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E. Michael Jones -- "Jews are Not our Friends"

October 15, 2021

 E. Michael Jones, left, is the foremost Catholic thinker of our time.  

Humanity has terminal cancer. We cannot fight this disease if we cannot diagnose it. We have been inducted into a satanic cult, Cabalist Judaism (Communism.)  Satanic cults control and exploit their members by corrupting and making them sick, before destroying them.

As E. Michael Jones says, "[Non-Jews] have internalized the commands of our oppressors. We need to liberate ourselves from the Jewish superego."

We are experiencing cognitive dissonance. They tell us what they are doing at the same time as they hide and deny it and pretend things are "normal." We are in the grips of the occult!

How do they have all this power? "Money" is the bloodstream of society and they control the spigot.

As M suggests in the First Comment below, many Jews behave like members of a cult, incapable of acknowledging the ugly truth, and intimidating anyone who tries to open their eyes. Isn't that also true of many of the vaccinated?

In "A Goy Guide to World History" Part 4, E. Michael Jones, describes how throughout history, satanist Jews (Communists) have systematically attacked and dismantled the Christian social fabric. Their goal is to enslave humanity. Covid is a smokescreen. Time to ignore the smoke and mirrors and address the underlying problem. We are being sterilized, depopulated and enslaved but we can't believe it. We are like the hangman's playthings studying the gallows with magnifying glasses.

Cabalist Jews and their flunkies are advancing a diabolical dogma that must destroy civilization in order to rule supreme. 

Cabalist Judaism = Communism = Satanism

"The Communist soul is the soul of Judaism. Hence it follows that just as in the Russian revolution, the triumph of Communism was the triumph of Judaism..." - Rabbi Harry Waton, A Program for the Jews and Humanity, p. 143

from Nov 6, 2015
by Henry Makow PhD

The documentary "A Goy Guide to World History" Parts 4 & 5 confirm that Organized Jewry has shredded the social fabric in the West and "social change" actually describes satanic possession. 

I will not mince words. Judaism defined by Talmud and Cabala is Satanism. It is not a religion. It is anti-religion. Mankind has been inducted into this satanic cult by both Jews and Freemasons. Freemasonry is Cabalism for the Gentiles.

We live in a profoundly subverted society. Cabalist bankers and their Masonic minions control the mass media, government, education, churches  corporations, legal system and military. We have de facto Communism.  Homosexuality is promoted to school children. Criticism of Israel is criminalized. Young women are taught to behave like sluts. Mention of God is prohibited. Entertainment is satanic ritual. 

Masonic bankers dehumanize us by undermining our social identity based on race, religion, nation and family. Lately, this is evidenced by the migrant invasion (national identity) and the attack on gender (family.) Using sex and sports, they infantilize us -- better to serve the Illuminati. The "democratic" process is a charade reminiscent of a high school student council. Political and cultural leaders are second-raters, imposters who will do or say anything for a place at the trough. 

From time immemorial, the Cabalist Jewish goal has been to dehumanize and enslave mankind. Only Jews are human. The goyim are animals. This is the real cause of anti-Semitism. Jews have been deceived to think anti Semitism is "irrational" and "a mental disorder." Organized Jewry uses many ordinary Jews to achieve its malevolent goal. Anti Semitism is on the rise. Jewish dupes will be made the scapegoats.

The goyim have been brainwashed to think it's "anti-Semitic" to resist their own genocide. I am an ethnic Jew who lost grandparents in the holocaust. As long as most Jews support and implement the Illuminati agenda, anti-Semitism is a natural and necessary defence mechanism. These Jews are not your friends. Nor are Freemasons. They are not the friends of God fearing Jews either.

Believe it or not, I find much to like and admire in many Jews, including my own family. That's why it hurts to see the Jewish people hijacked by Satanists. I sound an alarm, "we have been deceived, and have become deceivers."  Jews have been morally compromised and put in jeopardy by their leaders. I wish to alert them (and all people) to a dehumanizing occult power, i.e. Illuminati. In reality, I am a "pro-Semite and pro-human."


In "A Goy Guide to World History" Part 4, a handful of thinkers describe how satanist Jews (Communists) have systematically attacked and dismantled the Christian social fabric.  

These Jews were taught that this is necessary to prevent anti-Semitism, which they were told is irrational and mental illness

In the 45 minute documentary, E. Michael Jones, editor of Culturewars,  explains how Satanism inverts truth. Evil is good. False is true. Sick is healthy. Thus Jews (Organized Jewry) who hate Gentiles are the "persecuted victims" while Gentiles who defend themselves are "haters" and mentally ill.  Homosexuality is healthy while the nuclear family is sick. 

Jones, the author of a dozen books, explains that Western Civilization is built on the belief in Logos, i.e. the Moral Order, God. 

Logos uses Ethos (Will) to restrain and guide Pathos (Passions.)

Satanist Jews interpret any restraint on lust as Christian. In fact, Jones explains that, as the terms imply, Western Civilization is based on this Greek principle. 

Take away Logos and Ethos, and Pathos runs amuck. You have Satanism i.e. Cabalist Judaism. "Do as thou wilt shall be the whole of the law."  This is the  Jewish Revolutionary Spirit which Jones believes will destroy society.

