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"Art" Films Pack Ideological Sucker Punch

January 17, 2008

By Henry Makow Ph.D.

In the old Soviet Union, art was considered a branch of propaganda. If
a novel or movie wasn't "politically correct,"  it wouldn't be seen. The
idea that art should reveal transcendent truths was out-of-the-question.

I am noticing the same trend in the West where the Communist Party term
"politically correct" is now in common usage. Last week, I saw "The Kite Runner" a story set mainly in Afghanistan about a friendship between two boys and how, in the course of a lifetime, one learns moral courage.

The film upheld human values and moved me to tears in a couple of places. I found myself wondering, "How did this movie get wide-release?"

The answer wasn't long in coming. The hero returns to Taliban-controlled Afghanistan to rescue his friend's son from an orphanage. The Taliban are portrayed in the worst possible light, as religious fanatics who
stone women and sodomize children. Without realizing it, the theater audience will assume that Muslim fundamentalism is a scourge, and the "war of civilizations" is justified.

No mention here of how, with US aid, the Taliban actually liberated Afghanistan from Soviet oppression and stamped out the opium trade. No,   yesterday's "freedom fighters" are today's "terrorists."
See a more truthful view of the Taliban by Eric Margolis: "The Taliban are Terrorists"


Another movie that met the PC smell-test was "Juno," about a 16-year-old girl who is pregnant. With the dearth of intelligent movies, I am willing to overlook a lot, like why didn't this sharp young woman know how babies are made?

To Hollywood's credit, women in movies are eschewing abortion these  days. Juno  finds an adoptive couple. But when their marriage falls apart (because of the man's immaturity of course) I hoped that Juno and
the biological father would actually keep the baby. After all, they love each other and she has a supportive family.

But No. Their maternal and paternal instincts are portrayed as non-existent. The two teens treat their child like someone's chipmunk. Juno ends up giving the baby to the woman who is now single.

In the New World Order, it's OK to have children, but it's not  OK to have biological families. Without realizing it, the audience will assume that raising children without fathers is just dandy.

The illuminati grabbed control of the mass media because they understood its overwhelming power to set social norms. Human apes are cowardly conformists and mimes by nature. The mass media has enormous power to
deceive, control and pervert.

Some really great movies are being made. "The Illusionist" and "The Painted Veil" are two examples from 2006, both starring Edward Norton.

And I still enjoyed the two "Art" movies mentioned here. I just resent the Illuminati's insidious, relentless, social engineering and propaganda. I resent that more movies do not provide the insight and inspiration that they could, if art weren't controlled by a malevolent power.

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Comments for ""Art" Films Pack Ideological Sucker Punch"

Grant said (January 21, 2008):

I just read that article ("Art" Films Pack Ideological Sucker Punch) and I felt so sad, because you are right.

I have a TV, but it's always off.
TV shows are not a reflection of modern society, they are defining society. It is so strange; I can see it, this sort of foundation that all TV shows and movies are based around now. It's a strong opinion about what is wrong and what is right, what is moral and what isn't and these ideas are posed like they are obvious truths that everyone knows.

These "truths" are somehow unnatural and kind of strange and they are definitely not what any normal person would agree with, but people who watch TV shows regularly are changed. Their ideas of what is right and wrong become aligned with what they are watching.

When a person sits watching TV it's like their soul is open, the outside world is excluded and it's like there is a direct conduit from the TV to the person's core. You can stare at a person watching TV and they wont notice. I know, I've seen it happen to my sister, friends, my own wife! It's horrible. You see someone you care about in a trance like state actually getting reprogrammed. It's poison.

I like to be entertained, I really enjoy a good sci-fi or action movie… but I just don't trust that TV anymore. I have a daughter, her mind is precious and her belief about what is right and wrong is sacred and needs to be encouraged to grow and to be her own. I will not tolerate such a weapon to be used against her. The damage it does is so sinister.

Brad on "Golden Compass" said (January 21, 2008):

Seen "the Golden Compass"?

talk about a movie laced with evil thoughts, directed at children no less!

the plot in summary...

