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Sleep - Your Body's Ultimate Wonder Drug

August 17, 2019

Mike Stone: "I was born very sickly, and as a child, I was fed a diet of cookies, candy, cornflakes, and canned food which really wrecked my health. As a result, I was forced by necessity to develop a lifelong interest in anything related to health and fitness. 

Today, with chemtrails in the air, 5G technology, GMO and processed foods, vaccines, and dozens of other attacks on our health, it's more important than ever for your readers to do everything they can to maintain their physical and mental wellbeing."

by Mike Stone 

Do you feel tired, weary, and worn out? Is your brain in a fog and your body in a funk? Has your "get-up-and-go" got up and gone? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you just might be sleep deprived. That's not good for your health or your appearance.

Before man invented the light bulb and the kerosene lamp, humans went to sleep when the sun went down and woke when the sun came up, averaging around ten hours of sleep a night. And you know what? People were much healthier then. Many of today's modern diseases did not exist. That's because sleep is your body's best medicine and the single most important ingredient to a healthy life; more important than nutrition, exercise, or any drug you can name.

Your body grows, repairs, and regenerates when you sleep. Just about any illness can be healed with enough deep, restful sleep. Throw some juicing and a healthy diet in there and you'll become virtually indestructible.
In the old days, doctors didn't prescribe drugs. They advised their patients to get more rest and often sent them to sanatoriums to recover. Thirty days of bed rest has cured more people than drugs ever will.

Would you like healthier, more vibrant skin? Try sleeping more. The more you sleep, the more collagen your skin produces. Start getting more sleep and your skin will glow with beauty and vitality. As others age, you'll be growing younger. Where do you think the expression "beauty sleep" comes from?

image7.PNGAre you looking to build muscle, lose fat, or improve your physical appearance? More sleep just might be the key to achieving your goals. Sleep is a natural alternative to steroids. As anyone who exercises knows, your muscles don't grow when you're exercising, they grow when you're resting - or more specifically - when you're sleeping. When you sleep, your body produces Growth Hormone and melatonin. Serious strength-training athletes wouldn't think about getting less than nine hours of sleep each night.

Vince Gironda, the legendary "Iron Guru", was one of bodybuilding's most successful trainers. He advised his trainees to take what he called a "muscle nap"; a short, thirty minute nap after each exercise session. His results speak for themselves.

Having trouble getting it up? Drop the viagra and take a nap. Sleep is good for your sex drive. When a man sleeps, his body produces testosterone. Cut down on your sleep and you'll be lowering your testosterone level. Add an unhealthy diet to the mix, and you'll soon be looking, talking, and acting like a leftist soyboy.

Do you have trouble falling asleep at night? One of the best solutions that I've ever found is to eliminate all noise 30 minutes before your planned bedtime. No talking, no music, no television or internet, no nothing. Just complete silence. Doing so will quiet your mind and allow you to fall asleep quickly and peacefully. If you have children, this will do wonders for helping to quiet them down and send them to bed.

It also helps to make your bedroom as pleasant as possible. Keep it spotlessly clean and free of clutter. Use cotton sheets and pillowcases. If you can afford mattresses made without synthetic chemicals, even better. If your neighbors are noisy, get yourself a $20 box fan and let it run while you sleep. The sound of the fan will drown out the distracting noise from outside.

If you're on a challenging work schedule, do the best you can. Sleep as much as possible on your off days. Eliminating useless activities from your life will free you up for more time to sleep. Do you really need to stay up late watching unfunny comedians hosting unfunny talk shows? Is Netflix or that latest piece of Hollywood trash really worth your time? Trust me, you won't be missing anything by skipping them. You can dream a better movie than anything that's being put out by Hollywood today.

Don't skimp on your sleep. Sleep deprivation is a form of torture, far more effective than water boarding or pulling out a person's fingernails, so don't deprive yourself.

Pleasant dreams.
Mike Stone is the author of A New America, the first novel of the Alt-Right, a dark comedy set on Election Day 2016 in Los Angeles - - Available on Amazon. His book, "It's OK to be White" was banned by Amazon.

First Comment from Tony B

On this subject, I agree with Mike Stone one thousand percent.  As long as I can remember my advice to people feeling sick has been to just go to bed.  Today one has to modify that to: "Don't go to a doctor, who will load you up with drugs that make you sicker, may even kill you, just go to bed."

Although most of my adult life I got between three and five hours of sleep per night (not anymore - too old), still, any time I felt unhealthy I took my own advice and just went to bed.  Always worked.  

In my youth, you only called in a doctor if you cut off an arm or some such.  Sicknesses such as flu, measles, mumps, bad colds, etc. were not considered any sort of real problem, especially among children.  You simply went to bed plus rested from chores when up, until your body got rid of the problem, never more than a few days, usually less.  

