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Gene Therapy Opponent Dr. Andreas Noack Poisoned?

November 29, 2021


The details have not been confirmed yet
but it appears that Dr. Andreas Noack, left,
a vocal opponent of the "vaccines"
was murdered Saturday.

A German research chemist, Noack said, "Graphene hydroxide was found in all the vaccines studied. Graphene oxide form structures in the blood stream approximately 50 nm wide and 0.1 nm thick. They are very thin but very strong. They act like little razor blades in the blood stream that can cut the blood vessels. They do not decompose. Once in the bloodstream they will be there forever (short of the person getting a blood transfusion to remove them). Their effect on the blood vessels is cumulative. The longer they stay in the bloodstream, the more damage will be done to the blood vessels over time."

German reader writes- 
This is the video from his wife or partner:

00:10 It was on the day when the Graphenhydroxid video was released and the interview with Harald Thiers took place.
00:24 Then we went upstairs onto the gallery, we relaxed, talked, laughed told each other how much we love each other
00:40 then he wanted to go downstairs into the kitchen to get something to nibble on.
00:47 and normally he does not spent more than one minute there
0050 so I went downstairs and said joking "you eat everything away from me again"
01:06 in that moment he started to sway and I thought he was making fun of me - it looked like he was playing (pretending)  a drunk person.
01:31 SO I went to him and said, ha ha, Kissed him, but he did not stop it.
01:34 I said stop it, it is not funny. In that moment electricity went off
01:44 and the whole thing happened 20 min-30 min after the interview (I did not look at the watch)
01:53 and the Andreas collapsed in my arms
02:00 He began to moan, had severe pain
02:07 his body completely tensed, all of a sudden could not talk anymore
02:19 at first I thought he might have been poisened because he made some hm hm (like choking but she did not say that)
02:25 So I instilled him with Sole (could not find a translation but it is like salt water), then he vomited what he had eaten during the day. Which wasn't much. I had also eaten from the same food so it couldn't be a poisining
02:41 I just couldn't do anything. I was just with him and had to watch
02:50 I have never seen anything like this.
02:57 It was an ordeal for him as if he was tortured from the outside.
03:04 it lasted about half an hour or so. Or maybe longer as it seemed to me like an eternity
03:15 He could not speak. Was was somehow like paralyzed - I cannot really describe it
03:30 I just helt him so that he would not strike his head
03:34 At some point he got calmer, his body was exhausted from the whole thing
03:42 Then he could again get up , was a bit dizzy
03:51 he went upstairs, has somehow  hoisted itself up
03:57 then he recovered, he was very exhausted, did not want to talk, was withdrawn, and I noticed he was really very exhausted
04:19 I don_t know if he recognized what had happened to him
04:29 But he needed lot of rest, but then said, he would feel good and he did not want that someone gets to know this (in the night from 25th to 26th Nov 2021)
04:44 I noticed his restless sleep, that he sweated, perhaps fever. But I didn't wake him up because he needed the rest
05:00 At some point, I can't really say which time intervals - at some point he started breathing very heavily and to rattle - this is when I got really scared. I noticed nothing is well anymore.
05:25 and I have asked him what is up, but then he had this paralysis again, he couldn't talk anymore
05:38 also this cramp was there again
05:41 the breath, the terribly heavy breathing - he couldn't breathe anymore
05:48 I started to scream, I yelled at him he should get out of this condition and come back to me
05:59  crying
06:11 I cried and he tried to comfort her
06:14 crying
06:24 I was busy then to make sure Andreas can breathe well, I had to change his position so he could breathe more freely
06:39 He had more and more water in his lungs, rattled, and could not spit out the stuff
06:46 even took it out with my hands
06:56 Emergency called me during that time and told her she now has to make resuscitation
07:02 So I just did that, I did a heart massage and ventilated - just did what they told me
07:18 it felt like hours
07:23 at some point his belly bloated, then he said I should stop ventilating him and only do heart massage
07:30 and I couldn't anymore but just continued
07:40 and at some point they arrived , about 6 people, I don't really remember, and connected him to the machines
07:54 this automatic machine  (crying)
08:00 gave him injections, like  adrenalin and other stuff
08:12 They had their masks on all the time, I asked them to take off the masks, so they can breathe better (not literally translated)
08:20 I asked them at some point "is he still alive"
08:29 they replied "at the moment not" but were in the course of resuscitate him"
08:34 and then they had him apparently alive again and in that moment they could transport him and bring him downstairs
08:45 and then we started
08:52 and the paramedic - this was also a coincidence - that he knew the way as the paramedic lives here in the valley
08:59 and then we went to Wolfsberg
09:01 But I could not be with him because I could not do anything and they had to put him onto the ventilator which she was not allowed to enter
09:15 so I asked" before you bring him inside may I see him
09:22 and I asked how he is now, and they said yes they could bring him back (to life)  and it would be looking good
09:30 I asked " what is regarding his brain damage" and they replied that because I was constantly made heart massage and his circuit was always held up (not sure if translated well - means blood circuit was not interrupted due to heart massage), so he would have good chances all would be well again
09:59 then they took him out and I went to him, put my head onto his chest, he was intubated, I told him how much I love him
10:18 then they pushed him inside again. I had to sit outside and not really noticed anything anymore
10:30 then the physicians, came out,  put their heads together
10:42 This was actually immediately after. they hardly had him in the hospital before he came out again
10:51 When they put their heads together I knew.
10:55 Then they said, "his large heart valve has failed completely. He had a heart attack and died from that.
11:10 Person who filmed: "many have understood that people had attacked him, but what you meant to say was that it was a ray attack"
11:19 I do not know anything about these things. It is hard to imagine how how something like this works
11:26 But he had always said, that they would have these technologies
to be continued - end of the video

(this means the video ended with "Fortsetzung folgt - to be continued"

Earlier statement by Noack's pregnant wife

Wife's Video published Nov 28 2021
English transcript (English subtitles on video by Stefan Reich)

It is Saturday, Nov. 27, 2021 [in Germany].

Tuesday, Nov. 23, 10 A.M., the video about Graphene Hydroxide was published. The video hit like a bomb. At the same time, Andreas had a Zoom call with someone (sorry, I didn't recognize the name). I operated the camera and followed the chats. The interview took about two hours. After this, we had some exchanges and told each other how much we loved each other and laughed.

noack-wife.jpgShortly afterwards, Andreas was attacked brutally. The assault was extremely sneaky and unexpected. I have the terrible job to tell you that sadly, Andreas did not survive the assault. The news is extremely shocking for all of us. But Andreas is in me and I am a part of him. We are one.

All information is out there. We know everything we have to know. I need all of you now... It is now time for action. It is now time to believe. We have to implement his plan now. We have nothing more to lose. It is about all of humanity. He did it for you. He died for you. He was not afraid of death, he accepted the possibility. It's horrible that it had to happen this way. It wasn't the plan for him to leave us this quickly. As I said, assume the enemy's energy. We must use this energy now. Turn it against them. Use it for us. I need you guys now. I can't do it alone. Please get going.

