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Best Pic "Chicago" Celebrated Jewish Duplicity

July 17, 2018

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"Don't shoot, I am alone," a husband pleads after his wife catches him in bed with two naked women in the movie Chicago. "Believe what I tell you, not what you see," 

Jewish Cabalism is based on the premise that truth is defined by their self-interest. There is no objective truth. They are God. Increasingly, our world reflects this Cabalist Jewish solipsism. The truth is classified as "Russian meddling" and "fake news." The Masonic Jewish media was totally discredited during the election campaign. But instead of reforming, they're doubling down. 

Cabalism is Satanism and Satanism inverts truth and falsehood (as well as good and evil.) The 2002 Best Picture Chicago was a Jewish inside joke where they celebrated their own chutzpah, chicanery and the dimwitted goyim. 

from Dec 5, 2016

By Henry Makow Ph.D.

"Don't shoot, I am alone," a husband pleads with his wife after she catches him in bed with two naked women.

"But I can see two women," she objects.

"Don't believe what you see," he instructs her. "Believe what I tell you."

The wife shoots her husband in this scene from the 2002 movie musical "Chicago". But the show is dedicated to the cynical premise that the public is not so astute.

"Chicago" was written by the author of "Cabaret", Fred Ebb. Where the mantra of "Cabaret" is "money makes the world go round," the sequel proclaims power turns on deception, connections and media control.

It is significant that when half of Americans suspect Zionists of doing 9-11, a movie that celebrates Jewish duplicity received 13 Oscar nominations, more than any other movie, and won "Best Picture."

"Chicago" epitomizes the bogus Cabalist religion of secular humanism (Satanism) that morality and truth are man-made and relative, rather than Divine and absolute. This is the cause of our cultural and moral malaise.

It raises questions about the relationship of organized Jewry to the elite, and Jews to their own religion. According to Irving Kristol, Jews in America "proudly identify themselves as Jews but their religion, for the most part, is only Jewish in its externals. At the core, it is secular humanist." (The Future of American Jewry)


"Chicago" is set on Death Row in Chicago's Women's Jail, where women who killed cheating husbands brazenly proclaim, "He had it coming."

"Roxie Hart," wife of Amos, murdered her lover because he promised to advance her singing career but dumped her instead.


"Irish" lawyer Billy Flynn is the only person who can save Roxie's neck. He has never lost a case. Luckily, Flynn is money-minded and accepts a reduced fee from Roxie's devoted cuckold husband. Richard Gere, aged for this role and actually made to look Jewish, plays Flynn. By calling him"Irish" the play's creators pass off Jewish experience as American experience.

Flynn's practice is to invent a crowd-pleasing story about his client, and create media hysteria. There is an eerie scene where Flynn is a giant puppeteer controlling dozens of puppet-reporters. Another evocative scene shows him as a ventriloquist voicing Roxie Hart's words. (Imagine Obama on his lap.) Finally, there are the winks and Masonic hand signals he gives the judge suggesting corruption.

Flynn tells Roxie: "You got nothing to worry about. It's all a circus, kid. A three-ring circus. This trial, the whole world all show business. But kid you're working with a star, the biggest!

Give 'em the old razzle dazzle...
What if your hinges are all a rusting?
What if, in fact, you're just disgusting?
Razzle dazzle 'em.
And they'll never catch wise!
How can they hear the truth above the roar?
Throw 'em a fake and a finagle
They'll never know you're just a bagel...
They let ya get away with murder..."

To drive home the point, another inmate, a devout Hungarian Catholic woman does not have the money or the "smarts" to hire Billy Flynn. We see her praying to Jesus Christ but Jesus does not help her. She goes to the gallows. We see her swing. We see them take her coffin away. The Christian is a loser.

 The Jury is out. The newspapers have printed two batches with headlines GUILTY and INNOCENT. The audience knows Roxie is guilty. She killed a man with a wife and five small children just because he had her without paying the price.

If Hollywood were doing what it should, Roxie would be found guilty. The world would be portrayed as a place where Billy Flynn's chicanery does not prevail, where you can't "get away with murder."

But Roxie is found innocent, of course. In Cabalism, this is the way the world works. Anything else would be preachy. But, isn't this preaching too? Doesn't the religion create the world we live in? This movie preaches that moral corruption (Satanism) is trendy, fun and sexy.


Roxie Hart and her partner, Velma Kelly, another of Flynn's satisfied clients, take to the stage. "Thank you for your belief in our innocence," they say in the Finale. "You know, a lot of people have lost faith in America. And for what America stands for. But we are the living examples of what a wonderful country this is."

Brazen, n'est ce pas? It's as if, in their view, corruption and exploitation is what America is great for. 