Kevin MacDonald explains how Jews used psychoanalysis and anthropology to attack family and race respectively. Jews fear any kind of collective power on the part of the goyim. ("We will destroy all collective forces except our own," says the Protocols of Zion 16.) 

Paul Fromm describes how Jews see strong patriarchal nuclear families as repressive and anti-Semitic. They promote radical individualism, where the dysfunctional individual takes his identity from consumer society. 

Even though Masons and Masonic Jews are largely responsible for imperialism, "White guilt" is used to attack the concept of nation. According to Kevin MacDonald, Jews believe Whites have no moral legitimacy. "Europeans have no moral right to any sovereignty anywhere," he says. This is increasingly apparent in Europe today.

[In Part V, Jones takes issue with MacDonald saying religion, specifically Catholicism, is the best organizing principle in resisting the Jewish onslaught. "White? What is that?" Catholicism, he says, has the most experience dealing with the Jews.] 

Jones implies our fear of anti-Semitism is another Jewish scam. "We have internalized the commands of our oppressors. We need to liberate ourselves from the Jewish superego. We cannot pretend Jews are our friends."  

He says the inevitable result of sexual liberation and the destruction of the family is extinction. People will not have children. This affects Jews as well as Gentiles. 


As satanic possession, Communism takes many forms. When it failed to mobilize the worker to revolt, it morphed into feminism and mobilized women.  Communist Jews promoted sexual "liberation" and "LGT rights" to undermine gender, marriage and family. They promoted multiculturalism and mass migration to undermine race and culture. Satanist Jews always find a fissure to pack a stick of dynamite. Blow up Syria and inundate Europe for example. Civilization must fail so their hegemony will succeed. 

The Protocols of Zion (10) write: "We must utterly exhaust humanity with dissension, hatred, struggle, envy and even to use torture, starvation, the inoculation of disease and want, so that the goyim see no other course open to them but to take refuge in our complete sovereignty in money and in all else. But if we give the nations of the world a breathing spell the moment we long for is hardly likely ever to arrive."

Can there be any doubt that humanity is satanically possessed?  Society is demoralized. It's not just Illuminati Jews; it's millions of Freemasons and Satanists too. It's liberals and feminists and Christian Zionists. Society is profoundly subverted/satanically possessed.

 The Protocols are being realized daily yet most still regard it as a "forgery." We must awaken from cognitive dissonance because we are headed over a precipice. 

As far as the Pentagon is concerned, a military conflict with China and/or Russia is inevitable, and this prospect has become the driving force of its tactical and strategic planning. - 

Tim Warner- Anti Semitism- Goyim React Like Pavlov's Dogs 

First Comment from M-

Good article about E. Michael Jones. But I must tell you, Your words fall on deaf ears to the majority of Jews. I have passed numerous articles you have written to a conservative Jewish acquaintance of mine, concerned for the well-being of Jews that I consider to be good people. I have never been overbearing but simply tried to present another POV.

 For instance, I told her about the Yinon plan, and about the Kalergi plan, the Havara agreement, the Federal Reserve..... without exception, EVERYTHING I have presented to this person is met with screams of anti-Semitism.

 After the last email I sent, the person has told me never to send anything else and the friendship is over. It disgusts me. The conclusion that I have come to is that Jews, in general, are an arrogant lot whose primary identity stems from the sense of superiority and their perceived victimhood.

 I hate to admit it but I am losing any and all sympathy for any who are innocent of all this wrongdoing because I am beginning to see them as being complicit by their refusal to see the obvious- that Jews control everything, and yet as things descend into chaos, Jews are not responsible.  One can count on their fingers the Jews who have stood up and said anything - yourself, Gilad Atzmon, Paul Eisen, etc. 

Everywhere else it is a deafening silence. The fact is Jews have been involved with trying to overthrow every order they have ever been in proximity to. I just read the other day that in ancient Alexandria they had their Jews only groups but demanded that whoever was controlling Alexandria at the time ( Romans, Greeks I can't remember) let them into their groups and councils. Nothing has changed. They demand exclusivity while demanding everyone else let go of theirs. The only difference now is that they have managed through Holocaust guilt and their control of the media to silence and any opposition to their perceived right to rule the world and destroy anyone who gets in the way. I find it repugnant.

I submit the following as an example of pure insanity. Words out of the " mouths of babes" - that Jews think the world is theirs.

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

You can find this article permanently at

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at

Comments for "E. Michael Jones -- "Jews are Not our Friends""

Dan said (February 16, 2017):

It's the ones we aren't allowed to criticize that become the subject of the wildest rumors.
People have been known to overdose on 'red pills' once they realized the overwhelming history of Jewish shenanigans. It's a deep rabbit hole. The more you study, the more questions are raised and it gets so deep you can't see the end of the tunnel. At that point the "woke" person will go through times of seeing Jews under every rock. If that stage is allowed is allowed to become chronic, you'll fail to notice other factors at work besides ubiquitous 'Jew'.

