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Anthony Fauci's Bio-War on Humanity

October 26, 2020


Fauci-Funded Chinese/US Research Led to COVID-19

The man charged with fighting the pandemic 

is responsible for inventing the virus

and spreading it in the first place. 

 When there's no doubt of a "surprise" outbreak,

it means you're responsible for it.,

All Suspicions Confirmed. The Chinese government now has the unlimited ability to keep manufacturing pandemic viruses

Fauci-Funded Chinese/US Research Led to COVID-19

By Peter R. Breggin MD and Ginger Breggin


Four scientists, led by Li-Meng Yan (MD, Ph.D.), who recently escaped from Communist China, have released a pre-publication paper (follow the paper's progress here) in which they confirm the direct relationship between the Fauci-funded research and China's ability to create SARS-CoV-2. 

Although the scientists do not name him, their work shows that research funded and politically supported by Dr. Anthony Fauci, the Director of NIH's Institute for Allergy and Infectious Diseases, led directly to the ability of the Chinese to engineer SARS-CoV-2 and to causing the COVID-19 pandemic. 

For many years, Fauci paid for and encouraged multiple research projects, at least two involving US researchers collaborating in making deadly viruses with China's notoriously insecure Communist-run biowarfare facility in Wuhan.

They also confirm that the military-controlled Wuhan Institute now has the world's largest collection of coronaviruses extracted from bats--which constitutes a threat of further accidental releases and/or outright biological warfare. By supporting Wuhan and its researchers, Fauci helped put the entire world at risk for the current pandemic and for future ones.

We first published about Fauci's dangerous activities on April 15, 2020, when we issued a report and released our video confirming that he and his institute were funding collaborative research between Chinese and US scientists on manipulating SARS coronaviruses. We suggested that this work potentially led to the laboratory creation of SARS-CoV-2 and the pandemic. Please see our Coronavirus Resource Center for additional analyses and background material. 


Within 48 hours of our report about Fauci's funding joint American/Chinese projects to create epidemic viruses, President Donald Trump cancelled funding for the heinous project. Unfortunately, Fauci remains Director of the Institute, despite being a Chinese collaborator and now scientific leader of pro-lockdown political forces that are dismantling our economy and suppressing our individual lives.


The term RBM refers to receptor-binding motif--the part of the virus that hooks to a receptor in human cells to allow the virus to enter the cell to cause disease. RBM is the part of SARS-CoV-2 that makes it so infectious and potentially deadly to humans. The first paragraph in the quote from Dr. Yan's scientific article (below) summarizes the basic finding of their research paper that the RBM of SARS-CoV-2 did not originate in nature. The paragraph then cites research (their citations 44-47, see details in the Additional Notes below) to indicate that this Spike protein (the RBM) has "repeatedly" been used in laboratories to create "human-infecting" coronaviruses of non-human origin. 

Two papers (citations 45 and 46; Menarchery et al., 2015 and Menarchery et al, 2016) involve direct Chinese/American collaborations on building epidemic viruses. Those two papers involved US/Wuhan Institute collaborations with acknowledgements that funding for the research was provided by Fauci's Institute.

The second paragraph in the quote from Dr. Yan's scientific article (below) states that the Wuhan Institute of Virology has been working on studies to make these "human-infecting viruses" and specifically cites the paper that originally disclosed to us this tragic Fauci-funded US/China collaboration that led to COVID-19 (Menachery et al., 2015). 

The Yan et al. paper then warns that the Wuhan Institute possesses "the world's largest collection of coronaviruses." It follows this with a chilling observation that there is no longer any "technical barrier" to the Chinese altering these viruses into infectious ones through "engineering" the virus to give it "gain-of-function," that is, the ability to infect humans. This means that the Chinese have at their scientific fingertips the unlimited ability to keep manufacturing pandemic viruses.