In a parallel universe, everyone has a soul, but it is outside of one's body,
and is a talking animal with which you have a constant conversation.
It is called a DEMON.
Then there is a flock of flying WITCHES who try to save children from
a group called the Magesterium that is alot like the Catholic Church
from having them remove their DEMONS from them.
Apparently, when you lose your DEMON, you can no longer make decisions
and tend to sit in the corner in a state of nervous catatonia.

So the moral of this insipid movie is that WITCHES will save CHILDREN
from being separated from DEMONS who are friendly furry little creatures
who talk to you and help you make DECISIONS, and it is the evil CHURCH
who is trying to separate CHILDREN from their DEMONS which is the same
as your SOUL.

Meanwhile, the whole movie is set in a Mary Poppins like English la-la land,
were beautiful English actors and actresses at the ACADEMY are trying
to save people and their DEMONS to be able to be able to TELL the FUTURE
by using a special device that only they have, not the MAGESTERIUM,
and this golden compass which operates on MAGIC DUST (a drug?)
and tells yout the truth if you can divine a series of symbols, which tells you the TRUTH.

Academics have a special monopoly on the truth, are trying to save children
and their demons from the Church, who are trying to rob them of their ability
to make independent decisions, and witches are here to save children so they can keep their demons, which of course, are really their souls!

I can not think of a more evil and satanic load of crap that hollywierd has ever tried to sell American Children and their parents in my lifetime!

May the soul of the writer of that sick movie rot in hell for all eternity!

David Livingstone said (January 20, 2008):

It's typical of Hollywood to make this sort of propaganda entertaining. It's the sugar coating of the poison pill.

Hollywood is the propaganda arm of the CIA, used to inculcate appropriate political perspectives, and to undermine the Christian value system of society, creating Huxley's Brave New World, where the masses are lulled through drugs and nonsense into a "dictatorship without tears".

So the purpose of Hollywood is evidently to stir the winds of hatred against the Islamic world, towards fomenting a Clash of Civilizations. But part of this strategy is creating "Islamic fundamentalism" in the first place.

Otherwise, there is very little history of this sort of fanaticism in past Muslim civilization. Despite some exceptional cases, as is to be expected, the modern radicalism is an anomaly.

The Taliban were brought to power through the aid of the CIA, and the Pakistani secret service, the ISI, its long-standing partner in that great opium and cocaine smuggling operation known as Iran-Contra.

But the rise of the Taliban was also part of a larger conspiracy, financed by Saudi Arabia, to promote Wahhabism, that egregious anti-thesis of Islam, designed to create this very negative stereotype of Islamic fundamentalism.

Wahhabim, in effect, has acted as the Pied Piper for all the misfits of the Islamic world, giving them a sense of purpose by claiming they are "purifying" Islam, and thus mobilizing them for the persecution of the rest of society.

The Islamic world has been successfully undermined, through its own corruption, and through centuries of underhanded tactics by its enemies, like the creation of the Wahhabis by the British in the eighteenth century. But Islamic civilization officially collapsed in 1924, with the end of the Ottoman Empire.

People in the West are deliberately made ignorant of the Ottoman Empire, and taught instead that the Renaissance was the great achievement that succeeded the Middle Ages. They are made completely unaware that an impressive civilization actually dominated the era, and to which the heads of Europe paid tribute, and that was the Muslim empire of Ottoman Turkey.

In our century, we are witnessing the first instance in Islamic history of no consolidated form of Islamic leadership. It is so that various upstarts have been able to now come forward and claim the vanguard of Islam. As the Islamic world is essentially bankrupt, these movements have tended all to be financed by the City of London and connected to occult secret societies. Most notorious is the Salafi movement, and it's offshoot, the Muslim Brotherhood.

But the world is being made to equate this travesty with Islam. But even the Muslims themselves have yet to recognize the extent of their demise, and continue to lend aspiration to these wayward "reform" movements and impostors.

But Islam is no exception. It has only experienced what has afflicted the great religions before it, like Judaism and Christianity. It is time for humanity to rediscover the sublime message imparted to man by his Creator: "to do unto others as you would they unto you." That is, to seek justice for all.

Joshua said (January 20, 2008):

My degree is in Motion Picture Producing, and, while I can't prove it, I'm absolutely certain that the messages you decry are intentional.

