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Preview of World War Three

September 1, 2006


By Henry Makow Ph.D.

In coming days and weeks, sock-puppets like George Bush will jawbone about stopping Iran's "nuclear enrichment program."

If you understand the big picture you can tune all that out. If it weren't nuclear enrichment, he'd find some another excuse to menace Iran. Here's why: 

The London-based Illuminati central bankers want to complete their Masonic world dictatorship by extending their power over Russia and China. (The Illuminati is an occult society that controls Freemasonry, the largest secret society in the world. That's their emblem on the US dollar.)

In "The Grand Chessboard" (1997) Carter National Security Advisor Zbigniew Brzezinski said control of the Middle East and Central Asia, including Afghanistan and the Caspian oil fields was a prerequisite to controlling Russia and China.

To justify the invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq, the Illuminati engineered Sept. 11 (Yes, the Bush Administration, Federal Reserve, CFR, CIA MI-6 and Mossad were behind it.)  As Brzezinski wrote: "the pursuit of power is not a goal that commands popular passion, except in conditions of a sudden threat or challenge to the public's sense of domestic well-being. The economic self-denial (that is, defense spending) and the human sacrifice (casualties, even among professional soldiers) required in the effort are uncongenial to democratic instincts. Democracy is inimical to imperial mobilization." (p.35)

(See Michael Ruppert, "A War in the Planning for Four Years: How Stupid do they Think We Are?" )

In 2001, Russia and China together with four Central Asian states set up the "Shanghai Cooperation Organization" to expel the US from the region.

Iran, Pakistan and India were granted observer status. Iran was regarded as the linchpin to the whole region. In other words, under no circumstances will Russia and China let Iran be defeated. The same applies to the Taliban in Afghanistan. World War Three will pit West against East, NATO against the SCO.

Why is it fine if Pakistan has nuclear weapons but not Iran?  Ostensibly, Pakistan is an Illuminati puppet-state. In other words, only Illuminati-run states are allowed nuclear weapons. However Pakistan is drawing closer to China and is assisting the Taliban.

Why doesn't Bush go after North Korea's nuclear arsenal? It's under Chinese protection, has no oil and isn't the linchpin of Central Asia.

So when Glenn Beck  intones on CNN that Iran "is out to destroy our way of life" recognize a cheap whore soliciting your fathers and sons for NWO cannon fodder.

And when Israelis squeal about being under attack, give them a slap on the head. They are the aggressors and high tech terrorists. Their gratuitous destruction of Lebanon  had nothing to do with a threat because there was none. It was intended as an object lesson for Iran. However the Israelis were taught the lesson. If only they would learn it.  

I'll spell it out. Iran already has nuclear weapons and the backing of Russia and China. If Iran is attacked, Israel will be destroyed. Better for Israel to make peace with its neighbors and make restitution for its crimes against Lebanon and the Palestinians.

Iran President Ahmadinejad said recently  Iran's neighbors, including Israel, have nothing to fear from Iran. The same cannot be said for Israel.

Unfortunately we are on Illuminati conveyor belt, moving  inexorably toward annihilation and acting as if it were a hayride. What is the timeline?  There are still alot of preparations (money) to be made. I am guessing about five years. Until then, the proxy wars will continue.

Our political "leaders" are Satanists, criminals and traitors. Our religious and cultural leaders mostly are cowards and/or degenerates. The mass media engages in lies and mind control. 

We must stop colluding in our own moral degradation, enslavement and ultimate destruction.  We must reject war.

Must Read: "The Next Phase of the Mid East War" by Michel Chossudovksy

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Comments for "Preview of World War Three"

Glenn said (September 5, 2006):

just read your East Vs West article and I couldn't agree more, we must reject war.

I do, however, tend to think the illuminati controls both the East and the West. My understanding is that Mao was a Grand Orient Freemason, and the Russian Revolution was fully funded from the US/England.

I don't think things have changed.

