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The Truth About "Diversity"

June 24, 2006


By Henry Makow Ph.D.

We are all affected by "Diversity" but few understand its true nature.

Warning: It isn't pretty.

"Diversity" is a massive long-term mind control program posing as 'equal rights" designed ultimately to disinherit nations of European and Christian origin.

While it pretends to advocate equality , its real goal is to use guilt to trick heterosexual White males into yielding position and power to women and minorities. The object is to prepare North America and Europe for inclusion in a "world government" run by the central banking cartel based in London.

This private cartel's power is measured by the fact that virtually every major corporation, educational institution and government agency provides "diversity training" (i.e. political reeducation) to its employees. Even though studies show it has zero economic benefit, they spend eight billion dollars a year on it. Toyota alone plans to spend that much in the next ten years.

Here is an example of the shaming of Whites that takes place in these sessions. It is from the text, "Seeing Ourselves: Exploring Race Ethnicity and Culture" (1999) by Carl James.

A participant, Greg, tells the group:

"As for my race, I am white but I never really had to think about it before. I don't feel that it ever affected the people with whom I associated or talked to. My two best friends are Black and (Canadian) Indian. I was brought up in a family that didn't believe in prejudice and I'm proud of that. If I don't like a person, it is because of their personality, not their race or heritage."

Now you'd think that Greg would pass with flying colors.

You didn't consider the hidden agenda. The author, a Diversity trainer, chastises Greg for assuming he is "the norm." Greg fails to acknowledge his "race privilege," that "invisible package of unearned assets" that is the "white colonial legacy."   Whites like Greg deny "the ways in which they socially, culturally and politically produce relations of domination." (p.44 my emphasis)

In other words, Whites naturally oppress other people. That sounds like vicious racism to me. 

Can you see what's happening? These Diversity sessions lay guilt trips on Whites, especially males, so they will yield power to compliant members of minorities who have not earned it. This is a scam. Anyone who objects to this political agenda commits career suicide. That's political persecution.

I want to be clear that I think the human race is one family and God loves all people equally. Like Greg, I believe people should be judged on their merit alone, regardless of race, gender or sexual orientation.I have no problem with "minorities" winning positions of power so long as they do it fairly. I welcome the rich contribution immigrants make.

But "Diversity" is not about fairness or enriching society. It promotes minorities not for their own sake, but as a way to subvert the majority.


It's ironic that the central banking clique should lay this guilt trip on Whites when it is they who are responsible for imperialism and wars past and present. It is they who grew even richer through the slave and opium trades, and they who control organized crime today through their agents.

The US population is more than 75% White. The plan is for Whites to become a minority by 2050 or sooner. Whites are expected to stand by and become guests on their own house.

When Whites are a minority,  no one will champion their rights. There are two million more females than males at US universities. Have you heard of any affirmative action programs for males?

"Diversity" is practically unheard of in China, Japan, Israel, India and Latin America. These countries are allowed to keep their racial character. But because people of European origin have a sense of  material, spiritual and political privilege, they are the hardest to absorb in the New World Order. They are the targets of the Diversity program.

The central bankers use the tactic of "divide and conquer" to undermine the four pillars of our identity: race, religion, nation and family.

First, they  pretended to champion the workers to get rid of the Tsarist regime in Russia. Then they pretended to champion women and homosexuals to undermine heterosexual values and the family. Finally they are duping Whites to passively accept discrimination and a greatly diminished status.

They use the same dog-eared playbook. (Select one) Workers, Jews, Blacks, homosexuals, women have been oppressed for centuries. Let the bankers put their (select one) front men (or womyn) in power.


Understanding  Diversity helps you to understand your world. For instance, at the city library.  there was a placard on every counter affirming the importance of "respectful behavior."

The signs bewildered me. I wasn't planning to "dis" the library clerk. Now I understand where this weirdness comes from. It means we must show respect for women, gays and minorities. The crippled colored lesbian deserves our respect most. On the other hand, the straight white male is the Rodney Dangerfield of Diversity.

But, you say, don't "white males" run the world? White males are becoming less important. For example, women now account for about half the enrolment in professional programs such as law, medicine and optometry. That is up from 22 percent a generation ago. Women have overtaken men in Commerce degrees.

In general, White or not, success today depends on your willingness to betray your society and advance the central banker agenda. In Communist terms, minorities and feminists are today's "useful idiots."