It's both logical and frightening that the mass media is controlled by people who believe in creating a false and perverted reality. 

Is the world "a three-ring circus" because the Jewish God is Lucifer?


Brendon O'Connell on Star Trek- The Last Jedi 

Politically Correct Movie Making | Star Wars: The Last Jedi - the most divisive film ever? - BBC News 

Reading the fan reviews on Rotten Tomatoes, other gripes stand out.

"It's corny, stupid and politically correct," wrote one.

"So caught up in being diverse and political, it forgets to tell a coherent and compelling story," wrote another.

Empire's Helen O'Hara explains: "There were many more characters in this installment that weren't white men, and that has been a shift that some fans have found unconsciously upsetting or alienating. They've felt excluded by that.

"And some men have openly complained that there are too many girls running around the Star Wars universe, which I personally think is crazy."

I wonder when the "sociology social programmers" will realize they are fighting a billion-year-old archetypal human instinct pattern which made "the hero's journey" in the original Star Wars so compelling and attractive - knight rescues the fair maiden from the dragon. What is it now Henry - incompetent knight has a nervous breakdown, fair maiden ropes down castle wall and carries him to safety?

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Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at

Comments for "Best Pic "Chicago" Celebrated Jewish Duplicity"

WILLIAM B said (July 18, 2018):

We’re an empire now, and when we act, we create our own reality. And while you’re studying that reality – judiciously, as you will – we’ll act again, creating other new realities, which you can study too, and that’s how things will sort out. We’re history’s actors . . . and you, all of you, will be left to just study what we do.” (Ron Suskind, NYTimes Magazine, Oct. 17, 2004). Said by Karl Rove.

David S said (July 18, 2018):

Nice article: "Chicago."

Re: "We see her praying to Jesus Christ but Jesus does not help her. " (Maybe he did...)

I wonder if the powers that be (e.g., the Israeli 8200 program) leave you alone because in the world of cyberwarfare and control, your email activity acts as a honeypot in identifying people with certain opinions.

I am too old to care. I was a philosemite (e.g., I was an ardent ROFTER) that became a little red-pilled, that's all. I simply gave up my naivete--mainly because of the animosity that workplace Jews had for me--much to my shock.

I have no hatred of Jews. They need their ethnostate and so do Europeans--and so does everyone else, actually. If some really want to persecute me in the future for this reason (and I do not know that that is the case)--so be it. More Heaven for me. I have enough on my plate learning how to deal with the "persecution" for being a government whistleblower.

JJ said (December 6, 2016):

Even though I've never seen it, and don't plan to, everything is spot on, but I do take exception to this:
The God of the Old Testament is capricious, xenophobic and often barbaric. He demands human sacrifices and promises to slaughter Israel's enemies. He is sometimes mystical and good but often mysterious and unknowable.

That's what I used to think as a "baby Christian," early in my walk, but after growing in faith and the reading of God's word, especially the OT, the narrative becomes more clear. There are two forces at work, and God wants us to search and know Him above all; he grew tired of sacrifices early on. Satan created entire races of people that had to be destroyed. His own people turned against Him. His New Covenant seems a given, but it's a fulfillment of the old. Same God, always.

OK, but on the topic of the Hollywood narrative, another series from HBO summed it up so well that I had to stop watching it in the 3rd or 4th season, "Boardwalk Empire." The villain is a white male Christian fed who murders a Jew fed by drowning him while baptizing in the river while a black congregation watches. They later identify him as the culprit. The bootleggers and corrupt politicians are the good guys, except for one who is seen reading a copy of "The International Jew" Henry Ford magazine (played by Dabney Coleman).

I really liked some aspects of the show, but there's only so much I could take.

Below- Reclaiming Male Power (scroll down)

Book Reopens Question of Jewish-Nazis Collaboration

Poland's Holocaust Law. which bans blaming Poland for the Jewish halocaust, raises the question of Jewish culpability. 

In a review of a book, From Ghetto to Deathcamp
below, by a Jewish Ghetto policeman, Jan Pekzkis shows that Jews may face more guilt
than Poles, many of whom actually protected Jews. 

In his book, Holocaust Victims Accuse, Rabbi Shonfeld called the Zionists "war criminals" who usurped the leadership of the Jewish people, betrayed their trust, and after their annihilation, reaped the moral capital.  The more Jews died, the stronger the moral case for Israel.