I will tell you more details. Please don't panic.
[spoken in English:] "Together we stand, Divided we fall. Let's stand together as a team to maximize, see our voice"

Significant Quotes made by Dr. Noack
"Getting the Vax is like playing Russian Roulette. The people who die immediately or soon after getting the vax are like victims of Russian Roulette. It is when the graphene oxide hits the blood vessel wall immediately that causes the death or collapses immediately after getting the vax.
Doctors performing autopsies on victims of the Vax are not going to find anything. These doctors are looking for something biological as the cause of death but the graphene hydroxide is not biological so it will not be visible in their tests.
There are pictures of coagulated blood coming out of the nose. People bleed to death from the inside.
Especially the top athletes who are dropping dead have fast flowing blood. The faster the blood flows, the more damage the razors will do.
As a chemist, if you inject this into the blood then you are a murderer.
The question to ask the vaccine makers and the politicians is this: WHY ARE THESE RAZOR BLADES INSIDE THE VACCINES? How can they justify them being inside the vaccines?
And now they want to force vaccinate children from age 5 with this horrible thing!

Nano Graphene Hydroxide Acts As Razor Blades and Remains Forever in Blood so Hemorrhaging & Clotting are Inevitable

Describing the Nano Graphene found by spectroscopy in the vaccines as Graphene Hydroxide rather than Graphene Oxide-it has actually been identified as reduced graphene oxide-Dr. Noack stresses that the monoatomic layers of carbon which it comprises can form chains 50 nanometers long and 0.1 nanometer thick and the jagged edges of this nano carbon layer can cut blood vessels like razor knives. The dangerous, jagged edges of graphene oxide found in the vaccines has previously been remarked as such by Dr. Campra's team and by Dr. Robert Young in analyzing the findings.

Stating that toxicologists do not yet have the tools to understand the phenomenon he says chemists are better equipped to understand the consequences and that what is happening essentially is that people are hemorrhaging on the inside and athletes dropping dead on the field because of the internal slicing of blood capillaries and hemorrhaging as well as blood clots that is occurring.

Of further alarm is his statement that the rGO is non-decomposing-it will remain in the bloodstream and cannot be removed except by blood transfusion which means its effects will inevitably occur over time if not immediately. The amount of rGO in the batch given to anyone lining up for the shot will determine the Russian roulette of whether death is instant or delayed. The question to ask Pfizer, he says, is why these carbon razor blades have been put in the vaccines.

(Nano graphene has actually been found in all 4 major vaccines: Pfizer, Moderna, Johnson & Johnson, and AstraZeneca.)

Many doctors and naturopaths have made different recommendations for removing the nano graphene oxide, many noted here. Dr. Young recently discussed detoxifying with French Montmorillonite clay, while Clean Slate from Root Brand has been found recently to remove graphene oxide from the blood of the vaccinated. Clean Slate can be found here at this link, which also supports the podcasts at Ramola D Reports.

Dr. Noack made these comments around the time Austria announced a vaccine mandate for all citizens on November 22, and said that Chancellor Alexander Schallenberg needed hundreds of thousands of letters from people informing him the rGO in the vaccines would act as razor knives and death machines, and that if Mr. Schallenberg went ahead with the mandates then he would be functioning as a mass murderer.

The information presented here suggests that all COVID vaccines be halted immediately, given their clear exposure now as killing machines. While mainstream media refuses to publish the facts of discovery of Nano Graphene Oxide in the vaccines, the multiple confirmations using electron microscopes, optical phase contrast microscopes, and energy spectroscopes by different teams of scientists reported here earlier and here and here, now makes it impossible for educated readers to question these findings as dubious. Ultimately, it will have to be informed readers and viewers to take resolute action such as writing informative and questioning letters and continuing mass rallies (which are already taking place worldwide) to stop governments from imposing mandates and encouraging vaccination with these deadly injections.

The situation in Austria seems quite dire since this chancellor seems to be planning vaccine mandates for five year olds and up as well.

"As a chemist I say these are razor blades. And I see how doctors do not know enough about chemistry. But they are doing chemistry in the body, in small children, in pregnant women. But now you doctors know what you are doing-and if you continue to inject, you are murderers. Go out, give this information to your doctors, your politicians-and if you continue, I promise no court in the world will save you." Dr. Andreas Noack

This video is a must-watch, regardless of all questions surrounding. Please explore further and post any further information in comments if you have any.

Please also inform all government officials of the findings reported here as in other articles at this site, so they cannot say later they were never informed. Government officials need to recognize their individual liability and culpability and act decisively to halt these non-vaccines.

Graphene "razor blades" found in the COVID vaccines (Dr. Andreas Noack)


Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

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Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at

Comments for "Gene Therapy Opponent Dr. Andreas Noack Poisoned?"

TP said (November 30, 2021):

I want to add this anagram that I found making a little mix : Delta (Illuminatti pyramid) + Omicron (inspired from the Eye)

Is Omicron is the last step to the NWO implementation ?
=> Are they ALL IN ?

JB said (November 30, 2021):

There was a video recently by Luxemburg doctor Benoit Ochs talking about the very high D-dimer test results in vaccinated people, Dr. Charles Hoffe, Dr. Rochagne Kilian and many others also observed this in their vaccinated patients.

D-dimers indicate clotting. Since no big blood cloth appear on scans, they believe theres million of small blood clots.

Millions of small razor blades cutting blood vessels would explain it very well I think.

Below-Patriots Must Stop Their Infighting (scroll down)--------------------follow me on

GMO Vaccine People Belong to Patent Holder

  Left, brandolino.jpgDr. Chinda Brandolino, Argentine Medical Examiner & Family Rights Activist

Will the vaccinated and their children belong to Pfizer?

Brandolino--"When you modify the genome with an adenovirus vaccine, that vaccinated person is already a transgenic-- a trans-human person. According to what is legally established in international law, it will be the property of the owner of the patent.

"But the most dramatic thing of all is that because when trans-human, that person will not be considered human according to the Human Rights we know. The situation is extremely serious and I have the feeling that people do not realize the seriousness of what we are facing.

"It is not only the diseases the vaccine is going to produce, often fatal, but also the fact that the survivors will have a modified genome and that this modification will be passed on to their descendants. Because their genome is modified, that modification is patented. Everything that is patented belongs to the patent holder."

"It's not a chip, but a nanoprocessor. Many people wondered for a long time whether the vaccine carried a chip or not. Some laughed at the idea, but while it's not technically a chip in its composition, it does carry something that makes those who have been inoculated have a unique identification code that can be detected with NFC technology. That is, with mobile phones manufactured within the last 2 years, specifically, when the Bluetooth nearby device detection feature is activated."

In an interview that forensic doctor Chinda Brandolino gave for the Twitch channel Dignidad Colombia, she explained how this nanotechnology works, and how it relates to graphene oxide and 5G. Orwell City offers the key moments below.

Mónica Calcedo: The chip. Is that real or a lie?

biochip.jpgDr. Chinda Brandolino: It's a nanoprocessor. I say again that it is in plain view for those who want to see the micrographs of the electron microscope study made by Kalcker. It's clearly seen, in the magnification, a small, perfect, quadrangular, precise-edged, metallic corpuscle, which is the same as any nanoprocessor in nanotechnology-responsive devices.

