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For Freedom's Sake: Remove Feminist Professors

December 19, 2001

by Henry Makow Ph.D.

Did you hear the squealing last week from the mice called "university professors"?

It seems they saw the shadow of a cat: Senator Joseph McCarthy, and the House Un-American Activities Committee.

They believe an innocuous report by the American Council of Trustees and Alumni (ACTA) augurs loyalty oaths, witch-hunts and attacks on their academic freedom.

Entitled "Defending Civilization: How Our Universities are Failing America," the report listed over 100 examples of less-than-patriotic reaction to America's response to Sept. 11.

Indeed, there is a witch-hunt at American universities.

But it is the witches who are doing the hunting.

Radical feminists and their allies have a stranglehold on the liberal arts/ social sciences on US campuses.

Feminism is a lesbian Marxist ideology deceptively disguised as "equal rights" for women. Feminists are frankly dedicated, not to the preservation of Judeo Christian civilization but to its overthrow. Their self-defined mission is to indoctrinate the young.

They have purged hundreds of professors using false charges of sexual harassment and racism. They have created a reign of fear based on political correctness, speech codes, censorship, tribunals, intimidation and discrimination.

Only "their" people are hired. Surveys indicate that fewer than 20% of professors vote Republican. Lynne Cheney describes this assault on freedom in her fine book "Telling the Truth" (1995).

To learn more, see: Alan Kors & Harvey Silverglade, "The Shadow University (1998); "Dinesh D'Souza "Illiberal Education" (1991); Richard Bernstein "Dictatorship of Virtue" (1994); David Horowitz and Peter Collier, "Surviving the PC University' (1993); and John Fekete, "Moral Panic" (1994). See also David Horowitz's campaign against campus PC at

What Happened to the Liberal Arts?

The Liberal Arts by definition is dedicated to the quest for the "truth."

It assumes that truth exists. This derives from the belief in God. "The Truth shall make you free," said Christ. "God is Truth."

But universities were taken over by people who don't believe in God. They believe in Karl Marx, a misfit who never held a job. They believe in an earthly paradise based on collectivism and "equality".

"Truth," for them, is anything that supports this discredited Communist dream. Everything else is a lie. Feminist professors want to "deconstruct" all of Western Civilization. They distort everything to one standard: "How do these works try to justify inequality, especially the exploitation of women?"

Feminists diminish and demean all human experience to fit their pathetic simple-minded political agenda. As an intellectual discipline, feminism is a fraud.

Feminists say they must rewrite history and culture from the point of view of women. This is preposterous. The human experience is, generally speaking, the same for men and women. The feminists' real goal, aside from creating employment for themselves, is to destroy the culture they are paid to preserve.

Similarly, feminist professors champion "multiculturalism" and "diversity." They promote everything non-male and non-European thereby disavowing the American heritage. Today, (as the ACTA report says) students can graduate from the top 55 US universities without taking a single course in American history.

This is not coincidence. The feminist professorate has a frankly subversive agenda, to prepare the ground for totalitarianism.

While the United States is dedicated to the expression of the human spirit, Marxists are dedicated to its repression.

While the United States is dedicated to individual freedom, democracy, competition, private property and the pursuit of spiritual ideals, Marxists are dedicated to equality (sameness), coercion, collectivism and conformity.

In the tradition of Nazis and Communists, feminists sacrifice the individual to the group. Everyone is defined by group identity, e.g. white male, woman of color, gay etc. Hiring people by these racist and sexist criteria is the antithesis of "equal rights."

Feminists erase the distinction between private and public matters. Echoing their fascist precursors, they say, "the personal is the political." This allows the state to control every aspect of our existence. Welcome to 1984.

Feminists proudly admit to dismantling heterosexuality and Western Civilization. Yet they are shocked to encounter any resistance. They pretend to be innocent victims and smear their opponents as "hate-filled Neanderthals."

They invoke Sen. Joseph McCarthy and "witch-hunts", to imply that any opposition to their totalitarian agenda, is an attack on freedom. This will not work.

First, they are the true enemies of freedom, the masters of the witch-hunt and black list.

Second, Sen. McCarthy made some mistakes but he was right. America was and is crawling with misguided people who would enslave us to their quixotic vision.

If America is going to flourish, the feminist stranglehold on the liberal arts must be broken. Many feminist professors must be purged and conservatives hired in their place. Then, we will have genuine dialogue. Feminists are great believers in quotas so I'm sure they'll appreciate this one.

So-called "Women Studies" Departments should be shut down. They are the feminist equivalent of Al Queda training camps. They produce the John Walkers, male and female.

In the War for Civilization, we cannot ignore the subversives who have taken control of the education system. They ruined half of my life. I grew up thinking capitalism was evil and this prevented me from participating in society.

American society has been successful because it is the product of a 5000-year-old Judeo Christian culture. We have a sacred duty to defend this culture with the same vigor that we defend our borders.

Let's take back our universities.

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Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at