In the 1960's the Jewish philosopher, Hannah Arendt was slandered and ostracized when she concluded from Hilberg that "almost without exception" the Jewish leadership cooperated with the Nazis.

by Jan Pekzkis

We hear a lot nowadays of "Polish complicity in the Holocaust" and so, in the same spirit, we must fairly inquire about "Jewish complicity in the Holocaust". I analyze this book in the broader context of the implications of collaboration with the Germans (Nazis). In doing so, I try to avoid the usual double standard, wherein a Pole who in some way assisted the Nazis in persecuting the Jews is reckoned a collaborator, but a Jew who in some way assisted the Nazis in persecuting the Jews is not reckoned a collaborator.

Collaboration is usually defined as willfully performing deeds in service of the enemy, at the expense of one's countrymen, in exchange for favors from the enemy, for one's personal benefit. Nowadays, Jewish collaboration is arbitrarily and sweepingly defined-away by means of the mystification of the Holocaust and especially the "All Jews were victims of the Nazis" meme. 

And, although Chari does not consider himself a collaborator, others certainly did. Thus, Jewish ghetto policemen were widely resented, by other Jews, during and after the war. (p. 68). Upon arriving at Auschwitz, Chari wisely did not wear his police uniform, because the Jewish inmates commonly killed arriving Jewish ghetto policemen on the spot. (p. 84). Chari also expressed concern that the liberating Soviets would send him to Siberia as a Nazi collaborator. (p. 77).

I first consider the meme of "choiceless choices"--a common but very overgeneralized line of exculpation for Jews who served the Nazis. From there, I examine less clear-cut situations--ones involving long-term survival under a brutal enemy.


Anatol Chari writes, "I was a policeman from autumn, 1942, when the SONDERKOMMANDO force was enlarged, until late summer, 1944, when the Lodz ghetto was liquidated...Wearing the uniform gave you a sense of authority and prestige. In a ghetto filled with nobodies, you were a somebody. We walked into stores that were off-limits to the general population. We received special ration cards, which meant larger rations, better quality food, and no standing in a long line at the general distribution store. My grandparents and I would get enough to eat. Sonders [SONDERKOMMANDO] didn't have to worry about being deported--at least not at first--and we didn't have to perform difficult physical labor. We were the food police, with lots of opportunities to organize extra food. This wasn't a dog guarding the apples. This was a dog guarding the meat!" (p. 46).


It is commonly, but erroneously, supposed that the Jewish ghetto policeman obeyed the Germans, in loading and dispatching his fellow Jews to the death camps, out of a desperate attempt to avoid his own death in being sent there himself. The facts are otherwise.

Anatol Chari, the Jewish ghetto policeman, implicates himself in the roundup and loading of Jews onto the trains. (e. g, p. 73). However, in doing so, he could not possibly have been trying to save his own life, for the simple reason that he did not realize--at least not fully--that boarding the train was usually synonymous with death! He thus candidly admits that "We didn't know where the transports went, we didn't know about the gas vans and gas chambers, so a person could pretend it was just a new work assignment." (p. 73).

To be sure, there were indirect clues, such as the initially-exclusive shipment of the young, old, and infirm (inconsistent with labor requirements at the destination); the arrival of bullet-ridden clothing; and (later, in 1944), notes in the returning empty trains with "We are at Auschwitz. It's not good." (p. 73, 76). 

However, by Chari's own admission (p. 73), the Jews were usually in denial in the face of these clues. (p. 73). In addition, according to Chari, "Most people in Lodz had never even heard of it, so 'Auschwitz' meant nothing to us." (p. 76). Consequently, the Jews, of the Lodz ghetto at least, had at most a vague concept of their impending collective annihilation. Clearly, their collaborative acts with the Germans could not have been motivated by a desperation in the face of an annihilation that they did not believe in.


At no time did Chari face immediate death if he failed to perform a collaborative act, but the performance of such acts increased his likelihood of survival in the long-term sense. However, the reader must realize that this is true of collaborators in general: Other factors being equal, performing deeds in service to the enemy generally increases one's chances of surviving the enemy occupation!

Anatol Chari thus accounts for his conduct in serving the Germans as a Jewish ghetto policeman, "I'm not claiming to be innocent of selfish behavior. But everyone was trying to survive as best they could under conditions not meant for survival. I'll say again if you only ate the standard allotment of food, you weren't going to live. If you did live, if you made it through the ghetto, and through the camps after the ghetto, if you came out alive, then you couldn't have been among the worst off in the ghetto. If you really had it bad, you're not here to tell about it." (p. 68).

Thus, Chari did not face immediate death from hunger, but the acquisition of sufficient food for survival was a long-term problem. However, Poles also did not get enough food allotments on which to live long-term! They functioned under near-starvation conditions under the brutal German occupation and were forced to resort to black market activity in order to acquire sufficient food to remain alive. Not surprisingly, some also turned to collaboration.