    That nanoprocessor is driven from a 4G Plus or 5G antenna. That is, all G technology is the same. The difference lies in that the packet of information that an antenna can transmit is much larger in 4G Plus and 5G, 6G, and 7G.

    That is, all that compact information is handled by a nanoprocessor --in a device--, which will be just inside our cells. By having Morgellons in the polyethylene glycol, they're self-reproducing. That's to say, it's self-replicating. But because it's in graphene... Graphene is a catalyst and, as I explained to you, makes that cell resonate with the 5G antenna and the microwaves of human thought. Can you understand that? There's a nanoprocessor driven by a 5G antenna that goes directly to the workings of our brain.

    On the other hand, I have seen that microchips are being inoculated in the northern hemisphere. In one of the hands of many business leaders. That would be annexed information. It would seem to be that this chip would be used... I have seen a lot of signed documents about how managers, high-ranking employees of companies use it as an identification card to open the door of the bank, etc. In it, they would have their medical history as well. That'is to say, all the summary data will be in that microchip, which is already a fact.

    If you remember, they already wanted to impose it in our countries a few years ago. It was officially manufactured by Motorola in 2000, and already in the northern hemisphere, it is used by all companies.

    But they are two different things: the microchip for the information and the nanoprocessor managed by the 5G antennas.

  MAC1.PNG  Diana Schroeder: Doctor, another question. A colleague did a test with wi-fi. He was in a shopping mall, and codes came up when he put the phone directly on the vaccinated person. Codes came up.

    Dr. Chinda Brandolino: That's correct. It's like that.

    I did the experiment with some inoculated family members of my patients. If you activate the Bluetooth option, which searches for devices, put it on the arm of the vaccinated person, you'll get a code of about 10 digits. It's always the same for that person. And if you put it on the other arm, that code appears again. I think that is the number of the nanoprocessor that was inoculated with the vaccine.
        Diana Schroeder: So that's the person's identification number.

    Dr. Chinda Brandolino: Of the nanoprocessor, of the person. Yes.

The victims of covid: coerced, injected, damaged, owned, and dehumanized

The predators have a similar and demented strategy with software code of computers, and the genetic code of plants, coronaviruses, and humans.

The predatory strategy of code-parasites Bill Gates steals computer code

In the early days of micro-computing, enthusiasts were creating software programs or "code" and sharing it freely among themselves. Bill Gates took much of this growing library of freely shared code, modified things slightly, patented them, claimed it all as his property, and then denied the many enthusiast from using or sharing it. He is no software super genius; rather he is just a thief and opportunist: a parasite. Monsanto thieves genetic code of crops

Monsanto are infamous for their genetically modified crops and wicked tactics. For decades they have genetically modified and patented crops; contaminated farmers fields  and heirloom crops from neighboring lands, then claimed ownership of the traditional farmers now contaminated seeds, and denied these farmers their rights to grow food without submitting to Monsanto's seeds, fees and control. Covid criminals swipe viral code

As Dr David Martin has showed us, for more than a decade, the covid criminals have been genetically modifying coronaviruses. They have filed and claimed at least 79 patents on these viruses and related products (like PCR tests and genetic modification injections which they call "vaccines"). While abusing us all, they have also made record fortunes on these patents.

Patenting and owning the viruses they launch against mankind, is not the bottom of the moral swamp where these creatures live. Now they want your code

The adenovirus-vector covid injections (Astrazenica and Johnson and Johnson) actually deliver a payload of double stranded patented DNA to the victims' cells. The nanoparticle delivery systems (Pfizer and Moderna) deliver a payload of patented modified coronavirus messenger RNA; this mRNA may very well access the reverse transciptase pathway in the victims' cells and modify their DNA. They are genetically modifying humans.

Do you see the pattern? Nefariously modifying and taking ownership of computer code, genetic codes of plants, genetic codes of viruses, and genetic codes of humans. Facing the dumanization of humanity

Beyond these super-creeps claiming ownership of the software, the plants and crops, the viruses, and the humans; they may also argue that the injection victims are now trans-humans, not humans, and thus those pesky old human rights no longer apply to them.

Of course this is all sick demented thinking that we should reject 100%. Criminals of this magnitude should be lawfully hung. Dead super-creeps own nothing; not software, plants, viruses, or people.

In the desired future for which we work and pray; there will be justice, the super-creeps' assets will all be seized and redistributed to the victims of the world (that's all of us in varying degrees). The corrupt central bankers are part of this, and their debt grip on humanity will end with a quick swipe; we do not owe them anything, except a speedy trial or military operation. Then we will still have lots of healing to do: physically, mentally and spiritually. No one will be the property of someone else. What next?

If you have resisted the forced injections, hold the line and keep fighting. If you have been coerced and injected, you should have motivation to fight even harder.

Doctors, scientists and other experts are working hard to find cures for the damage done by these injections. We have many challenges in this regard. If you or someone you know has been injected, share the current advise we have for minimizing the damage and suffering from the World Council for Health.

Experts from around the world are researching constantly and update this and other advice from the World Council For Health regularly. Here is a great article from Down The Chupacobrahole which shares Dr. Chinda Brandolino's warning.

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

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Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at

Comments for "GMO Vaccine People Belong to Patent Holder"

John said (November 30, 2021):

Hi Henry, concerning the article about vaccinated people being owned by the pharmaceutical companies for not being human...maybe that decision will be made "by the new race of men who will appear on this planet". Not aliens, humans merged with A.I. to create a 'new race of men'.

This has been the end game for the last five thousand years. The book The Story of Prophecy, 1936, non fiction, by Henry James Foreman predicts everything including September 11. Only one prophecy remains. "By the year 2045 a new race of men will appear on this planet and death becomes the last enemy conquered". That's it. Its also detailed in Time magazine February 2011. Oops.

Below- Satanist Manifesto Unveils the Future (scroll down)

Patriots Must Stop Their Infighting

November 28, 2021


On November 22, 2021, on Fox News with Tucker Carlson, Spoilt Brat Kyle Rittenhouse, unjustly attacked Hero Lin Wood, who helped raise $2 million dollars for Rittenhouse's bail.  However, ingrate Rittenhouse blames Lin Wood for his being "held in jail for 87 days." 

by "Jennifer"

Kyle Rittenhouse appears to be walking a thin calculated line.

On one hand he cozies-up to the right only to describe Lin Wood as "insane" for concerns over voter fraud/ election corruption. 

And strangely other patriots, like Marjorie Taylor Green and even surprisingly Patrick Byrne follow suit with disparaging comments about Lin Wood.

What is going on?

There are various agendas at play.

First, there is a deep state agenda is to discredit Lin Wood over his Child Sex Trafficking/Sacrifice allegations.

wood.jpgThere has been an unease with Lin Wood, left, ever since he alone spoke out, naming names. My intel sources have informed me that certain people obtained blackmail video evidence from Jeffery Epstein's estate of Mike Pence (and others) sexually molesting and murdering children. I was informed that Lin Wood was trusted to view this evidence. Shocked, Wood reacted and went public trying to raise awareness and get an investigation for justice's sake.  Silence -crickets--now ridicule. Although I have never met Wood, he has my respect and admiration.

