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Coronavirus in Perspective: Spanish Flu (1918) Killed 60 Million

January 26, 2020


A pandemic is an efficient way to get rid of "useless eaters" without destroying property. 

The influenza pandemic of 1918-1919 infected 500 million people, 20% of the world's population and killed over 60 million people. This is roughly three times as many people as were killed and maimed in World War One, and is comparable to WWII losses. Yet this modern plague has slipped down the memory hole. Why?  Was it a deliberate ploy by the Illuminati to finish the job WWI began?

China's coronavirus is spreading around the globe and investor concern with it. U.S. health authorities are monitoring more than 60 people for potential infection, including patients in New York and Illinois, and France confirmed its first two cases.

At least 903 people in China have been sickened, including 26 fatalities, the Global Times reported. 45 million Chinese are under quarantine.

See new First Comment below- Vaccines used to address virus are the real threat. 

Was Spanish Flu (1918) Deliberate Genocide?

(From Dec 14, 2006) 

By Henry Makow Ph.D. 

In 1948, Heinrich Mueller, the former head of the Gestapo, told his CIA Interrogator that the influenza pandemic of 1918-19, the most devastating plague in human history, was man-made.

Mueller said the flu started as an US army bacteriological warfare experiment that somehow infected US army ranks at Camp Riley KS in March 1918, and spread around the world. He says that it "got out of control" but we cannot discount the horrible possibility that the "Spanish Flu" was a deliberate elite depopulation measure. Researchers have found connections between it and the "Bird Flu."


It was called the Spanish Flu because the first human case was identified there. Understandably there was panic worldwide, as influenza was not discovered until 1933, so the mystery was rather frightening.

 According to Wikipedia: "In the U.S., about 28% of the population suffered, and 500,000 to 675,000 died. In Britain 200,000 died; in France more than 400,000. Entire villages perished in Alaska and southern Africa. In Australia, an estimated 10,000 people died and in the Fiji Islands, 14% of the population died during only two weeks, and in Western Samoa 22%. An estimated 17 million died in India, about 5% of India's population. In the Indian Army, almost 22% of troops who caught the disease died of it."

"Indeed, symptoms in 1918 were so unusual that initially influenza was misdiagnosed as dengue, cholera, or typhoid. One observer wrote, "One of the most striking of the complications was hemorrhage from mucous membranes, especially from the nose, stomach, and intestine. Bleeding from the ears and petechial hemorrhages in the skin also occurred. ...Another unusual feature of this pandemic was that it mostly killed young adults, with 99% of pandemic influenza deaths occurring in people under 65 and more-than-half in young adults 20 to 40 years old. This is unusual since influenza is normally most deadly to the very young (under age 2) and the very old (over age 70). "


At a 1944 Nazi bacteriological warfare conference in Berlin, General Walter Schreiber, Chief of the Medical Corps of the German Army told Mueller that he had spent two months in the US in 1927 conferring with his counterparts. They told him that the "so-called double blow virus" (i.e. Spanish Flu) was developed and used during the 1914 war.


"But," according to Mueller, left, "it got out of control and instead of killing the Germans who had surrendered by then, it turned back on you, and nearly everybody else." ("Gestapo Chief: The 1948 CIA Interrogation of Heinrich Mueller" Vol. 2 by Gregory Douglas, p. 106) 

 James Kronthal, the CIA Bern Station Chief asked Mueller to explain "double blow virus."

Mueller: "I am not a doctor, you understand, but the 'double-blow' referred to a virus, or actually a pair of them that worked like a prize fighter. The first blow attacked the immune system and made the victim susceptible, fatally so, to the second blow which was a form of pneumonia...[Schreiber told me] a British scientist actually developed it...Now you see why such things are insanity. These things can alter themselves and what starts out as a limited thing can change into something really terrible." 

The subject of the Spanish Flu arose in the context of a discussion of typhus. The Nazis deliberately introduced typhus into Russian POW camps and, along with starvation, killed about three million men. The typhus spread to Auschwitz and other concentration camps with Russian and Polish POWS. 

In the context of the Cold War, Mueller says: "If Stalin invades Europe...a little disease here and there would wipe out Stalin's hoards and leave everything intact. Besides, a small bottle of germs is so much cheaper than an atom bomb, isn't it? Why you could hold more soldiers in your hand than Stalin could possibly command and you don't have to feed them, clothes them or supply them with munitions. On the other hand, the threat of war...does wonders... for the economy." (108)

Is Mueller credible? In my opinion he is. Gregory Douglas apparently is a pseudonym for his nephew with whom he left his papers. Normally a hoax would not run to thousands of pages. The Interrogation is 800 pages. The  Memoirs are 250 pages. The microfilmed Archive apparently covers 850,000 pages. Finally, the material I have read is incredibly well informed, consistent and full of plausible revelations .  


(left, Flu fashion)


The Illuminati have made no secret of its desire to decrease the world population. (See Alan Stang,  Population Extermination: How Will it be Done?

It's possible that World War One was a disappointment in terms of the numbers killed. Whether the "Spanish Flu" was deliberate or not, we cannot say. But apparently the US Army has a record of experimenting with drugs/chemicals/bacteria on unwary soldiers. Did such an experiment get "out of control" at Fort Riley? Or was that its purpose in the first place?


Related - Spanish Flu was Bioterror Attack on Humanity 

See also "Hitler's Gestapo Chief Became Top Truman Advisor" 

See also "The Influenza Pandemic of 1918" 

Another view-- Vaccines Responsible for Swine Flu

Actually 90,000 and that Each Infected Person In Turn Infects 14.

First Comment from George: "The vaccines used to address virus are the real threat."

Biological weapons are limited to a very important factor: they must have very low secondary communicability. The so-called Spanish flu, which may very well have been a biological warfare weapon, failed that basic requirement. New candidates for ideal bio-warfare weapons include anthrax, hantavirus, ebola, and others. 

My personal opinion, for what it is worth, is that the real weapon will not be the disease, but mandatory vaccinations. Those vaccinations will not be blind, but color-coded on a social credit score akin to that of China. Red code will be for immediate termination. Green would be for friends of the system. Yellow would be for problem people who are drains on the system due to alcoholism, drug addiction, chronic criminality, and even old age and excessive drains on the pension system. 