I must give this advice to those who just want to know the truth and the facts about things. Develop a conscious habit early of keeping an open mind and look for other factors before rushing to the conclusion that "Aha! It's the Jews!"

I think E. Michael Jones and Michael Hoffman III have in common something with the 'infamous anti Semite' Ezra Pound that they hold USURY and what Hoffman calls "the Money Power" responsible for the illness, debauchery and decline of Western Civilization - and they all rightly see that disintegration starting not in the 1960s, but toward of the Middle Ages due to the corruption of certain popes and kings that had the power to prevent erosion. Of the role of Jews in usury and the money power in Europe (as previous in ancient Rome), there's no doubt they played a leading role and took full advantage of it. That's was and remains the engine of Jewish temporal power.

In the past only popes and kings could have prevented but the one thing Modern man has is we're all savvy now, and that's the only real key to our restoration. It begins with rejection the things the loan sharks, pimps and pushers got us hooked on.

J said (November 8, 2015):

I really want to thank you for all the work you've done and for all the information that I have gotten from your books. I have tried to pass this information along but I get frustrated sometimes because people just don't want to believe it. I am a Christian which is not important to this conversation, but my Christian family wants to call me anti-Semitic. I'm not. Not at all. They are so steeped in Zionism that anything I say is counted anti-Semitic. (Sigh).

I want you to know, I don't hate Jews AT ALL, my interest is in humanity, all humanity and the people of all races. I have to admit, I don't believe in races, only cultures. For me there is only one race, the human race. I'm trying to wake people up to the Satanists or Luciferians whichever you want to call them and their design to rule the world. God bless you in your work, I will keep trying to wake people up.

KS said (November 7, 2015):

As E Michael Jones points out, what we understand as Christianity wont save us. It turns us into obedient sheep full of 'faith' and 'belief' and renders us ripe for the slaughter.

Here are two quotes from Revilo P. Oliver (August 1985), a writter that I have been introduced to through this website.

"the Christians served as a perfect screen for the Jews"

"It cannot be a coincidence that the brand of Christianity that the Fathers put over was one which lugged with it the "Old Testament" and identified Yahweh, the big Jew up in the clouds, as the Christian god, or that the first concern of the fathers, as soon as they got their hands on governmental power, was to exterminate the Marconists, the Manichaeans, and all the other Christian sects that refused to accept as their god the fiend of the "Old Testament." By utilizing some passages in the gospels that sprang from antagonism between rival Jewish factions and stigmatized opponents as a "synagogue of Satan," the Fathers could serve the Jews by promoting a factitious antagonism between the Jews and their Judaized *goyim*"

One of your other readers recently recommended Mark Passio's Youtube presentation on The Occult Demystified.
I would like to endorse that and additionally recommend his seminar on Natural Law. It's a forlorn hope but it is about all we have.

Anon said (November 7, 2015):

Masonry is Jewish Cabbalah, which is Satanism. Henry claims society is possessed by a Satanic cult. Nearly all cops, judges, politicians, and bureaucrats are Masonic. Read the welcome signs for any small town near you. Not all Masons are Satanists, but all Masons serve those who are.

Now they mount false flags to blame on Islam, while training DHS and FBI agents to put Christians on watch lists, and duping pastors into clergy response teams for concentration camps they've built. I call that behavior Satanic. Where are the rebel porch Masons telling on their brothers?

Jesus was apolitical and His message wasn't guilt, but remission of it: Go and sin no more. The Founders felt Christianity very necessary in government. They wrote that perfect constitutions would die without it, ending in tyranny. They knew well European persecutions. They fought Popery and Jesuitism. Study history case by case, do not wave hands, blaming "religion" for polluting holy politics. That's the Masonic con of the Secular Progressive Eschaton, which is in fact the Holy Masonic Empire. Even a non- Christian esotericist like Freeman tells you so. Faith isn't the danger, but power, of any kind, in anyone's hands.

Politics is ugly, not sacred, and the Founders knew it. The main goal of America wasn't limited church, but limited state. To limit state power means less danger of anyone attempting to grab it, or having done so, abusing it.

Stevev said (November 7, 2015):

Thanks for turning me on to E Michael Jones. Because of your mentioning him several times I have been reading his book Libido Dominandi. It's a great book that's been comforting me in my struggle to be continent and not seek the sleeping around most people my age are obsessed with.

Hundreds and hundreds of years ago Jews were able to organize into a proto-masonry and leech off everything good in their host cultures while giving just enough to subvert their host cultures to their own objective of supremacy.

A moral person is the only person who can't be controlled by outside forces. A person has as many masters as they have vices. The jewish control of media shows that they're happy to master us as we seek pretty women and violent adventures.

I believe historians will look back at this time and laugh about the lack of reference to the jewish world leadership in the media and private correspondence.

Pat said (November 7, 2015):

I read the comments after this article. Same thing has happened to me. My new Jewish friend, asked me to stop sending her stuff on the Palestine/Israel conflict. She doesn't want to hear it.

Something is wrong with the Jews. They fall for this brainwashing and really believe everyone hates them and have hated them - for no reason - since forever!