Ritual Child Sacrifice was once a world phenomenon and part of religious and/or cultural norms that the general public participated in. For example, the Indian Juggernaut, where children were thrown under its massive wheels to be crushed to death, the Carthaginian Baal ovens where children were burned alive amid drums and trumpets to drown out their screams, the Druids throughout Western Europe and British Isles burned men-women-children in their wicker man edifices, to name a few.

Then with the spread of Christianity, these practices simply went underground. Today the public is so uneducated, brainwashed and/or frankly naive they just cannot believe this sort of thing still happens. Those that try to expose this godless truth are called "insane."

Why are the Rottenhouses' of the world hating on Lin Wood, a man with enough courage to speak out against these atrocities?  Who are they protecting?

Second, that $2 million bail money was for bail, not to pay Rottenhouse's attorney

Mark Richards. The bail money must go back to the nonprofit #FightBack Foundation. People gave to #FightBack because they trusted the professionalism of Lin Wood. Is Richards agenda to purposely defame and/or embarrass Lin Wood into paying his legal bills?

Patriots we must join together and stop the disparaging infighting. Of course, no one agrees 100% with all of Trump's decisions or any other leader in the Patriot Movement. But please let's choose the most important issues and stand together as we are at War with the satanic globalists.

Please give Trump a break. He had to balance between two patriot groups: (1) the large fearful brainwashed Big Pharma ones that begged for the toxic vaxx along with the left commies and (2) the smaller educated real science ones that know a Nuremburg criminal genocide, when they see one.

General-Mike-Flynn-643x430.jpgMIKE FLYNN

I personally know General Flynn; he is a true believer in Jesus Christ. Evangelical criticisms of Catholics or other Christians like Elizabeth Clare must stop. Rick Wiles of Trunews began a smear campaign against Elisabeth Clare's Holy Spirit inspired prayer, grossly taking it out of context and then threw Flynn under the bus for reciting it.

Flynn is a true Patriot and believer in Jesus Christ, and he deeply cares for the American people, just like Lin Wood, Patrick Byrne, Mike Lindell, RFK Jr., Stew Peters, James O'Keefe, and Russel Jay Gould and many others. Remember, 56 men put their differences aside to sign the Declaration of Independence, we must do the same.

Please stop disparaging each other. Forgive. Come together show the world your true faith in Christ at work. Of course, there will be infiltrating Jezebels and wolves in sheep's clothing, be discerning. We must work together to save America from the deep state globalists -communist takeover via:

Exposing Fixing Voter Fraud- Election Corruption Exposing Fixing the Financial- Military-Medical-Industrial Complex Exposing Fixing Judicial Corruption

These problems are fixed by working together in Local Action, which will create a National Impact.

God Bless America.

Related- 'I find QAnon total nonsense': Michael Flynn DISAVOWS conspiracy website he once pledged allegiance to by saying its a 'disinformation campaign created by the CIA or the left' in audio released by lawyer Lin Wood

--------Mike Flynn sounds the alarm, says Dems are going to try and disrupt 2022 midterms with a financial collapse

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

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Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at

Comments for "Patriots Must Stop Their Infighting "

Rex said (November 29, 2021):

I strongly disagree with JW below, the facts below will show why and he is obfuscating the issues because: 1. Lin Wood was not Rittenhouse's criminal attorney, John Pierce was and Pierce had the final decision power over the handling of the case. Why is he lumping Wood into this?

2. Rittenhouse was not with "hardened criminals” he was initially held in a juvenile detention facility in Lake County, Ill (source The New York Times, Nov 2, 2021). Pierce thought juvenile detention was safer then being in the adult prison with "hardened criminals".

It was only Rittenhouse’s criminal attorney Pierce that had any standing to help Rittenhouse's running water problem—Lin Wood had nothing to do with that. Fox News never reached out to Pierce to find out all the things he was doing to help fix the running water problem—Fox News was very one-sided reporting — basically a targeted hit piece against Wood.

3. Of course the money raised was used for bail —that is how Rittenhouse ultimately got out after 87 days.

How quickly do you think you could raise $2 million dollars for a stranger's bail —someone who the media branded a white supremacist killer?

JW said (November 29, 2021):

Jennifer states that "$2 million bail money was for bail, not to pay Rottenhouse's attorney."

But in his interview with Tucker Karlson, seen last week (and repeated Sunday night) on Fox News Channel, Rittenhouse stated that his attorneys, Lin Wood and John Pierce, told him that he was "safer in jail."

Absolutely ridiculous, as he was a 17-year-old in a jail with hardened criminals.

The money they raised was never used to bail him out.

Rittenhouse said he was in a jail cell, for 87 days, that had no running water. He couldn't take a shower in that entire period.

What did his attorneys, Wood and Pierce, do about that? Nothing!

The vile leftists running the Kenosha jail (in a Demonrat-run city) no doubt took sadistic pleasure in denying the most basic amenity to a young man they wanted to put away for life.

Because he defended himself, and shot to death two violent felons, with long rap sheets, (Huber and Rosenbaum), who both threatened to kill him. Irrefutable...all captured on video.

Which is why the prosecution's case collapsed.

I first heard of Lin Wood when he came forward to represent Nicholas Sandmann in his lawsuits against Deep State-connected MSM organizations who had mercilessly slandered Sandmann, and continually lied about his encounter with the Native American phony "Vietnam veteran", at the January 2019 Lincoln Memorial demonstration.

What transpired was the exact opposite of what the lying media claimed.

As there was video evidence to prove it, they have all been settling out of court with Sandmann, making him a very wealthy young man.

But Wood's work for Sandmann, and his admirable fight to expose high-level abuse of children, doesn't mean that he is now immune from criticism for his handling of Rittenhouse's case.

Below- Makow - The "Contagion" is Humanity Itself (scroll down) ---------------Twitter blocks some sites---All the links are at

Satanist Manifesto Unveils the Future

communist-teacher.png"Their structure will be hierarchic, with the Satanic caste at the top and outright slavery at the bottom, and the crushing out of liberty would exceed anything the world has yet seen. Within each state the necessary psychological atmosphere will be maintained by a complete severance from the outside world, and by a continuous phoney war against rival states. Civilizations of this type will remain stable for thousands of years. Have no fear!"

The Political Thoughts of (the Late) Petor Narsagonan (Fozdyke's Mentor)

"These paragraphs from the Confessions of Petor Narsagonan give insight into both the present and future. The battle is almost over. The sheeple lost." - Aloysius Fozdyke

From Aloysius Fozdyke-

Kissinger refined Hitler's 'Terror Technique' into the more subtle and powerful 'Tension Technique': building tension in society and then finding a scapegoat. Dark Path adepts do this in insignificant ways until they have the power and ability to move and direct people to more gross and hideous behaviours.

The fact is that Alpha Lodge politicians (or political advisors) appreciate that if they pretend to respect the rights of sheeple and fain interest in their concerns, even though most realize that this is a ruse, they will go along with the programmes and policies because it is the line of least resistance.

The democratic process allows them to express some of their frustrations, reduces the pain of their pent up depression and aggression while ensuring that nothing changes. You can see the same Representative Democracy political system everywhere it has been implemented.

Sheeple always use reason and logic to justify their whims, so the Alpha Lodge initiate is taught to speak in moderation while convincingly offering miracles.