It's not the studio or the director or producer, generally, who wields the evil influence. it's the distributor, the company who's going to
lay out millions for marketing, determine how many screens and in which market it should open, that sort of thing.

The way they do it is by telling the moviemakers that it won't sell well unless they change X or Y. The film then gets a couple scenes re-shot, or a new ending, or whatever. it doesn't take much, because the unstated assumptions behind a story line use a very powerful lever to change your worldview: seeing is believing. Nobody would have ever believed that men, who built civilization while caring for families
and raising children, were idiots, until someone made that the unspoken assumption for story after story, would they?

There are other film messages no one I've talked to has spotted.

1. The Alan Quatermain and Indiana Jones series, plus many others, trained this generation of Americans to go to the primitive, stupid,
Sambo-esque Arabs and set them straight. Violence against them is not
only excused, it's necessary. This went on for well over twenty years, big time, to get both sides ready for the current East vs.
West, Everybody vs. Islam dogfight. While I happen to agree that Islam is the face of evil itself (I can explain that if you wish; it's
not a knee-jerk Christian thing), I do NOT agree that it was a threat or ever would be, no matter what.

2. Isolation brings strength. There's not a hero from any war or detective agency who ever accomplished anything worth a bucket of dog
slobber who wasn't part of a family whom he loved. The films, though, with their emotionally and physically isolated "heroes," are telling
kids that family equals weakness, and singles are the strong ones. C'est merde, as you well know.

3. Beautiful, sexually attractive women are evil. Ever notice that when a hero wins a girl's heart, it's a skinny, titless, hipless,
personally boring twit that no one in his right mind would ... marry? The women who really look like they'd have strong, healthy children, smart and able, are invariably evil. Message: a
beautiful woman will do you much damage, so marry a boring little twit, and have weak, dull children.

Weaponized porn is one of these. There simply can't be enough porn consumers paying money for porn to support the industry at the size it
is. I've done research on this; you can see the hardest stuff you like, in any category, for free, and not see the same thing twice in
days of surfing. You can literally flash hundreds of images per hour
in front of your eyes without paying for anything more than internet access, and it's not a secret how to do it, like downloading movies
used to be.

Who's paying for this? The same people who are paying our military to be their personal enforcement service. Remember Rummy's speech about how 1.3 trillion in transactions couldn't be tracked at the Pentagon?

Ever wonder where all that money came from? It couldn't have come from Congress; Congress only gives the Pentagon about $450 billion a
year. In fact, 1.3 trillion comes to about eight YEARS' defense spending. So, since we didn't give the Pentagon that much, the only
way they could have lost that much is if they got it from somebody else. Who might that be? Who has trillions of dollars to spend and
wants the American military to do something for them? Hmmm? If we researched the porn and feature film industries, I firmly believe we'd
find the same moneybags behind all three.

C said (January 20, 2008):

Over the years I have given to numerous charities. After delving into the New World Order info, I now question which ones are legitimate. I most definitely do not want my hard earned money funding some secret dark op mission.

For example, one charity is called Good Samaritans and is run by Billy Graham.Of late, I have learned that Billy is a 33rd degree Free Mason! Suppose that the less fortunate children never see their box full of toys and that the countless millions of cheques received are handed over for illicit drug smuggling. The thought makes me shudder. I also have a foster child in Columbia and contribute on a monthly basis. The charity is called The Foster Parents Plan. Is it legitimate? How about The Leprosy Mission?

For the past few months I have extensively researched the NWO and have followed the rabbit trail for quite a distance. What I have discovered has made me ill. The idea that poor innocent children all over this planet are sexually abused and sacrificed in blood rituals is appalling! What is the solution to this evil conspiracy? Whom do we trust? I have written to you because you seem to be well researched and believe in a benevolent God.( who must help this planet...and soon) If you are able, please let me know which charities are legitimate and which are simply scams to further promote an evil agenda. Thank-you for taking the time to read this email. Blessings,Connie

PS As soon as I began delving into the REAL TRUTH, I have been spiritually and psychically attacked.