Al Thompson said (November 6, 2015):

This is a good article. I've been studying these conspiracy observations for many years. I usually avoided the Jew issue because I too thought it was racist to challenge the actions of a Jew. So, this anti-semite stuff worked on me for a long time and it wasn't until I started reading your website extensively did I realize that I was missing a big part of the puzzle.

However, the so-called "Christians" are to blame. If their morality was so strong, then why haven't Christians been able to maintain their own beliefs and allow immorality to go on for so long? My view of this is that the Christian churches have a fundamental problem in the accuracy of their own doctrines. The word Christian is used for thousands of denominations and organizations. Each one teaches a few doctrines that would completely disqualify them from being Christian. Many churches don't think keeping the commandments is important and that all you have to do is to believe in Jesus.

My studies show that if the Christian church had any value, it would have been sometime before 300AD. The reason for this is that some of the earlier Christian writings spoke a lot about keeping the commandments and had very useful writings about morality. What is being passed off today is not Christian in the biblical sense of the word, unless of course, Christians are pagans and none of us got the memo.

Without a strong moral foundation, no religion is good for anything, including Christianity. Bad religion gets millions of people killed. The problem with Jews is the Communist Jews. Their religion is the state and everyone is to participate. The goyim, people who are considered animals by Communist Jews, are the ones who make it work through their delusional belief in the communist state system. There are places in the United States Code that look like they came from the Talmud.

Anyone who practices this disgusting Freemasonic Satanic stuff is completely disgusting no matter what is his race. These people cause severe social problems and they get millions of people killed. But it is also the goyim "Christians" who should know better than to go along with any of it, yet they do. This is one of the reasons I do not engage in religion any longer, it is just too dangerous for the mind.

Kristina said (November 6, 2015):

In answer to a comment by Al Thompson:

Religion is never good but to believe in Jesus Christ - and being born again from above - is a complete different thing!

Kind regard

Kristina from Sweden

Below- Is the US Military a Paper Tiger? (scroll down)

2017 "Simulation" Implied Covid Vaccines are Lethal (Encore)


(Left, We are following this script. We are unwitting participants in a carefully planned drill.)

Mind Boggling 

This 2017 Johns Hopkins document describes a "simulation" which mirrors everything that is happening to us today, and lays out the future. It implied covid vaccinations are a weapon of mass genocide. See below- Aftermath: Long-Term Side Effects, Lawsuits and a Loss of Trust. The 2025-2028 projection is actually 2020-2023.

Alex Jones and team deserve our thanks for bringing this document to the attention of the world. His 1.30 hr. expose is the most shocking thing I have ever heard. The phony pandemic is the pretext for a marketing campaign for a vaccine that will cause widespread sickness and death.  

Updated from April 7, 2021
by Derrick Broze 
(excerpts by 

In October 2017, the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security released their report, SPARS Pandemic, 2025-2028: A Futuristic Scenario for Public Health Risk Communicators. 

The report is written from the perspective of someone in 2030 who is looking back on a pandemic which swept around the world between 2025 and 2028...


In mid-October 2025, three deaths were reported at a church in St. Paul, Minnesota....

Interestingly, the report notes that "early case fatality estimates were inflated" ... The CDC and WHO both initially claimed the fatality rate was much higher before later admitting that the rate was below 1%.

Eventually, an animal vaccine is seen as a potential solutions. Ranchers had used the vaccine to treat a SPARS-like respiratory coronavirus disease in cows and pigs in the Philippines. The vaccine manufacturer, GMI, claimed the vaccine would help, but clinical trials reveal side effects, including swollen legs, severe joint pain, and encephalitis leading to seizures or death. There was no data available on the long term effects of the GMI vaccine. Despite this controversy, CynBio, a US-based pharmaceutical corporation developed a SPARS vaccine based on the GMI technology...

The simulation makes it clear that health officials have planned for potential vaccine injuries and the objection to vaccine mandates. In one section the report asks, "How might federal health authorities respond to critics who propose that liability protection for SPARS vaccine manufacturers jeopardizes individual freedom and well being?"

The report goes on to discuss the creation of a therapeutic called Kalocivir and how a growing number of individuals begin to challenge the use of pharmaceuticals and vaccines. These individuals who promoted "natural cures such as garlic and vitamins" were less likely to take Kalocivir or seek medical attention for SPARS-like symptoms.

Concerns about Kalocivir increased in February 2026 when a viral video shows a three-year-old boy projectile vomiting after taking a dose of the therapeutic. The clip is shared across the U.S. with the hashtags #NoKalocivir and #NaturalIsBetter. Social media activists began to use ZapQ groups to share the video and also place IAT screens on the backs of their jackets and backpacks while looping the video. By the summer the video is the most shared "Zap clip" among junior high and high school students.

Another telling line ... notes that even though SPARS cases had begun to drop off, the "persistent social media buzz around the pandemic ensured that public anxiety remained high." Again, this mirrors what we are seeing with COVID-19.

By May 2026, the CDC admitted that SPARS was only fatal in 0.6% of cases in the United States. This reality was reflected on social media, where much of the public began to recognize that SPARS was not as dangerous as they had been told. 

