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June 14, 2005


Henry: I understand the Illuminati have a ruling council.

Eric: It is the Grand Druid Council of 13 meeting in the Rothschild Mansion several times a year.

Henry: Is it possible that Jesuits and Sabbatean Jews are among the members,
and that you and I are just focusing on different elements, like blind
men describing an elephant?

Eric: The Sabbatean Jews are first Masonic. The Jesuit created the Bavarian Illuminati, one of its purposes being to infiltrate and thus unite all Masonry under the control of the Black Pope via the Illuminati. For example, David Rockefeller is a member of the Iluminati Rockefeller Lodge in New York City. And one of his Sabbatean, anti-Torah, Zionist Jews---Masonic Henry Kissinger, is one of his subordinates.

As I mentioned earlier, according to the AV1611 Reformation Bible humanity has been under the times of the Gentiles since the captivity of Judah began in 606. Thus the world is governed by Gentles, evil White Gentiles in particular.

The Jews involved are also powerful, but they are merely the Pope's "Court Jews." For example, when Hitler started rounding up the European Jews and putting them into the camps, it was Knight of Malta Joe Kennedy that assembled together Hollywood's most important Jews. There he ordered them not to oppose Hitler, to which order every Jew obeyed including Louis B. Mayer of Metro-Goldwin-Mayer.

There are many more examples of this Masonic Jewish subordination to the devil's evil and most powerful White Gentiles, the Pope and Jesuit General being at the apex of the pyramid. The Jews during their Diaspora are "the tail" of the nations and are yet to be "the head" after their national repentance and belief on Messiah. (Deuternomy 28; Zechariah 14)

Henry: Do you have a sense of when the next shoe will drop, and what it will be?

Eric: There will be a grand CIA-orchestrated terrorist event no doubt. But when, I cannot tell for sure.

Henry: Where does Ratzinger fit into this picture?

Eric: Ratzinger has always been intimate with the German Jesuits, Robert Leiber and Augustin Bea being two of them. He was ordained to the priesthood by Pius XII's Archbishop of Munich, Michael Cardinal von Faulhaber---the man who brought Hitler to power in Bavaria.

Henry: Part of my problem is that Jewish power is so visible but Jesuits
power seems veiled.

Eric: That is always the Order's intended perception for the creation of more anti-Jewish fury among the nations. The Bolshevik revolution is the classic case in point. Few know of the Jesuit Bishop Ropp and his power during that upheaval. The Revolution had to be given a Jewish open and notorious leadership so as to make the Protocols believable, thereby justifying the Nazi invasion of the USSR in the attempted fulfillment of the false prophecy of the 1917 Fatima Hoax (i.e. the conversion of Orthodox Russia to Romanism).

Henry: While I can accept that you may be right, I wonder what the Jesuits'
source of power is.

Eric: Spiritually, the devil.

Henry: With the Rothschilds etc. you know it is control
of credit.

Eric: The Rothschilds are merely Vatican Bankers. The Rothschilds financed the Order's French Revolution and Napoleonic Wars in punishing the Papacy and Catholic Monarchs of Europe for suppressing the Order in 1773.

Henry: Why should anyone obey the Jesuits?

Eric: Because they control the CFR/RIIA and the Papacy as well as the International Intelligence Network.

Eric Phelps Ugh!! Comments by Tony Blizzard


Some guy bases his reasoning on "the AV1611 Reformation Bible"?!!! Whatever that may be.

Makes me tired to contemplate the gross ignorance in this world. What the hell does he think Christianity did for 1500 plus years without his then newfangled, anti Church, protester, biased bible? It couldn't be the real bible the Church had Jerome (most brilliant mind of his time) compound from all the known writings on those subjects in the third century after Christ. It couldn't be espousing the same things about those topics as the Church had made canonical, or he wouldn't be quoting it instead of the real bible.

No, this is just one more guy having preconceived biases he goes hunting to try to prove up.

Anyone who claims the Rothschilds are "merely Vatican bankers" is utterly clueless. Just a typical, rabid, Protestant, Catholic hater. The English speaking world is rampant with them. Was one myself long ago, when I, too, was grossly ignorant, so I know that story well. But I never was so far removed from reality that I put Rothschild as an agent of the Church. On the contrary, the Rothschilds have had the gold and gems of St. Peter's in Rome under their mortgage control for centuries. Knew that even when I was rabidly anti Catholic.

And that "the Jesuits created the Illuminati" is the same rabid froth. Wisehaupt (sp?), the creator of the Illuminati, had previously attended Jesuit classes and learned some of the orders' methods of putting their plans into action. The Jesuits were actually created to save Christianity in a very perilous time for the Church. But today, like the Church, the order has been infiltrated and misused to a great degree.

Guys like this one have to be hit by a train to actually search for truth instead of satisfying their biases and discarding anything which doesn't match them.

One simple point: France was a solidly Catholic nation before their revolution when thousands of clerics and just plain Catholics were murdered out of hand. The Catholic solidarity has never regained its previous strength in France. It would take a really strange church to finance its own demise, don't you agree?

No, it takes very little honest research to discover that the French Revolution was not only financed by, but the guns and other means were furnished from, the masonic lodges. Mostly Grand Orient lodges. All masonry is Catholic hating to the extreme.

Maybe this guy is one of those really dangerously insane Catholic hating masons. I do not exaggerate. Check into the history of Mexico for a recent example of masons slaughtering Catholics en mass. Well, if it's available anywhere. I found out about it only from families which lost members.


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