Vaccinations designed to kill fairly quickly but not immediately, including Alzheimer-inducing special mixtures, could do the trick without excessive uproar. Blue coding would be for people who can fix your car, build houses, do electrical work, etc., and whose thoughts do not extend beyond sports and porn. Naturally they would be allowed to live unless they turned yellow, or, very unlikely, red. The cull cannot be indiscriminate. It will be pinpoint in its precision... or should I say needlepoint?

Incidentally, there were a suspicious number of deaths of microbiologists in 2001, suggesting that there may have been some plan to use biological warfare as part of the 9/11 coup, and an attempt to silence possible troublemakers in advance. Anthrax did indeed play a role initially, but faded out of the picture.

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Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at

Comments for " Coronavirus in Perspective: Spanish Flu (1918) Killed 60 Million"

David S, MD said (December 14, 2006):

Your article claiming Spanish Flu was manmade seems implausible to me for the following reasons:

The very existance of viruses as separate entities from bacteria wasn't proven until 1898.

The first human virus wasn't identified until 1901.

Viruses could not be seen until the 1940s.

The physical structure of DNA was not understood until the 1960s.

Creation of a new viral strain about 15 years after the discovery of viruses as an entity, and many years before each of the subsequent critical events identified above, isn't impossible. But it would be implausible in the extreme, IMHO.

Arn said (December 8, 2006):

Sir, I love/hate your site. There is so much to to be learned from it and yhat I enjoy. I send others to visit it. I just wish the news wasn't so dark, but that's life. I do not visit as much as I want to but when I am here I go from link to link and forget where I started from.


Good to hear from you. Remember knowledge is power. Even if you feel powerless to change external things, you can steer your own course in a new direction.


Lisa said (December 6, 2006):

I don't doubt it for a minute... Actually, I think most of our disease are man-made these days. I have worked as a medical transcriptionist for the last seven years, and I can tell you for an absolute fact that the pharmaceutical companies create most of the diseases... take one for one thing, and bam, you have three more problems pop up. I kept noticing a trend; either a patient is healthy and on no meds or is sickly and on a long list. Oncology (cancer medicine) was the WORST, and I was relieved to wash the blood off of my hands from that account after only one year. Talk about hell on earth!

All of this probably won't do any good for your article, but on a more personal level -- just because the bird flu & disease topic came up -- wanted to pass onto you some info about Olive Leaf Extract. My husband & I have been taking it for maybe 6-8 months now and I have to say that we have not been sick, not even a cold or flu, since we started taking it. I didn't really look into it that much, just took a friend's advice and started taking it, but really the results have been quite amazing. IF those ever-elusive "powers that be" are up to something, why not prepare early? A little "preventive medicine?"

BIRD FLU IS FOR THE BIRDS said (December 5, 2006):

Hello, This was not a FLU, it was made man by the doctors who were bored. Only people who got the vaccines got sick, they had to make up
a name for it so they named it the Spanish Flu. Eleanor McBean was a young girl at the time, I suggest that you put her name in your search
and she wrote a few books about it. The scientists are PAID by the GOV to lie and say it was the bird flu, The Bird flu is a hoax and it can not be transmitted to people, it is in the bird population like chickens.

THE WHO the world health organization is so phony and work with the gov to say all this lies that it can spread. I suggest that
you go to click on and scroll down to searchable archives, and look for this 2005-10-10 It will Jon
tells about the fake bird flu and then go to 2005-10-13 This tells you more how the chicken are raised in dirty conditions, and are
subjected to vaccine all the time, this weakens their IMMUNE SYSTEM.... they eventually die from all the vaccines they get. No one
person has ever died from bird blu, because it is only in the chicken family. NOT one document is out there, sure they are going to lie that
someone has these people were sick prior with upper respiratory or some other illness. But to make it sound that it can transfer to people
THEY LIE that these people died from bird flu... this is all about propaganda. I suggest that you all read this one written by a doctor
who is not afraid to tell the truth and for goodness sake sent this message to others. THE GOV will lie about anything to make money from
that bloody toxic chemical poisoned TAMIFLU who knows what aids virsu is packed in there and vaccines are loaded with toxic chemicals that
eroded the myelin shealth causes brain injuries, seizures, destroys the central nervous system. ANd they said if you get sick from the TAMIFLU
SHOT too bad they cant help you, HINT HINT it tells you already how toxic they are, don t be a stupid fool, THEY LIE the gov LIES all
the time and yes, they think we are all so stupid. THIS IS ALL ABOUT
CRAP AND PROPOGRANDA LIES and LIES believe their bloody lies??? this is very long and it shows you how phony the bird flu is going to people, WAKE UP

Nate said (December 5, 2006):

Well done sir.

I am curious as to why you did not raise the rhetorically pregnant question ... "And exactly why did certain governments dig up dead bodies and recreate the Spanish Flu?"

Security fears as flu virus that killed 50 million is recreated ...
Scientists have recreated the 1918 Spanish flu virus, ... any molecular biologist with sufficient knowledge could recreate this virus," said Dr John Wood, ...,3605,1585977,00.html - 38k - Cached - Similar pages

Ray said (December 5, 2006):

I thought I would add a bit to your article on the Spanish Flu of 1918.

In Pasteur Plagiarist Impostor! � The Germ Theory Exploded!, R.B. Pearson states on page 85; [Quoting]

�In the pamphlets �Germ Mutation� and �Immunity, Artificial vs. Natural� I give some important evidence indicating that the 1918 influenza epidemic was caused by mutation in vaccines used to �prevent� typhoid in the armies in Europe.
�When they inoculated against typhoid, they soon found that they had a PARA-typhoid on their hands, and the percentage of paratyphoid in those inoculated WAS IDENTICAL TO THE SECOND DECIMAL PLACE, with the percentage of TYPHOID in those NOT inoculated.(60)
�And when they gave two �shots,� one for each of these, they discovered a second paratyphoid, so to be scientific, they called them �A� and �B�.
�And, as �scientists� must always be �scientific,� they then gave the boys three �shots�, one for each of the above diseases, whereupon they found a fourth �disease��INFLUENZA�and the world�s highest recorded death rate in that! The Surgeon General of the A.E.F. said of this �Influenza�:
�The ordinary clinical picture of typhoid paratyphoid is very frequently profoundly modified in vaccinated individuals� . . . �intestinal types of supposed influenza should always be considered as possible typhoid until proven otherwise.� . . . �vaccination is a partial protection only and must be reinforced by sanitary measures.�(61)" [End Quoting]

Thank you for all your work Mr.Makow.