"Combined with persisting doubts about Kalocivir and the lack of a commercially available SPARS vaccine, the new, lower case fatality rate estimate led the public to grow increasingly hostile toward continued SPARS messaging," the report states.

The report details how the CDC, the FDA, and other government agencies worked with "social media experts" to develop public health messaging campaigns about SPARS, Kalocivir, and the forthcoming vaccine, Corovax. Much like in the Event 201 exercise, the SPARS simulation involved enlisting the help of "well-known scientists, celebrities, and government officials" to make videos and give interviews promoting the government messaging campaigns.

The public did not respond well to the campaigns and instead took to social media to express their disapproval. The mainstream media even began to question the government narrative and the safety of the Corovax. The opposition to the Corovax merged with the growing anti-vaccination movement which emerged on social media. These groups were made up of Muslims who opposed the vaccine; African Americans, who did not trust the government due to fears of experimentation on the black community; the alternative medicine community; and the "anti-vaccination" community.

These vaccine opponents spread information claiming that Corovax was not properly tested and had unknown side effects. National polls conducted in mid-August 2026 showed that 68% of US citizens had seen a post or read a comment from someone expressing anti-Corovax sentiments. Even the Japanese government rejected the Corovax, leading to viral video clips of Japanese news conferences.

In response to the Corovax opposition, the U.S. government began working with social media and search companies to target advertisements to individuals searching for "anti-vaccination websites." The CDC also began mining data from public social media sources for "positive stories" they could promote via social media. The U.S. government also asked healthcare providers to grant access to patients' electronic health records (EHRs) in an attempt to determine the number of individuals in high risk populations in particular areas.


The report describes how adverse side effects began to emerge as more Americans received the vaccine. Parents claimed their children were experiencing neurological symptoms similar to those seen in the animals injected with the GMI vaccine. By May 2027, parents began filing lawsuits and demanding a removal of the liability protecting the pharmaceutical companies who developed Corovax. The report states that "concern was particularly high among some African American parents who continued to question the government's motives regarding the Corovax vaccination campaign."

By the end of 2027, new neurological symptoms began to appear in people who had taken Corovax. "After showing no adverse side effects for nearly a year, several vaccine recipients slowly began to experience symptoms such as blurry vision, headaches, and numbness in their extremities," the Center for Health Security wrote. The report says that by 2030 it was still unclear if the vaccinations were to blame for the side-effects.

The social media backlash caught the HHS off guard as they faced pressure to award compensation to those experiencing long-term effects from Corovax. The public increasingly held negative opinions regarding the vaccine and what they perceived as indifference to the victims.

As the report wraps up, it examines how the world looks from 2030, five years after the SPARS pandemic began. While the pandemic officially ended in 2028, cases exist in 14 countries across Europe, Africa, and Asia. WHO experts anticipate that future outbreaks will continue to emerge unless countries maintain widespread vaccination coverage.

As the public finally goes back to "normal life" they begin to focus their frustrations on politicians and agency representatives who they blame for exaggerating the severity of the event. Eventually, several high-ranking officials within the CDC and FDA are forced to retire. However, there appears to be a lack of accountability as there is "little desire" to "rehash the events of the past several years."

Of course, the simulation states that "conspiracy theories also proliferated across social media, suggesting that the virus had been purposely created and introduced to the population by drug companies or that it had escaped from a government lab secretly testing bioweapons." These sort of accusations have also been lobbed at researchers during the COVID-19 crisis and used to justify censorship.

Victims of vaccine side-effects are treated as martyrs, who have sacrificed their health (or lives) in a good cause, much like AIDS victims were considered heroes.


----First Comment from Essel-

In France, last year, Prof. Fourtillan (pharmacology) has discovered 5 patents which, when linked together, give the key to the mystery. This led to his being interned for a few days before being released to avoid an uproar.

Among these patents, ... the technique of insertion of the HIV genome. One can therefore think that the vaccinated, with time, will remain defenceless when an infectious disease presents itself.

Pr. Fourtillan's commentary is here (can be read first):

The patents are here :

Secondarily :

There is a real omerta about these patents, the so-called alternative sites being careful not to talk about them for fear of the same thing happening to them as to Pr. Fourtillan.

We can add a sixth patent discovered by the geneticist Alexandra Henrion-Claude, a patent which - if I understand correctly - gives the virus the key to infect the target.

US7223390B2 - Insertion of furin protease

Prof. Montagner, Nobel Prize discoverer of the HIV virus, independently of the previous sources, says more or less the same thing, but does not specify who did it... Naturally, because he is so well known and famous, the MSM is working to muddy the waters to make him say something other than what he said. Prof. Fourtillan, on the other hand, is purely and simply suppressed.

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

You can find this article permanently at

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at

Comments for "2017 "Simulation" Implied Covid Vaccines are Lethal (Encore)"

Thomas F said (April 8, 2021):

The basic reasoning for the vaccines is to incorporate humanity into a digital system - not to kill people.

they mean to create the "Singularity", as they openly state - a God-like AI that they can upload their minds unto, to live forever there. It is a completely delusional idea, and it is not going to work - AI's will never be intelligent, and minds cannot be uploaded to silicon chips - but that is their plan, and the digital vaccination database is a foundational stone for it.