Tom said (September 5, 2006):

Please keep up your great work, and don't allow
yourself to be intimidated. The purpose why God
"created evil" Isa.45:7 is that we may overcome
our "fears" with our "faith" and by it qualify to enter
eternal life.

If you interested to see the theological side of this
issue, please visit my web site:

Thanks and Blessings,
Tom Demeter

From the theological point of view, I have reason
to believe that Israel, and the USA first will fall partially.

Then we will have World War III, when the USA
will fall, as you indicated in your article.

Jean from Hungary said (September 5, 2006):

Thank you for this new highly informative article. Don't you find revealing how the mainstream media failed to notice that we escaped world war three a few days ago? We were indeed very close to it when the Olmert government had to decide recently whether to extend its Lebanon war to Syria.

This Sunday Times article,,2089-2340486,00.html cites the neocon kingpin Richard Perle: „If they (Israel) had acted against Syria during this last kerfuffle (the war in Lebanon), the war might have ended more quickly and better (…) Syrian military installations are sitting ducks and the Syrian air force could have been destroyed on the ground in a couple of days.” This makes clear that Perle’s unofficial employers (the EU based „money makers”) wanted Israel to attack Syria.

As Syria and Iran have a defense agreement (, an Israeli attack against Syria would have probably provoked an Iranian intervention which, in turn, would have unleashed the Israeli nuclear weapons as the only military option left against the combination of the Hezbollah, Iran and Syria forces. With the destruction of Syria and Iran, Russia would have been confronted to the unacceptable fait accompli of losing her geostragical positions in the Mideast while China would have lost her irreplacable Iranian energy supplies.

It seems that E. Olmert wasn’t ready to take the paternity of world war three. Just as G. Bush, who seemingly cannot resolve himself to attack Syria or Iran. The problem for the „money makers”, who absolutely want their world war in order to stay lonely at the top, is that China and Russia are every day more prepared to survive a nuclear attack. So, what next?

Thanks Jean,

Next? More of the same.


Khaled said (September 4, 2006):

Could the fight against Satanists serve as a common denominator for Christians and Muslims to shrink their differences? Can a clear focus on such a common enemy serve to unite Christians and Muslims thus contribute to a more peaceful world? Do you have any ideas on how this could be done? What baby steps could be taken to bring people of the two faiths to take baby steps in that direction?


It would be great to unite all true God believing people in this battle.


Kezi said (September 4, 2006):

The book of reveleation tells us that there will be a war which will involve several great powers and that great armies will attack Israel,but one thing that perhaps I could humbly point out is that before Israel can be destroyed by these great armies from the east,God wil intervene.So what we are going to see soon is the arrival of the antichrist,and the mark of the beast.The globalists and Illuminati all have one aim,these events cannot be stopped,no matter what we do,it is biblical prophecy and must come to pass.your work is admirable and I respect your bravery.It is sad however that even after so many events including 911 and the so called terror threat,these are all nonsensical and part of the
deception that the world has fallen for.People in the world are too busy and scared to notice that they are being duped and taken for a ride,foolishly enough they are enjoying it. Keep up the good work!

Michael said (September 4, 2006):

Hi Henry, always enjoy your writing. The "victory" of Hezbollah in
Lebanon has no doubt greatly invigorated the Islam world. The once
invincible IDF no longer seems so. Likewise, the ongoing American
debacle in Iraq is showing the world that the US, while perhaps not a
paper tiger, is at least not the invincible hegemon it pretends to
be. These events would encourage the East to dare to dream that the
West can indeed be defeated and driven out, which only furthers the
Illuminati "Clash of Civilizations".

Thanks Michael,

I'm not sure that the "East" isn't also controlled by the Illuminati already.W may be witnessing another massive charade.