Immediately after I first learned to walk, my siblings took me walking through early spring puddles, etc.  The result, which, after getting worse, a house call doctor said was a cold, was actually double pneumonia, me by then, lying in bed.  Finally, my mother got another doctor who got it right, but finished saying I would be dead by morning.  He told Mom that she could rub me down with alcohol to bring down the fever some and make me more comfortable but I would still be dead by morning.  It took a lot of bed rest but I eventually got up and re-learned how to walk.  That was 86 years ago.

The key to this part of health today is that the first thing a doctor wants to do if you are sick is give you some drug that will stop the fever.  This is nothing short of insane or maybe genocide by ignorance.  The fever is the body curing itself.  Stopping the fever ruins the cure and the illness hangs on.  Most people today do not get over their sickness until all the drugs SOLD to them are gone.  Then the body can do its work.

Doctors and drugs NEVER CURED ANYTHING, the body heals itself.  It just has to have a chance to do that.

By the way, it turns out the "Spanish flu" which killed many in the early 1900s, was not the killer.  The killer was the flu vaccination.

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

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Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at

Comments for "Sleep - Your Body's Ultimate Wonder Drug"

Marc said (August 18, 2019):

it’s also interesting to note that our immune system repairs itself from 10-2 at night. So, timing is crucial. Not only the time we begin sleep but the amount of it as well. It’s reported the average American slept 10 hours a night in the 1800’s when physically active for work. The first hour of the workday in the Bible is 6AM!

A candle for a bit after dinner and then up at the crack of dawn was the plan. Captured electricity hasn’t done humanity much good. Praise our Lord Jesus our Creator for His wisdom and love in all this! Blessed sleep...

Below- The US Went Communist Long Ago (scroll down)

Does the Deception Go Deeper than We Think?

August 16, 2019


Cabalists believe they are God and create reality to serve their pernicious agenda. First, they must sever our mooring in the real world
by presenting patent lies as socially accepted truths. 

The author thinks Trump's inauguration marked a new chapter in the development of information warfare and psyops. The 'Illusionists' have taken their 'stories' even further than most have considered.

This article was written in response to "Jeffrey Epstein & Cognitive Dissonance"

40% of Americans say Epstein Was Murdered                        Lied to enough? 

by "Amino" 

I agree that the Epstein saga is about undermining the public's trust in government/authority and cognitive dissonance is the natural reaction most people will experience from this specific case.  It, therefore, implies intention and design by those who work in the shadows.  Busily concocting new psyop abstractions to seed tomorrow's news is their M.O. and the likes of Tavistock et al have become so adept at it that even those who have spent years sleuthing for truth are now left with multiple and equally plausible explanations for these 'events'.  

9/11 is a great example of numerous theories but no defined consensus.  With no concrete lead or solid direction of inquiry, the average researcher is left with the cerebral version of the shell game. People can only endure so much of this mental fatigue before frustration and impatience start to cloud objective thought.

With this said, I think the 'Illusionists' have taken these 'stories' even further than most have considered. Let's not forget that the 'Fake News' trope was deployed just after Trump was elected.  In fact, I think his inauguration marked a new chapter in the development of information warfare and psyops.  

Now if we consider the myriad false-flag terror attacks that have occurred since 9/11, we can infer that some of them, perhaps even most of them have been hoaxes whereby no one has actually died.  Those that come to mind are Sandyhook, Boston, Orlando, Las Vegas, Parkland, Westminster Bridge, New Zealand, etc but there are many more.  

All of these had an element of the absurd about them, poor evidence suggesting actual fatalities, numerous inconsistencies, crisis actor behavior and ALL reinforcing various agendas.  Is it feasible that these false flags can be conducted without the necessity for real casualties (and messy aftermath - both literally and legally)?  If they are rigorously planned, choreographed and staffed by military professionals/Sayanim/hardline communist types who sign NDA's?  

Are they scheduled in consultation with the authorities and the establishment media networks who bring the 'breaking news' - could this be enough to sell the illusion of authenticity?  Without a platform to compete with the mainstream media, how can any shrewd analyst propagate truth to the billions of obsequious normies who only believe what the news tells them?


Saying is believing' is the way of Kabbalah.

Now I'm aware that this could be interpreted as paranoid but is Epstein (the personality we're presented with by the MSM) even real?  Of course, he is an actual person and he clearly rubbed/rubs shoulders with the Cabalists but how can we be sure that what we're told about his (and for that matter, all the other suspects) insidious behavior and past to be true?  

(Ghislaine Maxwell in LA- How is she free?) 

Are these stories based on real events, places and victims or is it carefully constructed narrative to deploy a form of mass trauma-based mind control that leaves the recipient in an increasing state of desensitization and apathy?  If it is the former, then the number of moving parts is far greater and the logistics of maintaining control more complex.  

In my mind at least, it makes more sense that these stories are almost entirely fabricated, the individual persons involved are actors and a system of compartmentalization is established to preserve the illusion of authenticity and maintain control.