Jean from Hungary said (December 5, 2006):

Once again you pointed out something real big. We know that the NWO "elites" are openly supporting a massive depopulation agenda and, thus, something is certainly being cooked on that purpose. Everybody fears that it could be the "bird flu" and is surprised that it did not "work" until today. Personally, I`m afraid the next "Spanish flu" virus is ready to be unleashed but wasn`t yet.

Could it be that the "bird flu" is only a preparatory phase in that it is going to justify massive vaccinations which would protect or, on the contrary, sensibilise selected populations to a still secret and unleashed WMD virus? Such a selective targeting could be necessary considering that the physically deficient urbanised western populations` immune system is certainly weaker than that of the Arab or Asian populations whom the global "elites" want probably to get rid of in particular.

This didn`t appear in the international medias but, a few months ago, the current Hungarian government was bragging about funding a miracle vaccine against the "bird flu ". Some of the ministers of this government have even "tested" it in front of the TV cameras (?!).

Strangely, this miracle vaccine never appeared on the international market and went unnoticed by the World Health Organisation. Even stranger is that, when some journalists asked the government about the destiny of this miracle vaccine likely to save mankind from a "bird flu" plague, they were answered that it was not the business of the government to bring it to the populations and that of an obscure private company was charged to sell it at the best price and... that an Iraqi billionaire bought it already for use in the Middle East. Sure, I`m a conspiracy nut...

PS ...And do not forget the depleted uranium everlasting dust clouds offered to the Middle East in the "anti-terrorist" Gulf war packages. Many million Arab and Iranian people will probably die of it in the coming years. Many Israeli people too, of course, since the zionist wall cannot filtrate the DU dust... Are the Israelis a sacrificial lamb to the NWO? I mean those many who are too poor to ever leave the region.

Jennifer said (December 4, 2006):

Look up the herb "Boneset", it was used by locals to survive the Spanish Flu. I tell people to go buy Boneset, St.John'sWort and Goldenseal at a reliable health food store,which will protect them from the man-made bird flu shortly coming to devastate most of mankinds' indigenoius/poor people world-wide. I'm Shawnee, many of us know what's to come.

Below- What Happened to Mark Glenn? (scroll down)

Coronavirus - Another Ebola Psy Op?

January 25, 2020

BE Afraid.  Be VERY Afraid. . . Of Executive Order 13295 - not Ebola.

More than 200 viruses cause cold symptoms. They are the most common infectious diseases in humans and are mainly caused by coronaviruses or rhinoviruses. These cold viruses mutate constantly and therefore there is no way to formulate vaccines. Google " WHAT CAUSES COLDS" and you'll find many articles saying CORONAVIRUSES are just common cold viruses.

But mass media again wants TO PANIC EVERYONE. This is the annual panic party to promote social control through fear, anger and distraction. For perspective, I repost this 2014 article about the Ebola panic. (Thanks Andrew for the suggestion.)

Don't lose any sleep over EBOLA.  They are exaggerating the threat. You're never going to get it, and neither will anyone you know.  


by Daniel Butler

Last week, I heard a group of people praising the handsome 'Ebola doctor' Kent Brantly, who refused the last syringe of an experimental serum, insisting another infected volunteer get it.    A mental image of this drama flashed in my mind and had a sense of déjà vu.  

The mass media has been EXAGGERATING the hell out of Ebola.  In reality, it can't spread exponentially like a flu.  Check out recent headlines quoting WHO, the 'World Health Organization'.  This is a United Nations non-governmental body that masquerades as a global authority.   The MSM outlets have been running headlines DOCTOR SAYS EBOLA  SPINNING OUT OF CONTROL!    

OUTBREAK_.jpgAccording to CBS, an unidentified 'senior doctor' with a "leading medical organization" in Liberia said that:

"Ebola is "spinning out of control" in West Africa because it is so difficult to contain."  And the death toll is really much larger because  "many cases are going unreported because relatives have been burying still-contagious bodies of the dead in secret and that they are just simply scared to report the cases."

The doctor, who spoke to CBS News on condition of anonymity, later said the disease is spinning out of control in Africa partly because it is extremely difficult to contain it in a sprawling, congested city center.

This is nonsense on multiple counts.  I burst out laughing when I read "still contagious bodies of the dead".  Contrast that with information on real medical websites.

WebMD:  How Contagious is it?  "Infectious disease experts say they don't expect that to happen for several reasons. Ebola is hard to contract, they say, and good infection-control practices can stop its spread. What's more, Ebola is much less contagious than many other more common diseases. The virus, much like HIV or hepatitis, is spread through blood or bodily fluids and is not airborne."

Remember how they pre-programmed for 911 for over ten years?   How many times did terrorist blow up skyscrapers in movies?

They've done the same for the "big plague" pandemic that hasn't happened yet.   The 'killer virus' movies always have the same elements. Quarantine of whole cities, soldiers - lately UN soldiers and WHO directing the American doctors.


In how many movies have we seen the brave doctor (or soldier) either giving the only dose of serum to save somebody else - or injecting himself to test the potential cure?   Just a year ago, Brad Pitt injected himself with a killer virus in order to save Civilization, in 'WORLD WAR Z' in 3D.   The entire human race was engulfed in a global pandemic that turns people into ZOMBIES.  Pitt is some kind of troubleshooter from the United Nations.

Another movie I recalled was 'OUTBREAK', (1995).  Dustin Hoffman starred as a brilliant  USAMRIID research virologist racing against the clock to develop a serum to cure a outbreak of an Ebola-like virus he discovered in Africa in 1967.   By chance he's forced to work with his ex-wife - who is a CDC scientist.  (Naturally she gets infected and Hoffman has to save her.)

'OUTBREAK'  came out with the first Ebola scare twenty years ago.   A lot of people came out of the theater thinking that Ebola WAS the disease in the movie.   However, the movie version was a fictional mutation that was highly contagious like the common flu.   The real Ebola -  like HIV or hepatitis - can spread only through blood or bodily fluids and is not airborne. [1]

Here are the names of the 22 top "(Non-Zombie) Epidemic Infection Movies:  (You can add Contagion (2011) to this list.)