Lisa said (September 4, 2006):

Thanks, Henry, again for filtering out all the noise and cutting to the "meat" of the matter. I agree wholeheartedly with all of your statements, except I believe that that you are giving the "religious leaders" a little more credit than they are due. Most, sad to say, should be lumped in with the Satanists. The religious leaders backing the Bush Administration's endless drumbeat to war and Israel's truly wicked assault on its neighbors KNOW BETTER; they are standing there with the Bible in their hands -- but not, obviously, their hearts!

They have become that which they are looking for to arise in the rebuilt temple of Jerusalem... antichrist. (And what did our Messiah refer to when talking about rebuilding the temple in three days? His body, the "temple" of the Most High.) When the term antichrist is found in scripture, it is ALWAYS plural, referring to MANY; those within the church who have "come out from us." These are your Bush-backers, these are your pro-war mongers, these are your "religious leaders" toting the party line; those who back Israel's aggressive behavior toward its neighbors and gleefully drool when thinking of bombing Iran and getting the land back for poor Israel. Are they insane? Yes, or we can state it in prophetic terms as they are under a "strong delusion."

Israel could have peace if they would get their act straight before God (and this obviously doesn't include dropping cluster bombs and maiming children!) For it is written:

When a man's ways please the LORD, he maketh even his enemies to be at peace with him. Proverbs 16:7

Try as we might, we cannot stop WWIII, but we CAN choose whose side we will be on, and that, in the end, is the most important choice of all.

Dominick said (September 4, 2006):

So when Glenn Beck intones on CNN that Iran "is out to destroy our way of
life" recognize a cheap whore soliciting your fathers and sons for NWO
cannon fodder.

so does that mean you are a "cheap whore" spreading wild allegations and
defeatist rhetoric on behalf of the wests' enemies?


The Wests' enemies are all inside the gates. Do some reading and don't be in such a hurry to be irradiated. On the other hand, if you feel so strongly, why not enlist?


Andrew said (September 4, 2006):

Thanks for another timely article about World War III and Iran. I agree with Steve and Ahmadinejad. "No one can deprive Iran of its rights to develop its nuclear capabilities." "Iran is not a threat to anybody, not even to the Zionist regime."

I'm always amused by all the hysteria in America over news other countries are close to developing nuclear weapons. Here we are holding the largest stockpile of nukes on the planet--and a history of using them--telling the world who can and can't have them. To say this is hypocrisy at it's height is a gross understatement. It's out there in the stratosphere in hubris and arrogance.

Iran needs nukes beyond the obvious deterrent capability against US and Israel but also more importantly--in my opinion--the fact nuclear power is a technology that cannot be ignored if a nation intends to stay on its evolutionary path of technological progress. Abdicating that right of knowledge in the field of nuclear technology is condemning that nation to a second class status in the technological world. When Iran says it wants to build nuclear power plants for peaceful purposes and how it's research on this technology is aimed towards peaceful pursuits as well, it's funny how the media dismiss that notion out of hand. Yet they know it was the study of atoms which opened the door towards advancement in the nuclear biology field and discovery of DNA.

Pakistan acquiring nukes actually prevented another India/Pak war. They fought 3 times and once they acquired nukes, it seems deterrence works. They were nose to nose only a few years ago--with over a million troops a stone throw away from each other--and now seem to be talking more and on a political track to resolving their outstanding issues. Absent of nukes in this equation, we could have seen war number 4 between those two adversaries.

Iran has no choice but to pursue nuclear technology. Bush made that clear when he invaded Afghanistan and Iraq. It's insane for any country in that region--even more so for Iran-- to have Israel with nukes, India, Pakistan, Russia, and China also having these weapons--not to mention countries in Europe--but Iran--THE PERSIAN PEOPLE--be denied this technology. Brazil will likely be in that nuclear power club as well shortly. The genie is out of the bottle. Bush and the Neocons are dead wrong on this issue.

Steve said (September 3, 2006):

I just read your article about Iran and think you've hit the nail on the head. As a sovereign state, Iran does have the right to pursue nuclear arms.

As you point out, were this not the case, the US would have threatened India and Pakistan and North Korea over their own nuclear weapons developments.