If Chari can validly adopt a "get sufficient food no matter what" mindset, then so can the much-condemned Pole who betrayed a fugitive Jew in exchange for a bag of sugar from the Germans. Or the Pole who got some the fugitive Jew's belongings in return for denouncing him to the Germans. The booty would be used by the Pole to barter on the black market for sufficient food in order to help survive long-term. [Jewish-denouncing Polish acts, featured above, were very much distorted in the media-acclaimed writings of neo-Stalinist authors such as Jan T. Gross and Jan Grabowski vel Abrahamer, as manifestations of (what else?) Polish anti-Semitism. They were not.]

Both the Jewish and Polish German-serving acts involved win-lose situations in which the collaborator sought to win at the expense of some Jew. Thus, Chari's appropriation of more than his share of food diminished the survivorship of other Jews, because it meant that there was less food available to them. This is no less true than the Pole, who denounced a Jew in order to directly or indirectly get more food for himself, thereby diminishing the survivorship of the Jews he denounced.


The author describes the Lodz Ghetto about 1942, "The Germans treated Gypsies worse than they treated the Jews." (p. 42).

Now consider the year 1944, in Auschwitz, after liquidation of the Lodz Ghetto. "Jews, with their red and yellow Star of David, were at the bottom the pecking order. Only Gypsies were lower." (p. 86).


Consider the situation at Ahlem, located near Hildesheim, and in the area of Bergen Belsen. "Third, we had the night shift and weren't closely supervised. The Germans thought that non-Jewish prisoners--Poles, Ukrainers [Ukrainians], Russians--were more likely to escape, so only Jews worked at night." (p. 133).

For other examples of Poles deliberately being guarded, by the Germans, more strongly than Jews, see Harvest of Hate.


As the Third Reich was collapsing in 1945, the Germans killed Jewish inmates in some locations, while at other locations they did not. In addition, the Germans often killed non-Jewish inmates. Thus, the authors write, "In 2009, quite by accident, Tony learned of a victims memorial in Radogoszcz, a suburb of Lodz, where a Gestapo prison once stood. In January, 1945, the day before Soviet troops arrived, the Germans set fire to the prison, killing hundreds of Polish prisoners." (p. 185).



(Click on, and read my reviews of):

Ordinary Jews: Choice and Survival during the Holocaust 

Israel's Holocaust and the Politics of Nationhood (Cambridge Middle East Studies)

A Narrow Bridge to Life: Jewish Slave Labor and Survival in the Gross-Rosen Camp System, 1940-1945

International Humanitarian Law and International Human Rights Law (The Collected Courses of the Academy of European Law)

The Holocaust in Israeli Public Debate in the 1950s: Ideology and Memory

A Surplus of Memory : Chronicle of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising(Hardback) - 1993 Edition

Gates of Tears: The Holocaust in the Lublin District

Kasztners Crime (Jewish Studies)

The Portable Hannah Arendt (Penguin Classics)

See also:

Jewish Honor Courts: Revenge, Retribution, and Reconciliation in Europe and Israel after the Holocaust

How to Accept German Reparations (Pennsylvania Studies in Human Rights)

Eichmann in Jerusalem : A Report on the Banality of Evil (Revised and Enlarged)

To see my reviews of works on the Lodz Ghetto and other ghettos in German-occupied Poland, see:

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Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at

Below- Bohemian Grove: Illuminati Meet This Week for Satanic Rituals (Scroll Down)

Reclaiming Male Power

July 16, 2018


The gesture of a man opening a door for a woman affirms both his masculinity and her femininity. 

Women used to align their interests with those of men and society. But humanity has been colonized by a satanic cult, the Illuminati. Cabalist Jewish bankers and their Masonic flunkies (Communists, Satanists) convinced many women that serving the people they love, their families, is "oppressive." They need to be "independent" instead.  As result, millions of women are deprived of their natural biological and social role

Heterosexuality is based on power. Men must ignore "toxic masculinity" and #MeToo propaganda by reasserting their power.  A man must enlist (not petition) the right woman, his future wife, to realize his vision for life. A woman must surrender to the right man, her future husband. This is how women love.

"Men represent the active principle; women the passive. We have the power and if we don't use it constructively, we will continue to fail women."

Men should focus on women who "look up" to them. If you're looking for your "equal," you're probably still looking for yourself. 

Reclaiming Male Power in the Viagra Age

(slightly revised from Oct 24, 2001)

by Henry Makow Ph.D.

You've heard of the "Stone Age," the "Iron Age" and the "Information Age." This is the "Viagra Age" -- the era of male impotence. Television commercials say 1/3 of all men suffer from "erectile deficiency" attributed to high blood pressure, prostate cancer, or diabetes.