The vaccine program will allow them to surveil everyone who trusts them enough to take it - by means of digital Covid-passports (already operational in Israel and to a lesser extent Denmark, where I live) - and to create a digital infrastructure where they have open access to peoples bodies (there is an element of ritualism in this, too) so they can install chips and other electronics later. They mean to create a class of cyborgs, who can rule over non-altered masses because of increased strength and intelligence (this part of their plan is also not going to work). They openly state these plans, and from a materialistic, technocratic point of view, it is logically consistent and sensible (it's just wrong, and it will not work. The world is based on spirit, not matter).

It also allows them to separate the gullible from those who think for themselves - which is a point high on their list. But they don't want their cyborg servants to be killed. We also see, by looking at the numbers, that those who experience serious side-effects from the vaccines are in a small minority - not that it makes it any less horrible for those unlucky few - and there is no biological mechanism to make other side-effects pop up later. The main problem with modern vaccines is that they contain quicksilver and aluminum, which are both neuro-degenerative, and can cause autism when they accumulate in the tissues of the body through numerous injections.

There are much more efficient ways of killing masses of people than these vaccines, good Henry. It would not make sense to do it like this - undermining the trust that people have in their systems - and depriving themselves of their most loyal acolytes and trusting, gullible slaves.

Below-- "Poppy" - Performance Artist Predicted Covid Psy Op (scroll down)

Is the US Military a Paper Tiger?

October 14, 2021

miley67.jpgAmerica is infested with Communist traitors like Joe Biden
and the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Mark Miley, left.
His promotion of CRT and gender equality have nothing to do with human rights and
everything to do with destroying military effectiveness.

There is no question that the globalist agenda is to destroy US dominance. The mandatory kill jab
will finish the job. (A mandatory vaccine for a "pandemic" -re-branded flu- with a 00.15% death rate?)

Here,  Anthony Migchels explains why Putin is contemptuous of US power, after the Afghan fiasco.
(The US military is an Illuminati boondoggle, like the healthcare system.)
Below Migchels, Nicolas Chaillan, who recently quit as the Air Force cyber chief,
says, "The Biden administration has made combating climate change
and promoting transgenderism -- not defending the homeland --
the centerpiece of the nation's military strategy."

Putin dangerously confident
by Anthony Migchels

America is imploding.

The Petrodollar is dead. And their military edge is mostly gone.

In fact, Russia leads America on many important fundamental research directions, and operational technology.

Listen to Putin here.

He blames the US for scuttling the ABM treaty, which they did at the time to hysterically threaten Russia, even with first strike nuclear war.

And now they're a decade behind on hypersonic missiles, Russia is already launching them from all their platforms, America has a 900 km/h Tomahawk legacy system.

Russian aviation is world class, while the F-35 is a Trillion dollar hobby horse that they will not field against any Great Power competitor, because it simply has zero chance of survival.

us_vs_world.png(left, the US spends as much on war as the next ten spenders combined.)

The S-500 is incomparable to the worthless Patriot system, which has proved an utter failure throughout its miserable existence. Even the Houthis have zero problems with it.

The S4/500 systems are also not exactly water proof, and can still be by passed with missile swarms, but they're orders of magnitude better than anything the West has to offer.

It's also pretty clear the US and its British and Japanese allies cannot defend Taiwan.

Recently, the Western Coalition had an armada of four carriers, two US, and one British, one Japanese to prop up the last stronghold of Chinese Civilization.

I remember a similar situation almost 30 years ago. The US alone had four carriers there then, and they made a far greater impression as well.

The only reason China is not yet invading is because they know that even a few more years of patience will mean that the Western powers will be able to exact a far smaller price when the Communists take what they believe is theirs.

The Chinese Navy recently overtook the US as the biggest in the World, and they're launching ships at an amazing rate, and their capabilities are improving very rapidly.

Yes, the US Navy is still stronger, but it is very far from untouchable, as it once was.

Recently, a top US specialist on AI resigned, saying it was no use, as the US was already 20 years behind China. So that was also a big shock.

The threat that is dawning is a Sino-Russian attack.

The Chinese via the Pacific, the Russians via the Atlantic.

It's not 'imminent', but it's definitely on the horizon.


The U.S. Air Force's first chief software officer resigned in protest last month, saying communist China will emerge as the world's preeminent superpower soon because it's already on track to overtake the United States when it comes to artificial intelligence and cyber warfare.

nicholas.jpg"We have no competing fighting chance against China in 15 to 20 years," Nicolas Chaillan, left, told the Financial Times on Monday. "Right now, it's already a done deal; it is already over in my opinion."

Chaillan, who was appointed in 2018 under former President Donald Trump. said it was pointless for him to continue in his position given the U.S. military's current priorities.

He said U.S. cyberdefenses are currently at "kindergarten level," making America an easy target for large-scale hacking operations that could cripple the country's infrastructure and banking systems.

The Biden administration has made combating climate change and promoting transgenderism -- not defending the homeland -- the centerpiece of the nation's military strategy.