Similarly I wonder about the recurrent "anti bullying" propaganda. Bullying didn't require legislation when I was growing up. Again, I wonder if the hidden agenda is to create an atmosphere where White heterosexuals cannot resist domination by homosexual and other minority activists.


Malleable and conformist, the masses will usually adopt the norm. When evil people set the norm, the masses will succumb to distorted and self-destructive behavior.

The banking cartel creates money using our national credit. As a result, society has been subverted by an alien power with a satanic agenda. Our poltical and kultural elites consist of traitors who, for example, allowed 9-11 to take place and covered it up. We are  subjected to a constant stream of lies from these sanctimonious self serving pawns.

We live in an increasingly Orwellian society. "Diversity" doesn't mean true diversity. It is doublespeak for discriminating against the majority.  "Inclusiveness" doesn’t include celebrating European or Christian heritage.

The founding peoples of the West have a right to maintain their national character and see it flourish. Immigrants expect to integrate, while retaining their heritage. They don't expect to be used to undermine the majority. 

So, let's not fall into their "divide and conquer" trap by focusing our indignation on minorities. They are manipulated as much as we. Let's focus on the central bankers and their lackeys, in politics, education, business and the media.

I know this goes against the grain for some. Ask yourself where did you get your attitudes. They were dinned into you by the media and education. We are being manipulated and duped and it's time we awoke.

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Comments for "The Truth About "Diversity""

Josh said (July 1, 2006):

It's worth pointing out that in "diverse" marketing images like the one in
your article, the black male lead character is usally paired with a white
female counterpart, presumably to promote the image of black male/white
female relationships. While I don't have any problem with individuals who
choose interracial relationships, the voracity with which the media promotes
this particular pairing does seem odd. It certainly occurs more than any
other arbitrary interracial pairing, and much more than in real life.

Linda said (June 30, 2006):

"The founding peoples of the West have a right to maintain their national character and see it flourish."

Unbelievably you were talking about the white race of mankind here; did you never hear, or notice that the Red race of mankind were the "founding peoples" of the West/America? The white race did not allow the founding peoples/native americans to maintain their "national character".

What gives? Why do most authors write as if the American Indians never existed? I simply do not understand the mentality of this.


Agreed. Whites are not entitled to any home. They are evil. evil. evil. If you are White as I suspect, are you planning to commit suicide?


Tony said (June 30, 2006):

1)Most people prefer to mix socially and any other way with their own race. This is normal and natural because one has more in common with
and, thus, a better understanding of, members of one's own race. Consequently, most are much more comfortable among their own.

2. It is a plain fact that social harmony is much more natural and simpler to obtain where races do not "rub shoulders" overmuch. The
crime rate in Japan, for instance, is tiny compared to nations with a great mixture of races. Many kinds of stress naturally come with races mixing in the same territory.

3. Yes, the powers that be do have an agenda to pit the races against one another. Largely because they fear the white race more than the
others for various reasons. The white race, which has for a long time been the world's minority race, is rapidly becoming a smaller minority.
It is no longer reproducing itself. Strong propaganda - including feminism - is promoted among white women to do anything except be
mothers. In the "white" countries, you will notice, there is an obvious agenda among young girls, all of whom are enticed to have early sex.
(Sex without family and love is a sure way to destroy people's lives.)
But note, pregnant white girls more than likely will be talked into having an abortion while pregnant non white girls will more often than
not be set up with welfare for themselves and their babies. Or haven't you noticed?

Sonia said (June 29, 2006):

Henry - Your articles should receive wide dessemination!
Have you heard/read the latest here? It was on tape. While playing a basketball game, a black kid assaulted a white kid. It was caught on tape. The white kid & father who is also the coach were on Court TV. The kid said he had never met the black, they were only 5 minutes into the game, and suddenly he is grabbed, pummeled to the ground, beaten, etc. until the father is seen rushing in to pull him off.

Never once did the Court TV host mention the "Hate Crime" question. You can bet it would have been mentioned (repeatedly) had it been the opposite. We can only surmise that this was a "Love Crime"!!!!

Craig said (June 28, 2006):

You make me embarrassed to be a human being.

You have proved the edict that human beings are, by nature, selfish, lazy, and vain. Thankfully we are killing ourselves off with the kind of hatred that ignorant people like you spread. It is sad, because with the potential, and knowledge that humans have amassed, we could be doing so much more than talking about skin colours.

Thanks for dragging the human race back another ten years, idiot.