Here are the paragraphs from the Yan et al. scientific publication that we have been interpreting:

While the above evidence and analyses together appear to disapprove a natural origin of SARS-CoV-2's RBM, abundant literature shows that gain-of-function research, where the Spike protein of a coronavirus was specifically engineered, has repeatedly led to the successful generation of human-­infecting coronaviruses from coronaviruses of non-human origin.44-47

Record also shows that research laboratories, for example, the Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV), have successfully carried out such studies working with US researchers45 and also working alone47. In addition, the WIV has engaged in decades-long coronavirus surveillance studies and therefore owns the world's largest collection of coronaviruses. Evidently, the technical barrier is non-existent for the WIV and other related laboratories to carry out and succeed in such Spike/REM engineering and gain-of-¬≠function research. P. 10


In a recent "scientific" article in Cell authored with one of his assistants, Fauci directly lied, claiming that the COVID-19 emerged from nature on its own and not from laboratory tinkering. 

Then he did more than ignore his own role in funding the engineering of coronaviruses with China, he blamed us--you and me, humanity--for causing the virus by disrupting nature:

Infectious diseases prevalent in humans and animals are caused by pathogens that once emerged from other animal hosts. In addition to these established infections, new infectious diseases periodically emerge. In extreme cases, they may cause pandemics such as COVID-19... Disease emergence reflects dynamic balances and imbalances, within complex globally distributed ecosystems comprising humans, animals, pathogens, and the environment. Understanding these variables is a necessary step in controlling future devastating disease emergencies.

This may be one of the most colossal misrepresentations in the history of the human race--the man most responsible for enabling the Chinese to engineer SARS-Cov-2 in their Wuhan Institute is blaming COVID-19 on humanity's indiscretions in nature instead of his own nefarious activities in the laboratory. Working with China, Fauci himself has funded and promoted taking viruses out of nature and engineering them to become pandemic viruses; but now he wants us to take his advice on transforming human activity in nature to make it less disruptive! Fauci is the Great Disruptor, whose work enabled China to unleash COVID-19 on the world.


President Trump and the US Congress, as well as the American people, need to know that Anthony Fauci funded research that unleashed COVID-19 upon the world. In addition, this Fauci-funding has enabled China to possess the largest store of coronaviruses in the world, along with the technology to continue turning them into human-infecting agents. It is time to fire Fauci, to investigate this entire disaster, and to consider what needs to be done to protect the US and the world from future Communist Chinese pandemics, whether accidental or intentional.


Additional Notes on the four articles cited by Yan et al. (references 44-47) as key to China's coronavirus research can be found at the source.

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----------------   Fauci says that even with vaccine, masks and social distancing will continue until 2022

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Comments for "Anthony Fauci's Bio-War on Humanity"

Michael said (October 27, 2020):

a previous paper concerning the COVID virus that concludes it's a lab strain for similar reasons. The affinity for the second receptor that this paper infers theoretically has since been experimentally confirmed.

All this talk about mutations of the virus which are in our future confirms it, basically - they have it on the shelf and will release it at some point in time.

Below- Joe (and Hunter) Biden for Dummies (scroll down)

Martin Armstrong: COVID is About Communism

This is the greatest organized conspiracy in human history and the press is welcoming it with open arms. You will own nothing in 10 years, but you will also have no rights. - Papers Please!

Eight Predictions for 2030 from Karl Schwab

by Martin Armstrong

I am deeply concerned that too many Americans are totally blind to the truth. 

They think this election is just about Biden v Trump. This is the World Economic Forum video on 8 predictions for 2030 which includes the surrender of the United States to the United Nations - they just say the US will no longer be the world Superpower. 

They will end eating meat, hence Gates' investment in meat alternatives, will make fossil fuels history which is why Biden said in the debate he will end the fossil fuel industry & he will rejoin the United Nations. "

1) You'll own nothing" -- And "you'll be happy about it." 

2) "The U.S. won't be the world's leading superpower" 

3) "You won't die waiting for an organ donor" -- They will be made by 3D printers 

4) "You'll eat much less meat" -- Meat will be "an occasional treat, not a staple, for the good of the environment and our health." 

5) "A billion people will be displaced by climate change" - Soros' Open Borders 

6) "Polluters will have to pay to emit carbon dioxide" - "There will be a global price on carbon. This will help make fossil fuels history" 

7) "You could be preparing to go to Mars" -- Scientists "will have worked out how to keep you healthy in space." 