Because the future of warfare is in cyberspace, China's scientific superiority will ensure its global dominance because America is asleep at the wheel.

education-level.jpg(US ranks 22 in educational standards, just ahead of France)

Fueling America's rapid slide into mediocrity is the left-wing movement to eradicate academic standards in the name of racial "equity."

Lowering standards at schools and in the workplace doesn't help underachieving individuals or groups. All it does is dumb down students across the board and undercut American exceptionalism. This is a boon for our foreign adversaries.

Chaillan also blamed tech giant Google -- which cheerfully does the bidding of Democrats to push left-wing agendas -- for refusing to work with the Defense Department to develop artificial intelligence.

Predictably, Biden refused to confront either country about the escalating cyberwarfare on the United States.

Chaillan resigned in early September and posted a blistering letter to his LinkedIn account in which he torpedoed the Defense Department for putting incompetent, unqualified people in charge of critical military infrastructure.

He said these inane personnel decisions and America's nonstop elevation of mediocrity have compromised his children's futures.

"I realize more clearly than ever before that, in 20 years from now, our children, both in the United States' and our Allies', will have no chance competing in a world where China has the drastic advantage of population over the US," Chaillan wrote.

"If the US can't match the booming, hardworking population in China, then we have to win by being smarter, more efficient, and forward-leaning through agility, rapid prototyping and innovation. We have to be ahead and lead. We can't afford to be behind," he continued.

Chaillan pointed out that "we would not put a pilot in the cockpit without extensive flight training; why would we expect someone with no IT experience to be close to successful? ... While we wasted time in bureaucracy, our adversaries moved further ahead."

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Comments for "Is the US Military a Paper Tiger?"

Al Thompson said (October 15, 2021):

Anthony’s article has the following three words that describes the whole situation: “America is imploding.” When anyone violates the natural order, something bad is going to happen. This will happen to all governments who practice a system that is immoral such as communism and socialism. The authority of all governments is imploding due to the evil that they practice.

The good news is that many people have seen this evil and have recognized it for what it is doing. Telling someone that they either get the jab or lose their job is awful. The push-back from the “employees” is just the beginning. This is a part of the natural order where the people maintain their natural rights against any government. The evil people in the government will receive back everything that they’ve put into it and then some. It’s not all bad news.

Doug P said (October 15, 2021):

Armies are no longer necessary. The purpose of wars was always depopulation and to ensure that the right banks were printing off everyone's money. That goal has been reached - everyone is wearing a mask. We now have an unbelievably powerful system of hypnosis and the experimental injections.

Imagine, in the 70's if the government tried to force everyone to take an experimental injection created by known drug dealers and paedophiles to fight the common cold with no liabilities and none of the science made any sense? People would have told them to shove it.

Now, if they wanted to they could have everyone walking around with their finger up their asses whenever in public. I'm so glad they didn't do this. It must have come up.

Kinetic energy weapons just make a mess and they are expensive.

Doug P said (October 15, 2021):

Armies are no longer necessary. The purpose of wars was always depopulation and to ensure that the right banks were printing off everyone's money. That goal has been reached - everyone is wearing a mask. We now have an unbelievably powerful system of hypnosis and the experimental injections.

Imagine, in the 70's if the government tried to force everyone to take an experimental injection created by known drug dealers and paedophiles to fight the common cold with no liabilities and none of the science made any sense? People would have told them to shove it.

Now, if they wanted to they could have everyone walking around with their finger up their asses whenever in public. I'm so glad they didn't do this. It must have come up.

Kinetic energy weapons just make a mess and they are expensive.

JG said (October 15, 2021):

China is not America's enemy, its the enemy within the gates of America that is.
China didn't leak American military intelligence to the world during the Vietnam War but the New York Times did.
China didn't run President Nixon out office but the Washington Post did.
China hasn't declared war on American patriotism but the MSM and their bosses have.
We can't continue to blame other countries who have done nothing but help us while we ignore the elephant that's in our face.

MS said (October 15, 2021):

Absolutely. It's weapons are all obsolete & maintenance-intensive and it has no boots on the ground. Over 70% of would-be recruits are REJECTED, for being too fat, too lame, too dumb. China &/or Russia would crush the US like a rotten grape.

Why People Comply by CR

October 10, 2021

camel.jpgWhy People Comply

Mathew 24 "Again I tell you, it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for someone who is rich to enter the kingdom of God."


I saw the same thing somewhere else, looks like it's true but the regular office-working bureaucrats are not exempt.  I don't have much faith in the unions either, many unions initially opposed the mandates only to back down at the last moment.  Like the TTC union, and I know someone who works for the province of Ontario, union was initially opposed to even mandating disclosure of vaccine status but now bowed to the pressure.

The worst thing is how so many people are just giving up and taking the vaccine now that they are facing job loss.  If they all stood their ground then there would be a good chance these mandates would get thrown out, instead they are going to be taking booster shots for years to come.

Once you give into this coerced vaccination you are essentially giving the government authority over your body, you are like a puppet on a string.  If next they say you have to donate a kidney or have a vasectomy or whatever, how can you oppose once you have given them absolute power over you?