Paul said (June 28, 2006):

All you have to do is be a minority in the area of question. That, for example, was the reason why I got less financial aid at a historically black college----I was a first generation poor black college student who took honors classes in high school-----than a middle class, white female and a few other white students. White students have received MINORITY scholarships at predominantly minority institutions. You gloss over the fact that the Illuminati are racists, so while they think they are superior to the masses of white people, they still want whites in general to be in more control than
non-whites people, as sort of a buffer class.

But you will never see a news story about white kids getting minority scholarhsips because that news would dispel fear and division. Fear and division are necessary to keep the rest of us in line and fighting with each other.

I suspect that when whites become a minority, they will again receive special treatment, and we will be right back with the status quo. Why? Because like I just said, fear and division are necessary to keep the rest of us in line and fighting with each other.

George said (June 26, 2006):

I again must congratulate you on a well writen well researched, and an outstanding expression of that which is happening in the Country for the eventual take over and making a Canadian/ U. S. / Mexican territiorial state for the N W O,
Which will do away with all rights under any contrants or constitutions.

But again I must take exception. I truly believe that the National Bodies of the Homosexual Rights Organizations fail individuals
and are tied in with plans of the Illuminati to use the homosexual Rights issue as a means of diversity.

Yet, Me and all the homosexuals I know have never had any one or organization "champion" my cause. In the '50's, '60's, and '70's individual homosexuals worked hard to earn their own human individual rights and
by god we are entitled to them And anybody who suggest we are homosexuals by choice are full of shit.

We worked hard, stood up to authority and the social structure, and as individuals achieved a rights for homoesexual to the point we can shout, "We're here, we're queer, so get used to it. "

Those national groups who have assumed the "control" of the homosexual movement, which causes more problems for the homosexual than achieves anything worth while is no doubt using the movement in a secretive, evil-directed way.

Secondly, the idea that he homosexual wants to take away the power of the heterosexual male, is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard. True, most Heterosexual males are ceding power, en masse, And we queer men are looking at them with no respect Whatsover. But the homosexual did not take that Power, does not want, and resents the suggestion of that Logic. The queer man and woman want one thing, The right to be what they are, as they were genetically
Born to be, and will fuck with or attack any one who Tries to prevent it, we have come to the end of this Torture imposed on us by government and society.

But we are not seeking to take anything, and certainly not Wanting to destroy the heterosexual man. Our fathers
Were strait, our uncles, our families, our loved ones, All we want is to be accepted into that family of man.

I thank you for giving me a chance of re buttall, but these Sound like attacks on the individual homosexual, which I do Not think you mean to do, so must defend my
Fellow faggots.

Jeff said (June 26, 2006):

Another great article! Our immigration policies in Canada need to be drastically overhauled. We let in any idiot into this country and when they get get off the plane they have a welfare check waiting for them!.....I'll bet you and I could not get welfare assisstance if we needed it. My favourite sight in my home town is to see all the white girls pushing black babies. What a joke this is....the women live on Mother's Welfare and those bums that are the fathers live on no support or anything!....something wrong with this picture????????.....Also the poor police pull over a known drug dealing black man and he sreams "racial profiling"!....What a joke.....why don't we just round up these 'deadbeat low lives' and ship them back to their coountry!...OOPS excuse my ignorance....That would be racist!!!!!!!!

Stephen said (June 26, 2006):

White males "The Rodney Dangerfields of Diversity":

Reading that line about Rodney, (bless his soul) really made the aritcle and my week, Thanks.

Jake said (June 26, 2006):

I don't think that diversity is a bad thing, and I'm all for programs to help immigrants and those of ethnic descents get through college. But as a graduate coming right out of high school going into college this fall, I found that as an white male who only got average marks in school I found that I am at an automatic disadvantage when it comes support and scholarships. It makes things blatantly obvious to me that there isn't an even playing field when it comes to getting into school. If only I were a Native American female in a wheelchair with divorced parents, one of whom is on welfare and the other in military service, then I would be eligible for more than one in twenty scholarships.

