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Palestinians, Israelis are Pawns in a Greater Game

May 1, 2002

People in the "anti globalization" movement don't see the irony.

Last week in Washington DC, a protest against the World Bank was joined by an anti-war march, as well as one against Israel. In the end, 65,000 merged in "the largest Palestinian solidarity demonstration in US history."

It seems that if you are anti-globalization, you are automatically anti-war, anti-World Bank, and anti-Israel.

But wait a minute. Last week, in Cyprus, the same World Bank cobbled together $1.2 billion dollars for the embattled Palestinian Authority. This is in addition to the $4.7 billion the World Bank has already provided to the Palestinians since 1993. The United States committed $300 million to the latest package. They estimate it will take only six months to repair the damage.

"There are no conditions in our approach to the Palestinian situation other than practicality," said World Bank President, James Wolfensohn, a Jew.

Elite Jewish bankers supporting Palestine? Doesn't this mess up the protesters' tidy worldview? Shouldn't they be cheering the World Bank, instead of jeering it?

The World Bank's financial support is a ringing endorsement of Yasser Arafat's policy and a prescription for more of the same.

Arafat can continue to run a police state (no dissent allowed, imprisonment without trial, torture), indoctrinate the young in hatred and send gunmen into Jewish homes to murder 5-year-old girls in their beds (as they did Saturday.) Sharon can continue to retaliate as he is doing.

You and I are paying for it, and the bankers are collecting the interest.

Apart from the money, why does the World Bank promote the Israeli-Palestinian conflict? To distract and inflame the people of the world and to make the Arabs look bad.

When Palestinian suicide bombers blow up civilians, with the support of Saudi Arabia, Syria, Iran and Iraq, they are providing the elite with a rationale to attack these countries. When students in Baghdad voice support for suicide bombers, they forfeit the American public's sympathy in the upcoming war. Polls show that 40% of the American public support Israel while only 13% support the Palestinians.

Palestinian terror is a trap for the Arabs. They're being set up to be demonized and destroyed. And, before they go down, who knows what resistance they may offer? Israel and even the US may come under biological attack. The elite bankers don't care. War is a business for them. Palestinians and Israelis, you and I, are pawns in their game. We are all potential victims.

Islam with 1.2 billion adherents is assuming the role of "bogeyman" in the New World Order. Muslim countries, with their strong emphasis on family and religion, and their vast oil reserves, are in the crosshairs. The elite needs a new Cold War to enact its totalitarian and depopulation agendas.

The world is controlled by an interlocking cartel (oil, banking, media etc.) that is slowly institutionalizing its power in a friendly fascist "world government." This agenda involves the continued destruction of the nation state, democracy, family, religion and western civilization. The "war on terror" is a fabrication designed to advance these ends.

The Israelis and Palestinians could throw a spanner in all this by making peace. Their conflict is largely manufactured. You don't hear about the Kurds or Chechens getting billions do you? If the bankers simply said to both sides: no more money without a peace treaty, we'd have one.

Instead, the message is precisely the opposite. Go ahead and create havoc. We'll rebuild in no time!

Wonder why Ariel Sharon ignored George Bush's order to withdraw? Sharon takes his orders directly from the bankers, as do Bush and Arafat. Obviously, they are giving different instructions to each.

There is plenty of room in the Middle East for everyone. Jordan is 60% Palestinian anyway and contains huge unpopulated tracts. There are 1.2 million Palestinian Arabs who live in Israel and are Israeli citizens. Almost 200,000 other Palestinian Arabs had jobs in Israel. If the Israelis and Palestinians made peace (the elite's nightmare) everyone would prosper.

It is disturbing to see "anti globalization" forces condemn only Israel and flirt with Anti-Semitism. No country on earth would tolerate a terror war launched by a neighbor. No country would be as restrained as Israel in its response. And to be called Nazi for its trouble is obscene, and makes me despair.

Unlike the Palestinians, Israel does not kill civilians randomly. The victims of Jenin were mostly armed combatants who had a chance to surrender. Five-year-old Danielle Shefi in her bedroom in Adura on Saturday did not have that option.

Fascists like to use anti-Semitism to divert the masses from their real oppressors. Racism is judging people by their blood rather than as individuals. We are individuals. We each have a direct relationship to G-d.

I am a Jew. My likes and dislikes extend to Jews as well as non-Jews. As a young man I considered immigrating to Israel; I didn't like it there. I am too much of an individualist. Both Jews and non-Jews are behind the New World Order. (Rothschild is Jewish; Rockefeller is not. Wolfensohn is; Bush is not. I reject them all.) How can we resist fascism if we divide on racist lines?

The Israel-Palestine conflict is designed to enflame hatred so the elite can wage its war on Islam. The world has been hijacked by an international cartel with a depraved totalitarian agenda obscured by rhetoric about ensuring peace and ending poverty. It is promoting the Israeli-Arab conflict for its own evil ends.

It wins if it can distract and divide us. Let's not play its game. Let's embrace both Arabs and Israelis as brothers and sisters. Let's encourage both sides to make peace and prosper.

Let's focus on the real enemy: the World Bank and the baneful cartel it represents.

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Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at