It is only a matter of waiting for the media to generate the slogan that 'the government should do something' and the governments - everywhere and of all political persuasions - always will.

Politically, the libertarianism of Twain that permeated Satanism gave way to the realization that the sheeple do not want freedom. They are happy to build their own pens. Two thousand years of Christianity has left them domesticated, so Satanism began taking to itself right-wing positionings, farther and farther a field (sic). In any event, all bank vault doors swing open to the right! All the leaders are dictators and the sheeple eat from their hand - just the way they like to...Satanism now free of its earlier hallucinations fully accepts the pathetic nature of the human condition, wrapped as it is in the gaudy packages of superstition.

The people of the world are easy to manipulate. Homo sapiens are herd animals, after all! Its (sic) all colour and movement when it comes to the masses. Give them an election with no policy choices and for the most part they are happy. Allow their children no real prospect of success, inhibit their natural drives - particularly their sex drives; limit their options, coarsen their choices and society (such as it still is) quickly falls apart into pre-determined categories. No families, just weak individuals free to do as they are told. Satan is a wonderful 'systems man'!

Governments everywhere cater for those people who would rather live on their knees than die on their feet.

Politicians did not invent the human condition; they only take advantage of it. The Satanic aristocracy sees the masses as tools; means by which the ends envisioned may be achieved - individual suffering is irrelevant. The ends are all that matter; the means are chosen based on totally utilitarian and logical decisions. Corruption is endemic but accepted.

That Queen Elizabeth II is claiming ignorance of her own governments' laws while disdainfully hiding behind her advisors and masquerading her interests behind complex business structures apparently bothers no one. Although the secret 'selling off of the farm' in Australia was thorough it was not slow. People assist their governments to push them to the side of their own lives - Always have, always will!

But the average Homo normalis is beyond caring. Provided their bellies are full, their minds empty and their time consumed with frivolous entertainment, Satanists are free to triumph... television is almost irrelevant, public infrastructure is heritage protected and most are crushed by the foreboding knowledge that tomorrow is another day.

Turning against themselves they live alone and vicariously with others. They have allowed themselves to become prisoners in our mythological penitentiaries amid the bright-lights and dark corridors of their cheap and nasty psyches...Their politics rest on tribalism, their social systems resemble a clique of High School Prefects not an open system where a vote actually means something.

Next time you are standing in a queue imagine a world where the government operates everything; where Committee delegates organize everything; where the information is edited, cutting through the lines of least persistence and where equality of outcome ensures the finality of its long-term results. It's not that hard. We continue to organize it! What God can create - man can destroy!

Their structure will be hierarchic, with the Satanic caste at the top and outright slavery at the bottom, and the crushing out of liberty would exceed anything the world has yet seen. Within each state the necessary psychological atmosphere will be maintained by a complete severance from the outside world, and by a continuous phoney war against rival states. Civilizations of this type will remain stable for thousands of years. Have no fear!

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

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Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at

Below- Philip Jones - Poisoned by the Illuminati 12 Years Ago (scroll down)

Makow - The "Contagion" is Humanity Itself

November 26, 2021

(How did we become so complacent and naive?)

The Satanists who own most of the world's wealth view humanity
as an infestation.

Humanity, not covid, is the virus that must be eradicated.

In reality, THEY are a cancer that has devoured the human race.

by Henry Makow PhD

Society reminds me of a man who tries to cash a sizable cheque upon which his future depends.

The bank returns the cheque - "This account has been closed."

The man keeps flipping over the bum cheque as if endless contemplation somehow would make it redeemable.

He keeps trying to cash it but it keeps bouncing.

He just can't believe that he has been given a bum cheque.

Sold a lie.

The cheque represents our Birthright. The bankers are foreclosing.

 The "globalists" don't just want to dispossess us. They want to sicken, imprison and exterminate us.


Trusting? Naive? Innocent? Credulous?


Stupid? Cowardly?

How did he get this way?

He never learned real history. Real history is the story of how a satanic cult, Cabalism (Organized Jewry and Freemasonry) has sought to subvert civilization and enslave or exterminate humanity. This is behind all major wars, depressions and "pandemics."

People who know real history immediately recognized covid for what it is - a pretext to impose unpopular social and economic change (i.e. Communism) on humanity.  The same is true of "climate change."

But those ignorant of real history bought the lies expounded by the Masonic mass media, medical profession, politicians and professors.

stretcher555.jpgThey have been lulled into a state of complacency. I tweeted a video of a line of people at a vaccination clinic. A man who is experiencing convulsions due to the vaccine is being taken out on a stretcher. The sheeple just stare at him blankly and remain in line.

The Satanists are not even hiding their evil intent any more. Joe Biden boasts of having the most effective vote rigging organization in the world. He keep caressing children in public. Twitter now is allowing 85% of adverse reaction news. They are not hiding how they planned and rehearsed this in advance.

They are wheeling people out on stretchers right in front of us. They don't care if we know because they're confident we'll stay in line. 

They'll just trot out a new variant to cover up the damage done by the "vaccines." Omicron is an anagram for Moronic.


The Christian God of Life (Love) has been replaced by the Cabalist God of Death (Hate.)

The education system has taught unthinking obedience. The people have been dumbed down and addicted to porn. Sex has degraded all human relations.

They've been taught gender dysphoria and "inclusiveness" instead of truth.

They don't know how to research and think independently.  Their lives have been mired in trivia. There are given few constructive examples, and these are ignored by the MSM.

They simply can't face the harsh reality.  They and their children have been declared redundant.

Globalists in their own words: Prince Phillip, husband of Queen Elizabeth II and co-founder of the World Wildlife Fund: "In the event that I am reincarnated, I would like to return as a deadly virus, in order to contribute something to solve overpopulation."

casey87.jpgDave Foreman, the co-founder of Earth First: "We humans have become a disease, the Humanpox."

Jacques Costeau: "In order to stabilize world population, we must eliminate 350,000 people per day. It is a horrible thing to say, but it is just as bad not to say it."

Finnish environmentalist Pentti Linkola: "If there were a button I could press, I would sacrifice myself without hesitating if it meant millions of people would die"

Insider Maurice Strong -- "An alternate measure... would be to add birth control chemicals to the water supply or to commonly ingested foods such as beer, soda, or milk....Homosexuality, for example, has the clear advantage of being non-procreative. Cross-generational sex, especially if begun early, can open up the child to possibilities of sexuality that will not necessarily be procreative."


God is bountiful. The world could sustain twice the current population or more. What is not sustainable is one percent of the people owning 50% of the world's wealth.

So the "useless eaters" have been given a pink slip. Robots and cyborgs will take our place.

If the world's population is pared down to 500,0000, as the Georgia Guide Stones envision, the disparities will be less glaring. Their planet will remain pristine.

For stealing our birthright and that of our children, we'll go after these bastards with hammers and knives.


But, then it will be too late.

We are in mortal danger.

This is not fear mongering. It won't happen overnight but this is where we are headed.

I haven't been wrong in 20 years, except for one glaring error.

I failed to foresee the role a fake pandemic and "vaccine" would play in instituting the NWO.


Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

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Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at

Comments for "Makow - The "Contagion" is Humanity Itself"

BR said (November 27, 2021):

Omicron is an anagram of MORONIC.....But wait.....It's also an anagram of ONCOMIR - a microRNA (miRNA) associated with cancer = classic illuminati wordplay?