My career record is being smeared and unfair criticisms are being flung in my face. A coincidence? I think not. Vancouver (Canada) is a most Luciferian place! Of course it is...we were awarded the Winter Olympics so billions of dollars can fund a 2 week event instead of building shelters for the homeless on our streets, helping addicts break their habit( we have a HUGE drug problem here), funding education and health care ( I've been on a 2 year waiting list to see an orthopedic surgeon)...the list goes on. Now our mayor wants to legalize prostitution in our city so the visitors and athletes during the Olympics can have sex. Vancouver boasts a huge gay population......need I say more? Yes, we must save the males!


C, The Illuminati commonly use charities to front and fund their agenda. I would not donate to any unless I had researched their finances, management and record. --Henry

Becky said (January 20, 2008):

Dr. Makow--I find it so interesting that in my lifetime I have seen our governments decry communism, but now they are doing everything to emulate it, right down to the 'art' we are supposed to swallow whole, with no
questions. So much of the msm has become an extension of that operation that I do not read the 'dead tree media' or watch or listen to the 'news' anymore. It is so easy to figure out who is the next victim of our governments--the spin always starts slyly at first and then blossoms into our reason for being. We are not supposed to remember that the Taliban were just a few short years ago the 'good guys'. I remember how the Taliban was chastised for destroying(supposedly) some carvings in a rock.

No comparison was made to the US destroying thousands of years of history in the 'Cradle
of Civilization' in Iraq!

I loved your mention of a chipmunk. I currently have one in my bedroom--have to keep him there til spring. My cats caught him. I rescued
him. I think he has some neurological damage but he is improving. I had never met a chipmunk before--but I can tell you I like him a lot better than most people I know.

You are so right re families. Families are the backbone of our nation, so they must be exterminated. The State is our 'family'. How communistic we have become. How much easier it will be to control us if we have no family.
I don't understand why this movie didn't promote abortion though. I thought that was the newest 'woman's rights' thing. After all, our
government allowed Morganthaler to practice his deadly 'art' legally.

Thanks for this column. I am proud you are Canadian. It gives me hope.

Hans said (January 20, 2008):

re your article on propaganda and movies, it reminded me on a quote of Fritz Springmeier: "Disinformation is not 100% lying, but 95% truth mixed with 5% lies." And that 5% get the deadly propaganda message across.

I remember, when i grew up in East Germany, our entire school class would go to the cinema and watch Soviet propaganda movies on the Second World War. German soldiers were always portrayed as raping, looting cowards, while the Soviet soldier was the gallant, unselfish, cultural superior hero.

These films were not very subtle and cannot stand up to the sophisticated masterpieces of deception and brainwashing in use today, but even though, emotionally charged up, every child in the cinema would have, if given the opportunity, killed every Germany soldier on the spot – not being aware to the fact that the film was a smear on their own grandfathers! Only years later i realized that war crimes were severely dealt with in the German army, and soldiers who commited any mishandling of civilians or prisoners of war were receiving an instant court martial, often followed by the death penalty, while Soviet troops had their infamous „three days off“ in every German town and village they had taken.

During these three days they could freely rape and loot as they wanted, without being punished by their commanders. Thousands of German women, who were defenseless with all men at war, took their own lives in fear of the advancing „liberators“. The fact that many American troops often behaved in a similar way is hardly ever mentioned these days.

Propaganda and psychological conditioning are especially dangerous when they go along with emotional reactions, or when children are exposed to it. Just think on the horrible „Tom & Jerry“ cartoons for example, in which both main characters kill or maim each other in dozens of ways. What a „fun“ - what an „entertainment“ for the young ones! Pre – conditioned like that, paired with racism, it is less difficult for them putting on a uniform in later years and being sent abroad, in order to kill a few „krauts“, „japs“, „zipperheads“, or „rugheads“.

These soldiers are being abused and victims themselves, of course, and often pay the price later when they are realizing what they have done not only to their victims, but to their own souls also. Roughly 40.000 American troops lost their lives in Vietnam, but more than 100.000 veterans of that war have committed suicide so far.

I believe the best defence against indoctrination is trying to adopt moral standards, as thought in the Bible, even if they often run counter to todays mainstream culture, and to check out the facts on political and historical events, rather than being emotionally manipulated. Always great to read your works

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at