I suspect that often the real culprit is feminism. Women should empower men but for a long time, they've been doing the opposite. Instead of taking the Viagra pill, men need to reclaim their masculine power.


In the workplace, a man can accept leadership from a competent woman. But in the intimate sphere, a man who takes orders from a woman is not a man, and usually can't perform like one. He sees his mother and feels like a child again.

Power is synonymous with masculine identity. Impotent literally means "powerless." We would never say a woman is "impotent." Rather, she is "infertile" or "frigid" reflecting her passive or receptive role.

A man cannot love if he does not have power. He exercises his power on behalf of his wife and family. Women take away male power and wonder why they aren't loved.


I felt liberated after I finally understood the power dynamic. I decided to look abroad for a traditional woman. After a misstep in the Philippines (described in my book A Long Way to Go for a Date), I married an educated, intelligent Mexican woman from a secular Jewish background similar to my own. For the first time in my life, I have found contentment and so has she. We have an almost frictionless relationship.

She tells me what she's thinking but she never tells me what to do. She avoids the 4 C's: She does not complain, criticize, control and compete. In the past, women constantly blackmailed me by childish scenes or passive-aggressive tactics. I found myself cringing in expectation of this. It doesn't happen.

The division of labor reflects our preferences. I do all the shopping and cooking. She mows the lawn. 


The gesture of a man opening a door for a woman illustrates how men and women should relate. We all know a woman can open a door herself. But when a man does it, he is affirming her femininity, beauty or charm. When she accepts this gesture, she is validating his masculine power. This trade, woman surrendering her power in exchange for man's love, is the essence of heterosexuality. In order to develop emotionally, men and women need this mutual validation as much as sex itself. Exclusive sex is an expression of it.

Under the toxic influence of feminism, women open their own doors. Neither sex's identity is validated, neither matures emotionally. Men feel redundant and impotent; women feel rejected and unsexed.



The following are some practical tips to help men restore their power.

  • The best way to select a woman is to make a reasonable request. If she clicks her heels, salutes and says, "Oui, mon Capitain," she's eligible. (I'm exaggerating.) On a summer day, before I remarried, I met a young woman who was rollerblading. I asked her to take off her sunglasses so I could see her face. She obeyed. That was a positive early sign. Courtship is the process by which a man earns a woman's trust (love) so that she will accept his leadership. Men express love in terms of benevolent power and perceive a women's love as her acceptance of his protection. A woman wants a man to make her feel secure.

  • Feminism encourages men to pursue "independent" women and reject the women they actually need. If a woman wants to be "independent," she doesn't want you. If her dating profile says "Are you man enough for me?" or "I'm high maintenance," decline the challenge. Life is too short. Marriage is not about independence. It is about two people becoming one and that only happens when a woman surrenders leadership to a man.

  • Men give their power to a woman in hopes of getting love, sex and beauty. For a while she is flattered, but ultimately she cannot respect a man she can control. Women trade power for love. When men do it, they become women.  A woman wants to be drafted not petitioned. She wants a man to have a wholesome vision of his life, in which she has an essential place. This vision need not be elaborate or complicated. It could involve a life focused on mutual values and interests, like children, music, health food, church, sports, dogs or the outdoors.

  • There is a book entitled: Why do I Think I am Nothing Without a Man (1982) The author, Dr. Penelope Russianoff, tries to help women overcome this feeling. The truth is, this feeling is grounded in reality. Self-fulfillment for a woman is when the "self" is her husband and children. Women self-sacrifice and serve; in return, they are deservedly cherished. If the "self" is her personal satisfaction and career, she is already full and filled. Her husband and children are secondary. 
  • Most women really crave their husband's intense and exclusive love. In her book, The Psychology of Women, (1944) psychiatrist Helene Deutsche said woman are masochistic-narcissistic by nature. They sacrifice (masochism) in exchange for love (narcissism.) She is his queen. He is her Knight in Shining Armour. It's Power for Love. If he does not reward her sacrifice with love, the contract is null and void.

  • A man wouldn't be attracted to so many beautiful women if he asked, "to which woman can I entrust my spirit?" His seed is the symbol of his spirit. Similarly, the sex act is very invasive for a woman. It should be reserved for love, ideally marriage. Anonymous sex and promiscuity are dehumanizing and degrading, proof that society has been invaded by a perverse occult force. (Cabalism.) 

  • We really seek intimacy. You cannot have intimacy without love and commitment. 


A man can reclaim his identity by recognizing that his power is non-negotiable. It represents his ability to love. It is the essence of his masculinity.

A man should focus on women who are receptive to him and ignore the rest. She may be behind a counter rather than an executive desk, a barista rather than a brain surgeon.

