subjects their children to the idiocy of "education" is not doing their children a good service. Free public education is not admirable nor is it noble. It is a depraved activity foisted upon innocent children.

Most education today is nothing more than a communist training camp, where perfectly good children are having their minds twisted on a daily basis. The mother or father should stay at home and teach their children and be responsible for what they learn. To allow some communist-libtard jerk to teach children anything is a complete abomination.

This is already happening in the US and Canada, and at public schools throughout the world. This is what happens when people don't take responsibility for their own children. A mother or father should stay at home with the children at all times. The world is just too dangerous to send them to any institution of lower learning.

Communism, socialism, and fascism have nothing to offer and none of it benefits mankind. These political systems are twisted and have no value and the best thing to do is to avoid them.

IL said (May 23, 2015):

There are a number of fundamental issues related to public schooling. The primary issue is: You have to have intelligent parents, to have intelligent children.

Bottom line, if you can’t afford to have more than one child so that both parents have to work to survive. Stop having children. It’s selfish to turn your children over to the ‘state’ to be educated or to a daycare facility because you have to work full time. People have to stop using this ‘work’ excuse as a reason shirk their responsibility to the soul that they have brought in to this world.

An intelligent and conscious person assesses their economic conditions and determines whether they are capable of caring for their future child within the context of the prevailing socio-economic-political structures in which they live. There is no spiritual evolution taking place by selfishly, having sex and producing children that you cannot educate or care for, in the home.

An intelligent and conscious person/parent would understand that they do not have the ‘right’ to procreate when the consequences of bearing a child is so profound. Children are spiritual beings, not state assets.

If you are not intelligent enough to educate and raise your own child…then don’t have one. We are not here for expressing biological imperatives. Focus on cultivating your own spiritual growth and help others to ‘wake up.’

Mortified to be Irish Today by George

May 24, 2015

(left, Irish embrace societal suicide) 

George writes:

I am mortified to be Irish today.  Actually, I'm half-Irish, and considering formally taking out British citizenship in protest at the idiocy of my fellow countrymen and women in Ireland, being the first country (as of last Friday the 22nd) to legalize gay marriage by a popular vote.

The amendment to our Constitution is radical - not only does it legalize same sex marriage, the legal implications of the way the amendment was drafted gives constitutional protection to alternative forms of human reproduction and surrogacy.

Our country was identified as a soft touch and targeted.

A $64million fund was pumped into Ireland from the US to back the "Yes Equality" campaign, but the most sinister development is that the national police force An Garda Siochana had their union call for a Yes vote, as did the Law Society of Ireland and all semi-state bodies.

It was left to a minority of religious groups and a handful of brave journalists and lawyers to speak of the catastrophic implications of the amendment's passing.

The final result was 62% Yes 38% No.

Thank you for your insightful articles which I have been reading for some time.  The manner in which "No" voters were subjected to abuse and threats mirrored exactly the protocol you have warned of.

The UK is no better but at least when they legalised SSM it was by legislation and not a constitutional amendment with little or no fanfare.  

I cannot and will not live in a society such as Ireland that places such little value on children or freedom of expression.

Nazi-Zionist Collaboration by Richard Evans

May 21, 2015

wpid-israel-10-jpg.jpeg(People have remarked that Zionism and Nazism are mirror images)

Nazi-Zionist Collaboration
by Richard Evans

By the time Hitler managed to get himself appointed Chancellor in January 1933 it was well known that his platform was bad news for Jews in Germany.   It was the American Jewish Committee, American Jewish Congress and B'nai B'rith of New York City that announced a world boycott on German commerce, with the famous headline 'JUDEA DECLARES WAR ON GERMANY' in March '33.

Meanwhile, the German Zionist Federation did something quite the opposite:  they sent Hitler congratulations, and a proposal for a joint solution to the "Jewish question" in the Reich.  The letter said the Jews and Nazis shared the belief in cultural purity, "...we, too, are against mixed marriage and are for maintaining the purity of the Jewish group and reject any trespasses in the cultural domain".  