8) "Western values will have been tested to the breaking point." - "Checks and balances that underpin our democracies must not be forgotten" 

This is the agenda that has been set in motion by this fake COVID-19 Pandemic which was instigated by these people and the lockdowns were intended to crush the economy, set it in the direction of nationalizing all industry, and wipe out small business. 

They are developing passports that will require vaccines in order to travel. They are deliberately trying to reduce international travel to reduce pollution and to prevent mass uprisings against their new Communist Agenda.

 Yes, they are moving from socialism where you still own something to communism where the government owns everything. It is no coincidence that Pikkety is behind this in league with Klaus Schwab. Communism began in France. They sold the idea to Karl Marx which was first a socialist.

This is what is at stake in this election. This is not about liking or disliking Trump. They want people to vote on such a superficial basis that he is obnoxious, insults people, and is one of the hated rich.

This is the real danger we face - World Economic Forum and its vision for a new Communist Green World Order. 

The press will NOT do their job. For if they did, they would expose the fact that the World Economic Forum sold all its investments just before the crash. Klaus Schwab is the new Karl Marx. 

This is the greatest organized conspiracy in human history and the press is welcoming it with open arms. You will own nothing in 10 years, but you will also have no rights. - Papers Please!

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Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at

Below- Restoring Balance (scroll down)

Joe (and Hunter) Biden for Dummies

October 25, 2020

The Chinese Communist Party uses this as a blackmail tactic... They supply the young girls, they film you, unknowingly, and then they can keep you "in line", while paying you the big $$$ to do their bidding, like lucrative deals with your VP father.

It's the Chinese version of plata o plomo, silver or lead. The "lead" in this case being the murder of your reputation. See also Chanel Rion of OAN and her interview of Rudy Giuliani

Latest- Jim Stone. Biden campaign has imploded. Biden may have had a stroke. Pics of Hunter Biden and Malia Obama may be genuine.

Rumour Hunter has been Epsteined 

by "DC" Dave Martin

Joe Biden and his first wife, Neilia, had three children: Hunter, Beau and Naomi.

In 1972, Neilia and Naomi, died in a car accident. Joe eventually married a woman named Jill (his current wife).

He already knew her because she had been Hunter's babysitter at the time of the car accident. (Yeah, THAT seems normal- marry the babysitter). They had a daughter named Ashley. Ashley lives 'a quiet life' and is frequently in and out of rehab for various substance abuse issues.

Now sadly, the sanest, most normal one of the 3 surviving kids, Beau, dies in 2015 from a brain tumor. He had been married to Hailie and they had 2 children, a boy and a girl named Natalie, who was 11 yrs old when her dad died.

Enter Hunter Biden, in 2015, to "comfort" his brother's widow. Mind you, Hunter is married at the time, to Kathleen Biden, since 1993. He starts screwing around with his dead brother's wife in 2015...his wife Kathleen finds out about it and they separate. 

Hunter moves in with his dead brother's wife, Haillie, and her two kids and they have a grand old time. He ultimately gets divorced from Kathleen in 2017. Meanwhile, he starts screwing around with a stripper, while still shacking up with his dead brother's wife, before his divorce is finalized, and gets the stripper pregnant. Haillie kicks him to the curb supposedly for this indiscretion in 2018. He denies the stripper's baby is his, although a paternity test proves otherwise and eventually he marries a woman named Melissa in 2019 after knowing her for 6 days...

Does the tale end there? Why no, no it doesn't. That just sets the stage...

Enter the laptop from hell...loaded with emails, text messages, photos, child pornography, videos, and other sordid digital images of drug use and rampant weirdness...

Hunter Biden dropped the laptop off in Delaware, his home state, to get it repaired. It seems he dropped it in some water while in a meth-induced state of mind. He then neglected to pick up the computer/pay the $85.00 repair fee and the laptop became the repair shop owner's property for non-payment. 

When the owner saw what was on it, he was so disturbed that he contacted the FBI. No response!!! The DOJ? No response!!!! Eventually, it landed in Rudy Giuliani's possession and he turned it over to the Delaware State Police AFTER making 4 copies of the hard drive. Turns out, there's quite a lot of child pornography on there...much of it involving children on Hunter's many trips to China. 