If the Establishment owns the banks, the media, the courts, the police, the army, etc. why would they permit these stories to germinate and flourish in the first place?  They have been 'getting away with it' for centuries and can silence anyone and bury any form of information if they choose, especially so in today's digital age.  This is why I have a hard time reconciling the perceived truth with the plausible truth, insomuch as, we're lied to about nearly everything that takes place on 'the world's stage' so how can we trust ANY of this Epstein business?!


A further example of a constructed narrative is that of the personalities known as Julian Assange and  Edward Snowden.  These personas are classic examples of 'limited hangouts' that, if real, would have likely been 'wet worked' long before becoming household names or the media darlings they are today.  

Incidentally, it's worth reminding ourselves that Pizzagate originated from WikiLeaks, so this too must be scrutinized as another likely psyop.  Snowden met with Greenwald in Hong Kong and shot a feature-length film 'Citizenfour' and then journeyed to Russia but managed to evade the spooks? C'mon people!

The only reasonable conclusion I can draw from why the Cabal would go to such lengths to concoct these narratives is that at this stage of 'The Protocols', it benefits them to have a significant percentage of the public questioning and doubting their trustworthiness.  Most, however, will eventually lose interest for good, recline to apathy and go back to their material sedation.  

They will not resurface.  The more recalcitrant will persevere but their endeavors will engender anxiety, fear, demoralization, apathy, division, dysfunction and anger that will eventually result in a backlash against the Establishment.  This backlash will then be exploited to justify a response and one that is likely disproportional to the aggression it's countering.  

boiling frog.jpg
We all know about the Hegelian dialectic of problem, reaction, solution and I assert that this is the reason for the convoluted, sensational and frankly unbelievable stories that the media feeds us.  The Cabal wants to tyrannize us but first, they must provoke a reaction.  A reaction that will once again be fomented as false flags and specifically featuring the 'white nationalist', in-turn further eroding the spirit and identity of white people the world over.

The likes of Epstein, Trump, Clinton, Prince Andrew, Podesta, et al will not suffer as they are the consummate performers, fulfilling their roles in this grand charade.  They are untouchable, in league and summarily rewarded for their efforts.  The public is too sedated, indecisive, fearful and distracted to do anything to stop this madness and the Cabal knows it, for they have programmed the masses to be this way.

We are the frog in the pot.


Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

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Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at

Comments for "Does the Deception Go Deeper than We Think? "

Doug P said (August 18, 2019):

Anything that draws our attention away from how money is created and disseminated through society helps them. It's all that matters. This noise draws our attention away from the remedy for the whole ball of shit - nationalized money rather than private money creation.

Everyone should learn about monetary reform and how money and law are really the same things. The whole Jewish thing/conspiracy can be shut down. All they have to do is tell the truth about the holocaust. Show people records of Jewish population records before and after the war, or a logical look at how this mass extermination could have taken place with the infrastructure they had, or all the lies and phoney evidence. The masses will want the holocaust they have been paying for. Jews will run for cover. The real power will remain behind the lines, unquestioned. Jews don't run things, they are the junkyard dog.

Maybe they want to purge every single member of the government and run the whole thing electronically once we are all chipped from - Antartica? Brussels? Who knows. Everything is theater except one thing, they really do hate Christianity, the one rational philosophy that has its basis in human right.

I suspect Epstein is sipping Mai Tai's with Madoc somewhere right now, still laughing about it all.

Eric B said (August 17, 2019):

A lot of scientists believe we may be operating in a simulated/holographic reality, Dr. Makow. Given this, a lot of what we are seeing may be an "elaborate stage production."

I follow a guy who I would describe as being a "hunter". He operates on the astral plane as well as this one and even he says that a lot of what is going on here(particularly a lot of media stories) are just plain hoaxes. Even he is perplexed as to what the agenda is. Certainly, FEAR production has to rank right up there though. A lot of these negative ET entities reportedly DO feed on fear.

Essel said (August 17, 2019):

The deepest (because the most humble) global analysis I have read to date.
And yet, omnipotence and divine omniscience imply that this is permitted by God, the only way out of this madness.

Bruce said (August 17, 2019):

Excellence article by Amino.

His take on cognitive dissonance being much worse than it is, and where he states; " 9/11 is a great example of numerous theories but no defined consensus. With no concrete lead or solid direction of inquiry, the average researcher is left with the cerebral version of the shell game. People can only endure so much of this mental fatigue before frustration and impatience start to cloud objective thought."

Applies to people like me.

Especially the last part of the sentence. I have been following for lack of better words, conspiracy theories for at least 20 years. I have come to the point where I really do believe the public is being deliberately led down too many rabbit/groundhog holes where none of them connect to any cohesive end. The question is not whether if Trump is a new psyop: he is. I believe he is the proverbial trojan horse riding into the gates of the gullible public who have bestowed on him this unquestionable hero worship.