1. The Signal (2008), 2. Pontypool (2009), 3. Demons (1985), 4. 28 Days Later (2002), 5. Slither (2006), 6. Quarantine (2008), 7. Shivers (1975), 8. The Crazies (2010), 9. Infection (2004), 10. The Stuff (1985), 11. Mulberry Street (2007), 12. Splinter (2008), 13. Carriers (2009), 14. Salvage (2010), 15. The Thaw (2009), 16. Rabid (1977), 17. The Crazies (1973), 18. Cabin Fever (2002), 19. 28 Weeks Later (2007), 20. Warning Sign (1985), 21. The Grapes of Death (1978), 22. I Drink Your Blood (1970).  NOT CONVINCED?  Here are one hundred and fifty two more "killer virus" movies.

220px-Contagion_Poster.jpgYes, there's a PlayStation3 video game called "THE LAST OF US", about survival under martial law in "post-pandemic" America. [2]

Even pinhead Illuminatus Donald Trump is given headlines in the MSM advertizing his Twitter tweets: "The plague will start and spread inside our borders!"


In 2005, President George W. Bush asked, "If we had an outbreak somewhere in the United States, do we not then quarantine that part of the country? And how do you, then, enforce a quarantine?"   At that time, the US Military was forbidden from undertaking law enforcement duties by the federal Posse Comitatus Act. [4]

Bush's wish became law in Fiscal Year 2007 with (H.R. 5122.ENR), (Section 1076) which allows the President to use the US Military to "restore public order and enforce Federal law" for "natural disaster, epidemic", or other public health emergency, terrorist attack or "domestic violence incident." [5]

Bush signed this into law one afternoon on National Public Radio. [6]  The public promptly forgot about it. Barack Obama picks up where Bush left off

o-signing.jpgOn Aug 1st 2014,  Obama enhanced Bush's 2003-2005 Executive Order 13295, titled Revised List of Quarantinable Communicable Diseases.  Where Bush had specified only SARS and Avian (bird) Flu, Obama added the words, " severe acute respiratory syndromes, which are diseases that are associated with fever and signs and symptoms of pneumonia or other respiratory illness, are capable of being transmitted from person to person". That can potentially mean anything that WHO and/or CDC say is a threat.   WHO appoints the head of the CDC? New York City Official Is Obama Pick for C.D.C. (2009)

On the very same day, New York City held its "largest ever" bioterror response drill which raised the possibility that "terrorists" might release deadly viruses into the environment.

With Ebola, the Illuminati is adding another arrow in their quiver, should they need to enact martial law.

--Related - Ebola Smells Like Another Illuminati Hoax 

Kent Brantly---Samaritan's Purse poster child and crisis actor/doctor for the Ebola psyop.   QUESTIONS:

 Dr. Brantly was born in 1987 which makes him 32 years old.  In 2014 during the Ebola psyop he would have been about 26 years old.  Wikipedia states that in 2003 he earned an undergraduate degree at a University in Texas in  biblical text.  He would have been about 15 years old at the time.  He then went to medical school and earned his medical degree in 2009 . He would have been 21 or 22 years old at the time. ----THOSE AGES DON'T ADD UP FOR A NORMAL COLLEGE AND MEDICAL DEGREE.    


[2]  Pentagon and CIA enlist video games

[3] 42 U.S. Code § 264 - Regulations to control communicable diseases



[4]   Posse Comitatus Act of 1878 

[5]  John Warner Defense Appropriation Act for Fiscal Year 2007 (H.R. 5122.ENR), contains a provision, (Section 1076)
Includes authority to "suppress, in a State, any insurrection, domestic violence, unlawful combination, or conspiracy."

[6] President BUSH Signs 2007 Defense Authorization Act

 Washington Post links Ebola to Climate Change

"A 2002 study published in the journal of Photogrammetric Engineering and Remote Sensing found that sudden shifts from dry to wet conditions were associated with Ebola outbreaks from 1994 to 1996 in tropical Africa.
As the globe warms, precipitation extremes are projected to increase.  Periods of drought are expected to become more frequent in some areas while heavy rain events, when the occur, are forecast to become more intense.  Presumably, those areas which see precipitation variability increases - with abrupt shifts from extremely dry to extremely wet periods -  would be most vulnerable to Ebola outbreaks." (h/t Breitbart)

Related- The US Government Patent on the Ebola Virus   (Thanks CD)
Jon Rappoport -

First Comment by Gray  

Has anyone considered that this city had a massive 5G roll out? What if the 5G degraded the immune system? At that point even a simple cold can be devastating right?

We all should have watched the Bill Gates video of how the population can be reduced by 10-15 percent of it's done right. For consideration.

With this world run by luciferians, it's no wonder any major global event is a massive psy-ops run with half-truths and lies mixed in. Lastly allow me to share a link so frightening that I will have to convert to word file and save the data, because no telling how long this will stay up.

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

You can find this article permanently at

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at

Comments for "Coronavirus - Another Ebola Psy Op? "

Ruth said (January 26, 2020):

A while back during the Ebola "outbreak" we had an assistant principal at a public school placed on quarantine because she had traveled to S. Africa. Many miles from the outbreak. Now if you google virtually every state you will see similar stories pop-up. From the east coast to the west.....virtually every state had someone in the school system exposed to Ebola!

Christine said (January 26, 2020):

Interesting to note that the World Bank and African Development Bank report there are 650+ million mobile users in Africa, surpassing the number in the United States or Europe.’

Yet, where are the uploaded cell phone pictures of people in the throws of Ebola?

No pictures from inside the clinics, hospitals, or of, and by medical staff, clinicians, aides, nurses, relatives. Where are the real-time pictures? Not even by casual observers; yet we are a World obsessed with capturing every minute detail of Life on our cell phones and sharing it all online.

Debra said (August 20, 2014):

Due to the argument presented against Ebola being an airborne virus, I’d like to add that though Ebola may not be as contagious as the common cold / influenza, there is evidence that exhaled infectious droplets can pass to another at a short distance. Droplets from the Ebola virus are categorized as heavy droplets; nevertheless, airborne (i.e. coughing / sneezing).

Airborne Transmission of Ebola

Debra said (August 12, 2014):

It is highly unusual for healthcare workers wearing protective gear to get ill to the degree that has occurred in West Africa. Maybe due to poor ventilation? Ebola appears airborne in addition to it being a virus that is transmitted by contact with body fluids like hepatitis.

It did seem very odd that the physician, Kent Brantly, walked out of the transport vehicle, instead of being on a stretcher which is what was expected upon his arrival to the hospital in Atlanta, Georgia. I’m more prone to think bringing it to other countries is related to the vaccine agenda (à la Bill Gates). More fear equals more people agreeing to vaccinations. If there is a psy op, I’m more prone to believe it’s related to promoting getting a vaccine.