A single man should be aggressive and quickly sift without concern for rejection. Be wary of women who are from broken marriages or hate their fathers.

A man must be prepared to offer the right woman a profound relationship. She is not interested in "hooking up." She does not want to be "gamed." She is the ground on which he cultivates a family. He "husbands." Single men are so passive and juvenile today that single women are climbing the walls. We need to "man up." As my father taught me, work is the backbone of a man. He must find self-confidence in professional achievement and recognition.

Men represent the active principle; women the passive. We have the power and if we don't use it constructively, we will continue to fail women.

----------  Psychiatrist Explains how Feminism Causes Frigidity
 ---------- Wife  Must Surrender to Husband to Achieve Unity 

----------------  Having Sex is Not Making Love 

First Comment from Rich

Great article Henry and 100%... BUT... The problem is that not only is the current society and culture making this near impossible to implement correctly today, women in the West at least have now become so disgustingly corrupted, greedy, selfish and materialistic, controlling and manipulative that finding the types of women you describe is near impossible.. save for traveling to another country which expense often prohibits, Especially with prices often rising so much thanks to the illegal Federal reserve.. But I digress.

Also, the laws are now so in favor of women and against man, and women are Soo mentally unstable that even a man that makes a woman "afraid" is at risk of being thrown in jail for "terroristic threats".. Even if he does nothing more than speaking in a deep masculine voice! This all causes men to act far more reserved and feminine in an attempt to avoid scaring or upsetting the ridiculous sensitivities of women, especially if you're living together and worse if you're married.

So while what you're saying is correct in terms of how it's Supposed to Work, the Illuminati have so corrupted the dynamic between men and women, especially destroying women's perceptions and views that they no longer want a man that actually expresses love for them as they to often consider such men to be "wimps" or beta males.

Women also want men who treat them in a way they FEEL they deserve to be treated based on their chronically low view of themselves. This is why men who treat women like gold and truly do love them are regularly dumped in favor of some insensitive alpha male jerk who treats her like crap, emotionally or even verbally abuses her and acts like he doesn't give a crap about her. While women complain ad nauseam about such men, these are the types of men the great majority of women flock to, dream about, fantasize about, date, marry and have kids with. This is why most people's fathers are in facts jerks to a greater or lesser degree. Because that's who their mom was attracted to. While that doesn't mean you have to be abusive to keep a woman, you do have to adopt at least some of the traits of the alpha male to keep a woman guessing as to your intentions. If you give her the impression that you love her so much that you'll never leave her, then you're good is cooked because you've given up to much power. But if she gets the idea that you can live without her and will move on, then she'll be kept in line because it's in a woman's satan corrupted nature to constantly seek power over men. This is one of the major lures that Satan used against Eve in the garden, to tell her how to have power over Adam which is why women constantly try to manipulate men to gain power over them.

You can find this article permanently at

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at

Comments for "Reclaiming Male Power "

Chris G said (July 17, 2018):

The problem with men today is they keep pouring perfume on pigs. Yesterday I saw a great movie from 1954 - "7 Brides For 7 Brothers". It was common knowledge back then if you want a good wife she better be a virgin. A proper marriage is a blood contract with a hymen, just as circumcision is a blood contract with The Most High. Moses gave clear guidelines on finding a good wife; (Josephus Antiquities IV - 1:23 ) PICK A WOMAN WITH A "HYMEN" FROM A GOOD FAMILY WITH PARENTS THAT HAVE NEVER BEEN DIVORCED; So simple, yet how many foolish men,(me included) can ever say they've done that?! Men stop spoiling these strumpets and find real women of faith with their hymens intact!

Plus Henry you got to stop using this strange suicidal sounding word "self-sacrifice" and replace it with "compassion". The same can be said for men as well women, good people in general will show compassion. The Most High God is literally the Spirit of compassion.

Interestingly the Prophet Moses married outside his race twice with an Ethiopian(Tharbis) and a Midian(Zipporah).

JJ said (July 16, 2018):

A Muslim man once told me that he wanted to marry a virgin despite his promiscuity because women had more self-control. I reacted against that and have sought to disprove it. It has been hard and I'm still not there but one can reclaim male power without a woman (a big reality in the lives of many a man) not only by opening doors (for everyone) but by pushing the limits of our physical and mental capabilities.

In reality, men are stronger than women, can work longer hours, can handle more information, can think more logically etc. We have to have discipline though but when we exercise discipline, our testosterone levels can go up to higher levels and we can enjoy masculine sensations we never knew we had. And we have to aim at taking care of ourselves. Women are socialists by nature. Men can also be socialists out of laziness and lack of discipline.

Brendon O'Connell said (July 16, 2018):

They taught me useless algebra at school. I hated it and never used it and doubt I ever will.