An oncomir (also oncomiR) is a microRNA (miRNA) that is associated with cancer. MicroRNAs are short RNA molecules about 22 nucleotides in length. Essentially, miRNAs specifically target certain messenger RNAs (mRNAs) to prevent them from coding for a specific protein. The dysregulation of certain microRNAs (oncomirs) has been associated with specific cancer forming (oncogenic) events. Many different oncomirs have been identified in numerous types of human cancers.[1]

Oncomirs are associated with carcinogenesis, malignant transformation, and metastasis. Some oncomir genes are oncogenes, in that overexpression of the gene leads to cancerous growth. Other oncomir genes are tumor suppressors in a normal cell, so that underexpression of the gene leads to cancerous growth.[1][2][3][4]

DD said (November 27, 2021):

We, as a society, have become just too trusting. Gadgets of every sort have taken over our heads. Tv, magazines, computer garbage articles, fast food you eat in your car, etc. too trusting & too comfy. I honestly think it was Walter Cronkite long ago that got us used to just staring at the tv & just believing it. Some people may not know but Cronkite was Masonic & they will lie for their order. He was a shill & an idol. This is why we have become so trusting. It has made us like cattle.

JG said (November 27, 2021):

You have really laid it out very well and answered a lot of questions I had concerning the end game to all of these lies and deceptions.
Yes, humanity is the target and has been for some time now.

The vehicle that is being used to usher in this "mayday plan" is NOT COVID but COVID PREVENTION. Mandatory lockdowns, mandatory mask orders, mandatory vaccine injections, mandatory social restrictions, and the break in the supply and labor chain have been the killer.
It's really tragic how much of the public, through their trust in their leaders and their once free MSM, has been deceived. They still believe that the CDC has theIr back on this whole Covid plan.
There will be no end to this Covid Prevention scheme as new variants will continue to be introduced by the WHO for years to come. Be prepared to keep rolling up that sleeve.

RV said (November 27, 2021):

Legend: "going to kill us all."

2000 Y2K destroy everything
2001 Anthrax going kill us all
2002 West Nile Virus " "
2005 Bird Flue " "
2006 Ecoli " "
2008 Financial collapse " "
2009 Swine Flu " "
2012 Mayan Calendar predicts world ending
2013 North Korea cause WW 3
2014 Ebola Virus " "
2015 ISIS " "
2016 Zika Virus " "
2020 Corona Virus " "

Truth is "Fear" is going to kill you so turn off the TV.

RV-losing your job because you won't take a toxic jab is not fearmongering. It's REAL


TW said (November 27, 2021):

Contagion of humanity....
Henry, maybe you can answer this for me. How is that we (including many others) can see through all their shit? I, you and most people he grew up in the same society, went to the same schools and listened to the same media and yet the majority has been fooled very easily while a portion of us haven't. I don't think I am 'special' in any way and just cannot understand how I can see what has been and is happening.

I know I've always seen many things in the world "huh, that makes no sense", and still am not sure how I wasn't fooled like them.

BELOW- Our Shepherds Work for the Wolves (scroll down) -------------

Philip Jones - Poisoned by the Illuminati 12 Years Ago


(Philip Jones, 1957-2009)

 Wednesday was the anniversary of the death Nov 24, 2009, of the gifted and courageous anti-NW0

crusader Philip Jones. During the last months of his life, Jones' confided to L.C. Vincent his suspicion that he had been poisoned.

"With the clarity of hindsight, Philip realized that he had been set up and ensnared in the classic "honey trap", except modern technology had added the wrinkle of a mind-controlled femme fatale into the mix." 

By L.C. Vincent


Philip Jones had been a strapping, young English "bobby" who had decided to take early retirement in Denmark with his new wife while he enjoyed the opportunity to write and observe the culture around him.

 As he did so, and the years passed, it became increasingly apparent to him that the culture of Denmark was not evolving organically but was rather a series of subtle, programmed cues to which the populace responded. The more he observed, the more he was convinced that an unseen hidden hand was using the small nation of Denmark as a petri dish for testing theorems of behavior modification and mind control. His articles were scathing analyses of Danish society, ultimately describing the hidden controllers that manipulated it, a control group that he identified as the Illuminati in service to the New World Order.

Philip's blog from Denmark (The Righteous Alliance) attracted a worldwide audience, myself among many others. As fate would have it, I began corresponding with Philip about five months before his death. As he gradually came to confide in me, we pieced together the events he felt were leading to his early demise.

He wrote that he had become seriously ill with severe stomach pains after recently visiting a local restaurant. Naturally, I initially suspected food poisoning, until Philip began to reveal other details of his personal life that suggested the true causal event was a woman.

After writing blogs about Denmark and the Illuminati's penetration and manipulation of Danish society for several years, Philip began receiving email correspondence from around the world. One particular correspondent, a young woman named Dorte, seemed enraptured by his writing and professed her deep admiration for his intellectual gifts. Philip revealed that Dorte, whose father had been in the military, seemed very conversant about the New World Order, and apparently also possessed knowledge about various esoteric subjects.


Dorte just happened to live nearby and insisted that they meet. Reluctantly, Philip agreed to a meeting and was swept off his feet by her charm and beauty.

But all was not well with Dorte. She was married to a man who, she claimed, was cold, manipulative and mentally abusive. She had two children by him, but Dorte stated emphatically that there was no love in their relationship and that she only continued appearances for the sake of their children.

Professing adoring admiration of Philip's intellect and his inquiry into the hidden mysteries behind Denmark and the machinations of the hidden hand of the Illuminati, Philip felt he had finally met someone who not only wanted him as a man but who also respected his intellectual pursuits. Defying convention and morality, he introduced his new female "friend" to his wife, and within a week or two, Dorte had moved in and Philip's wife had moved out of their home, as she refused to play second fiddle to his Philip's new amorata.

It was at this point that things began to turn in an unusual direction. Philip then explained that Dorte had proclaimed that she was going to minister to his health and that she had extensive, arcane knowledge of medicinal herbs and compounds. According to Philip, Dorte then transformed their bathroom into a semi-laboratory, where she "lived" for hours on end, compounding concoctions for Philip to ingest for his "health."

Dorte also introduced Philip as her "new lover " to her husband at Philip's residence. Her husband seemed indifferent to the entire affair and accepted the new arrangement without so much as a whimper of protest. According to Philip, Dorte's husband kept a cool detached distance from the two "lovebirds."

Dorte's husband was a high-ranking NATO officer, but dour and physically diminutive. Philip once wrote very colorfully about this man's physical presence, describing him as someone that "...I could walk right through if I chose to do so...."

Yet looking back upon his time with Dorte as he began to succumb to the ravages of his poisoning, Philip realized that Dorte had gradually assumed control of his entire life and lifestyle. Initially, she had played the helpless heroine in distress, and Philip had responded as the proverbial "White Knight" in full rescue mode, with consequences that were soon to prove fatal.