I have read numerous articles that state his support base is shrinking and becoming more disillusioned with the passage of time, thus making his chances of re-election much slimmer: maybe this was the intended all along.

It is my contention at this point in our nation's history we have lost our once viable republic. God help us in the days ahead.

Below- Jeffrey Epstein & Cognitive Dissonance (scroll down)

The US Went Communist Long Ago

August 15, 2019

us-sickle-full.jpgFor most of the twentieth century, the United States tolerated a party openly dedicated to the violent overthrow of the government and the enslavement of its people. This party, the CPUSA was funded and directed by a hostile foreign government. It engaged in industrial and military espionage, trained guerrilla units on American soil, forcibly took over unions, raided their treasuries and controlled whole industries. It slandered, harassed and killed opponents; bribed police and judges and infiltrated the military. 

Obviously, it is sanctioned by the powers that be. Communism is monopoly capitalism with the government standing in for the central bankers (Rothschilds, Rockefellers.) These bankers, who happen to be Cabalists (Satanists), seek to extend their credit monopoly to power, thought & behavior i.e. our whole lives.

by Henry Makow PhD

(March 13 2005; Updated Dec 14, 2013)

In 2005 I wrote that KGB generals have been given important positions in the Dept. of Homeland Security, run by Lenin look-alike, Zionist Michael Chertoff.


(Coincidentally, "Chertoff" means "devil" in Russian.)

I described this development as the "stealth Communist takeover of the USA."

"How better do it than when everyone is thinking Muslims, and our elected officials are too corrupt and compromised to protect us?"

We were taught that Communism was an idealistic but discredited "working class" experiment, tried mainly in Russia and China.

This misconception duped millions of unsuspecting socialists and liberals including myself. As recently as 1999-2000, I was singing the praises of Canadian Maoist dupe Dr. Norman Bethune to my English literature class.

The Illuminati bankers created Communism to harness the working class to their program of a comprehensive world dictatorship (now known as "globalization.") The Illuminati is a satanic cult (Jewish Cabalism.) It spawned Communism. They celebrate the same anniversary, May 1, 1776, and share the same satanic symbols. 

The program took a giant step forward in 1913 when these Luciferian London-based bankers gained control over America's finances through the passage of the Federal Reserve Act. This gave them means and incentive to step up their covert war against humanity. The two world wars were the immediate result.

Communism is a Masonic Jewish (Cabalist) movement dedicated to human degradation and enslavement, not public ownership and social justice. Of course, no one would support it if they knew the truth.


Many high-ranking former-Communists have risked their lives to alert their fellow Americans. One is Bella Dodd whose shocking book "School of Darkness" I reviewed here.

She describes how Communists morph into liberals, feminists and socialists, and myriad front groups (identifiable by the words like "human rights," "equality," "international" and "peace") to divide and subvert society.


In "Return to My Father's House" (1972), Maurice Malkin provides more revelations which I will list below. He was a leader of the American Communist Party (CPUSA) in the 1920' s and 30's, and part of the Soviet secret service (GPU). When he left the CPUSA, he testified before Congress and suffered a stabbing attack as a result.

Malkin, a Jew, had been involved in the Bolshevik underground in Russia. His older brother Joseph, a devoted Marxist later killed by Stalin, taught him that by overthrowing the Czar, workers could "eliminate all injustices and create a heaven on earth." All problems were due to the "class war." The dogma of the duped went like this:

"The capitalist bourgeoisie owned everything yet the working class did all the work. The mission of the working class was to take through violence what rightly belonged to them...[Only Marxism] could relieve the human race of brutality, discrimination [i.e. anti-Semitism] and injustice, of hunger, poverty and the drudgery that filled the lives of ordinary working people everywhere." (27-29)

Malkin immigrated to New York and took the ersatz religion of a workers' heaven on earth with him. Lev Bronstein (Leon Trotsky), a close family friend taught him "bullets, not ballots would liberate the workers." (50)

His brother Joseph was one of the 150-175 mostly Jewish radicals who left for Russia with Trotsky in 1917 aboard the S.S. Christiansfjord. Banker Jacob Schiff financed them.

The ship was stopped in Halifax and the occupants interned. Despite (or because of) Trotsky's public declaration that they "were going home to Russia to dig the grave of capitalism," Woodrow Wilson intervened on their behalf. Rothschild agent Edward House controlled Wilson.

The Illuminati bankers despise free enterprise because it involves competition and market forces. It allows other people the opportunity to prosper and be free. They favor monopoly or state capitalism and the abolition of private property because then they own or control everything and everyone. Of course, this is disguised as "public ownership" but they control the government and its wealth.


Thus, for most of the last century, the United States has tolerated a party openly dedicated to the violent overthrow of the US government and the enslavement of its people. 
Yet all the while, our highest elected officials defended it as a harmless idealistic enterprise. "Some of my best friends are Communists," FDR famously said.