Let’s not forget the smallpox vaccine in Africa (1980’s) that was contaminated with HIV. As far as I recall, that was real. It really happened. And many people died as a result of it.

Ebola in Transit - An Act of Biological Warfare:-


Richard Evans replies:

I've found the authoritative answer to Debra's comment

"It is highly unusual for healthcare workers wearing protective gear to get ill to the degree that has occurred in West Africa.
Ebola appears airborne in addition to it being a virus that is transmitted by contact with body fluids like hepatitis."

Incorrect supposition.

Here's the detailed answer:

Boston U. E-zine: It’s so baffling that these leading, incredibly knowledgeable doctors are getting infected. How can that happen?

Dr. Nahid Bhadelia, National Emerging Infectious Diseases Laboratory in Boston: "The number of patients plays a major role, and the lack of resources is a major concern. Also, here, when we train people to take care of patients with highly communicable infections, specifically Ebola and other hemorrhagic fevers, we always say that you can’t be in that heavy protective equipment for more than a short amount of time, and you can’t be on shift for more than four hours. And that’s with one patient, maybe. Now you have docs who are taking care of 40 patients and they’re doing it in seven-hour shifts or even longer. That could definitely contribute to infection among health care workers."

A lot of the US media coverage has focused on, “Could it come here?”

Ebola Zaire, the strain we’re seeing right now, is much harder to transmit at a population level compared to respiratory viruses we’ve been hearing about such as SARS or MERS. It requires close contact with bodily fluids.

WH said (August 11, 2014):

Another excellent article, Henry. I remember the hype and attempt to panic the public during the H1N1 scare. I kept telling everyone I knew to settle down and stop listening to the mainstream media. I reminded them of how the news shows are just another program that has been "brought to you by our sponsors" (pharmaceutical corporations being big sponsors).

The problem is that people are in a trance and it's very difficult to get them to listen to reason once the media plants an idea in their collective mind. As an example of the power of this Svengali-like hold, I remember they had my mother fearful of the H1N1 hoax because she's asthmatic. She actually went so far as to get in line for the vaccine, but my words about how it was a well-orchestrated sham kept repeating through her mind while she waited. She left the queue without getting the vaccine and, guess what? She never got any strain of the flu that year, H1N1 or otherwise.

How can truth win on any appreciable scale when we're up against a massive media machine that churns out lies and we have a population that, by and large, has laid down their cognitive abilities and fallen prostrate at the feet of the media machine?

Below - Will Illuminati Throw Jews Under the Bus? (Again) (scroll down)

What Happened to Mark Glenn ?

January 24, 2020


In an articleAre There Any "Good Jews?"   I suggested that the silent majority
of  American Jews are opposed to organized Jewry and put the US  before
Israel.  My ex-friend Mark Glenn replied that he could not post a link because Jewish resistance is negligible. Below is his reply as well as his Nov. 2006 article, Judaism: A Conspiracy to Enslave Humanity, that is more urgent today as Zionism consumes the world. 

Mark was one of the best critics of Zionist hegemony but he has been silent after Wordpress de-platformed his site, The Ugly Truth two years ago. (Why do truthers use Wordpress when it is easy to build your own site, as I have done?) He was often quoted on Iranian TVPress. 

Before that, Mark had disowned me for posting an article questioning the premature death of Michael Collins Piper. Mark condemned me as untrustworthy on the basis of my Jewish birth. It appears Jews cannot be individuals and have principles. 

Some "antisemites" assume every Jew is privy to the conspiracy, thus giving Jewish objectors little option but to support it.  How would you like to be held personally responsible for crimes committed by your "people" without your knowledge or consent? Do we blame all Italians for Mafia crimes? Jews are an unwitting instrument of Rothschild world tyranny (Communism.)

It seems that people with a grievance are the first to mistreat others. Let's focus on the puppeteers, not their puppets. Most Jews are as ignorant and brainwashed as non-Jews.

As you can see from the material below, Mark was sharp and on the money. He is sorely missed. 

from May 18, 2016

Dear Henry,

As you know, normally you have carte blanche on The Ugly Truth in terms of the things you send me. However, there are several glaring items in this piece of such consequence that I can no more run this than I could run an article claiming that the moon is made of swiss cheese, not that you should infer that I am intimating deception on your part, which I know is not the case at all.

1st--Jews are not a 'race', anymore than are Catholics, Protestants, Buddhists, etc. They are a people driven by certain ideas, many/most of which got their roots in the religion of Judaism and which later become embedded in a cultural mindset that is embraced by those who have even gone so far as to abandon that religion, and the proportion of those who 'go with the flow' in this regard is upwards in the 90th percentile, you and a handful of others whom you listed making up the exceptions which are extremely rare.

2nd--That there may be a few who don't 'go along' with the evil plans of their leadership certainly does not reflect itself in any distinguishable numbers. Even the anti-war types embrace an ideology/agenda that is anti-God, anti-family, anti-morals, and by that I mean of course those leftist individuals/groups who bemoan the murder and displacement of Muslims and others as a result of what they refer to as 'imperialism' while at the same time, promoting the slaughter of unborn children through abortion on demand, homosexuality, the radicalization of women, destruction of marriage, etc, and please don't tell me that the number of Jews who embrace ideas such as this are 'small in number', because this is certainly not the case at all.

My 'agenda', if we want to term it thus, is as follows--I have great compassion on the Jewish people because I see them as victims of a very sophisticated form of mind control/behavior modification that is occultic in its roots and thousands of years old in its existence. 

The world today finds itself in the dangerous position it is in because of this sophisticated form of mind control/behavior modification, and not until the root of the problem is isolated, determined, and diagnosed for what it is will we ever stand any chance of resolving this problem. 

As you know, those few individuals--including yourself--who grew up within the cult of Judaism but who have freed themselves from that prison are celebrated and brought to the forefront on the website/radio program when they have something to say that aids in the aforementioned 'agenda' that I have laid out here.

 As I have told many, many people in promoting and defending you, I do not consider you to be any more a 'Jew' than I am, given that you have embraced the antithesis of Judaism and have made the very difficult and dangerous choice of lending your voice to the exposure of its evils.


Abridged from November 11, 2006 
By Henry Makow Ph.D. 