Dorte quickly assumed the direction of Philip's life and domicile. First, she manipulated herself into his home and replaced his wife. Then she began daily administration of the "vitamins, herbs and potions" which she kept in their bathroom for most of the day, insisting Philip down every last one of her concoctions to the dregs. She gradually separated Philip from all of his other male and female friends, because she either did not "approve" of them or she just didn't like them. She also made Philip give away his two beloved dogs because she reputedly had an aversion to them.

The final blow was Dorte's insistence that Philip mortgage the debt-free home he had owned, placing him in both financial and psychological debt, and insisted they use these new funds for "entertainment." Dorte had effectively isolated Philip from his entire social support network and undermined his financial stability. Philip confided, after the fact, that he felt that all these things were done to psychologically, socially, emotionally and financially isolate him.


Things went along in this fashion for another month or so until the day Dorte's husband arrived, unannounced, with a special videotape. Philip described how Dorte's husband had insisted that Dorte watch the video at Philip's house in his presence.

As she did, something extraordinary happened. According to Philip, Dorte's loving, supportive emotional nature seemed to rapidly transition into a cold, robotic figure who announced to Philip, at the end of viewing the video, (which on the surface was nothing more than an innocuous movie), that she had decided she had made a serious error in judgment, and that she was now going to return to her home with her husband and children that very afternoon.

Thunderstruck and speechless, his world crumbling around him, Philip could only watch as Dorte gathered her entire supply of herbs, potions, and paraphernalia from their bathroom, coldly assembled her clothes and personal effects and calmly walked out of the door and out of Philip's life.

Philip was now devastated, isolated and alone.

jones-occult.jpg(This article can be found here.)

Philip speculated that Dorte had preyed upon her knowledge that he was an orphan who had strong abandonment issues, and now she had disappeared from his life just as quickly as she had entered - leaving Philip weakened, emotionally dependent and financially drained.

Philip wrote that he had come to the conclusion that this "pair" were Illuminati agents; that Dorte's NATO officer-husband was also her "handler", and that she had probably been raised in a mind-controlled environment, possibly from childhood. It now became clear to Philip that many of the details of Dorte's behavior patterns had been classic mind-control responses.

Somehow, Philip managed to persuade his wife to return to him, and he gamely tried to re-build the life that he had turned his back upon only months before. 

A few months after Dorte's departure from his life, Philip and his wife were at a local restaurant when he became violently ill. Local doctors could find nothing wrong with him, nor could the local hospital, but Philip could not retain any food in his system, while his body was wracked with fits of vomiting and spasms of diarrhea. His health rapidly declined from that day forward.

It was during this precarious position that Philip finally began to objectively analyze what had transpired over the past few months. With the clarity of hindsight, Philip realized that he had been set up and ensnared in the classic "honey trap", except modern technology had added the wrinkle of a mind-controlled femme fatale into the mix. 

Philip concluded that he had not been poisoned at the restaurant, but that the vitamins he had been given by Dorte had been the real causal agent of his illness, whose effects only became apparent after she had left his life.

Philip did not realize that he had been the target of an Illuminati hit until it was too late. Like an abductee kidnapped by a flying saucer, the victim is utterly incredulous that such a thing could happen to them - until they look back and realize that it actually did happen. He concluded that this was the Illuminati's revenge upon the writer who had revealed their manipulation of Danish society so that the rest of the world might recognize the telltale signs of their influence.

Despite going to the best hospitals in Denmark, in a matter of only 3 more weeks, Philip was dead. His passing profoundly affected me, yet I take comfort in the fact that he was able to finish his major work, "The Nexus of Evil", before he died.

Should anyone dismiss all of these events as nothing more than eerie coincidence, let me add that my final Emails to Philip were somehow translated into Greek (literally) on his end, and all my emails from Philip (and only my emails from Philip) were somehow erased from my Email server after his death. Fortunately, I had taken the precaution to copy and preserve Philip's emails in separate files, which is the only reason I have anything left of our correspondence.

All writing proceeds from the dissatisfaction of remaining quiet. In my particular case, I will never forget the warm friendship and encouragement of Philip John Jones, an exceptional human being whose loss has diminished our planet in more ways than I can count.

Philip John Jones passed away at Odense University Hospital on 24 November 2009. His writing, analysis, and research will stand as a beacon, shining a light upon the darkness where the serpents - and the Illuminati - still dwell, from this day until their final extermination.


 copyright 2016 LCVincent, all rights reserved

Jones- Report from Danish Gender Gulag

--------------Brave New Denmark 

------------ His Magnum Opus - Origin of Evil   (See other works on right column) 

Lark in Texas: "Philip Jones was an early participant at Niki Raapana's blog at about the same time I first discovered it in 2004. We emailed each other a few times shortly before he got sick and shared our observations about what was going on in the world. Philip Jones knew too much, unfortunately, and was probably murdered for it. RIP"

The Angry Cheese, if I remember correctly, was one of his friends.

First Comment from G:

 Can only say I loved and appreciated him.  He was so ahead of his time that one had to stretch just to barely keep up.  He opened door upon door, and with such a generosity of spirit, you hardly knew he was working as hard as he was.  Talk about in-depth.  The research, combined with the connecting of the dots was beyond anything I had experienced at the time, and with all the world proclaiming Denmark as one of the major hallmarks of a modern, peaceful society, Philip was inviting us to look behind the curtain, to look at the mutations, what was slipping away, what was taking its place:  the sterile efficiency of an utterly programmed and controlled people.  Yes, we know in Denmark, as in all other locations, there are those who see the tampering and rise to fight, but just like here, in the good ole' USA, many have succumbed to a soul-sickness of defeat, all brought about without their knowing.  I honor Philip Jones.  He put us on our perch and saved many from deeper entrapment, and he did all this in the most matter-of-fact way, one hardly expected he was a genius.

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

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Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at

Comments for " Philip Jones - Poisoned by the Illuminati 12 Years Ago"

g said (November 26, 2021):

Thanks Henry, for again remembering Philip. Ya know, if you remove the femme fatale aspect from the equation, Philip stands alone for what he showed early on regarding European demise. He saw dying cultures and severely programmed people going along with Big Brother's dictates, and he saw it and wrote about it before we even knew Communism was on the look out for all free societies. He was so ahead of the game and he gave his research all the time needed to bring in great detail. I hardly remember all he wrote about, but I remember Philip: humble, trusting, and oh so smart. It likely was that "trusting" quality that brought him down, but not before he left a major contribution to the freedom of humanity.

G said (November 24, 2019):

That's my comment there under "G" and it still holds up after all these years. To JG, below, I'd say, just 'cause he "was played like a cheap fiddle by some whack job chick," does not mean he did not deliver a body of work that helped open the door to the social engineering that
was being put upon us, attempting to strip us of our humanness. He was one of the first on the scene, diligently researching and reporting. Let that not get lost in the shuffle of what happened to him. Philip was a real man who gave his all.

JG said (November 24, 2019):

Sorry, Henry but to put it bluntly, your boy Phil Jones was played like a cheap fiddle by some whack job chick.

Unfortunately, this is not the first time a good man has been taken down by a two-timing woman. You would think with the highly observant intellect he would have known better. But, sometimes the power of the flesh passions get the best of us.

I don't think this was an NWO "hit" at all. This sounds like a big mess gone bad. Both parties were married and both parties betrayed their spouses. How could this have had a good ending?