(Malkin testified before the Dies Committee in 1939) 

Malkin reports that Adlai Stephenson (as Assistant to Navy Secretary Knox) sabotaged efforts to curtail Communist activities. In 1956, Eisenhower "liquidated all anti-subversive sections in the Immigration Dept and halted deportation and prosecution of known alien Communists. [He] stopped prosecutions of Communists under the Smith Act, giving the Party a chance to regroup and organize new mass fronts." (191)

The Liberal media marginalized and ridiculed as "right wing fanatics" people who warned of the Communist threat. To this day, people don't accept that the Rosenbergs were indeed Russian spies. The House Un-American Activities Committee is portrayed as a "witch hunt."

Communism is nothing but a sugarcoated goon squad for the Illuminati bankers. Malkin reports that the CPUSA even had a formal alliance with the mafia, another Masonic sect.

Moscow provided the Mafia with heroin to sell in the USA. The Mafia "lent" money to the Communist Party, provided muscle for taking over the labor movement, and disposed of enemies or members who woke up. (One Communist leader, Juliet Stuart Poyntz, was kidnapped, killed at sea and thrown overboard.) The Mafia also distributed counterfeit US dollars printed in Moscow.

Following Stalin's example, American Communists robbed banks, calling it "expropriation." In his book, "Left-Wing Communism" (Vol. 30) Lenin counseled: "Communists are to be ready to cheat, lie, perjure and do everything possible to gain their ends." Thus, when evidence of their skulduggery surfaced, it was little matter to denounce it as a "forgery" and smear the messenger.

The Communist Party infiltrated the Negro Civil Rights movement and got Ralph Abernathy and Martin Luther King to work with their Moscow-trained Negro mercenaries. W.E.B. DuBois and Ralph Bunche were among their "Black" front men but they hardly had any Black followers. American Negroes were too patriotic.

"The Reds realized that the only way to weaken our country is by dividing it through anarchy and chaos," Malkin writes.


They had more luck with women. The Communist attitude to women is instructive since second-wave feminism is Communist in origin. Feminism is recycled "class war" adjusted for gender.

Young female members were used on the waterfront to recruit sailors and longshoremen and bring them to party functions. "Girls would always be found in the Communist summer camps doing the party's bidding plus offering a little enjoyment on the side. The Party believes that the only laws and morals are Communist morals. ....Communists do not believe in family institutions or morals so everything is free." (239)

The Communists had a department dedicated to "the destruction of the morale of the American people by undermining their faith in their moral and social patterns." (71) You can bet that something like this is behind same-sex marriage and transgender "rights."


When Hitler and Stalin made a pact in 1939, Malkin realized there was little difference between the two and quit the Party. He devoted the rest of his life to defending American institutions, working for the U.S. Dept. of Justice from 1948-1956. He realized belatedly that his religious father's condemnations of Communism were correct, hence the title of the book.

Although this book was published in 1972, the Communist (Satanist) conspiracy is more active than ever. Conscious and unconscious agents abound especially in homosexual, feminist, socialist, Zionist, neo-con and liberal circles. "Human Rights" commissions, "employment equity" and diversity officers are modern political commissars. "Hate speech" is censorship applied selectively. "Politically correct" is an old Communist Party term.

Once, a lesbian running for the head of my English Department gave a long speech saying she believed in "peace." What did this have to do with English literature? "Peace" is code for the end of resistance to the NWO, i.e. Communist global tyranny. She was elected Chair of the Department.

you-gentiles9 (3).jpg

(Satanism, illuminism, Cabalism, Freemasonry, and Communism are identical. The goal of Freemasonry is the triumph of Communism.) 

The New World Order is full of empty platitudes about "diversity," "peace," "tolerance" and "human rights." But in light of the NWO's murderous Communist (and Fascist) pedigree, these platitudes are not convincing.

Western elites (including the intelligentsia) suffer from a peculiar death wish. We would be slaves already were it not for the fact that ordinary Americans own firearms. This, the Internet, and the inherent self-destructiveness of evil are my main reasons for hope.

Related:  Makow - Banking System is Key to Understanding Our Servitude

--------------------Rosa Parks & Our Communist Corporate Elite 

William F. Jasper "The Conspiracy Above Communism"

Makow- What is Communism?

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

You can find this article permanently at

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at

Comments for "The US Went Communist Long Ago"

G said (August 17, 2019):

US went communist long ago is one of your BEST articles if not THE best. It really hits the mark (of the beast?) and all the salient points of the big-picture subversion and undermining of humanity and normalcy we are dealing with and identifies the real culprits. Great stuff! Now the war is being fought between White Nationalism and the NWO. It has boiled down to that. Kinda simplistic, I know, but that’s where the war is being fought. God Bless.