On his web site "Crescent and Cross," Mark Glenn argues that Christianity and Islam are natural allies who are being lured into a "clash of civilizations" by Neo Con Jews (fronts for Illuminati bankers) plotting to "divide and conquer."

The father of eleven children, Mark, 58, sees himself as a friend and "liberator" of the Jewish people. He believes mankind will never achieve peace until Jews are freed from bondage to their leaders' hidden agenda. Judaism is a conspiracy against both Jews and the human race.

Mark's article "Israel We Bless Thee" is a classic. When it was posted by Al Jazeerah, the ADL forced the Saudi ambassador Prince Bandar to issue an apology! What an honor Mark!

Mark also wrote a very provocative article entitled "Judaism is Nobody's Friend." Why is it OK to criticize Christianity and Islam but not Judaism? he asks. After all, Judaism is at the root of Zionist excesses.

Referring to the Talmud, he argues that organized Judaism is basically antagonistic to Christianity and Islam: "While the other two Middle Eastern faiths ...elevate the virtues of humility, charity and righteousness, Judaism ... legislates haughtiness, supremacism and callous disregard for other human beings..." 

"Does anyone in the room remember ...the Crucifixion of Jesus? ...Judaism's involvement in WWI and WWII? Bolshevism? The destruction of the moral, political and economic fibre of every country in the West? Hundreds of millions of dead children through abortion? The destruction of families and the elevation of sexual deviancy as a virtue?"

"And of course, last but certainly not least, the war to end all wars that is taking place in the Middle East and which bears the fingerprints of the Pharisees all over it."

"... If indeed Christianity sprang forth from Judaism, why then does Judaism maintain ...that Jesus was a sorcerer and a sexual deviant who suffers in hell by being boiled in a cauldron of semen and feces for daring to oppose the Rabbis and that His holy mother Miriam was a 'harlot who mated with carpenters' ?"

"...It is all another ruse to get Christians to fight Judaism's wars on the pretext that somehow [Jews and Christians] share something in common when in truth they do not..."

"Judaism is nobody's friend, and the sooner that the rest of us-Jew and non-Jew alike-come to realize this, the better off we will be. Get rid of it. It is a cancer. Cut it out and throw it away, as Jesus instructed that we do. It has never and will never be of any benefit to mankind. We cannot live in any kind of 'peaceful co-existence' with it. It is a declaration of war, and as long as it exists out there, mankind will never have peace." 


According to Edith Starr Miller, (Lady Queenborough) Pharisee Judaism is not a religion at all, but a secret society posing as a religion, a "sect with Judaism as a rite." She cites Moses Mendelssohn who wrote "Judaism is not a religion but a Law religionized."

I have also heard rabbis describe Judaism as not a religion but "a way of life." True religions oppose worldly desire and demand that we obey God. Judaism regards the accumulation of wealth and power as a sign of Divine favor. "Success" is the religion.

The God of Judaism is the Jewish people. Jehovah is the Jewish alter ego. He loves only his own tribe. 

In a secret society, only the adepts know the real purpose. The rank and file is manipulated with warm platitudes and lies. The "innocent" who is unfit to know the "ugly truth" becomes a valiant defender of the faith and ideal recruiter. This also applies to Freemasonry which seems to be modelled on Judaism. Both secret societies advocate killing any member who reveals its secrets.

The real purpose of Judaism and all secret societies, Miller says, is to advance the agenda of the super rich.

"Regardless of their exoteric objects, the esoteric aims of most societies are all directed toward the same end, namely: the concentration of political, economic and intellectual power into the hands of a small group of individuals, each of whom controls a branch of the International life, material and spiritual, of the world today." (Occult Theocracy, p.661)

Western society, perhaps the whole world, is based on the secret society model. You cannot rise unless you are favored (or deemed useful) by the Illuminati, the highest rung of Freemasonry. We are in the position of the rank and file, lied to and manipulated.

Miller cites an expert on Judaism, Flavien Brenier, who compares the goals of Judaism with Freemasonry: Securing political power and gradually modifying "the conceptions of the people in the direction of their secret doctrine." (80)

Jews deny that they consider non-Jews to be cattle. This esoteric knowledge contained in the Talmud and Schulhan Aruch is known only to adepts. Miller has six pages of citations from these texts but I doubt if 10% of Jews are aware of them (81-87.) (See also Michael Hoffmann, "The Truth about the Talmud")

However, the Jewish author of a book on the Yiddish language confirms Miller's finding: "The Jews are not merely out of step with Christian civilization, they hold it in utter contempt." (Michael Wex, Born to Kvetch, 2006, p.24)

What fault could they have with a gospel that preaches human brotherhood and putting others before yourself? Doing unto others as you would have them do unto you?  It denies their claim to be Chosen. They suffer from collective arrested development. 

Then what better people to destroy Christian civilization? Think of a child who thinks he can do anything he wants. Who doesn't have to consider others. Who is never wrong and so never admits it. Who thinks any criticism is  motivated by irrational hatred i.e. "anti Semitism."  Who wants the state to be his family and and tell him what to do. Think Illuminism, Communism, Modernism. Think many Jews and increasingly modern man shaped by Cabalist Judaism.

See also  Texe Marrs' Video   Illuminati Babylon

and Ted Pike's Video on roots of Jewish misanthropy "Why the Middle East Bleeds" and his article "Jewish Kabala: Root of Middle East Violence"  My abridged version is here.

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Comments for "What Happened to Mark Glenn ?"

RE said (January 26, 2020):

Just a note in reference to your article, as far as I know, from my correspondence with him, Mark and family was physically threaten by
those he "offended".

I believe, that would be good enough reason for him to call it quits. We once again have evolved into a society, where evil is called good and
darkness is embraced

Tina Z said (January 25, 2020):

've asked myself the same question - Where is Mark Glenn?

Mark was the most comprehensive and on the money blogger on the subject. I wonder whether he saved all of his material? And most importantly, whether he was threatened somehow by the tugs? I can't believe, with all the knowledge he had, he would have given up? Maybe he got fed up, like O'Donnell? There's so much you can write about to wake people up and eventually most everyone need to take stock of themselves. In any case, he is surely missed.

Ken Adachi said (January 25, 2020):

I don't know many Jewish people personally, so my perception is based mainly on what I read on the internet. In that regard, I have to agree with Mark's view that very few Jewish people have the willingness or courage to go public and decry the evil of Zionism and declare their first allegiance to America, the Constitution, family values, and the moral ethos embraced by Western Civilization. How many websites like yours or Brother Nathanael are out there?