Michael said (June 26, 2006):

What you wrote is right on the mark, the media is being used to brainwash and disinherit the white race. What worries me is there won't be anyone white left who remembers what it was like 40 years ago before this diabolical plan was put in top gear. There is no question the Protocals are being implemented to the T. This is long term Elite Jewish supremacy strategy I have no doubt whatsoever. The Catholic Church has remained silent and they know for sure the history of the Talmudic Khazars so I can only believe they were infiltrated and Vatican 2 was the result. The Church is in a shambles and Europe is committing suicide with materialisma and self centered greed just like the U.S. and Canada. I would chuck my security and join the underground in a heartbeat if we could absolutely identify the monsters behind this. I won't have a choice in 20 years, totalitarian ghouls will be ruling. Russia and the Czars was just a warmup, they perfected torture and soul eradication to perfection I'm watching them build the apparetchek apperatus live daily. I know Christ and the Church will prevail but it is terrible in the mean time. Keep the truth coming Mr. Makow, you know it as it is.

Ian said (June 26, 2006):

I believe that immigration, affirmative action, crime, etc., are being used to give Whites a legitimate set of grievances. I feel that the elites will at some point reanimate White racism and provoke racial war in Europe and North America and this will lead to the slaughter of millions of mainly non-White, "useless eaters."

Terry said (June 26, 2006):

I always enjoy and the unscrubbed news and articles therein........I call the majority of it "The Real Truth"! OK, read your article and I agree with it. What you might like to know is I shared it with my wife who is a trainer for a major Fortune 100 Company. She said that probably 75% of training in High Schools, Colleges and Corporate America is as you proclaimed, including the part about career suicide. She says her company is part of the other 25% that tends to focus on using differences, avoiding race examples (i.e. left-handed vs. right-handed) to promote team building and tolerance. Just thought you might enjoy some feedback. Keep up the good work and truth! Terry

Christine said (June 25, 2006):

For the most part, you are right as usual. Here in Toronto, there are public signs that "diversity is our strength." That is obviously a lie, or else they wouldn't be shoving it down our throats all the time.

They had a letter to the Toronto Star a few days ago by a 51-year-old lady. She said that despite having 4 college degrees and certifications, she couldn't find a job and had been looking for 5 years.

A counsellor at a local federally-funded job placement agency told me that it now takes 6-8 months to find a job here. There seems to be significant discrimination on the basis of age, and I am white. I think the employers favor minorities due to legislation for them.

I don't understand why the East Indians keep coming here since all the jobs are going to their country. Ditto for China, although with their monstrous population policies, I can understand why they would want to leave.

Frosty Wooldridge, the American illegal immigration activist, noted that the destruction of Rome was effected by the mass influx of immigrants into Rome. We are witnessing the destruction of Canada and the US in the same manner.

As a wise man noted, a culture that is displaced by those who did not create it will cease to exist. Just as the whites displaced the native "Indians" here, the whites are now being displaced by non-whites. It is too bad that whites do not value their own culture enough to band together and find ways to defend it before it ceases to exist.

Jason said (June 25, 2006):

What you say is absoutely correct. White males have been denied a number of lucrative occupations, solely on the basis of skin tone and genetalia -everything from policing, to banking, and now even to medicine, where women
outnumber the men 60% to 40%. University, once argued by feminists, the true litmus test of status in a society, is now wholly dominated by women.

Hello!? Why aren't the feminists telling us this any longer? Oh because now that the scales are tipped toward women, it's all okay - after all, they have to deal with a subtle systemic discrimination - ooh shudder... When
THAT turns into quotas against women and minorities let me know - because
then they'll have something to complain about.

I feel badly for young white males growing up today. They aren't told about the accomplishments of their forefathers, only how their forefathers robbed and displaced the forefathers of their classmates. Imagine growing up in a world, where, from birth, you are the guilty party!

If there's some great advantage to being a white male, then let me ask you this: why is everyone applying for university, college, jobs and promotions, trying desperately to label themselves as some or other "disadvantaged
group"? Why would a white male like myself, gladly undergo a race change, to become a member of a "disadvantaged group" if not to enjoy at least some of the advantages? How many racial minorities do you know who could say, you
know what, I'd like to be white? Well I damn well could say the reverse, and if you've got the money, the plastic surgeon, and the time, you have my go ahead.

You see, I'd kind of like to get into medicine myself one day. I have the intelligence, the dedication, the empathy and the personal skills - I demonstrate these daily in my capacity as a nurse. What I lack is the "disadvantaged status", which could, overnight, turn my dreams into an assured reality.

Michael said (June 24, 2006):

You are so, so right, Henry.

Anglo-Saxons in Britain (England in particular) are being ethnically-cleansed.

Islam is by its nature expansionary and if the trend continues—demographics show it is more likely to accelerate than decline—what kind of society will today's children find themselves living in, in 40 years time?