Victor said (August 16, 2019):

Major Robert H. Williams reported in his "Williams Intelligence Summary" for February 1950 about James P. Warburg's part in the plot against Christendom. He said: "Last November, the widow of the late General Ludendorff, on trial at Nuremberg, explained why her husband broke with Hiter, confirmed the reports in convincing detail.

She stated that, ' early as the summer of 1929 James P. Warburg had undertaken an assignment from financial circles in America, which desired to exercise solitary influence on Germany in the unleashing of a national revolution. Warburg's task was to find the suitable man in Germany, and he entered into a contract with Adolph Hitler who subsequently received sums of money amounting to 27 million dollars up to January 30, 1932, and still another seven million thereafter, enabling him to finance his movement.'"

Joyce said (December 16, 2013):

Yes, it began long ago as you say. Fortunately, it is not yet complete. I, too, have hope.
I am a former DHS employee ( of which Michael Chertoff was the first Secretary).

I was there just long enough to come to the opinion that the true mission of DHS is to oversee not only the overthrow of the Constitutional Republic, but also the genocide of the American people and the peaceful handover of North America, including all land improvements, to the People's Republic of China ( a division of the NWO) in satisfaction of debts owing.

However, I have hope that this will not come to complete fruition because we need only 10% of the population to be awake and resist to reach the tipping point.

Katy said (December 16, 2013):

I was just watching this documentary made by NTDTV about the Communist party. It's particularly focused on the Chinese Communist party, but really takes a deep look at the nature of the party. This is the reason that more than 100 million Chinese people have resigned from the party and it's affiliated organizations. It's also one of the most controversial and illegal books/documentaries in China. I think it's
really worth watching and sharing.

Part 1:

N said (March 3, 2008):

During my university years in Canada some friends and I set-up a small Palestinian human rights group. The objective was to simply raise awareness of what's happening in Occupied Palestine.

At around the same time, I was getting into more contact with various 'leftists' on campus. At that time, I was naive to think that these guys have something going, since they seemed to be the only ones who could see past the mass media whitewashing of Israeli crimes.

But as time went by, I realised that Anarchists, Communists, Socialists, etc... are just as close minded and intolerant, and potentially more violent if given the chance, than the so-called Capitalist establishment. Their hostility to religion, traditions and white people, and their skewed ideas of enforced equality as well as an ultra-liberal lifestyle began to turn me off.

I also began questioning some obvious things I observed. Like why is it that if these leftists are supposedly against the establishment if their is a whole and complete infrastructure that allows them to promote their agenda and views? I'm talking anarchist/socialist/liberal/communist/feminist professors and their publications and lectures, I'm talking various talk shows and sitcoms with a liberal/leftist touch, as well as various talk shows and groups and associations. Where do all these groups get funding? Their prescence, in various forms, on university campuses is especially pervasive.

But the one thing that really got to me was how these leftists tried to hijack the Palestinian cause and morph it as part of the gay-feminist-liberal agenda. Henry, you would be shocked at some of the stories I have to tell. But I'm sure you know what it's like. It's either some brainwashed Arab student that follows the lead of these leftists, or some (usually Jewish) pro-peace socialist activitists join the Palestinian group to try and sway it to the left (and believe me I have seen this several times to the point where I wonder if this is a result of media conditioning or deliberate). The result? Gays and Feminists would march in support of Palestinian groups (this would occur in bigger cities like Montreal) and vice versa, as if we have anything in common.

My group managed to retain it's independence in our small town university. My friends and I were adamant that the Palestinian cause was an issue of justice, regardless of what your political or religious beliefs were. But no sooner had we started some small events, than some hippie look alike would begin distributing flyers promoting some leftist cause. The larger Palestinian groups in larger cities were thoroughly penetrated by these leftist groups, so me they were and are completely lost. It boggles my mind why they would alienate a large segment of society, who might have otherwise been sympathetic to the Palestinian cause, but may ignore it if they associate it with a left-leaning idealogy.

To me these things were always suspicous or strange, but unfortunately most Palestinians were completely oblivious, or simply ignorant, feeling no qualms about working with leftists and in effect selling their souls for some superficial support. As it turned out, our small, yet surprisingly effective group, was later run by brain dead Arab students in subsequent years, and morphed into a sanitized and ineffectual typically mainstream human rights group.

Michael on Eckardt Tolle said (March 2, 2008):

Hi Henry! Another great article regarding communism. I would like to address how the "new" spirituality (Tolle in particular) are disempowering their audience when he speaks of the "fall" of communism. I'm starting to wonder if the phrase "accept the suchness of this moment" will be the mantra of the prisonguards and the prisoners as well. I'm speaking of a hypothetical situation of that is becoming less hypothetical with each pasing day.

It would be hard to accept the "suchness of NOW" while your belly screams for food...and not a comfortable philosophy.

Oprah's promotion for "A New Earth" by Tolle fueled the shipment of about 2.5 million copies of his book.