Having just this moment read through both the 2016 comments and the 2006 piece, I find NOTHING that I can disagree with..What a magnificent summary! Wow, I wish I had read this when first posted. You can't state it any clearer.

God Bless Mark Glenn.
What a giant.

Jim C said (January 24, 2020):

To you to be judged by the actions of your ancestors is totally ridiculous.

I know. I live just south of you in Minnesota. If you traced the linage of my father’s
Swedish ancestors here you will find several who have distinguished themselves during the past
175 years. Well noted on the internet. On my mother’s side I can trace my ancestry to one who came to America on the
Mayflower in 1620. And many of his decedents were distinguished and some less than honorable including murder and prison.

So, who will I be judged by?

You and I are to be judged on what we do, not by the actions of our ancestors.

Keep up the good work. I believe you are an honorable man. Because you tell the truth of the matter.

Tony B said (January 24, 2020):

Your use of information from the research classic, Occult Theocracy, is much appreciated. A complete exposé of the occult, from as far back as recorded in history to the mid 1930s, it should be rigorously studied by all those interested in the satanic opposition to God and that conspiracy's adherents' theft of world control at the top in most nations, which today is almost completed.

Doug said (May 19, 2016):

I've had some ordinary Jews that have done well in the establishment tell me "we already won". To them I say, "you haven't won, you are just a useful tool.". How many statutes are there in the Talmud ? Is each one to be subjectively interpreted ? Do they have any absolute truths other than absolute hatred for all non Jews?

Dan said (May 19, 2016):

I was taught as a little boy to always judge the individual by his own actions, not stereotypes of race or religion. A grandmother raised on the farm instilled in me, "put yourself in the other's place" and try to look at yourself through their eyes. She said these two things were the teachings of Jesus. She was agnostic. She taught me his teachings are the truth and not to worry about whether he was God or not.

I'm sixty years old. When I grew up, television, movies and books didn't magnify Jews out of proportion the way they do now. We didn't imagine in the 60's that Hollywood was a Jewish monopoly, tough it was. We didn't see Presidents and Senators genuflecting before so many Jews. So if the big Jewish organizations are perplexed by their perceived 'rise of Antisemitism' I'd consider that it's proportional to the rise in publicity and profile the Jews in every sphere have given themselves over the last fifty years.
Now it's in our face every time you turn on a television, radio, surf the Internet. Nobody's bothered about the presence of Jews in media. The negative impact is the arrogance, the downright hatefulness on hundreds of Jews we see in the news all the time.

Everybody's seen and heard Deborah Specter's clip from a Swedish documentary saying the following:

"I think there is a resurgence of anti-Semitism because at this point in time Europe has not yet learned how to be multicultural. And I think we are going to be part of the throes of that transformation, which must take place. Europe is not going to be the monolithic societies they once were in the last century. Jews are going to be at the centre of that. It’s a huge transformation for Europe to make. They are now going into a multicultural mode and Jews will be resented because of our leading role."

I don't know what most American Jews would have thought of that documentary before it was circulated by 'antisemites' on the Internet, but I think most if not all wouldn't have had a clue anything was offensive about it. Many would have felt aggrandized by this kind of rhetoric. There's no getting around that the fact that a lot of wants and dreams for Jew for how things should be in Sweden, all of Europe, Britain, and North America are dissonant between Jewish people and everyone else. As these wants and dreams are actually being enacted in our Capitol and the capitols of the world as laws, we see our wants and dreams outlawed. So sure, anyone who has the 'leading role' in that sort of thing will be resented as hell.

I don't know if there's a solution to this problem because the Jews that aren't involved in pissing the host countries off have no power of influence of the powerful Jewish mafias that are on a roll. They ain't gonna stop.

So let's 'powerless' people who can't make those who claim to represent us stop pissing millions of people off at you and me by association, just not judge each other through the stereotypes.

I'll just close with this link 'ramzpaul' put last week. I think it's pretty accurate feedback for how a lot 'antisemitic' Americans feel about about being stereotyped, judged, attacked and dismissed on a daily basis by Jews in media.

5 Ways to End Anti Semitism

A said (May 18, 2016):

Regarding your article on Mark Glenn, I too have come to the same conclusion that he has- that we have a Jewish problem.

While we might see the rank and file Jew as a victim of mind control , and I definitely think there is truth in that, the fact is that there seem to be so many other problems with the vast majority of Jews.

In my experience and observation, they still put their Jewishness above everything else. And if it is not their Jewish identity, then as Mark said, they are involved with destroying and desecrating the foundations of all that is healthy, moral, and life giving. I think E Michael Jones laid it out best in his book, The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit; whether they are part of the conspiracy or not, they seem to be in rebellion.

I have had three personal experiences with Jews that stand out in my mind. The reason ? Their behavior. My best friend in high school who was Jewish stopped being my friend when I refused to give her all my research notes for and exam we had.

She sat and flirted the whole night before in the library while I did all the work of collecting the data. Shades of a Shabbas Goy ? I think so. I was flabbergasted that anyone could have the balls ( chutzpah ) to really think I would do all they work while they did nothing and that I should hand all my labor over.

Years later ( I’m a forgiving person) I hired the same friends mother to sell our house. Long story short, she was deceitful and treated my husband and I like we were know-nothing idiots.

My third experience I have already shared much of with you; my attempts at trying to share your material with another Jewish friend who I cared for. All I got were screams of anti-Semitism, and our friendship has vanished.

Is there something in Jewish genetics that gets handed down ? Maybe. After two thousand years of ingrained values and behaviors, it’s hard to think this could all change overnight.

For myself, I will steer clear of any dealings with Jews, unless like yourself, they have shown me that they are awake to the broader world of humanity instead of mired in their greediness and narrow Jewish self identity.

Can Jews be individuals and have principles?