I could have used your man woman lesson.

Stephen Coleman said (July 29, 2015):

You are 100% correct, Henry. The emotional causes of sexual impotence are directly related to feminism and the 4 Cs; complaining, controlling, criticizing and competing. Few men can remain potent with a woman that takes on his mother's role or a woman that insists on making her man into a woman.
Stephen Coleman

Peter said (July 28, 2015):

An excellent article upon a hidden problem that too many, men and women, want to deny exists. Women were not made equal, they were made as a helpmeet for the man. We see this in Genesis 2:18 - "And the Lord God said, It is not good that the man should be alone; I will make him an help meet for him."

We see this expounded by St. Paul when he says in I Cor. 11:7 "For a man ought not to have his head covered, since he is the image and glory of God; but the woman is the glory of man. 8 For man does not originate from woman, but woman from man; 9 for indeed man was not created for the woman's sake, but woman for the man's sake…."

Man is made in the image and likeness of God, and woman is made in the image of man for the purpose of reproduction and to care for him. To him is God's power and duty, and woman is to respect and love her husband and submit to him in all things.

St. Paul states in Ephesians 5: 23 "For the husband is the head of the wife, as Christ also is the head of the church, He Himself being the Savior of the body. 24 But as the church is subject to Christ, so also the wives ought to be to their husbands in everything."

Thus, as Henry notes a woman gains from submitting to male power, in its recognition and furtherance in their marriage and family.

Dan said (July 27, 2015):

This article takes me back. I remember applying the casual test that you explained in the roller girl incident, on an 'internet dating' date in 2003. It was in a restaurant. I merely asked "would you pass the salt please." She said, "you can reach it".

That saved me days, perhaps weeks of finding out the hard way.

Lee said (July 27, 2015):

The male-female relationship as you describe it, power/respect vs love/trust,

Is also the same dynamic of the relationship God wants to have with people - minus the sex aspect of course.

The parent child dynamic is the same thing, minus the sex aspect, again, of course. Which is why it works the same way for God as our parent and us as His children.

P said (July 27, 2015):

Henry, just want to say that God brought me the right woman; and just as you wrote, virtually frictionless; and that it IS possible to have a deep true intimate relationship that compliments one another without the power struggle.

Takes faith on her part, ( and ours), and thus far have had the most amazing relationship in my life. I hope other guys and gals can also experience this, knowing how to solve any friction amongst themselves, in love.

Tongue in Cheek?- Journalist's Call for Curfew for Men is another Example of Misandry

July 15, 2018

Tongue in Cheek?- Journalist's Call for Curfew for Men is another Example of Misandry

A female reader, GK responds 

When I saw this headline, "A Curfew For Men,"   I almost passed out.  

The author, Melinda Houston, thinks it's an awesome idea to dictate to men when and where they should be permitted to show up.  She is referencing a suggestion from a letter by one Gretel Lamont, of which my cursory search came up empty-handed.  The suggestion "... is simply to ban all men from being on the streets or on public transport after, say, 9.30pm..." 

She says that this restriction is already in place for women.  Well, that's Australia, so I can't prove it either way.  And most know how one country affects another and mind-sets ooze across continents. Also, the controllers set up test cases here and there, just to see what will fly and we become the test cases for their little experiments.

This proposal is the worst attack on the male character and male freedom that I've ever witnessed because it goes beyond accusing to actually attempting to restrict movement, to cage up, so to speak.  I feel both infuriated and heart-broken.  Heart-broken, because of all the good men in my life, from father to husband, etc.  All I see is how much they give, how hard they work, how decent they are, how important to so many areas of life.  Separatists are THE DUMBEST PEOPLE IN THE UNIVERSE, ANY UNIVERSE!!

Infuriated?  Yes!!  And selfishly so.  They want to remove from me that which completes me, compliments me, protects me, and so much more.  This is messing with Creation itself!!  The Great Balance that keeps sanity and cohesion afloat.  Now I ask, when will it stop!!? T

he author's last paragraph practically begs that this restricting of men becomes law.  To my brothers, I say, I will defend you forever, for you have defended me for millennia.  This evil aberration will be eviscerated.

The nitty-gritty on Fed shenanigans

July 8, 2018

The nitty-gritty on Fed shenanigans during and after the credit crunch

by Amazon reader

 Nomi Prins doesn't sensationalize or create fear porn. This entire volume is written very practically. I will warn readers up front that there is a lot of banking and financial terminology and acronyms. There's a glossary to help but it may be a bit of a challenge if you are completely unfamiliar with the banking system.