Will they, one day, be ordered to attend the Town Square or the parish church to witness a young woman—perhaps their own grandaughter—being stoned to death for adultery? Or if their grandsons or great grandsons should fall into evil then will today's innocents be forced to watch their own kin chained to a post in an ordinary English town to endure a hundred lashes before being publicly beheaded beneath the chestnut trees or hanged from the gantry of a mobile crane? Such is the Islamic way! It is Sharia—a word we'd never heard of a decade ago but which will become increasingly familiar to us as the years unfold.

Absurd, outrageous, anti-Islamic nonsense, you may think.

- But Sharia mortgages are already mainstream business in the UK.

- In Bradford we already have 22 mosques, with more being built.

- A recent Mori Poll says that 22% of British Asians believe Britain will have an Asian Prime Minister within twenty years.

Chillingly, they could be right. Today more people attend mosques on a weekly basis than attend the Anglican Church.

Times are changing faster than we think. The Muslim birthrate is soaring; the Anglo-Saxon birthrate is at an all time low. Whether we like it or not, history, which always moves in convulsive fits and starts, and never smoothly, is overtaking us.

England is already a country under occupation. Between ten and fifteen percent of the population already describe themselves as being from an 'ethnic minority'.

Best wishes and thanks for your relentless campaign for 'openness'.

Thanks Michael,

Muslims and Islam are not the problem, just them becoming a majority in the West rather than being able to thrive in their own countries. Muslims have many traditional values that will help to thwart the New World Order.


Andrew said (June 24, 2006):

Huxley was right and today you are writing to "a population of slaves WHO DO NOT HAVE TO BE COERCED[.]" Except perhaps to snap-out of their comas of servitude and start thinking again.

We all have to admit our limitations. We have been left with limited resources and as such we can't change THE world. But with your help, we can change OUR worlds. You CAN free souls one consciousness at a time and I want to thank you for the transformation that you have provided for me. I could not have come this far without your help. ... I would encourage all of your readers to go back and read your prior articles before making any judgments. Your web site is a form of continuing education. FREE continuing education. And thanks for that FREEDOM too.

Ron said (June 24, 2006):

So Blair and Bush are bisexuals eh? You know what
Henry, that is just hilarious! You know what, you
write some good stuff on your website, but your
article The Truth About "Diversity", I’m sorry, it is really quite nonsense. I agree with Liz a hundred percent. Are 99% of white males leading a comfortable overall good life wherever they are on the face of this planet? Are 99% of white males privileged more than any other member of the human race? They sure damn are. Please don’t throw dust in people’s eyes.

There is certainly a global agenda being forced on the world by a rich elite, but trying to prove what your main point is in your article? – please give me a break.

Jeff said (June 24, 2006):

I agree with the vast majority of what you research and report, and I constantly promote your website tirelessly to an anti-intellectual population of semi-literate people. But you do not seem to have any understanding of the harm done in the workplace by persons with personality disorders and how easily they manipulate the system and destroy lives for thrills. I hope this brief recount of my personal tragedy has been educational to you. Dismissing Anti-Bullying Legislation when you have no grasp of the necessity for such legislation demeans my own experience with evil people and touches a nerve on the topic. Otherwise, keep up the excellent work.

Liz said (June 24, 2006):

don't mean to offend you, and thus get a broadside back - but have you considered that it is still the minority males who need saving, not the white ones? Guantanemo Bay isn't full of white Western males. The White House is run by pretty much an all white, male cabal. It isn't the white West population who are being bombed to smithereens and seeing their children die, right now.

The British Prime Minister is - yep - a straight white male, as are most of his cronies. The ones who want to force us into accepting ID cards and £25 billion worth of up-to-date nuclear weapons, are mostly - white males.

Bullying of women and minorities has been accepted for centuries, and look at the state the world's in now! Considering that white, straight males have taken pretty much every human right going for millenia, it's highly
ironic to see the indignant caterwauling now produced, when, for the first time in a long time, they're actually being asked to share!

Not give up anything - just share it. Is that really too much to ask? Are you really
spoiled enough to be unable to see the difference?

As it happens, I do believe we're facing a pretty awful future. But it will
have been designed and put into place by - guess who? Mostly men. White men.

The white males don't need saving. Believe me. Look at history, both modern and medieval. And look at politics today. It's the rest of us who
need saving from the white males!


Blair and Bush are bisexuals at best. But your letter proves my point. You have been taught to blame "white males" instead of focusing on the real source of the problem.


Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at