I have been telling people for months now that if the US attacks Iran, Russia and China *will* intervene militarily. (They look at me like I'm
Chicken Little, but that's another matter.) The reason why is simple: Both countries have given Iran too much in the way of technical, materiel,
military and monetary support not to. Plus, there's a gazillion gallons of oil at stake.

Many do not realize that Russia and China intend to use Iran as a proxy state which will not only do their bidding, advance their interests and also act as a counterfoil to US advances in the region.

It is ludicrous for anyone to suggest that Iran would pose a danger to the world if it acquires nuclear weapons. It might possibly pose a threat to the Middle East and Europe too, if the right delivery systems could be obtained.
But not the entire world. The technology needed to do so is of a magnitude greater than Iran could create on its own.

Perhaps the phrase, 'threaten the whole world' is being used by the elites to condition the masses into accepting the fact that there's another world war on the way.

I wouldn't give the arrival of World War Three even five years. I think it's going to happen much sooner. Last week a front-page article about Israel surfaced in the National Post. The article stated that Israel had appointed
one of its top generals to manage the 'Iran front'. The article went on to discuss Israel's position, which is that it considers Iran to be a danger to Israel's continued survival...

The Israelis have also publicly told their citizens to get ready for the possibility of having to endure missile strikes and substantial loss of life in the relatively near future. The article also indicated that Israel plans
to launch air strikes on key points in Iran, and hopes the US will join in, given its qualitatively (and quantitatively) superior ability to drop ordnance on a given target. Most telling is that the Israelis believe that
they have a one-year window of opportunity to deal with Iran. Why would anyone wait to attack until Iran actually has functional nuclear weapons, if they truly pose a threat?

To my way of thinking, generals do not talk of managing fronts if they are merely seeking to deal with contingencies. Nor does a country tell its people to get ready for attacks if has no reason to expect them. I would not characterize Israel's missives as sabre-rattling.

There is a confluence of events happening right now that points to the stage being set for a large-scale conflict in Eurasia. Large-scale war games are being jointly conducted between Russia, China and Kazakhstan. Iran is in the
midst of its own war games. India is placing large-scale orders for new military equipment, much of it to come from the US and Europe. The US has issued 'stop loss' orders to keep as many troops as it can in Iraq.

...Finally, what is not being talked about in the news media is the true role of NATO forces stationed in Afghanistan. Yes they're there to run counterinsurgency ops against the Taliban, foster the development of a democratic state and protect deliveries of humanitarian aid and so on.
However, they are also there to help protect the US Army's northeastern flank when (not if) the US attacks Iran.

William said (September 3, 2006):

Some of what you say is true. But Satanists!?? Don’t know about that? Criminals and traitors, yeah,…there are a few of those. And, what you say about the media is pretty much right on.
Trouble is, with your assessment, there are more agendas than just two. You are naïve, at best, to think that China’s intent is anything but global domination of the worlds economy and Islam’s aim is anything but antiquated Islamic subjugation of free thinking minds.
What is your solution? To roll over like a bitch dog and accept this other BS from a backward religion and a Communist regime that cares about as much for civil rights as the Illuminati?
You offer no solutions other than surrender, that I can see?

Dear William,

Satanists? What do you call Skull and Bones, which is an Illuminati organization? All political leaders belong to that ort are high ranking Freemasons.

Solutions? Peaceful co-existence. Let's fight if we are attacked. Not manufacture attacks in order to justify aggression.


Sue said (September 2, 2006):

Your website is great. Destroy the family and society is destroyed.

I am new to the Proverbs 31/Feminine Woman concept but it is too late for me. I am 41 and can not remember when I trusted and liked men. My biggest fear has been being raped and pregnant so I got a tubal ligation years ago to "prevent" a man from "controlling" me. I have been duped.