Rather than offer a summary, I'm going to offer a couple of quotes directly from the book that do well presenting the overall theme:

- "By conjuring money, the Fed had begun something it couldn't stop." - p. 223

- "Nowhere in any of this did the plight of ordinary citizens meaningfully feature in the discussion." - p. 224

- "This coddling of the oppressors depicted the illogic of a situation that hurt all those involved to some degree - except the central bankers themselves. It was the central banking establishment that had no real allegiance to voters and that remained virtually untouchable." - p. 242

Basically, in 2007/2008, a fiscal crisis erupted, with the epicenter being the United States. This crisis was in part caused by the deregulation of the banking industry during the Clinton Administration, including the repeal of the Glass-Steigal act. Though many who have been following the system are aware of that, Prins gets into detail of why this is true. It lead to out of control "betting" utilizing people's deposits. This "betting" included subprime loans, derivative markets (including derivatives from toxic assets), and so on. When it all came to a head, the bankers went to governments to bail them out. And they did. And the banks made out big time but Main Street did not. And then central banks pushed money conjuring (QE) for a trickle down effect. It didn't work. Banks hoarded it and bet on more derivatives. So the central banks keep doing the same thing and have for about a decade with the same effect.

The author does a great job in presenting the elitism of the central bankers, the revolving door between banking positions and government positions, the fact that the bankers are less and less accountable to governments and that governments are more and more held hostage by those bankers. This book should be on the reading list for every college student out there, but it won't be.

Political Trigger Warning: The author does not speak highly of any American administration, whether it be Bush, Obama, or Trump. So if you are in love with any of these presidents, you will be triggered.

The greatest threat to America and American Jewish communities is Israel by Brendon O'Connell

June 29, 2018

unnamed (22).jpg

The greatest threat to America and American Jewish communities is Israel.

Gold means nothing. Its as "fiat" as paper. It's technology that matters.

by Brendon O'Connell

One of the "reserve currency's" people forget about is the US 5th and 6th Fleet. If only good American Generals of a Patton or McArthur caliber were running them.

Also, the US has the greatest technological lead on anyone on the planet - ever. The US made an all titanium super plane that cruised at 80,000+ feet at Mach 3.2 (conservative figure) with state of the art never matched turbo ramjet engines that has never been matched by today's standards (that we know of). The US innovation kings at Lockheed's Skunk Works managed that when? 1964. Fifty four years ago. 

Technology is king. He who detects first. Shoots first. At the longest range - wins. No one comes close to America. 

Everything China and the USSR have was handed to them on a platter. The USSR could not feed itself, clothe itself, nor fire a rocket into space until it was handed to them. And before people mock the US space program's rocky start, one might consider the same Communist Jews and sayanim who gave the secrets of the atom bomb to Stalin were also sabotaging the US space program. 

The greatest threat to America and American Jewish communities is Israel. A Soviet Communist Rothschild invention designed to subvert America under a Biblical cover. It was a Socialist Marxist state from day one and American Jews like Jack Bernstein exposed it many years ago. Professor Israel Shahak exposed it in the must read, "Jewish Religion Jewish History The Weight Of Three Thousand Years." Sir Douglas Reid exposed it with "Controversy Of Zion."

Now Israel has the keys to the kingdom. They brag they wrote crucial code for Windows 10. They brag they design and fabricate the latest Intel CPU's there and we know they are hardware backdoored with the Intel Management Engine add on. They brag they lead the world in cyber security. They brag they lead the world in nano technology. They brag they have teamed up with China and Russia and they brag they lead the BRICS and Belt and Road $7.2 trillion Pan Eurasian Stalinist era dream development.

Gold means nothing. Its as "fiat" as paper. Its technology. And the Soviet Communist biblical imposter Israel just removed the US high technology sector to itself and gave the finger to the US taxpayers. Just like they dumped manufacturing and heavy industry in China.

Israel, Russia and China are Rothschild City of London creations. Partners in crime. Setting up the high tech Smart Cities/Gulag system to lock away the Woken Goy and sacrifice Jews world wide who will not move to the coming Greater Israel project.

Communism was always Jewish Talmudism. Now it comes with flowers, a backdoored Israeli Arc processor and personal robot helper in a Smart Gulag. And just like the late 1930's, Jews in America especially, can either get with the program or face a rampaging US citizenry from a collapsed US economy.

Only the US military can save America. But who will it work for? When we see AIPAC and JINSA and ADL operatives arrested - Shelden Adelson and Netanyahu on the wanted list - maybe we can all breath easy. I'd be optimistic, but certainly dont hold your breath.

The world economy is not the problem - the financial system is. Its a fraud. But there is plenty to eat, drink and build with..iron ore, nickel. The financial collapse is a choice. There is an abundance of everything. Just not hope - the thing they crush first.