Oprah will also be conducting some sort of online/radio study of "A Course In Miracles". Fascinating, that "Jesus" chose to re-write the Bible through his channelled communication through an atheist woman...
You BET they do!!

I've also been researching an author/speaker named Tony Parsons from Cornwall England. Check out Tony Parsons and "The Open Secret" and it all boils down to "there IS no god....except you"
"there is nowhere to go becasue THIS is "it".

As I've said to you before, I do find some of Tolle's writing to be "life affirming", while it remains in abject denial of other realities that ARE contained within the "suchness of this moment"....but he chooses to ignore that aspect of reality.

Marcos in Brazil said (March 2, 2008):

Congratulations for one more excellent article. I am sad that many Americans seem to like Venezuela's Chavez and can't see the connection between him and worldwide communism. Just because he opposes evil Bush, (in a dialectical manner) people love him. The globalists make us choose between the bad and the worse. Chavez is engaged, with Lula from Brazil, Morales from Bolivia and Kirschner from Argentina, in a continental plan to establish a Marxist South America. Next will be your own Northern part of the continent.

Your readers definitely must read the writings of former Communist, philosopher and journalist Olavo de Carvalho. He inserts global communism in the wider context of the revolutionary mentality, a vain and arrogant philosophy that empowers an elite with a mission to change the world (in their own interests), regardless of any moral standards. They murder and steal, but their cause is worthy it, they think.

One could begin with the text "The Revolutionary Mentality" :

One paragraph suffices to summary it:

"By refusing himself to be accountable to anything except a hypothetical future of his own invention, and firmly disposed to destroy by cunning or by force every obstacle to the remodeling of the world to his own image and likeness, the revolutionary is the worst enemy of the human species, compared to whom the worst tyrants and conquerors of Antiquity impress us by the modesty of their aims and by a notable circumspection in the use of their means."

I will contact Mr Carvalho to see if I can translate more of his texts into English.

Keep up the good work.

Graeme said (March 2, 2008):

Hi Henry,
That's because communism, capitalism, americanism, democracy, fascism and every other 'ism' was created by the same satanic elite zionist pigs to further divide members of the human race, or rather Goyim to them....while all the different factions of zionist controlled groups are busy fighting and killing each other they sit back like the cowards hiding behind their many fronts, they are counting their riches and laughing at us gullible cattle!

A Few Random facts about the LGBTQ "Community"

July 19, 2019


Jewish National Poet Confessed to Penetration of Christian society by Crypto-Jews

July 18, 2019

Confessed penetration of Christian society by Crypto-Jews .

Hayim Bialik - the Israeli 'National Poet' and Zionist, stated in a speech given at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, May 11, 1933 .

"Judaism, which was destroyed politically (following the destruction of the Temple in 70 AD), went to the big world and adapted its goods to its wanderings as an army going to war, a 'moveable state'." The Jews were forced to smuggle their goods from border to border, so they chose abstract goods, easy to smuggle, which allowed them, despite the ghettoes and restrictions, to penetrate everywhere.

Such penetration was not without the deliberate connivance of the Jews in the form of assistance provided in a thousand ways, means and disguises.It has been affected in great measure by crypto-Jews, who permeated Christianity and spoke through the mouth of Christianity.  

By these means, by the Jewish will and by the power of their Jewish blood and by instinct of 'reprisal', it is they who, in principle, are the creators of the Renaissance (reason displaces faith in Christ), liberalism, democracy, socialism and communism.

All this was done mainly by unknown anonymous Jews, secret Jews, crypto-Jews who mingled with the Gentiles and fed great thinkers or by the influence of the Jews who, in the great crises of freedom, stood behind the scenes or through Jewish teachers and scholars of the Middle Ages.They were disciples of Jewish teachers who led Protestant movements."   

More on the Communist Threat

July 11, 2019

This is not some vain vying for analytical supremacy, but the urgent work of exposing the truth of Putin, the East and the overall conspiracy and I hope you will find conviction so you can alert your readers.

It is summed up succinctly in Louis Marschalko's priceless book - 'The World Conquerors';
'An unknown Catholic friar, Sziliczei-Varady Gyula, once wrote prophecies that were soon forgotten in a book called From the Ghetto to the Throne, and herein is Nemesis:
" The Western Jew will equip an army of twenty million men in the East to destroy Christianity and human culture and to establish the Jewish world kingdom!"

'Oh, Europe, heart-land of civilisation, do you not yet understand? Can you not perceive where Jewish national unity coupled with your own internal conflicts lead? Can you not see the abyss towards which you are being driven by forces imbued with the cruelty and purposefulness of a supranational people. Alas ! There are so few who see it even now."

That army of 20 million men is what you have just covered in this article! And they will come in guise of 'liberators'
A brief video - as something from the 'Lord of the Rings'. Common-sense is all that is required to see they they are preparing.