The Chinese Communist Party uses this as a blackmail tactic... They supply the young girls, they film you, unknowingly, and then they can keep you "in line", while paying you the big $$$ to do their bidding, like lucrative deals with your VP father.

Millions of dollars were paid to Hunter Biden for favors with the US Govt while Joe Biden was VP under Obama. For 8 years Hunter made the contacts and split the money with his father, referred to as the "Big Guy" in all emails detailing how their ill-gotten gains would be split up amongst all the criminals involved.

Joe Biden sold out his country and used his meth head son to do it. ...

(Natalie is on the right.) 

But, IT GETS WORSE. Today, on the laptop, emails were released between Beau Biden's widow, Haillie, and Joe Biden in 2017 and more in 2018 when she and Hunter were still living together. They were casually talking about the continual "sexually inappropriate behavior" she had witnessed from Hunter toward her 14-year-old daughter, Natalie, HIS NIECE!. 

She told Joe that she felt she had put her children in a dangerous situation by getting involved with Hunter Biden. Joe knew his son was screwing around with his niece and he advised his daughter-in-law to go to therapy.....No one went to the police and the abuse escalated. THAT is the main reason she broke off her relationship with Hunter. 

Among the pictures of Hunter having sex with young Asian children, there were hundreds of provocative pictures of a 14-year-old girl, mainly topless, and hundreds more of Hunter Biden, in sexual poses with her, HIS NIECE. She was 14 yrs old and HE WAS 48!!

THE END.....but, is it? Nope. Rudy says there is more to come, primarily involving Joe Biden getting rich off laundering foreign money through our country, using his son as an intermediary. 

Biden is as dirty and crooked as they come. Hillary looks clean compared to him. Now it makes sense why Obama REFUSED to endorse him as the DNC candidate until he was the last man standing!



First Comment from Susan

Jim Stone has posted the Biden Tape:

Remember because of the censorship you must use the following link only for the most recent pages. Enter this link on the top search bar make sure nothing appears after the number 208, if it does delete everything up to the number 208 and enter:
Make sure you are at least 18 and no children watching. I watched it last night - all I can say is OMG. The site is taking a lot of hits so there may be a delay before it comes up for you. Link is on the Jimstone site and below. The video starts out showing a meeting, the Hunter stuff starts around 14:30 Joe Biden would never be able to get a security clearance for President - he would be blackmailed by CCP (Chinese Communist Party) due to his son's activity - therefore a security risk.
They are starting to drop the other stuff and Nancy Pelosi has now been dragged into this. Her boy, Paul, had a Taiwanese girlfriend who has stated that Paul was setting up the same kinds of deals for Nancy that Hunter was setting up for Joe. At first, she thought he was a legit business man but then discovered it was all fake shell companies being used to funnel money to Nancy from the Chinese government. When Paul figured out she knew, he left her and then sent CPS to take her 4 children. This story is growing, but Nancy is clearly another Joe.

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

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Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at

Like the Great Depression, COVID scam designed to "break the American character."

October 21, 2020


The Great Depression was used to "break the classical American character."  COVID19 is another example of how the Illuminati bankers use economic crises to advance their political agenda which is a world police state dedicated to Lucifer.

by Henry Makow PhD

In his 1938, NKVD Interrogation, Illuminati insider Rakovsky refers to the 1929 Crash and Great Depression as an "American revolution." It was deliberately precipitated by the Illuminati for profit, to break the "classical American" character and to take political power.

"The man through whom they made use of such power was Franklin Roosevelt. Have you understood? ...In that year 1929, the first year of the American Revolution, in February, Trotsky leaves Russia; the crash takes place in October...The financing of Hitler is agreed in July 1929. Do you think that all this was by chance? The four years of the rule of Hoover were used for the preparation for the seizure of power in the United States and the USSR: there by means of a financial revolution, and here [Russia] with the help of war [Hitler, World War Two] and the defeat which was to follow. Could some novel with great imagination be more obvious to you?" (273)

Rakovsky proposes that Stalin cooperate with the Illuminati, (which he subsequently did.) The first condition is that he stops executing Trotskyites. Then "several zones of influence" will be established dividing "the formal Communism from the real one." There will be "mutual concessions for mutual help for a time while the plan lasts...There will appear influential persons at all levels of society, even very high ones, who will help the Stalinist formal Communism..." (276)

Rakovsky outlines the Illuminati plan to blend Communism and Capitalism. In each case, the Illuminati will control all wealth and power.