I try to tell other women about "Fascinating Womanhood," "Created to be His Helpmeet," (, and "The Power of Sexual Surrender" but most women do not care. I feel sad because I do now understand and want to be this way but cannot have children so cannot marry. ($10,000 for reversal plus risk of getting microchipped) It is very painful to know how to be a proper supportive and devoted wife but not to be able to use this knowedge.

Most men seem to want a woman who is drop-dead gorgeous, want to have constant incredible sex (they must know ahead of time of course), and want her to have her own money. Other men will rescue and care for women who are critical and demanding of them.

Thank you for your site.

Ben said (September 2, 2006):

Being one of the last sovereign states without a Rothschild central bank, Iran is targeted and branded as the enemy in the long-running narrative paradigm imposed on the masses. Like a choreographer, the Illuminati plans and directs world events in a sequence of their choosing, using Hollywood and the global media to fabricate reasons and justification for thier
actions. You are dead right when you remark, 'If it weren't nuclear enrichment, he'd find some another excuse to menace Iran.' I believe that
there is no logic in the words of politicians, but only in the actions that 'they' coerce their countries to undertake. The puppet-masters keep pulling the strings, and the people are too engulfed in the script to realise they
are being conned; that much of what they are fed is make believe. All Iran wants is to be left alone, and to be free of the debilitating slavery of the New World Order, that is so ruthlessly pushed down its throat.

DavO said (September 2, 2006):

I can, like you, see all of these correlated reports converging on the war scenario. Your point at the end of the article I have also agreement with…”There's still a lot of preparations (money) to be made”, and will be the prime driver of events up until the last moments of peace. The other side of the equation proving this 5 year timeframe is the peaking of Oil, Condensate, & Gas production worldwide, which is slated from various sources (and the use of different methodologies) to be two years either side of 2010/11. These methodologies and their results are solid and can be relied on as well as Newton’s 3 laws of motion. This is not my opinion, but those of leaned university professors and geo engineers worldwide armed with proven theories and research.

This peaking of liquid hydrocarbon energy will in turn be the trigger for the accelerated collapse of Fractional Banking systems through wholesale crash and monetisation of the worlds bond markets as energy scarcity related hyperinflation takes off in anger from that date. This will also correspond with the loosing of downward price controls over the precious metal markets. The only wildcard will be what the worldwide central banks do in regard to interest rates in the lead up to that date and the impact this has on gross oil demand. (We might get a few extra years if they play their cards well).

My guess is that they will not initiate the final conflict until the first year or two after this peak in production when it can be proved that the rate of production is finally falling with no chance of plateau. (ie the fraudulent and pyramid fractional banking system can no longer be used to concentrate wealth as price stability and hence bond market stability will be impossible past this date – hence the heralding of a return to gold backed money).

At this point I don’t see much point in buying precious metals – if you ain’t got any by that date it may be too late to buy any in volume. Our friends at camp Rothschild & co will have already hoarded a majority of world stockpiles by that point.

At this point I would suggest that one head for the hills, out of the cities, and with your bible and gold under your arm – and “into the patient waiting for Christ” 2 Thessalonians 3:5. Most unfortunately would be cheering for war against Iran at that point rather than seeing the writing on the wall, and to this end they just might get their nuclear event on US soil.

Christena said (September 1, 2006):

Dear Henry - Thanks for yet again seeing the news within the news. People of the world must be turning a blind eye to world events if they do not see that something is definately wrong in the middle east - and that the US is the agressor - or a puppet as you stated. My concern is the fact that CNN has avoided using the phrase world war three in their news statements. It seems obvious to me that we are poised on the brink, if it has not already started. How many countries must be at war before it can be called a world war? Why does the media not want to explore such a possibility? Why are Americans not speaking out against the Bush Regime? Do they not see through the lies and propaganda? What will it take to stop things now? Are there things the average person can do to stop what has already begun? Keep up the good work Henry, you may not always be right, as some of your readers suggest, but everything you say is designed to make people think for themselves, debate the real issues, and become enlightened.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at