"For its practical aims, Zionism hopes to be able to win the collaboration of even a government fundamentally hostile to Jews, because in dealing with the Jewish question, not sentimentalities are involved but a real problem whose solution interests all peoples and at the present moment especially the German people ..."   then down to business:

"Boycott propaganda -- such as is currently being carried on against Germany in many ways -- is in essence un-Zionist, because Zionism wants not to do battle but to convince and to build ..."

The Zionist's appeal was effective. That summer they, and the Jewish Agency for Palestine negotiated a deal with the German Economics Ministry.   The Germans would permit any Jews that would emigrate to Palestine to take most of their wealth with them. 

The way it worked was this: an emigrating Jew would liquidate his assets into a cash amount.  This he would deposit with the Zionist Haavara company, who in turn would purchase German goods with it\, and when the Jew got to Palestine, the amount of his deposit would be waiting in the Zionist bank in Tel Aviv.   This was called the Transfer Agreement, or Ha'avarah.   

The agreement was signed by Chaim Arlosoroff, Political Secretary of the Jewish Agency, the Palestine center of the World Zionist Organization.

The SS liked the idea. The Das Schwarze Korps newspaper gave it's endorsement to Zionism in a May 1935 front-page editorial: "The time may not be too far off when Palestine will again be able to receive its sons who have been lost to it for more than a thousand years. Our good wishes, together with official goodwill, go with them."

Hitler wasn't so enthusiastic about the Zionists by 1941.  Following is a quote from 'HItler's Table Talk' *

"While the Zionists try to make the rest of the world believe that the national consciousness of the Jew finds its satisfaction in the creation of a Palestinian state, the Jews again slyly dupe the dumb Goyim. It doesn't even enter their heads to build up a Jewish state in Palestine for the purpose of living there; all they want is a central organization for their international world swindle, endowed with its own sovereign rights and removed from the intervention of other states".

Hitler's cynicism on the topic years after the Transfer Agreement deployed may have been due to results that turned out to be a lot less dramatic than the Biblical Exodus from Pharaoh.  It turned out German Jews didn't want to move to Palestine.

In all, between 1933 and 1936 only 60,000 German Jews had taken advantage of it.   Nearly every bio of notable Jews who left Germany during the 30's says they 'fled' to Paris, or Zurich, or London and New York.  

I have not been able to find out of if Jews who were financially destitute were able to emigrate to Palestine.  I doubt it.

It cost money to take advantage of Ha'avarah.  You had to pay 1,000 pounds sterling to the Haavara company up front, and the Nazis also took around 20% of your liquidated gross assets.   

By 1940 the war made it impossible for anybody to leave Germany.  By then the SS had begun the policy of total confiscation of individual Jewish assets and "deportation to the East".

On this, Hitler said at dinner with Himmler in 1941, "It's not a bad idea, by the way, that public rumour attributes to us a plan to exterminate the Jews. Terror is a salutary thing.  The attempt to create a Jewish state will be a failure".

*HItler's Table Talk, ISBN-10: 1929631057

Ever See Chemtrails Over Cuba? (From Dan)

May 12, 2015


According to Mark Metcalf's 2003 book 'Chemtrails of the World', the Cuban government filed a complaint against the US with the UN in 1997. "On April 28, 1997, Cuba filed a complaint before the United Nations General Assembly charging the U.S. was spraying biological warfare agents over Cuban soil.    While Cuba has been unable to have the matter investigated by the UN, the US has also been unable to have the matter dropped. Before the publication of this book, chemtrail spraying had been reported in a number of other countries including England and Spain, both of which are closely allied with the US military. On April 28, 1997, Cuba filed a complaint before the United Nations General Assembly charging the U.S. was spraying biological warfare agents over Cuban soil.   While Cuba has been unable to have the matter investigated by the UN, the US has also been unable to have the matter dropped."