I bet there would be less opposition to mandated worship of satan or whatever demonic idol.  It poses no physical threat to your health, and this is a society that has abandoned God and given up freedom.  This could very well be what is happening next.

My observation is that people with good jobs are least likely to resist, while people living in public housing, and even better if they are on welfare or disability, have no incentive to comply and aren't at risk of losing anything.  It makes me think of the story of Jesus and the rich man:

Matthew 19:21-24

21 Jesus answered, "If you want to be perfect, go, sell your possessions and give to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven. Then come, follow me."

22 When the young man heard this, he went away sad, because he had great wealth.

23 Then Jesus said to his disciples, "Truly I tell you, it is hard for someone who is rich to enter the kingdom of heaven. 24 Again I tell you, it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for someone who is rich to enter the kingdom of God."

Many people living comfortably are more willing to accept servitude to evil people rather than risk losing their possessions and suffering.  This is why things are the way they are now.

Singapore -- Unvaccinated "Hanging On by a Thread"

Singapore -- Unvaccinated "Hanging On by a Thread"

og zeusire
4 hours ago

Singapore is 85% vaccinated and they're pushing for 3rd boosters to 30 years old and up right now.

The remaining UV are just hanging by the thread. Today, they announced that UV are officially banned from malls and even outdoor eateries in a few days time even though the FV are THE super-spreaders.

Ironically, they're also being told to stay home for self-recovery cause they'd only have mild symptoms even though these tighter restrictions were put in place for "safety" while at the same time fear-mongering people with pseudo covid surges in time for boosters rollout.

They continue to persistently remind the whole nation go take their jabs and go for more booster jabs for the extra layer of illusive protection even though it's been proven useless.

The immunocompromised here are asked to take it after 2 months and not even 6months?!

Even though the trial was never done on sick people?! There was never even a trial done for boosters!

Israel and Iceland were the first to fail this rushed vaccine program miserably. This "miracle jab" does NOT prevent transmission, neither severe diseases, nor deaths. All that BS promises been thrown out of the window long ago. We're already having more FV deaths now.

Docile sheep can't see that cause they don't look beyond the local MSM statistical charts and numbers. They still think that mortality rates are kept low because of vaccination. They would have otherwise recovered naturally even without, if they were healthy to begin with. They'd always lump the UV and partially vaccinated together daily to confuse and blur the lines, and even when they die within 2 weeks of vaccination, they'd be counted as UV.

On one end they keep reminding the FV it's not "deadly" as long as you're vaccinated.. while on the other, they keep taking away more and more basic rights now called "privileges" for UV to "reward" the FV with their carrot-stick strategy.

Especially with travel promises. These docile sheep never learn and they fall for it every single time and get screwed over whenever it's time to claim their reward after being duped to take the shot and that travel bubble would pop.

Every week since last month, they'd open up boosters to lower and lower age groups and ultimately, they want to reach the children early next year, even year end if possible. We started to ignore WHO early on and mixed vaccine brands like a cocktail party and giving them to age groups that were never approved.

Also fudging covid numbers with more and more weekly antigen rapid and PCR tests that long proven to only create high false positives.

These "gold standard" PCR tests are going to be officially recalled by CDC year end 31 Dec 2021 but we're still using them for testing daily for BOTH the UV and FV and also increasing "covid deaths" as when the need arises while hiding and omitting ALL vaccines deaths throughout this entire theatrics for the pandemic.

" I felt pressured to get it. "

September 29, 2021

side-effects.png" I felt pressured to get it. "

Lauren O. 6 hours ago

Hi. I'm a 36 year old female that received the first shot of Moderna on August 6th. I was hesitant to get it because I had Covid in February 2020, (and felt that my antibodies would keep me protected from reinfection.) I felt pressured to get it.

Two days after the shot, I began experiencing muscle twitches underneath my left rib cage. It was such a bizarre sensation- it felt like something was tugging at my heart (best way to describe it) this latest 24 hours. After that first initial twitching episode, it spread through out my entire body. Literally. My pinky toe would constantly move, my bottom lip twitched for 48 hours, my fingers would move on their own, I felt like " fireworks" were going off in both of my legs- especially in my calves. My thighs would twitch, my left cheek on my face randomly twitches. I also felt a tingly sensation all over my face periodically. It feels like electrical current running down my legs at times. It's horrific and it doesn't stop. I went to the ER one evening because it was so bad. I felt like I was developing Parkinson's or MS. They ran some

Bloodwork- did minimal testing. Said my magnesium was fine and sent me home with some anti anxiety medicine. I must admit the anxiety meds do help, just by calming myself from the constant twitches that have been going on for almost two months now.

I'm waiting to hear back from a Neurologist about making an appointment but it's been three weeks so far and haven't heard a word. I wish that I had listened to myself and didn't get the vaccine. I will NOT be getting the second shot because I fear it'll only make my current issues worsen, or the possibility of creating new symptoms.

I took an antibody test on Sept. 4th and it showed I had a high amount of them. This made me confident in myself decision to not get second shot.

I do feel very sorry for everyone out here on the site that are experiencing negative side effects. The only thing we can do is stay hopeful that with time, it will all get better. Thanks for reading this.