January 25, 2020


Judaism is a form of mind control

Can Jews be individuals and have principles? 

by Peter S

Surely, that, must be   the ultimate "Jewish Question." What exactly, does it mean to be "Jewish" Can you have Jews without Judaism?  What is being Jewish without Judaism? Can you have a Hamburger without beef? Let us hear from Professor Shahak. He states of Judaism;

"Historically it can be shown that a closed society is not interested in a description of itself, no doubt because any description is in part a form of critical analysis and so may encourage critical 'forbidden thoughts'. The more a society becomes open, the more it is interested in reflecting, at first descriptively and then critically, upon itself, its present working as well as its past. But what happens when a faction of intellectuals desires to drag a society, which has already opened up to a considerable extent, back to its previous totalitarian, closed condition? Then the very means of the former progress - philosophy, the sciences, history and especially sociology - become the most effective instruments of the 'treason of the intellectuals'. They are perverted in order to serve as devices of deception, and in the process they degenerate.  Classical Judaism  had little interest in describing or explaining itself to the members of its own community, whether educated (in talmudic studies) or not. ............. The rabbinical authorities of east Europe furthermore decreed that all non-talmudic studies are to be forbidden, even when nothing specific could be found in them which merits anathema, because they encroach on the time that should be employed either in studying the Talmud or in making money - which should be used to subsidize talmudic scholars"  (Jewish History Jewish Religion: The Weight of Three Thousand Years By Professor Israel Shahak) 

So, according to this learned professor, Judaism is  a form of mind control system, of  a closed society which bides its subjects to total mind control by the Rabbinate. So, if you are Jewish, it means that you have surrendered your mind to the control by the Talmudists. Any Jewish person who desires to have an individual life and his own principles have no choice but to denounce Judaism and even being "Jewish"  

Meaning that  the term "a Jew who is an individual and with principles"  is a classic Oxymoron!  Judaism does not allow Jews to have independence of mind! Therefore to say that you are a Jew, and also an individual with principles is to be a fraudulent Jew or a fraudulent gentile. (Read, Marrano) 

Makow Reply-  It's much more subtle. Cabalist Judaism is a mind control system that now extends to the West in general. Most Jews -- 90% --are secular and have no interest in the teachings of the Talmud or Cabala. They have never read them. 

Satanist Response to "You are God's rep on Earth"

January 22, 2020

"The Xtian God is a nasty, vicious tyrant. 
His piss weak son is a Nancy boy who preached servitude 
and dependence to attract the slaves."

by Aloysius Fozdyke 

Sure, if you're dumb enough. Let me concentrate on Xtianity. Xtians believe in a God who sent himself, to sacrifice himself to himself, in order to save humanity from himself. This is the sick Xtian message and you'd have to be brain dead to accept it. At least you can't say that Xtianity isn't God centred, but why he didn't do all of this on the dark side of the Moon is beyond me. That way, all humanity would be saved and we wouldn't have to continually debase ourselves via the obey, pay and pray trinity.

The Xtian God is a nasty, vicious tyrant. His piss weak son is a Nancy boy who preached servitude and dependence to attract the slaves. Shave the beard and add a bit of rouge and Jesus would be a hit in any gay bar. You ever notice how all his apostles were men? And have you wondered why the more people love God the less they love humans, while working their horror completely and cheerfully from their religious conviction? "My enemies are obviously God's enemies!"

Even a casual reading of history proves that Jesus has caused more persecutions, wars and sundry miseries than any other name, but being a vampire entity who instructed his disciples to drink his blood and eat his flesh in return for eternal life, what would you expect? The only thing of any relevance that every altar boys' wet dream ever said is that 'you can judge a tree from its fruits' and using that criteria two thousand years of Xtianity should be more than enough for any healthy stomach!

Finally, 'the lord is my shepherd' and like all good shepherds eventually he'll lead you to the slaughterhouse - because that's what shepherds do; eventually.

Yours with Satan,  Al.


First Comment from Chris G

If anyone are "nancy boys", they are the satanists that have to do ritual sodomy which is part of Diana worship.  Aloysius Fozdyke's pillow must be full of teeth marks from all the times fellow satanists ritually sodomized him, then he ironically accuses Christ of gayness. Yeshua was no "nancy boy" as Constantine removed His childhood from the Bible to warp our perception of Him.   When Yeshua was a child, He killed many people through His words, some of which that struck Him, others that just made Him angry, and made some go blind but in His mercy brought them back to life after He found a wise teacher Zacheus.

Gospel of Thomas (Latin form) 6: "...And Jesus turned to the Jews who were with Zacheus, and said to them: Let all not seeing see, and not understanding understand; let the deaf hear, and let those who are dead through me rise again; and those who are exalted, let me call to still higher things, as He who sent me to you has commanded me. And when Jesus ceased speaking, all who had been affected with any infirmity through His words were made whole. And they did not dare to speak to Him."

Moreover, Yeshua enjoyed the company of woman such as Mary Magdalene; She used to love Him up with her hair.  As for Aloysius Fozdyke, he would prefer Fabio.

Christianity has been subverted by Paul the pharisee that NEVER met Him;  It's really Paulianity.

Satan and his angels are a bunch of angry losers, tormenting us on earth because they got kicked out of heaven.  One day Yeshua will wish all the satanists into the corn field (Twilight zone reference).

The US is the Jew's Golem

January 3, 2020

The US is the Jew's Golem

"Someone who is large but intellectually slow is called a golem. Other civilizations, such as the ancient Greeks, have similar concepts."

Often in Ashkenazi Hasidic lore, the golem would come to life and serve his creators by doing tasks assigned to him. The most well-known story of the golem is connected to Rabbi Judah Loew ben Bezalel, the Maharal of Prague (1513-1609). It was said that he created a golem out of clay to protect the Jewish community from Blood Libel and to help out doing physical labor, since golems are very strong. 

Another version says it was close to Easter, in the spring of 1580 and a Jew-hating priest was trying to incite the Christians against the Jews. So the golem protected the community during the Easter season. Both versions recall the golem running amok and threatening innocent lives, so Rabbi Loew removed the Divine Name, rendering the golem lifeless. A separate account has the golem going mad and running away. Several sources attribute the story to Rabbi Elijah of Chelm, saying Rabbi Loew, one of the most outstanding Jewish scholars of the sixteenth century who wrote numerous books on Jewish law, philosophy, and morality, would have actually opposed the creation of a golem.

The golem has been a popular figure in the arts in the past few centuries with both Jews and non-Jews. In the early 20th century, several plays, novels, movies, musicals and even a ballet were based on the golem. The most famous works where golems appear are Mary Shelley's Frankenstein, Karel Capek's R.U.R. (where the word "robot" comes from), Isaac Bashevis Singer's The Golem and The X-Files. There is also a character named Golem in J.R.R. Tolkien's classic series The Lord of the Rings. Today, there is even a golem museum in the Jewish Quarter of Prague.