JJ said (November 24, 2019):

Any fight or resistance against the Illuminati needs to be done with the protection of Jesus Christ and full-blown obedience or adherence to God's word. Satan will take down anyone he wants. We are not a match for him.

A righteous man would, of course, have told this lying woman to get lost and never listened to her story.

The boring movie she was made to see was full of triggers that brought back enough alters and memories that she snapped out of her infatuation.

Ken Adachi said (November 24, 2016):

I've yet to read his material, so I don't know how significant his writing was, but he should have shown more intelligence and realized that anyone who puts up a web site or a blog that hits home runs is going to be targeted for infiltration. Sending in admiring women via emails or phone messages is the oldest sucker punch in the book. After you reply back a few times, they would "love" to meet you in person and see you directly so they can express their flirtatious admiration for all you do. Of course, they just happen to live in the same area as you or they plan on visiting their sister who lives 30 minutes away. From the first motel visit, it doesn't take long to move in with you, even if that includes moving in with you and your wife! [I'm sorry, but the guy was a fool and opened the door to his early demise]

You might be interested to know the Homeland Security, and not the CIA, is usually assigned these infiltration operations. If you're going to do this work, you have to have an iron clad rule and never violate it - not once: NEVER meet anybody in person who contacts you via email or telephone, no matter how hot their material is or how much jeopardy that person claims to be in and simply can't make it without your help. You may not live that long to come to regret it.

Have cryptos sidelined gold for ever? Chris Pirnak doesn't think so.

November 25, 2021

Bitcoin-vs-Gold.pngHave cryptos sidelined gold for ever?
Chris Pirnak doesn't think so.

by Chris Pirnak

For those who have followed my recommendations and have done well, I stated that we buy gold for certain reasons. The reasons why I recommend gold have little to do with what the gold shills promote. We are to buy gold as personal catastrophe insurance against calamities in our personal lives, such as lawsuits, catastrophic medical costs, or acrimonious divorces.

We are not to buy gold because of monetary printing and social largesse. There are other classes of assets out there that are more effective hedges against Central Bank policy than gold, or even cryptos. Most income-generating assets make for a more predictable inflationary protection hedge as the income generated typically rises with the rate of price AND monetary inflation. Because the income generated tends to rise with inflation, so does the value of the underlying income-generating asset.

While gold looks like it's down and out versus other types of assets, I think this will prove temporary in many regards. Certainly, gold looks tenuous as the central banks around the world begin tightening. As interest rates rise, gold and cryptos are going to have a tougher time. They'll have a more tougher time than even stocks and real estate.

There's some good news for the longsuffering gold bulls. I don't think cryptos have replaced gold for good, but if we recall the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, we know there is a concerted effort by the synagogue of Satan to acquire the entire supply of the world's gold. What better way than to get everybody chasing a bunch of electronic digits on the screen?

Has gold been replaced for good? Absolutely not. There will come a time in the future when these elites will pull out most of the world's supply of gold, and we will marvel at how "godly" they are.

There is a silver lining for low gold and silver prices. You are afforded more of an opportunity to buy more gold than if were operating in a free market. Gold will always be good, and these low prices afford the accumulator the opportunity to buy much more gold than if prices were $3,500 to $7,000, which I think is gold's true monetary value.
BTW I own a little crypto. I own mostly btc. With btc, I can gain exposure to crypto and not have to spend any time analyzing this unique sector. I have always theorized on my blog that Bitcoin was burped up from dark intelligence as nobody seems to know it's origins. This was my primary reason for being a long-term bull on bitcoin.

Anecdote about Hollywood Depravity

October 28, 2021

harvey-ophrah.jpgAn anecdote about Hollywood Depravity

My eldest daughter moved to LA in the summer of 2016 after graduating from college. Moved out there with the education, desire and abilities to get into the entertainment industry with the end goal being to get movie acting roles.

She managed to land a few minor parts, but met quite a number of famous people like Jamie Foxx, Oprah, Leonardo deCaprio, and a few others. She also networked and became friends with several other aspiring actors and actresses to find out about auditions and opportunities. Some of her friends landed significant roles and spent time on and off set with several A-lister actors and actresses.

Sometime in early 2019, we were talking on the phone and she said she had some bizarre stuff she wanted to share with me. I said let's hear it, and she went on to explain to me about Adrenochrome (no one had heard of it in 2019), what it was, how it was obtained, who was using it and why.

She also told me that so many of the A listers were into child porn, child sex, torture, etc. She broke down and cried as she described it.

She also said that Oprah's magazine was going to shut down, Ellen's show was going to get canceled, and Tom Hanks was going to disappear because these people and many others were eyeball deep in this sickness. Just like clockwork, in the next 6 months, Oprah's mag and Ellen's show shut down, Hanks moved to Greece and some of the other things came to pass as well regarding how the child trafficking world was going to get exposed.

She said she was not going to be able to live out there and strive to work in such a dark sick industry. I'm happy to report that after a Covid-delayed timetable, I helped her move back to the Midwest in January 2021. This sick crap is real, folks.

This website is fake news but this father's comment rings true.

"Are Biden's handlers deliberately trying to provoke violent resistance? Or do they fear it?" (2 replies)

October 17, 2021

"Are Biden's handlers deliberately trying to provoke violent resistance? Or do they fear it?"

NH replied-

Yes, Biden's handlers are deliberately trying to provoke violent resistance, and no - they don't fear it.

Anyone who thinks TPTB fear anything we, the mere "Goyim", do is badly mistaken. Everything is governed by force (violence) and they are the master's of that.

In other words, our central banks, governments, institutions, families and us, individually, are all held at "gun-point".

They are simply instituting temporary chaos, out of which will they will phoenix-like "raise" their new CCP-like management style that they have already decided on.

They want massive civil unrest & violence, banks closed and ATM's down, power-out, internet down, crops failed, infrastructure hacked, transportation collapsed, stock market and economy crashed, massive food shortages, population "die-off" and so on.

They call it "Helter Skelter" and even plan to release dangerous prisoners to make it more fun for them.

Dark Winter - this winter and for the following 4 years until they get what they want (and they want absolutely everything this time).

Martial law (already in effect), internment camps and chipped / vaccinated slave populations are what's in store.

(((They))) have decided to rule as Jewish pharaohs over a radically reduced and disarmed population, not realizing that that will be even more boring for them than owning almost everything indirectly, as they already do.

Somebody said: "The Jews are our misfortune" - which definitely was the understatement of all time.

G wrote-

Am I saying what you already know?  That is that Biden's handlers are the same as Trump's handlers even though they are given different pieces of theater to act out. 

The tippy-top handlers implementing The Protocols/Yinon Plan/Noahide Laws certainly are calling us out.

They want us to reveal ourselves as to who is a resister/fighter. Yes, they fear us, so in drawing us out, they see an easy "Identify and kill" opportunity. 

They are so very desperate.  If only real spiritual truth could somehow overtake them where they admit their evil wrongs and then crawl away into oblivion, leaving the good people of the world to clean things up and once again get life up and running. 

But it doesn't look like they'll do that.  Fight ahead, for liberty.  Slavery is not an option, nor is agreeing to be murdered. Love, honor, and courage bless us all.