"In Moscow, there is Communism: in New York capitalism. It is all the same as thesis and antithesis. Analyze both. Moscow is subjective Communism but [objectively] State capitalism. New York: Capitalism subjective, but Communism objective. A personal synthesis, truth: the Financial International, the Capitalist Communist one. And above all, 'They.' " (276)

In the case of Communism, the State owns the corporations, and the bankers own the State. In the case of Capitalism, the bankers control the corporations, and the corporations control the State. In each case, you have monopoly capitalism with increasing political and cultural monopoly in the West resembling that of Soviet Russia.

Health worker calls out Covid Scam

October 20, 2020


Health worker calls out Covid Scam

"C19 is a compliance test to see how far the government can exert its will. How many can it gather into boxcars and send bleating on their way." 

"Larry Smith" on FB

I was speaking with a long-time friend yesterday, a career health care worker stationed at the front end of this media-fed, politically induced C19 crisis. 

He has had the opportunity to treat a number of confirmed C19 instances and has been 100% successful in doing so. His department was never overwhelmed and never overworked. 

Paraphrasing his words he said this is just a variant of a flu strain. Several of his co-workers caught this China Flu but recovered as they would have with any other flu. 

He made an interesting comment. He said more of his co-workers contract the flu each year than they have C19. 

I had to ask. Did he know anyone on a personal level who has been stricken with this flu and he said no. 

C19 is not a plandemic, it's not a scamdemic, it's a compliance test to see how far the government can exert its will. How many can it gather into boxcars and send bleating on their way? 

The next time you reach for that mask, ask yourself what you're doing. Who do you know personally that has died from this disease? Some of you may know people who have become sick from C19 but then how many do you know that have become sick from the common flu? Did you wear a mask then? The only reason you are now is that the government has lied and continues to do so.


October 19, 2020

(Chinese style propaganda at bus shelter) 


"This is a dangerous time and it's only getting more so."

by Anon on FB

If we examine this piece of propaganda from the corporatized government, disturbing incitements to "otherize" people and even assault them are evident. 

Note the weird psychological question" "So, who are you?" which is actually a profound existential question. But it gets dumbed down immediately into images of a woman executed in the stylized icons popular now from the United Nations and its network of agencies. 

Normally African American or other "ethnic" images (whatever that means) are chosen, but here the person is distinctly caucasian. That a woman is chosen is disturbing on many levels, and is not by chance. 

Look, no graphic artist working for a municipal government is going to come up with something like this. This is statecraft and comes from another level. Notice how wearing a muzzle over the mouth and nose is "normal." 

Covering over only the mouth is "out of touch." 

The one with the dangling mask is presented as a narcissist, and the one with no mask "doesn't care about others" which is an incredibly dangerous message, and especially repugnant now that the truth is coming out not only that masks do NOTHING to prevent transmission of a virus, but are actually dangerous to health and in some cases carcinogenic. 

My stepson and I were verbally assaulted by a man in the Eaton Center (Toronto) yesterday as we went on the down escalator and he was going up on the other one. He yelled and yelled at us to put on our masks and that he didn't buy our "medical exemptions" and so on. 

Had we be destined to step off the same escalator at the same time, it could easily have become a physical altercation. People like him are being encouraged to engage in aggression against people who have perfectly legitimate reasons not to wear a mask, including elderly people who cannot defend themselves. 

Today I was treated poorly by a staff member at my local Rona building center. (Amusing when you think of the store name.) She offered me a mask in an aggressive manner and did everything but roll her eyes when I declined and mentioned my medical exemption, which happens to be legit in my case. 

We can expect a lot more of this kind of thing. Be aware, and please share this awareness. This is a dangerous time and it's only getting more so.


Thanks K!