'According to GRU Colonel Stanislav Lunev, the Russian Generals "were still committed to fighting and winning a future nuclear war against America. 'The nuclear war plan is still on,' he was told. But there would be changes. No longer would Russian troops be responsible for a follow-up invasion of the lower 48 states (U.S. mainland). Russian forces would be responsible for occupying 'Alaska and parts of Canada.' The Chinese would occupy the lower 48 states. In addition, certain Third World countries would be given 'looting rights.'" J.R. Nyquist, as told to him by GRU Colonel Stanislav Lunev

Soviet Defector Major General Jan Sejna
"Portions of the Soviet plans for seizing control of the United States following a nuclear strike were described by the head of the Administration for Special Propaganda to Sejna just prior to Sejna's defection. The description provides an interesting insight into the possible nature of Soviet plans and, in a certain regard, their efforts to clothe mechanisms in indigenous or nationalistic trappings. In 1967 the Soviets believed that, in addition to strikes against nuclear and critical military targets, roughly 110 nuclear strikes would be adequate to cripple the United States. In the attack, Europe would not be destroyed. Rather, Moscow would launch a propaganda campaign to tell the Europeans that the Soviets had saved their livesThe United States would be blamed for starting the war and an international committee for the neutrality of the United States would be formed. Pressure would be produced from the left and from Europe and elsewhere for the United States to give up." 

We confront Alexander Dugin's 'fourth political theory' or re-branded bolshevism and the salvation of 'Logos' (Christ) by chaos!
"The American Empire should be destroyed Dugin says and urges the acceptance of 'mythic, sociological Marxism' as a key element of an ideology that aims at the destruction of that 'empire'. He says;
'So we arrive at National Bolshevism, which represents socialism without materialism, atheism, progressivism, and modernism, as well as the modified Third Way theories....
The only thing that we insist on in creating such a pact of cooperation is to put aside anti-Communist, as well as anti-fascist, prejudices.'
Chaos can think. We should ask her how she does this. We have asked logos (John 1:1 &14). Now it is the turn of chaosWe must learn to think with chaos and within the chaos.... To make an appeal to chaos is the only way to save logosLogos needs a savior, it cannot save itself." 
As Iskander said to Daryl, the Russians are just pretending a new 'refreshed image' ....but not many people realise this is the same tool of the Jews' (ie. 'East good'/'West bad' dialectic). 25m 57 s - 28m 05 s
I am not exaggerating - as the friar foresaw above, we face the complete destruction of Western, Christian civilisation. Or as Dugin says above, the 'salvation' of Logos (Christ) by chaos!

The Jew, Harold Wallace Rosenthal, administrative assistant to Senator Jacob Javits in an interview with Walter White, when asked about men in high political office, stated that no one in the last three decades has achieved any political power without Jewish approval. "Americans have not had a presidential choice since 1932 when (the Jew) Franklin Roosevelt was our man; every president since Roosevelt has been our man" (Frank Britton, The Hidden Tyranny Behind Communism). Rosenthal's death in 1976 has been attributed to his loose lips.

Even before Roosevelt, the Jewish influence upon Woodrow Wilson (the Jew "Wolfsohn") was quite evident, as Henry Ford wrote in 1921--"Mr. Wilson, while President, was very close to the Jews. His administration, as everyone knows, was predominantly Jewish." The International Jew, Dearborn Publishing Co., III, p. 28-9). 

Rabbi Cohen is recorded as saying. ". . .Fortunately for us at this time, we have ensconced in the White House the greatest friend that the "Jews" have ever had. President Bill Clinton has been of great benefit to us Jews. . . When the goyim of the United States discover his treason, they will probably dig up his corpse and chop it into pieces anyway. Black, white, yellow, brown or red, they are all stupid goyim, all animals. But we Jews pay honor to those who serve us well. And what better reward can anyone have than to be buried in Arlington? (Applause) Except for Woodrow Wilson, no other US President has helped the "Jews" more than has Bill Clinton. . ." 

(Transcripts from tape labeled Yesivah Lecture #5 by Rabbi Cohen and translated from his Yiddish lecture tapes by David Goldstein. "The Spotlight", 300 Independence Avenue SE Washington DC; "The Truth at Last", PO Box 1311 Marletta, CA 30061).

As a confirmation, as I said to a UK contact today (who used to work for GCHQ) and can see it;
'You might note the gradual signs of the Europe/USA split with for example the UK ambassador to the USA incident or the fact of Macron attending Russia 'victory day' next year;
The plans have been made clear. When the USA and Europe are separated politically and NATO dissolved, then they strike. The West is in the most disastrous mass blindness to threat in human history. In my estimation, they have have already planned out the design of the world after WW3 as here; 

I hope we can get some trustworthy Government and military persons in the know, because we must have co-conspirators/traitors within our government and military structures to make all this happen. But we must not underestimate what may be possible, if we can alert people and mobilise. Big things come from little things (Matthew 13:31-32).'